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Killzone 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Killzone 2

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A collection of cheats that includes medals and awards, rank bonuses, returning to the last checkpoint and unlocking Elite mode.

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Heavy Troopers

Ok you know those big heavy troopers that seem forever to kill? Well instead of wasting your Main weapons ammo, use your pistol, the pistol is stronger and if you shoot him in the head once he his taking a break then switch over to main and then you just shoot the tanks on his back it's as easy as that

Return to Last Checkpoint

If you hold R2 for several seconds during the game you will be taken to the last checkpoint.

Medals and Awards

These are earned by completing the indicated tasks. When you unlock a Medal or Award you will also recieve the corresponding special ability.
Hawk's Eye:
5x Sniper Specialist - Unlocks Second Sniper Zoom.
Army Superior Unit Award:
50x Clan Matches Won with Clan - Unlocks 100,000 Valor.
Head Fetish:
5x Headshot Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Headshot.
Black Belt:
5x Close Combat Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Melle Kill.
Corpse Counters:
5x Body Count Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills.
Bodyguard Alliance:
5x Assassination Defend Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points per Survival.
Bomb Squad:
5x Search and Destroy Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Returns/Disarms.
Defense Initiative:
5x Capture and Hold Defend Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills.
Assassins League:
5x Assassination Kill Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Assassination Kills.
Retrieval Corps:
5x Search and Retrieve Specialist - Unlocks Increased Points/Return.
Aerial Supportive:
8x Air Support Specialist - Unlocks Combine Tactician 2nd Ability.
Forward Observer:
8x Spot and Mark Specialist - Unlocks Combine Scout 2nd Ability.
Field Mechanic:
8x Repair Specialist - Unlocks Combne Engineer 2nd Ability.
Field Medic:
8x Healing Specialist - Unlocks Combine Medic 2nd Ability.
Spawn Authority:
8x Spawn Point Specialist - Unlocks 2nd Tactician Ability.
Front Runner 8x:
Boost Specialist - Unlocks Combine Assault 2nd Ability.
Explosives Expert:
8x C4 Specialist - Unlocks Combine Saboteur 2nd Ability.
Trauma Surgeon:
8x Revival Specialist - Unlocks 2nd Medic Ability.
Defensive Specialist:
8x Turret Specialist - Unlocks 2nd Engineer Ability.
Example Soldier:
8x Good Conduct - Unlocks Increased Start Ammo Amount.
Meritorious Unit Award:
10x Clan Matches Won with Clan - Unlocks 1000 Valor.
Meritorious Unit Award:
25x Clan Matches Won with Clan - Unlocks 10,000 Valor.
Master of Disguise:
8x Disguise Specialist - Unlocks Saboteur Ability.
Natural Born Killer:
8x Kill Count - Unlocks Increased Grenade Amount.
Quick Draw:
5x Sidearm Specialist - Unlocks M4 Revolver 2nd Weapon.
Shadow Marshall:
8x Cloak Specialist - Unlocks 2nd Scout Ability.


Complete the indicated task during the game to earn the corresponding Ribbon.
Boost Specialist:
Perform 5 boosts.
Healing Specialist:
Heal 5 players.
Repair Specialist:
Repair 5 objects.
Air Support Specialist:
Get 5 kills by air support.
Assassination Kill Specialist:
Kill 1 assassination target.
Body Count Specialist:
Perform 10 kills during a mission.
Assassination Defend Specialist:
Stay alive as an assassination target.
Capture and Hold Defend Specialist:
Get 10 mission points by capturing a point.
C4 Specialist:
Perform 5 kills with C4 explosives.
Spawn Point Specialist:
Have 5 players spawn in the placed area.
Turret Specialist:
Get 5 kills with sentry turret placed.
Good Conduct:
Get no team kills/suicides, and score at least 20 points.
Cloak Specialist:
Kill 5 enemies while cloaked.
Close Combat Specialist:
Get 10 kills by close combat melee.
Disguise Specialist:
Kill 5 enemies while disguised.
Search and Destroy Specialist:
Have 2 objectives placed/disarmed.
Search and Retrieve Specialist:
Have 2 objectives returned.
Sniper Specialist:
Get 10 kills with the sniper rifle.
Spot and Mark Specialist:
Spot and mark 5 players.
Sidearm Specialist:
Get 10 kills with pistols.
Headshot Specialist:
Get 10 kills by headshots.
Revival Specialist:
Successfully revive 5 players.

Rank Bonuses

Unlock higher ranks and their bonuses by earning the indicated amount of points and 'difference' score.
Earn 30 points (30 difference) - Can create squad option.
Earn 100 points (70 difference) - Can create clan option.
Sergeant 1st Class:
Earn 200 points (100 difference) - Unlocks Shotgun and SMG.
Master Sergean Master Sergeant:
Earn 350 points (150 difference) - Unlocks the medic badge.
Sergeant Major:
Earn 550 points (250 difference) - Unlocks HGH and ISA LMG.
Earn 880 points (250 difference) - Unlocks engineer badge.
Earn 1100 points (300 difference) - Unlocks VC9 missile launcher.
Earn 1450 points (350 difference) - Unlocks tactician badge.
Earn 1850 points (400 difference) - Unlocks grenade launcher.
Earn 2300 points (450 difference) - Unlocks saboteur badge.
Earn 2800 points (500 difference) - Unlocks scout badge.

Unlock Elite Mode

This harder difficulty setting becomes an available option when you have completed the game.

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