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Follow the dark path or use the light

100 Ring Box Guide

by gammasite

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 / |  /__\  | \
|  | //  \\ |  |
|  | \\  // |  |
 \ | 100-/  | /
   \        /


Sonic Riders 100 Ring Box Guide
Version 1.0
Created by: Gammasite
Creation Date: August 5th, 2006
Contribution Date: August 8th, 2006
Last Update: N/A


>>> I. Table of Contents <<<

Welcome to the Table of Contents. For those of you that don’t know, you can go 
to your desired part of the FAQ by clicking Edit on your browser window, 
clicking Find, and entering, for example, VI. 100 Ring Box Locations.

I. Table of Contents
II. Version History
III. Why Is This FAQ Here?
IV. Character Types/Abilities
	A. Speed
	B. Fly
	C. Power
V. What is the 100 Ring Box?
VI. 100 Ring Box Locations
	A. Heroes Stages
		1. Metal City
		2. Splash Canyon
		3. Egg Factory
		4. Green Cave
		5. Sand Ruins
		6. Babylon Garden
		7. Digital Dimension
		8. SEGA Carnival
	B. Babylon Stages
		1. Night Chase
		2. Red Canyon
		3. Ice Factory
		4. White Cave
		5. Dark Desert
		6. Sky Road
		7. Babylon Guardian
		8. SEGA Illusion
VII. Frequently Asked Questions
VIII. Contact Information
IX. Thank You’s
X. Legal Blah…


>>> II. Version History <<<

This is the place where you can find all the info on past versions of this FAQ.

Version 1.0: Umm…hi. Kind of the only version right now. Yeah. What you see is 
what you get. Also, I apologize in advance for any missing “I”s in this FAQ, I’m
using my dad’s machine and the keyboard screws up sometimes for I. I’ll try to 
watch out and fix any mistakes though.


>>> III. Why is This FAQ Here? <<<

Well, basically, here’s the deal. I’ve never made a FAQ before. Ever. I’ve 
helped some people with games, but I’ve never actually made a FAQ. Thing is, I 
do use FAQs, quite often at that. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone 
letting a guide get you through a game, where’s the fun in that? I play games 
for fun, not to beat them. The only FAQ, Guidebook, etc. use I condone is that 
which A) Doesn’t actually help you, or B) Only helps you earn extra stuff, not 
actually beat the game. Anyway, back to what I was saying. I do use FAQs, quite 
often at that. After all this time of using them, I got to thinking, “Hey, I use
so many FAQs, isn’t it time to make my own contribution to the FAQ community?” 
The problem was, I could never think of a subject matter, and the what little 
subject matter I could think of had already been made into FAQs. That’s right 
about the time when I got Sonic Riders. I fell in love with the game instantly, 
and constantly worked harder to get better at it. Now, I have earned everything 
in the game save the Chaos Emerald due to my incredibly low attention span. Many
of my friends even consider me a Sonic Riders guru, though I’m not sure that’s 
really true. But one thing did come from all of this: I realized that Sonic 
Riders should be what I make my FAQ about. All that was left was to decide a 
topic. I tried to think of something that most people try to use for the game 
and have trouble with, and one of the things that popped into my mind was the 
100 Ring Boxes. They’re incredibly useful for attacking, regaining air, and 
getting rings to buy Gears, yet many can be hard to find. Most experts will 
probably know these, heck, maybe they’ll know one or two I don’t. This guide is 
mainly for all of you that are just starting to really explore the game and try 
to earn stuff. Well, before this turns into an autobiography, I’ll get to the 
next section.


>>> IV. Character Types/Abilities <<<

Presenting character types/abilities. Really, the only purpose of this part is 
to provide you with the lingo to understand what is mentioned later on in this 
FAQ. To find out a character’s type, just highlight them on the character 
selection screen.

	A. Speed (i.e. Sonic)
		The Speed type characters in this game have the ability to grind. 
		Just ride up to a grindable rail (will usually have a floating blue 
		sign that reads “SPEED” before it), press A to jump, and then press 
		A once more in the air to land on the rail. Remember: Many times you 
		will press A in the air to land on the rail and your character will 
		not immediately land on the rail. DO NOT PRESS A AGAIN!!! Characters 
		will often have a delayed reaction to land on the rail, if you press 
		A again, even if you are still in the air, you will jump off the 	
		rail once you land it.

