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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

How can i get a lot of cash?

Question asked by grand theft ashley on
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How can i get a lot of cash?

I m working on the Gaurdian Angel mission and I need to buy a garage. I already know where all the avaliable garages are, that's not what I'm looking for. I need to know how to get around $5,000-$6,000 really fast. Are there any cheats that give you money?

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vroom69 answered:

No but there are ways to make easy cash. One is wait for a cop to chase someone and then punch him. You will get $50. The best way to get money is do firetruck missions.

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Guest said: 13th May 2016 | REPORT
i want cheat for that not in mission
Guest said: 7th Sep 2016 | REPORT
bosudi magane
Guest said: 15th Dec 2017 | REPORT
boring mission i have to know cheat not mission okkkkkkk;
Guest said: 8th Feb 2018 | REPORT
I also want money

Weevil answered:

Finding hidden packages, breaking into Taxis, and picking up passengers in a bus all get you money, but not very much.

The best way to get money easily is to rob stores. To do this, just auto-lock onto the cashier, and wait. As they put cash on the counter, your wanted level will rise (sometimes you need to get closer to pick up the cash off the counter). Once you release auto-lock, they'll sound the alarm.
The best stores to rob are in North Point Mall, as there is a wanted star outside the south-side of the mall, and another star nearby on Prawn Island.

Remember not to rob Ammu-Nation, as they got guns!

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Guest said: 7th Sep 2016 | REPORT
sule magane
Guest said: 12th Nov 2016 | REPORT
Get in a police car then go to a safe house with the car in the garage and start vilitage mission then get out of garage and as soon as the garage closes type bigbang and reapeat

vroom69 answered:

I agree with Weevil and I just found another way to make cash. You can either shoot or punch random bystanders to kill them and take thheir poket change,or do vigalente missions and paamedic missions. You can also do side missions.(e.g one crazy,rc races, and pcj playground)

clarissasy03 answered:

To make a lot of money you should earn it by collecting all the hidden packages or rob in the mall to do this simply aim the cashier and hold it until you have a
3 wanted levels already because this is the maximium already that the casher will
Give the money to you and just cheat the lower wanted level and you have a lot of money already...

Hope it helps...

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Guest said: 14th May 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 24th Aug 2016 | REPORT
hi plzz tell me cheat of jetpack
Guest said: 27th Jul 2017 | REPORT
Please tell me the cheat of money
Guest said: 20th Aug 2017 | REPORT
No cheat exists for money and jetpack for GTA Vice City

Badoor answered:

Use the rhino cheat and do viglante missions,I got a 1,328,456$in one time after level 44.

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Guest said: 5th Nov 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 14th May 2016 | REPORT

Guest answered:

if you need money then press 'youwonttakemealive' two times and then you have to destroy the helicopters , it will give you 3000$per helicopters.

sent by:poras wagh

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Guest said: 15th May 2013 | REPORT
Where is that button
Guest said: 20th Jun 2016 | REPORT
It's a cheat

Guest answered:

you can use the cheat: PANZER
And then get inside it and press caps lock for vigilante mission.
This will make money easier and more faster.
If the rhino's speed makes u bored, then use the ONSPEED cheat.

Guest answered:


I GOT $11657351 BY DOING THIS!!

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Guest said: 27th Oct 2014 | REPORT
kaiaw kaioqk iamk q ks sk qisjmn kjlqs kjs lnsqik qjksjqlisjq ililiilililiiilil sgb sfqh gsqfsfq ugsad bgj gyj khuh dqwh khu hukh dwk kuh kuhkkug hygcsyg wd gyg d ywgfdghyg ygdv dtfhtdfhtwafhtwvbd hg
Guest said: 13th Dec 2014 | REPORT
i know that ever cinse last year 10 ago

Guest answered:

1-to get easy cash try hitting the people nearby you.don't rely upon the outfit of the person..person having gud outfits might help you in realizing you're dream. Better attack the beggars n drunkards.
2-try doing the side missions
3-go for hidden packages
4-regularly collect you're bucks from verritiy($5000), ice cream parlour($3000).
5-you can bash into some malls n rob them on the gun point.

The easiest would b hit and run..


Guest answered:

Kill dope dealers... Worth about 2000 each...

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Guest said: 1st Jul 2014 | REPORT
what do they look like
Guest said: 15th Jul 2017 | REPORT
just complete mission then you will get money I did same like this

Guest answered:

Hey you can put the pedestrians gone nuts cheat and you can watch them die and while their killing eachother wait for them to die and when they do die get their money.

