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Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Extinction: Solo Survival Guide cheats for Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Extinction: Solo Survival Guide

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The best way to make it out alive on solo play hasn't been figured out yet, but I've experimented quite a bit and have found the best setup(at least for myself)

The class load-out you might want to use is Weapon Specialist for the later hives of the game. As soon as you make it to the city area, you will encounter Hunters and scorpions together. If you manage to upgrade the weapon specialist to the maximum, then you have bought your ticket to the country side.

The type of ammo you might want to have is the regular ammo. I know I sound dumb, but it works once you upgrade the ammo to level 3. I wouldn't upgrade it to level 4(max) because it's pretty useless since you don't really stay near the box. Once upgraded to level 3, you get a max ammo and it reloads the clip for you so you don't waste time and get downed.

When it comes to the strike package, I would suggest getting yourself a vulture. If upgraded to level 4, they will save your life on the choke points since there's 1-2 rhinos on your heels.

The equalizer slot is kind of important because you're going to need something to take out in case of chaos. On this slot, I would suggest getting the MK-32 Grenade launcher as this is extremely effective against rhinos once upgraded to level 3.

The boosters actually help towards the middle of the game(the city area). I would suggest getting the armor since it WILL be useful after arming the nuke and getting to one of the choke points.

I would suggest having the automatic pistol and upgrading it to level 3. You don't really need this pistol but it comes in handy once you run out of ammo on your other 2 guns.

When you barely start the game, you might want to get as much challenges done as possible and searching through the trash and boxes laying around. First things first: upgrade your weapon specialist and pistol to level 3 while at the motel area and you might want to upgrade your ammo to level 1 when you clear the first barrier hive. Once in the city, upgrade the vulture to level 3 since it gets hard on the second barrier hive. also, upgrade the armor to the maximum since it comes handy on the first hive of the country side. As soon as you get to the country side area, you should get the Chain SAW as this gun will protect you from rhinos as well as the Honey Badger Assault Rifle to protect yourself against hunters. Keep in mind that a rhino spawns on the first and last hive of the country side and you must have some attachments on the Honey Badger and the Chain SAW. Before you arm the nuke, you might want to throw down your fully upgraded armor and some ammo. As soon as you arm the nuke, run like there's no tomorrow. When you get to a choke point, you might want to take out your level 3 vulture to help you fight off the rhinos and hunters coming at you. When you make it to a choke point, throw down more armor and ammo since I know you must have used it all up. Also, you might want to take out another vulture if your first vulture destroyed itself a while ago. As soon as you see the second meteor sink into the ground, run straight for the chopper. Don't look back for any reason. If you managed to make it to the chopper without going down once and with more than 1:30 on the clock, you should make it out with a "platinum" escape.

If you manage to escape, you should see the awesome cut-scene of the nuke being triggered and you escaping in the chopper. If you escaped for the first time on solo, you should get the "sprinter" trophy as well as "No man left behind" trophy. if you picked out every searchable box and bag, you should've also gotten the "Trash Picker" trophy. If you escape with a relic on, you get the "Throttled Escape" trophy.If you also managed to complete all challenges for all 14 hives then you should've also gotten the "completitionist" trophy.(yes these are the hidden trophies)

Slap that thumbs up button if you escaped and love extinction and if you want to take down some aliens with me, add me on PSN:

you all need to show respect for the people who post on this website instead of posting random offensive comments and say "thank you" for once in your life. Also, I've changed the Riot Shield to an MK-32 Grenade launcher because you will need it when in trouble with the rhinos.

[EDIT #2]
Now that the armory has been added, the stuff you might want to buy with teeth is "start game with a skill point" as it is useful to upgrade ammo in the beginning.(Yes, ammo)also, you might want to take the "regenerate health faster" as it increases health regeneration by 10%. I know it doesn't look like much, but its actually instant recovery from seeker aliens(the ones that appear inside meteors and explode in your face)
Hope this little edit helped a bit and if you want to play some extinction with me, ADD ME: SquiirtleZ

[EDIT #3]
I was able to take a screenshot of my game by pressing the PS button and START together and going to the photo tab. I took a screenshot of the loadout you will need to escape on the normal difficulty so here you go:


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