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Follow the dark path or use the light

James Bond 007: NightFire


James Bond: Nightfire Walkthrough

by Cubemaster54

James Bond: Nightfire


Copyright 2008 George Cube.

Writer: George "Cube"
Email: [email protected]
First edit (start): September 12, 2008
Latest Edit: May 25, 2009
Version 3.6
Game: James Bond: Nightfire
Platform: Gamecube
Rated T for Teens. Suggestive Theme & Violence.
Name nicknames: Nightfire

*---------------Table of Contents------------------------------*

*Version History*

*1.00 Section 1*

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Characters
1.3 Storyline

*2.00 Section 2*

2.1 Missions 1-3
2.2 Missions 4-6
2.3 Missions 7-9
2.4 Missions 10-12

*3.00 Section 3*

3.1 Weapons and sets
3.2 Rewards
3.3 Q Branch 
3.4 Multiplayer
	3.4.1 Characters
	3.4.2 Modes and Arenas
3.5 007 Bonuses
3.6 Cheat Codes
*4.00 Section 4*

4.1 Legal
4.2 Thanks to
4.3 Contact


*---------------Version History--------------------------------*

Version 1.0: September 12, 2008. Up to Section 1 and before is 
done. Head Knowledge added. 

Version 1.2: September 13, 2008. Section one is done completely.
Layout of other sections and Missions 1-3 added. 

Version 1.4: September 14, 2008. Finished the weapons and 
vehicles. Plan on finishing Gadgets and Multiplayer tomorrow.

Version 1.6: September 16, 2008. Did some spell checking and
finished the Multiplayer Modes and Arenas. Hope to get chance to
finish the characters. Tomorrow should start Section 4 and the

Version 1.8: September 17, 2008. Finished the Multiplayer 
characters and gadgets. Did some spell checking as well.

Version 2.0: September 17, 2008. Added and finished Section 4.
All thats left now is some spell checking and the Walkthrough
which I should have done on Friday.

Version 2.2: September 21, 2008. Its been a while, and finally
go to Mission 2 walkthrough. Added all the mission names and 
did some spell checking. Hope to finish Missions 3-5 today.

Version 2.4: October 11, 2008. Read through and fixed all spelling 

Version 2.6: December 31, 2008: Fixed Missions 1 and 2, made some
spacing edits, and added a Cheat Codes Section. Happy New Year!

Version 2.8: January 2, 2009: Edited some of Mission 1 and 2 more.
Added Mission 3 and 4 along with adding all objective to every 
mission (starting objective).

Version 3.0: January 2, 2009: Added and finished the Cheat Code 
section, and started on the 007 Bonus section.

Version 3.2: February 13, 2009: Added more 007 bonuses. 

Version 3.4: February 16, 2009: Added 007 Bonuses, reward stuff,
and started and completed mission 12.

Version 3.6: March 7, 2009: Worked on Missions 4-6

Version 3.8: May 25, 2009: Made guide presentable to be added on Did tons of Walkthrough updates and spacing issues
:							       :
:			*1.00 Section 1*		       :
:							       :
:							       :

*---------------1.1 Introduction-------------------------------*

Hello everyone. Well this is my first FAQ, and I choose 
Nightfire (GCN version). This game is entitled 2002, being the 
16th Bond Game and Peirce Brosnan as Bond. If you own this game,
it was a good game to get! It has 12 Jam Packed missions in it,
and many many secrets.

The game before it, Under Fire, is not in anyway a sequel. The 
Game after it, Everything or Nothing, is in fact two years after
it (in game and life) and is in no way a sequel. Most of the 
Bond games are not.

You are James Bond, a Double 00 Agent for the MI6, AKA the 
British Government. You are undercover a lot and have your 
trusted and loyal Wolfram PP7(and P2K). There are many control 
styles. For beginners, Classic is the best. C Stick does nothing
except adjust up and down aim. After playing other war games, I 
found Nightfire is a lot better. But there are tons of different 
control schemes. 
After learning all the good stuff of the game, you can get Gold 
Medals on the missions and then Platinum to get all the Multi 
Player unlocks and all the rewards.
I have not got Platinums on any missions, just gold, and later
missions bronze or nothing. So please bare with me.
If you see this Walkthrough on any other website then

Please tell me via email. For now, I do not permit this to be 
used in someone else's name (and never will, unless under 
certian circumstances). Someone else using this guide word for 
word in their name and no credit to me, is plajourism and is
illegal and you can go to jail for it.

Navigational Hint
This will be a well sized guide. Instead of reading every word 
if you need one thing, hit the Ctrl (Control) Key and the F Key
at the same time for a bar to appear at the bottom of the page. 
You can type what section or part you are looking for into it
and hit enter to go to the first place that appears. It is better
if you no what section it is in, as that is easier.

*---------------1.2 Characters---------------------------------*


These are the good guys in the game.

James Bond: The main guy of the game. The world's finest secret 
agent...who never dies or ages. His first video game was way back 
when. Now since he is based off a real human, his voice and look 
changes every so often. 

Dominique: The first person who assists you. She is from the
French Intellegence. You meet her in a car chase with bullets 
flying by you. Although she does not make it through the whole 
game, she helps you greatly. 

