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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



by bodo_parkour

                      ___ ___ 
                     /   |   \_____ ______________ ___.__.
                    /    ~    \__  \\_  __ \_  __ <   |  |
                    \    Y    // __ \|  | \/|  | \/\___  |
                     \___|_  /(____  /__|   |__|   / ____|
                           \/      \/              \/   
                   __________       __    __  
                   \______   \_____/  |__/  |_  ___________ 
                    |     ___/  _ \   __\   __\/ __ \_  __ \
                    |    |  (  <_> )  |  |  | \  ___/|  | \/
                    |____|   \____/|__|  |__|  \___  >__|
                    ------------------------------ \/
                     and the Order of the Phoenix

                    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
                                   Nintendo DS
                                  Version  1.32
                                 By bodo_parkour


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Game Basics
    - Story
    - Important Features
4. Controls
5. Walkthrough
    - 0000 -   Surrey
    - 0001 -   Number 12, Grimnauld Place
    - 0002 -   Talk to Hermione
    - 0003 -   The Welcome Feast
    - 0004 -   Potions Class
    - 0005 -   Finding Angelina
    - 0006 -   Defence Against the Dark Arts
    - 0007 -   Retrieve Hermione's Book
    - 0008 -   Charms Class
    - 0009 -   The Room of Requirement
    - 0010 -   Finding the DA Members
    - 0011 -   Astronomy Homework Meeting
    - 0012 -   Hagrid
    - 0013 -   Finding More DA Members
    - 0014 -   Careers Appointment
    - 0015 -   Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
    - 0016 -   Occlumency
    - 0017 -   The New Headmistress
    - 0018 -   The Ministry of Magic
6. Duelling
7. Mini-games
    - Exploding Snap
    - Gobstones
    - Transfiguration Class
    - Potions Class
    - History of Magic Class
    - Charms Class
    - Astronomy Class
    - Divination Class
    - Herbology Class
    - Care of Magical Creatures Class
8. Multiplayer
9. GBA Version Differences
10. Conclusion

 1. Introduction

Hi, and welcome to my FAQ for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This
is the first Harry Potter title for a portable Nintendo system to play in 3D,
and quite frankly, it isn't very good. FAQing this game could prove more
difficult than I expected seeing as the camera controls are horrible, and it's
really difficult to tell where you are going sometimes. I'll try my best

As usual, if you've got any comments, anything to add, or if you think I've
missed anything out, you can email me using my email address, found in the
conclusion of this FAQ...

 2. Version History

Version 0.80 - 6th August 2007 - 31kb
Covered up to "Occlumency" in the Walkthrough.

Version 1.00 - 7th August 2007 - 38kb
Completed the Walkthrough and one of the subsections. Updated the copyright
information and added my contact contact details to the conclusion.

Version 1.10 - 14th August 2007 - 39kb
Added a short section detailing the multiplayer functions of the game.

Version 1.20 - 15th August 2007 - 45kb
Added a new section detailing the various classes in the game. Updated the
Duelling section to include a spells list. Made one or two formatting changes.

Version 1.30 - 16th August 2007 - 48kb
Added the Game Basics section, added a spoiler warning and a concluding
paragraph to the walkthrough.

Version 1.31 - 20th August 2007 - 49kb
Added a section on GBA version differences, and some information on Single
Card Multiplayer.

Version 1.32 - 30th June 2008 - 50kb
Added pwnGuide to the list of sites allowed to host this FAQ and added a short
section to the end of the walkthrough about what to do after you complete the
story. I've also had some of the Multiplayer information verified.

 3. Game Basics


I've taken the 'Story' section straight from the instruction booklet.

From the Dementor attack on Little Whinging to the epic battle at the Ministry
of Magic, experience all of the harrowing action of Harry's fifth year at
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the wizarding world in denial
about Voldemort's return, Harry recruits a small group of his fellow students
and secretely trains them in practical defensive magic. The group name
themselves 'Dumbeldore's Army'.

Take up Harry's wand and explore the dark corridors, secret rooms and extensive
grounds of Hogwarts. Compete in After School Games, talk to enchanted portraits
and use your Nintendo DS stylus like a wand to perfect your spell-casting. So
sharpen your wizarding skills, boost your courage and prepare yourself to
battle Lord Voldemort and his fearsome Death Eaters in Harry's most dangerous
and demanding year yet.

