Best Load-Outs for COD: Ghosts Multi-player

The world of shooter games changed some time back and it was the modern COD series that helped it change -- shifting the emphasis away from the complicated and deep story-mode of campaign play to the much more dynamic and, some will argue, challenging side, which is the multi-player mode. We cannot argue with that, because it is an established fact.

While most players will complete the story-mode campaign simply because it is there -- and may we whisper to cut their teeth on the new weapons and kit to some degree before heading into the online multi-player side, so as to avoid complete newbyitus -- when they finally DO get around to pitting their skills against other human players, the decision as to just how to load-up can remain a bit of a challenge!

That being the case, we thought we would share with you our recommendations for load-outs covering pretty much every scenario for the new player. Don't say we never did you a solid, mates.

What you use in the game though, has a lot more to do with how you play than it does what the basic capabilities are for the selected weapon, something you are about to discover... Still there is something to be said with going with the weapon load-out that works best for you, so you really should consider the following suggestions as just that: a starting point from which you can first explore the game and then, as you learn what works better or best for you, you can alter the load-out to better fit your personality and play style.

Note that the advice that we give covers your Primary Weapon and Attachments, Secondary Weapon, and the Tactical (damaging) Grenade and Strategic (non-damaging) Grenade, as well as Perks. In addition to the above, there are also Assault Scorestreaks that you can select, but these are really tailored to your play-style so we don't make suggestions for them. Once you understand what they each do you will decide on those for yourself, though with that in mind, we need to cover what they do.

Assault Scorestreaks

Originally introduced in COD: Black Ops II, the Scorestreak system is basically a multi-player mechanic that replaces Killstreaks and Strike Chains. The bonuses offered in this new system are earned based on the amount of score that you build during a single life.

This means actions like assists, captures, kills, completing objectives, shooting down enemy air support, and the like count towards earning of Scorestreak rewards. As with the previous games the streak will reset upon death, so basically the ones you focus on when you play are going to count more for the style of play and the actions you prefer -- hence our decision not to try to influence your choices in that respect.


These are unlocked by play or by spending Squad Points. If you don't have a Perk listed, get it. There is a reason that each of the Perks are recommended. Also note that the reason why no Secondary Weapon is listed for a lot of these is because you get extra Perk Points you can use to equip Perks when you go without it.

The Defensive Player -- US Army Reserve

OK we admit that the title for this load-out recommendation is heavily flavored by experiences with Army Reservists in Iraq and Afghanistan choosing to shoot and scoot rather than stop and take the battle to the enemy when a convoy gets attacked. The fact that it was part of their orders and a part of their modified ROE notwithstanding, a defensive position can actually be an advantage when you are not fully versed in the capabilities of the enemy -- or your own strengths and weaknesses.

To make this simple try to remember that the Defensive Player uses ground and cover to their advantage, and enjoys the application of IEDs and Claymore Mines! The thing is this sort of tactic requires you to quickly figure out the location of the enemy around you, and then set some traps for them to walk into and make go BOOM!

Primary Weapon: Honey Badger (Silenced)

Primary Attachment 1: Foregrip

Primary Attachment 2: Extended Clip

Secondary Weapon: None

Tactical Kit: IED

Strategic Kit: Motion Sensor

Perks: Amplify, Extra Lethal, Painkiller and Ping.

Using this setup you will be able to see where the enemy is located and attack them while hopefully staying off their radar.

The Aggressive Player - SPEC-Ops Ranger

This is the setup if you lean more towards the belief that a solid -- and fast -- offense beats the hell out of any other sort of strategy. The idea is to get in, hit the enemy, then scoot away and reposition, then attack again. Overwhelm them with faster superior firepower and the willingness to use it!

Note that while the Honey Badger is selected here, it is not so much for its built-in silencer, though that can help to give you momentum and the initiative when you attack from an enemies blind side, rather it is the high accuracy stat for this weapon that makes it an obvious choice.

Because your focus is to get in fast and do maximum damage as quickly as possible, you will need the Scavenger Perk in order to keep yourself kitted with the ammo you need to actually do that.

Primary Weapon: Honey Badger (Silenced)

Primary Attachment 1: Foregrip

Primary Attachment 2: Extended Mag

Secondary Weapon: None.

Tactical Kit: Frag Grenade

Strategic Kit: Flash Bang

Perks: Focus, Scavenger, Quickdraw, and Ready Up.

Seal Team Six (Ninja)

While there is a lot to be said for being heavily armed and being able to rock-n-roll at the drop of a hat, there is a reason why Seals are the most feared of shadow warriors, and it has a lot to do with the fact that they constantly train to be silently lethal.

Put it this way - the Seal training manual calls for the insertion of the blade edge-out so that the Seal rips out the throat rather than cutting it when taking down a sentry. They do that so that the body doesn't make noise while the life is taken out of it -- really the sound of air escaping through a cut throat is inconveniently loud at night!

The following load-out will set you up for optimal melee Ninja tactics:

Primary Weapon: None

Secondary Weapon: P226 Pistol

Secondary Attachment: Tac-Knife

Tactical Kit: Throwing Knife

Strategic Kit: None.

Perks: Agility, Incog, Marathon, and Off the Grid.

The entire point here is to NOT use that pistol, since it will simply draw attention to you unless you have it silenced. No, your goal is to sneak up all Ninja quiet and kill with your knife attachment, and that is why you have the Tac-Knife Attachment on your P226!

If you are not aware, the Tactical Knife attachment allows the character to hold both a pistol and a knife at the same time, letting the player stab about twice as fast.


So yeah, there you have it -- three basic modes to get you started!

Once you begin to develop your own style and a better grip on how the maps and fighting tends to play out, you will want to experiment with other weapons, perhaps even create your own strategic load-outs.

While the above will easily see you able to properly fight and give you a fighting chance to actually survive encounters long enough to actually build some bonus score, once you do feel comfortable with the play style, you should really think about different approaches to play as that is really what makes the multi-player side of Ghosts shine.

One of our particularly favorite load-outs is the LSAT LMG, though that is very noisy and will draw a LOT of attention down on your position, so it really is only useful when you have a squaddie (read that mate who actually cares to keep you alive) or two watching your back.

So yeah, remember -- this is a game and you are having fun!

Posted: 23rd Jan 2014 by CMBF
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