Alura Mcall: Austrillian Intellgence this time. The other ally
of the game. You meet her when you are trapped with bullets 
flying by you (you get used to it). She is of a big help.

M: M is a breifer. I believe she is one of the top dogs in
charge of MI6.

Q: Quartermaster, better known as Q. He is the inventor of all
the high tech gadgets you use. He also tells Bond "Oh grow up
007!". Although it seems the two never get along, they are great

Zoe Nightshade: She does help you by killing some bad guys.She 
works for the CIA. 

Alexander Mayhew: A guy who double crosses Drake and is later 
killed by a Ninja.

For the Multiplayer characters of MI6, please visit that part of
the guides in Section 3.


Rapheal Drake: A evil mastermind out to take control of the
world....even if he dies doing so. 

Kiko: Drake's Elegant Body Gaurd. Yes, she poses as good in the 
beginning of the game (the Alura/Dominique Mission reveals a lot).

Rook: Drake's bodyguard. Scarred on the left side of the face, 
from a Bond related accident. 

Yakuza: A japanese Gangsta. The ones wearing headbands are 
tougher and uglier.

Snow Gaurd: Private Guards who use Snow weapons (silenced
and camaflouged in white) to guard Drake's Private castle.

Black Ops: The elite soldiers wearing black suits. 

Pheonix Soldier: The main division of the army. A strange fact
is in Story Mode they have White Skin, and in Multi, they have
darker skin.

Pheonix Commando: The Captians of the army. A strange fact is
in Story Mode they wear beuares(SP?) and in Multi Black Helmets.

Ninja: A stealthy Assasin who you better run from if he pulls 
a sword on you.

For the Multiplayer characters of Phoenix, please visit that 
part of the guides in Section 3.

*---------------1.3 Story line---------------------------------*


You start off with a Sniper Rifle, with full rounds (25). 
The objective is take out the cars chasing a Red striped Sports
car. You keep going and going, and even have to shoot at other 
stuff too. When the sports car takes 12 bullets in one go, Bond
goes down as she loses the right wheels. They somehow don't get
shot even though they are sitting ducks. Then They go into a
BMW and go after a truck. You learn about Drake and then have to
infilitrate his castle. You learn that Drake is planning on 
taking over a US Defense Platform in space. You then take out his 
men and eventually the main bad asses behind it all. You do lose 
a friend, gain one, and find a traitor: all in the same mission!

All in all, the goal is to take out team Pheonix and save the 
world...and still get the girl!

:							       :
:			*2.00 Section 2*		       :
:							       :
:							       :

This is the section for all the mission walkthroughs themselves.
Keep in mind I am only good at the easier missions (no matter 
how good I do either...). And if you know something I don't or 
know a simpler way, just contact me.

Few 007 bonuses will be listed, there is a seperate section for 
them. Bond Moments, however, are listed (that ones I know of)
If you have beat the game and entered the Gold P2K cheat,
you have a Gold P2K instead of PP7. If you entered the Gold PP7
cheat only, then you have a Gold PP7. I use the Golden P2K, 
but you can use any.

*---------------2.1 Missions 1-3-------------------------------*

Mission #1 Peris Prelude
Objective: Protect Dominique

You start in a helicopter with a Sniper Rifle. This is the only 
time you ever use this weapon in the game. It has 25 shots.
You can zoom in by using L or use auto aim. You see a woman in a
car running away from pursuing baddies. The woman is Dominque. 
Bond must not let her die. You have to first take out one of the
cars chasing her, which I will call baddie car (so I don't have 
to bore everyone and confuse them by keep saying another car).
Then a small cutscene (one of like 10) goes and the other 
baddie car crashes. Dominque is then trying to fish tial a truck,
but it gets away. Two more baddie cars come in. If you can take 
out the front wheel of the first baddie car, you get a Bond 
Moment. Then the helicopter goes over buildings, and you are 
stationed in middle of the road. You almost have to Zoom here 
or you fail. Take out the tires of the baddie car, and you get 
a Bond Moment. Then you go over more buildings as a cutscene 
starts. Then Dominique goes off road and over a Draw Bridge. Two
baddies follow, but one perishes. You now have to shoot the 
cable that holds the bridge. Another cutscene comes in, and 
Dominque's car is about to total. Bond comes down on a rope and 
saves her, sending her car into three baddie cars. Q is then
driving Bond's Aston Vanquish from his laptop. 

Bond and Dominque jump down into it, and you now are driving a 
car. Immideatly hit B when it says Smoke Screen online for a 
Bond Moment. Now you come on a sharp turn to the right, so slow
down. Dominique yells out and a truck then blocks the road. To 
the right is a off road path- take it. Then when you see a gate
and are locked on, shoot a few missiles. Then go back onto the 
road and take out the baddie  car. You then come upon a blockade
of something: take the right path. After going over a huge jump,
you come upon an unfinished bridge. Hit B as you are about to 
hit the saw horses for a Bond Moment. Now you have clear view of
the Truck. Follow it and then when Q talks and is done, get 
close and hit B to end the mission.

