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Follow the dark path or use the light

all 11 levels for jaws unleashed

by Overlord123ABC

Faq/walkthrough for Jaws unleashed on Play station 2

Written by: Christopher Andrew	
Produced by: Christopher Andrew	
This walkthrough must not be copied or used unless for your own personal use if you wish to copy this walkthrough and use it else where on your own website contacts me at [email protected]

Welcome to this walkthrough for the brand new game Jaws unleashed for play station 2.

LEVEL 1: Tutorial.
In this first mission you are just told to collect all of the tutorial lights hovering in the water and each one tells you how to do a different move and if you eat a special licence plate or treasure chest it will tell you about each one and how many points they are worth. Your first objective is to get the diver out the divers cage and kill him. The easiest way to do this is to attack the divers cage by holding L1 until the yellow bar on the bottom near your radar wonít go any further and let the L1 button go and you will charge at top speed towards the divers cage and if it doesnít break straight away just keep doing it until the cage is gone and the diver is free. Next swim towards the diver and press R1 now you can press and hold R1 and repeat and each time you do this you will start to swallow the diver. Or you can just repeatedly tap R1 and you will just chomp your way through the diver.
After the diver is dead or you have to do now is swim over to the sea seeker which looks like a robot sat on a rock which on your radar looks like a red dot. Now you just get the rest of the tutorial lights and one of the objectives is to kill some people near the beach and destroy the pier then you are nearly in the open ocean.

In this mission you are trapped in an observation swimming pool because you have just been captured. Firstly eat the food if you need to get your health or hunger back up. Next keep charge attacking one of the cages with the divers in it until it breaks, then press and hold R1 to keep the diver in your mouth next surface and swim over to one of the green glowing card swipers and hit it with the diver in your mouth. Now that the gate is open swim into the next room now ignore the divers up above the surface instead swim passed the log beams holding up the bridge above you and charge attack the glass until it breaks and the entire complex is under water apart from the underwater shark tunnel. So charge attack the other glass on the other side if it isnít already gone, and then swim across the room and break through the door rubble and repeat in the next room. Now you are outside get rid of any divers or attackers apart from the guards in the guard tower and keep charge attacking the glass tunnel until it is flooded and you will now watch a cut scene of you enter the dolphin and orca aquarium. Now swim across each pool area until you come to a window made from iron bars keep charge attacking these until they brake and make a gap sp you can swim through, repeat this in each pool area until you reach the final area which has your first boss the ORCA. All you have to do is keep biting and charge attacking and tail whipping the orca (tail whip is L2) until the green health bar at the top of the screen disappears and the orca doesnít fight back and just circles the pool wall. Now you have completed the second mission out of 11 and you can now enter free roam around Amity Island.

You start in a secluded beach area no there is a beach full of juicy looking people but between you and your meal there is an electronic fence so hereís what to do.
Firstly destroy the two sea seekers in front of you but donít trip the alarm by touching the net or you will alert the humans on the beach. After this swim to the net but still donít touch it because it is covered in electricity. Instead look for a rope at the bottom of the net on your side. Now follow the rope to either end and you will see a box at the end of the rope powering the fence with electricity. So bite the box and hold it your mouth and start to swim away from the net and it will rip the box off. Now still donít touch the net swim to the other end of the rope and repeat with the same tactic.
Now you can charge attack the net L1 until you have a big enough gap to swim through and now itís time to feed.
Your next task is to kill 5 or 6 people before they reach the shore.
Now you are asked to blow up the refinery. Now after you kill all of the people required you watch a cut scene of a truck full of men drive up to the bridge and start dumping explosive barrels into the water then you are shown the refinery with the toxic sludge coming out of a pipe.
You have to swim over to the barrels in the water and if you go past them  in the left hand corner there is a gap between two rocks and there is a license plate so grab that whilst itís up for grabs, and if you want to swim over to the red dot on your radar to see the refinery and swim under the pier and you will see a glowing small skeleton worth 3,000 points for you to use on upgrades.
Swim over to the barrels again and this time bite and hold one in your mouth and get out of there quick because they explode after so long (apart from if your holding in your mouth). Next whilst holding the barrel in your mouth swim over to the refinery and throw the barrel at the pipe oozing with green sludge and when the barrel explodes it will set fire to the sludge and the fire will shoot up the pipe and into the refinery blowing it up.