		In this FAQ, Grind will be referred to as Grind.

	B. Fly (i.e. Tails)
The Fly type characters in this game have the ability to fly through 
lines of hoops suspended in the air. There are two ways to fly. One 
is if the ramp leading to the flight path is a designated flight 
ramp, meaning that the ramp has a large symbol on it, slightly 
resembling a bird or feather (see ASCII picture below). The other is 
if the ramp leading to the flight path is a normal ramp. If it is a 
designated flight ramp, all you need to do is ride up and off it. 
Just ride up it and let yourself fall off and you will naturally 
start to fly. Note: designated flight ramps cannot be used as 
ordinary ramps for jumps. If the ramp leading up to the flight path 
is a normal ramp, you must jump and perform a trick off it that gets 
you high enough to pass through the first hoop. Once you pass 
through, you will begin to fly. Note: When you are flying by either 
method, some control is required. Steer yourself through each hoop, 
and remember that up and down are inverted.

Note: In the following ASCII picture, the “wings” (made of /s and 
\s) are bent down slightly in the real in-game symbol.


In this FAQ, Fly will be referred to as Air Ride.

C. Power (i.e. Knuckles)
The Power type characters in this game have the ability to smash 
through obstacles, i.e. small pillars, fan blades, robots, cars, 
etc. This is possibly the easiest ability to perform. Just go. 
That’s it. No button pressing or nothing. Just ride head-on into the 
obstacle, and rather than getting hurt like normal, you’ll bust it 
outta the way.

In this FAQ, Power will be referred to as Punch.


>>> V. What is the 100 Ring Box? <<<

The 100 Ring Box is similar to ordinary ring boxes (i.e. 10, 20, and 30 Ring 
Boxes), with just a few differences.
A. There is no more than one 100 Ring Box per stage.
B. Almost every stage has a 100 Ring Box somewhere within it.
C. Once someone gets the 100 Ring Box, it is gone for the rest of the 
race, as opposed to replenishing every lap.
D. The 100 Ring Box is gold, as opposed to the regular red.
E. The 100 Ring Box is approximately twice the size of a regular ring box.


>>> VI. 100 Ring Box Locations <<<

Well, we’re finally here, at the main part of this FAQ. Time to get down to 
business. Remember, there is only one 100 Ring Box in each stage, so if there 
are multiple entries for a given stage, these are simply alternate methods. If 
there are multiple methods to obtain a 100 Ring Box, they will be listed from 
(in my opinion) easiest to hardest to accomplish.

A. Heroes Stages

These are the stages played in Heroes Story and are the first choice 
when picking one of the two versions of a stage.

1. Metal City

“Run through future expressways.”

Many of you have probably seen this 100 Ring Box, yet not been 
able to get it. On the raised track above the regular track 
immediately after the first jump of the stage, the 100 Ring 
Box floats just above the left side of the raised track just 
before it turns right. One would think to jump and get it, yet 
that accomplishes nothing. Here are the two known ways to get 

a. Perform a super jump off the first jump of the stage 
so as to land on the raised track. Align yourself with 
the very left Item/Ring/Air Box, and ride through. Keep 
going straight, and within a couple seconds, you will 
come across a short line of rings on the track. Jump at 
the end of the line of rings. You will land, sideways, 
on a hovering Right-Turn sign, slide along it for a 
moment, and fly off, passing straight through the 100 
Ring Box.

b. Much harder to perform, and dependent on a bit of 
luck, I have heard from others that if you jump off 
someone’s turbulence at just the right time (whether 
you’re on the top or bottom track), you can get the 100 
Ring Box. I have never pulled this off myself, but I 
have heard it works from credible people who claim to 
have succeeded.

2. Splash Canyon

“Dash through the waterfalls and valleys.”

