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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



by Greeney60

TABLE OF CONTENTS {TOC}						( Ctrl + f )
1. Introduction 						{INTRO}
2. Main Walkthrough 						{GUIDE}
- - - Chapter 1:  Dudley Demented 					[H.01]
- - - Chapter 2:  Number 12 Grimmauld Place				[H.02]
- - - Chapter 3:  The Marauders Map					[H.03]
- - - Chapter 4:  The Duelling Club					[H.04]
- - - Chapter 5:  Hermione’s Helping Hand				[H.05]
- - - Chapter 6:  The Chamber of Secrets					[H.06]
- - - Chapter 7:  Dumbledore’s Army					[H.07]
- - - Chapter 8:  The Unknowable Room					[H.08]
- - - Chapter 9:  Occlumency						[H.09]
- - - Chapter 10: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black		[H.10]
- - - Chapter 11: The Midnight Duel					[H.11]
- - - Chapter 12: The Second War Begins					[H.12]
- - - Chapter 13: The Potions Master					[H.13]
- - - Chapter 14: Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes				[H.14]
- - - Chapter 15: Fight and Flight					[H.15]
- - - Chapter 16: The Lost Prophecy					[H.16]
- - - Chapter 17: The Only One He Ever Feared				[H.17]
- - - Chapter 18: The Boy Who Lived					[H.18]
- - - Chapter 19: The Unexpected Task					[H.19]
3. Find Luna’s Belongings					{LUNA}
4. Hogwarts Teachers Mini Quest 				{OWL}
- - - Minerva McGonagall 	& Punishment				[T.01]
- - - Professor Sprout 		& Herbology				[T.02]
- - - Filius Flitwick 		& Charms				[T.03]
- - - Severus Snape 		& Potions				[T.04]
5. Portraits and Passwords 					{PASS}
- - - The Fat Lady							[P.01]
- - - Basil Von Fronsac							[P.02]
- - - Giffard Abbott							[P.03]
- - - Slytherin Portrait						[P.04]
- - - Herbology Portrait						[P.05]
- - - Library Portrait							[P.06]
- - - Ground Floor Portrait						[P.07]
- - - Insanity Portrait							[P.08]
- - - Percival Pratt							[P.09]
- - - Boris the Bewildered						[P.10]
- - - Dammera Doddgeridge						[P.11]
- - - Google Stump							[P.12]
6. 100% Completion 						{1.00}
- - - Gryffindor Boys Dormitory 					[1.01]
- - - Gryffindor Common Room						[1.02]
- - - Seventh Floor							[1.03]
- - - Dungeon Corridor							[1.04]
- - - Dungeons								[1.05]
- - - Potions								[1.06]
- - - Viaduct Entrance							[1.07]
- - - Viaduct								[1.08]	
- - - Entrance Hall							[1.09]
- - - Trophy Room							[1.10]
- - - Great Hall							[1.11]
- - - Clock Tower Courtyard						[1.12]
- - - Stone Circle							[1.13]
- - - Owlery								[1.14]
- - - Hagrid’s Hut							[1.15]
- - - Clock Tower							[1.16]
- - - Prefect’s Bathroom						[1.17]
- - - Fifth Floor							[1.18]
- - - Fourth Floor							[1.19]
- - - Hospital Wing							[1.20]
- - - Third Floor							[1.21]
- - - Suspended Bridge							[1.22]
- - - Defence Against the Dark Arts					[1.23]
- - - Umbridge’s Office							[1.24]
- - - Myrtle’s Bathroom							[1.25]	
- - - Second Floor (Part 1 of 2)					[1.26]
- - - Stone Bridge							[1.27]
- - - First Floor							[1.28]
- - - Entrance Courtyard						[1.29]
- - - Paved Courtyard							[1.30]
- - - Boathouse 							[1.31]
- - - Transfiguration Courtyard						[1.32]
- - - Herbology								[1.33]
- - - Second Floor (Part 2 of 2)					[1.34]
- - - Library								[1.35]
7. Frequently Asked Questions				 	{FAQ}			
8. Copyright							{LEGAL}

Welcome to my complete guide for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 
for the Ninendo Wii.  If you are following this guide and using a different
system, you should still be able to get through it, but the commands to do 
spells will be slightly different.  When starting a new game, I recommend 
you turn on the autosave feature if you have not already done so!  Make sure
you get to know how to perform spells properly when you are being shown.  If
you need any personal help from me, if you feel I have left out something, or
if you wish to contact me about posting my guide on another site, please do 
contact me through email or MSN which is listed under the Copyright section of
this document.  Time to move onto the actual game...


***Chapter 1: Dudley Demented [H.01]
As the game begins, you will see some footage of Harry and Dudley arguing and 
then running away into an underground tunnel where the two of you are attacked
by a pair of dementors.  Your first challenge of the game is to pull out your
wand (press B - the back button of the Wii controller) & shake the Wii remote
several times.  
As of now I will refer to the Wii Controller as your “Wand” and the alternate 
controller as your "Nunchuck".

***Chapter 2: Number 12 Grimmauld Place [H.02]
Next thing you know you’ll be in Grimmauld Place with Sirius Black learning to
use Accio and Depulso with the help of Ginny Weasley.  To perform Accio point 
the Wand towards the screen and lift it upwards vertically.  You will need to
Perform Accio properly thrice before moving on to Depulso.  To cast Depulso 
you do the opposite of Accio - you start lifting your wand up vertically (so 
that the buttons are towards your face) and then quickly point it downwards 
(so that the buttons are facing the ceiling).  Keep using these two spells 
until all of the furniture has been pushed towards the back wall and then to 
finish off this Accio/Depulso session, go to the door behind you.  

Next up you meet Hermione Granger and learn the Reparo spell.  To use Reparo, 
circle your wand in a clockwise direction and keep going until whatever you're
fixing has been fixed.  Fix the three plates with Hermione and Sirius.  After 
this you need to repair the cabinets in the room as well as a smaller wooden 
table near the end of the room.  

Last, but not least, for now, we meet up with Ron Weasley and learn Wingardium
Leviosa. A rather annoying spell to get use to at first, but one you will soon
have to get used to doing, To use Wingardium Leviosa lift up both the Wand and
the Nunchuck at the same time so that they are pointed vertical upwards.  Lift
the Wand up vertically (so the buttons are facing you) to bring the clothes 
closer to you, point the Wand downwards (so that the buttons are facing your 
ceiling) to push the clothes a little further away.  When the clothes are near
enough to Ron’s trunk, press the A button to drop it.  After you lift a few
clothes on the floor inside, there is one last shirt on one of the beds to 
drop into the trunk.

***Chapter 3: The Marauders Map [H.03]
Welcome to Hogwarts! Finally, the gameplay begins, and who better to start the
gameplay off with than the Weasley twins?  If you haven’t noticed, they are 
waiting for you at the Hogwarts Entrance, go talk to them and learn how to use
the incredibly useful Marauders Map!  Take your time if you do not understand 
it, but basically on the right side of it lists the Tasks you are aiming to 
complete, and on the left side of the Marauders Map lists the different areas 
of Hogwarts.  If you click a person or a task on the right side it, you will 
start to see footprints leading you to that person or task until you talk to 
the individual or complete the task.  If you click a location on the left side
you will start to see footprints leading you to that location, disappearing as
soon as you have reached your destination.  

Where you started in Hogwarts is called the Entrance Courtyard.  Walk through 
the doors to get into the Entrance Hall, you will meet Cho Chang, and then go 
up the Stairs until you reach the seventh floor.  If you are confused or lost,
Just follow the footprints... Hold down the Z button on the Nunchuck to save 
yourself a lot of time and run up until you meet the Fat Lady.  

Talk to the Fat Lady, who refuses to let you into the Common Room without the 
Password.  To get it, just talk to the kid you see who will keep walking up &
down the staircase.  Now talk to the Fat Lady again and give her the first 
password: Mimbulus Mimbletonia.  You will now have access to the Gryffindor 
Common Room whenever you want.    

Hermione Granger talks to you and tells you to look at the Notice Board which 
you may have noticed is the wrong way.  You can use either Accio or Depulso to
fix it and you will get some points and get introduced to Moaning Myrtle. 
Sorry... But it will happen sooner or later... they programmed her as annoying
in the game as you could have expected from the books.  Examine the Notice 
Board using the A button and then you are set to find Neville.  You can either
go look for Neville or start completing everything you need to do in the room 
[1 point 02], though you will need the Incendio spell to complete the entire

While heading down to Neville Longbottom you will be stopped by Moaning Myrtle
who will show you the Room of Rewards.  This is a room where you can see bonus 
features by getting points for cleaning up Hogwarts and winning competitions. 

The footsteps will lead you to the Suspended Bridge where you will see Neville
getting bullied by Slytherins.  On your way down, you will likely have to deal
with some trick staircases - you’ll get used to them.  Take the third floor 
exit.  When you are on the bridge, pull out your wand (B button) and point it
at the Slytherins.  Proceed to the Defence Against the Dark Arts class.   

***Chapter 4: The Duelling Club  [H.04]
Using the Marauders Map, locate Fred and George.  You will be lead towards the
Transfiguration Courtyard.  Fred and George Weasley will teach you the first 
two combative spells: Expelliarmus and Stupefy.  Expelliarmus is practically 
the exact same movement as Reparo where as for Stupefy you need to hold the 
controllers close to you and push them forwards towards the screen.  

