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Follow the dark path or use the light

Complete walkthrough of 007 nightfire

by decdec0

James Bond 007: Nightfire Walkthrough


All consoles{PS2, Gamecube, Xbox}


This walkthrough is for all consoles, since they are virtually the same, If you
are playing on PC, this will NOT help you, period, it is totally different. I am
keeping this straight to the point.


Table of Contents

3. Walkthrough
4. Cheats
5. Multiplayer


3. Walkthrough

Note: when I say “there are several guards here, collect the ammo” I assume you
know to shoot them.
Mission 1 - Paris Prelude

This is a very easy mission. You must protect Domininque Paradise. Shoot out the
tires of the first car, or shoot it a couple of times. If you stoot out the
tires the car spins out and takes out the other. If you blow it up, the other
crashes into a truck. Another guy drives into the scene, take care of him. Now
you fly out in front, take a long shot a the gunner, and move on. Dominque jumps
a construction ramp, shoot the blue clasp, this causes the pursuing vehicle to

Now you are driving. Use the Q-smoke. Follow the road taking out enemies as you
go. When you have the boost online use it you’ll need to get over the bridge.
Swerve right, don’t shoot the truck. Use the EMT projectile(Q-pulse) on the

***Mission Complete***
Note: Don’t shoot the truck!

Mission 2 - The Exchange

There are many ways in but this is the best. Head down the stairs. Make the
guard surrender, and knock him out. Use his sniper rifle to take out the sniper
in the tower to the left and/or right. Were the truck is stopped you can see
another guy. Run up the road a little you can see another guy patroling. Head up
the road until you can see the head of a guard were the truck is stopped now.
Then strafe left until you see another. You can gather up their ammo. Now from
this spot turn left, the road drops off. Head down there, press action and
strafe left, until you reach the other side, or use the grapple, or jump from
where the truck is. Get up along the wall follow the wall around to a wire, then
use the grapple in one spot. Now head through the hole in the wall, up the
steps. Now run along here a guard come out. Go down the steps where he was.
Snipe the guy directly a head. This is tricky swing right and shoot the guards
up there and move on. Inside an archway to the left there is another guard, wait
for him to go past. On Agent and 00 Agent there is a sniper above him.

Getting to the party is easy. Go up the steps and head through the door.

Back down go to the libary where the guards were before, and into the libary.

Pick up the armor on the table, you’ll need it. There are several guards, take
the ammo. When you open the door several more are here to take care of. Go up
the starirs and through the door.

Move to the window at the end of the hall, shooting a couple of guys. Go out a
head towards the edge, shoot the two there, jump down there are a bunch more.
Jump down there, gather up the ammo. Inside there are several more. Go up the
steps laser the panel at the door two more are inside. Laser the hinges on the
safe, and grab the chip, and Sentinel. There is armor on the bed. Go back
outside and enter the gondola building. Go down some more stairs, run into the
gondala and shoot out the windows. Use the Sentinel on the tail rotors of the

***Mission Complete***

Mission 3 - Alpine Escape

Several guard will attack from all directions, keep them away, while Zoe gets
the snowmobile started.

Bond Move- When guards appear underneath the gondola shoot the blue wheels,
where it is connected.

Bond Move- Some guards will appear by a gas tank, shoot the blue square

Swing around in the direction your are going in. Hit the barrels by the group of
guards. Shoot the barrels by a tower for a bond move. Take out the guys
pursuing. Concentrate on the gunner then move on. Shoot out the grating in the
colvert for a bond move. Now your playing chicken with another. The best way
here is to blast down the doors and cruise on by, or shoot the control panel and
the doors stay open(it is to the left). There is a helicopter on you. Worry
about the gunner not blowing up the helicopter other wise you will get caught
off guard. You’ve come to a chalet, obiviuosly the logical thing is to go
around, nope, remember your Bond, James Bond...

“Sorry, I forgot to make reservation”

A couple more guys, and thats it. Easy huh?

***Mission Complete***

Mission 4 - Enemies Vanquished

This mission is easy Im not going to go into great detail. When ever you see
enemies take em out. If a cop is in pursuit use the Q-smoke. Follow the road
until it goes left, keep on going straight up the steps, straight the restraunt,
there is some armor outside. When you come to a road block swerve  right. Once
you reach the pond take out everyone.

