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Call of Duty: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 17 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Ghosts please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : Xbox One : PlayStation 4 : Wii U

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Unlock Extinction Mode (Alternate Way)

Another way of accessing this feature is by playing Multiplayer Career mode and reaching level 5.

Golden Aliens

Start Chapter 1, 'Point Of Contact' in Extinction mode and collect a sniper rifle. Then shoot an 'L', then an 'O', then another 'L' on the 'Gil's Lodge Motel' sign to start the Golden Aliens easter egg where any alien shot will explode into golden alien stuffed dolls, this will last for ninety seconds and can be repeated.

Unlock Extinction Mode

This feaure becomes unlocked at the 'Main' menu when you start a game in Single-Player Campaign mode on the Regular or higher difficulty setting and then complete the 'Ghost Stories', 'Brave New World', 'No Man's Land', and 'Struck Down' missions.

Ulimited weapons on Extinction

What you do is you get out your pistol then you get on a ladder and push up on the D-pad twice whenever you get ontop of the ladder and you will not have a gun go to any gun and buy it and you can do this as many times as you want.(I'm pretty sure this only works if the controls are set on default)

Extinction mode: Survival Guide (4 players)

To make it out ALIVE on this game mode is simple if your teammates cooperate. Your team might want to have their stuff to look like this:

-Weapon Specialist(2x), Medic, Engineer

The Tank class is a very selfish class since it only helps 1 person we're excluding this class.

You all need to cooperate on certain stuff too.

-Sentries(2x), Vultures(2x)

These are helpful once you all arm the Nuke since the vultures will take out aliens in your path and if placed properly, the sentries will use their fire power to take out some if not all aliens. I would suggest placing 2 sentries where the barrier hives used to be BEFORE arming the Nuke.(you can get 2 sentries if you upgrade them to level 4 with the skill points)

There WILL be meteors blocking your ..

Extinction: camouflage on guns!

There is a way to get gold camo on extinction mode. You can do it by finding a suitable attachment for your weapon (not the pistol) and getting it. Once you get an attachment, you should notice your gun changing camos. If you didn't get golden camo, search for more attachments and keep swapping until you get what you want(gold gun with preferred attachment).

Slap that thumbs up button if you like gold guns on extinction mode and add SquiirtleZ on PSN if you want to play with me.


Extinction: Solo Survival Guide

The best way to make it out alive on solo play hasn't been figured out yet, but I've experimented quite a bit and have found the best setup(at least for myself)

The class load-out you might want to use is Weapon Specialist for the later hives of the game. As soon as you make it to the city area, you will encounter Hunters and scorpions together. If you manage to upgrade the weapon specialist to the maximum, then you have bought your ticket to the country side.

The type of ammo you might want to have is the regular ammo. I know I sound dumb, but it works once you upgrade the ammo to level 3. I wouldn't upgrade it to level 4(max) because it's pretty useless since you don't really stay near the box. Once upgraded to level 3, you get a max ammo and it reloads the clip f..

Extinction: repairing the drill FASTER

When playing extinction, you must protect the drill from reaching 0HP otherwise you lose. Some people have been complaining that the drill takes time to repair and they need cover in order to do such thing.

The way to repair the drill a bit faster is by simply spinning around with the right stick(there's no need for engineer anymore)

Thumbs up if you like doughnuts and add me if you want to play some GTA V with me: SquiirtleZ


Extinction: About the "Relics"

If you are an extinction fan and you see the money earned scoreboard, you might have noticed "relic bonus".

This "relic bonus" is the money you get for using these "relics". If you've played enough extinction, you might automatically prestige and get an extra slot where you can activate these relics. The relics themselves make the game a bit more difficult. The more you have, the harder the game. You unlock an extra relic slot every time you prestige.

Hopefully this answered your question: "What the [bleep] are relics?]

Slap that thumbs up button if I helped and add SquiirtleZ on PSN if you want to play some ghosts.


Extinction: Nightfall Survival Strategy (solo)

If you ever want to play the map "Nightfall" on solo, be prepared for a challenge as this is the second hardest map I've played so far.

