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Downloadable Content Guide (PS3)


			      Downloadable Content Guide for Final Fantasy XIII-2
				       Playstation 3/X-BOX360
Version 3.1

|                              Table of Contents                             |
|   I. Introduction...................................................[A000] |
|      i. Version History.............................................[AXXX] |
|  II. Omega Weapon...................................................[B000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[B001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[B002] |
|    iii. The Fight...................................................[B003] |
|     iv. How to increase your chances................................[B004] |
|      v. Omega character.............................................[B005] |
| III. Lightning & Amodar.............................................[C000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[C001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[C002] |
|    iii. Lightning fight.............................................[C003] |
|     iv. Amodar fight................................................[C004] |
|      v. Lightning character.........................................[C005] |
|     vi. Amodar character............................................[C006] |
|  Iv. Sazh: Head or Tails............................................[D000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[D001] |
|     ii. It's time to bet............................................[D002] |
|    iii. Sazh character..............................................[D003] |
|   V. Nabaat.........................................................[E000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[E001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[E002] |
|    iii. The Fight...................................................[E003] |
|     iv. Nabaat character............................................[E004] |
|  vI. Ultros & Typhoon...............................................[F000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[F001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[F002] |
|    iii. Ultros fight................................................[F003] |
|     iv. Typhoon fight...............................................[F004] |
|      v. Ultros character.,,,........................................[F005] |
|     vi. Typhoon character...........................................[F006] |'
| VII. Pupu...........................................................[G000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[G001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[G002] |
|    iii. The Fight...................................................[G003] |
|     iv. Pupu character..............................................[G004] |
|VIII. Gilgamesh......................................................[H000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[H001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[H002] |
|    iii. The Fight...................................................[H003] |
|     iv. Gilgamesh character.........................................[H004] |
| vII. Snow's Perpetual Battlefield...................................[I000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[I001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[I002] |
|    iii. Snow Fight..................................................[I003] |
|     iv. Valefodr fight..............................................[I004] |
|      v. Snow character..............................................[I005] |
|     vi. Valefodr character..........................................[I006] |
|    vii. Other crystals..............................................[I006] |
|vIII. Lightning's Requiem of the Goddess.............................[J000] |
|      i. How to obtain...............................................[J001] |
|     ii. Requirements................................................[J002] |
|    iii. The Fight...................................................[J003] |
|     iv. Lightning God mode character................................[J004] |
| vIV. Pack Mentality.................................................[K000] |
|  VV. Other stuff....................................................[L000] |
| vVI. Credits/Thanks.................................................[M000] |
|VVII. Contact Info...................................................[N000] |

|     Introduction                                                [A000]     |

Additional Downloadable Content is something reasonably new at gaming.
You can purchase additional stuff from PSN or XboxLive to make your gaming
experience more fun and pimped up.
I didnt find any real information on how to beat these characters in early game,
but would have really enjoyed it.
Therefore, I`m writting this so others can have the pleasure of using lightning
in the early game (not too early... but not as far as the info I was lead)
Anyways, it is not the only way to beat it and it wont grant many stars for you
on the fight but it`s still earlier then most people I have heard of. I got 
lightning right after your first visit to Oerba.

|     Version History                                             [AXXX]     |

Version 3.1 - 05/15/2012
  - Well.. Completed the guide but i`m still missing Valfodr's character
info if anyone would be kind enough to contribute I would appreciate

Version 3.0 - 05/15/2012
  - Added Lightning and Snow's chapter

Version 2.3 - 04/12/2012
  - Completed info on Pupu and Gilgamesh

Version 2.2 - 04/11/2012
  - Added Pupu and Gilgamesh chapter

Version 2.1 - 04/02/2012
  - Added Ultros and Typhoon's chapter

Version 2.0 - 
  - Added some info on the weapons
  - Added Nabaat's chapter
  - Changed how to obtain Omega

Version 1.1 - 03/03/2012
  - Finally installed Sazh's expansion, added info on it

Version 1.0 - 03/03/2012
  - Minor adjustments
  - Included Amodar info
  - Included Sazh Chapter
  - Included small info regarding pack mentality

Version 0.1 - 2/21/2012
  - Started the guide  

|     Omega Weapon                                                [B000]     |

"Face the dreaded Omega in the Coliseum! Use the crystals of defeated foes to
summon them as allies in battle.
The Coliseum appears in the Historia Crux (available from Chapter 2 onwards).
To access this content, enter the Historia Crux and select "Coliseum -??? AF-"

"A relic, long forgotten by the children of man.
A weapon so dreadful it was sealed away - banished to another realm entirely.
Omega. A fitting name for this machine and the utter devastation it wrought.
Only after the end of a civilization did this engine of destruction grow
But now, the weapon stirs from it's dormant state.
And this time it will not cease it's terrible rampage.
Not until the full breath of existance is shattered.
The nightmare machine leaves naught but ruin in it's wake. Will you be the
ones to dismantle it?"

|     How to obtain                                               [B001]     |

Omega Weapon is a Downloadable Additional Content SE released.
You could get it from:
- pre-order with amazon, but now u cant do it anymore since you cant pre-order.
Dont purchase from japanese PSN if your FFXIII-2 version is not JP though.
- European pre-order (fight in style combo)
- Nordic Edition... but I dont think you bought that either
- Nowadays you can purchase it through PSN or Xbox Live for 3 dollars in USA
If you do not live in a country that has it available what you can do is:
1- Register an account for PSN in the USA
2- Purchase PSN credit vouchers using any online website that sells it, ide
suggest pcgamesupply
3- Register your code into your PSN acc
4- Purchase the DLC in your USA PSN acc. Even if you swap back to your
original PSN user the DLC stays there.

|     Requirements                                                [B002]     |

If you plan on doing this post-game or with a very high-level party I'd
suggest you get a good sentinel such as silver chocobo or bunkerbeast though
is not essential.
But if you plan on trying it at early game Ide say a good sentinel is a must.
You could go for a fully upgraded pulse knight (Breasha Ruins 3AF) which is
very easy to get and cheap to level. Or you can use bunkerbeast (Sunleth
waterscape 300AF)
For the other spot you can use:
Commando: Behemoth (Yaschas Massif dark area), Gandayaks Yaschas Massif(010
or 01X), Dragoon (Augusta Tower) or any other good com you have
You wont be using the last spot so fill with whatever you want or a good feral
link mob for damage
Make sure you have some spare phoenix down and remedy
You dont need a lot of SEN levels, you just need to swap to it to get the
defense bonus you get for tortoise paradigm.
SAB (Serah) you only need dispel
SYN (Noel) you can deal with protect shell vigilance and veil, but the all
allies one are better
COM RAV focus on those if you can, specially RAV for serah and COM for Noel
MED (both) you need some levels on that... at least to get cura and curasa.
Raise/esuna if possible
SAB role upgrade is required for Serah as well as ATB upgrades (least 2)
Get a Librascope and use it at start so your chars will use thunder based
As for Accessories, I used +mag and +% HP on serah and +str on Noel

I`m not really sure if it is possible to beat it before adquiring ultima
arrow and meteor javelin since I did not try to beat it before that (and
I got it as soon as available)
if you can please lemme know so I can update this.
You can set up your party with the following paradigms:
Noel - Serah - Gandayaks - Pulse Knight - ???
Use whenever your chain gauge is dropping fast. You can also use this during
chain break for SEN feral link and if you have ultima arrow and meteor
javelin. Control
Serah and use ultima arrow to increase chain and deal damage, then swap to
COM COM COM, control to Noel and keep hitting, when chain break is almost
over, keep your action bar full and use meteor javelin right before it ends
(meteor javelin resets chain so you dont want to use it before it's close
to chain break end)
Use this to increase chain
Use this to deal damage once you break chain and feral link it for more
damage when chain is high.
4. SYN SAB SEN wide
Use this to dispel the mob and buff up, try using the multiple target buffs
for faster buffs.
5. MED MED SEN wide
Use this whenever your HP drops too much for a fast swap and change it back
as soon as possible so you dont lose chain. Try using area cures when all
members are damaged to speed up.
Use this when he readies his ultimate attack (there will be several warnings
so you can prepare and use it right before it unleashes it

|     The Fight                                                   [B003]     |

Start by increasing chain, swapping between COM RAV SEN, RAV RAV SEN and MED
MED SEN Whenever he buffs up use SYN SAB SEN to dispel it and buff up
If you get hit with bad status or one of ur char dies you can swap to MED MED
SEN or use items, I suggest the latter one because it's faster and wont hurt
your damage/chain You wont be able to break it for now, so dont despair if
you cant but keep the chain up to increase damage dealt.
At some point, you will start getting messages that Omega is charging up 50%,
100% 120%, 150%, that means Omega is about to use it's ultimate attack.
Before it uses it, make sure your party is fully healed, possibly buffed and
swap to Tortoise (SEN SEN SEN)
It will hurt a lot if you are at early game, but if you can survive this you
can beat it... so swap back to MED MED SEN to heal fast Once it finishes
using it hit it and it will chain break. Now it's the time to hit it
with all you got, hit COM COM COM and go head on. Dont bother extending the
chain for too long
After a while Omega will use a move that will reset chain so try to hit as
hard as you can until then.
If you have ultima arrow and meteor javelin now it's the time to use it (do
it according to how I described in the last topic) also use your feral links
Although it may sound bad to change paradigms during break, you should do it
once in a while to recover ATB. It is a trick in game, if you filled your
ATB full and didnt use this trick within 15 secs, whenever you swap paradigms
it will fill your ATB (action bar) and increase your feral link bar.
You should do some decent damage when that happens. After chain break ends,
change to SYN SAB SEN, buff up.
I really hope u managed to get some serious hurting on omega because now
things can get a bit nasty.
He starts rampaging and walking around like crazy. Focus on doing as much
damage as you can as it's damage resistance went down by a lot. And make
sure you are healed.
You can try chaining up to increase damage and hit it with thunder and ruin.
dont bother if you cant stagger because it's chain resistance is just absurd.
It may also use some buffs which you are gonna need to dispel.
At some point, if you take too long... it will start repeating it's
proceedures (operation omega) if that happens, repeat what you did from
the start.