Draco Malfoy comes out of nowhere and challenges you to a duel.  The strategy 
for this, as you’ll be shown, is to use Stupefy until Draco is knocked out and
then Expelliarmus his butt.  Basically, the best solution for winning duels is
to expelliarmus an opponent when they are on the ground.  Once an opponent is 
left without a wand, she or he will be out of the fight for good.     

***Chapter 5: Hermione’s Helping Hand [H.05]
It's now time to go to the library! Hermione suggest going through a portrait,
which is a rather useful help for getting around quickly.  If you would like 
to get a quick walkthrough of each of the Portraits go to section { PASS } of 
this FAQ (ctrl+f without the empty spaces).  Anyway... There is a book in the
library that you need, and of course, it is in the most difficult place you 
could imagine - above the far left (from where you come in) bookshelf.  Stand 
on the table & summon the book using Wingardium Leviosa.  The book flies away,
so Wingardium Leviosa the table to the next bookshelf where the book moved and
climb the table.  Repeat this until the book drops onto the table.

***Chapter 6: The Chamber of Secrets  [H.06]
It is time for Harry to once again visit Moaning Myrtle, but this time in the
girls bathroom! Bow-chick-a-wow-wow... Anyway, it’s time to learn Incendio. To
perform this spell move your wand left and right several times and your target
should light up.  Hermione tells you to light up all the lights, but that does 
not make Moaning Myrtle too happy as she blows out the candles.  

***Chapter 7: Dumbledore’s Army [H.07]
It is time to collect the members of Dumbledore’s army!  First, you must meet
Neville, who is inside the Herbology Greenhouse.  Use Incendio to burn all the
Devils Snare to smithereens.  If you stop too soon and the Devil’s Snare will
grow right back, so keep going until the hellish plant is dead!  Do this with
the rest of the plants in there as well.  If your arm gets numb, stop playing
for a bit.  Follow Neville out and lead yourself up to the Seventh Floor.  He
wants to learn the spell Protego, a very useful spell in duels, you will want
to try to keep it on you as frequently as possible during duels.  To cast it,
just raise your wand upwards vertically, so that the controller buttons point
towards you... similar to depulso!    

For organization-simplicity reasons, I will list how to recruit the DA members
in Alphabetical order, however, it doesn’t effect anything if you choose to go
recruit them in a different order.

~Angelina Johnson~
Go down to the Great Hall and help your Quidditch Captain... Head down to the
end of the hall and you’ll notice a chair blocking a door.  Use the Wingardium
Leviosa spell to throw the chair away & go down to the Trophy room.  Clean up
this room by lifting each trophy into the square that’s the same colour (gold
trophies go with gold squares, silver trophies with silver squares).  Only do
one at a time - once you have one trophy in the proper square, use Reparo to 
repair the glass around it.  Keep doing this until you have properly fixed all
four trophy cabinets.  Next... 

~Anthony Goldstein~
Just find him using the Marauders Map; talk to him and he’ll go.  Next...   

~Cho Chang~
Cho is located inside the Owlery.  You need to chase an owl to get a package 
for her.  Walk near the owl and just keep chasing it upwards.  Near the end, 
you may need to use Reparo a few times, once on a block that you cant sidle 
past otherwise, and several times to fix pipes to climb up.

~Colin Creevey~
You will find Colin in the Paved Courtyard.  Talk to him and he will tell you 
that his camera was stolen and thrown on top of the building.  First, use the 
Incendio spell to get rid of the Devils Snare that is between the two benches 
in front of you.  Now, use Wingardium Leviosa to bring one of those benches to
the front of the lower ledge, to the left of where the Devil’s Snare had been 
moments ago.  Climb up the bench onto the lower ledge, go up the next ledge &
sidle along the wall, and climb up the drain pipe.  Cross along the wall the 
next floor up, where you see a package, which was left by the Weasley twins.   
Go up the pipe on your left hand side (opposite where you came up) and climb 
onto the next story above.  Along this wall cast Reparo on the drain pipe to
your right and climb up that same pipe you were originally going up.  Get off
on the right side and you will need to repair part of the ledge where you will
sidle next.  Once you have repaired that part of the ledge, use the Wingardium
Leviosa spell to pick up the camera across from you, and drop it down with the
A button.  Go to the pipe on your left and slide down it near to the bottom, 
sidle across the wall, get off the ledges, and you will have recruited Colin.

~Dean Thomas~
Dean was the only DA member I had difficulty with the first time I played the
game, not because it’s challenging to do, but rather because it’s hard to find
what he asks of you if you are not using an F.A.Q.  Anyway, Dean is located in
the Transfiguration Courtyard near a bench.  He wants you to find five talking
gargoyle’s.  The first of these gargoyle is right near you, by the exit in the
Transfiguration Courtyard that is near the large tree.  The second gargoyle is
along the Viaduct on the side near the Entrance Courtyard.  The third gargoyle
is close to the second, inside the Paved Courtyard (where you had helped Colin
Creevey).  Go straight to the far end of the Paved Courtyard, and Reparo the 
broken staircase.  Go up and Reparo the hole in the path, and walk to the end 
of the pathway and talk to the gargoyle.  The fourth gargoyle is on the fourth
floor, so go head back to the Entrance Hall and go up to the Grand Staircase 
until you reach floor four and look for a wooden door (you may need to play 
around with the tricky staircases).  Go along the fourth floor, and go up the
stairs there and you should see an opening to your left and the screen should
change angles.  Go through it and walk in the direction of your left (Harry’s
right) and you’ll see another talking to gargoyle.  The Last Gargoyle is near
the Defence Against Dark Arts class room, so go back down the Grand Staircase
and get off at the wooden door along the third floor.  Head forward and you'll
come to the spiralling staircase.  Half way up is the last talking gargoyle & 
once you talk to it head back to Dean Thomas in the Transfiguration Courtyard
and he will join the DA.  Next...                    

~Ernie Macmillan~
Ernie is outside at Hagrid’s Hut doing his Potions homework.  He needs you to
help him with Snape’s work to get all the ingredients.  You need to find five
moley plants and a mandrake. The mandrake is in the Herbology greenhouse, but
first you should collect the five moley plants.  The first plant is near you,
in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch.  Press A to grab the plants when the game screen 
indicates you can.  Go back up the path from which you came and you should see
another moley plant halfway up to the Stone Circle.  The third moley plant is
a little further up, this time on your right hand side and in the Stone Circle
territory.  The fourth plant is at the front of Stone Circle, just outside the
Covered Bridge.  The last one is very close to the one before it, at the start
of the path towards the owlery.  Now it’s time to go to to the Herbology class
greenhouses to get the mandrake.  There is a brown pot at the opening past the
area you helped Neville clear out the Devil Snare (you should see earmuffs on
the wall near you).  Press A on an earmuff to wear ot and then just press A on
the mandrake to pick it up and head back to Ernie to get him to come to the DA
meetings.  Next...    

~Fred Weasley / George Weasley / Lee Jordan~
These three will all be together at the Boathouse planning a surprise party 
for Filch and Umbridge.  They need you to help them by going into the actual 
boathouse and up the ladder.  Lift both the covers off of the boats with the
Wingardium Leviosa spell.  Then go to the edges and use Wingardium Leviosa on
each of the six boxes Fred and George pass up, one by one, so that there are 
three boxes inside each boat.  Once all six boxes are completed, again use 
Wingardium Leviosa to drop both of the covers above the boats and it’s mission
complete and then Fred and George give you a special preview of what they are 
planning, all you need to do is cast Incendio on the box.  Next...

~Ginny Weasley~
Ginny is waiting for you in the Gryffindor Common Room and she asks you to use
your invisibility cloak to get rid of certain evidence that can get Fred and 
George expelled.   Go up to the Gryffindor’s Boys Dormitory and you can either
clean up the room for 100% completion in it (1 point 01) or just pull out your 
invisibility cloak and get on with the task at hand.  The invisibility cloak 
is inside the box between the first two beds to your left (Harry’s right) from
when you enter the room.  So you know, you cannot cast spells nor go through 
doors with passwords (other than the Fat Lady) while you are hidden underneath
the cloak.  

Go towards the Defence Against the Dark Arts class.  There you'll need to get
those two kids away from Umbridge’s door.  To do so, go by the vases to knock 
both of them over, and get by them before they repair the vases.  Walk in the
back room of Umbridges office and Hermione will summon the doxy venom for you.
Now walk out of the Defence Against Dark Arts classroom, watch the short clip,
and you will be magically taken back to the Gryffindor Boys Dormitory.  Go put
your invisibility cloak away from where you got it and head down the stairs to
the Gryffindor Common Room to speak to Ginny and she will get going to the DA
meeting.  Next...

~Hannah Abbott~ 
To get to Hannah go to the very bottom of the Grand Staircase.  She is afraid
that she'll get caught coming so Ron offers to find a secret passage for her.
This passage is very close to her, on the other side of this ground floor is a
staircase with a portrait right there.  Talk to the portrait and he will give
you his password: Scurrilous Scoundrel.  Now go back to Hannah Abbott and she
will gladly join the DA club.  Next...