The class you might want to load up is Medic as this will be helpful on the last hive before the final breeder battle.

Pistol type is going to be the Last one on the right as it has the most power in it's class.

You might want to run Armor Piercing ammo as this helps with rhinos and phantoms later on in the game.

Instead of running Armor, run hand boosters because weapon specialist is pretty tough to go with on this map and reloading takes quite a while with LMGs.

The equalizer would have to be a Riot shield because it covers your back against aliens that deal lots of damage such as the hunters and phantoms and you will tak..

Extinction: Teeth System Explained

Teeth are easy to get if you understand this simple system and hard if you don't.

You earn 1 tooth for every relic you use (I use 2 every time)

You earn 2 teeth if you complete 10 challenges on any map

You earn 4 teeth if you complete all challenges on any map and escape

You earn 4 teeth for platinum escape, 3 for gold, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze

1 tooth if you complete a mission

And last, 1 tooth if you help anyone complete their first mission

Also, you get 1 tooth in the teeth poll every 24 hours

Hope I helped most people understand the teeth system and slap that thumbs up button if you love twinkies. Also, add me on PSN to play some extinction together: SquiirtleZ


Campaign Special cutscene

If you manage to beat the campaign on any difficulty and go through the credits, you should see a cut scene that was described by your father in the beginning of the campaign about the way the federation makes a ghost crack.

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Extinction: Easier Accuracy challenge

There's been times when the accuracy challenge has popped up and your team ends up screwing up. In order to do the challenge of 50% or more, have your team or yourself(depends how many people are playing) get a shotgun. Spread out so you won't be after the same alien and shoot only when you know you will hit an alien.

Hopefully this helped and add me if you would like to play GTA V/ Black Ops 2/ Ghosts with me


Extinction-Mayday: How to Survive on Solo

The one thing people have been asking me online on Ghosts is how the [bleep] I even killed the Kraken in the first place. Its a simple answer to a simple question: it all depends on your loadout.

You will need the "Weapon Specialist" class along with the MP-441 Grach Pistol. Weapon Specialist ensures you to make a lot more damage to rhinos, phantoms, and seeders. The Grach pistol is just there for additional firepower.

You will need Armor Piercing ammo as this will ensure a faster kill for the rhinos and phantoms.

Armor will be of help as it ensures you last a bit longer when injured and if you have the stun armor upgrade from the armory, you can keep them off yourself.

Sentry guns are vital for your solo run as they will protect the drill as well as yourself on..

Evil Monkey

This isn't really a hint but it's a easter egg. I suggest that you do a local match for this so you can see it more clearly. You get on the map Prison Break (you can get a sniper to see it better) you got to the sawmill and you see a curve that leads to a bridge if you look around in the tree that you pass there should be a monkey with a hacksaw it doesnt really do anything but it's kinda cool to see well enjoySmile

Extinction: Unlimited Feral Instincts Vision

In order to get this cool vision and make the Leper challenge easier is by playing on "Point of Contact".

You have to do the "LOL" easter egg and make sure that somebody throws down feral instincts as soon as LOL pops out on your screen.

Hope I made the Leper challenge easier and smack that thumbs up button if you like twinkies.

Add me if you'd like to play with me: SquiirtleZ


Extinction: How to earn 10+ teeth

Ever wanted to get the Ark attachment for the pistol? Well today's your lucky day!

Go to "Point of Contact" and make sure to use the following loadout:

Weapon Specialist (I suggest you have the upgrade for this beforehand)

MP-443 Grach Pistol

Normal Ammo (for max ammos on level 3)

Armor (for Rhinos on future hives)

Vulture (for personal protection)

Crowd control (to protect your rear end on future hives)

Now, make sure to get the relics "Take more Damage" and "pistols only" get used to them and I guarantee 13 teeth if you complete a match on the easiest map of all.

Hit that like button if I helped you getting those expensive upgrades and ad me if you would like to play with me: SquiirtleZ


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