Important Features

   Harry's Compass
   There is a small white glove in the corner of the screen during gameplay.
   This will always point you where to go which makes sure you never get lost
   due to the dodgy camera angles used in the game, and it will also keep this
   game extremely easy, seeing as you will never have to find anything

   The Noticeboard
   In the Gryffindor Common Room is a blackboard. On this, you can play the
   after school games.

   Folio Universitas
   This is Harry's Inventory Screen. You can view production stills from the
   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, and you can see how many
   of the chocolate frogs and other items scattered round the school you have
   collected on your adventure so far.

 4. Controls

 Directional pad - Move Harry
        A button - Cycle through text
 L and R buttons - Access Folio Universitas
    START button - Pause the game

If you touch on an item with the stylus, you can cast a spell on it etc...

 5. Walkthrough

I can't guarantee that this walkthrough will not contain spoilers. If you don't
want the rest of the game spoiled for you, only read the section you have to,
and not any more. You can use Ctrl+f to select a specific section of this
walkthrough to make searching for a task easier.

 - Surrey -                                                             -0000-

Move Harry over to where Dudley is standing at the right of the screen. Simply
follow him through the gate and off the edge of the screen. When you reach the
tunnel, you'll trigger a cutscene.

 - Number 12, Grimnauld Place -                                         -0001- 

Walk past Sirius and through the door. Go up the stairs then go through the
left door. Walk over to Hermione and speak to her. You will now have to cast
Reparo on the vases that lie smashed on the floor. Tap one with the stylus to
start casting the spell. To cast Reparo, draw a '9' shape on the touch screen
then tap each corner as it is highlighted. Take too long, and you'll have to
start again. Cast Reparo on the other two vases then speak to Hermione again.

Go out of the room and through the door directly opposite you. Go up the
staircase one flight of stairs then go through the door. Speak to Ron. He'll
ask you to collect both his badgges for him. Go up another flight of stairs and
you'll see the first badge sitting in front of you. The second is at the bottom
of the stairs and along the right hand side corridor. Take them back to Ron,
who tells you to go and find Ginny. To do this, you need to go right to the
top of the staircase. Tap on the shelf to cast Wingardium Leviosa on it. To
cast Wingardium Leviosa, draw the shape shown on the top screen then tap the
grey stars before they leave the screen. After you've tapped enough, the shelf
will fly out of the way of the door and Ginny will emerge.

Go down one flight of stairs and through the open door. Speak to the twins then
cast Reparo on the two broken vases. Go out onto the landing and cast Reparo
on that broken vase as well. Go up to the top floor and mend the vase there.
In the corner of the room Ginny was in is another vase, but it's quite
difficult to see against the wooden floor colour. Now go down to the room Ron
was in and cast Reparo on the vase on the ground. To get the final vase, go
back to the room Ron was in and repair the vase in there. You'll now go to

 - Talk to Hermione -                                                   -0002-

Walk out the door straight ahead of you and go down the spiral staircase to the
Gryffindor Common Room. Hermione is standing over by the portrait hole. Speak
to her to complete the task.

 - The Welcome Feast -                                                  -0003-

You'll soon come to hate the grand staircase. For now, just follow it to nearly
the bottom, untill you see a giant archway. Halfway down, you'll speak to Cho
Chang before continuing. Walk through the archway and grab the chocolate frog.
Now walk through the door to the Great Hall. If you can't see the door, just
move around for a while, and because the camera controls are a little wonky,
it'll appear eventually. Cue another cutscene. Go back upstairs to the top
floor. There is a section where there are two staircases up. Take the one
opposite the down stair and continue. Hermione will speak the password and you
will all enter the Common Room. Go up the stairs at the right of the common
room to the Boys Dormitory, where Neville will challenge you to a game of
Exploding Snap.

Exploding snap really is quite simple. A number of pictures are shown on the
bottom screen. When you've memorised their positions, tap the arrow to 
continue. A single picture will be shown on the top screen and you have to
identify which picture of the ones that are turned over it matches. There are
seven rounds, and a time limit, so don't take too long remembering the cards.
When you've one, go back and speak to Hermione in the Common room.

 - Potions Class -                                                      -0004-

Go all the way down the Grand Staircase to the entrance hall. Go through the
door opposite the door to the Great Hall. Go right, past a pumpkin that's
mysterious appeared in the middle of the courtyard and through the arch behind
it. Go right then left again. Walk across the bridge, between the two angel
statues, and through the doors into the hallway. Head round to the left of the
stairs and go through the door. After going down the stairs, go through the
door directly ahead, and speak to Professor Snape to start the Potions minigame
which is incredibly easy.