Mission #2 The Exchange
Objective: Breach the Castle Walls

You start off on top of a bridge thingie. First off, silence your 
weapon for stealth. Now go down the stairs behind you, and make
the enemy surrender by putting your gun to his back. After you 
get his covert, kill him. Now follow the path, and you come upon 
a gaurd station. Snipe down the enemies, two on ground, one 
in an elevated window. Take him out first. Keep following the 
road, and you come to more gaurds. Take them out. You have two 
options here: Take the road to the left, or go through the 
doors. I say you should take the path, as it may be longer, but
its rewarding, and gets you further into the next part. 

When it shows an action at the top corner, hit A. Then move to 
the left. Dont let go of A. After your done, at the corner, 
stay upon the top part of the path. You eventually have to jump
down and hit Y. Move the Control Stick to the Left. Once you 
land, keep moving, You come upon three windows. Hit A and move 
slowly. Once both gaurds have passed and are away, go from one 
to the other. Once Past all three, you get a Bond Moment. After
following the path and going around a bend, you come to a gap. 
Grapple. You can see a whole in a wall up ahead. Go into it, up
the stairs and across the beam for some ammo. Cross back and go
through the door.

Objective: Find a path inside to the party. 
From here, silence your weapon and head straight towards a door. 
Kill the enemy that comes out, or go around the back side and 
make him surrender. But you may not get time. If you have a gold, 
for this mission, a Bond Moment is further down after the door.
Go down the stairs and take out any spotlight and enemy in your 
way. Right away on the left is a passage. Take it. You see oil 
drums. Leave them. An enemy should be walking around, and go 
through a U path at the end and make him surrender. Go slowly, 
as he may see you. Now from the oil drums, take the passage and 
go through the door.

Objective: Find a path inside to the party.
Upon going through here, you see two enemies talking. Crouch 
and go up to them and shoot them without mercy. From here, go 
back down and go to a path that has a truck. Stealthly go
around and kill the gaurd, not harming the guy. You can go
down the steps and get tow gaurds, but you need to of gotten a 
gold medal for the mission.If you have, there is a 007 Bonus.
Back in the starting area, from the stairs take the path.
After killing the enemies, go up the stairs and into a small 
room. Here is ammo, armor, and a box. Go to it with your laser 
and cut the green switch for a Bond Move. Go through the door 
and up more steps. Kill the enemies, and jump down. Take the
path closest to the door that is locked. Now take out the enemy
and go through the passage to the door.
Objective: Rendezous with under cover agents and maintian 
cover as a party guest.
M tell you to not use weapons. Follow the carpet, past guests.
Eventually you come to a room with Kiko. Keep going. At a door,
Rook comes out. Just ignore him and go through the door. Take 
the stairs and go through the door. Walk a bit and watch a
cut scene. Now you have to go the library. Backtrack. The door
Rook came out of is blocked, so take the other door into the
library. Watch a cut scene with Dominque and Zoe Nightshade. 
Take the armor and any ammo. You are now allowed to use a 
side arm. Silence it and go back out the door you enetered.
Before two guards were standing in front of a hallway. Take it.
Once past the door, you come to some gaurds. Kill them. If you
have the Golden P2K and are feeling good, take them all out in
one go with one clip. Go through the other door and up the steps,
Taking out guards. Go though the door and right to the right is
another door. Take it and watch a cut scene.

Objective: Spy on secret meeting.
Once past the cutscene if you feel good take out the enemies
with one clip. One guy is by a door. Take that door.
You come on two enemies in a stairwell. Four shots, and go 
through the door. Take out two enemies, pull out laser and cut 
the deactivate the door gaurd system.
Pull out a weapon and go cause some chaos. Pull out your laser 
and aim at the two locks on a cabinet. Take whats inside and
go down the stairs. Take out the enemies and keep going. 
More enemies await you here. Go down through the door and take
out all the enemies. You can get armor and proceed down steps 
if you wish. If you beat the level and got a gold, there is a 007
Bonus. Well then go into the gondola with Zoe. After a cutscene,
the thing stops and here comes Rook with a helicopter. 
Crouch and pull out your Sentinal. Three hits and mission over.

Mission #3 Alpine Escape
Objective: Escape from Drake's Castle Countdown

After the cutscene you start on a Snow Mobile. You ahve to take 
out the enemies while Zoe is assembling a bomb. The garage door
straight ahead opens. Blow up the cars from bullets and any gas
cans by enemies. Then the door to the left opens. Explode the gas
can to take them all out. Once they are gone, three or more 
enemies come out in the front door. Switch to missiles and shoot
the tanker thing for a Bond Moment. The door on the right opens, 
shoot the two gas cans. Then a cutscene commenses and you take 
off. You are not driving, so you get any 007 bonuses (if have
a gold medal for mission), missiles and ammo. You come upon 
a small gaurd station, blow up the fuel cans. Now you come to a 
tower. Dont bother. Shoot the fuel cans for a Bond Moment. 
After another cutscene, hit Y to do a 180. Take out the three
Snow mobiles. Zoe yells out, shoot the truck above you and go 
through the tunnel below. After another cutscene, zoom in on an
oncoming Snow Mobile. Shot it to bits. Go to the left, then behind 
for enemies. Now you come upon a wall, shoot ahead for a fuel
can. You go into a cutscene where guard close the gate. Shoot
above the gate for two rocket launchers. Then switch to missiles
and blow up the gate. Keep the missiles as your weapon.
After a cutscene, blow up the helicopter (for a Bond Moment?).
You now go through a Skii Resort, and then a cutscene commenses.
Take out two enemies right away after. Now you come to a frozen
river with a bastard shooting missiles at you. Shoot him up,
then the final cutscene commenses with a Mission over (as in
you completed it).

