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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Several cheats for you to look at including unlocking Battle mode, unlocking a bonus dungeon and how to level up quickly. We'll also tell you how to get 9,999 in attack.

More Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Cheats and Tips

We have 22 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time please send them in here.

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Unlock Battle Mode

When you have Maria in your party and have completed the 'Aquatic Gardens Of Surferio' dungeon battling and defeating the boss at the end you will find a chest containing the item 'Paracelsus's Table'. Take this item to Welch in the Craftsmen's Guild in Pterny the Battle mode option will become available.

Battle Trophy Award List

The following features for a new game become available when a certain percentage of the Battle Trophy Collection is completed. Below is a list of what percentage is required.
Collect 15% of trophies to unlock 2P costumes.
Collect 25% of trophies to unlock Universe mode.
Collect 40% of trophies to unlock 3P costumes.
Collect 55% of trophies to unlock Music mode.
Collect 65% of trophies to unlock 4D mode.
Collect 80% of trophies to unlock 4P costumes.
Collect 95% of trophies to unlock Full Active mode.

Unlock Bonus Dungeon

The 10 level 'Cave Of Trials' bonus dungeon which has a Boss in each level becomes an available feature when you have completed the game.

Check your status every once in a while...

Sometimes, you are having so much fun that you don't bother to see what new abilities your characters have learned from levelling up. That happens to me too.
But, there are some things you don't want to miss out on. New abilites are the first thing, as they can be used to help you in combat. Then there are Skill Points, too.
They can be used to boost your stat power. So whatever you do- don't forget to check the freakin' status screen. Sometimes, your characters will learn new symbological moves as well, and if they slip by unnoticed, then you could be at a disadvantage.
This is my recommendation...

Exploding Character

Do Roger's Ancient Book Sidequest. Once you've done it, you get Rabbit Ears Chalice in the Ursa Lava Caves. Equip the item, and then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle X or X Circle. When you do this, your character explodes and deals damage.

The final battle.(warning:spoilers).

For those that have not played the game up to this part turn away now to avoid ruining the gaming experience.ahem.....the final battle against "luther"is extremely difficult as he is at a very high level,the highest in the game so care is needed.first off the team,and the best team for this battle is:striker,brawler,healer but not required in that order.the team members are:fayt leingod,sophia esteed,cliff fittir.the reason why this team is the best is because:the striker fayt,is quick and to the point and so he's good at fast attacks to confuse the enemy.the healer sophia,has a wide array of healing an elemental symbols and so she can heal the striker,she is also a triple threat as she has strong support,defensive and offensive symbols.the brawler cliff,is a all rounder powerhouse who h..

Level Up Quickly

Look people I've beat the game already it took me 3 weeks seriously.
To help you level up fast you have to train but must have bonus battle gauge up. If you can't get your bonus gauge up because the percentage stays at 0%, what you do is you must switch in one of your partners out for someone you havent played with and you must get your bonus gauge up and then switch the three people you want to train keep fighting battles till you have a 15 chain, like you beat 15 battles without breaking your bonus gauge and you'll have all your bonuses {triple EXP} {double FOL} {chance of inreasing HP} {chance of getting an item} so far my Fayt is at level 99 with a little more than 20,000HP/about 2000 MP and at least every attack does 10000 damage my strength is 3000 something and I ..

Battle Trophies

A lot of trophies on the game are hard to get so I well tell you how to get the three hardest trophies trophy 130: defeat luther a.ka. the last boss at level one.
Now you might say some thing like that is to beeping hard and it is but it is possibel to do this. Go all the way to the 1st boss wethout geting in to battles and at the mini boss just scare them so thay run away at the 1st boss die and let Cliff win and remove Fayt from the party. far in the game you will see Sophie and Peppita let them come along and fight Luther make sure you have a lot of MP damage items.
Trophy 46: win by freezing all when you get to the battel arena poison the monsters and let them freez you and when thay all die you win.
Trophy 295: Hit with battle sphere 5 times the ese..

Get fayts strength stat to 9999+ and the rest of the crews as we

You can do this after the game only unless you done some serious power leveling before going to sphere. You will need dimension door on strong attack short range (level MAX) and air raid minor attack short(MAX level) take on the single s rank in the battle arena, but before you start make sure you have a lot of mp bombs or puffys Hybrid mp bombs these will help agains the chimera and the final monster.
Breeze through as normal and on round 4 use your mp bombs till the chimera drops (he has about 15000 mp the final one is a bit harder but use the same tactic stun bombs will also help.
Once you beaten round 5 you get given a very useful item I can't remember the name but it raises your attack by 1000. The only catch is it is a synthesis material so go to a work shop..

The best weapons

Tihs is a list of the two best secondary weapons to the characters I this game
Fayt:divine anger:treasure chest:maze of tribulations F1
Levantine:dropped item by superblair
Sophia:pumpkin wraith rod:treasure chest:maze of tribulations BF1
Sacred ether:dropped item by freya
Raven gauntlets:treasure chest:maze of tribulations B3F
Valorus gauntlets:dropped item by engaded Crossel in ursa lava caves
Maria:shadow phase gun:treasure chest:maze of tribulationsB1F
Dragon Laser:Dropped item:arch demon
Nel:elemental trickels:treasure chest:maze of tribulations B2F
Death bringers:dropped item:green mojara
Roger:Helm of dark eye:maze of tribulations B1
Hydrib Helm:dropped item:green moja..