There are a series of steps you must complete to finish the potion. You must
either stir the potion using the stylus in the direction shown, blow into the
microphone to heat the potion up (huh?) or add a specific number of ingrediants
from a scrolling bar at the right. To add ingrediants, just drag them from the
sidebar. When the potion is finished, you will be graded on how quickly you 
completed the task. You will have to make more potions later on in the game,
so don't forget how to do it. You will now end up back in the Common Room and
Hermione will explain about the noticeboard.

 - Finding Angelina -                                                   -0005-

Leave the Common Room and go down the staircase, again. You will be stopped by
Colin Creevey. Go down three more flights of stairs and go through the door.
Walk to the end of the corridor and up the stairs. Follow the corridor, then
when the path splits in two, take the right hand option. Take the next right
turn and you will end up in the Hospital Wing. Speak to the kid sitting on the
bed. Go back out of the Hospital Wing and go straight across to another
corridor, with a portrait in the middle. Speak to the boy standing in front of
the portrait. You will now have to play the boy in a game of Gobstones.

Gobstones is similar to Marbles. There is a table with a hole in the middle.
You have to get your gobstones as close to the hole as possible without them
falling through. You have five shots. You and the boy will play a best out of
three, and when you finally win, he'll hand over the Gobstone you're looking
for. Take it back to the boy in the hospital wing. Leave the hospital wing and
retrace your steps to the Grand Staircase. Go into the entrance hall and go
through the door you went through to reach Potions. Speak to Angelina.
Fred and George will point out some Slytherins and you will start your first
ever wizard duel. I've explained duelling in a seperate section of this FAQ.
See the Table of Contents for information. Once the duel is finished, the
Slytherins will run off.

 - Defence Against the Dark Arts -                                      -0006-

Go back to your left and go through the arch. Go into the Entrance Hall and
turn right onto the Grand Staircase. Follow the arrow and go up the stairs.
Go through the door the arrow points you towards then go down either side of
the stairs and head through the door at the bottom. Run towards the screen then
go right When you reach the end of the corridor, go through the black door.
Go down, through the bottom door, then run the length of the corridor till you
come to an archway. Go through the archway and down the stairs. There is a
door at the bottom of the flight of stairs which you should go through. Walk
along the bridge to start another duel with Draco Malfoy. Seeing as it's 2 on 1
you shouldn't have any problems defeating him, but if you need an indepth
strategy, cast your highest Flipendo with one character then alternate between
them. Once he's been beaten, the duel will end and he will run off.

Go through the door and through the door that's closest to the screen. Follow
the flight of stairs all the way to the top and go through the classroom door.
Walk in between the benches to start the lesson. After a cutscene, you will end
up back in the Common Room with Ron and Hermione. Speak to them to continue.

 - Retrieve Hermione's Book -                                           -0007-

Go out through the portrait hole and down the Grand Staircase. You should know
where the Great Hall is by now, so I won't tell you. Anyway, Padma Patil is
sitting near the entrance. Speaking to her will initiate a Transfiguration

You must use the stylus to colour in the shapes as quickly and as neatly as
possible. If you stray outside of the object, marks will be lost. After you
finish, Padma will give you the book and Ron will tell you that you should go
to the library. Go out of the Great Hall and turn to face the statue. Tap the
Gryffindor scarf on top to cast Accio on it. Draw the shape and then tap the
insides of the circles before they disappear. Do this three times and the scarf
will come whizzing to you. Go out on to the staircase and go up to the first
open door. Run along the corridor and through the door. Go along to the end of
the corridor, through the arch, and through a door that's at the bottom of the
screen. Head across the bridge and go through the door at the bottom of the
circular room. Follow the corridor to it's end and speak to the ghost, Moaning

Walk through the door into her bathroom. Walk to the left side of the bathroom
and cast reparo on the broken sink. Now cast reparo on the other broken sink
in the centre of the bathroom. Leave Myrtle in the bathroom and go down the
corridor again. Just before a chest, go left and go through the door. You'll
have yet another duel with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle before you can continue.
After defeating them, run towards the bottom of the screen. Go through an arch
to the courtyard and go across it to another passageway. Enter through the arch
and go right. Climb the stairs then go through the door. Follow the arrow along
the corridor and you will reach the library. You'll now have to complete the
History of Magic mini-game. Background knowledge of the Harry Potter universe
is needed to pass, and the questions change each time, so I can't help you.
Basically, just tap the correct answer to each question.