*---------------2.2 Missions 4-6-------------------------------*

Mission #4 Enemies Vanquished
Objective: Rendezvous with Q at the extraction Point

You have five minutes to complete this mission.
After the first cutscene (so many!) you are in your car.
You cannot destroy civilians or police here sadly. You come 
upon the classic billboard with a police car. You your smoke
scren for a Bond Moment. After more enemies you can shoot
at what looks like a short cut (locked on). Take it for a Bond 
Moment. After a jump you go through a building. You come abck to 
the road with more enemies. I suggest you save your missiles for
later. You come upon another police car, use your smoke screen
for another Bond Moment. You then come to a roadblock, merge 
off road to the right with some armor. Pick it up. After a jump
a few snowmobiles come out. With your machine gun it adds up on 
them. Two more then come out, and soon after a third. A fourth
soon comes out, the other three should be done. After a large 
jump no matter what any enemies will die. Q comes on talking, and
three copters and mobiles come in a cut scene. Switch to missiles
and fire away. Armor and missile pickups can be found here.
Once everyone is dead, you completed the mission.

Mission #5 Double Cross
Objective: Escort Mayhew to bunker

Embrace yourself for the worst mission
A cutscene starts right away a nice cutscene where you see a lot 
of Kiko (skip it if you dont wanna see it). Kiko gets a call that 
their have been intruders. She  leaves then, and Bond pulls out 
his weapon. Right when you start playing Yakuza's break through 
the glass and start shooting. Their are three. Easily take them 
out. You must not let Mayhew get shot, along with anyone else 
thats innocent. Go onto the deck area thing and over into 
another door.

Mission #6 Night Shift
Objective: Dont let the Security Guards raise alarm

You use stealth this mission. You can punch, stun, or use this
dart gun to knock out the INNOCENT guards (meaning they aren't
evil, dont kill them). Later in the mission you can kill though.
To start, knock out the guard in front of you. Now turn around
and go to a doorway. Note there is a guard in here. Shoot him,
as he may trigger the alarm (bigger threat). Now once your here,
take out any guards. There is two doorways over on the side.
There are 2-3 guards around here, so watch out. In the corner is
a 007 Bonus. Now, procede to the doorway that was opposite where
you came in from. Hit A by both computers, get the armor, and
an 007 bonus (I believe theres one here). Now, go to the elevators.
How? Where you came out of the last room, to the right. After
your back to controlling Bond, duck and go out this door. You 
are looking for a room with a glowing red computer. After 
exploring the floor, you will come upon an oval hall with a few
doors, and a camera. Q alerts you to not get in its beam, or a 
deadly 50 Cal. machine gun will reign bullets on you. If you do,
just go into a room. There is a room with a decoder thing on the
left wall. Thats where you want to go.

*---------------2.3 Missions 7-9-------------------------------*

Mission #7 Chain Reaction
Objective: Investigate Building ST1

Sniping is the main key to this round.
Starting off snipe some guards, three. You can go through this
side or turn around and head to the other side. Use you laser on
the locks and go through for a Bond Moment. Their are around 7
enemies here, most with K40s or Storms, both suckish weapons. 
Once their down, look on a lower level for some barrels and a
projector. Jump down to this and take a picture with the Micro
Camera to complete the first objective.

Mission #8 Phoenix Fire


Mission #9 Deep Descent

Embrace yourself for the hardest mission in the game. Why? If you
die you start from the begining. And at the end their is a sub
that is impenetrable seemingly. 

*---------------2.4 Missions 10-12-----------------------------*

Mission #10 Island Infilitration


Mission #11 Countdown

Embrace yourself for the longest mission in the game.

Mission #12 Equinox
Objective: Defeat Drake before the base goes critical

The mission is launched when you take out the first two guards.
(Otherwise you'd never get all the 007 Tokesn >.>) Drake does
some talking, blah blah blah. In the top corner is the base.
At the top are two squares. When these blink red, it means enemies
have came out. Drake says their reserves. They can'y hit the 
broad side of a barn. Moving on, the 8 circles below are the 8
rockets. The direction of this is when your facing the window
with Drake (sadly you cant send a overcharge to finish him now).
A rocket comes up, so go over to it. While you wait, dispatch
any enemies you can. After a loading light thing finishes, a thing
opens. Shoot it three times. The next one comes up. Finish it.
Then a third one. Now a fourth and fifth come off at the same time
but you can manage. Three lefts. All of em go off for a not-so-
hard-yet-they-want-you-to-think-its-hard challenge. I suggest you
take the two at the top out first, but either works. Then after 
a mishap, the base goes critical. You have about a minute to 
destroy the man who breaks the laws of physics, Drake. He shoots
rockets at you (in space...). Hit him around 3 times to beat the
level. Now watch the ending to see Alura and Bond finally get it 
on. Now everything is checked off, so watch the hour long credits