Possibly the easiest 100 Ring Box to get in the entire game. 
Simply start the course, and when you come to the area 
immediately after the first left-turn (the one with the Grind 
shortcut, Air Ride shortcut, and 3 small waterfalls), ride 
towards the middle waterfall (the one on the far right). The 
100 Ring Box is just on the other side, it was simply hidden 
from view.

3. Egg Factory

“Tear through the burning blast furnace.”

This one can be a challenge. Go past the part where you ride 
on the mesh surface above the lava and then get blown upward 
by heat, then keep going past where the multiple lava flows 
are coming from the ceiling. As you are going up the hill 
afterwards, you will see canisters spinning to the left. Ride 
in between them (they CANNOT be punched out of the way!) and 
you will see the 100 Ring Box hanging on the edge of the 
track. After you get it, just keep going forward and the track 
will dip so you can safely go under the canisters and take a 
shortcut. Just remember, don’t get hit by the canisters, and 
don’t fall of the track in getting the rings!

4. Green Cave

“Bowl through the jungle.”

There is most likely another way to pull this off, but I don’t 
know of one. This will require either a Fly character or 
someone riding the Access or Magic Carpet. Ride through the 
stage as normal until you come to the part with the many vines 
immediately before the giant centipedes. Air Ride off of the 
flight ramp, and go through the FIRST HOOP ONLY!!! After you 
go through the first hoop, angle yourself slightly downward so 
that you can land on the highest vine you can see (rather than 
going forward, it will be going across the screen from right 
to left). When you get off, the 100 Ring Box will be right in 
front of you. Get it and get on the centipede.

5. Sand Ruins

“Tear through the ruins in the desert.”

This 100 Ring Box can be obtained with or without Air Ride, 
but Air Ride certainly makes it easier.

a. After the first jump of the stage, you will see a 
flight ramp on the edge of the cliff to the right. Take 
it, and the flight hoops will take you straight to the 
100 Ring Box.

b. After the first jump of the stage, you will find 
yourself in a sandy outside area complete with quicksand 
to draw you off the cliff. As you near the end of this 
stretch, a pillar will fall to your left. Pull a perfect 
trick off of it, and you will land on a higher platform 
where the 100 Ring Box is.

6. Babylon Garden

“Run across the fortress floating in the air.”

This one’s a toughie, sorta. Go along the stage until you come 
to the part where the jets fly you along for a bit. After you 
land, follow the track until you see a Fly shortcut. Don’t 
take it, I’m just using it as a landmark. Keep going forward, 
and you will see a tiny ramp immediately before the large area 
that the jets destroy upon your arrival. Pull a trick off that 
ramp, and if you do it right you’ll both nab the 100 Ring Box 
and make it across the gap (yes, that is a risk here).

7. Digital Dimension

“Race through the phantasmal space.”

This one’s difficulty level is comparable to that of Splash 
Canyon’s; it’s incredibly easy. Simply ride through the 
demonic portion of the stage until you finally come out upon 
the heavenly portion. The moment you land, head left and you 
will see a place where you can take a Fly shortcut. 
Immediately before the flight ramp is, you guessed it, the 100 
Ring Box.

8. SEGA Carnival

“Carnival course with a SEGA theme.”

As far as I know, this course has no 100 Ring Box.

B. Babylon Stages

These are the stages played in Babylon Story and are the second 
choice when picking one of the two versions of a stage.

1. Night Chase

“Run through expressways at night.”

Just keep going until you’re at the part where there’s four 
ramps, two to your left, two to your right, and an 
intersection in between the first and second ramps on both 
sides. It’s also the place where cars come by going from side 
to side on the screen. Once you’re there, pull a jump off the 
end of the second ramp on the right. If you do it right, 
you’ll nab the 100 Ring Box from the air.

2. Red Canyon

“Dash through the valley at sundown.”

This one’s a cinch to pull off. Keep going through the stage 
until the jump right before the end of the lap. Go off it, and 
once you land, keep left. The 100 Ring Box’ll be waiting for 
you at the bottom.

3. Ice Factory

“Rush through the frozen factory.”

Go along the stage as normal until you come to a part with 
canisters just like in Egg Factory, except they aren’t moving. 
The 100 Ring Box is in between the first two.