|     How to increase your chances                                [B004]     |

To increase your chances of getting an Omega weapon Crystal (it is not 100%
chance) you may want to kill it using feral link
There is also a paradigm skill that increases that chance but that is in the
middle/end game.

|     Omega character                                             [B005]     |

I thought it would be a really badass monster to have in your party. High
stats, badass moves and feral link, decent passive abilities...
But it turned out to be a real disapointment. You see... Omega is REALLY
REALLY SLOW... If your party is decent leveled it wont even have a chance to
move before the battle is over.
You can always counter that with ATB kill or other passive abilities, but Ide
say there are better commandos out there...
Dragoon for instance is really good and cheap to level DD or you can try
Tonberry, Twilight Odin.

|     Lightning & Amodar                                          [C000]     |

"Face Lightning and Lieutenant Amodar in the Coliseum! Use the crystals of
defeated foes to summon them as allies in battle. The Coliseum appears in
the Historia Crux (available from Chapter 2 onwards).
To access this content, enter the Historia Crux and select "Coliseum -??? AF-"

"And so, this time is upon us.
From far horizon has this warrior come.
You face the knight of thunder's strike.
She whom I have summoned is an imitation bereft of spirit.
And yet, her heart is no less proud.
Her sword arm no less swift.
A victory against this lady will be no less the sweet.
Sisters, older and younger. Lies and truth. Dream and reality.
A clash of resolute wills - A momentous battle.
Steel your hearts and fight."

|     How to obtain                                               [C001]     |

Lightning and Amodar are Downloadable Additional Content you can purchase from
PSN or XBOX live.
it costs 3 dollars or 2 Euros.

|     Requirements                                                [C002]     |

Ide say you could use ultima arrow and meteor javelin for this, but I have
killed it before getting those.
As in the other fight, having a sentinel will allow you to try this a lot
earlier then without one. Ide suggest Pulse Knight if you are trying this in
the early game. (I killed right after at the end of chapter 2, I had moogle
throw and got the butterfly bow for Serah, as well as the Volatile Spark for
Noel. Gotta say my party was very high level at that point coz I was farming
for ages for Exoray and Albino Lobo... my commando was Behemoth and I had
pulse warrior for tank) You can also use bunkerbeast  if you are that far
into the game. You are also gonna need a good COM such as the ones mentioned
above Serah - Noel - Pulse Knight - Gandayaks
You need high COM and RAV level (specially RAV for serah and COM for Noel)
YOU MUST HAVE LAUNCH on Noel and maybe on Serah (with ruin) in case you
want to use COM COM instead of RAV COM
Doing so will require more paradigm control as you wont have a RAV COM only
COM COM and RAV RAV. But it will allow you to deal more damage during chain
You need some MED levels cura curasa esuna and raise are good (you can use
remedy and phoenix down, so esuna and raise is optional)
You need some SAB on Serah, and dispel. Deprot and Deshell are useful but
not required.
SAB Role upgrades are also required as ATB gauge upgrades on both
characters(least 2) You also need some SYN on Noel so he can at least
prot shell vigilance you
For accessories I used +mag on serah and +str on noel but you can use w/e
At later game You can pick RAV RAV RAV/COM COM COM/RAV COM SEN and use
those while it is healing or using buff if you can take some hits

For paradigms:
1.MED MED SEN wide (use it as starter because you are gonna get hit as
soon as the fight starts and you are gonna want to heal and provoke
real fast) Use this whenever your HP bar drops lower then 50%, you can
use it also to remove bad stats or revive characters, but ide suggest you
use phoenix down and remedies as they are easy to farm and buy)
2.RAV RAV SEN cross (YOU MUST PUT IT ON CROSS else you character will
go crazy and you really want to focus on one char at a time)
use it to increase your chain you are gonna be using it A LOT...
Use it to damage once chain breaks or when chain starts dropping fast.
Use this to heal a bit while keep chain gauge up, this can be used for
minor healing or status removing
5.RAV COM COM cross (if you have ultima arrow and meteor Javelin. Use
it as described on Omega but without swapping paradigms)
You can use it to deal heavy damage during chain
if you are killing lightning first (amodar second) You may have some
HP problems without your sentinel since amodar hits hard and you will
be juggling one enemy at a time. 
6.SAB SYN SEN cross (ALSO MUST BE CROSS unless you plan on controlling
serah only) Use it to dispel/debuff the character you are killing and
buff up/remove debuffs, Unlike Omega, you will be using this quite a
bit. Make sure you keep chain gauge up with ur debuffs single target.

|     Lightning fight                                             [C003]     |

This fight is EASY, it will start hitting Serah, but soon your sentinel will
provoke it.
Heal up fast and swap to COM COM SEN, do one or two hits, swap to RAV RAV SEN
and starts chaining up.
when doing this swap, make sure the chain didnt drop to 0% between your
last COM attack and your first RAV attack lands. You can use Triangle to
attack faster (wont wait until ATB is full to execute command) and use
range magic.
That way chain gauge will drop slower and you can chain up with ur RAV.
If you are having problems with this, change your RAV COM COM to RAV COM
SEN and use that instead.
Stagger it as soon as possible, Launch it and the fight will be over with
a few hits

|     Amodar fight                                                [C004]     |

Now things get tougher... Amodar is a real asshole and keeps using Area damage
and fast heavy hits
Not to mention using crazy debuffs, healing a lot with mediguard while
lightning buffs him up
When use use a paradigm in this fight for the first time, make sure you are
targeting the right mob when you auto-battle. Acctually for this fight I
suggest not using auto-battle at all
Since the AI do some crazy shit sometimes like using thunder thunderstrike
when you are trying to avoid getting close to the enemy because of area
It will start using area attacks, so make sure you are on MED MED SEN
to absorb and heal the hits.
Then swap to RAV COM SEN, do a few hits and RAV RAV SEN keep building
chain and swapping between those.
Keep in mind that sometimes they hit you with area spells and attacks
and you go flying... so try not to risk too much wasting your chain gauge
and keep hitting it with commandos once in a while.
Whenever needed swap to MED MED SEN for heals, or MED COM SEN. And if you
get hit by a lot of debuffs use remedy, MED COM SEN or SAB SYN SEN.
If it has a lot of buffs, make sure you dispel and deprot before u
stagger it.
You dont want the char ur hitting to have prot on when ur going for the
Make sure you focus on ONE CHARACTER... be either Amodar or Lightning
focus on ONE at a time. I'de suggest you focus on Amodar first as he's
more dangerous and you probably want Lightning's crystal (you should kill
the one you want the crystal for last so you will have less to worry when
trying to feral kill it)
Keep note that SAB also helps you with slowing the chain gauge decrease
Once you break chain you can use RAV COM SEN to deal damage for a steady
fight, but if you are a high roller like me... go for RAV COM COM
instead and if you have ultima arrow and meteor javelin
Hit it with all you got, and When the enemy is mid-air, make sure you
keep it that way (time your attacks with your other character so when
one char is recovering ATB the other is hitting),
this may require you to wait a bit or triangle during action to make
sure you got the right timing. That way Amodar will stay in the air for
the whole chain duration and wont be able to attack you.
If you did as I suggested and went for Amodar first.
even better and unleash hell not forgetting to use feral link.
Also make sure you kill it fast... because it heals. As long as you
are dealing more damage then he's healing (that depends on how long you
take to stagger and how hard you hit when you do) you will win this
It will require 1-5 launches before you can kill it depending on how
fast you chain/stagger it and how strong your attacks are When chain
break is over, recover and repeat until it dies.
After Amodar is dead, Lightning will start using her nasty special,
Army of One.
If your SEN provoked her, it will hit him instead and shouldnt be
able to kill it.
Swap to MED MED SEN to heal it up and resume your chaining. Make sure
she's not about to use it right before you stagger or you will waste a
good part of it.
Dont bother dispelling it.
And a reminder... keep note of the paradigm shift bonus (ATB bar and
feral link) as described on omega. You will need to make plenty use
of this. swap to something, swap back to get ATB full
Keep note that defeating Lightning and Amodar grants you access to two
special itens: Lightning's Cross and Seargent's Badge
They lower your max HP and gives you eternal poison, but grants a major
STR or Magic boost (60% if I remember correctly)

