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Stunt Guide

by Nelo_Portgas

________      __________                                      
____  _/_________  ____/_____ _______ _____________  _________
 __  / __  __ \_  /_   _  __ `/_  __ `__ \  __ \  / / /_  ___/
__/ /  _  / / /  __/   / /_/ /_  / / / / / /_/ / /_/ /_(__  ) 
/___/  /_/ /_//_/      \__,_/ /_/ /_/ /_/\____/\__,_/ /____/  


Stunt Walktrough
Written by: Badder Shah
AKA. Nelo_Portgas
Email: [email protected]


T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


      1. IFSF1 - Introduction.
      2. IFSF2 - The Stunts. 
      3. IFSF3 - The Wrapping Up.


IFSF1 - Introduction.

Okay, so this faq here of mine is for all the 21 stunts in InFamous.
Some of them are easy, some of them are not. Personally, I found most
of them to be easy. I did all of the stunts on the hard difficulty so 
they're more than doable on the easier settings.
I'll list up the stunts in a chronological order, the ones you can get 
first on top and then going downwards - requiring more abilities and
access to the second island. 

This isnt a guide on how to use the abilities so I'll expect you to
know the terms I use, such as Shockwave and Thunder Drop. 
You can find all that in the manuals and the in-game menus. I also 
have a few spoilers about so if you're worried about being spoiled,
feel free to skip this. 

PS. You gotta remember that stunts dont carry between different games.
You gotta complete the full list of 21 in one run of the game. 


IFSF2 - The Stunts.

1. Crush - 
Kill an enemy by crushing him with an object.

This stunt can be easily done. Find an enemy hiding behind a car and
use your shockwave attack on the car until he gets crushed. If you're fancy
you can use other objects like a block or a cart or what have you.
You get 14 exp. for doing this stunt so its pretty useful.


2. Sticky Bomb - 
Kill an enemy by sticking a shock grenade to him.

Another easy one. Just throwing grenades regularly will see one of them
sticking to an enemy. Know that grenades dont always go where you aim
them at. If you're having horrible luck or aim, you can try fighting one of
the big Conduit robots on the second island. Dont use other attacks, 
simply throw grenades. They're so big, you wont be able to miss them. 


3. Have A Nice Fall - 
Kill 3 enemies at once by making them fall from a high place. 

The trouble with this stunt is finding three enemies on the same roof. 
You'll just have to hope to get lucky, finding three enemies up there at once.
There is one guaranteed spot though, in one of the first missions:
"Mysterious Signals" - you'll have to fight through about 5 Reapers on the 
same roof. Have a decently powered Shockwave, align up the enemies so that 
you can hit them all with the same Shockwave and then let it loose. 
You have to get all three at once.

If you're passed that mission, there is one of the final missions in the 
second island. The mission where you climb Aldens tower with Zeke - you are 
at times attacked by groups of enemies and the boss fight on top has about
5 - 6 enemies on the platform. If you can align them and take them out with 
a single Shockwave, kudos to you. Good job.

If you're past *that* mission... then you gotta be lucky enough to find 
three enemies on a high roof at once.
Three Reapers have been known to spawn on top of the big tower near Zekes
pad. Climb up there and there "should" be a few up there.
I myself got lucky and found a group of non-mission related enemies lounging


4. Melee Finisher - 
Kill an enemy with the last hit of 5 hit melee combo.

This is just about going gung-ho with your fists. Preferably,
you should do this early in the game where the enemies are easier.
Just keep punching and you should get this in no time.


5. Flying Melee - 
Kill an air borne enemy with a melee attack.

This may seem a bit hard at first but its actually quite simple.
What you do is, you go to a rooftop with an enemy. You make him walk 
close to the edge and then start punching him. If you do it right, 
Cole will automatically jump after the enemy and give him a final 
punch before the hapless enemy falls down. Not much more to it.


