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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jin Kazama / Devil Jin FAQ

by Khang Tran

[title of faq] - Jin Kazama / Devil Jin FAQ
[  v./rev.   ] - v.0.1 beta
[ revision # ] - revision on: March 1, 2005
[   system   ] - Arcade / Playstation 2
[   author   ] - Khang Tran
[ updates at ] -
[  contacts  ] - e-mail: [email protected]

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| C r e d i t s / /                             c o n t r i b u t o r i e s |
Christina Hsieh Kanaris                                                    <>
  - My comfort and my best friend.  Thanks for always being there and thank
    you for being in my life.

Tekken Zaibatsu                              <>
  - A non-official Tekken site, but it's one of the best out there for Tekken
    related material.  Credit to them for the profile information, also the
    code and secrets listed at the bottom.

 _________________  ________________________________________________________
| V. and R e v.  / /                                          H i s t o r y |
 Version 0.1  [march 1, 2005] (tue.)
  - Faq was created today, with updates here and there.  Added some
    additional information about Jin.  Compiled most of the moves for Jin
    and hope to start on Devil Jin when I have more time.

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 Copyright İ 2002-2005 Khang Tran

 This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced
 in any way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside
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 it's original, unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used
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 It cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other
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 or inclusion), without the express written permission of the author,
 myself.  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Khang Tran.  All
 copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not
 specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

 This FAQ was written for GameFAQs ( only.  If you want
 it to be put up on any other web site then please e-mail me asking for
 my permission to post this faq on your website.  I would be happy to
 allow you to post this on your site if you ask for permission first.

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
 Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
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 my express written permission.  This FAQ was created and is owned by
 me, Khang Tran ([email protected]).  It can be found exclusively at
 (  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and
 respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

 The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:

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| I N D E X     / /                                                         |

• PART 01.  P R O L O G U E : T E K K E N  5  &  J I N

• PART 02.  G A M E  E N G I N E  &  E L E M E N T S

• PART 03.  J I N  K A Z A M A ' S  S P E C I A L  A R T S

• PART 04.  D E V I L  J I N ' S  S P E C I A L  A R T S

• PART 05.  V S. T I P S,  T R I C K S,  H I N T S,  M I S C.

• PART 06.  E P I L O U G E : T E K K E N  5  &  J I N

 // PART 01.

After the conclusion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, an intense battle
between father and son, Kazuya and Jin, took place at Honmaru in the Mishima
Zaibatsu headquarters. Jin emerged as the victor and Heihachi turned his back
on Kazuya.

"What a pathetic wretch... Worthless coward!"

The battle between Heihachi and Jin began. Filled with anger, his black wings
spread, Jin defeated Heihachi. Just as Heihachi thought he was doomed, Jin
regained control of himself.

"You have my mother, Jun Kazama, to thank for your life." Jin said as he took

The sounds of battle gave way to silence as Heihachi lay spread out on the
ground. The silence was soon interrupted by approaching aircraft.
The roar of the aircraft increased and the sound of something being ejected was
heard. A group of Jacks crashed through the ceiling. At first, Heihachi
suspected that Kazuya was responsible for the intrusion but realized that
Kazuya was just as bewildered by the sudden attack.

"Why are you here?" yells Heihachi as the wave of Jacks approaches. Heihachi
and Kazuya battle waves of Jacks but reinforcements appear as fast as the Jacks
are destroyed.

Heihachi starts to lose his breath. Kazuya betrays Heihachi, throwing him into
the middle of the army of Jacks, and uses the opportunity to escape from
Honmaru. Shortly after, Honmaru is devastated by a huge explosion.

Close by, the battle is watched by a man dressed in black. He raises his hand
to his ear and speaks into his radio.

"Heihachi Mishima is dead..."

At that moment, a Jack attacks from behind but it cut in half instantly as the
man disappears.

Honmaru is completely destroyed, a raging inferno in it's place. A pile of
debris was blown apart as something emerged from the earth, unseen.

The next day, news of Heihachi Mishima's death spread rapidly across the globe.
Most people believed that Heihachi's death would bring about the end of the
Mishima Zaibatsu, but behind the scenes someone else had taken control, and
business went on as usual.

A month later, it was announced that the Mishima Zaibatsu will hold the King of
Iron Fist Tournament 5.

- Tekken Zaibatsu

 [ Character Profile - Jin ]  -----------------------------------------------

Name           : Jin Kazama
Catchcopy      : Fatal Lightning
Origin         : Japan
Gender         : Male
Age            : 21
Fighting Style : Traditional Karate
Height/Weight  : 180 cm / 75 kg
Eye/Hair Color : black / black
Blood Type     : AB

Jin Kazama, son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama.

After the grueling battle between Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Jin takes
flight, leaving Honmaru behind. He is overwhelmed by an evil presence and loses

Jin wakes to an unknown voice and sees a mountiain forest, which appears to
have been ravaged by a giant tornado.

