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inFamous Cheats

Cheats and Tips for inFamous

inFamous 2 Walkthrough and Maps
inFamous Guide
Single player walkthrough with videos of the whole game plus side missions. Plus Blast Shard maps and Dead Drop maps. And just to round it off nicel..
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We have a collection of cheats that includes how to beat the Junk Golems and how to get evil Karma early in the game. We'll also show you how to make Cole dance.

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We have 23 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for inFamous please send them in here.

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Recover Energy

If you use your lightning bolt (this does not cost energy) to charge light post, battery, or any other object that can be drained of energy and then drain it after it is charged your entire energy meter can be replenished if the object does not explode.

Defeating Alden

Use the following trick to defeat Alden without taking damage. When he starts attacking you go straight back and hang off the edge of the broken bridge. At this location none of his junk piles or fire balls are able to hit you. You will be able to hold the aim (L1) and fire the whole time (R2). He takes a lot of damage to defeat but if you keep shooting his chest he will eventually explode.


Complete the following tasks to fulfill the corresponding stunt.
Kill an enemy by crushing them with an object.
Enviro Take Down:
Kill an enemy with environmental explosion.
Flying Melee:
Kill an airborne enemy with a melee attack.
Melee Finisher:
Kill an enemy with the last hit of 5 hit melee combo.
Sticky Bomb:
Kill an enemy by fixing a sticky shock grenade to them.
Air Strike:
Kill an enemy with the Lightning Bolt move while Cole is in the air.
Blast & Bolt:
Kill an airborne enemy with the standard Lightning Bolt weapon.
Flying Head Shot:
Aim carefully, and take out an airborne enem..

How To Beat Junk Golems (The Big Things In the warren that DONT

I,ll first tell you their attacks.
1.It will fire giant trash balls at you,you can either just dodge these or send them back with a shockwave.(Doing no damage whatsoever)
2.It will fire a machine gun-like bunch of rocks at you.the only way to survive is to hide behind something.
3.If you get too close It will meelee attack you,causing lots of damage.
To kill it first aim at its arms with megawatt hammers untill they fall off.
He can now only send giant trash balls at you.
Now all you have to do is wait for a body to show inside.
Shoot that body like its the end of the world.
Hope I helped,lightninpowas22 out.
P.S my online I.D is ASweetComero79

Get evil Karma Early

On the mission escape the Neon by the bridge (I don't know the real mission but it is right after the food mission where you get to fight reapers for the first time) you need to do two things.
1 want to be evil and have evil Karma.
2 beat the police by the riot and get through the first section but don't open the gate after it right away.
After you have that start shooting anyone other than your friend You will get bad karma and they never die so blast and wait till they get up (about 3-10 seconds) you can do this until your done or it gives you no more Karma.

ranking help

this works in good and evil mode. Climb the tallest building in the Empire city jump off it and hold square.(make sure there are cars around the building). Cars will blow up and your ranking progress will increase quit a bit. I did this and it got me to outlaw as a bad guy.(I was on evil mode).

P.S. it doesn't fill ur rank full right off the bat. i was just close to outlaw.

P.P.S. my user is cheat code im just on guest right now.

Invincible Civillians

If cole dancing counts as a cheat then this should too.
I always thought when you hit a wounded civillian they would die...this is the impression they try to give you however, I learned that they never truly die.
"Kill* a civillian and hope they land face up
When you have a *dead* civillian on their back use precision to zoom in on their matter what you do to them they will constantly clink every few seconds...I find this very creepy but hilarious

Charge up anywhere.

Basically if you need to recharge your energy and you're nowhere near any free source of electricity (eg: in a black out area), you can simply fire a couple of normal blasts at something that conducts electricity (barrels, steel girders etc) you are then able to drain about 2 blast cores of energy from whatever it is that you have just shot. So you don't use any energy from firing the blasts but can pick up full enegy if you do it a few times in a row.

If you didn't know how to recharge then...