***Mission Complete***

Mission 5- Double Cross

Three guys bust through the window. Shoot the guards, gather the ammo. Go into
the next hall and go to the left, there is armor and cameras you can use. Two
guys run in. Now head back out and straight ahead, the guards are waiting for
you. Now you need to head to the right, there are two around the corner. Armor
is located on the other side of the door. More in the next room, some on the
balcony. Now Mayhew heads into his bunker. Armor on the bed. Also there his
ammo. Hop into the air ducks from the bed. A guard by a rock. There is a sniper
on the roof. Go in the water, find a tunnel under the house. There is a ladder,
to go up, also some armor. Follow the servent to find the guards. The other is
in the kitchen, shoot the lanterns, go across the wire. Go through the door,
several guards are here. Shoot the computer, and the guys in the kitchen, open
the glowing door.

A guy is in the doorway. A guy is in the bedroom, use the key at the safe.
Several more guards come in. There is armor in the bedroom. In the next room,
there are more guards. Up the stairs, you go, with a sniper across the
courtyard. Go back down, go to the doorway, with several more. Armor is on the
shelves in the open window in that area. Climb up the ladder, and go arcross the
rafters onto the roof. Several guys are below you, hop down. Open the door that
leads to the courtyard, at the otherside is a door.

Now you must put the ninja to rest. The best way is to use the Frinesi in auto
mode, and backup in a circle, and shoot him. Don’t let him close, since that
sword will carve your goose.

***Mission Complete***

Mission 6- Night shift

On this level punch the guards whenever you can, you need to conserve darts.

Follow the guard, and head up the elevator. There are guards all around the
lobby. Go for the security room. Inside press ACTION at each computer. There is
armor here. Go for the elevator don’t worry about the guards, unless they see

Go out the door find room 70E. Use the Q-worm on the red computer. Use the
Q-Decryptor on the door. You will find a moving laser, if they have been
activated, if they have use the blue mode of the glasses. Find the security
center. Unlock the exterior, another for the lasers, head for the stairs
outside. Go right. Wait for the elevator to stop at this level, and jump on.
When it stops at the top. Use ACTION to go through the grate. Exit the closet.
Don’t get caught in the path of the camera. Enter the main office, and use the
Q-Worm on the red computer, pick up the rocket launcher. Open the big metal
doors, press action for the console to rise. RUN, the sentry guns have been
activated, and guards will be swarming everywhere. Head for the stairs.

Run up the steps. You can pretty much ingnore the guards. Head for the
helicopter, grab the parachute inside and jump of the building.

***Mission Complete***

Mission 7- Chain Reaction

As you can see the previous sections have been very, very brief since, they are
fairly easy, now they will be more in depth.

Once you start take out 3 snipers that you can see. Then head around to the back
of the area and laser the hinges of the grate.
Drop down below. You can probably take out several guards with the sniper rifle,
but save the ammo. Once all of the guards are cleard drop down to the rocket
pack and use the micro camera. Press manual aim to use it. Now drop down the the
floor level and go out the door. There is a guy buy the tower around the corner.
Straight ahead is another guy way off in the distance. There is two guys on a
forklift. Head up the ladder and follow the wires over to a building. Now you
are in the second warehouse, take care of everyone here. Get to the fallen beam
and carefully walk across, the jump of to the left and go to the door. You need
to get to the crane. Take out the snipers in sight, wait until your armor is out
before picking up the armor. More armor is near the forklift. Head down there,
use the grapple from the top of the forklift to get to the crane. There are
several more snipers around you. Use the wire to get to the other crane.
Activate the crane. This swing the crane so you can climb up it and over to the
last warehouse. Swing left and pick up the armor. Activate the controls to get
the crane moving. Use the Grapple to hook the hook, to drop onto the crane. Ride
the crane to the prototype laser. Snap a picture quick and use the the laser to
get rid of the guards. Melt the door C-5. Now run over to the door, several
guards are blocking the hallway, take them out. Once you reach the end of the
hall you have completed the mission!

***Mission COMPLETE***

Mission 8- Phoenix Fire

 This mission is short but hard.

Jump through the busted window, and Q-Grapple to the elevator. Go through the
grate and drop into the janitors closet. Da za’ vu ?(major sp!) Guards are
swarming the place, clear them all and make your way to the main office and get
the code from the red computer. More guards will rush in. Head to the door to
the stairs. Use the code at the lock. Now you’ll want to drop a grenade down the
stairs. For the next set of steps do the same. Guards are sliding down the
ropes, shoot them before the get on the ground. Make your way down the steps.
Two guards have their backs to you, subdue them. Pick up the ronin. To the right
is a Ronin gun use a grenade to stun them, pick them up and redeploy it for your
uses. Make your way to 70E. Then using the code find your way to the security
center. Press ACTION at the computers, grab the armor and Scorpion. Head down
the elevator. A timed bomb drops in, use the laser to disarm it. Stay in the
elevator since guards blow up the cables. You land on the lobby floor. Run to
the security center and raise the doors. Now make a dash for the doors,
attacking guards on the way.