This mission is short and simple firstly you are asked to swim to the red dot on your radar with out being spotted by the searchlights coming from the shark hunters boats and the red dot is the harbour gates after this you swim into the gates still undetected and you will eventually come to a pipeline swim underneath it because in a minute you will hit a net and you go under the pipeline and through the net. 
Next swim forward some more until you come to a harbour with two boats and a submarine. Firstly destroy the mini sub and then go to the green point of interest on your radar, and you will come to the second boat now swim underneath it and you will see two explosives barrels pick one up and go back to the other boat the red dot on your radar and through the barrel at the petrol tanks on the end of the boat and repeat with the other barrel and the boat will explode and you have finished your mission.

This mission however un-like the last one is very long and can be a pain.
Firstly swim to the green point of interest on your radar and you will be asked to destroy the oil rig platforms. Now that you are at the green point of interest destroy the boat at the surface and then break the divers cages and kill both of them.
Now swim over to each oil rig platform the red dots on your radar and at the top of each support bam there is a gun charge attack each one they are below the waters surface and repeat on each of the other oil rigs.
Now swim back to the submarine the green point of interest and grab a torpedo and throw it at one of the support beams and after hitting two on each oil rig the oil rig will blow up. But make sure that you hit the beam below where the gun used to be and repeat this process on the other oil rigs.
Now that this is done swim over to the harbour and enter either through the bars in the wall with the license plate or through the main gate. Also whilst you are blowing up the oil rigs a big boat keeps following you to kill it grab the red barrels that it keeps dropping and throw it at the boat.
Now that you have entered the harbour go to the red dot on your radar and you will see a circle shape door and it will open but on the other end is a grid which you canít get past so donít enter this grid instead go forward to the right of this door and there will be another one. Enter this one and you will be in a room with a giant fan that will spin you around and you canít fight against and there will also be a black pipe and a red pipe all you have to do is whilst being spun around the room is charge attack each time at least three times and they will break stopping the giant fan and blowing up the oil company. But be quick because for some reason your health quickly drops because of the fan.
Now that you have done this and you are back outside Brody comes out in a boat that your attacks wonít hurt and a green health bar appears for the boat.
Now what you have to do is get under the boat and you will see a sphere shaped gun but it isnít a gun so donít worry but what it dies do is set off the explosive barrels being thrown in the water so charge attack it a couple of times and it will break.
Now not all the barrels will explode but some still will so be quick and grab an explosive barrel and throw it at the boat and repeat about three or four shots will destroy the boat. Or if the glitch doesnít appear the torpedoes might reappear at the sub.
Now you have completed the mission.

This mission is also short in fact very short.
Firstly you have to destroy three shark hunter boats which is easy just bite them and charge them.
Next destroy two big fishing boats with wooden spikes coming off of them with your usual moves.
Next comes the shark hunters boat all you have to do is your usual attacks and when it is destroyed you will watch a little cut scene of you diving onto the boat and somebody sliding down the boat and into your mouth and like the end of jaws 1 where Quint is eaten. But the shark hunter escapes onto a passing jet boat, but as you give chase something cuts in front of you and stops your pursuit.
And it is a giant coast guard cutter and I mean this boat is huge like the king of all boats. All you have to do is grab the explosive barrels being thrown off of the boat and throw them back at the boat and after 8 hits the boat will be destroyed. You are now done on this level.

For the first part of this mission I can not really explain because you have to get your way through a mine field in the water without setting any off or you will instantly die or if you put shark vision on with the triangle button some will glow green and if you hit them you wonít be instantly killed but you will be severely injured.
Firstly go to the left and when you hit the wall stay against it and pass between the rock and a mine because there is a big gap at the top of the rock near the surface. When through the gap turn right and carry on ahead avoiding the mines however these mines most of them glow green and if hit will only hurt you. So turn right and carry on until you reach a rock with a crashed old aeroplane on top of it. Now turn right again until you come to a wall of mines now these mines if touched will kill you instantly so you look for a fairly big gap but it wonít be a too big so be careful just slowly edge through the mines by tapping x button and make a few adjustments so that you donít hit the mines and eventually you will be through.

The first diver is above the water follow one of the red dots until you come to a ship now surface and look at the mast sticking out of the water and if you see the shark you are at the right spot so go back under the water and charge at the mast pole and the diver will fall back now eat him and donít let him get away.

This diver is in a rock look for another red dot that leads you to a rock and go to either end of the rock and you will see a black circle with a zigzag shape hole. Keep charging your way through each circle until you reach the diver and eat him now keep on charging and you will eventually come out the other end of the rock.

This diver is inside a boat and you only see him through the black pieces of scrap metal covering the holes keep charge attacking each piece of metal that the diver moves to and eventually the diver will try to escape out the other end of the boat so you now get to eat him.