I you hadn't figured out how to recharge on a dead body by the time you first learn about Sasha then you really need to free run around the city honing your skills. I have played and beaten the game twice now going for a third time. Ok so here's my hints on the certain points in the game: choose a side good or evil, it changes the game. First time I played I tried doing both good and evil side missions but it just screwed up the way you can buy power upgrades dramatically decreasing your chances on obtaining all of the achievements. GOOD: When at all possible heal every person that you go by it will increase you karma dramatically. Same for evil bio-leech everyone. EVIL: blow up random objects if you get bored walking around. The easiest things to recharge off of are: lamp posts, rooftop..

The Gigawatt Blades

This is an awesome ability that was shown to me by a friend.
1. Make a PSN or Playstation Network account (most people make one when they get the wireless to work)
2. Find the Downloadable Add-Ons category
3. Find InFamous
4. I believe this is the only add-on
5. Download the Gigawatt Blades they are free so don't worry
6. ENJOY you must purchase them like anyother power but at the first level they will kill any Non-Conduit in one melee hit

People never stop blinking! GLITCH!

To see this you have to kill a person or bio-leech them to where they are facing up right(This can take a couple of trys to get it right) Now look closely at the face or even use pression to zoom in. The eyes will move around and blink but the person is dead!

Free Recharge

I discovered that you can actually recharge from dead bodies (i did this on a Dust Man Conduit). Simply blast with normal bolts then hold L2 to drain. The more you blast the more you regain.


when you see a dead human on the ground, shoot a lot of lightning bolts at it. When you are done which should take 20-30 seconds use drain and you will get energy

True unlimited charge glitch

Go to a puddle of water and kill someone or knock them down in it and shock the puddle 4 or 5 times and charge. You will charge forever but get no energy.


If you have the last power, Thunderstorm, then go to some random place and stand still. Repeatedly press the down button on the d-pad and it will look like he's dancing =D

Funny Phone Call

First off I have only had this work on the evil side.
Sorry for all you goody two shoes out there :P
As soon as you see a gas station (I believe right after the first mission or two) blow it up by shooting the gasoline pumps.
Zeke will them call you.
Have Fun

Using or de-activating the ray sphere

I would say NEVER be a hero in karma and then use the ray sphere because you will lose ALL your upgrades.So it's best to stay infamous if you want to use the ray sphere.I also feel if you r bad in karma bio leech is damn useful cause it refills your health fully and also your energy.Good luck people.Smile


Near the end of the game if you are evil and decide to activate the ray shpere it gives you 5 more battery cores and turns your lightning back. Oh, and you're Kesler.
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how to defeat golman

golman creates a giant garbage monster and the first attack it does is it throws giant garbage balls at you what you have to do is doge them or push them back with the shock wave. then you attack it with megawatt hammers. then it will rocks out its eye rapidly.use the electric shield and when the rock hit it they will reflect on the shield,and as its doing that you regain energy allot quicker the finding a charge source. then it will start from its first attack then back to the rocks in that pattern. when its damaged even more it will throw giant fire balls at you. what you have to do is doge them (only). then it will go in the same pattern as before.oh did i forget to mention after every pattern golman will show his body floating in the air. what you have to do is shoot him with all yo..


Go to the gate that dived the city the keep jumping on the fence you'll go through it the there is 2 more gates on the 2nd gate go into the crates then you'll around the go up to the final then walk backwords you'll go up the jump a lot of times then you make it over and see the 2nd city but if you go ojn the rode you fall into the water and die I think I forgot one gate do the same on the first gate like I told you!

Making Cole Do The "Criss Cross"

Once You Unlock The Power where you can slide on the rails and powerlines, find a powerline then slide on it and make cole go back and fourth real fast. It makes him look like he is do a Chris Brown Move Or Something

Unlimited Energy

STEP ONE: Find a nearby barrel of some sort.
STEP TWO: Zap the barrel for 10-20 seconds.
STEP THREE: Recharge from it..
STEP FOUR: Do steps 1, 2, and 3 as much as you want.

Cole Can Dance?!?!

STEP 1: Go near something you can recharge from.
STEP 2: Turn the camera so that you are looking at the front of Cole's body.
STEP 3: Repeatedly tap L2, the recharge button,(without holding it down) and Cole will flail his arms and it looks like he's dancing.
STEP 4: Enjoy.

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