How to beat Freaya

In sphere I don't know wich level she should be at sphere 156 I think.(dont remember)you have to have at least 2000damage and 1500 defense on you characters.i used fayt on LV:199 and used dimension door all the time wich was on LV:10 and max cp points.
Then I used albel too.I think he was on LV:255 and let him use ice beam all the time!(he will learn ice beam around LV:100 I not sure but I was in lv 100 when he learned that ability.)
Anyway use cliff to!let him use the acrobatic locus and hammer of might!the two strongest requniqhes he can do.(im not so sure about my spelling cause I'm from sweden and I cantt spell very good..)
Let Fayt use Dimension door and Side kick and let Albel use Ice beam all the time and air slash!!!use cliffs acrobatic..


Tired of dieing all of the time? I shall save you with my wisdom!
Equip gusty bunny {you can get it from Vanilla by paying her 20,000 fol} then fight the convicters in the area , you should get more expericence than normal.

Lots of Fol Early

In Pesotto Forest, you can fight Noblemen. If you reduce their health a certain amount, they will use "Spare Me" and drop a Copper Idol. If you hit them right after the item drops but before they can run away, you can do this twice per battle. You can sell each Idol for 200 fol. Do this to your heart's will need the fol for healing items very soon, and when you get to Airyglyph, if you save enough fol, you can either get a very strong weapon or armor.

Fayt's strength 9999 type error

When I said for all the characters strenght to 9999 I think you have to use each character seperately as I tried doing it again with fayt but it says they can only issue one of these prizes to a single person, so if it does work for the other characters let me know as I am still focusing on kicking the hell out of Gabriel Celestra

Last-minute training.

If you can't beat Luther in the final floor of the spiral tower, then there's a good way to train and level up. In the last floor of the spiral tower, there are only bio-chimeras.
They usually only give you 6666 exp when you beat them. However, what you should do is, when you fight one, use a Simbologist ( Fayt preferably), and stay far away, casting simbology spells.
Your people should be able to hit it enough times to get the bonus battle gauge full. Keep doing bonus battle chains until you get triple exp. With triple exp, the chimera gives you a grand total of 20,000 exp.
Keep doing this and you should level up in no time.

Get 9999 in atttack!

This is a trick for beating out one of the secret bonus dungeons(sphere corp.)

1.Invent a orachilum
2.Specify it plan as much as you can
3.then use smithery8 times and you should have aruond 9999attack!

TIP:i recommend you to buy a Dark Crystal and raise the intelligense and a shell saphire that raises your defense(i think)

Happy fighting!(this is also a tip how to beat Freya,the last mini boss!i took her down in like 5 minutes ) ;)

Beating Super Bosses

First off, his first form is pretty easy. If your party is at a high level (75+, you should let them take care of it and you just sit back and heal with items or symbology.
The second time, it's different. Do NOT waste recovery items on your party members on the second time around. Save them for yourself, youll need them. If your other party members die, resurrect them with items. NOT symbology.
Now, lets begin. When you fight Luther the second time, he grows these hand-shaped wings. Meaning he'll be faster. Luther has a pattern to his attacks. He always uses Flaming Divide around 6 times then uses Perfect Symetry. Flaming Divide: Stand still. It's a weak attack and wont break your anti-aura. Perfect Symmetry, run for your damn life. After you leave him with around..

9999 to attk

You can get a scroll from gemity by winning the s rank. Use write and make iy +8000 attk.


To get easy experience you must follow three steps!listen carefully now!

1.Fight a enemy with at least 120chain bonus(the line to right)and when it says tripel experience do NOT ESCAPE!!!your chain bonus will break then!fight the enemy and the swith party members.
2.Choose a good alchemist in any workshop and select specify plan.Then select original invention.(i recomend that you set the prive very high like 6000-8000)then you should have a orachilum wich raises your attack 8000.pick a bad weapon like rogers battle axe and make it synthasise orachilum and battle axe.
3.go out and fight again!

I have Fayt on LV:200 with a little more than 50000hp and 9999attack strenght.I have maria on LV:255 with a little more than 59000hp and 9999a..

Secret tip:getting experience fast

Here is a tip for you fools who don't know how to get experience fast.Make a orachilum and use smithery.Use it to max and then, synthatise it to a good wepaon to any character.Then engeneeering again(if I remember), and then you should have a attack strenght on over 5000.
NOTE!: You will need a large ammount of money to do this attack rising trick!Battle a lot to get as much fol as possible.Hope I helped!If my not work, please , note me!(but I already know it works.)
Happy cheating! By: Nal_rA

Ancient Ruins of Mosel, Subterranean Waterway and Others

You should look both ways before crossing strets and don't go in super hard levels like the one that I'am about to tell you in tell you are at level 48.
Go to the room that the King and Queen were talking in and use the ring of disintegration on the door in side look for a hauler beast on the beast look for a cave in this part look for the 2ed cave and go to a lege that has a mud man he is the 1st mini boss after that the water will drane after that look for one of the cards if that is the part I forget but it is in a big green chest.
Go to the area behinde the entrence go to three pilers and destory them look at the grond that is discolord and stay there intell a glow ball atk you it will tern into a new mini boss. Inter the door and look for a save spot the last b..

Lower prices when inventing

I'm not sure if this affects the invention (it hasnt affected any of mine) but when you place your character order in the line before you begin the invention process, if you switch their order around but keep them in the same line, the price will change. For instance, I had Cliff and Fayt in one line. The cost was 114. I switched Cliff and Fayt around so that Fayt was now first and Cliff was second. The price went down to 65! Hope this helps!

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