~Luna Lovegood~
Probably the most annoying of all these challenges, you can find Luna located
in the thestral clearing behind Hagrid’s Hut.  She refuses to come to the DA 
meeting until the Thestrals are fed.  She wants you to get that big circle of 
crap next to her into that top clearing which you should have seen in the clip
while she was talking.  Go up near that first pile of stones and use the spell
Wingardium Leviosa to raise the ball of crap in front of the pile of stones so
that it can’t fall down any further.  Go up besides the next pile of stones &
get the thestral food in front of it.  The next pile of stones is a lot higher
up, so this may take a few tries, but bring the ball of food upwards in front
of it.  Once you have done this, Wingardium Leviosa that ball up one more time
until it’s in the circle of stones just behind that tree near you.   If you’ve
done this all properly on the first try, good for you, you deserve a cookie.  
Once you watch the Thestral grab that ball of food she will agree to go to 
come to the DA.  Next... 

~Michael Corner~
Go to the Stone Bridge and talk to him.  That is all.  Next...

~Padma Patil / Parvati Patil~
Padma and Parvati Patil are along the Second Floor, by one of the entrances to
the Stone Bridge.  They want you to meet them at a Divination lesson.  Head on 
up to the seventh floor and up the spiralling stairs all the way to listen to
Professor Trelawney getting fired.  Padma and Parvati agree to come to the DA
to get back at Professor Umbridge.  Next...

~Susan Bones~
Susan Bones is in the Entrance Courtyard getting picked on by Crabbe and Goyle
who are upset because they don’t like her aunt.  Time to duel with Crabbe and
Goyle! Remember to use Expelliarmus the moment either one has fallen down.  If
you get beaten, just head back here from the hospital wing and fight until you
are victorious.  Here is the strategy I suggest:
1 Cast Protego.
2 Stupefy one of them.
3 Cast Protego again once the spell wears off.
4 Expelliarmus either one if they are on the floor.
5 Repeat with the other one.  

Once Crabbe and Goyle have been defeated Susan will agree to come to your DA 
meeting.  Next...

~Terry Boot~
Terry can be found in the Clock Tower Courtyard, near the broken fountain in 
the middle of the courtyard.  Just say hello and he will see you there.  Next...

~Zacharias Smith~
Zacharias is waiting in the Library.  He pretty much needs you to do homework
for him... the first thing you must do is find the Monster Book of Monsters.
Go to the room in back where all those books are, and walk to the table, which
is furthest on your right hand side, just before the restricted section of the
library and you should see the Monsters Book of Monsters.  Pick it up and talk
to Zacharias.  Zacharias now wants wiggenweld potion from the Hospital wing.  
The potion is at the back right-hand side of the Hospital wing, so pick it up 
and return to Zacharias at the library.  Now Zacharias wants to find out when
Nearly Headless Nick died, who will appear just as he is needed.  He agrees to
go to the DA room now.  Next... 

***Chapter 8: The Unknowable Room  [H.08]
Once you have collected all the members of the DA it is time to go up to the 
Unknowable Room of Requirement and learn all the spells you have not got in
your arsenal already.  Unfortunately, you can't get to the Room of Requirement
using the Marauders Map.  There are three simple ways to get up to the Room of
1. Turn the game off and turn it back on.
2. Head through the portrait on the ground floor who Hannah Abbott needed
(Scurrilous Scoundrel) and turn left and keep going until you see a pot 
(the pot will be broken if you haven’t mended it earlier) turn to your right 
and you should see the door to the RoR on your right hand side.   
3. On Floor Seven, where the Fat Lady’s portrait is, face her and turn left to
go down the trick staircase and up the one along the left hand wall.  Pass by
the portrait there & when you see a pot (broken unless you mended it earlier)
turn to your right and you should see the door to the RoR on your right hand 

~Ginny Weasley | Reducto~
Now that you’re in the Room of Requirement, several people want to learn some 
spells.  Let’s finish up the non-combative spells by performing Reducto with
Ginny Weasley.  Using Reducto is very much the same as Reparo, however instead
of turning the Wand in a clockwise direction you now turn it counterclockwise.
Cast the spell on all of the dummies and you can move on to Rictumsempra with
Zacharias Smith.

~Zacharias Smith | Rictumsempra~
Zacharias wants to learn something useful, to which Hermione suggests using 
Rictumsempra.  Casting Rictumsempra is exactly the same as Depulso, just have
the Wand facing upwards so that the buttons are pointed in your face and swing
the Wand down so that the buttons will be facing the ceiling.  Cast this spell
three times and it’s time to move on to teaching Colin Creevey how to use the 
Petrificus Totalus spell.

~Colin Creevey | Petrificus Totalus~
Colin wants to learn Petrificus Totalus, which will freeze an opponent stiff,
and will be rather useful in duels.  Casting Petrificus Totalus is the exact 
same as Incendio, simply move your Wand left to right and vice versa several
times at a quick pace.  Cast this spell three times and you can move on to the
last lesson in the Room of Requirement.

~Cho Chang | Levicorpus~
Harry wants to impress Cho by showing her Levicorpus.  Casting Levicorpus is 
identical to doing Wingardium Leviosa, which is going to keep your target in
the air upside down for a short period of time.  

***Chapter 9: Occlumency  [H.09]
Head outside the Gryffindor Common Room and you should see Minerva McGonagall
standing there who tells you to head to Dumbledore’s office.  Head down to the 
Great Hall and just outside it you will be transported to Dumbledore’s office.  
Snape will come in and lead you to your first Occlumency lesson.  Occlumency 
is incredibly annoying, but essential to beating the game.  To stop Snape from
breaking into your mind, you need to shake your Wand in the same area Snape is
pointing at in order to bring Snapes wand into the middle of his body.  If you
see a small explosion it means you stopped him.  Stop him several times & you
will move on.  The harder difficulty you play on, the harder this will be.

***Chapter 10: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black  [H.10]
Welcome back to Grimmauld Place.  There's a bit you can do here, though if you
like you can return immediately to Hogwarts by finding Mr. Weasley.  Lupin and
Tonks are there inside the kitchen with you, if you'd like to talk to them.  
Up the first staircase and to your right (Harry’s left) you can go into a room
to see Ginny Weasley who is looking for items which Kreacher was busy hiding 
while you were studying at Hogwarts.  

There is a picture on the wall that can be lifted off with Accio displaying 
that necklace that you’ll remember if you are a serious Harry Potter fan.  
Next to that picture is a cabinet which has a book on top of it, which you can
pick up with the A button: A Wizarding Genealogy.  Along the wall on the side
with the windows, there is a cabinet along the middle of that wall to lift up
with Wingardium Leviosa.  Move it away and you can grab a box that will make 
Harry feel sleepy.  Lastly, in the cabinet in the corner of the room with the 
greenish glow, you can examine it with the A button to find an Order of Merlin
badge awarded to Sirius’ great grandfather and an explanation of how Sirius is 
related to Lucius Malfoy and then, if you did everything, Ginny will tell you
that she is done and needs to finish packing.  Across that room with Ginny, 
you can go into room displaying the Black Family Tree.  You can speak with 
Sirius who will tell you about running away from home as a teenager and that 
Kreacher is missing.  

Go up the next flight of stairs to see the notorious frame of Sirius’ mother 
yelling insults at you.  Both doors there are locked, however, so go up the 
next flight of stairs, and through the opening on your left and the only door
on this floor that will open to speak with Ron and Hermione.  You can talk to
Hedwig there too.  

On the highest floor above, both doors are once again closed, but if you head
towards the one on the left hand side, you will get to see a scene where Harry
talks about Buckbeak.  There really is nothing else to do here (that I found 
out anyway) so head back down to the bottom floor (with Lupin and Tonks) and 
speak with Mr. Weasley, who is standing by the middle window.  Mr. Weasley 
tells you to go speak to Sirius in the tapestry room, which is the room with 
the Black Family Tree on it.  You will hear Kreacher and Sirius arguing there,
the latter of who will then apparate in front of you, insult you, and apparate
away again.  Now you can go into the room and say bye to Sirius and Grimmauld

***Chapter 11: The Midnight Duel  [H.11]
You are now back in Hogwarts, watching a scene where Hagrid introduces you to
Grawp.  You start off in Hagrid’s Hut and are told to get to Snape’s office to
do your occlumency lesson.  Stop Snape the exact same way you did previously,
by bringing his wand back to the middle of his body about five times, and he 
will be defeated.  Hermione now suggests going back to the Room of Requirement
on the Seventh Floor.  The DA now wants you to teach Expecto Patronum to show
them how to make a corporeal patronus.  Using the Patronus is the same thing 
now as when you did it at the very start with Dudley Dursley.  Bring out your
wand and shake it rapidly.  Umbridge and several Slytherins will attack you.
Do not worry if you cannot win this duel, you do not need to do so to move on
with the game.  

***Chapter 12: The Second War Begins  [H.12]
You are once again in the Entrance Courtyard of Hogwarts.  Hermione comes and
informs you that Umbridge and some Ministry officials have taken Hagrid away 
and you must head over to Hagrid’s Hut.  Once you’re near enough to the hut, 
you will see a bunch of Slytherin students’s attempting to burn it.  Time for
retaliation!  I would recommend memorizing the following four spells: Protego,
Petrificus Totalus, Stupefy, and Expelliarmus. 