Congratulations! You have now beat yet another game. James Bond:
Everything or Nothing comes next on the Bond list, and its for
Gamecube. So stop sitting on your ass (unless your standing) and
go get it, as its extremely long but fun. ^.^
:							       :
:			*3.00 Section 3*		       :
:							       :
:							       :

*---------------3.1 Weapons and sets---------------------------*

The weapons in the game can be accesed from Nightfire mode.
Press Y and go to Weapons to view them.
Sets can be seen in Multiplaer when you are adjusting the options
of the game and that.
Ill start with the weapons.

: Weapons :
Name: Name of the weapon
Description: How the game describes it.
Alternate Fire: If it has an alternate fire, what it is.
Clip: Size of the clip
Type: Category the weapon falls under

Name: Wolfram PP7
Description: Standard Issue 7 52mm (thats bigger than M16 clips)
Alternate Fire: Silenced
Clip: 7
Type: Hand gun

Name: Golden Gun
Description: The Ultimate Handgun. Devastating Damage but slow 
reload time after each shot.
Alternate Fire: None
Clip: 1
Type: Hand Gun

Name: K-40
Description: Basic sidearm of Drake's Private Army. Not very 
Alternate Fire: 3 Round Bursts
Type: Hand Gun

Name: Deutsche M9K
Description: Sub-machine gun firing in three round bursts
Alternate Fire: Unsilenced (starts with silencer)
Clip: 21
Type: Sub Machine Gun

Name: Strom M32
Description: Fully Automatic Machin pistol. Larger clip makes up
for it low damage and accuracy.
Alternate Fire: Semi.
Clip: 32
Type: Machine Pistol

Name: SG5 Commando
Description: Assault rile either with telescopic sights or 
Alternate Fire: Laser sight
Clip: 30 (both)
Type: Assault Rifle

Name: Aims 20
Description: Advanced weapon system with telescopic sight.
Switch between burst firing rifle and rapid grenade launcher.
Alternate Fire: Grenade Launcher
Clip: Rifle 30, Grenade Launcher 6,
Type: Other

Name: Frinesi Automatic 12
Description: Combat shotgun, most efective at close range.
rapid fire mode is fast but very inaccurate.
Alternate Fire: Automatic
Clip: 8
Type: Shot Gun

Name: Covert Sniper Rifle
Description: Silenced Military Sniper Rifle with lethal clip.
Alternate Fire: None
Clip: 5 (after upgrade: 10)
Type: Sniper Rifle

Name: Tactical Sniper Rifle
Description: Long range military sniper rifle with lethal clip.
Alternate Fire: none
Clip: 5 (after upgrade: 10)
Type: Snipr Rifle

Name: Militek Mark 6 MGL
Description: Drum Fred weapon firing high explosives in arching 
Alternate Fire: Delay Grenade
Clip: 6
Type: Grenade Launcher

Name: AT-420 Sentinal 
Description: Military Missile Launcher that rapid fires unguided
Alternate Fire: Guided missile
Clip: 4
Type: Rocket Launcher

Name: AT-600 Scorpion
Description: Military Missile Launcher that rapid fires unguided
Alternate Fire: Heat Seaking missile
Clip: 4
Type: Rocket Launcher

Name: Phoenix Samuri
Description: Expiremental Phoenix Weapon capable of massive
damage. Must cool down when overheated.
Alternate Fire: Overcharge
Clip: One beam does about 13, max is 100 (overcharge is 100)
Then at 100 cools off and never ending. 
Type: Other

Name: Frag Grenade
Description: Explosive Grenade that damages anyone within radius.
Good for multiple enemies.
Alternate Fire: None
Clip: N/A
Type: Hand Held Grenade

Name: Smoke Grenade 
Description: Produces a cloud of smoke that upsets enemy aim and
cloaks your movement
Alternate Fire: none
Clip: N/A
Type: Hand Held Grenade

Name: Stun Grenade
Description: Temporarily blinds and stuns enemy producing you
with an opertunity to get away.
Alternate Fire: none
Clip: N/A
Type: Hand Held Grenade

Name: Satchel Charge
Description: Contains plastic explosives which can be placed on
an object and detonated on a timer
Alternate Fire: Add time to detonation before set
Clip: N/A
Type: Explosive

Name: Remote Mine
Description: Anti Personal device that sticks to any object
Alternate Fire: Detonate (any that are set)
Clip: N/A
Type: Explosive

Name: Laser Tripbomb
Description: Laser-activated bomb that explodes when something
crosses its beam
Alternate Fire: none
Clip: N/A
Type: Exlposive

: Vehicle :

Name: JL-7 Weapon System
Vehicle: Snow mobile
Description: Duel Weapon platform combines a rapid fire 20mm 
cannon and mini rocket launcher