However, Jin had no doubt that he was responsible for the destruction. Upon
returning to Yakushima, Jin was plagued by reoccuring nightmares. Jin could
feel the influence of the devil gene growing stronger.

"It is only a matter of time before I am completely overcome by the devil gene".

Although he has no direction, Jin begins his journey guided only by fate...

 [ Character Profile - Devil Jin ]  -----------------------------------------

Name           : Devil Jin
Catchcopy      : Fatal Lightning
Origin         : Japan
Gender         : Male
Age            : Unknown
Fighting Style : Advanced Mishima Style Karate, Kazama Style Defense
Height/Weight  : 180 cm / 75 kg
Eye/Hair Color : Red / Black
Blood Type     : Unknown

Jin, overcome by the devil gene.

With the destruction of Honmaru, Jinpachi was finally released from his long
imprisonment. Seeming to coincide with this event, the Devil Gene within Jin
became activated.

Two months later, Jin was completely taken over by the Devil Gene, transforming
into an evil destructive life form.

 // PART 02.  G A M E  E N G I N E  &  E L E M E N T S

This section outlines the basic controls for all characters:

 [ Controller Layout ]  -----------------------------------------------------

  ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back            Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
    \ | /
 b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Block       Neutral         Walk Forward
    / | \
  db  d  df      Crouch / Low Block      Crouch          Offensive Crouch

 Note when facing left, the controls are reversed. :)  One other thing
 though, looks like Namco has taken out the back jump and the crouch
 walk backwards.  So remember that.

 [ Button Layout ]  ---------------------------------------------------------

  LP   RP        Left Punch              Right Punch

  LK   RK        Left Kick               Right Kick

 [ Commands ]  --------------------------------------------------------------

1       left punch              2         right punch
3       left kick               4         right kick
5       tag button              any       any button but tag
f       tap forward             F         hold forward
d       tap down                D         hold down
b       tap back                B         hold back
u       tap up                  U         hold up
d/f     tap down forward        D/F       hold down forward
d/b     tap down back           D/B       hold down back
u/f     tap up forward          U/F       hold up forward
u/b     tap up back             U/B       hold up back
qcf     quarter circle forward  qcb       quarter circle back
hcf     half circle forward     hcb       half circle back

 [ Notations ]  -------------------------------------------------------------

FC       full crouch animation   WS        while standing up
N        joystick in neutral     iWS       instant WS (d~d/b_d/f+any)
SS       side step either way    SSW       side step walk
SSR      side step to right      SSL       side step to left
T/DSS    Triple/Double Sidestep  WR        while running
{ }      escape command          [ ]       optional command
,        followed by             #         hold last/previous command
+        at the same time        ~         immediately after
> or <   delayed input           ( _ )     or (or another name for a move)
* or °   push and hold button    =         next in sequence
cmd      command (throw, etc.)   :         just frame input (on exact frame)
dmg      damage for an attack    #ppt      properties (see move listings)
[tag]    move may be tagged      rng       range (i.e. high, mid, low)

 [ Grounded Positions ]  ----------------------------------------------------

PLD or FU/FA    play dead position      face up & feet away
KND or FU/FT    knockdown position      face up & feet towards
SLD or FD/FA    slide position          face down & feet away
FCD or FD/FT    face down position      face down & feet towards

 [ Moves Properties ]  ------------------------------------------------------

BT      your back turned to the opponent
FF      face forward towards opponent
OB      forces opponent's back to face you
OC      forces opponent into crouch
OS      forces opponent's side to face you
OSB     forces opponent's side to face you when blocked
OG      while opponent is guarding
JG      juggle starter
BN      bounce juggle starter
RC      recover crouching after a move (can go into WS afterwards)
RCj     joystick modifier, need to hold D during the move to RC
RN      while running
CH      requires a counter hit
DS      double over stun (escape by tapping f/TAG within 20 frames of impact)
        (ex. Kazuya WS+2 counter hit), you can usually launch opponent
FS      fall back stun (escape by tapping f/TAG within 20 frames of impact)
        (ex. Kazuya WS+2), you can usually launch opponent
MS      minor stun (in most cases doesn't lead to guaranteed hits)
        (ex. Kazuya d/f+1, Paul SS+3)
LS      lift stun
GS      gut stun
KS      kneel stun (in some cases you get a free launcher)
        (ex. Kuma d/f+1+2, Kazuya f+4)
HS      hunch over stun
TS      trip stun
CS      crumple stun (animations vary, a jab will usually start a combo)
        (ex. Bryan b+2,1, Kazuya b+4)
CF      crumple fall (opponent slowly falls to KND position)
        (ex. Craig u/f+1+2, Yoshimitsu b+1+4)
CFS     crumple fall stun (slow crumple stun to the ground, combo possible at
        time) (ex. Kazuya f+1+2, Law f+2~1)
BS      low block stagger or block stun (to attacking character)
        (ex. Law d/b+4)
FL      the following attack floats your opponent
SH      stagger hit (escape by holding d within 20 frames of impact)
        (ex. Devil d/f+2)
GB      guard break (usually one or two hands go up in the air)
TC      technically crouching during the move
TJ      technically jumping during the move
GC      guard crouch, opponent recovers in crouching guard
#       see corresponding footnote
[2]     hit modifier (eg RC[2] property applies to 2nd hit)
b       Block modifier (eg. OCb opponent crouch on block)
c       CH modifier (eg. JGc is a juggle starter on counter hit)
cl      Clean Hit modifier (eg. DScl is a double over stun on clean hit)
co      crouching opponent modifier (eg. KSco)
cco     CH on crouching opponent modifier (eg. FScco)