Once this duel is finished, even if you lose, you can go wreak havoc with more
DA members.  Now we need to find some DA members and help them on their noble 
quest of destroying the school and Umbridge’s reputation.  So once again I'll
write it in the order that I did it, and if you prefer to do it in a different
order nothing bad will happen, (however if one see’s you, they won’t let you 
leave the area).  I’ll start off with Colin as he is in the most conveniently
located spot from Hagrid’s Hut.  

~Colin Creevey~
Colin is found in the Owlery, to the left of the staircase that leads into the
Owlery doors.  Go talk to him to find out that he is trying to send a special
treat to members of Umrbidge's Inquisitorial Squad.  Unfortunately, the main
doors are locked, so you’re going to have to do some climbing.  Get rid of the
Devil’s Snare, above the pipe you’re going to have to climb, using Incendio.  
Go up the drain pipe to the second story (as you can’t get off on the first), 
sidle to your left until you reach the drain pipe, slide down, and crawl into 
the open window on your left hand side.  
Colin passes you a box which you'll need to place into an owl slot with a red
X by using Wingardium Leviosa.  There are two boxes to put away on the first 
floor, two more on the second floor, and one more half way to the floor above.
Unfortunately, Filch is coming into the Owlery, so you need to climb up to the
top floor, go through the door there, Reparo the large broken ledge, and climb
down to the bottom of the Owlery.  While you are doing this, if you are aiming
for the 100% completion, you may want to look for Owls on the walls to scare 
off (1 point 14). Find your way down the Owlery and you can move on.  Next...

~Luna Lovegood / Ginny Weasley~
Luna is in the Clock Tower Courtyard during the beginning of her task.  She 
wants you to get down a package of Fred and George on the top of the building,
where you should have seen during the cut scene.  You should see a big rex X 
near the fountain and smaller red X near a basket of pairs, both on the side 
closer to the Stone Circle than the Clock Tower.  To the left of the smaller X
you should see a bench.  Lift the bench up with Wingardium Leviosa on top of 
the small red X.  Climb on top of the bench, up both ledges covered by leaves,
to the top, and use Reparo on the broken part of the roof.  Now use reducto on
the red X up there and then you will need to Wingardium Leviosa the triangular
box down.  Climb down the ledges, the box should already be on top the large 
red X, and use either Incendio or Reducto to light it off.  You can either go
do the task with Dean Thomas and finish this up or move on and swamp the Paved

Now head to the Paved Courtyard to find out that you have to climb up another
part of the roof in this area.  Go down to the very far left side of the Paved
Courtyard, up the stairs, towards that talking gargoyle, and along the wall in
the corner you should see a drain pipe that you will need to Reparo.  Fix it &
climb up to the ledge where you will sidle left and instead of climbing up the
next drain pipe, continuing left on the ledge until you can’t go any further.  
Climb on up this drain pipe up to the top and run along the roof as far as you
can until you reach the triangular box which you can lift with the Wingardium
Leviosa spell, which you can just drop off the roof and get back down there.  
Run over to that package in the middle of the Paved Courtyard and use Incendio
or Reducto to set it off and move on to the Transfiguration Courtyard.

Once you get to the Transfiguration Courtyard, you will meet Ginny Weasley who
will show you that she hid the last portable swamp in a tree.  Go over to the
large tree and cast Wingardium Leviosa to bring down the package.  Then three
Slytherins (Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy?) will suddenly appear and challenge you
to a fight.  My strategy (with a relatively low magic level) was to keep using
Protego, Stupefy, and Expelliarmus one of them when they’re down, then when on
the last of the three, try to use Petrificus Totalus and then Stupefy him/her 
until she/he gets knocked out and finish off with an Expelliarmus.  Go back to
the tree, use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to bring the package back down onto
the red X and light this last swamp off with Incendio or Reducto and you have 
finished this task.  Next...

~Dean Thomas~
Dean Thomas is the most complicated of this line of tasks in my opinion, but 
you still need to finish the task to get on with the game.  Head over to the 
Clock Tower to find Dean Thomas trying to mess it up so Umbridge can't run her
lessons on time.  Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift down those three large wheels
on the right hand side.  Now, once they're all on the ground next to you, lift
them all onto pegs in the right side, I believe the two bigger cogs (wheels) 
should be at the top and the bottom.  Now Dean wants you to go up to the top 
of the stairs and pass down the three spare cogs.  Head back down to where you
were before and on the right hand side you should see a diagonal row of pegs 
near the bottom (shown in the clip).  Lift a smaller cog onto the first peg &
if it turns, then it is the good.  Next lift the biggest cog into the middle 
of the diagonal pegs, which should also start spinning.  Now lift the last cog
there and watch the clock spin out of control.  Next... (or back I suppose if
you didn’t complete Ginny Weasley’s and Luna Lovegood’s task yet.)  

~Padma Patil / Parvati Patil~
The Patil twins can be found along the Fifth Floor (keep going straight ahead
if you’re coming from the Grand Staircase) and they want to destroy the school
loudspeakers so Umbridge cannot announce any more obnoxious messages.  There 
are six of these pink loudspeakers around the school, the first of which is 
right by you.  You should see a bench next to the first loudspeaker & another
beside the closest coat of armour to it, sort of hidden in the dark.  Lift the
bench (near the armour) on top of the other one, climb on to the double-bench,
and pour the potion you have been given on top of the loudspeaker.  

Next the Patil twins go over to the third floor, get off the Grand Staircase,
go down the steps in the half-circle there, and turn around to face the door 
to find the Patil twins and the second speaker.  There is one bench near Padma
and another near Parvati.  Lift one right beneath the speaker and the other on
top of that one.  Climb on top of the double-bench and pour the potion on the 
second loudspeaker.

The Patil Twins and the third loudspeaker are in the Viaduct Entrance at the 
top of the staircase in the area, near the Second Floor.  The loudspeaker is 
hidden in the dark, behind the Patil girls in the right hand corner (assuming 
you are facing them).  Lift the bench next to you into that dark corner & look
for the second bench which is a little down the stairs, and of course lift it
on top of the other bench.  Climb up and pour the potion...

This time the two girls are at the end of the First Floor, just prior to the
Stone Bridge.  Both of the benches are next to the tapestry of the horse and 
the speaker is near the tapestry as well.  I think you should know what to do 
by now, so do it to destroy the fourth loudspeaker.

Now the Patil twins are near the library and the loudspeaker is right next to
them.  Both benches are on the sides of the portrait (the pieces of which may
still be on the ground).  Put one on top of the other, below the loudspeaker,
take care of business, and only one more loudspeaker will be left to go.

The sixth and final school speaker, where the Patil twins await you, is in the
Entrance Courtyard where you first started the Hogwarts portion of the game 
(if you remember).  The loudspeaker is just behind them and the benches and 
there are benches all over the place, put two underneath the loudspeaker and 
pour the potion for a mission complete!

***Chapter 13: The Potions Master  [H.13]
It is time for your last Occlumency lesson, so go on to the dungeons and meet
Professor Snape for the last time.  Stop Snape enough times (five I believe) 
to defeat him.  After Snape has been defeated he will tell you the lessons are
at an end and demand for you to leave.  Hermione and Ron will then inform you
that Fred and George (and Lee Jordan) are waiting for you on the fifth floor 
corridor, so head over there and find out what the two twins are planning.  
Talk to the twins (or Lee) and they will inform you that they are no longer
interested in academia and are planning to get out of Hogwarts.  

***Chapter 14: Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes  [H.14] 
You will now take control of Fred Weasley (I think it’s Fred anyway) and you
will need to use Incendio or Reducto to bring out the last of their swamps.  
Filch notices, and you get your broom to fly around the school, lighting off 
all the firework boxes there with Reducto or Incendio.  Once you have lit all 
the boxes Fred and George will fly through the Great Hall where the ultimate 
firecracker stands, and Harry will faint on the scene and dream of Voldemort 
torturing Sirius.

***Chapter 15: Fight and Flight  [H.15]
Harry heads into Umbridge’s room and Hermione leads her into the forest where
she fights with Centaurs and you should know what happens if you’ve seen the 
movie.  Once you take control of Harry you will be in Hagrid’s Hut, along with
Hermione, and you need to go aid Neville, Ginny, Luna, and Ron who are being 
attacked by members of the Inquisitorial Squad in the Stone Circle.  So brace
yourself for a massive six on six Dumbledore’s Army versus Inquisitorial Squad
duel and try to memorize the important spells beforehand [Petrificus Totalus,
Expelliarmus, Stupefy, and Protego].  Once the Inquisitorial Squad have been 
defeated you will fly to the Ministry of Magic, walk into the Department of 
Mysteries, and meet the Death Eaters. 

***Chapter 16: The Lost Prophecy  [H.16]
The six members of Dumbledore’s army are assaulted by Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix
Lestrange, and co... who want the prophecy you hold, but just in time Sirius 
Black and the Order arrive right on time, talking to Lucius & destroying the 
prophecy.  Now you'll be in a two on two duel: Harry & Sirius versus Lucius &
Bellatrix.  If you do not win this battle it is not a problem, the story will
still go on.  However, if you are looking for a strategic victory, you can use
the Protego, Stupefy, Expelliarmus combination.  Bellatrix will Stupefy Sirius
through the veil in the end & Harry will chase her into the Ministry of Magic
where he will try to Crucio her, but fail.  Voldemort appears behind you, but 
unfortunately for him, so does...

