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James Bond 007: NightFire Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for James Bond 007: NightFire

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking all multiplayer characters, unlocking levels, unlocking golden Wolfram P2 and level completion rewards.

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We have 27 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for James Bond 007: NightFire please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PC : Xbox : Gameboy Advance

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Put in any of the following codes for the corres..

Put in any of the following codes for the corresponding effect...

Assassination Mode - SCOPE

Demolition Mode - TNT

Faster Laser - PHOTON

Goldeneye Strike - ORBIT

Protection Mode - GUARDIAN

Unlock Baron Samedi for Multiplayer - VOODOO

Unlock Christmas Jones for Multiplayer - NUCLEAR

Unlock Explosive Scenery - BOOM

Unlock Goldfinger for Multiplayer - MIDAS

Unlock Jaws for Multiplayer - DENTAL

Unlock Max Zorin for Multiplayer - BLIMP

Unlock Miss Galore for Multiplayer - CIRCUS

Unlock Oddjob for Multiplayer - BOWLER

Unlock Scaramonger for Multiplayer - ASSASSIN ..


The following codes can be entered after pausing gameplay while racing on the indicated level of the game.
Unlock Frantic Racing:
While racing on any level pause the game and hold L1 then press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle and release L1.
Unlock Berserk Racing:
While racing on any level pause the game and hold L1 then press Square,
Triangle(2), Square, Triangle, Circle and release L1.
Unlock Trails during Racing:
While racing on any level pause the game and hold L1 then press Square,
Circle(2), Square and release L1.
Unlock Double Armour during Racing:
While racing on any level pause the game and hold L1 then press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square(2) and release L1.
Unlock Tripl..

Level Completion Rewards

When you complete the various levels in the game you will unlock certain rewards. Below is a list of the levels and the rewards that you will recieve.
Alpine Escape Level Rewards:
Unlocks the Military Snowmobile card, Assassination, Grapple and Max Zorin in multiplayer mode.
Chain Reaction Level Rewards:
Unlocks the Rook card and Wai Lin in multiplayer mode.
Island Infiltration Level Rewards:
Unlocks the Ultralight card and Protection in multiplayer mode.
Countdown Level Rewards:
Unlocks the Drake card and Explosive Scenery in multiplayer mode.
Deep Descent Level Rewards:
Unlocks the Vanquish Submarine card and Nick Nack in multiplayer mode.
Paris Prelude Level Rewards:
Unlock the Dominq..


When you earn the indicated medal on the specified level the corresponding effect bwill bevome available. The pistol and sniper rifle can be upgraded more than once.
Kowloon Type 80:
Beat the game on Operative difficulty
MP Scenario - Assassination:
Get a Silver Medal on Alpine Escape
MP Scenario - Demolition:
Get a Silver Medal on Phoenix Fire
MP Scenario - Goldeneye Strike:
Get a Silver Medal on Equinox
MP Scenario - Protection:
Get a Silver Medal on Island Infiltration
MP Scenario - Team King of the Hill:
Get a Silver Medal on Night Shift
MP Scenario - Uplink:
Get a Silver Medal on Double Cross
MP Skin - B..

Lots and lots of cool cheats

Select codenames from the main menu and select your codename.Select Unlocks to enter the fllowing cheats.!SAVE YOUR CODENAME BEFORE BACKING OUT OF THIS MENU!
Level select-Enter PASSPORT
Alpine escape level-Enter POWDER
Enemies Vanquished level-Enter TRACTION
Double Cross level-Enter BONSAI
Night Shift level-Enter HIGHRISE
Chain Reaction level-Enter MELTDown
Phoenix Fire level-Enter FLAME
Deep descent level-Enter AQUA
Island Infiltration level-Enter PARADISE
Countdown level-Enter BLASTOFF
Equinox level-Enter VACUUM
All Gadget Upgrades-Enter Q LAB
Camera Upgrade-Enter SHUTTER
Decrypter Upgrade-Enter SESAME
Grapple Ugrade-Enter LIFTOFF
Laser Upgrade-Enter PHOTON
Scope Ugrade-Enter SCOPE
Stunner Upgrade..