 [ Hit Ranges ]  ------------------------------------------------------------

pos     position change
l       hits low (block d/b)
m       hits mid (block b)
h       hits high (block b or duck)
L       hits low and grounded opponents (block d/b)
M       hits mid and grounded opponents (block b)
H       hits high and grounded opponents (block b or duck)
Sl      hits special low (block d/b)
Sm      hits special mid (block d/b or b)
Sh      hits special high (block b or duck)
T       throw based range (reverse using designated escape commands)
front-p (abbreviated f-pos) front position of opponent (i.e. front of person)
left-p  (abbreviated l-pos) left position of opponent (i.e. left of person)
right-p (abbreviated r-pos) right position of opponent (i.e. right of person)
back-p  (abbreviated b-pos) back position of opponent (i.e. behind person)
!       unblockable hit
<!>     unblockable hit which can be ducked
{!}or[!]unblockable hits grounded opponents
*!*     unblockable hits big grounded opponents
T       throw
( *)    damage next to * signifies on a clean hit
x       (also --) move is just a feint or no hit/escape(throws)(none)
"       indicates block point in string hits
.       Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)

 [ Extra Combo Conventions ]  -----------------------------------------------

w!    wall stun                  hitting your opponent against the wall
W!    side wall stun             opponent hitting their side against wall
cl    clean hit                  hitting your opponent in very close range
cc    crouch cancel              tap up while crouching
iWS   instant while standing     d,d/b,N_d,d/f,N (usually)
CD    crouch dash                f,N,d,d/f
WD    wavedash                   f~qcf
wgf   wind godfist               f,N,d,d/f+2
dwgf  dash wind godfist          f,f,N,d,d/f+2
ewgf  electric wind godfist      f,N,d~d/f+2
dewgf dash electric wind godfist f,f,N,d~d/f+2
tgf   thunder godfist            f,N,d,d/f+1
dtgf  dash thunder godfist       f,f,N,d,d/f+1
big   big character combo        only works on big characters
(  )  missing hit                is required for the next hit

NOTE: Jin's character specific conventions, and note you can a WD to perform
a wavedash type move. (i.e. WDoewgf : b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f~qcf~f,N,d~d/f+2

thf   thunder hook fist          SEE wgf
whf   wind hook fist             SEE tgf
owgf  omen wind godfist          b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f,N,d,d/f+2
oewgf omen electric wind godfist b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f,N,d~d/f+2
otgf  omen thunder godfist       b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f,N,d,d/f+1

NOTE: You can also perform a WDewgf, WDwgf, and WDtgf.

WDwgf  wavedash wind godfist          f~qcf+2
WDewgf wavedash electric wind godfist f~qcf~f,N,d~d/f+2
WDtgf  wavedash thunder godfist       f~qcf+1

 [ Character Specific Conventions ]  ----------------------------------------

BDS bad stomach            Dr. Bosconovitch
FB  fall back              Dr. Bosconovitch
EFB electric fall back     Dr. Bosconovitch
EFF electric fall fake     Dr. Bosconovitch
HSP handstand position     Eddy Gordo
RLX relaxed position       Eddy Gordo
AOP art of phoenix         Ling Xiaoyu - Lei Wulong
RDS rain dance stance      Ling Xiaoyu
LFF left foot forward      Hwoarang
RFF right foot forward     Hwoarang
LFS left flamingo stance   Hwoarang
RFS right flamingo stance  Hwoarang
VTS vale tudo stance       Craig Marduk
DSS dragon sign stance     Marshall Law
DFS dragon fake step       Marshall Law
HMS hit man stance         Lee Chaolan - Violet
HBS hunting bear stance    Kuma - Panda
ROL prowling grizzly roll  Kuma - Panda
CRA art of crane           Lei Wulong
SNA art of snake           Lei Wulong
TGR art of tiger           Lei Wulong
DGN art of dragon          Lei Wulong
PAN art of panther         Lei Wulong
DRU drunken master         Lei Wulong
INS indian sit             Yoshimitsu
FLE flea stance            Yoshimitsu
DGF dragonfly stance       Yoshimitsu
MED meditation             Yoshimitsu
CES clockwise evasive spin Julia Chang
KNP kenpo step             Feng Wei
SDW shadow stance          Raven
CDS crouching demon stance Jin Kazama
ALB albatross spin         Steve Fox
DCK ducking                Steve Fox
SWY sway                   Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix
LWV left weave             Steve Fox
RWV right weave            Steve Fox
FLK flicker                Steve Fox
SIT sit down               Ganryu - Kuma - Panda
CJM chaos judgment         Anna
HPF haze palm fist         Asuka
LCT leg cutter             Asuka

 [ Special Types of Steps ]  ------------------------------------------------

 Ha Ha Step

 Fox Step

 Shadow Step

 Snake Step

 [ Tekken Reference of Terms ]  ---------------------------------------------


    ani (Move Animation) [animation]
    -  animation is the video output, measured in frames, that you see while
       playing Tekken.  When I refer to the animation of maneuvers, I am
       noting the moves 'startup', 'execution' and 'recovery' animation, each
       of which is very important.  These animations can be measured in
       frames, or 1/60th fractions of a second.  Startup, execution and
       recovery are described below.

    exe (Move Execution) [execution]
    -  the animation (time) during which the most active properties of an
       attack or maneuver take place.  The execution of Jin's ub+1+2 would be
       the time during which his fist may connect against an opponent.

    rec (Recovery Time) [recovery]
    -  the animation (time) during which the after-effects of a maneuver take
       place.  The recovery of Jin's ub+1+2 would be the time after the punch
       might have connected, but before he may perform any other maneuver or

    strt (Startup Animation) [startup]
    -  the animation(time) during which a character prepares to execute his
       maneuver. The startup of Jin's ub+1+2 would be the time when ub+1+2 is
       input during which he 'charges up' in preparation for his unblockable

    SS(L/R) (Axis Shift) [sidestep]
    -  In Tekken 4, you may complete an axis shift by performing a sidestep
       (which is basically a quick dash to the side).  If you tap up on the
       controller, your character will move towards the background of the
       arena(away from you), if you tap down, he will move towards the
       foreground of the arena(closer to you).

    SSW (Sidestep Walk) [axis walk]
    -  In Tekken, you can continue to walk to the side (either left or right)
       by tapping and holding up or down.  If you tap and hold up on the
       controller, your character will move towards the background and
       continue to walk until you release up.  If you tap and hold down on
       the controller, then your character will move towards the foreground
       and continue to walk until you release down.  This is very useful when
       you have to position yourself for a wall combo.

    buff (Buffer Technique) [buffering]
    -  an aspect of Tekken game mechanics that allows you to enter in button
       sequences more efficiently.  This is how it works: you want to enter
       in a sequence consisting of button one and then button one and button
       two together.  Normally, you would have to tap button one, release it,
       and then tap button one and button two at the same time.  Buffering is
       the ability to PRESS AND HOLD button one(this is the key), and then
       tap button two to register an input of both buttons.  In this way, you
       can get the same result as before while being much more accurate in
       the process.  NOTE: To complete any, and I do mean ANY, individual
       move that requires you to press more than one button, you may press
       and hold all but one of those buttons and then tap the last one when
       you are ready to complete the move.  You can also use buffering to
       smoothly cancel one move with another using a modified input sequence.

    cbn (Combination) [combo]
    -  a series of moves that are unblockable and inescapable, given that the
       first move (in the series) connects.

    con (Connect) [unguarded]
    -  the result of an attack that is improperly guarded against, and the
       most basic way an attack may hit an opponent.

    cnm (Counter Move) [counter]
    -  a move that negates an opponent's move or his recovery from a move.
       Specific counter types are explained below.

    ARR (Attack Reversal Reversal) [chicken]
    -  a reversal reversal performed by inputing f+1+3 if a left limb is
       reversed or f+2+4 if a right limb is reversed.

    CH (Counter Hit) [interrupt]
    -  an attack that connects either while your opponent is attacking (major
       counter), or immediately after his attack while he is still recovering
       from it(minor counter), thereby negating his attack or recovery.

    pry (Attack Parry) [parry]
    -  a sort of thrust-block that throws your opponents attack to the side,
       and staggers him for a brief period of time. In some situations a
       parry allows for a combo by the parrier because of this staggering

    tch (Tech) [techable]
    -  a special type of counter that can only be used in special situations:
       a tech does not negate an attack as other counters do, but instead it
       alters the outcome of the attack to the benefit of the player
       completing the tech.

    tchrol (Tech Roll Recover) [tech roll]
    -  a tech roll is a quick-recover roll you may perform after many
       maneuvers, and it may be used to better your positioning. Any
       character may tech-roll after landing face up from a juggle
       combination by tapping 1_2 to roll towards the background of the
       arena, or 3_4 to roll towards the foreground of the arena.

    rev (Reversable) [reversal]
    -  a special type of counterhit that attacks your opponent while he is
       attempting to attack you.  You may counter reversals by performing
       a chicken.

    custrg (Custom String) [custom combo]
    -  a series of individual moves or portions of strings used to create a
       move sequence that blends together so well it is difficult to defend
       against or counter.

    fr (Frame Rates) [frames]
    -  the images that are shown to the viewer which make up the video output
       (animation) of a video game. Tekken 4 flashes 60 of these images
       (frames) every second. Note that fps stands for Frames Per Second.

    jug (Juggle Combo) [Juggles]
    -  a juggle is a series of moves used to hit an airborne opponent.
       Attacks that are made upon an airborne opponent are effectively
       unblockable.  Specific juggle types are explained below.

    bncjug (Bounce Juggle) [bounce starter]
    -  a type of juggle in which the juggled character bounces off of the
       ground (example: Bryan's u/f+4).

    fltjug (Float Juggle) [float, floater]
    -  a type of juggle in which the juggled character immediately falls
       towards the ground after the juggle starter (example: any characters

    hghjug (High Juggle)
    -  a type of juggle in which the juggled character is launched
       significantly higher than in a normal juggle (example: Hwoarang's

    nmljug (Normal Juggle)
    -  the most common type of juggle in which the juggled character is
       launched upward (example: Jin's d/f+2).

    multhr (Multi Throw) [throw combo]
    -  a grappling move that may have an alternate outcome via input from the

    pokptrn (Poking Pattern) [poke]
    -  a continuous, repeated series of fast attacks that forces your
       opponent into a defensive state (similar to, but not the same as a
       custom string).

    stgr (Stagger Attack) [stagger hit]
    -  many attacks(most notably parries) stagger your opponent.  The
       recovering positions after a staggering attack vary, but all staggers
       make it impossible for a staggered character to block attacks for a
       brief period of time. The are few differences between the technical
       aspects of a staggering attack and a stunning attack (see 'stun').

    strg (String Combo) [string, move-string]
    -  a preselected set of moves that may be chained together to create a
       single move sequence (not to be confused with a "combo").

    stn (Stun Attack) [stun]
    -  all attacks cause stun whether it is guard stun (which sometimes makes
       it impossible to reverse or parry during attack strings) or connect
       stun (recovery).  When I talk about the stunning characteristics of a
       move I mean to say that this move causes either a significantly longer
       stun or that it has special stun properties such as Jin's b,f+2 on
       major counter.  This move causes a stun in which your opponent doubles
       over and slowly falls face-first onto the ground, allowing for


    Command Column [input]
    -  Pretty self explanatory, this is how you execute the listed move. The
       directions are in relation to which way your character is facing of

    F Hit Column [F hit] {F}
    -  Indicates how many frames it takes for a move to hit after you have
       finished the command. This does not included the number of frames it
       takes to input the command.

    B Adv Column [B adv] {B}
    -  The number of frame advantage or disadvantage when the move is
       blocked. Meaning the amount of frames it takes before you can input a
       new command. Positive numbers are advantages over your opponent,
       negative numbers indicate a disadvantage and KD indicates the opponent
       gets knocked down. This can either be a juggle, stun or any other kind
       of knock down.

    H Adv Column [H adv] {H}
    -  The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a hit. Keep in mind a
       hit does not necessarily results in an advantage over the opponent.
       Frame advantage on stagger moves reflects the amount of stagger
       frames, this does not equal the number of frames your opponent cannot
       block attacks.

    Hc Adv Column [Hc adv] {Hc}
    -  The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a hit when the
       opponent is in a crouched position. Frame advantage on stagger moves
       reflects the amount of stagger frames, this does not equal the number
       of frames your opponent cannot block attacks.

    CH Adv Column [CH adv] {CH}
    -  The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a counter hit. Keep
       in mind a counter hit does not necessarily results in an advantage
       over the opponent.

 NOTE: If you really want to master your favorite characters you should
 definitely take a look at the frame information. You will instantly see what
 are the bad moves to use and which moves would be prime retaliation options.
 Tekken 4 runs at 60 frames per second.

 It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that sometimes you can block before you can
 actually input a command, this is often the case with minor stuns and guard
 breaks. Thus a -12 for example doesn't necessarily mean you can't block for
 12 frames (After Jin's Kazama Fury for example you can block almost
 instantly yet you cannot move for nearly half a second). Most moves with a
 disadvantage of 8 or less can be considered safe moves as it takes at least
 8 for your opponent to execute a standard jab and in some cases your
 opponent will not even be within jab range and you have to add on whatever
 amount of frames it take for him to dash within hitting range. Christie has
 the ability to shorten recovery time after certain moves with a side step or
 using recover crouching cancels.


    -  someone who doesn't really know how to play Tekken. They get on the
       game, pick a character, and then they attempt to win by hitting
        the buttons and yanking on the joystick as fast as possible.

    Novice, Newbie (noob)
    -  someone who is familiar with basic Tekken tactics, but simply lacks
       the knowledge to be proficient in it.