***Chapter 17: The Only One He Ever Feared  [H.17]
There are three (technically, four) parts to this duel, the first of which is
an ordinary one on one duel.  Keep Protego casted whenever you see it wearing
off, and for the rest of the duel just go all out with whichever other spell 
or spells are the easiest for you to cast.  

Next Voldemort appears circling the Fountain of Magical Brethren.  Any spells
that you unleash on him will be blocked and absorbed into a giant green ball
of energy.  Once he unleashes that ball of energy, you MUST cast protego to
return the damage towards him.  You need to do this a few times (approximately
ten) & attack him while he is stunned (after you sent the damage back towards

The final form of Voldemort in this Dumbledore vs. Voldemort duel is another 
one on one duel, just this time Voldemort decided to take a few lessons from
Vince McMahon and attempts to smack you with several chairs and tables while
shooting magic at you.  Like always, you should have Protego cast on yourself
whenever it wears off, which will also return Voldemort’s spells at himself, 
and now go all out with your Wand, doing whichever magical spells you find 
easy and useful [I like Petrificus Totalus and Stupefy here, what’s new...] I
also suggest you walk in slow circles to give you a slightly better chance to
avoid the chairs and tables.  

***Chapter 18: The Boy Who Lived  [H.18]
Once you have defeated Voldemort with Dumbledore, the Dark Lord will go into 
your mind and this is where those occlumency lessons should come in handy.
Unfortunately, Snape is much easier than Voldemort here as you can’t even see
Voldemort’s wand properly half the time.  You must force Lord Voldemort’s wand
back into the middle of his body enough times (5) and you will defeat the Dark
Lord.  You see another few cut scenes and you will return to Hogwarts with a
reinstated Albus Dumbledore as Headmaster, and no more swamps.

***Chapter 19: The Unexpected Task  [H.19]
There is a bit you can do at Hogwarts still.  For one thing, Luna Lovegood’s 
possessions were stolen & she wants your help to get them back.  You can find
Luna in the Entrance Hall in front of the large statue there.  You can also do
the Hogwarts Teachers Mini Quest, find all the chess statues, play the chess 
champions, gobstones champions, and exploding snape champions, and much, much 
more... all listed below.  

Luna can be found at the Entrance Hall, in front of the large statue, once you
have defeated Lord Voldemort.  She needs you to help her find her lost items,
which are located:
1. Great Hall 
   (on one of the tables nearer the Entrance Hall doors)
2. Entrance Courtyard 
   (buried under leaves you need to scrape away by using Wingardium  Leviosa 
   on the mop)
3. Viaduct Entrance 
   (near the portrait of Google Stump)
4. Clock Tower Courtyard 
   (near the large fountain in the middle)
5. Library 
   (End of table opposite side of Ravenclaw Chess Champion)

Go back to Luna and she will confirm that she has got everything returned to 
her possession.  

[T.01] :: Professor Minerva McGonagall
Professor McGonagall is the easiest of the Teachers Mini Quests to complete.  
All you need to do is find her in the Transfiguration Courtyard and talk with 
her to get a report about two first years who need to go for detention.  You 
can find these two in the Divination corridor on the seventh floor.  Talk to
them for a short scene and then head back down to Professor McGonagall and she
will unlock the Transfiguration classroom.  There is no OWL exam to practice 
for this course.

[T.02] :: Professor Pomona Sprout
Professor Sprout can be found in the Herbology room which you can reach pretty
easily from the Transfiguration Courtyard.  Use the Marauders Map if you don't 
recall exactly where you have to go to reach the Herbology classroom.  Talk to
Professor Sprout and she will ask you about an essay you were supposed to have
completed.  You'll need to go find about some “Self Fertilizing Shrubs” which
Neville will explain to you when you go find him in the Room of Requirement.  

Neville tells you he has a book in the Gryffindors Boys Dormitory.  Exit the 
Room of Requirement, out the Seventh Floor and down to the Fat Lady and up the
Gryffindor Boys Dormitory.  Neville’s bed is the one nearest the door, next to
Harry’s.  Examine the book using A and Hermione will write the essay for you.
Head back to Professor Sprout to tell her that you finished the essay.

Professor Sprout exits the door and you should follow her through it and speak
with her again to get started on your Herbology OWL practice exam.  Your goal
is to get outstanding.  If you fail to do so you should repeat until you can 
complete it, unless you are not interested in getting a complete 100% in the
game.  There are three sections to this exam, the first part you need to lift
all the mandrakes on the left side to the right using [Wingardium Leviosa].  
For the second part you need to raise the mandrakes [Wingardium Leviosa] into
the opposite corresponding pots even though they're scattered differently –
it is fine if the pots do not correspond exactly, as long as you move the ones
in the broken pots into unbroken pots.  Once again you will need to raise each
mandrake [Wingardium Leviosa] into an unbroken pot. 

[T.03] :: Professor Filius Flitwick
Professor Flitwick is close by if you are following this order.  He is on the
Second Floor, just outside of the library which you can get to by exiting the
Herbology classroom, passing by all those black tapestries, head up the small
staircase & to the right of the opening.  Speak to Professor Flitwick who will
talk to you about your essays for counter charms.  Hermione wants to look for
a book that has been rented out from the library, and the girl who took it out
can be found inside the Great Hall.  Head down there and you should see a clip
of the girl who has the book.  Walk over to the girl on the far right side, in
the second row of tables, next to the fireplace and she will allow you to view
the book.  Hermione will write the essays for you and now it is time to return
to Professor Flitwick and hand it in to unlock the Charms classroom.  

To do the Charms OWL practice exam head into the Charms classroom and speak to
Professor Flitwick.  Every non combative spell you have in the game should be
memorized at this point, because you will be needing them.  Professor Flitwick
will conjure plenty of different things in the room who will call out what you
need to do on each object.  The faster you finish this, the better your grade
will be.  You are aiming for an Outstanding or I would suggest redoing it.

1.	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the bench that appears by the fireplace.
2.	Cast [Reducto] on the tree in the centre of the room.
3.	Cast [Reparo] on the dishes on the table to the right of the chair.
4.	Cast [Accio] on the cord hanging from the fireplace mantel.
5.	Cast [Depulso] on the small objects in the middle of the room.
6.	Cast [Accio] on the cord hanging from the fireplace mantel.
7.	Cast [Incendio] on the Hogwarts plaque to the left of the cabinet.
8.	Cast [Reducto] on the tree that appears in the centre of the room.
9.	Cast [Reparo] on the dishes on the tables to the right of the chair. 
10.	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the bench that appears by the fireplace.

[T.04] :: Professor Severus Snape:
Note that you cannot do Professor Snape’s Mini Quest at certain points in the
game; when he is teaching you Occlumency!  

Walk down to the Dungeons Corridor to do his essay when he tells you to (he
will be blocking the potions door until you complete this).  Head up to the
library to look for “Magical Drafts and Potions.”  To find the specific book 
you need to go into the Library’s Restricted Section (as in, past the gates)
and on the bookcase furthest from you in the left row you can find the book.  
Hermione will “correct” the essay for you and you will appear back in front
of the library, and head back down towards Professor Snape classroom to hand 
it in.

Once you have done the essay you can go into the Potions Classroom and talk to
Professor Snape to do your Potions OWL practice exam.  This, in my opinion, is
the hardest of the three practice exams.  You need to look at the pot in the
middle and use [Wingardium Leviosa] to lift the same coloured bottle into the
jar and repeat ten times.  If you fail to get an Outstanding I suggest you do 
it again.

Portraits and Passwords {PASS}
Before going off to search for Portrait Passwords, you should note that there
are two locations per portrait, one of which will be sleeping until you get 
the password and go through the awake portrait location first.  The single
exception to this is The Fat Lady.

Go up to the seventh floor and talk to the Fat Lady who will tell you off and
then speak to the kid who keeps walking up and down that staircase for your
password: Mimbulus Mimbletonia. 

	Awake: Grand Staircase - Floor 2 
	Asleep: Second Floor 
Basil is along the Grand Staircase and wants you to get some basic information
for him, he wants you to find a first year student who could inform you where
Rowena Ravenclaw came from!  Go down into the Entrance Hall and then into the
Great Hall.  Close to the fireplace (right hand side when you walk in) there 
are two boys and a girl sitting at the same table, reading books.  The girl 
there is a first year Ravenclaw who will tell you where Rowena came from.  Go
back to Google Stump’s Portrait and tell him, and he will inform you that his
password is “Studious Success.”

	Awake: Grand Staircase - Floor 1
	Asleep: Transfiguration Courtyard
Giffard is on the First Floor of the Grand Staircase and he will only let you
pass if you are able to find a Hufflepuff students who will agree to give you
the password.  Look around and talk to the first person you see who is wearing
a yellow tie or yellow at the bottom of the shirt.  She or he will inform you
the password: Dragon’s Egg.