6. Enviro Take Down - 
Kill an enemy with an environmental explosion.

Another easy one. Sometimes, you'll see red and white barrels next
to some enemies. Simply shock the barrel and any enemy caught in the
explosion go bye bye. If you're not finding any barrels, find an enemy 
covering behind a car. Just electrocute the car enough so that it
blows up. Blowing up the enemy with it, preferably.


7. Premature Detonation - 
Kill an enemy by making a Kamikaze enemy explode near them.

Sometimes, you will be ambushed by groups of enemies. 
Sometimes, these groups will contain some crazies that blow themselves
up. Whenever you come across these guys, blast them with some grade A
electricity and they blow up, taking everybody else with them.
In fact, in the sewer mission where you get the shock grenades, you 
will meet a group of these suicide guys. Just focus your shots on 
one guy and if he blows up, the others go with him.

Post-ending, these guys spawn near the canal going through the
second island. 


8. Air Strike - 
Kill an enemy with Lightning Bolt while Cole is air-borne.

This can be a bit tricky at times. I like to soften up an enemy with
some regular lightning or punches and then jump and shoot. Its a bit hard
to pull off.You can also stay on the top of a tall building, taking a 
few potshots at a specific enemy and when you feel like he's going down, 
jump down and blast him some more in mid-air. 


9. Blast & Bolt - 
Kill an air-borne enemy with Lightning Bolt.

Easy one. Shockwave an enemey into the air and while he's up there
shock him until he dies. Quite easy to do and you get 7 exp. for it 
I think. 
If you're playing as evil, this can be tough since you get no 
Reverse Magnetism but its still doable, only slightly harder. 


10. Flying Head Shot - 
Headshot an air-borne enemy.

This is a bit more complicated. Whenever you send an enemy flying with
Shockwave, their body just tumbles around at random. Nailing a headshot
is a matter of luck. But, its still pretty doable. I've gotten quite a few
flying headshots, all by luck. Just Shockwave and keep lightning at the area
you think the head is at. You should get it.


11. Air Sticky Bomb - 
Kill an air-borne enemy by sticking a grenade to him.

Even more complicated than the above mentioned. The best way I found to do 
this was to find a solitary enemy on a roof, Shockwave him into the air and 
then spamming grenades in his general direction.
The electric grenades are notoriously inaccurate, they wont go where you want
them to go - your best bet is to spam as many as you can before the enemy 
hits the ground.


12. Highfall - 
Kill an enemy by making him fall from a high place.

A stunt as easy as they come. Climb up to a roof and Shockwave an enemy.
Make sure its a sufficiently tall building and once the enemy hits the
ground, you'll get your stunt points.


13. Right Back At Ya - 
Use Shockwave to make enemy kill themselves with a grenade.

This can be a bit hard to get on the first island, especially since enemies 
dont use grenades all that much in that place. On the second island though, 
they're fans of grenades. 
Encounter some enemies and take cover - the enemies will try to flush you out
by throwing in some grenades. They'll have this specific animation of stopping 
up and fumbling around. Thats your cue to pay attention.

As soon as you see the grenade is in the air, Shockwave it. Hopefully it'll 
land next to the enemy that threw it. It can take some tries but it definitely 

You should note that nearly all enemies have the ability to throw grenades.
You just gotta lure them into throwing one.


14. Up Close And Personal - 
Kill 3 Enemies back to back with melee attacks. 

This can seem a hard task seeing as enemies run away if you try to rush them 
with fists. Find a big group of enemies and set the difficulty on easy, 
then quickly try to dispatch as many enemies with punches and kicks as 
possible. Dont use any other attacks in between or you'll reset the melee 
counting meter. Alternately, on the second island you find small scorpion 
like robots. Kick 'em all to hell.

Mission related, in the mission where you meet Moya, you have to fight 
5 - 6 baton wielding cops. They are easy targets for this stunt since
they dont run away.


15. Insult To Injury - 
Stick a grenade to an enemy, then kill them before it explodes.

I suggest you do this once you get the precision ability. You're able to slow
down time and zoom in. The grenades in the game explode relatively fast.
You stick a grenade to an enemy and quickly go to precision mode and take a 
headshot. Its the only way I've found where you can kill an enemy fast enough.