|     Lightning Character                                         [C004]     |

Lightning is AWESOME... some say she's the one of the best rav in game...
Ide say she's the best one... plus... after playing FFXIII... 
I dont think anyone would prefer to have a chocobo, a Cloudburst or Debris
instead of our ubber hero. But your call...
If you can get Lightning in the early game, the game will be a walk in
the park as she is WAY stronger then any mob you can get up until end game.
Her raw starting stats are already gigantic to a point you wont even need
to level it to use it at that point of game.
Lightning has VERY VERY high Magic and strenght. The stats itself is random
but it is ALWAYS high capping around 800 magic and str and with +35% 1.1k.
She's really fast and easy to level requiring a few crystals you can get
from nanochus in the steppe
She doesnt level up and goes up to level 13 with six ATB
Her feral link abilities is one of the best in game, allowing you to
instantly increase chain by a lot during chain break.
She has access to all tier 1 spells, all strike spells, all blitz spells,
and Thundaga. She also has all the RAV passive abilities (overwhelm,
fearsiphon, siphonboost). And casts really fast.
You can teach her the other tier II and III spells, add Vigor (feed her
with maxed out early peakers commandos with low cost level 1 materials up
until she has 99 com levels. You may want to go back
to Bresha ruins farm hoplites, feed them with chips from chocolina and
feed her up)
Ide suggest feeding her:
- tier II and III spells, and vigor
- Strengh and Magic +35% (tonberry 24) (Bresha ruins 300af)
- Attack: ATB Charge II (Yeoman lvl 1) (academia 500af), you can get it
early with chocobo barbed specter or hedge frog if you dont want to wait
until then
- Stagger Maintenance II (Zwerg Metro 20) (augusta tower 200af)
- Chain Bonus Boost II (pink Lily lvl 30) (Oerba 300af)
- Quick Stagger (Narasimha lvl 1) (Yashas Massif 010 AF and 01X AF) or
Fencer lvl 19 (Academia 400 AF, there's only 2 of them though but you can
keep closing and opening gate if you want or saving and loading)
- Feral Speed II (Dragoon lvl 4 or Gancanagh lvl 1) (Augusta tower 300af
and 200af) (Steppe)
- Syphon boost
You can also add role resonance (+20%) for RAV RAV RAV or pack mentality
(I will describe latter)

When you add passive abilities, they follow a certain rank. Usually good
abilities will have higher priority and wont be overwritten by new ones.
To make sure you can keep the right abilities, lock the low priorities
ones and unlock unwanted ones (by adding it again) to increase it's

|     Amodar Character                                            [C005]     |

Amodar is a pretty good commando, I dont like to use it because he's ugly lol
But your call..
He has six atb, doesnt have cryst level up, and can go as far as lvl 13
he caps around 800 str 600 magic and around 11k HP
His Feral link is a single target high damage skill called Iron Bear Claw
You can see him use it if you decide to kill lightning first
He has ally KO: Power boost II, Critical: Shield II, Adrenaline, launch,
blindside, ruin, blitz, Ravage, powerchain, scourge
If you plan on using it, you should give him Armor breaker, Mind Piercer,
Stagger: Drain, and possibly... ruinga. (lvl 20 scutari Steppe)
Also, if you feed him early peaker ravagers (as for lightning's vigor) you
can get Jeopardize making him even more valuable
As for passive abilities... Ide do:
Attack: ATB Charge II from Yeoman
Feral Speed II from dragoon or gancanagh
STR +35% and Magic +35% from tomberry
Auto-bravery from Thermadon lvl 26 (Augusta tower 200AF)
Auto-haste from Schrodinger lvl 41 (Academia 500AF)
If you want you can put role resonance (+20%) if you plan on doing COM COM
COM or pack mentality (I will describe latter)

|     Sazh: Head or Tail                                          [D000]     |

This expansion gives you access to 2 mini-games
three cutscenes
1 additional character (sazh)
Another way to get tons of casino coins

|     How to Obtain                                               [D001]     |

You can purchase this additional content from either PSN or Xbox Live
it costs 3,6 Euros or 5 Dollars. And is VERY big around 300MB I believe.
Obtaining this will allow you to get Sazh as a playable NPC after the game

Now, for Sazh's Character you are gonna have to work your way. Read up
the next segment.

|     It's time to bet                                            [D002]     |

Ok... after the Cutscene, talk to the cassino host he`ll give you 10000 coins
You can go back for more if you run out of coins.
Now... there's a trick here... these casino coins are the same as the one
in the normal game. So... if you didnt purchase your dark crystal... this
might be a good time since you can get additional coins when you run dry.
The game mentions something about there being a limit to this... but I didnt
get to see that.
In order to get Sazh, you need to win 30 fortune medals.
In here you have access to 3 games:
Slot machine (not worthy and you cant get medals)
Some weird machine that combines roulette with hearts (and I wouldnt
Poker machine (now that's easy)

First, play in the weird machine... do w/e just play a bit and leave game
You`ll get one free medal for your first time
Then... poker time... I`m not gonna teach you how to play poker, but
if you have any small knowledge on how to play the game it shouldnt be hard
Play the 1000 coins option.
The goal here is not to get as much coin as you can get (unless you are
going for coins), but instead it is:
1- get the greatest number of winning streaks
2- beat the other 3 ppl in the table
3- do all in you can win
Why? you ask me... the reason is simple.. you get medals for that.
In one single game you can get up to 30 medals with no sweat
How? the AI is just plain stupid...
There's 3 guys in the table
one of them keeps betting and calling everything...
so all you have to do is keep going when you have decent cards, dont worry
about not having a winning hand... he bluffs a lot so you can win with
a pair or two most of the time. Once that guy is out...
I came up with a strategy exploiting the AI's stupidity.
The other two play really really safe if you have more coins.
whenever you have a bad hand... do a raise x4
According to my experience they will fold unless they have a pair.
This way, you will get a lot of winning streaks as they will keep folding
for most of the game and losing -5/-10 each depending on who's small blind.
When YOU have a winning hand (a pair or any other hand you consider VERY
good) instead of raising 4x, do a raise x2.
They will call it. Meaning the pot has +60 already and they both have -20.
Now... you have to win... lol :P
when the cards are turned, if they dont have a pair they will fold.
If they keep calling your bets, keep note that he does have something.
If you think you have a higher hand (takes a bit of poker experience 
to figure this out)
Now... back to the first round... if they do call your 4x raise...
that means their first hand has a pair...
when that happens... keep calling until either you or him win...
Or... if you think you have a higher hand (you pulled out a straight
or think you have a higher pair, a three of a kind, flush or full
house) keep note that depending on what card flipped he may have
a three of a kind, two pairs or a full house. If you do think you have
a higher hand... go on a raising frenzy and maybe even all in

There's something stupid I didnt like in this game: if you go all in
and you lose, you dont lose just up to the coins your opponent has, you
lose them all... that sux

Well... after a few games you will have your 30 medals and you can get
your last CS and sazh's crystal.

There is another way to get medals, go to chocolina (outside the gaming
room) and help her with the chocobo chick quest...
You can get up to 3 medals this way, and come back latter to re-do it.
Ide say playing poker is easier (wouldnt say fun coz of the freaking
stupid AI... it can be very very boring when they start folding)

|     Sazh Character                                              [D003]     |

Thanks to Romain Bernardi I got this info, and according to him:
Sazh is a decent Synergist but he may require a little bit leveling
Also, as he has access to defensive spells, he may not be as great as
Yakshini for instance. As for those who dont know, the more spells you add
to a synergists means it has to spend more time to buff. Also defensive
spells have a higher priority, so it will spend a lot of time buffing you
before it casts ENspells or bravery/faith. If you want an synergist to
help you with OFFENSIVE, then it's not very good to have pro/shell/etc.
But... if you want to use it... you can always fix this with SYN SYN SYN
buffing yourself up with defensive spells and cutting buffing time for
sazh to go for the big guns.
different from his early peakers partners.
He has 4 ATB and caps at level 45 with 2 crystal level allowing you to choose
between ATB 6 or Syn bonus II
ATB 6 allows you to use more commands in sequence, for ravagers it's
essential as it allows you to use more spells and keep chain going.
As for synergists, it allows you to speed things up on buffing.
Syn bonus II on the other hand, allows you to increase boost duration
+30% for self buff, +8% for allies
It's your call really, but in my opinion Syn bonus II is better then ATB
since most buffs only take 2 ATB and the duration thing can be REALLY 
annoying meaning you are gonna have to keep swapping to rebuff more often
His Feral link is Cold Blood, and it can increase chain just like
Lightning's Army of One.
He has access to most buffs except Veilga, protectra, shellra, Faithga
which you can infuse. That means he can work either defensive as offensive,
having access to enspells, bravery and faith. That also makes him very
valuable as Your syn's dont have access to those.
He also has the role ability Endless Blessings, which is very rare and
very good... Allowing you to refresh buffs without waiting for them
to wear off.
You can infuse him with Boon if you want, by feeding him cheap early peakers
Sab monsters up until he has 99 lvls of sab. Ide say that is very important
as it also extends the duration of buffs by 5 secs.
He has access to feral speed II, Item collector, critical: haste, Augment
maintenance II
Meaning you only have slot for 6 more passive.
I'd suggest:
Magic +35%

I dont know if Chain Bonus Boost affects his special move or stagger
maintenance/quick stagger does the same. Giving him STR is useless.
Resist dmg and other shit ide say is unecessary as I dont think you plan
on using it to tank.
What you can do though... is use him as your killing party member...
giving him Item Scavenger II (Calautidon lvl 1 Sunlet Waterscape 300AF),
Gilfinder II (Gancanagh lvl 20 Steppe)

|     Nabaat                                                      [E000]     |

"The challange you have chosen belongs to the unfortunate deceased.
Though possessed of champion's caliber, the fickle path of time steered
them to an early grave.
But history may have sung a different song. If the blessings of the goddess
were ungiven... perhaps the ones close to you could have washed up here,
their dreams broken and beaten.
Arise, my ruthless officer. You who have devoted all to the ideal of
In this place of vengence, may you win your moment of glory!"