	Awake: Dungeon Corridor
	Asleep: Dungeons
To get the password to the Slytherin Portrait go down the Grand Staircase to
the very bottom, where Hannah Abbott was standing when first recruiting her 
for the DA, and you should see a door which leads to the Dungeon Corridor.  
Go forward and speak to the portrait there and speak to her, who refuses to 
let you pass since you do not have the password and you are not a Slytherin 
student.  Head all the way up to the Gryffindor Boys Dormitory and pull out 
your invisibility cloak and then go all the way back down there and you will
hear two Slytherin girls talking about the password: Slytherin’s Are Supreme.

Now you need to go back upstairs to put your cloak away, and then go back down
to the Dungeon Corridor to use the password. 

	Awake: Herbology
	Asleep: Fifth Floor
This portrait is standing right outside the Herbology greenhouse and is rather
paranoid of an eye in a portrait across from him.  There are two broken suits
of armour on both sides of the eye, so use Reparo on them and a purple banner
of Hogwarts banner will fall down and block his vision.  The portrait will now
give you his password: Flaming Earwigs.

	Awake: Library
	Asleep: Fourth Floor
This portrait just wants the title of the Daily Prophet article.  You can find
the newspaper in the Great Hall by casting Accio on the Headmaster’s podium
(may need to do this twice).  Owl’s will fly by and one will drop a newspaper.
Examine the paper and head back to the library portrait to get his password.

	Awake: Grand Staircase - Ground
	Asleep: Seventh Floor
You should get this while recruiting Hannah Abbott for the DA.  His password 
is “Scurrilous Scoundrels” and you can get it just by talking to him at the 
bottom of the Grand Staircase area.   

	Awake: Seventh Floor 
	Asleep: Fourth Floor
This portrait can be found on the Seventh Floor, near the Room of Requirement.
Stand by the Room of Requirement and turn your back to the door to walk ahead
and you will see a wooden door with a note on it.  Once you get to that door 
turn left and you will be at this portrait.  He wants you to find “him” which
means his other portrait, which could be found along the Fourth Floor, close
to the bottom of the spiral staircase that leads to the Clock Tower section.
Use Incendio to get rid of the cobwebs around him and talk with him to get the
password: Three Heads Are Better Than One

	Awake: Grand Staircase - Floor 4
	Asleep: Boathouse
Head to Floor Four along the Grand Staircase and you'll see a man wearing red
clothes; Percival Pratt.  Percival wants you to find a man with three faces,
which is the Portrait covered before (above) this one, on the Seventh Floor
(opposite the Room of Requirement and to the left a little).  He tells you to
look for Basil Von Fronsac, the portrait either nearest the Library (if you've
found his password before doing this one) & on the Grand Staircase (Floor 2).
Basil tells you to go find a Spheredress woman on the second floor landing, so
if you are near the library head down the stairs to talk to the picture of the
woman in a white dress holding a cane.  If, instead, you are along the Grand
Staircase rather than the Library area, find your way to the Transfiguration 
Courtyard, and then into the small double doors leading to the Herbology area
and make a left turn to get to the 2nd floor.  Halfway up these stairs is the
picture of a woman in a white dress, talk to her and she will inform you to go
talk to Google Stump, the shy portrait by the Viaduct Entrance (or the first 
floor if you have already done his password).  Google now tells you to go find
the Hufflepuff Portrait: Giffard Abbott.  Go to the Grand Staircase (floor 1)
or Transfiguration Courtyard (if you found his password) and you will be told
the password: This Password is Absurd.  Head back to Percival Pratt’s Portrait
and tell him what you think of his password.

	Awake: Third Floor
	Asleep: Second Floor
Boris is along the Third Floor and the only way to get this password is from
someone who was at Hogwarts fifty years ago, so you will need to find Moaning
Myrtle in her bathroom and she will give you the password: Forget-me-never.
Go remind the portrait of his password and he will open the path for you.

	Awake: Grand Staircase - Floor 3
	Asleep: Clock Tower Courtyard
You can find her along the Grand Staircase on the third floor.  She wants you
to talk to the portrait of Giffard Abbott, the Hufflepuff Portrait who is on 
the first floor of the grand staircase.  After you talk to him, return to the
portrait of Damara and she will give you her password: chops and gravy.

	Awake: Viaduct Entrance
	Asleep: First Floor
This portrait is in the Viaduct Entrance and basically wants you to get rid of
the two children standing around him.  Point your wand at them, they run away,
and then you can talk to the portrait for the password - volo futurus unus! 

100% COMPLETION {1.00} 
You can hold the C button down on the Nunchuk to inform yourself of how much 
you discovered in the area you're currently inside.  I'll begin describing the
completion for 100% going down from the Gryffindor Boys Dormitory so that you
can do it from start to finish as quickly as possible (assuming you have every
spell and portrait password by now - if not then I suggest doing that first).

The portraits you should get before doing this (if you plan to follow in the
same order as myself are: The Fat Lady (obviously), The Ground Floor Portrait,
The Slytherin Portrait, Damara Dodderidge, Boris the Bewildered, and Giffard

The following rooms and areas can be ignored as there is nothing to do for one
hundred percent completion:
Divination, Charms, Transfiguration, Covered-Bridge, Grand Staircase, Room of
Requirement, and Room of Rewards.

[1.01] :: Gryffindor Boys Dormitory
%	Task [Spell]
10	When you enter there's a book on top of the cabinet to your left 
	(Harry’s right) to press A on and also a cabinet next to that one 
	to click on also.
20	On the bed next to the cabinets, press A while facing Neville’s pet
	frog Trevor.
30	Underneath the same bed there is a trunk you can view by pressing A 
40	On the bed next (counter clockwise) from Neville’s is Harry’s, 
	cast [Depulso] to clean up your own bed.
50	After Harry’s bed comes Dean’s, press A on the bed for a comment about
	Dean’s West Ham posters
60	Cast [Depulso] to clean up Dean’s bed.
70	After Dean’s bed comes Ron’s bed, so cast [Depulso] to clean that one
80	View Ron’s trunk next to his bed.
90 	Cast [Depulso] on Seamus’ bed finally.
100	Cast [Incendio] on that furnace in the middle of the room.
Next	Head down the stairs into the Gryffindor Common Room

[1.02] :: Gryffindor Common Room
% 	Task [Spell]			
1	Flip the Notice Board [Accio] over to see the front and examine it.
5	Flip the Notice Board [Accio] over to see the back and then press A.    
7	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the Notice Board      
8	Play the Gryffindor Chess Champion (near Notice Board) and beat him.
10	Summon [Accio] the books behind the Chess Players.
11 	Talk to the portrait nearest the Chess Players.
12	Talk to the portrait next to him (the middle of those three portraits)
18	Cast [Accio] four times on the cabinet under the portrait listed above
	to summon out 4 books
19	Skip the next portrait (nearest the stairs) and walk on top of the
	table to talk with the female portrait	
20	Open up [Accio] the cabinet to the left of that portrait.
21	Close [Depulso] that same cabinet.
34	When you hear a mysterious voice calling you, move the armchair near 
	the fireplace out of the way [Wingardium Leviosa] and bring the table
	[Wingardium Leviosa] to where the armchair was so that you can stand 
	on it and talk to the portrait above it and talk to him.  He tells you
	to find his snitch - so go to that painting I said to skip before 
	(nearest to the	stairs, with a snitch in his frame) and talk to it for
	a rather funny scene.  
38	Grab the snitch that is flying around with the A button when it comes
	near you!
39	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the basket near the fireplace which has 
	logs inside it.
94	Earlier you casted Accio on four books that were under a portrait, do
	this again, but this time just cast [Accio] on one of the books. 
100 	Cast [Incendio] on the same book after using Accio on it.
Next	Head out of the Fat Lady’s portrait and turn right [and wait for the
	moving staircase if necessary] to go up into the Seventh Floor.   

[1.03] :: Seventh Floor
%	Task [Spell]
25	Pass the portrait that leads down to the Dungeon and head to the Room
	of Requirement.  Once you see an opening to your right, you should 
	turn to your left to see a broken pot that you must [Reparo]
50	Keep going forward from where you were coming (do not turn towards the
	Room of Requirement), ignore the room on your left that leads to the
	Divination area, and once you cannot go forward any further you should
	see another broken pot: [Reparo].
75	Now turn the corner to keep moving ahead, ignore the multi-personality
	portrait, and down the stairs to see yet another broken pot [Reparo] 
	at the end of the corner.
100	Turn this corner as well to keep going forward, up the steps, and you
	should see your last pot: [Reparo].
Next	Return to the portrait leading to the dungeons - keep going forward,
	past the Room of Requirement, turn left when you come to the wall, and
	then on your first right head to the bottom of the Grand Staircase and
	into the wooden door at the bottom.

[1.04] :: Dungeon Corridor
%	Task [Spell]
50	As soon as you walk inside there is a chess statue to your right, use
	[Incendio] to get rid of the cobwebs in front of it.
100	At the end of the Dungeon Corridor, right next to the Slytherin
	portrait, is another chess statue that needs to use [Imperio] on the
Next	Go through the Slytherin Portrait and into the dungeons.

