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Tekken 5 Cheats and Tips

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We have a code that will unlock all the charactrs in the game, find out how to unlock Star Blade Arcade game and Theatre mode. We'll also show how to see Yoshimitsu without armor.

More Tekken 5 Cheats and Tips

We have 40 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tekken 5 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Arcade

You can also ask your question on our Tekken 5 Questions & Answers page.

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unlock all characters

hold R1+L3+square+circle+triangle+right+right+right

Unlock Star Blade Arcade Game

Complete Arcade mode with ALL the fighters or alternately in the 4th level of the 'Devil Within' mini-game where there is a door covered with rocks that is across a big hole which can't be reached by jumping get the devil's bar (the red one) so that it is full and press L1 + Triangle to transform into Devil Jin. Then stand facing the door and press L1 + Square to shoot a beam which will destroy the rocks so that a path of floating steps appears. When you go through the door you will find a little space ship rotating in front of you which when you touch will unlock the Star Blade arcade game.


Unlock ALL Stages in Versus Mode:
When you've finished Arcade mode 3 times ALL stages in Versus mode will become unlocked.
Unlock Panda as a Playable Character:
1) Go to the Character selection screen
2) Highlight Kuma
3) Press Circle.

Tekken 5 Unlocks

Unlock Roger Jr.:
Defeat the game with Kazuya
Unlock Anna Williams:
Defeat the game in Story Mode 2 times
Unlock Baek:
Defeat the game in Story mode 3 times

Unlock Bruce Irvin:
Defeat the game in Story Mode 4 times

Unlock Wang:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 4 times

Unlock Kuma:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 5 times
Unlock Ganryu:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 6 times

Unlock Mokujin:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 7 times

Unlock Heihachi:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 8 times
Unlock School Girl Ling:
Obtain 50 wins in vs mode, then press R1 to select the character. Note: R1 must be se..

Unlock Theater Mode

Using any character complete Story mode to unlock Theater mode. When this mode has been unlocked you will be able to view the movies for that character, watch E3/TGS trailers and listen to stage soundtracks.

Jin can be a Angel

Heres how it rolls. First go to the customize shop. Then select Jin. Then look for these 2 items. Halo and Wings. Once you found them. Buy them. And save. And BAM! Angel Jin is ready to go. Hope I helped.

Yoshimitsu's sword

All of Yoshimitsu's sword moves are unblockable, including the ones that don't require charging. This makes Yoshimitsu's ten-hit combos especially lethal, as some of them have up to three sword attacks at the end.

Christie Breakdancing???

First play with Christie, then keep pressing x,circle(o). Christie will begin breakdancing. Trust me I beat a 5th Dan in Ultra Hard and I was a 9th kyu.

Happy Breakdancing!!!!

Beating Jinpachi

Beating Jinpachi isn't really that hard.Here's how I do it.Just keep jump kicking him but don't let him attack you but if he does get back on your feet and keep attacking before he tries something,because the fire cannon is hard to avoid.To jump kick him,press up and circle or x.I'm new so you'll be hearing a lot from me!


You don't have to win with kazuya to unlock rogerjr you can win with anyone

How to unlock Devil jin

Go on arcade mode and be every player once.Get 2 stage 2 on every person then u get devil jin.

What happened to kazuya, and heihachi

When you turn on the game, it will show a scene where Heihachi, and Kazuya are waking up, and then fight a bunch of Jack-5 robots. If anyone is curious as to what happened, or they couldn't figure it out for themselves, then here's what happened.
Jin, Kazuya, and Heihachi all heard about this great power that was under the temple, so they all went to get it for themselves. When they got there, they saw each other there, and they all got into fight. Eventually Jin went devil on them, knocked them out, and flew away.
Later on Kazuya, and Heihachi wake up to find that they have to fight a bunch of robots that are soldiers of an enemy company of the Mishima Zaibatsu. The company had received news of the fight, and the release of devil energy So they went to capture Hei..

Faster rank advancement

In Arcade Mode, you gain ranks faster if you fight people who are close to you in rank. In other words, you'll advance more quickly battling people one rank below you than battling people three ranks above you, odd though this may seem.