Leave the library and go back along the long corridor. Follow it to it's end
then go through the door and climb the stairs. Climb the next set of stairs
all the way to the top and enter through the door to the Defence Against the
Dark Arts classroom. This will trigger a cutscene.

 - Charms Class -                                                       -0008-

Go along the corridor and through the first door to the Charms Classroom.
Speaking to Professor Flitwick will start a new minigame. You have to draw the
spell shape then perform the spell. After you complete the game, a cutscene
will start to play. Herme's Percy's owl will appear in the common room with a
letter for Ron. After he reads it out, you'll have to find Neville in the
Herbology Greenhouse. Walk out of the Common Room and go down the Grand
Staircase. Go through the last open door before the entrance hall, walk along
the corridor, and pass through the door at the end. Keep going until you reach
a circular room. Go through the door at the bottom of the room and walk across
the bridge.

Go through another two circular rooms then just follow the corridor. Professor
Snape will walk into you, and you will be told to reassemble a broken suit of
armour. Speak to Ron, and a nearby portrait will mention that he'll tell you
the location of the missing parts if you win an astology mini-game. The star
constellations will appear on the top screen and you have to fill in the
missing lines on the touch screen with the stylus. Once you've finished, the
portrait will tell you that some Slytherins stole the pieces of armour. Walk
further down the corridor until you reach a statue. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on
it to move it, revealing the armour beneath it. Keep walking along the hallway,
and go down the stairs when you reach them. Go left, and pick up the final
piece or armour beside a chest, which contains a gobstone if you want to get
it. Retrace your steps back up the stairs and along to the broken suit of
armour. Cast reparo on it to complete Professor Snape's task. After deducting
30 points from Gryffindor, he'll walk off.

Walk back along the path you took to fetch the bits of armour and when you come
to a chest, turn left, and go through the door. Walk towards the screen, and
go through the archway to the courtyard. Walk all the way across the courtyard
and through an arch directly opposite the one you just came through. Run 
towards the screen then take a nearly invisible pathway into a room on your
left side. Go through the door on the other side of the room to enter the
Herbology Greenhouse.

Go down the steps on the right and you'll find Neville standing at the right
of the screen. You must now help him with some plant growing. You must
touch the corresponding plant as a number appears next to it. If the number is
a two, tap it twice, and so on. After a while, you'll have to do three plants
at once and then the mini-game will end. Go back up the stairs and leave the
Greenhouse. Walk over to the red portrait to the right of the door and touch
it to reveal the secret passageway. Go up the Grand Staircase to the place
where it splits in two. Take the stairs that go nearest to the screen and
enter the seventh floor corridor. Follow the arrow to the Room of Requirement.
Go through the door on the right hand side, after Harry speaks about Lord
Voldemort. Cue another cutscene.

 - The Room of Requirement -                                            -0009-

Speak to Ron and you will go to the Room of Requirement for the first meeting
of the D.A. (Dumbledore's Army). Touch the spellbook with the stylus to begin.
During DA meetings, you get to upgrade two of Harry's and Ron and Hermione's
duelling attacks. You should upgrade the following first: Flipendo, Stupefy,
Protego, Stamina, and Magic Points. The other spells you will practically never
use and you can always upgrade them later. After you've spent both of your
upgrade points on each character, the meeting will end, and Harry will end up
back in the Common Room.

 - Finding the DA Members -                                             -0010-

Speak to Ron and Hermione then go out on to the Grand Staircase. After reaching
the Great hall, walk between all the tables to the other side of the hall, and
go up to the wall, where a chair is blocking your access to the Trophy room.
Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the chair to levitate it out of the way, then go
through the door to the Trophy Room. There are three trophie lying on the
ground. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on each one to make them zoom back into their
cabinets. Now cast Reparo at each of the cabinets to repair the smashed glass.

After you finish spellcasting, Ron will inform you all that Filch is coming.
Run over to the right hand side of the room and use the portrait shortcut out
of the Trophy Room. Colin Creevey will run into view and ask Harry to retrieve
his camera from the Slytherins who stole it. Follow him up the stairs and
through the door. He'll lead you all the way out to the courtyard, where you'll
enter a duel with Draco Malfoy and his gang. After you win, Malfoy will run
off with the camera and throw it up the tower. Run over to where the Slytherins
went and Harry will speak to Hermione then start climbing the wall. As each
foot or hand appears, simply touch it with the stylus to continue climbing.
When Harry reaches the top, the mini-game ends. Now you have to keep balance
while walking along a beam. If the balance meter goes off to the left, drag
the stylus over to the right, and if the meter goes to the right, move stylus
to the left. If Harry falls off, repeatedly tap the other side of the beam and
Harry will climb up and continue walking.

