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Follow the dark path or use the light

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Plenty of cheats for you to try out including codes for weapons, armour and health. We'll also tell you how you reach the Underworld.

We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : Android : iPhone/iPad

You can also ask your question on our Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Questions & Answers page.

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all cheats
General Cheats
THUGSTOOLS - All Level1 Weapons
NUTTERTOOLS - All Level3 Weapons
ASPIRINE - Full Health
FANNYMAGNET - Ladies Magnet (women follow you)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Enter the following codes for the corresponding cheat

Restore health: ASPIRINE

Gain/restore armor: PRECIOUSPROTECTION


Tommy smokes a cigarette: CERTAINDEATH

Spawns a Rhino Tank: PANZER

Spawns a Bloodring Banger: TRAVELINSTYLE

Spawns a Bloodring Banger (alternate): GETTHEREQUICKLY
Submarine and Cargo Ship
There is a sunken ship and a submarine located up north off the coast. The submarine is directly north of Ammu-Nation and The Tool Store at Vice Point Mall. The cargo ship is east of the submarine.
Full Health CAR !!!!
When in a car (or any vehicle), type the full health code (ASPIRINE) and your vehicle will be as good as new!
It will still look all bashed up, but it is actually fixed.

**Note** If your tires are popped, it will be repaired only if the vehicle is a car. If it was a bike, the tires will stay popped.
Entering Fort Baxter Air Force Base without a Wanted Level
Complete the Cop Land mission at the Vercetti Estate to get the police uniform which is located at the VCPD HQ at Washington Beach. Go into the locker room and put it on. Then, get a police car from the parking lot in the back and drive to the Fort Baxter Air Force Base. You will now be able to enter the base without a wanted level and be able to get the Hunter attack helicopter. The best time t..
Change Vehicle Velocity
The following procedure involves editing files so it is advised that you create a backup copy. Use a text editor to edit the 'handling.cfg' file in the 'grandtheftautovicecitydata' folder and change the velocity value of the bikes, cars, boats, helicopters, and airplanes in the game to what you want.
Need money
Whenever you need money you can do one of the following things
1. Go to a crowd, use nuttertools and kill them. You will find some bucks on the floor
2. Go to a shop and point a gun towards the owner and don't shoot him. He will give you money and then will duck.

After these ways please put the code leavemealone if you don't want the police to get you.
The most useful cheats in the game!!
Warning: You should not put space between the words at all otherwise the cheat won't work.

Here are some of the cheats which I think to be useful:

1 Come fly with me: It makes cars fly if you accelerate the cars that you are sitting in.

2 Nutter Tools: It gives gives you a pile of weapons like swords , bombs , guns etc.

3 Leave me alo..
Below is a list of ALL the stores that can be robbed on both islands.

Island 1

Gash (in North Point Mall)
Countdown Vinyl (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store (in North Point Mall)
Hardware store (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store
Hardware store

Island 2

Jewelry sto..
All Cheats

Effect Code
Aggressive Drivers MIAMITRAFFIC
All ''heavy'' weapons NUTTERTOOLS
All ''light'' weapons THUGSTOOLS
All ''medium'' weapons PROFESSIONALTOOLS
All cars are pink AHAIRDRESSERSCAR
All traffic lights are green GREENLIGHT
Blow up nearby cars BIGBANG
Candy Suxxx (Pornstar) ..
Enter one of the following codes while playing o..
Enter one of the following codes while playing or at the pause menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. You will receive a message that says that the code has been entered correctly !

Effect - Code

Weapons (tier 1) - thugstools

Weapons (tier 2) - professionaltools

Weapons (tier 3) - nuttertools
How to drive with gang
Once you have completed the rob out[kill Diaz]mission and gotten all protection assets you can make your gang drive with you by typing the 'hop in girl' cheat then your men will enter the car and to drop them off enter the car twice
heavy weopens set 3
Go to the pause screen and type in 'nuttertools' to get Chainsaw and other gunz
How to complete last mission
Completing the last mission is quite easy.
At the beginning, you are on the stairs of Vercretti Mansion and thugs are swarming in all directions. They go to your vaults and steal all of you money.
You may want to protect your money and kill the goons, but dont. COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM!!!!! Let them steal your money. Your main objective is to kill Lance. And even if you kill all the thu..
This technique is reaallly cool!! First, take a PCG 600 bike(Sanchez will also work) and go near the big stairway in downtown that you can use to junp over the road and onto the roof of Ammu-Nations. Have a good run-up and use it to jump at full speed! It gets a bit in slow motion, so when you are halfway across, press escape. Then type the cheat 'big bang' 10-20 times(I typed 50 times once, hon..
Get more money
Type the cheat "panzer" and click capslock and you will get a mission to destroy a vehicle.On the mission get out of the tank and move away from the tank and oher vehicles.Type the cheat"bigbang".The vehicle you want to destory will be destroyed and the tank too.Type "panzer" and do this again.

by sanjay

sept 2006
This cheat will only work once you own Diaz's ma..
This cheat will only work once you own Diaz's mansion,if you want store as many cars in the garage as you want you drive the car/motorbike up to the garage door.

Then get out of the car/motorbike and walk towards the garage door when it opens up quickly get back into the car/motorbike and drive it into the garage this really works.
All Cheats
These all are the cheats in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City

Cheat Effect
THUGSTOOLS All ''light'' weapons
PROFESSIONALTOOLS All ''medium'' weapons
NUTTERTOOLS All ''heavy'' weapons
ASPIRINE Full Health
LEAVEMEALONE Decrease Wanted Level
Various Cheats
THUGSTOOLS All ''light'' weapons

PROFESSIONALTOOLS All ''medium'' weapons

NUTTERTOOLS All ''heavy'' weapons

ASPIRINE Full Health




LEAVEMEALONE Decrease Wanted Level

FANNYMAGNET Ladies Man, Women Follow..
Cars pink
To find a hidden package go to the lighthouse on..
To find a hidden package go to the lighthouse on the first island climb up the stairs and you will find it.
Unavailable guns and unavilable bullets
Enter the code 'Unavailable'
Go to the light house near your hotel, go to the..
Go to the light house near your hotel,

go to the end of the dock, begin shooting at boats only to kill the people, do not destroy boat, when a boat floats close enough to the dock jump on it and press enter. If done right you will now have a boat to go to any other island!
Get more money by police
Do some crime to get a four star wanted level. After a few seconds, you can see the police helicopter . Go to a safe place that you can see the helicopter . Keep shooting it with a mini gun . It will burst into pieces. By this process, you can get 250 or300 dollars. Type laevemealone to escape from the police...
Cool game !!!!!!!
Go to the hyman condo stadium up to the north (on the map,it is a big white place on the north), go to it's front door and stand infront of it and do the following :

1- go there when its morning.
2- write the following cheat (lifeispassingmeby)
3- right the same cheat but dont hit the last letter of it (y)
4- when the front door opens, press the (y) and get in the door.
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