Easy Moves

To do strong moves of your character easily, go to the options menu and change the controls.Keep L1 as LP+RP
L2 as LK+RK
R1 as LP+RK
and R2 as RP+LK
You can do your characters special moves a lot easier.
Try to do moves that send your opponent far away (such as the phoenix smasher for Paul Phoenix) and when they get up and come running towards you do the same move again.The fights will be a lot easier this way.Hope I helped!

Awesome attacks

The best way to be great at Tekken is to find the attacks that count.All you need to do is hit up practice mode.Find the attack that causes the most damage and use it when fighting.Also if you press circle,square,x,and triangle,and you will cause the character to charge up giving the next attack more damage than usual.As for the powerful attacks you find in practice mode,there are only certain characters that have powerful attacks.Hope it helps!

Yoshimitsu No Armour

Want to see Yoshimitsu with no armour, well go to the customise menu, customise Yoshimitsu, buy the costume for 500,000G and that's it, when you want to battle, press triangle on Yoshimitsu.

Play in 'Devil' mode in Tekken: Devil Within

This allows the player to play as Jin in permernent Devil mode without having his life bar drained out. The devil bar will be considered as his laser bar. The downside of this code is that it kills your opponents faster thus unable to reach a higher combo rate.
Note: You must clear Devil Within under Medium difficulty with all the Evil Symbols collected. Then start a new Devil Within or Stage Select.
Hold down L2, Select and R3 while selecting stage

tricks with players

Certain players have special moves that can be done while the opponent is in the air. Like with king and mardoc once the opponent is hit in the air get close and grab(square and X) they will perform a air grab also when playing with hwoarang if you hit you opponent in the air, get close and press down and forward + both kicks,he will perform an air attack. If done correctly this will work.

Mega hints

Anna Williams Beat the game in Story Mode twice
Baek Beat the game in Story Mode 3 times
Bruce Irvin Beat Story Mode 4 times
Devil Jin Complete the Devil Within game or fight in 200 matches.
Eddy Gordo Eddy is an extra outfit you buy for Christie (500,000G on console instead of the 400,000G price tag on the arcade version).
Ganryu Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 7 times with a different character.
Heihachi Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 9 times with a different character.
Kuma Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 6 times with a different character.
Mokujin Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 8 times with a different character.
Roger Jr. Beat Story Battle or Time Att..

Devil jin

Beat the game with all characters and beat once more. This may randomly give you d. Jin. You must be half way through devil within.

Unlocking Devil Jin without beating devil within

To unlock Devil Jin without completing "Devil Within", Go on to team battle.On your player selection choose 8 character spaces and do them all random.
On your opponent do random selection to. Play the game and on one of the sides ( yours or your opponents) Devil Jin will show up. Beat your opponent and go back on to character selection after the match. You will then see Devil Jin.
Also if you are a beginner or havent unlocked any of the other characters try the same method it ' might ' just work !!

Devil Jin's laser

If you're wondering how to do Devil Jin's laser eyes,but don't want to experiment,all you have to do is press square+triangle.

same fighting style

Kazuya,hehachi,jinpachi and devil jin all have the same fighting style mishima fighting style karate so do panda and kuma but theres is different heihachi fighting style baek and hworang have the same fighting style

Mostly everyone in the game has a powerful attac..

Mostly everyone in the game has a powerful attack.Check for one from each person.It will help you some times.

Killing your enemy without killing your self yoshimitsu only

Pick yoshimitsu and get you enemy down to
Around /||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| / that much health 9/10 and yourself get your enemy behind you the press down square and circle and yoou will stick a sword through your stoamack and hit your enemy directly before you get damaged your enemy suffers a huge amount of damage and dies but you will fall to the ground and will still be alive. Thats how you can beat your enemy with yoshimitsu I thought he was a sucky character at first.

Easier rank match

You fight a little then you fight someone higher than you or lower then it will say promotion (not always this will work).
Hope this works bye.


To get Jinpachi's 'Final Transformation' while you are fighting against Jinpachi, lose and don't press continue.