Harry will give Colin his camera back who will then tell you that Cho Chang
went off to the owlery. Walk up and round the right hand side of the courtyard.
Go through the arch and walk along the covered bridge. Turn left and head off
the left side of the screen to the Owlery. Go up the hill and up the stairs to
the door. Walk over and speak to Cho. Go up the stairs to the very top and tap
the top of the pole at the right side of the screen. Cast Accio, and Cho's
parcels will come zooming back to her. Go down the stairs and out of the Owlery
door, and speak to Hermione again. Another DA meeting will take place now
and you will be able to upgrade two abilities each. Remember what I said
earlier about upgrading abilites because it could help you later on.

 - Astronomy Homework Meeting -                                         -0011-

Speak to Hermione in the Common Room and you will arrive at the entrance to the
Library. Enter, go through the door at the far side of the room, go straight
through the next room and speak to the Patil Twins. Now you will play the same
astronomy game you played earlier, so I don't need to explain how to play.
Speak to Ron once you've finished to start another DA meeting.

 - Hagrid -                                                             -0012-

Hermione will run into the common room. Speak to her then head out of the
portrait hole. You'll get stopped by Angelina and she'll tell you that
Professor Umbridge has blocked off the staircase. Go down a few more floors and
speak to the portrait of a clown. Go down to the Great Hall, tap the newspaper
on the ground, then come back up and speak to the painting again. This time,
it'll let you pass through. Go the same way you went to reach the Owlery
earlier, except when you reach the other side of the bridge, go down the hill
and not up. Duel the Slytherins before continuing. Luna Lovegood is standing
next to Hagrid's hut and she will speak to you. Walk round the back of the hut
and into the Forbidden Forest. Go straight ahead, up the stairs, and left.
Make your way across a gorge covered by a fallen tree to enter the Thestral

Now you have to throw food at the Thestral. At the bottom of the screen, there
are pictures of the food it likes. Just throw those items at it to pass. Now
the thestral wants you to stroke him. When a circle appears, rub your stylus
within the circle in the direction shown on the top screen. After you finish,
Hagrid will appear. Follow him into the forest, and he'll kickstart another
cutscene. Another DA meeting will take place. Ron will speak to you about
Transfiguration and you will be in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Walk round
the corner and through the door on the right to enter the Transfiguration
Classroom. Speak to Professor McGonagall to continue. You've played the
Transfiguration mini-game before. It's the one where you colour in the objects
with the DS stylus. Now you will attend yet another DA meeting.

 - Finding More DA Members -                                            -0013-

Speak to Hermione then make your way down the Grand Staircase. You will be
stopped and told that the staircase it shut for now. Go through the door and
run all the way to the end of the corridor, where you should go up the stairs
and go through the archway at the end of that one. Walk up the half set of
stairs then turn right and then left. Walk all the way along the corridor and
speak to the portrait. Go back and just go in the opposite direction to the
Hospital Wing. Hannah Abbot will ask you to show her how to cast Depulso on
every one of the hospital wing beds. Do this as quickly as possible, before the
timer runs out. Go back to the portrait, who will now let you enter.

Walk through the door to the library and speak to Parvati and Padma Patil.
They want you to help them with Divination. Match the picture shown in the
crystal ball to the picture shown on the bottom screen. Look closely, some of
the differences between the wrong and the right pictures are very small. Once
again, it's time for a DA Meeting.

 - Careers Appointment -                                                -0014-

Ron will show you a bit of paper telling you it's time for your careers
appointment with Professor McGonagall. Leave the Common room and descend the
Grand Staircase. When you reach the bottom, a student will speak to you. Go
back up and go through the first open door. Speak to the portrait next to the
door and he'll ask you to light both of the torches. There's one to the left
of the screen, so cast Incendio on it. Further round the corridor is another
torch so light that one as well. Go back and speak to the portrait, who will
let you pass through. Go straight up and speak to Ginny. Continue along the
corridor and turn right just after a chest. Walk round the passage and take the
next right into the Transfiguration Classroom. Speak to Professor McGonagall.
You now have to play the Transfiguration mini-game again.

