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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

We have 18 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube : Gameboy Advance

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Unlock Evil Mode

When you have completed a chapter you will unlock the ability to replay it in Evil mode. In Evil mode you can get weapons, armor and Elfstones easily and then transfer them to a regular saved game.

Unlock Berethor Armour

Play in Evil mode and battle and defeat the Barlog in less than 2 minutes to receive a cloak with 97 Def for Berethor.


To unlcok Haldir the elf lord of lothlorien you meet him at helms deep beat the game on hard mode

Hints: Already have a saved game complete then do all evil modes again and save to new (hard mode)game you will get the Elendil sword from completing osgilath, the second best sword for berethor which in eregion can kill any orc or wild man or warg in one hit be careful though don't abuse the power because you will not learn any leadership moves and also you will get some good armour and also in rohan you will get the polished elfstone of shadow protection which is very usefull against the balrog of morgorth in eastern moria so any other question post them in the Q&a section

Hope this helps and good luck it took me 30 hours on hard mode without the s..

Easily defeat the hardest bosses

It's very simple, first you have to use Morgul Decay to bring your enemies armor to 0, then use Arnor Mushrooms so you don't have to use AP's for your attacks.

Some of the best stuff on the first level

First you have to complete the game once (you don't have to get all the attacks, just beat Sauron at the end of Pelennor fields.) Then start a new game. Save it and exit.
At the main menu, go to more, then evil mode. Load it as your completed game. Select a level, e.g Minas Tirith, and do the level. When you get your stuff save it to your new game. Then load up your new game and go to 'Equip'.
If you do Minas Tirith, Berethor should have the best lower body armour he can get ( darkened Numenorian steel fauld, armour:68, 5star.) Also he should have Sword of Isildur, High king of Gondor, damage: 205, 5star.

Tip to Dodge

In Battle Scenes, If You Push x the second Before an opponent hits you Your person will evade the attack and not suffer damage (this only happens sometimes.


For idraial you can go to the last evil mode level get the 4 acient elfstones and give idraial the spriat one and then with loadwater fruy you do 6399 damge

Better weapons

Go through on easy and beat the game then start a new game, do evil mode in game 1 and save it to game 2. This will give you the best weapons right off the bat
PS do the end levels in evil mode, better stuff


The best and cheapest way to fill HP & AP is to go to a save point and save your game. Then you have full HP & AP.And you don't have to reload your game too.

A good way for hitting more often

When your characters lvl up don't just put thier Strength up because if you do they will miss more than than they will hit and if you want to you can go up in both Strength and Dex.

Get levels up at the start of the game

NOTE: you have to have a turbo controller to do this
Ok, so basically you start off the game go through it all untill you come to the game into the mountin bit ( where the eye appears). Ok so now you go into that bit the set the turbo to hit X loads and loads of times , there you have it , sit back and watch your XP go up Smile .
NOTE: you only do this on attack so if your planning to play to get up spirit powers or sword attack you can do this

Easy item crafting

When you get the crafting stone and light stone, use them with berethor.Next get his light level up so he can use haste of the elves and get his leadership up so he can use fellowship grace.
Go to Eregion and find a battle with at least one archer,kill the other opponent and have your teammates leave so it's just berethor and the archer.
If you can,use sleep on the archer and use haste of the elves and fellowship grace on berethor.Keep crafting items and using sleep on the archer and you will have both levels up easily.

Evil mode

Ok, to get evil mod all you have to do is to Successfully complete a chapter to unlock evil mode.
This mode lets you play that chapter on the side of the evil units lik the archer orcs.
When you do this it seems an easy way to gain weapons, armor, and Elfstones.

Easier Evil mode

This is what you have to do If you are having trouble completing Evil mode, save the game in Eregion, then exit out and go into Evil mode. The difficulty should be greatly reduced.

Special Moves & Perfect mode

While you may be tempted to learn all of the more powerful special moves and stuff, remember that the more powerful moves are also the ones with higher AP
You may want to remember to learn some good moves to use in a tight corner like 'Arrows of Sleep' & 'Sleep Volley' (Elegost) and 'Destined Strike (Idrial, always hits but less damage)
Also remember that while all of the Perfect special moves are powerful, they should only be used in a tight corner as while your perfect mode bar is full all your abilities are enhanced!

Fighting Enemies With Lots Of Armor

You can defeat enemies with lots of health, easily by using spirit attacks. The armor only defends against melee and ranged attacks.You can also use attacks that ignore the armor, like targeted strike(Berethor).

Get all Spirit powers for idreal

To get all spirit powers for idreal, and mayby the others with the Elf stones (im no completely shore), it take a bit of time.
Firstly you will need to get her 'Drain inspiration' and go around about the fellowship camp in eregion. Keep looking for a battle and when you get in one with a Orc lesse Captian (the one with the white hand on some fabric on a stick) and use Drain inspiration on him. He will not attack you because all his moves require sp. This way you can keep using Drain inspiration to get action points for spirit powers.
Again, this may work with an elf stone that does this but I'm not shore if the stone excists.

Easy Skill points

Go back to the first location and battle as much as you can and use the skills you want to upgrade.

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