Unlock Levels

At the 'Secret Unlocks' screen enter the following passwords without the quotes as a code to unlock the corresponding level without having to play through the game.
Unlock Level Select:
Enter the password 'PASSPORT'.
Unlock Alpine Escape Level:
Enter the password 'POWDER'.
Unlock Chain Reaction Level:
Enter the password 'MELTDOWN'.
Unlock Countdown Level:
Enter the password 'BLASTOFF'.
Unlock Deep Descent Level:
Enter the password 'AQUA'.
Unlock Double Cross Level:
Enter the password 'BONSAI'.
Unlock Enemies Vanquished Level:
Enter the password 'TRACTION'.
Unlock Equinox Level:
Enter the password 'VACUUM'.
Unlock Island Infiltration Level:

Secret Passwords

Choose "Codenames" from the main menu, then choose your custom profile and enter any of the following codes at the "Secret Unlocks" menu. Be sure to choose the "Save Codename" option from the Codename "Edit" menu after entering any of these codes; if you don't the code's effects will be lost and you'll have to enter it again.
PASSPORT - Unlock all Missions
PARTY - Unlock all Characters in Multiplayer Mode
GAMEROOM - Unlock all Scenarios in Multiplayer Mode
BOOM - Unlock "Explosive Scenary" envio-mod in Multiplayer Mod Scenarios Options
Q LAB - Unlock all Gadget and Weapon Upgrades

The cheats you have to have!!!!!!

Hey people,
I got cool cheats for this game.
*(asterik)it means only for multiplayer.
Demolition Mode-TNT
Unlock all levels-PASSPORT
Protection Mode-GUARDIAN
*Baron Samedi-VOODOO
*Christmas Jones-NUCLEAR
*Explosive Barrels-BOOM
*Max Zorin-BLIMP
*Pussy Galore-CIRCUS
*Bond Tuxedo-BLACKTIE
*Uplink Mode-TRANSMIT
*All Chracters-PARTY
Q gadget upgrades-Q LAB
More Sniper Rifle Bullet capacity-MAGAZINE
*All Multiplayer options(e.g.capture the flag, king of the hill)-GAMEROOM
*Bond Spacesuit-ZERO G
*Drake-NUMBER 1
*Eektra King-SLICK


Use the secret code PARTY to unlock all characters in Multipalyer

goldon gun

Go to "codenames" choose your one and go to secret unlocks ans type "TARGET"and it will unlock goldon wolfram p2k

TO DRIVE A SUV...While racing on the Enimies Van..

TO DRIVE A SUV...While racing on the Enimies Vanquished level, pause the game, then hold L1 and press square, circle, triangle, square, triangle then release L1

TO GET SUPER BULLETS IN A RACE...While racing on any level, pause the game then hold L1 and press circle, circle, circle, circle then release L1

TO RACE A CAR IN THE ALPS...While racing on the Enimies Vanquished level, pause the game, then hold L1 and press circle, circle, square, square, triangle then release L1

FRANTIC RACING...While racing on any level, pause the game, then hold L1 and press, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle, cirlce then release L1

BERSERK RACING...While racing on any level, pause the game, then hold L..

Really Far Grapple Shot!

Me and my brother discovered this on the 2 player level skyrail. If you go to the castle roof above the buket docking and equip your grapple snd aim toward the bucket docking at the cabin across the map and if you shoot it just right you can grapple all the way to that base. (It'sreally amusing to watch a player fly across the map on a rope!). You can also use this to get to the other base fast for capture the flag. Hope I helped! XD


At the secret unlocks menu enter:
PARTY all multiplayer characters
GAMEROOM all multiplayer scenarios
Q LAB all q gadgets
VOODOO baron samedi in multiplayer
MAGAZINE bigger sniper rifle clip

Party-all multiplayer models.Magazine-extra ammo..

Party-all multiplayer models.

Magazine-extra ammo for sniper rifles.

Sleepy-tranquiliser darts last longer.

Bitesize-nicknack for multiplayer.

Teamwork-team king of the ring.

Headcase-renard for multiplayer.

On the level when you go to the party and you fi..