Guest answered:

To get lot of money theres a money cheat this is the one that may work here r1 l1 x square up down left right up down left right

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Guest said: 4th May 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 18th Jul 2015 | REPORT
For xbox not 360 or xbox one just the xbox

cheatmaster1995 answered:

No sorry there isn't the best way to get that kind of money is by killing people or if your not the killing person complete the missions to get money

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Guest said: 16th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Once you own a property with a garage (PC Version), then steal a police car, park it in your garage, hop in car and start vigilante mission, hop out with police car still in garage and quickly get away from all vehicles and type in bigbang. This will blow up all cars and give you reward. Quickly go back to police car in garage and repeat process. The reward will increase every time until you start making the big bucks. Another bonus also is that once you do this so many times in a row, your health will increase to 150 as that's the reward for making it to a certain point on the police vigilante missions

Guest answered:

kill pedstdreans or go to malibu club and kill the secutrity gaurds WITH AN AK 47 OR MACHINE GUN DO NOT USE A PISTOL IT TAKES ABOUT 6 ROUNDS TO KILL THEM

Guest answered:

You can also wait until someone beats up someone and they kill them and then just take that cash

Guest answered:

The best way to get more money is to increase the wanted level and then destroy all the police vechiles including tank and choppers

Guest answered:

Well I really don't know if there is a cheat for money but there is a cheat that you put in it is the tank and you can do misson on it but you well make a lot of money and when you get the cop on you just keep on going to like you get 7,000 dollars the when you go to jail they well take out 100 dollars but then you well still have a enough to buy what you want..

Guest answered:

Take a police car take it to a garage in your house and park it afetr parking it start the vigilante missions and get out of the car type bigbang and go back in the garage and you will find a new police car and lots of money in a few minutes PLZ MAKE SURE you R AWAY FROM GARAGE WHILE TYPING BIGBANG

Guest answered:

Do the taxi, vigilant and firetruck missions and also get a nightstick/batton from a cop and kill all the drug dealers Smile


Guest answered:

To Earn Money:

But remember you cannot do this kind of earning money because if you typing "BIGBANG" and you park it anyway your police car. Will be blowout to. And your vigilante mission will be failed...

1:Just steal a police car
2:and go to your garage
3: click the "Capslock" key
4:and get out to the police car when the time is running you just fast your work but don't cheat ONSPEED
5:Run it away near you
6:and Type Bigbang

Just do it until you will rich the level 45.......

Hope this message will be help...



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Guest said: 5th Feb 2014 | REPORT
How/where do I type that at?
Guest said: 6th Nov 2014 | REPORT
get the panzer and then press enter go away from tank and type bigbang

Twyndllyngs answered:

Find a police vehicle and go near a garage you own.
Click Caps lock to start vigilante missions.
Drive the vehicle in side the garage and come out.
Type bigbang.(Make sure that the garage is closed)
Again enter the vehicle and come out.
Type bigbang
At first you will get like 200 or smthing.
After doing this 20 times you will get like 20000 per each bigbang.
You can make you're money infinity.

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Guest said: 3rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
But what if we have a ps2? how and/or where do you type this?
Guest said: 4th Jul 2014 | REPORT
just search in the net cheats for gta vice city ps2 cheats, include the use of the 4 shape buttons ,triangle square circle and X. I too have a ps2. and check how t o start a vigilants mission as that is caps lock,
nothing can beat this easy way, after 20 vigilante missions, money wil be like 1000000 for each mission and it goes on increasing. Gd luck
Twyndllyngs said: 4th Jul 2014 | REPORT
this comment was done by Twyndllyngs
Twyndllyngs said: 4th Jul 2014 | REPORT
the above cmnt named guest is by Twyndllyngs, if u guys hv any more dubts just email me, email id [email protected]

Guest answered:

The best way is to go to the next city where the pay n spray shop is there is an shop of mobiles or medical go there and show the machine gun to the owner of the shop it will give $1,000 rs and you will have a 3 star wanted level and the next way is to go to the north point mall and show the machine gun to the owner of the clothes shop

Guest answered:

First sit in a police car then go to vercitee estate garage sit in car in garage remain your car in that garage then turn on mission get out of car and out of garage type "bigbang" and you will have money a lot of maoney so continue this process enjoyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I have earnt $9999999 with this plz try it

Guest answered:

First download the mod "GTA Vice City Monty" .this is a mod of gta vice city. All the things except the cops & the cars are same. Open the game and enter the shortcut key " Tab + A" . You will get more and more money as this cheat will work surely on GTA Vice City Monty!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You!!

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Guest said: 21st Oct 2017 | REPORT
This cheat works but we can,t use the money to buy properties and assests

SpiceEmpress answered:

For fast extra cash, I use the weapons cheat and wreak havoc on the police until get to 5 wanted stars. When you get to five stars, they'll send helicopters to shoot at you. Destroying the helicopters gives you money! Not sure how much. Probably like a couple thousand at a time. I also like to do the "good citizen bonus" ($50) where I help stop runaway criminals - whenever you see a police officer chasing someone, stop them to get the bonus. It's cool because each time you hit/punch/kick them, you get money. LOL


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