    -  someone who is good at doing one thing with one character, or repeats
       the same moves over again repetitively.

    -  a WIDE range of players (basically anyone who doesn't fit into the
       other categories).

    -  expert level players demand control of everything: their player, their
       opponent's player, EVERYTHING: they achieve control over their own
       character by practicing until they have him down to a science; and
       they achieve control over their opponent's character by forcing him
       into situations in which he has very limited choices, and then they
       make an assumption as to which choice their opponent will make. Note
       that an expert level player in one location may or may not be an
       expert level player in another locale because the skill levels of the
       two locations may be very different.


    poking [pokers, poking tactics]
    -  the process of using very fast, usually low-damage attacks to knock an
       opponent out of his attack (very effective when used in conjunction
       with "turtle" tactics). In high-level play, poking becomes a series of
       fast moves that entices an opponent to make a mistake, therebye
       allowing for a high-damage counterattack (like df+2, for example).

    pit bull [pit bull tactics]
    -  a "pit bull" is a player who gets right up in your face and attacks,
       and attacks, and attacks (basically a poker who doesn't ever let up).

    turtle [turtle tactics, turtler]
    -  a strategy that involves waiting for the best time to attack by
       avoiding and/or your opponent's attacks until he leaves himself open
       to your attack.


 // PART 03.  J I N  K A Z A M A ' S  S P E C I A L  A R T S


101 - move list (short version)
102 - move list (in-depth version; includes move analysis & frame data)
103 - Combos


201 - wake up games
202 - versus CPU strategy
203 - versus player strategy



101 - M o v e   L i s t   (S h o r t   V e r s i o n)

|G R A P P L I N G  A R T S\_________________________________________________
Throw Name               Command               Position    dmg/rng     escape

Bitch Kicks              (1+3_f+1+3)           front       35          {1}
Thunder Reverse          (2+4_f+2+4)           front       35          {2}
Oar Crush                qcb+1+3               front       35          {1}
Throat Smash             u/f+1+2               front       40          {1+2}
JF Throat Smash          u/f+1+2:u/b+3+4       front       42          {1+2}
Scales Flip              (2+4_f+2+4)           left        43          {1}
Shoulder Helix           (2+4_f+2+4)           right       40          {2}
Hip Dislocator           (2+4_f+2+4)           back        50          {--}

|B A S I C  A R T S\_________________________________________________________
Basic Arts Name          Command               Stance      dmg/rng     #ppt

Jab                      1                                 7/h         -
Down Jab                 d/b+1                 RC          5/Sm        -
Crouch Jab               FC+1                  RC          5/Sm        -
Straight                 2                                 9/h         -
Down Straight            d+2                   RC          8/m         -
Crouch Straight          FC+2                  RC          8/Sm        -
Face Kick                3                                 19/h        -
Crouch Spin Kick         FC+3                  RC          12/L        -
Advancing Kick           4                                 17/h        -
Crouch Shin Kick         FC+4                  RC          10/l        -

|S P E C I A L  A R T S\_____________________________________________________
Special Arts Name            Command             dmg/rng              #ppt

Twin Thrusts                 1,2                  7,12/hh             -
 = Inner Axe                  = 3                 25/m                JG
 = Roundhouse                 = <4                22/h                GB KND
Kazama Fury                  1,3,2,1,4            6,10,10,10,10/hhmml MS
 = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2            -                   #2
Vertical Kick Combo          1,3~3                6,22/hm             GB SLD
 = Blade Kick                 = d/f+3             13/m                CSc MS
  = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2           -                   #1 #2
Teaser Low Combo             1,d+3                7,7/hL              -
<new move>                   f,N,d,d/f+1          22/m                JG
<new move>                   f,N,d/f+1            22/m                JG
Mid Thrust                   d/f+1                12/m                -
 = Side Crusher               = <4                15/m                -
 = Stature Sweep              = 4~4               13/l                PLD
Rising Lancer                WS+1<2               12,16/mm            OC
Corpse Thrust                d+1                  24/m                KND
Crouching Demon              b+1                  (CDS stance)        -
<new move>                   1+2                  5,5,5,7/mmmm        MS
Demon Hell Thrusts           f+1+2                10,21/hh            GB KND
 = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2            -                   #1 #2
Lancer                       2,1                  10,10/hm            -
 = Side Crusher               = 4                 15/m                -
 = Stature Sweep              = 4~4               13/l                PLD
Rear Thrust - Roundhouse     2,4                  10,14/hh            GB
Right Elbow                  f+2                  22/h                -
Torso Thrust                 f,f+2                24/m                PLD
Electric Wind Hook Fist      f,N,d/f+2            30/h                GB KND
Wind Hook Fist               f,N,d,d/f+2          25/h                KND
Quick Upper                  d/f+2                15/m                JGc
<new move>                   d/b+2,2<3            12,15,21/mhm  #3 CFS FSc[1]
Backfist - Side Swipe        b+2,3                12,21/hm            KND
 = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2            -                   #1 #2
<new move>                   b,f+2<1<2            18,10,24/mhm        KND
Ground Pounce                u+2                  18/M                OC
Demon Paw                    u/f+2                18/m                MS
Final Upper Thrust           WS+2                 15/m                JG
Lateral Kick                 f+3                  16/m                -
 = Spin Heel Kick             = <4                18/m                GB KND
Vertical Kick                f+3~3                22/m                GB SLD
 = Blade Kick                 = d/f+3             13/m                CSc MS
  = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2           -                   #1 #2
Axe Kick                     f,f+3                25/m                GB JG
 = Kazama Fury                = 1,3,2,1,4         6,10,10,10,10/hhmml MS
  = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2           -                   #2
 = Vertical Kick Combo        = 1,3~3             6,22/hm             GB SLD
  = Blade Kick                 = d/f+3            13/m                CSc MS
   = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2          -                   #1 #2
Heaven Gate Kick             d/f+3                15/m                MS
 = Lingering Soul             =  ~d+1+2           -                   #1 #2
 = Spin Heel Kick             = <4                18/m                GB KND
Devious Kick - Left Blade    d+3,3                7,10/lm             MS
<new move>                   d/b+3                21/h                KND
Inner Roundhouse - Shin Kick b+3,4                15,15/hl            MS PLDc
Spinning Roundhouse          (u/b_u/f)+3          30/h                KND
Demon Roundhouse             (WS_f,N,d,d/f)+3     28/h                PLD
Leaping Slash Kick           (WR_f,f,f)+3         30/m                GB KND
Demon Lift Kick              d+3+4                5,15                JG
Twisting Demon Scissors      (4~3_WS+4~3)         28/M                OCb KND
Battle Kick                  f+4                  21/M                MS CFSc
Stature Sweep                f,N,d,D/F+4          18/l                JG
 = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2            -                   #1 #2
 = Twisting Demon Scissors    = (~3_3+4)          21/M                OCb KND
Tsunami Kick                 (f,N,d,d/f,f+4_WS+4) 13/m                -
Outer Axe Kick               f,f+4                19/M                KS OCb
Hell Gate Kick               d/f+4                33/m                KND
 = Lingering Soul             = ~d+1+2            -                   #1 #2
Demon Sweep                  d+4                  15/L                -
Shin Kick                    d/b+4                15/l                MS PLDc
Spin Heel Kick               b+4                  18/m                GB KND
Snap Lift Kick               (u_u/f)+4            13/m                JG
Delayed Hop Kick             u/f,N+4              25/m                JG
Lingering Soul               b+1+2                -                   #2
 = Soul Step Reversal        b+1+2°~f,f,b+(3_4)   varies/-            -
Lingering Soul Taunt         1+3+4                -                   -
Parry                        b+(1+3_2+4)          -                   -

 [ Property Listings ]  -----------------------------------------------------

#1 The move must hit in order to do Lingering Soul.
#2 First attack or attack string will cause guard damage. While Jin's fists
   are glowing he cannot block and attacks will be CH.
#3 First hit on counter causes FS, second hit is CF when first hit is CH.
   Third hit causes CF if first is not CH.
#4 Lingering Soul Omen lasts about 5 seconds. After executing one of the 4
   special moves the Omen will end.
#5 Regular Lingering Soul properties (#2) apply for the time Jin's fist are
   glowing (not the full 5 seconds).

|L I N G E R I N G  S O U L  O M E N  S T A N C E\___________________________
Special Arts Name                   Command        dmg/rng             #ppt

Lingering Soul Omen                 b+1+2°,d,u,b,f -/-                  #4 #5
 = Omen Wind Hook Fist              f,N,d,d/f+2    30/h                 GB
 = Omen Stature Sweep               f,N,d,D/F+4    22/l                 -
 = Omen Twin Thrusts - Inner Axe    1,2,3          7,12,25/hhm          GB JG
  = Omen Kazama Fury                1,3,2,1,4      10,13,13,13,13/hhmml HS
 = Omen Lead Thrust - Vertical Kick f+1,3~3        hm/10,30             GB
  = Omen Blade Kick                 3              m/17               CFSc GS
   = Lingering Soul                 ~d+1+2         --/--                #1 #2

 [ Property Listings ]  -----------------------------------------------------

#1 The move must hit in order to do Lingering Soul.
#2 First attack or attack string will cause guard damage. While Jin's fists
   are glowing he cannot block and attacks will be CH.
#3 First hit on counter causes FS, second hit is CF when first hit is CH.
   Third hit causes CF if first is not CH.
#4 Lingering Soul Omen lasts about 5 seconds. After executing one of the 4
   special moves the Omen will end.
#5 Regular Lingering Soul properties (#2) apply for the time Jin's fist are
   glowing (not the full 5 seconds).