Frog Angel

In The secret garden stage look closely at the ground. There will be a frog. Do an uppercut or anything to blast your opponent into the air. If your opponent lands on the frog it's angel will float up into the air.

Unlock Star Blade in Acade History

Go to the first room in Stage 4-2, there is a breakable wall underneath the higher ledge. Transform to Devil Jin and press L1+Square to blast at the wall.
There will be some tiles appear after the wall is destroyed. Jump over the tiles and move on to the next room. There will be a spaceship from Star Blade in the middle of the room. Collect it and continue to beat Stage 4 to unlock Star Blade.

Do The Maxtrix Off The Wall While Fighting

When fighting go to the wall and press back,back,up and back.You will do aalot of tricks like doing flips twisting kicks and alot of stuff.Note:This works with everybody.

Full hp in devil within!

Ok, when you get to the save piont, save then quit to the title of devil within, prss start and go load game and then your hp will be full have fun.

Different ways to unlock people

There are different ways to unlock people, rather than beating "story mode."
Some ways are to buy their other costume form the customize menu. Another way is to do the team battle method which is mentioned on another hint. You could also beat the devil Jin side game.
The longest method is also the hardest. I would suggest doing this one only if your bored out of your mind. Go to versus mode, and do a bunch of battles. Every 15 battles there will be a new character.
Sometimes you have to beat the game with certain characters in order to unlock someone. Like in arcade mode, you have to beat the game with all the characters to unlock D. Jin. ( I had to.)
I guess that all.

Get promoted when you are a Beginner!

When I found out this hint, I was totally amazed. There is a secret that when you are playing any fighter whose rank is Beginner and you reach your very first ranking match, exit to the Main Menu. Go back to arcade mode and pick him or her again as your fighter. When the match starts, a promotion chance will be up again. Do the same and exit to the Main Menu. Again, pick him or her as your fighter then exit to the Main Menu when the third promotion chance appears. At the fourth and fifth promotion chance you will encounter. Lose both of the match. If on the fifth promotion chance you lose for the second time, you will get promoted to 9th kyu!!! I use Hwoarang and battled Steve and I was 9th kyu during the winning pose. I hope this works for you. It worked for me.

Unlocking Devil Jin without beating devil within

To unlock Devil Jin without completing "Devil Within", Go on to team battle.On your player selection choose 8 character spaces and do them all random.
On your opponent do random selection to. Play the game and on one of the sides ( yours or your opponents) Devil Jin will show up. Beat your opponent and go back on to character selection after the match. You will then see Devil Jin.
Also if you are a beginner or havent unlocked any of the other characters try the same method it ' might ' just work !!

the easiest way to win

The easiest way to win with jack-5 is to do the left,triangle thing machine gun pistol do it at the start of the match and then keep doing it until you win it's so easy.

Hwoarang does salto

First press down and circle(o) after enemy is in the air press down,left,x and circle (press x and O repeatly)

Strongest moves.

Jack-5:gigaton punch pwr:199
Jin:avenger pwr:100
Kuma:fatal wind pwr:200
M.Law:charge power punch pwr:100
Pual:burning fist pwr:100
Roger:wind up punch pwr:100
Wang:dragon power punch pwr:100
Yoshimitsu:double suicide pwr:200

Awesome Devil Jin attacks

If you want Devil Jin's laser attacks and to fly,this cheat is for you.Go to his command list and find all the hellfire attacks and fly attacks.Do this in practice mode to get used to it.And find Infernal Destruction and Cross Infernal Destruction.Also infinite power.Good stuff!

The easiest way to unlock Devil Jin!

First you must have unlocked all the characters.Then play with Asuka,go to Jinpachi,see the cutscene before the fight and after the fight.Beat him,then go to story mode and he's there!You will enjoy playing with him and customizing him.

How to unlock devil Jin very easy way!

It's very simple.Just play with Asuka in the Martial Artist costume andgo to jinpachi.Then there will be a cutscene with devil jin trying to defeat jinpachi.see it all.after you win jinpachi see the ending (hole the ending video.)then go to story mode and here he least that happened to will enjoy having all the characters!

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