Leave the classroom and go through the door opposite. Walk across the courtyard
and go through the arch on the other side. Turn right, and go through the door
then climb the three sets of stairs. Go to the right then continue all the way
to the end of the corridor, where the entrance to the library is. After you
learn about Gargoyles from Hermione, leave the library and go back the way you
came after leacing the Transfiguration Classroom. In the middle of the
courtyard are two garygoyles. Speak to them.

Leave the courtyard to the right and go up. Turn right and right again at the
chest. Go past Ginny and down the stairs. Go to the left of the stairs and
down a smaller spiral staircase. Go straight across to the Potions classroom
and make the antidote the same way you did potions class earlier. Go back up
the spiral staircase and the other one. Go past Ginny and turn right at the
wooden chest. Go back to the stone gargoyle in the courtyard and give it the
antidote. It will wake up and speak. Go back to the corridor where Ginny was,
go past her and down the stairs. Head out and across the bridge. Go into the
other courtyard and speak to the group of Slytherins next to the Gargoyles.
After defeating them in a duel, speak to the Gargoyles. Go through the door
marked by the arrow to take you back to the Grand Staircase. Go through the
next door marked by the arrow, and go through the door at the bottom. Walk to
the end of the corridor then make your way through a circular room, another
corridor, and a large set of stairs. Go through the door at the bottom and
run across the bridge. Walk up one flight of stairs then go through the door.
Go down one set of stairs, along a corridor, and down another set. Follow the
corridor to the end to reach the Library. Speaking to Dean Thomas will end the
task. You attend another DA meeting.

 - Weasley's Wizard Wheezes -                                           -0015-

Hermione will show you an advert pinned on the wall and will tell you to go and
stop Fred and George from putting them up. Go down to the entrance hall first.
Go out to the courtyard, duel Slytherins, then go right across to the other
side. Go across the bridge. When you reach the other side, you'll see a cast
blocking the way. Cast Depulso on it. It gets stuck on a ledge. Now you play
the balance game on the side of the bridge. When you get past the cart, cast
Reparo on the broken statue. Now balance your way back to Ron and Hermione and
cast Depulso once again on the cart. Walk past it into the hall and speak to
Ginny. Make the potion with Ginny's help and then walk up the set of stairs. Go
into the corridor and walk all the way past Myrtle's bathroom. Battle Malfoy
and his gang in a duel.

Go up to the Gryffindor Common Room and go into the boys' dormitory. Get your
invisibility cloak then leave the Common Room. Go down the staircase, and the
game will save you some time by transferring you straight to the stairs outside
Umbridge's Office. You will now have to play a mini-game underneath the
invisibility cloak. As the footsteps appear, tap them with the stylus to go
undetected. After a while you will enter the office and swap the potion for the
Doxy Venom. Now you have to make your way back past Malfoy in the same
mini-game. This time. Wait about half a second before touching the foot icons
because if you press them straight away, Malfoy will hear you and you will have
to start again.

Walk down the whole set of stairs and head out through the door. Go along the
corridor, across the bridge, and up the flight of stairs. Go along another
corridor and through a circular room. Just continue along the only path
available and you will end up back on the Grand Staircase. Use it to reach the
entrance hall, where you should speak to Fred and George. Now for a DA meeting
and then a cutscene.

 - Occlumency -                                                         -0016-

You start out with a mini-game. Pull the blue orbs back into Harry's head and
tap the orange ones to get rid of them. After a while, 'SUCCESS' will flash on
the screen and you end up back in Number 12, Grimnauld Place. Go up the stairs
and turn right. Go up the stairs to the room Ron stood in at the beginning of
the game. Now you get to feed buckbeak the same way you fed the Thestrals back
at Hogwarts. Once you've done that, you'll go back there to finish your 5th

Speak to Ron in the Common room then go out onto the Staircase. Go down to the
entrance hall then go out into the courtyard. You'll have yet another duel with
some Slytherins, and they're just as easy to defeat as ever, despite their
taunts that they're too strong for you to deal with. Go through the arch and
across the bridge to the other side of the castle. Go through the door to the
left of the staircase and go down the spiral stairs. Go through the door to
the potions classroom and speak to Professor Snape. You will now play the
occlumency mini-game twice, and after the second time, Professor Snape will
yell at you then tell you to leave his office. Speak to Hermione then go to
the end of the corridor. Speak to the portrait to pass through. Now go all the
way up to the seventh floor, where Hermione will point out that the newly
formed Inquisitorial squal are guarding the entrance.