[1.05] :: Dungeons
%	Task [Spell]
4	Right in front of the Slytherin Portrait is a broken suit of armour 
	you need to [Reparo].
8	Turn your back on the statue you just fixed and move forward until 
	you see a Hogwarts plaque on the right hand side, cast [Imperio] and
	then examine it.
45	With your back to the plaque, go into the room on your right hand side
	to see four pieces to a portrait - Use [Wingardium Leviosa] to lift 
	each picture to the proper area along the lighter portion of the wall.
55	Go out of this section and turn in the archway between the Slytherin 
	portrait and that plaque you lit up a moment ago and you should see 
	six armoured statues. [Depulso] the first statue on your right (from
	where you came in) three times.     
64	Depulso the next statue to the left four times.
74	Skip the next suit of armour (the one in the middle right) and Depulso
	the one on the mid left twice.
83	Depulso the next suit of armour (going left) along the wall thrice.  
92	Depulso the last suit of armour (on the left from where you came in) 
	four times.
96	With your back to the two middle statues, head over to leave the area
	and you should see a chess statue covered by cobwebs that need an 
100	Go out of this room and turn left to get back to the area with the 
	Slytherin portrait and facing the statue you repaired earlier, turn
	right and on your left hand side should be one more Hogwarts plaque 
	to [Incendio] and examine.
Next	Go into Snape’s Potions class (do his essay if you have not yet first
	in order to get in).

[1.06] :: Potions
%	Task [Spell]
100	Look at the five tubes in Professor Snape’s Potion class (on the desk
	closer to the door), [Accio] one, [Depulso] the next, [Incendio] to
	another, [Wingardium Leviosa] this time, and [Reparo] your last tube.
Next	Leave the potions classroom (or do your Potions OWL) and then go up
	the exit straight ahead up the spiral staircase to get to the Viaduct

[1.07] :: Viaduct Entrance
%	Task [Spell]
8	Turn to face the staircase towards the dungeons and you should see a
	broken pot that needs a [Reparo] on the left hand side.
17	Use [Reparo] on the broken pot in the right hand side (of the dungeon
	staircase) as well.
25	With your back to the staircase that leads to the dungeon you should
	see another broken pot on the right hand side of the room that also 
	needs [Reparo].
33	Near this pot is a container with Umbrella’s that you should cast 
	[Wingardium Leviosa] on.
42	Examine the podium with a book on it
50	On the corner nearest the podium there is another broken pot that must
	be mended with [Reparo].
58	Facing the bookcase you should see another Umbrella container to cast
	[Wingardium Leviosa] on.
67	Next to the portrait of Google Stump there is a large bookcase to use 
	[Reducto] on.
75	Back where you came in, just before the staircase to the Dungeons, use
	[Wingardium Leviosa] on the pot you fixed (on the left side if you’re
	facing the staircase opening) to get a chocolate frog.  
100 	You should also see a mop here for you to pick up [Wingardium Leviosa]
	and bring it to the middle of the room where there are three puddles 
	you need to sweep and as you lift the mop up, it will start to clean 
	up the puddles when it is held long enough at the proper spot.
Next	Go through the huge doors to get to the Viaduct

[1.08] :: Viaduct
%	Task [Spell]
10	Face the doors that you came out of leading into the Viaduct Entrance
	and cast [Incendio] on those two torches.  
20	Climb the wall on the left hand side (facing the Viaduct Entrance
	doors) for a small clip.
70	Cast Incendio on the ten torches along the bridge.
80	Cast Incendio on the talking gargoyle at the end of this bridge.
100	Light the two torches just in front of the Paved Courtyard 
Next	Do not go into the Paved Courtyard, instead go backwards and walk 
	through the Entrance Courtyard and into the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts.

[1.09] :: Entrance Hall
%	Task [Spell]
100	As you enter the Entrance Hall from the Entrance Courtyard there is a
	door to your right hand side that you need to go into to [Wingardium
	Leviosa] a mop outside of it towards the mess around the statue (where
	Luna Lovegood stands if you’ve beaten Voldemort) and raise it over the
	proper spot for several seconds and it will clean itself up.  You need
	to do this over the four stains and you should see a small cut scene.
Next	Go into the Great Hall, to the back of it and down the door to the 
	left of Dumbledore’s podium down into the Trophy Room (where you had
	helped Angelina Johnson).  

[1.10] :: Trophy Room
%	Task [Spell]
50	Near the fireplace is a feather duster to [Wingardium Leviosa] and
	clean the two golden trophies next to the fireplace.  Keep the duster
	over it for several seconds in the proper area and you'll see it clean
100	Examine both those trophies.
Next	Go back up the staircase to the Great Hall

[1.11] :: Great Hall
%	Task [Spell]
11	On the other side of the teachers table there are four tubes, each one
	representing a Hogwarts house, just cast [Depulso] on the colour that
	represents your favourite house.  
21	In front of the teachers table is Dumbledore’s podium, cast [Depulso]
	on it
21*	Cast [Accio] on the same podium - This is to get the Daily Prophet 
	that the Library Portrait wants in order to give you his password.
32	Cast [Incendio] on the same podium.
42	Turn your back to the podium and on the middle-right table, there are
	two students playing chess - challenge the Slytherin champion and win.
53	With your back to the podium, cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the table
	to the left of the one you played chess on.
58	Go past this row of tables and on the table just behind the one you
	played chess on, cast [Wingardium Leviosa] again.
68	Head over to the fireplace on your side and cast Accio on the cord in
	the left corner of it
74	On the row of tables nearest the door cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the
	table next to one of the walls.
100	On the row of tables nearest the door cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the
	table next to the other wall.
Next:	Exit the Great Hall and head up the Grand Staircase to Floor 3 and 
	enter the portrait of Damara Dodderidge to get to the Clock Tower 

[1.12] :: Clock Tower Courtyard
%	Task [Spell]
15	Use [Reparo] on the four statues around the broken fountain to fix it.
25	Play the Ravenclaw Gobstones champion and win three times (you do not
	get percentage the first two times!)
100	On the right end of the Clock Tower Courtyard there is a bucket of 
	pairs.  Lift five pairs from the tree [Wingardium Leviosa] into the 
	bucket below.
Next	Head towards the Covered Bridge and into the Stone Circle

[1.13] :: Stone Circle
% 	Task [Spell]
3	When you get through the Covered Bridge & into the Stone Circle, turn
	to face the bridge and you should see a torch in the right corner of
	it and [Incendio].  
16	Still standing with your face towards the torch, you should see an odd
	looking stone (in comparison to the rest) to your slight right, which
	you can raise [Wingardium Leviosa] next to the normal stone beside it
	(to its right) for a short clip. 
23	Turn back around, away from the torch, and you should see a stone in
	the middle of the circle, cast [Depulso] on it & pick up the package.
29	Between the two stones with ravens on them is a stone you can walk up
	to and examine.
61	There are two birds on stones around walk near them to make them fly
94	Head down towards Hagrid’s Hut and scare off the two birds along the
	path as well.
100	Walk back up to the Covered Bridge, but turn towards the direction of
	the Owlery, and start walking up the hill to the owlery.  On the left
	hand side there will be a little bit of grass sticking out that you
	can [Depulso] for another package.
Next	Walk straight up towards the Owlery (if you got all four owls and the
	package, start at the last step) and instead of going up the stairs to
	the inside, go to the left (where you met Colin) on the outside.

[1.14] :: Owlery  
%	Task [Spell]
13	While climbing up the Owlery, via drain pipes, to the second story (as
	you cannot get on the first story ledge yet) scare off the owl there.
25	Sidle to the left and go down the pipe there to scare off the owl on
	the first story, to your right.
38	Go left as far as you can go, on the first story, climb up that drain
	pipe, get off at this next part of the second story, go left again 
	until can climb yet another drain pipe, get off on the next story up,
	sidle right on the ledge and scare off that owl.
50	Keep going right, until you reach another drain pipe, pass by it and
	scare off the next owl who will drop a package.
63	Climb up the drain pipe you just skipped past and scare off this owl
	right next to you, once you get up, as well.
68	Sidle to the right and climb this drain pipe to the very top, ignore
	the ledge with the gigantic window, and up as far as you can go and 
	turn right onto the ledge to get to a cut scene 
73	Find your way back down to the bottom to pick up the package that one
	of those owl’s dropped earlier.
100	Back at the very bottom of the Owlery, there are three small birds 
	along the left wall (one is actually on a thin platform).  There is a
	small bag next to you. [Wingardium Leviosa] the bad to lift a treat 
	from it in order to feed each of the owls once. 
Next	Walk back down the Owlery towards the Stone Circle, and turn towards
	Hagrid’s Hut & head towards the path leading to the Thestral clearing.