You fight Jihl Nabaat, a boss from FFXIII. She is assisted by Other units,
and after defeated becomes an usable character as Sabotender.

|     How to obtain                                               [E001]     |

You can purchase it at PSN or Xboxlive for 3 dollars

|     Requirements                                                [E002]     |

A good sentinel is ESSENTIAL for this battle regardless of when you are
trying to beat it. The reason is simple, you have multiple targets hitting
you all the time. As always, Pulse Knight if you are trying this early game.
But both bunkerbeast and silver chocobo really shine here, and I suggest
you get them.
A good SYN with access to bravery and faith is also suggested but not
essential if you are doing this at late game (make note that having
defensive buffs on it is bad. If you are doing this early/mid-game, try
using Gahongas (Yaschas Massif 010 and 01X AF) as it has both faith and
bravery. You can also try for Amanojaku, getting bravery from Clione
(Oerba 200 AF) and faith from Oannes (Sunleth waterscape 300AF).
If you are trying this end-game, try using Yakshini (Vile peaks 010 AF).
A good COM or RAV is very important. My suggestion is using lightning.
But you can always go for Dragoon, Gandayaks and Cloudburst.

Both characters should have decent levels of COM and RAV. You must have
Launch on at least Noel.
Ultima Arrow and Meteor Javelin are required and I do not suggest doing
this one without it (different from the other ones).
Med levels on both is required, specially for Serah.
ATB upgrade (2)
SAB levels on Serah, enough for dispel deprotect deshell and possibly
role upgrades.
A decent amount of SEN levels on Noel, so he can take some hits and
Your paradigm should be either:
SAB SEN SYN (OR SAB COM SEN if you dont have a syn)


SAB SEN SYN (OR SAB COM SEN if you dont have a SYN)

|     The fight                                                   [E003]     |

Once the battle starts, she will summon 1 Psicom Warden, 3 Nightblade Puma
and an Azure Behemoth.

If you are trying this at early game, they will hurt you bad and might be
a little hard to kill. And although at end game they might be ridiculous
to kill, you shouldnt. If you slay the mobs, it will cause Nabaat to use
her special move, Sadistic Surge, which causes stun and possibly will kill
one of your characters regardless of his level. If that wasnt enough,
she will also resummon those troops to assist her once again.
Also, if you take too long, she will sacrifice all the remaining pets to
recover HP, and as consequence use her special.
In other words, killing mobs might be good as you reduce the amount of HP
she can recover. But killing all mobs is very bad.

Her move defensive manuver, gives her and all the pets protect and shell.
Offensive manuver gives them bravery.
The nightblade pumas can inflict poison, the behemoth can do some weak
wound damage, and both the behemoth and the psicom can launch you.

In my experience, if you want to win, you cant focus on the Adds.
Instead, focus on her and kill her fast.
As mentioned in the subchapter above, the strategy here is have a good
sentinel to keep all the damage, allowing you to focus on her.
Now you ask me... how should I kill it???
Well... she is very hard to stagger as she is chain resistant and has
a 500% gauge. Yet... she can be staggered.
So my suggestion is, go med com sen, do some damage, then swap to rav rav
sen to increase chain. And whenever you are low on HP or chain bar is
going down faster, swap to med com sen and back to rav rav sen.
Regardless of her buffs or HP, you will get the chain up. When she uses
Sacrifice Pawn, make sure your sen is at green HP and swap to med com sen
to recover.

Keep note that MED MED SEN is for emergency only and should be avoided.
If you do have to use it, do your best to keep chain going.

Right before you stagger her, swap to SAB SEN SYN or SAB COM SEN and
take this chance to dispel all her buffs, and if possible inflict
deprotect and deshell. Also, make sure you do this some time after she
used her special so she wont do it right before you stagger. If she does
you will be wasting a perfectly good chance to kill it.

Now there's a crossroad. If you think your party can handle some hits from
the adds, go for RAV COM RAV and COM COM COM. If you think your party
cannot handle the additional damage, go for RAV COM SEN and COM COM SEN
instead, and make room for the SAB SEN SYN. Reason this setup is different
is you need the offensive boost buffs in order to deal enough damage, 
and none of your characters have access to them. So, serah on com should
keep your chain gauge up while dispelling and debuffing, Noel's SEN should
keep your party safe from all the mobs, and the SYN will buff you up with
offensive spells such as bravery and faith.
I really do suggest you level your party enough to do the first of one,
and if you want, you can also do the SAB SEN SYN for a safer fight.

When you do stagger her, make sure you use all your feral links. Start
with rav com XXX, increase chain fast(if you have lightning or sazh you
can simply use their feral links, it will increase chain almost instantly).
Always make sure you launch her and keep her airbourne, that way she wont
be able to cause you trouble or use her special. Use your Ultima Arrow,
change to com com XXX, use your feral link and keep hitting until chain
gauge is almost depleted. Finish with your Meteor Javelin and hope you
kill it. If you do, handle the remaining mobs and pray you get the crystal.
If you dont, repeat all the proceedures, but this time try to kill a few
creatures (the low HP ones possibly), to avoid her from recovering too
much HP.

The key to the victory is staggering her fast and kill her in one wave.
If you cant, try to stagger her fast preventing her from recovering more
HP then you can deal by killing some adds (SOME... not all), and try to
do as much damage as you can during the staggers.
I wouldnt say this is an easy fight but is possibly beatable after you
obtain ultima arrow and meteor javelin, specially if you have either
lightning or sazh.

|     Nabaat character                                            [E004]     |

Nabaat is an early peaker SAB with 6 ATB segments and around 450 of each
stats, with a 750 cap without +% stats. Her feral link ability is Sadistic
Surge, which gives magical damage to a target.

The role itself is not very necessary through the game. Usually it's best
to just beat the crap out of the mobs and chain/kill them fast. Although 
this is the case, some battles do require a good SAB, specially the 
post-game bosses.

She starts off with Curse II, Pain II, Fog II and Poison which are very
powerful debuff spells. All the II versions are unobtainable by the
main characters and has access to Improved Debilitation and Improved
Debuffing II and Endless Nightmare, making her one of the best sabs there
is in game by far. For those who dont know Improved Debilitation increases
the chances of your debilitation to stick, Improved Debuffing does the
same for debuffs and Eternal Nightmare allows you to refresh debuffs
without having to reapply them all (useful for long fights).
Meaning you will have less trouble and spend less time doing this.

She also has Pressure II, which increases chances of disturbing your foe's
actions. And can learn Heavy Fogga, Heavy Cursaga and Heavy Painga, which
are the AOE version of the II spells. Poisonga, Woundga, Imperil, Imperilga
and Wound are also part of her arsenal.

You can also feed her early peakers, cheap Synergists up until 99 levels
to give her Jinx. Which increases the duration of debuffs by 5 secs.
You may also consider giving her dispel (Mimi lvl 8, Academia 500 AF),
And feeding her a Breshan Bass lvl 5 (Oerba 300 AF) for deprotect and

Overall, if you want all characters and have spare money, go ahead and
get her. If you dont mind not having EVERYTHING. Dont bother, it's not
something you will miss during the game.

|     Ultros & Typhoon                                            [F000]     |

"You have chosen to rid me of Ultros? For that I`m grateful.
From a dark abyss he rose. the despiteful sprite.
And not by me was he summoned...
A troublesome guest, uninvited and unwanted.
Sliced, baked or boiled, I care not how he meets his end.
But you must remain waryl"

"Ultros is honorless - A despicable sort. None can divine his true intent.
Lower your guard, and soon you will find your neck crushed tight in
his tentacled grip!"

|     How to obtain                                               [F001]     |

You can purchase it at PSN or Xboxlive for 4 dollars

|     Requirements                                                [F002]     |

Doesnt matter if you are trying this early game or end game, you do need
a sentinel for this. At early because you would need something to hold
your party through tough situations and at end game because you need
tortoise paradigm in order to avoid major attacks and wound damage.
Ide suggest Pulse Knight as always for lower parties, bunkerbeast for
intermediate and silver chocobo for advanced parties.
I know for a fact it can be beaten once Serah has around 4000 HP coz 
Ive seen it... but i`m not sure if you can accomplish this earlier.

