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Follow the dark path or use the light

Need For Speed Most Wanted Game Walkthrough/F.A.Q.

by Silver Raider

                 __     ___  ___  ___    ___ ____ ___   ___  __   ___  ___  ___
                /||  / //   //   // \\  //_ //  ///_/  //   // \ //   //   // \\
               / || / //-- //-- //  // //  //__///  \ /_*- //__///-- //-- //  //
              /  ||/ //__ //__ //__// __________________////   //__ //__ //__// 
       /    __  __  __ ______ ______ ______ __  __  __ ______ __  __ ______ _____  _____      /
      /    / /-´ /-´ /__  / //  /     / /  / / / / / /__  / // /-´ /  / /  / /    / /   |    /
     /    / /-  /-  // / / //__ |__  / /  / / / / / // /_/ // /-  /  / /  / /__  / /   /    /
    /    / / / / / // / / /    /  / / /  / / / / / // __  // / / /  / /  / /    / /   /    /
   /    / / / / / //_/_/_/ ___/__/ /_/  / /_/ /_/ //_/ /_//_/ /_/  /_/  /_/___ /_/___/    /
  /    /_/ /_/ /_/____________________ /_________/___________________________________    /

Need For Speed Most Wanted
Game Walkthrough/FAQ
Created by: EA Electronic ArtsTM
Platform: PlayStation 2

Written by: Paolo Castelo
	   (A.K.A. The Silver Raider)
E-mail:[email protected]
Date (started):  12/08/06
Dtae (finished): 

Table of Contents:

  -Introduction											(TSRMW-IN)

  -Career mode											(TSRMW-CM)

    1. Racing in Rockport									(TSRMW-CM1)
      I.   Present Day: Challenging Blacklist Rival #15						(TSRMW-CM1a)
      II.  6 Days Ago:  Entering Rockport City							(TSRMW-CM1b)
      III. 4 Days Ago:  Looking for a race - Ronnie						(TSRMW-CM1c)
      IV.  4 Days Ago:  Looking for a race - Bull						(TSRMW-CM1d)
      V.   2 Days Ago:  Building Reputation, Winning Races					(TSRMW-CM1e)
      VI.  Present Day: Challenging Blacklist Rival #15						(TSRMW-CM1f)

    2. Losing your BMW										(TSRMW-CM2)
      I.   Getting a new ride									(TSRMW-CM2a)
      II.  Car List										(TSRMW-CM2b)
      III. Tuning your ride									(TSRMW-CM2c)

    3. Going up the Blacklist									(TSRMW-CM3)
      I. Maps											(TSRMW-CM3a)
	a) Locations										(TSRMW-CM3a1)
          ->Car Lot										(TSRMW-CM3CL)
          ->Safe House										(TSRMW-CM3SH)
          ->Shop										(TSRMW-CM3SP)
	b) Events										(TSRMW-CM3a2)

  -Blacklist Members and Challenges								(TSRMW-BR)
    15. Ho Seun 		"Sonny"								(TSRMW-BR15)
    14. Vince Killic 		"Taz"								(TSRMW-BR14)
    13. Victor Vasquez		"Vic"								(TSRMW-BR13)
    12. Isabel Diaz		"Izzy"								(TSRMW-BR12)
    11. Lou Park		"Big Lou"							(TSRMW-BR11)
    10. Karl Smit		"Baron"								(TSRMW-BR10)
    9.  Eugene James		"Earl"								(TSRMW-BR09)
    8.  Jade Barrett		"Jewels"							(TSRMW-BR08)
    7.  Kira Nakazato		"Kamikaze" - shortly "Kaze"					(TSRMW-BR07)
    6.  Hector Domingo		"Ming"								(TSRMW-BR06)
    5.  Wes Allen		"Webster"							(TSRMW-BR05)
    4.  Joe Vega		"JV"								(TSRMW-BR04)
    3.  Ronald McCrea		"Ronnie"							(TSRMW-BR03)
    2.  Toru Sato		"Bull"								(TSRMW-BR02)
    1.  Clarence Callahan	"Razor"								(TSRMW-BR01)
    SPECIAL: Final Pursuit									(TSRMW-BRSP)

  -Pursuits											(TSRMW-PS)
    1.  Heat Levels										(TSRMW-PS1)
     I.   Heat level 1										(TSRMW-PS1a)
     II.  Heat level 2										(TSRMW-PS1b)
     III. Heat level 3										(TSRMW-PS1c)
     IV.  Heat level 4										(TSRMW-PS1d)
     V.   Heat level 5										(TSRMW-PS1e)
     VI.  Heat level 6										(TSRMW-PS1f)
    2.  Units Used										(TSRMW-PS2)
     I.    Civic Cruiser
     II.   Undercover Civic Cruiser
     III.  State Pursuit Vehicle
     IV.   State Undercover Vehicle
     V.    Federal Pursuit Vehicle
     VI.   Federal Undercover Vehicle
     VII.  SUV Light
     VIII. SUV Heavy
     IX.   Helicopter
     X.    Cross
    3.  Bounty											(TSRMW-PS3)
     I.   Immobilizing Police Cars								(TSRMW-PS3a)
     II.  Pursuit Length									(TSRMW-PS3b)
     III. Milestones										(TSRMW-PS3c)
    4.  Cost to State										(TSRMW-PS4)
    5.  Infractions										(TSRMW-PS5)
     I.    Speeding
     II.   Excessive Speeding
     III.  Reckless Driving
     IV.   Ramming a Police Vehicle
     V.    Hit and Run
     VI.   Damage to Property
     VII.  Resisting Arrest
     VIII. Driving off Roadway
    6.  Ways to stop you									(TSRMW-PS6)
     I.    Boxing In										(TSRMW-PS6a)
     II.   Roadblocks										(TSRMW-PS6b)
     III.  Spike Strips										(TSRMW-PS6c)
     IV.   SUV Ram										(TSRMW-PS6d)
    7.  Pursuit Breakers									(TSRMW-PS7)
    8.  Getting Busted										(TSRMW-PS8)
    9.  Evading the Pursuit									(TSRMW-PS9)
    10. Rap Sheet										(TSRMW-PS0)

  -Race Types											(TSRMW-RT)
    1. Circuit		GREEN									(TSRMW-RT1)
    2. Sprint		BLUE									(TSRMW-RT2)
    3. Drag		RED									(TSRMW-RT3)
    4. Lap Knockout	PINK									(TSRMW-RT4)
    5. Speedtrap	ORANGE									(TSRMW-RT5)
    6. Tollbooth	YELLOW									(TSRMW-RT6)

  -Milestones											(TSRMW-MS)
    1. Trade Paint										(TSRMW-MS1)
    2. Pursuit Evasion										(TSRMW-MS2)
    3. Pursuit Time Challenge									(TSRMW-MS3)
    4. Bounty											(TSRMW-MS4)
    5. Cost To State Challenge									(TSRMW-MS5)
    6. Infractions Challenge									(TSRMW-MS6)
    7. Roadblock Challenge									(TSRMW-MS7)
    8. Spike Strip Challenge									(TSRMW-MS8)
    9. Photo Ticket										(TSRMW-MS9)

  -Challenge mode										(TSRMW-CH)
    1. Tollbooth Challenges									(TSRMW-CH1)
    2. Evade pursuit challenges									(TSRMW-CH2)
    3. Burger KingTM Hidden Challenge								(TSRMW-CH3)

  -Driving Hints										(TSRMW-DH)
    1. Sharp Turn										(TSRMW-DH1)
    2. Fast Turn - Powerslide									(TSRMW-DH2)
    3. Perfect Launch										(TSRMW-DH3)
    4. Free Time Bounty and Pursuit Duration							(TSRMW-DH4)

  -F.A.Q.											(TSRMW-FAQ)

  -Special Thanks										(TSRMW-THX)

  -Message to racers										(TSRMW-MSG)

*Easy Walktrough use: Press "Ctrl=F", and type the code in parentheses to find its corresponding information

  -Introduction											(TSRMW-IN)

	Hello, people, My name is Paolo Castelo, better known as The Silver Raider. I hail from Arequipa, a
	city in the south of Peru, a country in South America. It's a really nice country, and videogames are
	extremely popular too.