Mission 9- Deep Descent

Floor it and go into the ship. (Notice it says Malprave Ind.)
Go through the cavern. DON’T attack the subs, swing right. Use a remote torpedo,
and maneuver through the fans and hit the dish.
Now you can attack the subs. Some lasers trip wires, steer a torpedo through it
and hit little flashing box. Floor it through here to avoid the mines, the mines
cause a cave in, so don’t hit them. More trip wires, remember what to do? Floor
it through the next set of mines. Place charges on the missles, you have a
little over a minute. Ignore the subs and go through the door, now there is a
sub fleeing, stick close. He opens the doors, but the close after he passes
through. There is armor at the end of the tunnel. Now take out the attack sub.
Now start placing the bombs on the subs, now head for where the attack sub was.


Mission 10- Island Infiltration

Trek down the road until you reach a fork. Swing right once you see the
compound. Slow down. Stop at the gate the gate swings up. Drive nice and easy,
up the steps. Obtain the code. Head down the steps, swing right and pick up the
armor. Now head back out to the gate, and the gate doesn’t go up. So floor and
get out of there. Now take the left path, by swinging right. Take out the guys
shooting. You will reach a gate, upload the code. Now take out the sentinel.
Continue on to the next gate, upload. Take out the sentinel, from a distance and
the guys. Continue on until you see some bushes, go though them into a path.
Follow it, for some armor plus a quicker route to the next area, now take out
the sentinel, and the SUVs.

Now you are in the plane. Take out the bridge. Take out the planes, SUVs,
sentinels, and towers as you go. You eventually crash land.

Take control of the ULTRA SAM thingy. A tanks comes out, then planes, then more
planes, a tank behind you, more planes, another tank right in fron of you.
You’ll notice a sub has poped up. Take out the missle launcher on the right,
keep firing to sink it.


Mission 11- Countdown

This is the hardest one yet. Travel through the shaft and take out the guards.
Follow Kiko, into a room, and she locks you in. Listen to Alura, follow her
directions. When you see a door with a camera sign, Go in, laser the GREEN
wires, in the circuit box, and pick up the armor.
Destroy the circuit breakers, to unlock the room, that Kiko locks down. (SHOOT
THE GREEN WIRES ONLY)Then press action at the red computer. Now that the
explosions are done, go out the door. Elite teams are on the way, with the
AIMS-20. Save the grenades, keep going until you find rook.. Taking out Rook is
very hard, unless you save the grenades from the elite guys. About 6 and he's
done. Once he has his goose cooked. Use his Samuria and head for delta Sector.
Now head through the silos, watching out for laser trip wires. Go though the
door. Head up the stairs and and go in the side room, crouch to the other side
Shoot the guy there. Use the samurai to take out the guards. Run to the other
side, grab the armor and press action at the console in the middle. Go out the
door atthe bottom. Make your way to the control room in the center, stay there,
the doors will shut. Take out the ninja and guys. Stay in there, once the second
shuttle takes off there is more. Now a cutscene shows bond going up the
elevator. Run over to the door and press ACTION to  drop the gantry on Kiko.


MISSION 12- Equinox

Again this mission is short but hard.

Here you must take out the missles by shooting the couplings. When a missle is
ready to launch, take out the missles. Shoot the guards coming out while waiting
for the missles to launch. Once the missles are destroyed Darke comes out with a
rocket launcher. Shoot him once.


Bond will return...

This walkthrough is not as in depth, as my last one, but it will get you

4. Cheats

These are secret unlocks

All missions- PASSPORT

3 Powder
4 Traction
5 Bonsai
6 Highrise
7 meltdown
8 flame
9 aqua
10 paradise
11 blastoff
12 vacuum

Upgrades Q LAB


All Scenarios Gameroom
Explosive scenery - Boom

Puase and hold down left trigger(L1)

Cheat           XBox      NGC        PS2
Super Bullets   BBBB       XXXX       OOOO
Berserker       XYYXYB     BYYBYX     STTSTO

There are other usless ones also.