A ravager is important.. and by reading my guide... i`m gonna assume
you already have lightning... if you dont... well try to get sazh and 
another ravager or get a Cloudburst (not only because it's a good ravager,
but his special move is very interesting here). Best bet is still
lightning though... because of her army of ten.

Some say you dont need a good com, others say different. In my opinion
it can make the fight faster. Why? Simple.. once you stagger and build
chain, physical dmg is about the best way to do damage on typhoon.
If you dont get a good com... get a good SYN... by good syn Ide say
either sazh or yakshini (with offensive spells only)
If you are using Sazh do a SYN SYN SYN formation. And make sure
your characters have some levels on that.

waste time hitting Ultros.
You MUST have SEN levels on Noel, and it's prefferable if you also
have some on Serah (but not essential).
This time Launch wont do much good.
Meteor Javelin and Ultima arrow are still very welcome here. Using it
as in the other fights... stagger... build chain with army of ten or
Sazh's ability. Then Ultima arrow... and when stagger is almost over
Meteor Javelin.
You could use RAV levels on both characters... at least until you get
thunder/thunderstrike/fire/firestrike because that's what ultros is
weak to eventhough you wont be focusing on that.
MED levels on both characters is essential, the same goes to ATB upgrade

I didnt focus much up until now on accessories to use. But on this fight
I`m gonna suggest fire dmg reduction and physical dmg reduction as
your SEN wont be as effective as usual coz of all the AOE.
Or you can go for the same setup I went: black belt + hermes sandal
then hero's for Noel and Saint's for Serah
That way when your HP goes down (and it will...) you will get haste
bravery faith... and your DMG will go up a bit (power Surge). While black
belt keeps you from taking too much dmg.
Make sure you have tons of potions if you are low level, and
remedies (all levels). Reason you need remedy is coz of his AOE stun.
And you might need those to get rid of it.

Suggested monsters: Silver Chocobo, Lightning, Sazh

MED SEN SEN OR SEN SEN SEN (sen sen sen is better)
COM COM COM or COM COM RAV (if serah doesnt hav much com levels
swap her to rav)

If you are not using a SYN: MED COM RAV, RAV COM RAV
If you are using Sazh: SYN SYN SYN and RAV COM SYN
If you are using Yakshini: RAV COM SYN, MED COM SYN

|     Ultros Fight                                                [F003]     |

This part is ridiculous... he's VERY WEAK and hits like a girl.
At high level you wont even need to put a SEN or heal, at low level
you might want to bring some pots or use your SEN.
keep hitting it with spells (use librascope if you have spare)
hit it with thunder and fire spells. If possible focus on long range
(avoid the strike spells) on Serah.
When his HP Hits 1/2 he'll summon Typhoon.
Becareful of his Black ink shit it can erase all buffs.

|     Typhoon Fight                                               [F004]     |

Now this is the real fight...
Ultros will keep using his black ink and his frost breath.
But the real problem is Typhoon.
Dont bother hitting Ultros as if you kill him, it will cause Typhoon
to raise him and it will all go to waste.

Typhoon has 3 anoying moves...
Fireball - Huge AOE fire dmg
Snort - Major area dmg, wound and stuns.
Gnash - remove all buffs
In order to use Fireball, Ultros needs to case enfire on Typhoon. So
you know when to expect it if you are paying attention.
Whenever he uses Snort and Fireball you NEED TO SWAP TO TORTOISE.
By doing so you will avoid Wound damage and take way less dmg.

At some points in the fight Typhoon will lose his motivation and gain
almost all bad stats in game. This is the fact that all this strategy
is based on. At that point, not only that... Both mobs will stay still
and give you the chance to rack them. After some time, Typhoon will lose
all the debuffs and gain almost all buffs possible.

Knowing when to swap to Tortoise can save your party from a real
permanent mess (during the fight coz of wound)
And knowing when to swap to COM or RAV to keep chain up can be the 
difference between winning and losing... DO NOT LET THE GAUGE GO TO 0
And keep note you can get stunned on all 3 characters

The strategy here is: Build chain on Typhoon using your RAVs, hitting
with COMs once in a while to keep chain from dropping. 
Whenever he uses SNort or Fireball change to Tortoise, then to
MED MED SEN to heal up and back to dmging....
If you get stunned on both characters, use remedy on the other one
and have him esuna you.
Whenever needed heal up with either MED or potions, making sure chain
doesnt drop. (MED COM or MED SEN)
Buffing up and keeping buffs up if you have SYN
Dispelling the mobs is useless so dont bother bringing a SAB.
When chain is about 250-280 swap to MED COM SYN or COM COM COM
if you can and wait for Motivation Lost.
It's not ESSENTIAL to wait for motivation lost... but it helps a lot.
Stagger the mob using your RAV RAV RAV...
If you are using Yakshini or Cloudburst, this is the time to use
your Feral Link. If ur using Sazh make sure you are already buffed
up with Bravery and Faith.
Use your Lightning or Sazh's special to instantly build chain up to
900ish. Then if you have Ultima arrow, use it and swap to your COM
setup to do as much damage as you can.
If you waited for Motivation Lost or you were lucky enough for it to 
use it during stagger, pummel him without stopping to heal.
Sometimes it's hard to control when to Stagger, if that's your case
at least hope you are not lower then 100% when he uses motivation lost
Or it will monster buff itself during Stagger and considerably lower
your dmg output.
Repeat this process until it's dead.
You will get a Cinematic Action at the end, to kill Ultros.
If u fail he escapes.

I tried this a few times, successfully, but I found out that things
can get real messy if u dont tortoise or if you let chain bar go to
zero coz you didnt use remedy fast enough during stun

The secret is increasing chain fast with rav rav rav... and stopping
right before you stagger, keeping it that way till motivation lost.
You can do this by using RAV COM SYN and not doing shit on Serah
while the other 2 do stuff, or med com syn or com com com
and get buffs up with SYN SYN SYN

I accidently achieved Giant's Fist during this fight... Probably
because of Power Surge + bravery + deprotect (motivation loss)
not that it has any relevance...

Anyways... I got both Ultros and Typhoon on the same fight
Usually takes 3-2 staggers to kill Typhoon though it can be killed
on one at end game.

|     Ultros Character                                            [F005]     |

Ultros is an ULTRA CRAPPY early peaker synergist that caps at lvl 13...
It does have Endless blessing, extended defensive duration and 6 atb
But that's all it has... defensive stuff.. (protect and shell) and we know
that's not what we want...
Even if you did teach him the offensive spells... he would still be
worst then Purple Chocobo, Sazh or any offensive synergists.
Your call...

|     Typhoon Character                                           [F006]     |

Typhoon is a meh... early peaker COM.
He focus on Magical COM stuff and has Mind piercer which is very decent
considering his setup.He caps at around 1k magical 700ish physical in
case you are insterested... but Ide say Amodar and Odin are better.
He also has auto-enfire and auto-enaero just in case...
Dont get me wrong... it is a very good magic com... (as there arent many
around) but... Idk... magical com it's just weird...

|     Pupu                                                        [G000]     |

"Your next conquest hails from a distant corner of the heavens.
In search of their homeland, these visitors drifted through a see
of stars, until finally they were claimed by the void.
Do they come in  peace or spoil for war?
No matter, a single battle will decide who is weak, and who is strong.
Such is the law of Valhalla.
Will you destroy them and their ship entire? Or will you extend
your hand in frendship, when the battle is done?
Their fate is yours to decide!"

|     How to obtain                                               [G001]     |

2 dollars PSN, Xbox Live

|     Requirements                                                [G002]     |

You need a good COM with AOE attacks, this is A MUST HAVE
Both your characters need to have good AOE, and I suggest it to be
a COM role AOE... either Blitz or Ruinga
The reason for all this is, you need to kill his pets fast... 
You can try to beat this without killing the mobs, which I have
using a SEN. But trust me... you dont want to do that...
Instead you should focus on keeping his pets dead and staggering.

ATB, Ultima arrow and Meteor Javelin are required.

My suggestion is you also bring a good synergist so you wont need
to keep swapping to defensive paradigms this fight. Sazh is the best bet
but you can also try Purple chocobo or any multi-purpose SYN.
You will need the defensive buffs to stay on offensive more often.

Also, as staggering fast is important here, I suggest using a good
Ravager... As well as good levels on ravager of both your characters

My best bets for COM are: Twilight Odin or Amodar as COM
You will use a COM COM COM paradigm to kill the annoying PUPUs
Remember, you need to set it on WIDE, as you want AOE stuff
Also the usage of it's special will differ:
Odin: You will save your feral to kill the pets, and save one for
after you beat the ship (this will HELP YOU A LOT)
Amodar: This one also has a good feral... it will help you deal dmg
to the Ship when staggering.
Among these 2 I'de say Odin... but your call.

For rav (and you will be using RAV RAV RAV) I suggest Lightning.
You can use another RAV, but if you do... I strongly suggest you
bring Sazh as your synergist because of his Feral Link.

So... we go to:
MED COM RAV (CROSS) (you can try MED COM SYN if you want a safety)
MED MED SYN (or MED SYN SYN depending on your level... double MED
for mid level, single for high)


|     The fight                                                   [G003]     |

Well as said... Pupu is annoying... 
There's one UFO that keeps healing the ETs, and starts shitting more
ET's as you kill them.
The Pupu's hit pretty hard and if you put up a sentinel he will require
a lot of healing.
So the strategy here is: kill them fast... then focus on staggering
the ship.