|C R O U C H I N G  D E M O N  S T A N C E\__________________________________
Moves from Crouching Demon Stance only - CDS - b+1

Special Arts Name                  Command            dmg/rng         #ppt

Demon Dash Cancel                  f                  -               #1
Demon Cancel                       ~d/f               -               #2
Demon Crouch Dash                  d/f                -               #3
Thunder Hook Fist                  1                  22/m            MS
<new move>                         2                  24/m            CFS
Demon Punch Parry                  ~2                 -               DS #4
Spinning Roundhouse                3                  30/h            KND
<new move>                         4                  15/l            JG

 [ Property Listings ]  -----------------------------------------------------

#1 Only one f tap registers as f,f buffer. For example b+1~f+2 will result in
   instant f,f+2.
#2 All regular d/f moves available from this cancel.
#3 All regular crouch dash move available from this cancel.
#4 In order to get the punch parry, the 2 must be input right away.

|U N B L O C K A B L E  A R T S\_____________________________________________
Unblockable Arts Name             Command       Stance      dmg/rng   #ppt

Eighth Gate of Hell               u/b+1+2                   100/!
 = Cancel                          = b,b

|C O M B O  S T R I N G  A R T S\____________________________________________
Combo String Command         Hits         Dmg/Rng

f+2,3,3,3,2,1,2,3,4,2        10           12,7,7,10,8,8,8,10,18,25/hlmhmmmhlh

102 - M o v e   A n a l y s i s   (i n - d e p t h   V e r s i o n)
Example:  move properties / hit range / damage

Twin Thrusts - -- / hh / 7,12
 input ğ 1,2    H adv  ğ +9,+9
 F hit ğ 10     Hc adv ğ --,--
 B adv ğ +2,+1  CH adv ğ +9,+10



103 - C o m b o s   S e c t i o n


 // PART 04.  D E V I L  J I N ' S  S P E C I A L  A R T S


 // PART 05.  T R I C K S,  H I N T S,  M I S C.


- Releasing All Characters
  Keep beating Story Mode with different characters until everybody but Devil
  Jin is released. There is no hidden 'off screen' characters. What you see
  is what you get.

- Activating Theater Mode
  The Theater Mode gets opened up after you beat Story Mode once with
  whatever character. At that time you are able to listen to the stage
  soundtracks, view the movies of the character you just beat Story Mode with
  and the attract movies (Arcade Intro, PlayStation2 Intro, and E3/TGS
  trailers). As you beat Story Mode with each character the movies will
  become available in Theater Mode. Getting all movies requires you the beat
  Story Mode with both Kuma and Panda as well as Christie & Eddy (although
  Eddy's ending is identical).

- Unlocking Eddy Gordo (Christie Palette Swap)
  Eddy is an extra outfit you buy for Christie (500,000G on console instead
  of the 400,000G price tag on the arcade version).

- Unlocking Devil Jin
  You can unlock Devil Jin by either completing the 'Devil Within' side game
  or playing a bunch of games in Arcade Mode, VS Mode or Story Mode. While we
  do not have the exact number, 200 or so games in Arcade Mode seems to
  unlock him after you have unlocked all the other characters.

- Earning Game Money
  You earn money in Arcade Mode, if you play higher ranked CPU opponents you
  will be rewarded with a higher amount of G after defeating the opponent.
  The money earned per fight in Arcade Mode ranges from 800G to about 4000G.
  In Arcade Mode you will also encounter random roulettes which multiply your

  The fastest way to get some money in the bank at first is to unlock the
  endingd for all characters by completing Story Mode with everybody. This
  gets you 100,000G per character for the first time through only.

  You can also collect money while playing 'Devil Within' and are rewarded an
  extra 1,000,000G upon completing the quest.

- Getting Expensive Items For Free
  That's right, you can get a bunch of the high priced items for free when
  you play 'Devil Within' a second time after you have already completed the
  quest. Various expensive items will be scattered around throughout the

- Gaining Ranks Quicky
  In order to gain ranks quickly you must play opponents of the same rank as
  you are, same as it is in the arcade version. When defeating CPU opponents
  of the same rank as your character it usually only requires 3 to 5 wins to
  get a promotion.

  After your fight has ended in Arcade Mode you can select on of 3 opponents
  with the directional pad, you can't always select an opponent with the same
  rank but do so when one is available. You;ll have your character rank maxed
  out in no time.

- Hidden Story Mode Interludes
  Don't always be quick to defeat the Story Mode interlude opponents, in some
  cases when you lose you get to see a different movie as part of the story.

 S U B M I T T E D  I N F O

 // PART 06.  E P I L O U G E :

Hope you enjoyed reading what I've written so far, more updates are sure to
come.  If you have anything you'd like to submit to add to this faq or any
grammatical/mathimatical errors you'd like to correct me on (eg. damage fixes
etc.) email me: [email protected]  Thanks for reading and do check
periodically for updates.

- [K] Tran