Name: V12 Missile System
Vehicle: Aston Martin V12
Description: Custom Q-Designed infared guided missile system 
located in hidden compartments under the car hood

Name: V12 Torpedo Launcher
Vehicle: Aston Martin V12 underwater
Description: Advanced torpedo system for use against underwater 
targets. Torpedoes are self guided or can be set by remote 

Name: V12 Q-Charge
Vehicle: Aston Martin V12 underwater
Description: A compact limpet mine that can be used to destroy
underwater targets. Timed Fuse

Name: Combat Utility Vehicle
Vehicle: Sports Utility Vehicle
Description: Armored Sports utility vehicle features specially
developed missile/cannon system

Name: D-1400 Weapon System
Vehicle: Fighter Plane
Description: 20mm twin barrel cannon combined with an advanced
heat seaking missile launcher

:  Sets   :

Name of set
Description: What the game says about the set
Starting Weapon: Starting weapon
Other Weapons: Other weapons in the set. Usually 3-4 more.
Mounted Weapon: If you have it turned on, two mounted weapons
will appear according to the set.

Description: Complete with a healthy balance of weapons from 
different casses
Starting weapon: P2K(checking)
Other weapons: SG5, Auto 12, Tactical Sniper, Sentinal
Mounted Weapon: Heat Seaking Rocket

Description: Fight with handguns only for a wild west shoot out
Starting Weapon: PP7
Other Weapons: P2K, K-40, Raptor 5.0, Golden Gun
Mounted Weapon: Machine Gun

Description: The map favors sub-automic machine guns and assault
Starting Weapon: Storm
Other weapons: M9K, SG5, Auto 12, Ronin
Mounted Weapon: Sub Machine Gun

Description: Put your aiming skills to the test and fight with 
only weapons that have telescopic sights.
Starting Weapon: Raptor
Other Weapons: Delta Repeator, Tactic Sniper, Covert Sniper,
Mounted Weapon: Explosive Beam (not the overcharge)

Explosives 1
Description: Throw Percussion to the wind and fight with things
that go boom.
Starting Weapon: Militek
Other Weapons: Sentinal, Scorpion, Aims 20, Tripbomb
Mounted Weapon: Heat seeking Rocket

Explosives 2
Description: Hand-held Explosive Devices only.
Starting Weapon: Stun Grenade
Other Weapons: Frag Grenade, Remote Mine, Tripbomb, Satchel 
Mounted Weapon: Grenade

MI6 Operative
Description: Weaponry of Her Majesty's Secret Service
Starting Weapon: PP7
Other Weapons: Delta Repeater, Covert Sniper, Remote Mine,
Golden Gun (all silenced)
Mounted Weapon: Delay Grenade

Phoenix Weapons
Description: Arms for Drake's Private Army
Starting Weapon: K-40
Other Weapons: Aims 20, Tactical Sniper, Samuri
Mounted Weapon: Samuri Beam

State of the Art
Description: Latest in High Tech Armament
Starting Weapon: Aims 20
Other Weapons: Sentinal, Samuri, Tripbomb, Satchel Charge
Mounted Weapon: Samuri Beam

Cloak and Dagger
Description: Equip yourself for Covert Warfare
Starting Weapon: M9K
Other Weapon: S65 (silenced), Covert Siper, Remote Mine, Delta
Mounted Weapon: Overcharge (A shot like Samuri's Overcharge)

Description: Play with randomly selected weapons (not a set...
any weapon arragement)
Starting Weapon: Random
Other Weapons: Random
Mounted Weapon: Both random

*---------------2.2 Rewards------------------------------------*

Here is the rewards for the missions.
Remember, I may not have perfect feel  free to let me
know something via email.

Mission 1
Reward Card: Dominique
MP Skin: Jaws
Upgrade: Missile
MP Skin: Renard

Mission 2
Reward Key: Zoe Nightshade
MP Skin: Oddjob
Upgrade: Pistol
MP SKin: Baron Samedi

Mission 3
Reward Card: Military Snowmobile
MP Scenario: Assassination
MP Mode: Grapple
MP Skin: Max Zorin

Mission 4
Reward Card: Vanquish
MP Skin: Scaramanga
Upgrade: Camera
MP Skin: May Day

Mission 5
Reward Card: Mayhew
MP Scenario: Uplink
Upgrade: Sniper Rifle
MP Skin: Xenia Onatopp

Mission 6
Reward Key: Kiko
MP Scenario: Team King of the Hill
Upgrade: Pistol
MP Skin: Christmas Jones

Mission 7
Reward Card: Rook
MP Skin: Wai Lin
Upgrade: Dart Gun
MP Skin: Goldfinger

Mission 8:
Reward Card: Alura
MP Scenario: Demolition
Upgrade: Pistol
MP Skin: Drake Suit

Mission 9:
Reward Card:
MP :
MP Skin

Mission 10:
Reward Card:
MP :
MP Skin:

Mission 11: Countdown
Reward Card: Drake
MP Mode: Explosive Scenery
Upgrade: Laser
MP Skin: Pussy Galore

Mission 12:
Reward Card: James Bond
MP Skin: Bond Space Suit
Upgrade: Sniper Rifle
MP Scenario: GoldenEye Strike

*---------------2.3 Q Branch-----------------------------------*

Q Branch makes all of Bond's cool high tech gadgets.
These are the gadgets used:

Discharges high voltage electircal current that temporarily 
knocks out openents

Lets you quietly cut through locks and hinges

Shoots a high tension wire wich can be attached to special 

Micro Camera
Provides magnified servailence as well as the ability to 
photograph sensitive materials.

A sophisticated micro computer that allows you to bypass 
electronic locks

Installs vital codes that allows MI6 to recieve data from
foriegn computer systems

A remotely detonated grenade that temporarily blinds and stuns

Phoenix Ronin
An automatic-gun that can be used as a entry to protect an area

Koraskov K5
Fires a powerful sensitive laced dart capably of 
tranquillizaling an openent

VE Glasses
Provides the ability to see openets in the dark

: Vehicle :

Rear deployed smoke emmision. Use this to through enemies off 

Custom high performance dual turbo charger. Adds significant
acceleration when you need it most.

Hydrolic lift system raises the car into two wheels. A way to 
get out of a tight spot.

Produces a high energy electormagnetic pulse that fires 
electronic systems. Stops enemy vehicles whole.

*---------------2.4 Multiplayer--------------------------------*

Multiplayer is the best part about this game. You can play with
up to four people. You first decide which save file name your 
gonna play as, then you can pick the scenario and place, then
what team you are on. After that you can set all the modes like
weapon sets and that. Then you can fight. Matches are really fun,
and be sure to test out all of the modes!

*+*---2.4.1 Characters---+*+

You can unlock many characters from the Bond Movies.
Here are the MI6 Multi unlockables.

:   MI6   :

Pussy Galore.
Glamourus Stunt Pilot

Christmas Jones
The world's sexiest nuclear physicist.

Wia Lin
Chinese under cover agent.

: Phoenix :

He loves only gold.

Anarchist who feels no pain.

The man with the gloden gun

Xenia Onatopp
Mercany with a taste of violence

May Day
Exotic Assasin

Elektra King
Corporate heiress out for revenge

Hulky assasin with razor sharp teeth

Baron Samedi
Voodoo master with unchany powers

Silent and fearsome bodyguard to Auric Goldfinger

Nick Nack
Scramanga's henchman

Max Zorin
This former KGB agent is a physocitc genuis.

*+*---2.4.2 Modes and Arenas---*+*

:  Modes  :

There are game modes you can choose. Some need to be unlocked,
so keep that in mind!

Quick Game. Three enemies await you in the arena.

Arena. Death Match involving free for all combat.

Team Arena. Same as arena except players are grouped into teams.

Capture the Flag. Steal Enemy flag and return it to your base.

Uplink. Activate Satelites around the level with your team.

Top Agent. Run out of lives and your out of the game!

Demolition. MI6 Attack a site while Phoenix Defend.

Protection. Phoenix attack a site while MI6 Defend.

Industrial Espoinage. Retrieve blue prints and return them to

:  Arenas  :

These are the places you can play at. 

Skyrial. Use the cable car for a tactical advantage at this 
deserted skii resort.

Fort Knox. Life is cheap within the walls of Fort Knox, but
actions are worth their weight in gold.

Snow Blind. Expect a cold reception in this extensive maze of
medieval tunnels and courtyards.

Phoenix Base. Battle in Drake's secret underwater base.

Atlantis. Join the feeding frenzy inside the classic Atlantis 
ocean base.

Missile Silo. Blast your way through four floors of oposition 
inside this this tall missile silo.

Sub pen. Dive into this sub pen and into the submarina itself in
search of enemy agents.

Ravine. Ride the cable cars between aposing cliff top bases.

*---------------3.5 007 Bonuses--------------------------------*
After you achieve a Gold Medal on a mission, you can go back
to try to get a Platinum medal and can now get 007 Bonuses.
They are just a Gold 007 that shine and rotate, found throughout
levels. If you can't get the Gold medal (later missions most 
likely), just beat the game to unlock them on EVERY mission.

Level: Paris Prelude
For this mission, they are all when you are driving.
007 Bonus 1: Side of road after first curve
007 Bonus 2: When a truck blocks your route, and you go into a
walkway, immeadiatly to the left.
007 Bonus 3: When you atch air (not from Q Boost), in middle of 
007 Bonus 4: After the birdge jump, take the path the truck did.
Right away to the left is where this one is.

Level: The Exchange
007 Bonus 1: From the start, go back from the bridge. At the end
lays this token. 
007 Bonus 2: Once you get in, by where the truck is, go down 
into the cellar. Over in the far left corner, it is behind a box.
007 Bonus 3: If you took the path, the door you come out of, walk
straight until anopther door. It lies right in front.'
007 Bonus 4: In the library (where you meet up with Dominique)
over in the corner.
007 Bonus 5: In the study (the room containing the door with
the eye isigna on it), by the fireplace
007 Bonus 6: In the room with the meeting, go out the window 
and turn around. 
007 Bonus 7: By the gondolas, there is a stairwell. Go down it 
to a room with guards. In the corner is this token.