How do you do this you ask... well Wide COM COM COM
using lots of AOE to instantly kill the Pupu's
After they are dead, swap to SYN and buff up. Swap back to com com com
if he summons more, then resume buffing..
swap to RAV COM SYN, raise the staggering bar while buffing
Then swap to RAV RAV RAV and hit it like crazy.
If it summons more Pupu's quickly swap to COM COM COM to wipe them
while maintaining the stagger bar high.
If you need healing, swap to MED COM and keep hitting. If shit hits the
fan, go for your stronger medical setup (MED MED SYN)
If sazh is your SYN, you probably wont need to recast your buffs.
Otherwise, recast them as needed, while keeping an eye on the
stagger bar.

It is very important to keep the Pupu's dead. The reason is, not only
do they cause damage by hitting you. They also can cast major
damaging spells on your characters. If they start dancing like
crazy while glowing... get ready... heavy elemental magic otw.
You may want to swap to SEN when this happens. But it's better
if you just kill them fast so they wont have the chance.

After a few hits, you will stagger it.
At that point, the Pupu's are gonna get stunned and the ship will
stop healing/summoning more.
Use Sazh's or Lightning's feral link to boost chain.
Use Ultima arrow, swap RAV COM COM or COM COM COM (CROSS)
Keep hitting it as hell and when Chain is almost done, Meteor Javelin
and Amodar's feral link if you have it.

If you are lucky enough, it will die at your first stagger.
If if doesnt... reapeat the steps above until you break the UFO

Once you broke the UFO, it will start causing mass AOE and the
Pupu's to cast Meteor.
You dont want to let that happen... so swap to COM COM COM Wide
and start killing them fast... In case you need healing...
Keep using potions one after the other, while your other character
kills the remaining mobs. Odin's Feral link is VERY useful at this

|     Pupu Character                                              [G004]     |

Pupu is an early peaker with 6 ATB and around 600ish starting
magic, with increased cure, pack mentality and cure spell.
It's feral link it's called Itens please, and increases magic
attacks and chance of obtaining itens after the battle.

It caps at lvl 13 with 900 magic, improved cure II and
improved raise II.
And it has access to cure, curasa, raise, esuna, esunaga,
Cura and Cheer.

It is a VERY nice healer since it gets naturally esunaga.
And it's one of the only mobs with Improved Raise II.

Comparing it with other healers, you can stay it almost matches
A fully developed Green Chocobo, except that it does not have
Improved Med role. Also, Green chocobo's are a great mob
recruiter as you can use cheer and it's feral to finish mobs
very often. Something that cannot be done by Pupu.

If you plan on using it, I'd strongly suggest you teach it
Curaja (feed it with 99 levels of SEN). You can do this at
your first visit to the ruins, farming Pulse Knight's
and feeding them to Pupu.

You should also consider giving it Magic +% and Feral Speed II.

If you plan on using it for tough fights, increasing it's
defensive abilities isnt that bad either.

It's pack mentality ability right now is a bit useless.
I do not think there's any other alien type at the moment.

|     Gilgamesh                                                   [H000]     |

"Your next opponent is a warrior, both fearless and fierce!
He wanders the Void in search of the ultimate arms of wars.
Brash is he, and reckless; though emotional and mercurial.
His single-minded stubborn-er, "stoicism"is the stuff of legend!
For centuries has this soldier roamed the Beyond.
Now, finally, his obsession for weapons has lead him to this
field of battle.
Not man nor beast shall stand in the way of his unrelenting quest
for vengance.
I give you... the mighty Gilgamesh!"

One fine note to it, is the theme song is clash on the bridge...
a VERY famous old FF song.

|     How to obtain                                               [H001]     |

4 dollars PSN, Xbox Live

|     Requirements                                                [H002]     |

Beating this fight with your usual party is near to impossible.
It has TONS of HP... so your best hope is to focus on Wound Damage
as jack birch (thanks) found out.

So... your must have in this fight is... a good sab!!!
Sabs arent really that useful in the game, but here you are gonna
need one.
Ide say your best bet would be Nabaat. But if you dont want
to buy her or cant beat her yet, you can try using Viking 
(vile Peaks 200 AF) or either Black chocobo (Vile peak 010 AF),
Chelicerata (Oerba 200 AF and then Archylte Steppe after you beat it),
Necrosis (same as above but Yaschas Massif 010AF) or Dendrobium
(Breasha Ruins 005 AF).
You NEED a good Pain II for this.

You also need SAB levels on your characters as you will be using
SAB SAB SAB a lot.

You also need a SEN (doesnt matter which one as long as it has Fringeward
And SEN levels on your characters as you will also use Tortoise

SYN levels and a good SYN are also a good bet for this
as defensive buffs can help you staying on offensive.
So use an all purpose SYN such as Sazh and Purple Chocobo.
Or use a Gancanagh Ace (steppe).

RAv levels and Med levels are also required.

You can use this paradigm pack:

SAB SAB SAB (double paradigm so you can swap among them for 
ATB refresh)

As in most fights where you need to use a lot of SABs, equipping
with ATB speed increase can benefit you in the fight.
Such as Indrajit, Romulus and Remus, Durable Magistral Crest
or Durable Kaiser Knuckles
And dont forget to have stocks of Wound Potion
Prepare yourself for a VEEEERY LONG BATTLE

Depending on how good your COM is, you can also try another strategy.
This would also require you to have a high lvl party.
You can use COM COM COM instead of SAB SAB SAB...
stagger and focus on doing major damage. He heals a lot...
but if your com is good you can do a lot more dmg then he can heal.
In order to do this you may want to swap a RAV in rav rav rav
for a SEN to avoid damage.
and have a SAB SAB setup so you can debuff him as well as buff
yourself when you stagger it for additional damage.
An upgraded Chichu is recommended for this fight.

|     The fight                                                   [H003]     |

Start using your RAV's to kill the Firearms Gilgamesh stage.
Once you beat it, it will swap to his legendary swords.

Buff yourself with SYN SYN SYN, then swap to SAB SAB SAB, put on some
debuffs, then to RAV RAV RAV to start building chain.
If needed, heal yourself or rebuff, always keeping your eye on the
chain bar.
SAB's can replace your good old COMs as they also slow down the Chain
gauge decrease speed.
Once you are nearly staggering it, make sure you put most debuffs on it
so your characters wont be casting shit on it instead of doing
Wound damage. Curse being very important.

You should also keep in mind that swapping to SEN SEN SEN right before
it uses a special sword, can benefit you by lowering the damage taken.
You will be needing it to resist his 50% special moves
which causes major wound damage.

Use wound potions whenever you hav low MAX HP.

Each stagger should grant you around 500k dmg
Which means you will need around 20 staggers to kill it

Trick is... stagger fast... wound a lot... 

As stated above you can kill it fast with COM damage instead of 
wounding.. but it requires both a good COM and a high lvl pt.

|     Gilgamesh Character                                         [H004]     |

Gilgamesh is an early peaker commando that caps at lvl 13
It's stats cap at 1000ish STR and 700ish magic.
And can get up to 1300/1000 with +35%
It has access to Stagger wound, mind piercer, armor breaker,
quick stagger, stagger maintenance.
And to the attacks: attack, ruin, blitz, ruinga, launch, ravage
His feral link is Divider which combos his legendary swords.
Tnks to Alan Lim for the info
Some say he's the best commando in game, which is possible

|     Snow's Perpetual Battlefield                                [I000]     |

WOAH!!!!!!! One Long awaited chapter has come to light...
Snow!!!!!! The One you Love...
It includes 2 new characters (Snow and Valfodr)
As well as a chance to get any of the exclusive mobs you may have put
to waste.

|     How to obtain                                               [I001]     |

Purchasable at PSN or Xbox Live for 3,99US

|     Requirements                                                [I002]     |

Snow's fight is not that hard, you just keep to make sure he doesnt use
Sovering Fist, which he will if you let him focus on one character.
You have 4 ways of doing this...
1- have 2-3 Sentinels to swap hate so Snow doesnt focus on one character
2- just let your character die and reraise him with phoenix downs. But
keep in mind you are gonna have to wait a bit until raising else he wont
lose hate... I find this way a bit risky... but your call
3- just go head on and kill it fast... but this will require quite some
effort because you are gonna probably need to kill it in one stagger...

For the first setup I suggest:
all characters with rav, com, sab, sen levels
Ultima arrow and meteor javelin are good but not essential
1 good syn monster (with both offense and defense buffs, suggest sazh)
1 good com monster (can be omega, chichu, lightning w/e you want)
1 good rav monster (can be lightning, cloudbuster or w/e)
for paradigms go for:

THe second setup I didnt try myself... but I saw it on youtube
I dont suggest it because its a bit risky

Third method requires a specific set of characters... and you may need
to kill it in one stagger

Ravager levels is a must... you will need to chain them into stagger
Commando levels are also very much necessary
You do need some medic levels, but high level is not required
Sab levels are very much welcome at least until you get dispel, imperil,
deprotect and deshell
You will need a cloudbuster as your RAV
Goblin CHieftain as your SEN
and a good commando (Omega works well because he has high def)


You can also try to combine both methods by adding a SEN SEN something
into your paradigm deck. If you do this... read both parts on my faq
and try to get the best of them.