Go back dorn to the fourth floor and enter the corridor. Go up the stairs
and follow to the painting of Edward Rabnott. Pass through the shorcut then
go up and turn right into the Room of Requirement. Learn the final spells you
can then watch the important cutscene. You will enter a duel with Draco Malfoy
and more Slytherins. This time you are on your own, so it's impossible to win.
Just let them beat you to progress with the story. Time for another important

 - The New Headmistress -                                               -0017-

Go past all the tables in the Great hall and enter the trophy room. Speak to
the portrait on the right and use it's shortcut. Follow the arrow outside, and
go across the covered bridge to Hagrid's hut. Go down the hill to the cabin
and enter a duel with Malfoy. Now go back to the Great Hall for your O.W.L.
examinations. First up is Transfiguration. Colour in the shapes. After
Transfiguration comes Charms. Perform all the spells you know one after the
other, and you'll be fine. Next is History of Magic, where you answer the
questions, and finally you've got to make a Potion. Personally, I got:

                    Transfiguration - Outstanding
                             Charms - Exceeds Expectations
                   History of Magic - Outstanding
                            Potions - Outstanding

Go down the spiral staircase and enter the potions classroom for your
Occlumency Lesson. Once you've finished, speak to Hermione then go to the
Great Hall once again for your OWLs. This time you have to complete Herbology,
Divination, and Astronomy. My Grades were:

                          Herbology - Outstanding
                         Divination - Outstanding
                          Astronomy - Outstanding

Fred and George want to meet you in the Trophy Room so head down the Grand
Staircase and into the Great Hall. Go straight through and down the stairs to
the Trophy Room. Use the portrait shortcut after speaking to the twins and
follow the path out to the Clock tower Courtyard. After a duel with the
Slytherins walk over to the corner where you climber for Colin's camera
earlier. Play the climbing gam again, and levitate the chest down using your
Wingardium Leviosa spell. Walk over to where the chest is and cast Incendio
on it to set it off. Go inside and follow Luna through the portrait standing in
the room. Go down to the entrance hall and watch a cutscene.

 - The Ministry of Magic -                                              -0018-

Walk straight ahead and go to the other side of the stone fountain. Walk
through the gold door, which enters the Hall of Prophecy. Go ahead, right,
left, left, right, and right again. When the arrow points towards a prophecy
orb, walk towards it to trigger a cutscene. There will now be a series of

 1. Sirius and Lupin Vs. Three Death Eaters
 2. Sirius Vs. Lucius Malfoy
 3. Sirius and Harry Vs. Three Death Eaters
 4. Sirius Vs. Bellatrix Lestrange


 5. Harry Vs. Bellatrix Lestrange

This battle is extremely easy if you follow this strategy. First of all, cast
a Flipendo Tria at Bellatrix. Now cast a Protego III (the one at the top). Do
this twice more then cast Flipendo Tria again. Cast a third stage Protego
three times, then repeat the process until you win. You'll see another
cutscene and you will enter a final duel with Lord Voldemort. If you use the
same strategy you used against Bellatrix, you'll win, without taking any
damage at all. Once you defeat Voldemort, you will play the Occlumency
mini-game one last time and you will reappear in the Gryffindor common room.
You can now explore the castle, and collect all of the collectable items.

The game just ends now. There is no credits sequence that plays and you are
given no indication that you've defeated the final boss. You can play the
after school games again from the noticeboard. The game truly ends when you
get Outstanding grades in every subject, collect all of the items, and complete
all of the mini-games.

Even after this, the game will not provide any notice that you have completed
the game. You can continue to roam the castle but the game has really finished.
Any email sent to me from now on asking about this will not be answered as this
explains it nice and clearly.

 6. Duelling

You have to participate in many Wizard Duels throughout the game. Your 
characters appear on the touch screen and your opponents on the top screen.
The green bars beside your character's pictures are their health bar and the
blue bars are the amount of MP each character has. Casting spells uses up MP
but it is restored a little every turn.

To battle, select which character you are going to attack then which character
you are going to attack with. Select a spell for that character using the
stylus then select the level of spell to use. To cast a spell, join up the
red dots as they appear with the stylus but don't take too long or they will
disappear and you will fail to cast the spell.

               |    Protego                (Shield Charm)      |
               |    Rictumsempra           (Tickling Charm)    |
               |    Stupefy                (Stunning Spell)    |
               |    Ventus                 (Wind Charm)        |
               |    Flipendo               (Knockback Jinx)    |
               | You can also level up the amount of HP and MP |
               | you can use every battle. These don't appear  |
               | as spells, although they are learning in DA   |
               | meetings the same way as normal spells aare.  |