The last diver is at the last red dot and is inside a big boat go to the end that the diver is at and charge attack either the crack in the hull or the rubble covering the sterns crack, depending where the diver is. When you hit it the diver will scream and he should start to swim off so quickly swim around the back of the boat missing the mines and go inside the massive hole and avoid the mines and you should see the diver attempting to swim from on end of the boat to the other so grab him quickly.

Now that you are done with this mission watch the cut scene of some drunk shark bump into a mine and blow the hole place up covering your exit. So swim passed the mines until you reach the red dot and when you reach the red dot charge attack the iron bars covering the hole and swim out you have now completed this mission.

Canít really explain how to do this apart from when you start swim down to a green point of interest until you come to a  tunnel but donít swim directly up it you might get sucked past the tunnel entrance and into the grinder.
So instead go in front of the pipe facing the wall and down into the tunnel and swim around the tunnels following the red dots and eventually you will come to rooms with a small cylinder shaped canister with a highly flammable sign on it so pierce each one by charge attacking it a few times. And the room will go up in smoke and you wonít get hurt.
When you have destroyed all four of these rooms you will see the grinders stop and raise up. So find your way back to one of the three tunnels and swim up it and through the gap in between the grinders.

In this mission you will start off fighting a colossus giant squid. All you have to do is stop and when the squid charges you get out of the way and then the squid will be paralysed in the middle of the room and all you have to do is bite off the two eyes and two little tentacles an d the squid will start to charge you more often so stop in front of the pipes that have a silver clip on top of them or the ones glowing green in shark vision and when the squid attacks dodge out the way and it will destroy the pipe and this will be itís undoing, because after the squid destroys 4 of the pies, the complex that at the beginning of mission eight that you saw above the water collapses killing the squid under thousands of tons of metal.
But you escape and on to the second half.
Swim down the elevator shaft in front of you and exit to your left on the ground floor and if the door in front of you wonít open turn right and in one of the tunnels like from mission 8 now carry on ahead and at your first left turning and turn left again and you will see a big broken door ahead of you but not completely broken so charge it about 5 times and you will see a computer to the right now charge that to complete your task but now it goes dark.
Swim back out the way you came in until the tunnel and turn left at the tunnel intersection and carry on straight ahead until a big deep room with fuel tanks on your left. Destroy the subs and divers and then swim right until you see a giant window made from glass and charge it until it breaks. Now remember how in the tutorial you killed that diver in the cage and that was the main researchers son you know the researcher who in the break out said to kill the shark not keep it.
Now he is annoyed and in his divers suit comes swimming out with two subs and he is carrying A-bombs.
So destroy both subs with three charge attacks each and then grab the researcher (the angry one) and eat him until he is dead.
Now watch the cut scene of you swallow him and the A-bomb go off but donít worry the facility may go down but you wonít you escape and get away. Now the mayor thinks you died after a researcher who escapes tell the mayor that the main researcher died to kill you and the mayor goes ahead with the 4th of July celebration but Brody and the shark hunter Quint keep on looking for you but the mayorís about to find out that you are very much alive and ready to cause havoc on the 4th of July.

Firstly kill 5 people who are swimming in the ocean before they reach the shore. Now rather than doing the objective screened GET INTO THE POND go to the green point of interest and pick up an explosive barrel and throw it at the coast guard cutter and repeat about 8 times until destroyed and do the same on the other coast guard cutter, until they are both destroyed. Now take another explosive barrel and throw it at the electric fence protecting the pond area and you will be then able to get into the pond and destroy 5 boats as your next objective 1 police boat and 4 normal boats.
Next go to the harbour and you will see a cut scene of you bump the mayors boat now you have to destroy the mayors boat but your attacks donít damage it so when the boat goes near a barge charge attack it into the barge and after three or four hits of the barge the boat will set all of the fireworks off on the barges and the mayors boat will catch fire and the boat goes up in smoke but the shark and mayor gets away. And donít forget.
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But time for the final chase.

Very simply destroy the shark hunterís boat only way to do this is to corkscrew attack it or body bomb it just ignore the subs and sea seekers just concentrate on the boat itself. Just donít get too far away because the flashing red light stuck in you is a missile and if you get too far away from the boat the BANG!!! You go up in smoke. 
If you pull this off however this is very easy as well congratulations you have finished JAWS UNLEASHED well done take a rest at the rest of Amity Island you deserve it. Also donít forget about the side challenges for a complete list of there locations just look at the other walkthrough above.
Written by: Christopher Andrew
Produced by: Christopher Andrew

All Rights Reserved.