Valfodr's fight isnt that hard either... at first... but as his levels
increase it will become a lot tougher... to the point it becomes by far
the strongest mob in the colosseum.

|     Snow Fight                                                  [I003]     |

The fight is called The one you love...
"Hmmm... You wish to challange the one you love most?
You seek to test how strong your trials have made you?
Do not be overconfident. Your opponent, too, has seen his share
of momentous battle.
And once again he bears the power of a brand. Only death awaits at
that journey's end.
Give no quarter. Any such sacrilege on the grounds of this hallowed
arena will not escape my notice. Let this be a struggle for life, 
for death, for your very existance!"

For the first setup:
Now... the trick is...
SYN will keep you buffed... that means stuff will hurt less and you
will damage more... if your syn is sazh... just dont worry about it
SAB will help you remove buffs and put Imperil (keep that thing on
all times) also you will be able to deprotect and deshell
Med whenever your chars are about to die

For SEN... you may have noticed I used 2 sen's on the same pack...
I did say you needed to keep swapping hate... so what you are gonna do
is... whenever energy is above 200% (he'll announce it... and you dont
wanna let him go past 300%) swap to SEN SEN SYN and keep using entrench
or that other one that reduces damage on the char that's being hit by
Snow... and make the other character provoke it...
that way you will reduce the damage taken and will bounce hate to your
other character... this may require changing main characters

If he buffs up... debuff fast before he dan do any damage

Your main goal here is to imperil him... and build chain fast with 
RAV RAV RAV whenever you can...
When you are close to breaking chain... make sure your buffs are all
capped, put deprotect and deshell on it... and make sure it swaps target
so you wont hav to deal with SOverign FIst... then stagger it

Swap to RAV COM RAV... to launch it... and build chain fast
(army of one is suggested) that and an ultima arrow shall put it up to
999%. THen swap to COM COM COM... and kill it fast
Legion of ONE is suggested on this... and you can finish with meteor
javelin... just make sure you dont let it land (keep juggling it
by timing your attacks, canceling and waiting for the right moment
when the others are recharging ATB bar to attack)
If you let him land... he`ll use his crap and rebuff... which is bad
coz it will lower your DMG output.

Either way... If you dont kill it... repeat the process... and you will
beat it...

For the second setup:
Start by using your chieftain's feral link to put up defensive buffs
and keep building chain...
Change to SAB SAB RAV to put imperil and keep building chain with either

if he buffs up... sab sab do dispel it and resume your attacking
you should be able to stagger it before he goes into 300%
When it's about to stagger use your gob chieftain to buff up and then
your cloudbuster to get you fully buffed up.
Then eat the thing alive... using all you can to kill it fast...
should he survive.. let your character die so he will swap target
and resume your strategy...

As stated above... if you are having trouble you may want to combine
both methods...
using goblin chieftain and cloudbuster to avoid the need for a SYN
and have a SEN SEN something else to swap hate between your characters

|     Valfodr Fight                                               [I004]     |

Well at low levels he's pretty easy...
Use the setup:

And this should probably cover you for most fights...
RAV COM RAV to kill ADDs and build chain
Rav rav rav for chain build
com com com for damage
sab sab to remove buffs
med to heal
sen to brace for damage... you may want to swap SEN SEN MED to something
more agressive... your call
it should be really easy... he doesnt do shit at low levels...

i dont plan on doing it at high lvls... as I hav a lot going on IRL

But... if you get additional info Ide love to add them
Just send it to me and I`ll make sure to add your contribution to
the gaming comunity

|     Snow Character                                              [I005]     |

Snow is a kick ass Sentinel... and the first you can get from DLC 
Some ppl said he would be commando role but they are wrong thank god

His special is Soverign fist... which gives tons of damage
He starts with 8kish HP, 600ish STR 500ish magic
and has 6 ATB and access to provoke and mediguard, enhanced sentinel and
improved ward II

He caps at lvl 13 with Critical: Power Surge II, Vendetta, Deathward,
Fringeward, Elemental Guard, Improved Guard II, Challenge, Entrench, 
Improved counter II and critical:Tetradefense..
In other words he's a freaking kick ass Sentinel who gets stronger as 
he is targeted and has VERY VERY absurd resistance to anything...

If you feed him 99 levels of MED he will learn Reprieve

Make sure you also teach him:
HP+30% (Forked Cat lvl 54 Oerba 400AF)
Resist Physical: +36% (Xololt lvl 36 Academia 500AF)
Resist Magic: +36% (Mewmao lvl 23 Steppe)
Resist Elements +30% (caterchpillar lvl 33 steppe)
Resilience: +40% (necrosis lvl 70 Oerba 400af)
rapid Recovery (microchu lvl 24 steppe)

But he's probably the best SEN in game by now

|     Valfodr Character                                           [I006]     |

If you have info on it please send it to me
I gotta say... FFXIII-2 is a great game... but for me is in the past atm

|     Other Crystals                                              [I007]     |

You may obtain exclusive mob's crystals from Valfodr as normal and rare
item drops. They are also related to the mobs the boss will summon
in battle. And they change as his level goes higher.

|     Lightning's Requiem of the Goddess                          [J000]     |

This is like the Major event of all DLC content...
The one that is a MUST HAVE... 
It not only contains the most special character in FFXIII history but
also has a freaking kick ass armor and the rest of FFXIII-2 secret
Lightning's God Guardian mode

|     How to obtain                                               [J001]     |

Purchasable at PSN or Xbox Live for 4,99US

|     Requirements                                                [J002]     |

lol you can start doing this branch right off the bat

|     The fight                                                   [J003]     |

Well you are Lightning... the God Etro's Champion...
This is acctually a mini-game...
You start with Lightning god mode level 1
By that I mean you have 20k HP 4 ATB and the classes
Paladin (commando like class with higher offensive output and lower
Shaman (a wind based ravager with bonus that helps build chain)
Mage (a thunder based ravager with bonys building chain post stagger)
Knight (a sentinel with a move that blocks enemy attacks)
YOU CANNOT USE HEALING MAGIC, with that it means you must rely on
potions and elixirs, which are LIMITED... so in other words
you must not take damage.

How you win this fight you ask? The asnwer is... with lots of patience
Everytime you lose or win you get CP depending on how much HP left you
have at the end.
As you get CP you level up and gain access to other roles as well
as upgrade on ATB, status and abilities

Well how not to take damage.. simple... you need to figure when he's
attacking you and swapping to knight and using immortality.

So... start off with Paladin, and do a few hits until the chain bar
turns light yellow...
Then swap to shaman and start building chain...
If he does a blink like thing, means he's attacking as commando...
so swap to Knight and brace yourself...
As the chain gauge starts turning dark yellow... swap to paladin
and do a few hits... Else... keep swapping back and forward to
Knight and Shaman and build chain up...

Eventually he'll change role to ravager... when that happens.. your
concern starts to be less of getting chain up and more to maintaining
your current chain... so stop swapping to mage and instead do 
Paladin and Knight. The reason you want to do this is because
there's no warning when he is gonna hit you and when he does
he comes with a combo which you cant stop. Also, he attacks faster.
You may want to stay as much as you can on Knight using immortality
And swap to paladin to get a few hits right after he hits you.

Be careful when swapping from Knight to another role since some of
his attacks have delay and you may swap back before he finishes it
that being very deadly...

If he swaps to healer... pummel him swapping between Shaman and Mage
so you can get ur atb bar full and build chain faster. On this mode
he will dispel you, buff himself and heal himself after he did all
the rest... You may disturb this by Staggering him and launching
before he heals himself.

Also.. keep in mind 2 things
on Commando he MAY.. use double attacks specially at low HP...
so if you see him using the blaster crap or the Graviton on commando
be careful for the 2nd volley of the blaster and the higher tier
graviton it may follow at low HP... if you swap before that
it's gonna hurt.

On ravager mode... he may use launch on you and use a higher lvl move
at lower HP as well...

After you stagger him, swap to sorcerer and hit him with thunder
making sure he doesnt fall...
After you built some chain... do a legion of one and keep hitting him
with your Paladin, swapping roles to fill ATB until chain ends.

Repeat the process above until he's dead or you screwed up too many
Knight swaps and died.

You will get points depending on your HP left.

Regardless if you won or lost at the 1st fight you`ll get 100 CP...
Enough to get you to level 2.

At higher level you will get more ATB, more moves, more stats
and more roles...
THe role Sorcerer it's kinda like an Sabotender... andwill allow
you to cast Chaos... a magic that will debuff him and give him
tons of bad stats once cast during stagger... it may help you
inflict more damage if you are willing to sacrifice 1 full ATB

Also... Conjurer is a class you may want to use a lot...
It's a Synergist with access to two of the most valuable spells
Aura and Mighty Guard... the first will give you offensive buffs
the second will give you defensive buffs...
When you have access to conjurer you may stop swapping to defense
mode during ravager mode... and keep attacking as your defensive
boosts will do the trick allowing you to kill faster.
Also... Chaos and Aura will allow you to inflict more damage during
staggers... so keep that in mind...

