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Jaws Unleashed Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Jaws Unleashed

We have 18 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Jaws Unleashed please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC

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Unlock God Mode (Invincibility)

Collect ALL 50 Treasure Chests hidden in the non-story mission areas to unlock God mode and be able to open Ocean West, Ocean South, Ocean East, Grand Occasus Canals, Underwater Caves and Fisherman's Isle. You will have infinite health forever in that game save.


Unlock Level Select:
Start a new game and enter the following as Profile names to unlock the corresponding effects.

Unlock 1 Million Points:
Unlock Level Select:

Unlock Level Select

Collect ALL 45 License Plates to unlock the level select mode which lets you combat ALL the bosses over again.

Hidden Treasure Chests

Once you find all 50 hidden chests, you do NOT get god mode, you simply gain 1,000,500 mayhem points to upgrade your abilities.

Points for JAWS jaw

To get an almost infinint amout of Mayhem points for JAWS,just after the first(teneclly first) stage,stay in the open ocen and let the blood bath begin,mayhem points are reseved for:Eating any thaing,Destroing(minier points),Story and Side missions(for the three levels of side missions points increase),collecting licence plates,Tin cans(500 points each),ultra rare human skelliton,and treser chest(humen skelliton you get 3,000 points,i don't know how meany tair are but I think they don't unlock anythaing)

Is there anyway to fite a blue whale and where d..

Is there anyway to fite a blue whale and where do I find penguins at.

Level select

When you start the game put your username as Shaaark then you can choose which level to go on hope I helped Game master 1996

1,000,000 Mayhem Points- Enter your name as BLOO..

1,000,000 Mayhem Points- Enter your name as BLOOOD.
Level Select- Enter your name as SHAAARK.
Infinate Health- Enter your name as UNSTOPABLE.
God Mode- Get all 50 treasure chests.
Level Select- Get all 45 license plates.
Movie Clips- For every level you eat 4 tin cans in you unlock a movie clip!
Happy gaming =p

Glitches part 1

One of the best glitches is at 'Red Reef Valley.'Right when you start 'The Arrival', turn right.Swim untill it says 'Current Too Strong'.Then swim by the rock. Swim down.If you do this correctly,you will be outside the map!You can explore,swim right through the Whale Sharks, and even swim over to seal island!

Two codes

Put in as profile name (you can only use one).
Get all bonus things:SHAAARK
Get 1 million points(you can fill up all your stats with left over points):BLOOOOD

Finding Hidden Creatures... BIG Hidden Creatures

Hints for Open Ocean ONLY
Heres how to find the Orca(Killer Whale):Go in south ocean keep going west until you get to the line for West Open Ocean, Go south and Voila!
Whale Shark: East Open Ocean go to the compassy thig on the map and volia!

Glitches, part 6

Hi!This is gp6!I have posted some of the best glitches and hear is another great one!First, I got some news to share:This is my 2nd-to-last glitch.In my last post I will be sharing the greatest Jaws Unleashed glitch!!!You'll have to read the next post, though. Anyway,gp6. This glitch is in 'Open Ocean South' at Seal Island. First,grab a person.(Make sure you are on the side facing Red Reef.)Fill up your charge attack and jump onto the left side of the beach on Seal Island.Swim down into the water on the other side of the rock and your in a glitch!(Carefull of the deep water,but you could try to find the glitch INSIDE this glitch....)

Glitches, part 5

Hi and welcome back to my glitches series!I hope you have tried some of the glitches I have posted here.If you have a fear of deep water, I would not reccomend you trying gp1.But besides that and the seal island Glitch (wich I will be doing next time) none of the glitches have deep water.Anyway,back to gp5.Gp5 is at open ocean south by the barriers of predator in the bay. It's basically the same step-by-step progress as the gp4...grab someone...drag to triangle...and your inside the barriers to level and can swim through almost anything in there!I will be back for gp6,7, and 8, but that's it.Also,in gp8 I will be showing you how to do the BEST GLITCH IN JAWS UNLEASHED!!!(You will need god mode.)Oh, and one last thing.What do YOU think about Jaws 4:T..

Glitches, part 4

I decided to do a glitch on level 4,Hunted,for glitches pt. 4.First swim over to 'Open Ocean West'.Grab a person off a canoe (or whatever works for you)and drag him over to the barriers of level 4.Use the tail whip to throw him just on the other side of the barriers.Let him swim to the surface,bite onto him, press triangle, and your inside the barriers for 'Hunted'!(If you swim on the other side of the wall where the car is, you'll see that the car is floating in midair!!!)I'll be back soon with with glitches pt. 5 for level 5!

Glitches, part 3

Hi I'm back with another glitch!Here is a glitch I actually just found today.First,go to 'Open Ocean South'.Swim along Amity Island(right next to 'Red Reef Valley')until you come to the first beach you see. Next,grab a person.Swim along the beach in the shallow water until you run into the barriers for 'The Break Out'.Something will pop up saying 'Do You Want To Enter This Completed Stage?' Then press trangle.You will leap into the air,fall onto a rock,slide off,land in the water,and you will be inside 'Red Reef Valley!' (Swim through the barriers for 'The Arrival'to get out of the glitch.)I will be back soon for 'Glitches,Part 4!

Glitches, part 2

My favorite glitch is right by the barriers of 'Amity Town Beach'.First,grab a person off a boat.Bring them over to the shallow water,by the barriers.Use the tail whip to throw them just on the other side of the barriers.Next,let them swim to the surface.Then,bite them.(In order to do the glitch,you cannot have already done this level.)Words will pop up saying 'this stage is locked. Press x to continue'. Last, press x.You should see yourself FLYING over Amity Island.Then you will land in the water the water, on the other side of Amity Island.You will be able to go through ANY island,even Amity itself.(To get out of the glitch,swim back to 'Amity Town Beach',swim into the barriers, then swim out. Everything will be back to normal.)

Find some animals

Whales (Sperm & blue): around the compass of the map
Crocs: Grand Occasius Canals
Penguins: "The Break Out"
Orcas: Open Ocean South
Octopus: rarely in the Open Ocean, and in the minefields

were to find a sperm whale that you can attack and kill

there are two places to look for sperm whales 1.look at the levle area "the deep"warning:the sperm whales in these places are much biger then the ones in curetns to strong2.go look in the under water caves to see(or kill)sperm whales if you havent seen them thay move very very fast i can never cetch them.

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