	I've decided to create a walkthrough for this game because there weren't many complete walkthroughs
	back in 2006, so I just started a new file. Also, this seems the most simple of the latest NFS games,
	so a walkthrough on Most Wanted won't take much to complete.

	Any question about the whole walkthrough may be asked via e-mail to [email protected] You can also
	send any info you may want me to upload or any error corrections.

  -Career mode											(TSRMW-CM)

	Let's begin the game. Like the last NFS games, you use a great ride for the first two or three races.
	In this case, you own a BMW M3 GTR (2006, I guess).

    1. Racing in Rockport									(TSRMW-CM1)

	Rockport is the city where this story develops. This storyline doesn't connect to Underground, as far
	as I noticed. It develops quickly and easily.

      I.   Present Day: Challenging Blacklist Rival #15						(TSRMW-CM1a)

	It's time to get this going. Blacklist Rival #15, Clarence Callahan, "Razor", is your opponent. It
	begins with a video of you starting the race, and a sudden cop chase. The vid goes on until you evade
	the pursuit. Then you begin to race on your own. Keep going until Mia calls you. Darn, your car has an
	oil leak! The screen fades away. You see a few flashbacks...

      II.  6 Days Ago:  Entering Rockport City							(TSRMW-CM1b)

	Some dude drives into Rockport, driving a blue and white BMW. He meets a hot chick on the bridge
	entering to the city. Then she challenges him to keep up, which he does with no problem. They arrive
	at a traffic light, and a Corvette drives by. The girl drives away, and the Corvette gets next to you.
	Sgt. Cross steps out of his car and comes to talk to you. He says he wants to get you, but he gets a
	call and needs to go. He takes out his key and "marks your car". He goes away.

      III. 4 Days Ago:  Looking for a race - Ronnie						(TSRMW-CM1c)

	The new kid in town. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, nor how good he is, so you're put
	to test your skills against Ronald McCrea, "Ronnie", one of Razor's boys, in a heads up race. His ride
	looks cool, but it's no big deal. They put you something easy first to get you used to the gameplay.
	Win the race and win 10,000 cash.

      IV.  4 Days Ago:  Looking for a race - Bull						(TSRMW-CM1d)

	Ronnie's down, so the second of Razor's boys steps up to defend his crew. Toru Sato, "Bull", drives
	better than Ronnie, still, it doesn't get any harder. Earn 10 grand when reaching the finish line.

      V.   2 Days Ago:  Building Reputation, Winning Races					(TSRMW-CM1e)

	So you think you're good for defeating two racers already? Now we get serious. This race involves 4
	cars. One of those guys is Rog. Why is this relevant? because he will play an important role further on
	the game. These guys no longer play around. This can get ugly. Just remember that your best weapons
	are the long tracks. Nitro while on those and you'll grab onto the 1st. Defeat these guys and collect
	your 10K.

	After the race, Rog drives next to you, calls you, and tells you to watch your back. Then, he drives

	Wait, it's not over yet. Razor comes forward for his boys, and will challenge you in two days.

      VI.  Present Day: Challenging Blacklist Rival #15						(TSRMW-CM1f)

	Back to where it all began. Now you get to play the whole race. Just like the video, during the race,
	you'll be spotted by the cops, but when you reach a certain point (where you begun to play last time),
	the pursuit will automatically end, and you'll drive just like last time. Mia calls you, and tells you
	your BMW is leaking oil. You're too far away from the finish line, so your car breaks down before you
	can end	it. 

    2. Losing your BMW										(TSRMW-CM2)

	Now that you lost the race, Razor gets your Pink Slip, in other words, your car's documents. After 
	taking your BMW away, the cops come, leaded by Cross. You're busted.

      I.   Getting a new ride									(TSRMW-CM2a)

	Some time later, you're set free. and Mia comes to pick you up. She calls a friend and tells him to
	reserve you a car Mia also tels you that Razor has reached the top of the Blacklist using your BMW. His
	boys Ronnie and Bull have reached #3 and #2 places respectively. 

      II.  Car List										(TSRMW-CM2b)

	Lexus IS 300		Cost: 27.000
	  Top Speed:	**-----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	*------/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/

	Fiat Punto		Cost: 27.000
	  Top Speed:	*------/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	****---/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	**-----/-------/-------/-------/-------/

	Cobalt SS		Cost: 26.000
	  Top Speed:	****---/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	**-----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	*------/-------/-------/-------/-------/

	Volkswagen Golf GTI	Cost: 35.000
	  Top Speed:	****---/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/

	The Golf GTI is by far your best starter, but you're missing 5 grand. How do you get those? Simple.
	Start with a Memory Card with a NFS Underground 2 save file in it to get twice that bonus. Trust me,
	it'll be really useful until you enter the top ten in the Blacklist, and be even more useful for
	pursuits throughout the entire game.

	If you don't have, or don't want to get, Undrgrnd2, then choose the Fiat. Slow to make you used to the
	driving style in MW. If it's your second playthrough, choose the Cobalt. Careful with corners, though.
	It can be peachy.

	Final note: Unless you're mentally challenged, drunk or high (no offense to those who have already done
	this) DO NOT CHOOSE THE LEXUS!!!! It is not worth those 27 grand. Your biggest mistake ever.

      III. Tuning your ride									(TSRMW-CM2c)

	Once you begin Career Mode, you become #16 in the Blacklist. While looking for a challenge with Sonny,
	some stuff becomes unlocked:

		Body Kits: 1-2

		Spoilers: Sport (Normal and Carbon Fiber): Reaper - Slingshot - Groundmaster
			  Tuner (Normal and Carbon Fiber): Arrow - Barracuda - Switchblade

		Hoods: Overdial - Trident - Fusion - Colix

		Rims: 5ZIGEN FNO1R
		      Enkei NTO3+M
		      O.Z. SuperLeggera
		      Ro_Ja Formula 1

		Roof Scoops: Northeast - Jetstream - Headwind - Riptide - Windtunnel - Blastback - Airstream - 
			     Cyclone - Tempest - Twister

		Engine: Race

		Transmission: Race

		Brakes: Race

		Paint: Gloss

		Vinyls: Flame: 1-2
			Tribal: 1-2
			Stripe: 1-2-3-4-5-6
			Race Flag: 1-2
			Body: 1-2-3
			Contest Winners: All

		Window Tint: Light (Black, Green) - Medium (Black, Green, Blue, Red)

    3. Going up the Blacklist									(TSRMW-CM3)

	Now that you chose (and customized) your ride, it's time to hit the road. Mia tells you to go to the
	Safe House. Unlike NFS:U2, there are no hidden races while doing this. Once there, she shows you who
	are the 15 Blacklist Rivals, who you must beat in order to face Razor once again. These are the best
	racers in town, but you are better.

      I. Maps											(TSRMW-CM3a)

	There are 4 zones in Rockport, which you will be unlocking throughout the game: Rosewood, Gray Point,
	Point Camden and Downtown Rockport. Each house has their own shops, car lot and safe house.

	a) Locations										(TSRMW-CM3a1)

	To access these, enter map mode, and toggle the options to "Locations".

          ->Car Lot
		It's the blue garage on the map. As the name implies, you can purchase new cars here.

          ->Safe House
		It's the green house of the map, technically, your HQ.

		It's the yellow port on the map. Custom car parts are sold here.

	b) Events										(TSRMW-CM3a2)

	To access these, enter map mode, and toggle the options to "Events"

		Each race type has a different icon color. The race icon is a flag.

          ->Photo Tickets
		The orange balls with waves on it are speedtraps.

  -Blacklist Members and Challenges								(TSRMW-BR)

	Here's a list of all Blacklist Rivals, their rides,the races and milestones which you must complete to
	challenge them, cash rewards, unlockables and even pursuit probabilities. This is a very complete
	Blacklist Guide.

    *Name			*Nickname

	*Best at "___" races
	  *Car stats

	->*Brief description

		*Needed to challenge rival / Cash earned per race

	*Race name		*Race type / # of laps		*Distance		*Cop activity

		*Needed to challenge rival

	*Milestone type		*What to do			*Bounty earned

		*Needed to challenge rival

		*Name of race(s) where you'll race the rival

		*Any items that will be unlocked after you beat the rival.


    15. Ho Seun 		"Sonny"								(TSRMW-BR15)

	Strength: Circuit Races
	Ride: Golf GTI
	  Top Speed:	*******/*------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/

	-> If you didn't get the GTI at the beginning, now's your chance. Your Fiat punto, despite the lowest
	speed on stock, will be enough to beat Sonny. Here's a list of the races and milestones needed to
	challenge this guy.

		3 out of 3 - Cash Rewards = 1.500

	 -Ironwood Estates		Circuit - 2 Laps	6,8 mi/10,9 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Diamond & Union		Sprint			5,6 mi/9,0 Km		Maximum CA
	 -Mickley Field			Lap Knockout - 3 Laps	8,1 mi/13,0 Km		Minimum CA

		3 out of 4

	 -Trade Paint			tag 2 police cars	5.000 Bty
	 -Pursuit Evasion		less than 4 mins	5.000 Bty
	 -Pursuit Time Challenge	more than 2 mins	5.000 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			over 80 MPH/129 Km/h	4.000 Bty


* For info on race types, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-RT)
* For info on milestones, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-MS)
* For info on pursuits, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS)
* For info on bounty, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS3)

		Campus Way - Circuit - 2 laps		18.2 Km
		Highlands - Circuit - 2 laps		13.8 Km per lap

	->You'll now be facing Sonny. Beat him twice to move on. As I before stated, the customized Fiat should
	be enough, Or the GTI, if you managed to get it. Once the races are over, you will get to choose 2
	markers from a selection of 6: A unique visual upgrade, a unique part upgrade, a unique performance
	upgrade, and 3 mystery markers, which can include money, an extra impound marker for your car, a "Get
	out of jail free" marker, and even ytour rival's Pink Slip. Aim for the Pink Slip first.

	If you don't like the car or won't use it, the you can sell it. SELL THE CAR PARTS FIRST BEFORE SELLING
	THE CAR ITSELF to get more money. To sell these parts, when going to the shop, choose to install all
	stock parts to get some money refund.

	BUT I STRONGLY RECCOMEND NOT SELLING THIS CAR, unless you already have it. Get rid of your Fiat the
	same way described above to get extra cash for GTI tuning.

	If you got the slip on the first try then I suggest going for a Unique Performance Upgrade, but DON'T
	USE IT YET! Save it for a better car later on! ;)

		Audi TT 3.2 quattro	Cost: 35.000
		  Top Speed:	*****--/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Audi A3 3.2 quattro	Cost: 32.000
		  Top Speed:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	**-----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Hoods: Airomax - DJM Hyde - Double-V - Tri-Slot - Speed

		Rims: 5ZIGEN SuperSix
		      ADR Adrenaline
		      BBS RS GT
		      Enkei J Speed 3
		      König Blatant
		      Racing Hart Multi C4
		      O.Z. SuperTurismo

		Suspension: Pro

		Nitrous: Pro

		Paint: Metallic

		Vinyls: Flame: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
			Stripe: 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16
			Race Flag: 3-4

    14. Vince Killic 		"Taz"								(TSRMW-BR14)

	Strength: Sprint Races
	Ride: Lexus IS 300
	  Top Speed:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	*****--/-------/-------/-------/-------/

	-> Don't let this guy fool you. His car is still the crappiest ever. Hey, that's sth you can use to
	your advantage! THINK TWICE! This guy isn't as bad as his ride implies. Just do your homework and
	you'll outrun him.

		4 out of 6 - Cash Rewards = 2.000

	 -Petersburg			Circuit - 3 Laps	9,1 mi/14,6 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Highway 99 & State		Sprint			8,0 mi/12,9 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Clubhouse & Holfs		Sprint			6,1 mi/9,7 Km		Maximum CA
	 -Rosewood College		Lap Knockout - 3 Laps	11,8 mi/19,0 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Skyview & Campus		Tollbooth		8,2 mi/13,2 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Heritage Heights		Circuit - 2 Laps	12, mi/19,3 Km		Minimum CA

		3 out of 5

	 -Bounty			1.000 Bty on 1 pursuit	6.000 Bty
	 -Cost to State Challenge	15.000 CTS on 1 pursuit	6.000 Bty
	 -Infractions Challenge		score 3 infractions	6.000 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			over 93 MPH/150 Km/h	4.500 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			over 90 MPH/145 Km/h	4.500 Bty


* For info on race types, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-RT)
* For info on milestones, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-MS)
* For info on pursuits, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS)
* For info on bounty, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS3)

		Stadium & Highway 99 - Sprint		4.8 mi/7.8 Km
		Rosewood & State - Sprint		4.1 mi/6.6 Km

	-> Second fight of the night. This guy isn't joking around, but his car is still a joke. Get a good
	grip on the road to beat him.

	Again, try the Pink Slip, but if you don't get it on the first try, the IS 300 isn't worth a second
	try. Go get your Performance upgrade instead. Save it for a better car. You'll thank me later. lol

		Mitsubishi Eclipse		Cost: 35.000
		  Top Speed:	*****--/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Audi A4 3.2 FSI quattro		Cost: 32.000
		  Top Speed:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	**-----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Hoods: Airomax - DJM Hyde - Double-V - Tri-Slot - Speed

		Rims: 5ZIGEN SuperSix
		      ADR Adrenaline
		      BBS RS GT
		      Enkei J Speed 3
		      König Blatant
		      Racing Hart Multi C4
		      O.Z. SuperTurismo

		Suspension: Pro

		Nitrous: Pro

		Paint: Metallic

		Vinyls: Flame: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
			Stripe: 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16
			Race Flag: 3-4

    13. Victor Vasquez		"Vic"								(TSRMW-BR13)

	Strength: Circuit Races
	Ride: Toyota Supra
	  Top Speed:	*******/*******/*------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	*******/******-/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	*******/****---/-------/-------/-------/

	-> So far, the Supra is the best car of the game. This one deserves getting the Pink Slip. But be sure
	to be ready with a tuned ride or you'll have a pretty hard time.

		4 out of 7 - Cash Rewards = 2.500

	 -Rosewood & Lyons		Sprint			5,9 mi/9,5 Km		Maximum CA
	 -City Center			Lap Knockout - 3 laps	7,7 mi/12,4 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Rosewood Drive		Lap Knockout - 3 Laps	16,4 mi/26,4 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Highway 99 & Highlands	Tollbooth		9,2 mi/14,8 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Diamond & State		Speedtrap		5,4 mi/8,7 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Forest & Ironwood		Speedtrap		6,3 mi/10,1 Km		Minimum CA

		3 out of 5

	 -Trade Paint			tag 4 police cars	11.000 Bty
	 -Bounty			5000 Bty on 1 pursuit	11.000 Bty
	 -Pursuit Evasion		less than 4 mins	11.000 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			over 108 MPH/174 Km/h	5.000 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			Over 105 MPH/169 Km/h	5.000 Bty


* For info on race types, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-RT)
* For info on milestones, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-MS)
* For info on pursuits, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS)
* For info on bounty, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS3)

		Union & Hollis - Sprint		5.6 mi/9.0 Km
		Heritage & Campus - Sprint	3.6 mi/5.8 Km

	-> First warning: Do not make dumb mistakes like crashing into an incoming car or into a wall, things
	that may bring you to a full stop. If Vic gets too far away, you will be having a hard time catching up
	without a fast car, or driving experience. Once you're done, aim for the Pink Slip. It doesn't matter
	if you don't get your performance upgrade. If you fail to get the Pink Slip, and you think you can go
	through all that again, I suggest resetting your console and beat him again. This car deserves the
	trouble. "Why, if this car sucks at handling?" It slides a lot, yes, and may be hard to control when
	you're not experienced enough. With a bit of practice, you can get used to the car and use that sliding
	to manage yourself through corners.

	If still you don't like the Supra, you can sell it and go back to your old ride. Or try a new one from
	scratch. I recommend the Mitsubishi Eclipse or the Audi A3/A4 (they cost the same and perform almost
	the same as well.

	Another option for the Supra is to tune is for less sliding in the Performance Tuning menu in the Pause
	menu. Take a deeper look on the respective section.

		Toyota Supra		Cost: 40.000
		  Top Speed:	*******/***----/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Renault Clio V.6	Cost: 40.000
		  Top Speed:	*******/**-----/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	******-/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Body kits: 3

		Spoilers: Sport (Normal and Carbon Fiber): Rocker 5 - Fishtail - Viper
			  Tuner (Normal and Carbon Fiber): Jorgen - Scarab - Lynx

		Hoods: Factor X - Speedline - Tremor - CF Overdial - CF Trident - CF Fusion

		Rims: 5ZIGEN 5ZR
		      ADR Empire
		      BBS LM
		      Enkei ES-Tarmac
		      König Imagine
		      O.Z. Opera
		      Ro_Ja Formula 7

		Transmission: Pro

		Brakes: Pro

		Decals: Left/Right door decals (slots 1 to 6)

*CF stands for Carbon Fiber

	-> Quote:
		Mia: "Vic holds the key to Point Camden". Cool. Your map just got bigger. Drive around to get
		used to the streets in case you get lost in a pursuit.

    12. Isabel Diaz		"Izzy"								(TSRMW-BR12)

	Strength: Lap Knockout Races
	Ride: Mazda RX-8
	  Top Speed:	*******/*******/*------/-------/-------/
	  Acceleration:	*******/*******/-------/-------/-------/
	  Handling:	*******/*******/**-----/-------/-------/

	-> Oh, crap. This car's stats are fearful. The Mazda is a car usually preferred for drifting. This
	means that it slides well and will take corners smoothly. But if you chose to take the Supra, then you
	may balance the advantage.

		4 out of 7 - Cash Rewards = 3.000 (Drag reward = 750)

	 -Omega				Circuit - 2 Laps	10,4 mi/16,7 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Highway 88 & Route 55		Tollbooth		7,7 mi/12,4 Km		Maximum CA
	 -North Bay & Chase		Tollbooth		7,6 mi/12,2 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Highway 4 & Clubhouse		Speedtrap		5,8 mi/9,3 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Bayshore & Boardwalk		Drag			1,4 mi/2,3 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Campus & Chancellor		Sprint			6,8 mi/10,9 Km		Minimum CA
	 -Rockbridge & Union		Sprint			8,3 mi/13,4 Km		Maximum CA

		3 out of 5

	 -Trade Paint			tag 8 police cars	19.000 Bty
	 -Pursuit Evasion		less than 3 mins	19.000 Bty
	 -Pursuit Time Challenge	more than 4 mins	19.000 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			over 114 MPH/183 Km/h	5.500 Bty
	 -Photo Ticket			over 121 MPH/195 Km/h	5.500 Bty


* For info on race types, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-RT)
* For info on milestones, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-MS)
* For info on pursuits, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS)
* For info on bounty, check on the respective section. (TSRMW-PS3)

		Chase & Bristol - Sprint	3.8 mi/6.1 Km
		Highlands - Circuit - 2 laps	17.6 mi/28.6 Km

	-> Now, let's get this one over with. Make sure your car is adequately tuned up for the challenge. Make
	sure you're always on the lead or you'll have some trouble following her. After this challenge, markers
	again. Try to get the pink slip just once, and then collect your upgrade.

		Mazda RX-8		Cost: 32.000
		  Top Speed:	*******/*------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	*******/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Cadillac CTS		Cost: 32.000
		  Top Speed:	*******/*------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	*****--/-------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	***----/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Ford Mustang GT		Cost: 36.000
		  Top Speed:	*******/**-----/-------/-------/-------/
		  Acceleration:	*******/*------/-------/-------/-------/
		  Handling:	****---/-------/-------/-------/-------/

		Roof Scoops: Dual Roof Scoops

		Engine: Pro

		Vinyls: National Flag: All
			Body: 4-5-6-7-8-9

		Window Tint: Dark (Coral, Orange, Magenta, Lime, Purple, Gold) - Dark Pearl (Black)

		Decals: Left/Right quarter panel decals

		Numbers: All

  -Pursuits											(TSRMW-PS)

	You get engaged in a pursuit when a cop sees you driving around after units have been warned of your
	reckless driving, or during a race with maximum cop activity. During a pursuit, cops will keep on
	coming to you and will try almost everything to make your car stop and bust you.

	During a pursuit you see this bar:

	 BUSTED			       EVADE
	 (filled		    (filled
	  w/red)		    w/green)

	The BUSTED meter will begin to fill when your car is completely or almost completely stopped. If it
	fills up, the pursuit ends, and you lose. You're busted.

	**********IMPORTANT NOTE**********

	Sometimes cops will surround you and you will be trapped inside, or you activated a pursuit breaker when
	using speedbreaker, which doesn't trigger the special camera, during and a while after which your car can go
	through things (not buildings), and you are trapped under; or if you've flipped over or sideways, PLEASE:

			     |***						  ***|
			     |**              DO NOT PRESS SELECT!!!!              **|
			     |***						  ***|

	FIRE UP AND IN LESS THAN A SECOND GAME'S OVER. Pray and	wait for the game to recover you automatically. This
	way you can freely escape. Or press Select ONLY IF YOU'RE 200% SURE THERE'S NO COP NEARBY. This is usually
	shown at the map, or if your Evade meter is filling up.

	The EVADE meter will slowly fill whenever cops have lost visual contact. Once it fills up, you enter
	Cooldown mode. Cops will try to find your car and resume the pursuit. If you remain hidden a certain amount
	of time, you successfully evade the pursuit and gain any bounty you have accumulated.

    1.  Heat Levels										(TSRMW-PS1)

	Depending on your Heat Level, the difficulty of the pursuit will vary. A higher level means a harder

     I.   Heat level 1										(TSRMW-PS1a)

	The most basic pursuit level. Really easy to evade.

	Units: Civic Cruiser (5)
	Techniques: N/A
	Bounty (per 10 secs): 100
	Cooldown time: 13 secs
	While hiding: 2.5 secs

	*Tip: No special technique for this level. Keep a high speed to one-hit kill the cruisers. Only 5 cars
	aren't enough to bust you. Always keep in motion.

     II.  Heat level 2										(TSRMW-PS1b)

	Cops will now see you're not that simple to stop. Slowly, pursuits become harder. Careful with the

	Units: Undercover Civic Cruiser (10)
	Techniques: Roadblocks, box in.
	Bounty (per 10 secs): 500

	Cooldown time: 38 secs
	While hiding: 7.25 secs

	*Tip: Cars get a little harder now. Cars are strong enough to push you if your car is light enough (like a
	Lamborghini, for example). You'll know it's light when in races if flips over easily when crashing sideways
	in a corner. If your car doesn't have a good engine, then do not slow down, because they are now enough to
	box you in without any escaping chance. When going through roadblocks, look for the weak spots (explained
	later) to go through.

     III. Heat level 3										(TSRMW-PS1c)

	Uh, oh! Watch your back. You may be busted even before you notice. Heavier cars plus ramming SUVs can't
	be good...

	Units: State Pursuit Vehicle (15), SUV Light (2)
	Techniques: Roadblocks, box in, SUV ram
	Bounty (per 10 secs): 1000 

	Cooldown time: 68 secs
	While hiding: 9 secs

	*Tip: These units can keep up even at high speeds. They're pretty heavy so ramming on them isn't reccomended,
	unless you're above 240 km/h / 150 mph and you see a cop car ahead and is sideways. They literally fly and
	travel 500 mt / 1500 ft before stopping, dead. I love when this happens. Check Roadblocks for hints on them.

     IV.  Heat level 4										(TSRMW-PS1d)

	"So you're tough enough to beat Lv3? Then we'll try the even tougher Lv4".
	Oh, crap. Now they pursue me even through the skies! Great. Now most roadblocks come with spikes! What
	else could go wrong?

	Units: State Undercover Vehicle (20), SUV Heavy (2), Helicopter (1)
	Techniques: Roadblocks, box in, SUV ram, spike strips.
	Bounty (per 10 secs): 5000

	Cooldown time: 84 secs
	While hiding: 9 secs

	*Tip: Trying to outrun them is very hard. You need to be a very good driver to swerve through corners and /
	or highway exits to lose them without killing them; but where's the fun? Whenever you have more than 10 cops
	on your tail, anf you tend to slow down and / or crash in city streets, take the highways and stay on them
	until some units fall back and retreat. This is because they are so much that whenever you crash, they'll
	immediately lock you in a box even before you get to hit a pursuit breaker.

     V.   Heat level 5										(TSRMW-PS1e)

	You're so bad now that the feds want to take you out themselves. Congratulations! You've gone national! What
	the...? I'm being chased by the leader Cross himself? A nice fish to catch there. His Corvette's gotta be
	worth some extra bounty, isn't it?

	Units: Federal Pursuit Vehicle (25), SUV Heavy (2), Helicopter (1), Cross (1)
	Techniques: Roadblocks, box in, SUV ram, spike strips.
	Bounty (per 10 secs): 25,000

	Cooldown time: 104 secs
	While hiding: 12 secs

	*Tip: Whoa! Cop cars chase you like a swarm of angry killer wasps. Take care. Do not crash, Do not take too
	sharp turns. Do not overuse your speedbreaker. You need to concentrate even more than your most whenever you
	have more than 5 units on your tail. Drive around in the city to use your pursuit breakers, or speed through
	the highways to slowly lose the cops. This will test your driving skills to the max.

     VI.  Heat Level 6										(TSRMW-PS1f)

	These guys never end. And in a final attempt to bring you down, they go a step further. This will be your
	last escape...

	Units: Federal Undercover Vehicle (30), SUV Heavy (2), Helicopter (1), Cross (1)
	Techniques: Roadblocks, box in, SUV ram, spike strips.
	Bounty (per 10 secs):

	Cooldown time: N/A
	While hiding: N/A

	*Tip: Cross brings up 30 black Corvettes to the chase. There will be only ONE TIME to play this, so make sure
	to enjoy it. XD This pursuit will automatically trigger once you beat Razor and recover your BMW. Yep, you'll
	do this on your ol' BMW. No chance for bust, no chance for hiding. There's only one way out. Drive and keep
	on driving for your life. Something (or somebody) might pop up for help.

	Cars are tougher to break, faster, and more bothersome. Swat some of these flies with a couple pursuit
	breakers, but don't count on that to escape. Stay on the highway avoiding spikes in blocks evading custody.
	Don't worry, you'll eventually know what to do.

    2.  Units Used										(TSRMW-PS2)

     I.    Civic Cruiser									(TSRMW-PS2a)

	Heat Level: 1
	Bounty: 250
	Group: 5 units

     II.   Undercover Civic Cruiser								(TSRMW-PS2b)

	Heat Level: 2
	Bounty: 500
	Group: 10 units

     III.  State Pursuit Vehicle								(TSRMW-PS2c)

	Heat Level: 3
	Bounty: 2,500
	Group: 15 units

     IV.   State Undercover Vehicle								(TSRMW-PS2d)

	Heat Level: 4
	Bounty: 5,000
	Group: 20 units

     V.    Federal Pursuit Vehicle								(TSRMW-PS2e)

	Heat Level: 5
	Bounty: 20,000
	Group: 25 units

     VI.   Federal Undercover Vehicle								(TSRMW-PS2f)

	Heat Level: 6
	Group: 30 units

     VII.  SUV Light										(TSRMW-PS2g)

	Heat Level: 3
	Bounty: 10,000
	Group: 2 units

     VIII. SUV Heavy										(TSRMW-PS2h)

	Heat Level: 4/5/6
	Bounty: 15,000
	Group: 2 units

     IX.   Helicopter										(TSRMW-PS2i)

	Heat Level: 4/5/6
	Bounty: N/A
	Group: 1 unit

     X.    Cross										(TSRMW-PS2j)

	Heat Level: 5,6
	Bounty: 100,000
	Group: 1 unit

    3.  Bounty											(TSRMW-PS3)

	Your Bounty expresses how "Wanted" you're by the police. The more you do, the longer you last, the more will
	cops want to bust you. There are three ways to earn Bounty

     I.   Immobilizing Police Cars								(TSRMW-PS3a)

	My favorite, by far. When totalling a cop, you get points on your head. You can combo cars and get up to x3
	bounty per car. Chain any cars in any order and you still get the x3 bonus (If you kill a Civic, you get 250.
	Chain a Heavy SUV and get x2: 30,000. Chain a Cross and get x3: 300,000). Kill quickly for this bonus to

     II.  Pursuit Length									(TSRMW-PS3b)

	Depending on the time you're being chased you get another amount of Bounty. On each level you get a certain
	quantity of Bounty each ten secs of pursuit.

     III. Milestones										(TSRMW-PS3c)

	Each Milestone you accomplish when you are defying a Blacklist Rival gives you some Bounty. You can also get
	Bounty for Milestones from previous Blacklist Rivals that you didn't do.

    4.  Cost to State										(TSRMW-PS4)

	This is how much the state will have to pay to repair for what you destroy. Keep on thrashing around to raise
	this: destroying trees, poles, tollbooths, pursuit breakers, etc, etc, etc, crashing cars... Driving
	destroying anything you may find. The bigger or badder, the more expenses it'll bring.

	Also, deploying helicopters and retreating cop cars create additional CTS when you have got nothing else to
	thrash, though this will never happen.

	But what creates the most CTS is destroying cop cars. The better the car (which can be deducted from the
	Bounty it gives), the more it'll cost.

    5.  Infractions										(TSRMW-PS5)

	Like any cop pursuit, you have commited sth that you need to pay for. There are 8 types of infractions you
	can get during a pursuit. But you need to have some cop (car or helicopter) see you while doing these or the
	infraction won't count.

     I.    Speeding
	Drive faster than 240 km/h / 150 mph.

     II.   Excessive Speeding
	Drive faster than 300 km/h / 190 mph.

     III.  Reckless Driving
	Drive faster than 320 km/h / 200 mph.

	*A lot of ppl complain that Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving are hard to get. Agree. Got those for the 
	first time once I had already finished the game, but now I get them all the time. The hint:

	Get a car w/ excellent handling. Make sure it doesn't slide. You will know it can do the trick when it can't
	do small 360s. To test this, stop. Press gas and turn to any side. If it slides and describes small circles,
	then it's a Drift car. Those are the cars that slide a lot.

	Also, make sure your car can get to high speeds, and set your N2O a little to the left on the Performance
	Tuning menu, to produce the optimal combination of speed boost and duration. Tune down your Ride Height too
	(if it's lower, your car will go faster, and since we are not using Drift cars, you will not easily lose
	control of your ride); and tune up your Aerodynamics (to avoid flying away) and Turbo (for a higher top speed
	on the end).

	Fill up your N2O. Pick a highway, and make sure there's a wide and almost straight track ahead. Be sure to
	drive at a already high speed. Hit the N2O and go straight forward. Sometimes, traffic will be gone. This
	will remove some obstacles. You'll most likely pass the 320km/h / 200mph after the boost ends.

	Remember, cops need to see you. This works better at Lv. 4, 5, 6, because of the faster cars and helicopters,
	during which you should already have access to a fast car. (When first at Lv. 4, though, you might not get a
	car for Reckless but enough for Excessive. The best first time for Reckless is past Ming, if you get his
	Gallardo, of course, because it has stuff still locked for you)

     IV.   Ramming a Police Vehicle
	Hit a police car faster than 50 km/h / 30 mph.

     V.    Hit and Run
	Hit some traffic.

     VI.   Damage to Property
	Hit anything that's not a vehicle, like poles, tables, chairs, etc. (Not counting Pursuit Breakers)

     VII.  Resisting Arrest
	Enter Cooldown Mode.

     VIII. Driving off Roadway
	All 4 wheels of your car must be somewhere that's not the roadway.

    6.  Ways to stop you									(TSRMW-PS6)

	Cops can get gay-fully lucky sometimes, or you just got distracted and got your butt busted as a consequence,
	Watch out for these if you feel these may happen.

