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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 7 cheats on PlayStation 2

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Unlock Battle ModeAdded 21 Jan 2009, ID #31554
When you have Maria in your party and have completed the 'Aquatic Gardens Of Surferio' dungeon battling and defeating the boss at the end you will find a chest containing the item 'Paracelsus's Table'. Take this item to Welch in the Craftsmen's Guild in Pterny the Battle mode option will become available.

Unlock Bonus DungeonAdded 21 Jan 2009, ID #31546
The 10 level 'Cave Of Trials' bonus dungeon which has a Boss in each level becomes an available feature when you have completed the game.
Battle Trophy Award ListAdded 21 Jan 2009, ID #31544
The following features for a new game become available when a certain percentage of the Battle Trophy Collection is completed. Below is a list of what percentage is required.

Collect 15% of trophies to unlock 2P costumes.

Collect 25% of trophies to unlock Universe mode.

Collect 40% of trophies to unlock 3P costumes.

Collect 55% of trophies to unlock Music mode.

Collect 65% of trophies to unlock 4D mode.

Collect 80% of trophies to unlock 4P costumes.

Collect 95% of trophies to unlock Full Active mode.
Get 9999 in atttack!Added 21 Aug 2006, ID #22886
This is a trick for beating out one of the secret bonus dungeons(sphere corp.)

1.Invent a orachilum

2.Specify it plan as much as you can

3.then use smithery8 times and you should have aruond 9999attack!

TIP:i recommend you to buy a Dark Crystal and raise the intelligense and a shell saphire that raises your defense(i think)

Happy fighting!(this is also a tip how to beat Freya,the last mini boss!i took her down in like 5 minutes ) ;)
Exploding CharacterAdded 27 Mar 2006, ID #20267
Do Roger's Ancient Book Sidequest. Once you've done it, you get Rabbit Ears Chalice in the Ursa Lava Caves. Equip the item, and then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle X or X Circle. When you do this, your character explodes and deals damage.
Ancient Ruins of Mosel, Subterranean Waterway and OthersAdded 4 Nov 2004, ID #11436
You should look both ways before crossing strets and don't go in super hard levels like the one that I'am about to tell you in tell you are at level 48.

Go to the room that the King and Queen were talking in and use the ring of disintegration on the door in side look for a hauler beast on the beast look for a cave in this part look for the 2ed cave and go to a lege that has a mud man he is the 1st mini boss after that the water will drane after that look for one of the cards if that is the part I forget but it is in a big green chest.

Go to the area behinde the entrence go to three pilers and destory them look at the grond that is discolord and stay there intell a glow ball atk you it will tern into a new mini boss. Inter the door and look for a save spot the last boss is up ahead. Keep going and a man wants to play a easy game remamber warrior>>thife>>smbologist>>warrior after that go get the traser you were looking fore. Instade of putting up all this stuff I well put up a guide.
Level Up QuicklyAdded 3 Oct 2004, ID #11003
Look people I've beat the game already it took me 3 weeks seriously.

To help you level up fast you have to train but must have bonus battle gauge up. If you can't get your bonus gauge up because the percentage stays at 0%, what you do is you must switch in one of your partners out for someone you havent played with and you must get your bonus gauge up and then switch the three people you want to train keep fighting battles till you have a 15 chain, like you beat 15 battles without breaking your bonus gauge and you'll have all your bonuses {triple EXP} {double FOL} {chance of inreasing HP} {chance of getting an item} so far my Fayt is at level 99 with a little more than 20,000HP/about 2000 MP and at least every attack does 10000 damage my strength is 3000 something and I have the veinslay sword equiped and I want to get the tri-emblem it increases your attack by a 1000.

When you beat the game and you want the tri-emblem try to at least have 6,000,000 Fol yes far im winning my battles easy and im getting 28,000EXP each time i beat this enemy.

In battle skill on:
{sX}side kick this ones on its max level (10)
{lX}none nothing
{sO}chage this ones on its max level (10)
{lO}air raid (really good) level (8)

and then I have {increase HP damage) this wastes all you cp


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