16. Wack A Mole - 
Kill a Conduit with Thunder Drop.

A conduit is one of those special enemies, slightly stronger than your average
grunts. On the first island the conduits are the teleporting ones; I've found 
them too fast to nail with a proper Thunder Drop.

On the second island, the conduits are the fat guys with RPG's, sprouting 
the scorpion robots. They dont move that fast, truth be. So locate a 
fat Conduit, climb a nearby building and jump down on him. On the 
hardest difficulty, the fat guy survived my first Thunder Drop from a 
high building - he died the second time though. Not that hard.
The giant trash robots are also considered Conduits but they take a ton'o
damage before going down. 

On the third island, the Conduits are the invisible shotgun wielding fellows.
Safe to say, since they can cloak up to invisibility, its tough to line 
up a Thunder Drop on them. I still suggest you stick with those fat guys
from the second island though. 


17. Crowd Control - 
Kill five enemies at once.

It may seem a bit hard to do at first since you hardly find enemies so 
grouped up that they'd die from a single grenade. BUT, its very easy once 
you know how. Find another fat conduit from the second island and wait for 
him to sprout 5 - 6 of those scorpion robots. Climb up to a handy building 
and wait for the scorpions to group up. Throw a single grenade in the middle 
of them and presto ! Stunt completed. 


18. Ride The Lightning - 
Kill an enemy with a Precision shot while rail grinding.

Ride a powerline that leads up to enemy. Hundreds of places where you can 
find the requirements. Start up your precision shot and make it a headshot.
*Not* making it a headshot wastes too much energy and it the enemy doenst die.
Easy peasy. 


19. Splash And Crash - 
While in the air, Shock an enemy and then hit the same enemy with Thunder Drop.

This is the stunt that gave me the most trouble. It can *seem* pretty hard,
but again, once you know how its easy. First, I suggest you do this after you
get the Static Thruster power - using that, its easier to pinpoint your 
Thunder Drop. 

First, climb a relatively high building. Look down to find an enemy on the 
ground. Once you got him, jump down and try shooting him in mid-air. 
As soon as your shock connects, fly right above him and start a Thunder Drop. 
You dont need to kill the enemy to get this stunt so thats a blessing. 
Its easy to do once you get the timing right.


20. Unquencheble Thirst - 
Transfer to 4 different grinds without touching anything else.

You can get this from any train track. The four different railtracks
counts as different grinds. This can be a bit tricky to do though,
especially if you've got trains running around. 

So unless you're good at grinding, this'll be a tough stunt for you. Having the 
Static Thruster ability helps a lot getting this, so I suggest you get that
ability first and then go to this place on the second island:

I know, I know. The picture is small but in the encircled area, there is
a street with a straight line of 4 power lines. You'll need to hover across
one gap but thats it. Its pretty straight sailing. Its the easiest place
besides railtracks, that I've found.


21. Suspended Sentence - 
Kill an air-borne enemy with Thunder Storm.

First you get the Thunder Storm ability of course. The problem with this 
stunt the time Thunder Storm takes actually take effect. The stunt 
is all about acting fast. Shockwave or Megawatt Hammer an enemy into the 
air so he floats around. Then quickly start up the Thunder Storm and 
you should get it. Thats all there is to it.
Tougher to do if you're an evil bastard.. *but*, its still manageable. 

I think you get about 21 exp. for this stunt so its always useful if
you want to grind for experience.


IFSF3 - The Wrapping Up.

Well... I hope you found this little guide useful and everything.
If you got any secret info or any cool strategies on how to get 
these stunts, feel free to contact me at my email. The email is up
there, near the title. Go read it. For real 

Anyway, as a thanks for anybody still reading, heres *my* favorite stunt:
Shockwave an enemy up into the air and quickly launch a Megawatt Hammer 
into the air - away from the enemy. Then quickly shoot the hapless enemy with
an electro shot and watch as the Megawatt Hammer spins in the air and 
hits the guy... it just looks so cool.
Well, later.