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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


We have 10 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC : Wii : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : Xbox 360 : PSP

You can also ask your question on our Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Questions & Answers page.

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Severus Snape Mini Task

For when you have to find the right book for the report you must complete for Snape, go to the library ( you can find it on the Marauders Map ) and head into the back of the restricted section ( fenced of area, access whenever needed ). On the back of the last righthand corner shelf, the book will be there. Press enter button and viola, all you have to do after this is go to Snape in the dungeons and press enter to have your report approved. Good Luck!

Portait Passwords

Found out how to get Slytherins password? Go to Harry's footbox take out invisability cloak then go to dungons 2 slytherins will say password they won't even know that you are down there.

Casting Spells

Hi. I'm new to this. I am trying to learn the spells at the very beginning of the game with Professor Lupin. I think that is who it is. Anyway, I am supposed to help Ron pack his stuff up but I can't get Wingardium Leviosa to work. Am I supposed to use the analog a ver specific way? Please Help me.


If you can't find any more things to discover but don't have 100% just hold down the circle button, look around and when you see items flashing you can discover them it helps alot!
Hope I helped

Ok, if you can't find everything in an area or s..

Ok, if you can't find everything in an area or section hold down O(circle) and look around. Usually it will light you stuff you need to do and vibrate toward that direction. Which means when you point that direction. Hope this helps someone.

Luna'a Losts Belongings

If you are wondering where Lunas stuff is then here is a list:
1 - Great Hall on a table in the middle.
2 - In the entrance court yard on the right there is a patch of leaves on thier
own. Wingardium Leviosa the broom and sweep up the leaves.
3 - In the clock courtyard by the fountain.
4 - On the table in the Libary.
5 - In the Viaduct Entrance near the painting.
Hope This Helps


There is one near dean. There is one near the viaduct. There is one up the way to the defence against the dark arts room. There is one on the 4th floor can't be bothered with the rest there easy to find

Room of Rewards

Unlockable Trophies in the Room of Rewards
When you have successfully completed the following tasks the corresponding trophies will become unlocked in the Room of Rewards
18 cups are unlockable, for each one there are specific task, just read on to find out what is required for each one.
Architecture Cup
Get all 12 Hogwart's Emblems.
Characters Cup
You need to talk to each of the 58 characters at Hogwart's.
Defense against the Dark Arts Cup
Cast all defensive spells in 6 duels.
Exploding Snap Cup
Beat both the Exploding Snap Champions.
Explorer Cup
Explore all the different areas of Hogwart's.
Famous Wizards and Witches Cup
Find all of the 15 Wizard Plaques.
Friends of the Year Cup
COmplete the game while having found all of Luna's lost items.
Golden Gobstone Cup
Deafeat all four of the Gobstone Champions.
Grandmasters Cup
Defeat all three of the wizard chess Champions.
Homework Cup
Complete all teachers' sub-quests.
House Ghost Cup
Find all four ghosts.
Nature Trail Cup
Find all of the animal footprints.
Ornithology Cup
Find all five flying animals.
Portrait Password Cup
Get all 12 portrait passwords.
School Pride Cup
There are 55 chores to complete, for this cup you need to finsh them all.
Secret Statue Cup
Discover all 12 wizard chess statues.
Smuggler's Cup
Discover all 12 of Fred & George's secret packages.
Studious Success Cup
Get top grade in all lessons.
Flying Creatures for Room of Rewards
Collect the following flying creatures for the Room of Rewards.
Found at the bridge at the Viaduct.
Found at the Stone Circle.
Found at the boathouse.
Found in a desk in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. Bats:
Found below the Stone Bridge (at the Stone Bridge light ALL the torches with Incendio and then climb down the pipe to the bottom to find them).


Move Faster:
During gameplay press the run button (X) to move faster along ledges and climbing up and down drainpipes. This is particularly useful when climbing down the drainpipes as you will slide down them ike a fireman.
Using Spells on Objects:
Whenever you see an object start to light up cast spells on it until you use the correct one and then repeat the spell on the others. If you see a student light up hold R1 and cast a Dueling spell.

Luna's lost Belongings Side QUest:
At the Entrance hall talk to Luna to recieve this side quest. Her lost items are at the following locations:
1) On the table in the Great Hall.
2) Use the broom to sweep the leaves on the right side of Entrance Courtyard.
3) In front of the fountain in the Clock Tower Courtyard.
4) On the table in the Library.
5) In front of the bookcase next to the stuttering portrait at the Viaduct Entrance.

Talking Gargoyles Side Quest:
Look in the following areas to find the 5 Talking Gargoyles for Dean.
1) Where Dean is standing in the Transfiguration Courtyard.

2) When you walk up the spiral staircase to the 'Defenses Against the Dark Arts' classroom.
3) On the stone pathway leading to the the Viaduct.

4) Go up the stairs and go the left of the portrait on the 4th floor. Then go through the door on the left and run to the end of the balcony.
5) Up the Stairs in the Paved Courtyard.

Hidden Talking Goblins

In the game you have to get people around Hogwarts to form the 'DA' and for some people before they join you have to do missions for them.
For Dean Thomas you have to find 5 talking gargoyles which are stone goblin like statues that talk.
I know where four of them are I'm sorry about the fifth I couldn't find it.
Here are their locations
1. There is one on your right when you are walking up to Defence against the dark arts.
2. If you leave through the main entrance to Hogwarts and walk across a stone bridge there is one at the end.
3. When you get to the end of the bridge take a right and then another right and there is a path. When you get to the end of the path there is a a large court yard and some broking stairs, use 'REPARO' on the stairs and walk up them, lighting fries and fixing the path as you go on and there will be another Gargoyle there.
4. The final one that I know about is in the 'Transfiuration courtyard' which is where you first spoke to Dean ( the person that you done all of this for )

Hope I helped.
Enjoy the rest of the game.

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