Level: Equinox
007 Bonus 1: From the start, look up. In the center of a rotating
thing, lies this token.
007 BOnus 2: Under the platform, on either side between rockets
007 BOnus 3: Opposite from #2
007 BOnus 4: From the start, turn around. Close to the edges of 
the plafform
007 Bonus 5: Opposite # 4
007 Bonus 6: From #4, look down. Really far down lies this token
007 BOnus 7: Next to #6

*---------------3.6 Cheat Codes--------------------------------*
These are the cheat codes I know of. I suggest you wait until you
beat the game to use them, as they may ruin the game (story mode)
But for Multiplayer, they help a lot!

To enter a cheat code, from the main screen: Go to Options -> Your main save (mine is KAB) -> Cheat Codes. Then enter the code that says “Enter into passcode screen”

Vehicle Cheat codes
The following codes only work on vehicle levels:

Frantic mode 
pause the game, hold L and press X, Y, B, Y, X, release L.
Berserk mode
pause the game, hold L and press X, Y, Y, X, Y, B, release L.
Trailers mode
pause the game, hold L and press X, B, B, X, release L.
Double armor
pause the game, hold L and press B, Y, X, B, B, release L.
Triple armor
pause the game, hold L and press B, Y, X, B, B, B, release L.
Quadruple armor
pause the game, hold L and press B, Y, X, B, B, B, B, release L.
Super bullets
pause the game, hold L and press B, B, B, B, release L.
Faster game mode
pause the game, hold L and press X, Y, B, WHITE, X, Y, B, WHITE, release L.

The following codes only work on Enemies Vanquished.

Drive Shelby Cobra
pause the game, hold L and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, UP, release L.
Drive SUV
pause the game, hold L and press X, B, Y, X, Y, release L.
Bonus Alpine Race
pause the game, hold L and press B, B, X, X, Y, release L.

Level and weapon cheat codes

Select any level - Enter PASSPORT on the passcode screen.
Alpine Escape - Enter POWDER on the passcode screen.
Chain Reaction - Enter MELTDOWN on the passcode screen.
Countdown - Enter BLASTOFF on the passcode screen.
Deep Descent - Enter AQUA on the passcode screen.
Double Cross - Enter BONSAI on the passcode screen.
Enemies Vanquished - Enter TRACTION on the passcode screen.
Equinox - Enter VACUUM on the passcode screen.
Island Infiltration - Enter PARADISE on the passcode screen.
Night Shift - Enter HIGHRISE on the passcode screen.
Phoenix Fire - Enter FLAME on the passcode screen

All gadget upgrades
Enter Q LAB on the passcode screen.
Larger clip, sniper rifle
Enter MAGAZINE on the passcode screen.
Rifle scope upgrade
Enter SCOPE on the passcode screen.
Camera upgrade
Enter SHUTTER on the passcode screen.
Decrypter upgrade
Enter SESAME on the passcode screen.
P2K upgrade
Enter P2000 on the passcode screen.
Golden P2K
Enter AU P2K on the passcode screen.
Golden PP7
Enter AU PP7 on the passcode screen.
Grapple upgrade
Enter LIFTOFF on the passcode screen.
Laser upgrade
Enter PHOTON on the passcode screen.
Stunner upgrade
Enter ZAP on the passcode screen.
Tranq dart upgrade 
Enter SLEEPY on the passcode screen.
Car missile upgrade 
Enter LAUNCH on the passcode screen.

Multi Player Cheats

All Multi-player options - GAMEROOM
Unlock Assassination option - TARGET
Unlock Demolition option - TNT
Unlock Explosive Scenery option - BOOM
Unlock GoldenEye Strike option - ORBIT
Unlock Protection option - GUARDIAN
Unlock Team King Of The Hill - TEAMWORK
Unlock Uplink option - TRANSMIT
Unlock all characters - PARTY
Unlock Baron Samedi - VOODOO
Unlock Bond Spacesuit - ZERO G
Unlock Bond Tuxedo - BLACKTIE
Unlock Christmas Jones - NUCLEAR
Unlock Drake - NUMBER 1
Unlock Elektra King - SLICK
Unlock Goldfinger - MIDAS
Unlock Jaws - DENTAL
Unlock Max Zorin - BLIMP
Unlock Mayday - BADGIRL
Unlock Nick Nack - BITESIZE
Unlock Oddjob - BOWLER
Unlock Pussy Galore - CIRCUS
Unlock Renard - HEADCASE
Unlock Scaramanga - ASSASSIN
Unlock Wai Lin - MARTIAL
Unlock Xenia Onatopp - JANUS

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:			*4.00 Section 4*		       :
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*---------------4.1 Legal--------------------------------------*

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plajourizing. That is illegal and you can get in legal trouble
depending on how bad.
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*---------------4.2 Thanks to----------------------------------*

This is the place where I acknowledge people who helped me.

Nintendo- Making the Gamecube
Ian Felming- Creating James Bond
Nathan- Helping me with the Multiplayer and Gadget sections
You- For reading and enjoying this FAQ

*---------------4.3 Contact------------------------------------*

You can conteact me in these ways:

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