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Spider-Man 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Find the location of meteorite rocks, get lots of Exp points and get the black Spider-Man suit. We'll also tell you how to unlock Arena mode.

More Spider-Man 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 26 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Spider-Man 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3 : PSP : Wii : Nintendo DS

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Unlock Arena Mode:

Complete the game and then go to the 'Extras' menu and Arena mode will be an available option.

Unlock Black Spider-Man Suit:

Complete the game and the Black Spider-Man suit will become an available option.

Unlock Venom as a Playable Character:

Collect ALL 100 Metorite pieces (this isn't as easy as it sounds).

Unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's Story Mode:

Complete the game as Spider-Man to unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's story mode.

Finding Tokens:

When you are swinging through the city and you are close to a Token you will hear a chime.

Locating Metorite Rocks

To be able to collect the purple meteorite rock pieces with the pink glow Spider-Man has to be wearing the Black suit. When Spider-Man is then near a meteorite you will hear a pulsating sound which will get louder the closer he gets.

Rival Gang Reward

Earn 3 Experience points when you select any of the four gang patrol missions (Dragon Tail, Waste Tribe, Apocalypse or H-Bombers) and defeat ALL of their marked territories which are identified by the matching logo.

Spider Man 3 Cheats

Venom: Collect 100 meteorite pieces

Black Suit: Collect 50 spider emblems

Lots of exp points

First, you hav to unlock the falling trick race on top of the empire state building. Then, finish it in under 7secs to get 10,000 exp points. Wen you get back to the top of the building, save the game, reset the ps2, and do the race again to get 10,000 points. Then reset and start over. Keep doing this as many times as you want.

Stronger suit

You know that when you beat sandman the frist time your permantently in the black suit (for a while) and your even stronger than befor. You can be like that as well befor sandman but not for long.

What you have do is get the silver bar under your health to fill up so the black ora appers on the screen and when that happens you get better every second but remember you still have to take the suit off sooner or later


Hold up traffic

Just jump infront of a car than wait a few minites and you will see traffic infont of you.

Finding Metorites and Emblems

If you turn down all sounds apart from sound effects and turn the volume up on your tv then you should hear a sort of beeping sound with humming which means you are close to one.

Black suit after you beat the game

Collect all 50 spider emblems. People say there is a way to be Venom but there isn't. I collected all the meteorites and nothing happened.

Suit controler

if you become the black suit spiderman hold L1 for five secends you would be able to be in the suit with out trunning back to the red suit

How to unlock anti venom on the ps2

You go to options menu and press circle 100 times then you press triangle 10 times also go to pause menu then press R1 and R2 then you unlocked it

Easier Tokens and Fragments

Turn your sound effects all the way up, and turn everything else down (voices are optional), and you can hear a chiming whenever you are near one of them.

Meditorite fragments

You can find meditorite fragments in building tops.

Beating Venom and Sandman (easily)

Before the Venom and Sandman level,make sure you have the vault jab or smash on your normal suit as you won't have your black suit.

First you will fight Sandman,as he uses a tornado to throw stuff at you,I don't remember whether it's triangle or circle but when the button comes up on the screen press it,this will throw a beer at him,and if you get the chance,take one or two shots at him while he's using the tornado,repeat till Sandman's health goes right down.

Next you'll fight Venom,this is where the vault attacks help,it may take a while(as he is bigger,better and creepier than Spider-Man) repeat until there is black worm things coming out of his back,do it again until there is a shield around him,when he is going to leap over and tear your limbs apart,jump up nea..

Stay on the car !!!!!!!!!

To stay on a car while it is driving, just jump on it and press triangle so he can hold on. Enjoy the ride!! Smile

More stuff on the way.

Always Black suit Spidy

First off, if you have completed the game this wont work, but the good news is that Spider-man 3 on PS2 is real short (took me 2 hours). Before you fight Sandman for the first time the Black suit will be stuck to you, and you cannot be killed (almost), when you build up your black adren. You preform 1-hit-kills.


Each time you switch off your console you lose your adren. And it's the same if you die or jump into water.

Keep black suit without fainting befor sandman

I used this to complete all the crime waves and get lots of experience.

After gettin the black suit and beating the apocalypse, put the suit on and go to a crime wave. Keep playing them until you're adrenaline bar fills. Wen it fills, quit the mission and you should go back to the red-blue suit. Put the black siut on again and start again. If the adrealine bar is nearly, but not completely, full, an you've fifnished the mission, then wait until a city alert pops up, press triangle then quit mission to empty the adrenaliine bar. Voila! Thats how to use the suit and not faint. (its better to use this on crime waves, not story missions)


For those of you that played Spider-man 2,if you were to jump off the Empire State Building, you would die the second you hit the ground.However, in

Spider-Man 3,if you were to jump off the Empire State Building,you would survive the fall, despite falling acouple of thousand feet, which is better than King Kong did. The fall should give you enough time to pull off a few air ttrick and fill up your adrenaline metre. I find the best way to climb it's

Enormouse frame is to swing up to it,all the time gaining height and then jump off your web. When on the wall, I scale it by using zip line, wall bumping, crawling, wall running and wall jumping.When you're on normal ground, you can use a charged jump too. Note: The ar tricks and wall bumping can and must be bought a th..

Hi guys there is a way to find meteorites turn o..

Hi guys there is a way to find meteorites turn on only the sfx volume max. And when you here something that isn't there here it very closely and vwwwala fiiiiind it

Defeating Venom

Keep vaulting over him or wait until he's done with a combo then keep hitting him until he tries to hit you back.

Infinite Black suit (No death)

Firstly if you have completed the game this wont work, but luckily for you the game is incredibly short (took me 2 hours) so you could always restart. After you defeats Sandman for the first time the suit becomes un-removable, and when you reach adren. Mode you wont die, this will allow 1-hit-kills and mild invunrabillity. (DO NOT!: Progressing with the game beyond this oint will lose you the suit)

Magical roofs

On the roofs to profesor conors lab, you can glide on them when you jump. It isn't helpfull but quite fun. Just hold in the jump buton and let go! (remember to go foward, or else you are going to fly hig in to the air)You must stand on one of the ends of the roof and jump to the other end to glide on it. Have fun Smile

Stay on the car !!!!!!!!!

To stay on a car while it is driving, just jump on it and press triangle so he can hold on. Enjoy the ride!! Smile

More stuff on the way.

Double the darkness

Not realy a cheat and not very helpful but it looks cool This could take you some trys but you will get....maybe

What you have to do is start a crim wave and when your told someones been kidnapped go to it (note:This will only work if the kidnapped person is in a van)when your on the van pressing triangle keep pressing left or right as well until the van opens then when you take him/her to an ambelens and put them down you will change suits and your black suit will be even darker

Note to user:This will not make you stronger,faster or better just inproves your looks

Defeating Venom the easy way

The easiest way to defeat Venom is to stay up in the air with your web zip or jumping away from him until you see an opening, then you hit him with all you got(attacks).

How to defeat sandman and venom really easy

A real simple way to defeat these two villians is to wait until you have the black suit and go around beating up all the bad guys the gangs h-bombers, etc then upgrade spider-man to full skill points which took me ages, then when you come to defeat sandman and venom in the red and blue suit you will be too powerful for him and will woop his ass enjoy from the brid boy TEQ.

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