You can also notice that since she has Smite... you may want to
make sure you do the final blows right before stagger ends
(make sure you are attacking when chain break is almost over
for A LOT of additional damage).

Legion of One is VERY good... but not like army of one is...
do not use it to build chain... instead use it to do damage.

Keep leveling up until you are confortable to keep going.
You may want to lower your level to get additional points to level up
And raise it back to max when fighting for real

You can beat Caius at LEVEL ONE!!!!!! if you are good enough
and have a lot of patience...
You should be able to kill it with no major issues at level 3 or 4
With no problems and with 5 stars...

In order to progress to the next step YOU NEED to kill it with
5 stars... Then... he changes form into bahamuth, keep note that
chaos bahamuth has to get closer to you to attack... so when he does..
swap to knight and use Immortality.
Start the fight with Mighty Guard... and keep that thing on
He comes blose... Knight... chain bar dropping... Paladin...
If he uses wind resist... use mage... if he uses thunder resist
use Shaman... when ur aboud to break chain... aura...
and keep killing it...
Be careful with void something attack... it can stun your character
making you unable to maintain chain gauge

When he's on the flying mode... you MUST KEEP AN CLOSE WATCH..
because his attacks are gonna do a lot more damage... so make sure
your knight is ready for combat.
He hits VERY hard when he's in that mode
At some part he'll megaflare... MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON KNIGHT
and with immortality on
After that he'll swap back to normal mode and stand still for
a bit...

He doesnt heal keep damaging and building chain...
When you do chain break him... allow yourself to get hit a bit
Avoiding only the big stuff... and focusing on damaging.

I killed the chaos bahamuth at level 6 with 5 stars... but
at level 7 it might be a lil easier
If you beat him.. you get to see the 2nd ending, and if you do so
with 5 stars as I did... you get the freaking ubber Lightning
Etro guardian mode crystal (dont know if it's 100% but I got it
on my 1st kill).
The star counting for this battle depends on 2 things
1- the time you take to kill it
2- the amount of HP left you have at the end
Keep in mind that Legion of One also heals your character
when used... so exploit that... and Enjoy!

|     Lightning God mode character                                [J004]     |

Well folks... there it goes another freaking awesome character...
Lightning Etro's Champion mode
She's a all-around damage commander with no crysarium levels
She starts at level 1 and can go up to
She has starting HP of 7500ish with 650ish STR and 600ish magic
She has attack, blitz, ruin, launch, smite, armor breaker
And her special is legion of one... which differs a bit from Army
of one since it doesnt really increase chain as much... but does more
physical damage. You may have notice this from the mini-game

She caps at lvl 13 with ATB 6 950ish str 800ish magic 10kish HP
And learns: Ravage, Ruinga, lifesiphon, faultsyphon, adrenaline,
Blindside, Scourge, Mind breaker

She's VERY capable for both magic and physical damage as she has
very high stats and access to both ruin/attack moves and both breakers

And... most special of all.. she has auto-bravery, Attack ATB charge II
Enhanced Commando, Immovable MAX and... UNCAPPED DAMAGE!

Meaning she's VERY VERY strong... and VERY VERY hard to stop...
with uncapped damage.. she's a freaking goddess!

I fed her my Amodar... (as twlight odin is VERY hard to get)
And well... dont even have to tell ya what happened do I? :)
1300ish str 1100ish magic Feral speed II, str and magic +35%,
Stagger maintenance, critical shield...

Gonna go get another Amodar crystal now...
Well... she's just freaking awesome...
Using Lightning Ravager + lightning Commando...
and for the other spot either Sazh, Nabaat, Silver Chocobo or Pupu

|     Spoilers!! Secret Ending                                    [J005]     |

Lightning regrets involving Serah into this mess...
And finds out that Serah dies at the end.
He see's Serah's spirit on Etro's throne saying she does not regret it
That she started the journey to see lightning but she decided to keep
going because of a promisse she made that she would keep hope alive.
She knows she was gonna die and her only wish was that Lightning
didnt forget her.
At the end Lightning sits on Etro's throne and decided to turn into
crystal so she would remain and keep Serah's memory as a crystal epitath.
Hoping that one day in the future they may meet again.
Game ends at the future, when Lightning wakes up from her crystal state.
All I can think of is they will either make a new DLC or they will
release another FFXIII or a movie of some sort.

|     Pack Mentality                                              [K000]     |

Thanks to Allgorhythm for testing this.You should try saving
before trying this though, since you have to consume exclusive mobs.
There's one rare ability you can get from rare monsters... called Pack
You can get them from Chichu and Nanochu, both are VERY rare crystals you
can only get one of.
You can find them with advanced moogle throw, by using it at the Steppe.
Chichu: Near the red flowers at the 1st cactuar waystone on the plais of
Nanochu: small isle in the middle of the clearwater marshes
Keep note that it may require several throwings
Although they are very rare... so is their abilities...
if You infuse them into let's say Lightning and Amodar...
And plan on using lightning amodar sazh Nabaat paradigm pack
Since they are all hume, you get a major stats upgrade for them (+30%)
Both chars are already strong... if you do this they will be godly and 
Unmatchable by any other chars (except maybe chocobos...)
to go for tough fights in FFXIII. If you want you can go for SYN SYN SYN,
using lightning/amodar/sazh with pack mentality
And ADD Role ressonance to them, giving it even more juice.
Role ressonance does the same as pack mentality but as long as 
all party members (your 2 characters) are the same role as it is.
so COM COM COM RAV RAV RAV for amodar and lightning.

|     Other Stuff                                                 [L000]     |

There are also other additional content itens, such as the hot beach outfit
for Serah, the summoner garb (which is ugly in my opinion) and Noel's new
outfits which re cool.
As for weapons, they all have an additional effect
Weapons for Serah:
Seraphic Wing (1 dollar) - STR 25 MAG 35 Attack: HP Absorb 3%
Seraphic Wing: Sigma - STR 37 MAG 37 Attack: HP Absorb 3% - Seraphic Wing
and 1 Pot Piece, Ep 3+
Seraphic Wing: Omega - STR 55 MAG 55 Attack: HP Absorb 3% - Seraphic Wing:
Sigma and 1 Transparent Ooze, Ep 4+
Seraphic Wing: Infinity - STR 85 MAG 85 Attack: HP Absorb 3% - Seraphic
Wing: Omega and 1 Fractal Pot, Ep 5+

Genji Bow (1 dollar) - STR 22 MAG 18 ATB Rate + 25%
Genji Bow: Kiku - STR 40 MAG 25 ATB Rate + 30% - Genji Bow and 2 Iron
Shells, Available Ep 3+
Genji Bow: Sakura - STR 55 MAG 30 ATB Rate + 35% - Genji Bow: Kiku and
1 Mutant Extract, Available Ep 4+
True Genji Bow - STR 70 MAG 35 ATB Rate + 40% - Genji Bow: Sakura and
Starblossom Seed, Available Ep 5+

Azreal (Xbox live exclusive 80MSP) - Chain bonus

Weapons for Noel:
Catastrophe Blade (1 dollar) - STR 18 MAG 22 ATB Rate + 25%
Calamity Blade: Sigma - STR 25 MAG 40 ATB Rate + 30% - Calamity Blade
and 1 Analog Circuit, Ep 3+
Calamity Blade: Omega - STR 30 MAG 50 ATB Rate + 35% - Calamity Blade:
Sigma and 1 Mutant Extract, Ep 4+
Calamity Blade: Infinity - STR 35 MAG 70 ATB Rate + 40% - Calamity
Blade: Omega and 2 Superconductor, Ep 5+

Muramasa (1 dollar) - STR 20 MAG 25 Chain Bonus Lv. 1
Muramasa: Kiku - STR 30 MAG 47 Chain Bonus Lv. 2 - Muramasa and 2 Iron
Shells, Available Ep 3+
Muramasa: Sakura - STR 35 MAG 60 Chain Bonus Lv. 3 - Muramasa: Kiku and
1 Mutant Extract, Available Ep 4+
True Muramasa - STR 45 MAG 80 Chain Bonus Lv. 4 - Muramasa: Sakura and
Starblosssom Seed, Available Ep 5+

I`m not gonna write much about it as:
1- they are good as starter weapons, meaning they are better then the one
you start, and possibly the first one you can buy but...
2- there's not much to say... they are decent weapons but you can get better
ones in game
3- to get them... all you need to do is go to a NPC and buy them for 0 gil
4- You can upgrade them as story goes... but even the upgraded version still
sux balls...
5- Ide say so far the best weapons are the dark crystal ones... and if you
silver chocobo your way it's really easy to get both of them (you can only
get one from the NPC, but once you do... you can buy the other one very
cheap at the casino)

|     Credits/Thanks                                              [M000]     |

Thanks Romain Bernardi for the info on Sazh, Amodar and the correction on
Thanks to coolboym99 for the info on the weapons
Thanks Allgorhythm for testing the Pack mentality combo
Thanks to jack birch and Alan Lim for info on Gilgamesh

|      Contact Info                                               [N000]     |

[email protected]
Feel free to email me if you have final fantasy XIII-2 questions regarding
this guide or have info I missed or that may be wrong.