On the level when you go to the party and you find a undercover agent when she is in the skilift go in it and you will have to destroy a helicopter. you would have picked up a rocket launcher earlier on in the game you will see your ammo near it it says 'unguided' or 'guided' put it on 'guided' you will then go inside the rocket/control it. when you get a clear shot at the helicopter get the rocket directly at the cockpit you might have to do this a few times but when you do he will die but insted of it going off there will be a cut scene so sit back and enjoy CONGRATULATIONS BOND MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!!!!!!!!!! P.S Thanks supercheats you rock

The Funnies

Here are a few funny things that you can do in this game.

No.1 On \"The Exchange\" once you start, look around, you see two watch towers. Go down the stairs, kill the guy standing there, go up the hill, kill the other guy, and the guy patrolling the street. Once the killing is done, turn around.... Aaa! Look! A door! Lets open it! Climb up the ladder, you should have listend to my instructions and NOT have killed the sniper up there. If you kill him he drops some armor... pick it up and be on your way.The funny thing is the sniper falling out of the windo.

No.2 On the same level, go thrugh the big black doors. Once inside, kill the two men in your way. After that is done go to the LEFT of were the two morons were. Dont go thrugh the door on the hard ..

Exploding barrels

Go onto create profile and type in your name as boom.
You will then be able to blow up barrels.

To Unlock all characters

Go to codenames click on your name (ex. John) go to Secret Unlocks and type in PARTY!



All Multiplayer Characters

Enter PARTY a profile name.

Using the sential (multiplayer)

I will do this in steps to make it easy and this is good for the skyrail arena
1.Find a sential
2.Find a hiding place
3.Fire a rocket
4.Guide it and hit a enemy
If you keep doing this the kill points will rack up and you will win the match!!!

Hitch a ride (The Exchande)

On The Exchande, when you go down the steps, there will be a gard. Shoot him in the back of the head. When you see a truck on the side there will be a fuel tank.
Jump on the tank. Keep pressing the jump button until you get in the back of the truck. When you get in, duck down until you get to the door.
STAY UNDETECTED! If you do this right you will get a Bond Move and the driver will say "I have 20 cases of wine for Mr. Drake." You will start out in a different place. Hope this works!

In multiplayer for the level sky rail I have a g..

In multiplayer for the level sky rail I have a good cheat it always works go to the top of
motel get the rocket launcher and climb onto the roof shoot when you see a player or a
bot if you need more go down and get more


Go to fort knox in multi-player and get the guided sentinel from the very bottom(if guns are in set position) then go through one of the vault doors, turn around and shoot.
Go through one valt door, through the hall, into the other valt door then immediatly go diagnally+up(depending what side you are on) and go through the window, through the door, past the hall, through another door, then diagnally+down, then you should see youself and go through the vault door again and do the same thing.
See how many times you can do it. I can only go in a circle 2 times without blowing up.

Easy capture the flag win on skyrail level

To begin get a sniper there should be one on the ground near the entrance if you have weapons in fixed positions if not your good old trusty raptor will do. Then get up onto the roof of the castle and stand exactly above the wire that carries the train thing. Walk onto the rail and walk along it if you keep your targeting reticule in a straight line along the wire you should be ok also if the train thing is nearby step onto the top of it and you wont fall off. Anyway, once you get to the opponents base jump onto their roof and quickly crouch take out your sniper or raptor etc, and kill anyone near the flag then quickly jump down and grab the flag then jump back onto the roof and drop down to the balcony under your opponents grappling hook and go through the door. Heres the dangerous bit ..

How to kill gaurds in Night shift

Do not use your real gun or your other one use your fists then once you do that then then go to the next one use your fists on him then go back to the last one and his body will be gone.

Chain Rection Level

This is the Cheat/Hint to get into building ST-3. When you get past the buildings ST-1 and ST-2 you will arrive outside. With your scope shoot the guy on the building down to the left. Then look quickly up to the top-right. Once you kill those guys, run down the stairs and you will see armor. Run over to the armor behind the broken stairs. Look for the platform on the broken stairs with no steps in it. Crouch down and run to that platform. Use your camera to find where they are (Hold L1 to activate camera). Look for green rectangles and that is where they are. Then climb the ladder at the big yellow thing. When you are all the way up go across the line. When you are close to the end people will shoot you, but the armor protects you. When you get to the end of the wire you should hug the ..

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