     I.   Boxing In										(TSRMW-PS6a)

	Cops need a minimum of 3 cars to perform this. They block you on the front, back and sides, usually putting
	you against a wall as well, to avoid you from moving. There's a 15-30% possibility to escape from this,
	depending on your position, speed when boxed, or gaps between cop cars.

	From level 4 and up, cops attack in packs of 3. Do not let cops surround you or even get close to you. At the
	slightest crash they'll try this. Be careful.

	When boxed in, drive (or reverse) towards the front of a blocking car either on front or back. Also, look for
	any gaps between cops to drive through them. DO NOT PRESS SELECT!!! (Read Pursuits - TSRMW-PS - for info).

     II.  Roadblocks										(TSRMW-PS6b)

	When you're running around too much, cops will try this to stop you dry. A line of cop cars across the
	street, from black civics, to heavy SUVs. Still, these ain't perfect.

	Look for weak spots: yellow blocks (those that have black stripes diagonally that stand between cars or in
	front of them), sidewalks, car trunks or front ends. Going straight through the middle of a car isn't
	reccommended because when they flip over they will not let you move, neither forwards nor backwards, unless
	you have a huge and heavy car, or you're at a really high speed, cases in which you'll most probably send
	the car flying high and go under it, or ramp over the flipped car and move on.

     III. Spike Strips										(TSRMW-PS6c)

	Sometimes during roadblocks in Lvs 4, 5, and 6 a spike strip will be lying on the floor instead or in front
	of a car. Do not go over these or your car will not run anymore. This also depends on the car. I have sweet
	memories of pwning feds and getting away on a GTI after going over spikes. Man those donuts really help!

	To avoid these, quickly smash on your speedbreaker to swerve around them or quickly turn around.It helps most
	times. Be sure to listen to the radio too. They'll say where the spikes are, if there are any. I just found
	out that when being invulnerable, after Pursuit Breaker camera activates, spikes still affect you.

	Also, it doesn't kill to have your eyes open...

     IV. SUV Ramming										(TSRMW-PS6d)

	Now this one depends on how much attention you're paying to the driving. Two SUVs will come unnanounced and
	will ram you so hard to stop you right on the spot. Whenever you see them homing in, swerve yourself out of
	their way. You don't have much time, so it also comes down to reflexes.

    7.  Pursuit Breakers										(TSRMW-PS7)

	Your best weapons in a pursuit. You'll recognize them because in the map they're marked with a red triangle,
	and on the road they have a red mark to identify them. Run through them (any minor scratch should trigger
	them) and they will kill any cops passing by. Careful, if you activate the speedbreaker when trigerring, the
	special camera will not activate. You can use this to swerve around blockades. Despite the fact that 
	you become invulnerable during the special camera and a little while after, spikes still affect you.

    8.  Getting Busted										(TSRMW-PS8)

	Whenever the Busted meter fills up, the pursuit is over. You get caught by the police. After a short scene,
	you're taken to the police station, and forced to pay for whatever you have done so far with the car you were
	in when busted; your car gets an impound strike (default is 3 impound strikes, but this number can be
	increased using a marker you get in marker selection after beating a Blacklist Rival, up to a limit of 5),
	and if it's the last one available, you lose your ride permanently.

	OR, you could use a Get Out of Jail Free marker to make as if the pursuit never happened. You begin with 3
	of these, but you can get more in marker selection. You are just left free.

    9.  Evading the Pursuit									(TSRMW-PS9)

	Whenever cops lose visual of your car, your EVADE meter will slowly fill up. Remain out of their sight enough
	to fill up the meter and enter Cooldown mode. Then this bar will replace the Busted/Evade meter on the bottom
	of the screen:


	This bar appears during Cooldown mode. It'll begin to slowly fill up. Depending on your Heat Level, the
	time it takes is different. The higher the level, the more time it'll take. To speed this up, you can
	look for a Hiding Spot (blue circles in the map) and hide. Only then will a HIDING bar appear below.


	The Cooldown bar will fill up faster when hiding. When it fills up, you evade the pursuit successfully.
	Total bounty for pursuit time, cars immobilized and any other milestones will be added up.

    10. Rap Sheet										(TSRMW-PS0)

	After beating Taz and doing the markers, you'll see a scene in which Mia gives you a small device with which
	you can access (as Cross) to your profile at the Rockport PD database. You can check your best pursuits, see
	how well you're doing, check your total CTS, bounty, infractions, etc. for each of your cars and in total.

	Also there's a ranking involving the Blacklist Rivals and you. In the Main Menu, when you press square to
	check Game Completion, you'll see a percentage on Rap Sheet. This increases when you become rank 1 in a

	There are two categories: Single Pursuit performances and Lifetime Pursuit performances. The rankings are
	originally the following:

	->Pursuit Length
	1.  Razor	30:00				1.  Razor	4:00:00
	2.  Bull	28:00				2.  Bull	3:40:00
	3.  Ronnie	26:00				3.  Ronnie	3:20:00
	4.  JV		20:00				4.  JV		3:00:00
	5.  Webster	15:00				5.  Webster	2:40:00
	6.  Ming	10:00				6.  Ming	2:20:00
	7.  Kaze	9:00				7.  Kaze	2:00:00
	8.  Jewels	8:00				8.  Jewels	1:40:00
	9.  Earl	7:00				9.  Earl	1:20:00
	10. Baron	6:00				10. Baron	1:00:00
	11. Big Lou	5:00				11. Big Lou	50:00
	12. Izzy	4:00				12. Izzy	40:00
	13. Vic		3:00				13. Vic		30:00
	14. Taz		2:00				14. Taz		20:00
	15. Sonny	1:00				15. Sonny	10:00

	->Total Police Vehicles Involved
	1.  Big Lou	150				1.  Big Lou	1.200
	2.  Bull	125				2.  Bull	1.00
	3.  Ronnie	100				3.  Ronnie	900
	4.  JV		75				4.  JV		800
	5.  Sonny	50				5.  Sonny	700
	6.  Ming	30				6.  Ming	600
	7.  Kaze	25				7.  Kaze	500
	8.  Jewels	20				8.  Jewels	400
	9.  Earl	15				9.  Earl	300
	10. Baron	12				10. Baron	200
	11. Razor	10				11. Razor	150
	12. Izzy	8				12. Izzy	100
	13. Vic		6				13. Vic		75
	14. Taz		4				14. Taz		50
	15. Webster	2				15. Webster	25

	->Police Vehicles Damaged
	1.  Taz		50				1.  Taz		500
	2.  Razor	45				2.  Razor	450
	3.  Ronnie	40				3.  Ronnie	400
	4.  JV		35				4.  JV		350
	5.  Webster	30				5.  Webster	300
	6.  Ming	25				6.  Ming	250
	7.  Kaze	20				7.  Kaze	200
	8.  Jewels	15				8.  Jewels	150
	9.  Earl	12				9.  Earl	100
	10. Baron	10				10. Baron	75
	11. Big Lou	8				11. Big Lou	50
	12. Izzy	6				12. Izzy	30
	13. Vic		4				13. Vic		20
	14. Bull	2				14. Bull	10
	15. Sonny	1				15. Sonny	5

	->Police Vehicles Immobilized
	1.  Taz		50				1.  Taz		250
	2.  Razor	45				2.  Razor	225
	3.  Ronnie	40				3.  Ronnie	200
	4.  JV		35				4.  JV		175
	5.  Webster	30				5.  Webster	150
	6.  Ming	25				6.  Ming	125
	7.  Kaze	20				7.  Kaze	100
	8.  Jewels	18				8.  Jewels	75
	9.  Earl	15				9.  Earl	50
	10. Baron	12				10. Baron	25
	11. Big Lou	10				11. Big Lou	20
	12. Izzy	8				12. Izzy	15
	13. Vic		6				13. Vic		10
	14. Bull	4				14. Bull	8
	15. Sonny	2				15. Sonny	6