4. White Cave

“Dash through the snow of spores.”

After the first jump of the stage, you will enter an enclosed, 
pipe-shaped area. As you near the opening, go up the right 
side of the pipe until you are almost completely upside-down. 
You should see the pipe continuing from the opening to your 
right, and disappearing in front of you and to your left. When 
you’re just about to go off the gap, press B to Boost off the 
ceiling you’re riding on. If you pull it off just right, the 
gravity of another vine besides the normal one to the left of 
the ramp (when you’re right side up) should pull you in. Ride 
around to the top of the vine, and you’ll see the 100 Ring Box 
toward the end of the vine.

5. Dark Desert

“Run through the desert during a solar eclipse.”

All right, this one requires that you *gasp* be in lower than 
first place. Make sure you’re behind someone after the first 
set of jumps, and get on your opponent’s turbulence. They wll 
take a left into an enclosed path and then take a sharp right. 
As you are taking that turn on their turbulence, perform a 
trick off of it. You should fly through the ceiling to a 
shortcut and the location of the 100 Ring Box.

6. Sky Road

“Dash through the area where combat fighters zoom overhead.”

If I have one thing to say about this 100 Ring Box, it’s “Wait 
‘til the third lap.” Why? Because it’s impossible to do on the 
first, and near impossible (plus deadly) on the second. 
Anyways, all you have to do is this. On the third lap, make 
sure you don’t take the giant never-ending turbulence path. 
After you land from the jump that would have put you on that 
path, turn right and keep right. You’ll see a small gap and a 
tiny ramp in front of it. Pull off a trick just right and 
that’s right, you’ve got yourself a 100 Ring Box.

7. Babylon Guardian

“Fight against the guardian god of Babylon.”

Yeah, I don’t believe there is one here.

8. SEGA Illusion

“Illusion course with a SEGA theme.”

Ok, this one’s pretty simple. Right after you take the jump 
into the Chu Chu Rocket area from the Space Channel 5 area, 
take the first sharp left you can. Jump over the arrow pads to 
get to the Gold one against the wall. Land on it and it’ll 
shoot ya right into the 100 Ring Box. (Get it? Golden arrow 
sends you to golden ring box.)


>>> VII. Frequently Asked Questions  <<<

This section has no entries yet. Frequently Asked Questions will be drawn from 
emails sent to me.


>>> VIII. Contact Information <<<

I am accepting any and all emails regarding questions you may have and other 
things. See something wrong in this FAQ? Tell me! Got something to add? 
Definitely tell me! Got any questions about this FAQ? Ask away. Just need help 
with the game? Happy to help. Only one rule for these emails: They must be 
readable, and not typed in some annoying fashion |1&3 7#15 OR THIS r mb ths oR 
eVeN tHiS!!! None of that! None of that AIM talk either like “hey r u ther?” and
crap. And use some relatively ok grammar, please. Okay, anyway…

My email: [email protected]


>>> IX. Thank You’s <<<

Hmm…uhh…let’s see…

Thank you Kayo for being the rival that inspired me to hone my skills, for 
validating the 100-Ring-Box-by-turbulence trick in Metal City, and discovering 
the location of the Night Chase 100 Ring Box for me.

Thank you Ryan for helping me earn the Gears from Mission mode.

Thank you Tommy for cheering me on when I was earning NiGHTS, Aiai, and Ulala.

Thank you Dad for not kicking me off your computer cuz mine was broken and I 
needed to type this.

Thank you 6pieisgood9 (creator of the Shortcuts FAQ for Sonic Riders) for being 
the general inspiration for my FAQ layout.

And thank you reader for reading this FAQ!!! ^o^


>>> X. Legal Blah… <<<

This FAQ was made for Gamefaqs and Gamefaqs alone, and Gamefaqs is the only one 
so far that’s allowed to use it. Do not post this, in whole or in part, on any 
other website. If you want to, email me and ask permission. I’ll probably let 
you. Just ask first. Also, if you see ths anywhere that’s not on my allowed 
list, please tell me. Finally, if I DO give you permission, make sure to give me
my credit.

Sites Allowed To Use This FAQ: