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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss Walkthrough/FAQ

by jackel

Lord of the Rings The Third Age Bosses Walkthrough/FAQ 2

1a........Watcher in the Grima Wormtounge
1b........Watcher in the Sharku the Warg Rider Captain
1c........Gothmog the Orc Army Commander
3..........Next Guide

1a.Grima Wormtounge
Suggested Characters: Idrial Choice Choice

AAAAAAAAAA!!!! I hate this battle. Pretty much start out by hurting the 
uruks and wait for Grima Wormtounge (gw) until both uruks are dead, but
make sure you deal damage to him on the side to gw. He has alot of health,
but weak attacks and bad armor. His most annoying attack, sarumon shadow,
it takes away your AP and he regenerates.

1b.Sharku the Warg Rinder Captain
Suggested Characters: Idrial Eaoden Choice
This guy is about as nice as an orc! Well, maybe because he is one. This is a
quite easy battle, just keep on attacking him. Drain health, loudwater fury, and
ecthelion wrath work.

1c.Gothmog the Orc Army Commander
Suggested Characters: Idrial Farimir Strong Strong
Easy with Farimir just make sure you use commanders volley (name),
loudwater fury, ecthelion wrath, flaming fury/flames of ruin, arrow flurry, 
rupture armor, or the strongest attack for Morwen you have. This guy may 
have lots of HP, but for me had super bad Dexterity.

Q. How many times did it take you to kill Grima?

Q.Are these bosses in the movie?
A.Yes. Grima with half dead king, Sharku saying Aragorn fell off the cliff,
Gothmog fighting in Osgiliath

Q.Doesen't the uruk lance get annoying?
A.Ya. If you don't kill the guys fast enough in Helm's Deep with Aragorn this
will happen again.

3.Next Guide
Still more to go! will be out in a varying amount of time. Probably 2-3 months.