	->Roadblocks Dodged
	1.  Razor	30				1.  Razor	200
	2.  Bull	26				2.  Bull	175
	3.  Ronnie	24				3.  Ronnie	150
	4.  JV		22				4.  JV		125
	5.  Webster	20				5.  Webster	100
	6.  Ming	18				6.  Ming	90
	7.  Kaze	16				7.  Kaze	80
	8.  Jewels	14				8.  Jewels	70
	9.  Earl	12				9.  Earl	60
	10. Baron	10				10. Baron	50
	11. Big Lou	8				11. Big Lou	40
	12. Izzy	6				12. Izzy	30
	13. Vic		4				13. Vic		20
	14. Taz		2				14. Taz		10
	15. Sonny	1				15. Sonny	5

	->Spike Strips Dodged
	1.  Razor	30				1.  Razor	100
	2.  Bull	25				2.  Bull	90
	3.  Ronnie	20				3.  Ronnie	80
	4.  JV		18				4.  JV		75
	5.  Webster	16				5.  Webster	70
	6.  Ming	14				6.  Ming	65
	7.  Kaze	12				7.  Kaze	60
	8.  Jewels	10				8.  Jewels	55
	9.  Earl	8				9.  Earl	50
	10. Baron	6				10. Baron	40
	11. Big Lou	5				11. Big Lou	30
	12. Izzy	4				12. Izzy	20
	13. Vic		3				13. Vic		15
	14. Taz		2				14. Taz		10
	15. Sonny	1				15. Sonny	5

	->Cost To State Achieved
	1.  Earl	500.000				1.  Earl	3'000.000
	2.  Izzy	450.000				2.  Izzy	2'500.000
	3.  Ronnie	400.000				3.  Ronnie	2'000.000
	4.  JV		350.000				4.  JV		1'500.000
	5.  Webster	300.000				5.  Webster	1'000.000
	6.  Ming	250.000				6.  Ming	750.000
	7.  Kaze	200.000				7.  Kaze	500.000
	8.  Jewels	150.000				8.  Jewels	400.000
	9.  Razor	125.000				9.  Razor	300.000
	10. Baron	100.000				10. Baron	200.000
	11. Big Lou	75.000				11. Big Lou	150.000
	12. Bull	50.000				12. Bull	100.000
	13. Vic		25.000				13. Vic		75.000
	14. Taz		15.000				14. Taz		50.000
	15. Sonny	5.000				15. Sonny	25.000

	->Infractions Recorded
	1.  JV		7				1.  JV		500
	2.  Bull	7				2.  Bull	450
	3.  Webster	7				3.  Webster	400
	4.  Razor	7				4.  Razor	350
	5.  Ronnie	6				5.  Ronnie	300
	6.  Ming	6				6.  Ming	250
	7.  Kaze	6				7.  Kaze	200
	8.  Jewels	5				8.  Jewels	150
	9.  Earl	5				9.  Earl	100
	10. Baron	5				10. Baron	75
	11. Big Lou	4				11. Big Lou	50
	12. Izzy	4				12. Izzy	40
	13. Vic		3				13. Vic		30
	14. Taz		3				14. Taz		15
	15. Sonny	3				15. Sonny	5

	->Helicopters Deployed
	1.  Razor	5				1.  Razor	30
	2.  Bull	4				2.  Bull	26
	3.  Ronnie	4				3.  Ronnie	24
	4.  JV		4				4.  JV		22
	5.  Webster	4				5.  Webster	20
	6.  Ming	3				6.  Ming	18
	7.  Kaze	3				7.  Kaze	16
	8.  Jewels	3				8.  Jewels	14
	9.  Earl	3				9.  Earl	12
	10. Baron	2				10. Baron	10
	11. Big Lou	2				11. Big Lou	8
	12. Izzy	2				12. Izzy	6
	13. Vic		1				13. Vic		5
	14. Taz		1				14. Taz		4
	15. Sonny	1				15. Sonny	3

	->Total Bounty Achieved
	1.  Razor	1'500.000			1.  Razor	10'000.000
	2.  Bull	1'250.000			2.  Bull	8'000.000
	3.  Ronnie	1'000.000			3.  Ronnie	6'000.000
	4.  JV		750.000				4.  JV		4'000.000
	5.  Webster	500.000				5.  Webster	3'000.000
	6.  Ming	300.000				6.  Ming	2'000.000
	7.  Kaze	200.000				7.  Kaze	1'000.000
	8.  Jewels	150.000				8.  Jewels	750.000
	9.  Earl	100.000				9.  Earl	500.000
	10. Baron	75.000				10. Baron	250.000
	11. Big Lou	50.000				11. Big Lou	150.000
	12. Izzy	25.000				12. Izzy	100.000
	13. Vic		10.000				13. Vic		50.000
	14. Taz		5.000				14. Taz		10.000
	15. Sonny	2.000				15. Sonny	5.000

  -Race Types											(TSRMW-RT)

	There are 6 types of race in Most Wanted. Yeah, drift was really missed in this NFS episode, as Drag was
	in Carbon, but still the race types will keep you entertained.

    1. Circuit		GREEN									(TSRMW-RT1)

	The typical race type. Driving in a round track a set number of laps, which are either 2, 3 or 4. The finish
	line is the same as the start line. The first to complete the set of laps wins.

    2. Sprint		BLUE									(TSRMW-RT2)

	One-way tracks. These are usually long, in terms of track distance, but they end up pretty fast. The first
	one to cross the line wins.

    3. Drag		RED									(TSRMW-RT3)

	My favorite race: Straight short tracks in which racers test their shifting abilities to keep a high speed.
	These are the less profitable races, but also the quickest.

	Even if you drive in auto transmission, you use manual in drag races. The game gives you a real help. When
	accelerating, a circle will appear on the top of the screen. It's color will be the same as the RPM gauge 
	needle on the side of the screen. It shows when to shift up. If it's not there, you do an early shift; if
	it's blue, you do a good shift; if it's green, you do a perfect shift; and if it's red you do a late shift or
	over rev.

	Talk about over rev, this means that the car is at its RPM limit for that gear. Your car will overheat if
	it's on that state for so long, and, eventually, your engine will blow up. You automatically lose the race.

	If you time your shifts right you can get the best out of your car. In addition, you can get a perfect start.

	Also, if you crash with anything, you total your car, and you automatically lose.

	Each drag race has a set pattern of traffic. This means you can learn it eventually and do a clean run.

    4. Lap Knockout	PINK									(TSRMW-RT4)

	Special circuit races. These always have 3 laps. Whoever finishes each lap last is eliminated from the race.
	At the end it results in a heads up race to the end. Survive all laps to win.

    5. Speedtrap	ORANGE									(TSRMW-RT5)

	Special sprint races. Throughout the track there are speedtraps. When you reach one, the speed you're at when 
	going through it is added to your race total. The racer with the highest total wins.

	But, when a racer arrives first, the remaining racers are given speed penalties by the second. Their speed
	will continue to decrease until they reach the finish line. If you manage to accumulate the highest numbers
	on the race by the time you end the race (1st or last don't matter), you'll get your cash.

    6. Tollbooth	YELLOW									(TSRMW-RT6)

	The longest and hardest of all the race types. You go through mostly highways in a checkpoint race. You have
	a determined amount of time to finish the race, and there's also a time limit from tollbooth to tollbooth
	which, if you do not respect, you lose the race.

  -Milestones											(TSRMW-MS)

	When trying to challenge a Blacklist Rival, or when doing a challenge event, you're given milestones you must
	accomplish during a pursuit. But for them to count you must escape the pursuit afterwards. Only then will
	they give an extra amount of bounty, additional to whatever you accumulated during the pursuit. There are 8
	types of milestones, plus a special non-pursuit milestone.