 7. Mini-games

Exploding Snap

In this fun little game, you have to memorise the locations of various
wizard cards on the touch screen, before they flip over so you can't see their
faces. A card will be drawn from a deck on the top screen, and you have to
identify which turned-over card matches the one drawn. There are eight stages
in all, and each one gets progressively harder. Oh yeah, and there's a timer


Gobstones is a wizarding tabletop game similar to the game of marbles we
muggles (non magical folk) play. You have a select number of Gobstones, and
you have to throw them as close to the centre of a ring as possible, without
then falling through the small hole in the middle. You get points depending on
how close your gobstones are to the hole. A good strategy is to try and knock
your opponent's gobstones out of play or through the hole, giving your
opponent no points at all. Contrary to what some believe, you get points no
matter how close you are to the middle, and it's not completely necessary to
beat your opponent in terms of 'closeness to the hole'.

Transfiguration Class

Yay, the developers included a colouring-in game! You are shown an outline of
an obvious shape on the touch screen (eg. a rabbit's head) and you have to
'colour-in' the object as fast as possible with the stylus without straying
over the edges. Points are awarded for time and neatness.

Potions Class

You are shown a cauldron on the left of the touch screen and a list of
ingredients on the right. Instructions on how to make a specific potion are
shown on the top screen and you have to drag a certain number of ingrediants
from the list into the cauldron, blow into the DS microphone to heat up the
fire, and stir the cauldron either clockwise or counter-clockwise. This game,
along with all the other school lessons, is timed.

History of Magic Class

Here, it's impossible to pass without some background knowledge of the Harry
Potter univers, as this game plays like a quiz show and you are asked a series
of questions like "Name the academic establishments who take part in the
Triwizard Tournament". The available answers are shown on the touch screen and
you have to select the correct one.

Charms Class

Here, you have to play each spell minigame that you've learned. Seeing as you
will have performed the spells at some point earlier in the game, it's not too
difficult. The only thing that makes it harder is the addition of a timer.
Don't rush, or you may make silly mistakes.

Astronomy Class

On the top screen, a well known star constellation will appear with the lines
drawn in. On the bottom screen, you have to join up dots in the shape of the
constellation shown. The controls aren't very responsive here, so be sure to
draw completely over the line, or the game may render your line useless and
erase it.

Divination Class

This is a strange game and not one I have encountered anywhere else before.
You are shown a couple of images on the touch screen, and one of the images
will appear in a crystal ball on the top screen. It's not as easy as it sounds,
however, as the images all have subtle differences and as the image is waving
around in the ball, it makes it difficult to tell which one it it. Be
completely sure before touching the image you think the ball is showing.

Herbology Class

Two or three plant pots are shown on the touch screen. A number will flash out
of one and you have to tap it that number of times. The number may come out of
any of the plant pots, so watch carefully for it. Tap once too many and the
plant will shrink in size. Tap correctly, and the plant will grow slightly.
When all of the plants have reached the greenhouse roof, the stage ends and
you move on to the the next one. There are eight in total.

Care of Magical Creatures Class

A list of a creature's favourite food is shown along the bottom of the touch
screen. Above it is a plateful of various food items. Throw the creature some
food that appears on the list to proceed. Now you have to drag the stylus round
in a circle either clockwise or counter-clockwise (according to a message that
appears on the top screen) on patches of the creature's skin. Don't stray
outside of the circle and rub as quickly as you can manage.

 8. Multiplayer

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix contains two different multiplayer modes.
If two people own the game, they can play multi-card play, and if only one
player owns a copy of the game, single card download play can also be used.

In multicard play, you can play all of the afterschool games like Gobstones
against another player. At the main menu, select MULTIPLAYER and select HOST
GAME. On the other DS, select the multiplayer option from the main meun then
select JOIN GAME. You can now select which of the games to play.

For single card play the person who doesn't have the game can download a port
of the game, and then both players can play some of the after school games
against each other.

The single card multiplayer information was sent to me by Lee Carmen.

 9. GBA Version Differences

I've not personally had a chance to play the GBA version, but this was emailed
to me from Nick Berg.

On GBA you can't play gobstones and I'm pretty sure that you can't play
Quidditch but the box says you can. You also just go through chapters. You
don't get the Careers appointment and you don't get to feed the hippogriff.
You have to recruit DA members in about 5 different chapters. Alot of the
things are the same like finding Ron's badges, fixing up the vases in Number
12 Grimmauld, and the park at the beginning.

 10. Conclusion

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