    1. Trade Paint										(TSRMW-MS1)

	For this challenge you need to touch "X" police cars during a pursuit, or the cars can touch you. However,
	this must be done at a speed higher than 30 mph / 50 km/h. Once you tag "X" cops, you achieve the milestone
	and are ready to evade.

    2. Pursuit Evasion										(TSRMW-MS2)

	This challenge requires you to evade the whole pursuit in less than "X":00 minutes. This one gets difficult
	as the heat level raises, because you need to hide from more cops.

	Recommended spots:
	- Downtown Rockport: Behind the opera stage is a small road that leads to a jump and into the highway. At the
	beginning there is a pursuit breaker. Activate it while at speed breaker to untrigger the camera and brake.
	If the camera activates, hit all brakes (speed breaker, handbrake and normal brake) to avoid jumping. Hide
	behind that wooden wall to evade, and when in Cooldown, a hiding spot will appear right there. Move away and
	back in to hide.

	- Camden Beach: If you go straight through the road that follows the boardwalk (towards that boat that is a
	pursuit breaker), you'll eventually reach a small road that leads to a point further in the track. It is
	similar to the spot described above, with the exception that there is no jump. Activate the breaker there
	and evade behind the wall, which also contains a hiding spot.

	- Rosewood Baseball Stadium: No matter which gate you take to enter, they both have pursuit breakers. Enter
	the field crashing the middle pole to trigger them. Go out through the other gate w/o activating its breaker,
	just in case. But don't leave the stadium. The exit that leads to the Highway (Hwy 99) has a parking lot with
	a hiding spot, ready for you to use.

	-If you have any other spots, let me know.

    3. Pursuit Time Challenge									(TSRMW-MS3)

	This challenge tests your endurance. It gives you "X":00 minutes for a pursuit, only after which you must
	evade. A helpful technique is driving around, alternating highways, when you're low on units, and cities,
	when you need pursuit breakers to get rid of a cop or two, or ten. Downtown Rockport is perfect for this.

	There is also another way. If you park your car to the top of the buses at the bus station in Rosewood, cars
	will gather below you and crash here and there. Rarely will a car find the ramp that leads to your position,
	so be alert. you can't be so confident. The closer to the ramp you park, the more frequently will a car climb
	next to you.

    4. Bounty											(TSRMW-MS4)

	For this challenge, you need to raise your bounty to "X", not counting any other milestones, as they only
	deliver their bounty after evasion. Check the Bounty section (TSRMW-PS3) for more info and tips on this.

    5. Cost To State Challenge									(TSRMW-MS5)

	Same as bounty, but this will now test only your destructive abilities. Check the CTS section (TSRMW-PS4) for
	further info. Once you've destroyed enough, feel free to lose the cops.

    6. Infractions Challenge									(TSRMW-MS6)

	You need to score"X" infractions. This one is very quick. Can be easily comboed w/ Pursuit Evasion. Check the
	Infactions section (TSRMW-PS5) to check which you can do easier, plan your pursuit and evade in a blast.

    7. Roadblock Challenge									(TSRMW-MS7)

	Drive around until you go through "X" roadblocks (spike strips count as roadblocks). Sometimes there you will
	be set a lot of blocks, and sometimes quite some time must pass until a blockade appears. Check the Roadblock
	section (TSRMW-PS6b) for more tips.

    8. Spike Strip Challenge									(TSRMW-MS8)

	Same as Roadblock. Remember that if there are two spike strips in a single roadblock both count. Check out
	the spike strips section (TSRMW-PS6b) if you feel it.

    9. Photo Ticket										(TSRMW-MS9)

	The only non-pursuit milestone of the list. This one can't be done in Challenge Series. Similar to speedtraps
	you find in races. For each speedtrap, you must go above "X" mph / "X" km/h to earn it. These are the ones
	that give less bounty, but at least it's free of cops.

  -Challenge mode										(TSRMW-CH)

	Your skills will be tested throughout 68 challenges, and for each you'll be driving a specific car. Odd
	challenges (1, 3, 5, etc.) are tollbooth challenges, and the even ones (2, 4, 6, etc.) are pursuit

	I do not have 100% info on this because I haven't completed it. The last tollbooths are too much for my

	Once you finish all challenges, you get two rewards. Two rides unlocked in the Bonus section: One for
	completing Challenge 68, and the other for completing every challenge.

    1. Tollbooth Challenges									(TSRMW-CH1)

	If you were wondering why there were no Tollbooths in Quick Race, it's because they're here. You'll get a
	different car for each challenge. The further you move on, the harder will challenges become: worse cars and
	less time. You'll even use taxi cabs, police cars and a pizza delivery vehicle. If you keep on trying you'll
	learn the best route and be able to unlock the next challenge.

	On every challenge that you're using a non-cop car, you'll have high cop activity. This means that in some
	point of the race cops will be alerted of your presence and will start looking for you. This can be serious,
	especially at later challenges when the least you need is crashing and swerving.

    2. Pursuit challenges									(TSRMW-CH2)

	You will be given a certain milestone you must achieve before escaping. Refer to the above section for info
	on milestones. Most of the time you'll use the car you used for the previous (tollbooth) challenge. Other
	times, you'll use a garbage truck or the like.

    3. Burger KingTM Hidden Challenge								(TSRMW-CH3)

	This challenge is available via cheat inputting at the main screen (Press Start screen). To unlock it, press:

	Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

	This secret challenge will appear as #69. It's a sprint race in which you use the game's main car, the BMW M3 
	GTR. If you win, you will unlock all the Junkman parts for "My Cars" Performance Shop (not Career). This
	challenge doesn't count towards the 100% game completion, though.

  -Driving Hints										(TSRMW-DH)

    1. Sharp Turn										(TSRMW-DH1)

	There are a two ways for this one:

	- Use speedbreaker, turn and use N2O while and after speedbreaker. to regain control of your car.

	- Use e-brake, turn and press N2O while facing the right direction.

	If you want a better turn, stop accelerating before the turn. This'll make the turn faster to take, and you
	will lose less speed after the turn.

	Remember to set your car aerodynamics to create downforce or it'll flip over when doing this. You can tune
	this by installing a spoiler on your ride and then going to the Performance Tuning menu in the Pause menu.

    2. Fast Turn - Powerslide									(TSRMW-DH2)

	For this trick, also either speedbreaker or normal brake. First stop accelerating for a little bit, while you 
	slightly brake and turn. If you will use the e-brake, it's slightness depends on how open the turn will be.
	Press it too hard and the car will overturn and you'll lose time.

	Another hint here, with the speedbreaker for not-so-open-yet-not-so-closed turns. This one requires fastness.
	Let go of the gas. Activate speedbreaker, begin to steer and exit speedbreaker. After a small while, enter
	speedbreaker again, but	either steer in the opposite direction or don't steer at all, to regain control of
	your car. Again, quickly leave speedbreaker. Time while speedbreaker is active must be less than a second for
	your car not to oversteer. If it's a sharp curve, you might need to enter speedbreaker another time or two,
	still less than a second, to put your ride driving forward again.

    3. Perfect Launch										(TSRMW-DH3)

	When revving at the start, at some point in your gauge (different for each car and also depending on it's
	tuning level) the needle will change its color. If the race starts when this happens, you will launch your
	car at optimal RPM and get the best initial boost you can.

    4. Free Time Bounty and Pursuit Duration							(TSRMW-DH4)

	There is a cheat for those drivers who don't want to stay driving for so long. It's located on the Rosewood
	Bus Station.

	If you get to the top of the buses, cops will drive and crash beneath you, without busting you. But beware.
	Sometimes a car will find the ramp that leads to your position, and your busted meter will begin to fill.
	Drive forward and backwards. This'll make any cop fall Return to your position and enjoy your free time.
	Plus, each ten seconds you get your bounty bonus, so you hit two birds with the same stone.

    5. N2O Start										(TSRMW-DH5)

	As soon as you start the race, wait for a second and empty your N2O. Not only will you get a head start, but
	you'll also get rid of the lower gears early and focus on higher speeds from the very beginning.

	Besides, if you save it for another time, you'll waste all that N2O you could have easily gained back from
	the start to that point.