[1.15] :: Hagrid’s Hut
%	Task [Spell]
11	View the first set of animal footprints along the path towards the 
	thestral clearing.  
14	View the second set of animal footprints along the path towards the
	thestral clearing.
21	On the path from Hagrid’s Hut to the thestral clearing, walk forwards,
	scare off three frogs (I believe on your left hand side, between the
	two footprints above) until you see a shot of an opened cage.
24	Right in the area you are there should be grass sticking out for you
	to [Depulso] (to get a Weasley’s Package).
28	Near the very bottom of the Thestral clearing, in front of the stone 
	at the bottom middle, you can see more grass shaped like the one above
	which you also need to [Depulso] and pick up a package from.
42	Head back towards Hagrid’s Hut, and at the side of the hut is a water
	tin that you need to raise [Wingardium Leviosa] to bring into Hagrid’s
	backyard area.  In the back there are four spots you need to water to
	create some flowers.  If you see the tin pouring water out of itself
	than you are holding it over the proper spot (near the pumpkins).  
49	You should see more grass sticking out on the side across from the 
	flowers you just made. [Depulso] those two ferns for two more Weasley
52	There is another set of footprints near the front of Hagrid’s Hut, 
	near the ravens on the 	wall to examine.
64	Scare off those three ravens.
93	In the large pumkin patch raise [Wingardium Leviosa] the pumpkins into
	Hagrid’s Chimney until one of Fred and George’s packages appear out of
	it.  If the package gets stuck, use [Accio] to summon it.
96	Just before the pumpkin patch (in the area close to Hagrid’s actual
	Hut) you should see a bone (may need to move the rest of the pumpkins
	out of the way) which should be lifted [Wingardium Leviosa] towards 
	the open window in the Hut so fang can get it.
100	[Accio] the front door to Hagrid’s Hut (where Hagrid stands). 
Next	Head back up to the Stone Bridge, through the Covered Bridge, past the
	Clock Tower Courtyard, into the Clock Tower area towards the portrait
	of Damara Dodderidge (but don’t go through it).

[1.16] :: Clock Tower
%	Task [Spell]
16	Next to the portrait (to the left if you’re facing her) of Damara
	 Dodderidge is four lighter bricks on the wall that you need to 
	[Accio] and Examine (Slytherin).
31	Along the corner (to the right of the window) is another group of four
	lighter bricks that need an [Accio] and Examine (Ravenclaw).
47	To the left of the same window is another group of four lighter bricks
	that need to receive an [Accio] and Examine (Gryffindor).
63	Directly opposite the portrait of Damara Dodderidge is yet another
	grouping of four lighter bricks that need you to use [Accio] and 
	Examine (Hufflepuff).
100	Face the Clock Tower Courtyard, but go up one of the doors to the side
	to go into the Clock Tower (preferably on the side of the Hufflepuff
	and Gryffindor banners) and head up to the top of it.  You should see
	five bells: [Accio] or [Depulso] each one by one.  
Next	Along the top floor still, walk to the middle of the Clock Tower and
	go through the door to get to the Fifth Floor.  Walk by the Exploding
	Snap player straight through the two black doors into the Prefect’s 

[1.17] :: Prefect’s Bathroom
%	Task [Spell]
22	Use [Depulso] on the middle stall in this bathroom to see a flood
	and watch a golden egg pop out of it and make a horrible, horrible 
44	Cast [Accio] on the huge bathtub to fill it with water.
100	Raise the golden egg that just came out before with [Wingardium 
	Leviosa] into the large bathtub.
Next	Walk out of the Prefect’s bathroom and back along the Fifth Floor in
	the direction of the Clock Tower, stop by the Exploding Snap player.

[1.18] :: Fifth Floor
%	Task [Spell]
4	Talk to the Exploding Snap champion to play against her in Exploding 
	Snap: Patience Version.  To beat her you need to match six pairs - If
	you’ve played this you probably know it can be hard to beat her, once
	you turn your card over, so the trick is to stare at the back of the
	cards and use those to judge which cards will be similar enough.  This
	may take a few tries.
11	Turn back around towards the Prefects Bathroom (do not enter it again)
	and turn left just before it.  On your left hand side, before the next
	opening, should be four light coloured bricks in the wall. [Accio] 
	these bricks and Examine them.
30	Walk through the opening and you should see a suit of armour.  Cast 
	Depulso] on it four times.
37	Cast [Depulso] on the rug you’re on or near. 
44	Between this rug and the next rug is a Hogwarts plaque.  Use
	[Incendio] and Examine it.
52	Use [Depulso] on this rug as well (you can ignore this armour).
59	Hey look, another rug to [Depulso]!
67	Beside this rug is a suit of armour to [Reparo].
74	Along the hall is one last rug to [Depulso].
93	Next to this rug is a suit of armour to [Depulso] three times.
100	At the end of the wall, just before the opening, is another is another
	set of four lighter bricks on the wall. [Accio] and Examine.
Next	Exit the opening, go up the stairs, through the door into the Grand
	Staircase, and head down to the fourth floor corridor (opposite side
	of Percival Pratt - the Rhyming Portrait). 

[1.19] :: Fourth Floor 
%	Task [Spell]
8	Right as you come in on your right (Harry’s left) there is a group of
	lighter coloured bricks on the wall, use [Accio] and examine.
28	You should see a suit of armour lying against the wall that needs a
	[Depulso] or three.
36	Head forwards, once you reach the windows on the right hand side you
	should turn around to your right to see a pot that needs a [Reparo].
44	Use Wingardium Leviosa on the pot you just fixed and step on the
	Chocolate Frog that comes out of it.
52	In the middle of the hall way, opposite the windows, there is a black
	tapestry.  Raise the tapestry with [Wingardium Leviosa] to display a
	chess statue.  
60	At the end of the windows is another broken pot that needs a [Reparo].
68	Head up the staircase and [Depulso] the first rug.
76	Cast [Depulso] on the next rug as well.
84	Go outside through the opening at the end of the first rug and go to
	your left side (Harry’s right) to get to one of the gargoyle’s you 
	needed to help Dean find.  Use [Incendio] on it. 
100	Go back to the rugs and through the door to the left and up this 
	spiral staircase.  Once you get to the top you should see a pair of
	torches that need an [Incendio] fire in front of you, and two behind
	you as well.
Next	Go through the doors that are right next to you to get into the 
	Hospital Wing.

[1.20] :: Hospital Wing
8	At the end of the Hospital Wing there is a furnace. [Incendio].
100	Use [Depulso] on all six beds and on all six bed separators as well.
Next	Exit the Hospital Wing & keep going straight towards the Clock Tower.
	Go down a flight of stairs and head towards the portrait of Damara 
	Dodderidge.  Talk to her and go through the portrait into the Grand 
	Staircase.  Follow the stairs that lead down and then keep going 
	forward up the next flight (may need to wait for the tricky staircase) 
	into the third floor corridor.

[1.21] :: Third Floor 
%	Task [Spell]
10	Go down the small staircase and into the room ahead, to your left, as
	soon as you go in, there should be a suit of armour to [Depulso] three
20	Keep going forward and across from the yellow portrait of Boris the 
	Bewildered should be another suit of armour that needs a [Depulso] 
31	There is another suit of armour before the exit, again on your left,
	that needs [Depulso] casted on it four times.
35	Across from this last statue is a Hogwarts Plague that you must 
	[Incendio] and Examine.
39	Go into the next room and just before the stairs heading downwards 
	is a Hogwarts Statue that needs a [Reparo].
43	Head all the way down the stairs and [Reparo] the broken pot.
47	[Reparo] the Hogwarts Statue next to that pot you just fixed.
57	On the statue to the other side of the bridge (near the girl playing
	Exploding Snap) is a Hogwarts Statue that needs a couple of [Depulso] spell’s.
59	Speak to the girl near the statue you just casted [Depulso] on to 
	challenge her to a game of Exploding Snap: Classic Version and win.
	(Swing the wand remote downwards when you see two identical pairs).  
100	Scattered around that Exploding Snap player are a bunch of picture 
	frames, lift them up with [Wingardium Leviosa] and attach them (with
	A) to the proper spot on the wall to stick them there to reveal Nearly
	Headless Nick’s portrait.
Next	Turn back towards the two statues you just depulso & fixed moments ago
	and head into the opening between them onto the Suspended Bridge.

[1.22] :: Suspended Bridge
%	Task [Spell]
10	On the far side you just came from (nearer the Third Floor) there is a
	broken pipe you must [Reparo] and climb for a brief scene. 
81	There are three birds in this area, touch each one of them to make 
	them fly away.
100	To both ends of this bridge are torches that you need to light with
Next	Head across the Suspended Bridge into the side where you see a closed
	door and go inside and into the next room after to reach the Defence
	Against the Dark Arts corridor with the giant statue.

[1.23] :: Defence Against The Dark Arts
%	Task [Spell]
3	Examine (with A) the giant statue. 
6	Head halfway up the spiral staircase and you should see one of those
	talking statues to use [Incendio] on.
8	Go up to the very top now and enter the D.A.D.A. classroom and cast 
	[Depulso] on the cabinet directly ahead of where you entered and then
11	In the middle of the classroom there is a giant old movie projector 
	that you should cast [Depulso] on.
14	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the second table on the right row (closer
	to Umbridge’s chalkboard and the big cabinet).
21	Go to the chalkboard and Examine it (with A).
28	Cast Accio on the chalkboard and Examine it again.
56	Lift up the top to all the desks on the row nearest you (right side)
	with the [Wingardium Leviosa] spell and stand next to the chalkboard
	and cast [Depulso].  If they do not all go down at once, you need to
	redo it and make sure you are aiming at the desk near the chalkboard
92	Do this on the five tables to the left hand side and stand behind the
	first one in front of the teachers table using [Depulso] again to make
	a chain reaction.  If you fail to hit the table nearest you, you will
	need to redo it.
94	There is a furnace at the very back of the room, to the right of the
	stairs, which you ought to use [Incendio] on.
100	You may want to do Umbridge’s Office (listed just below) before doing
	this next step! 
	Exit the Defence Against Dark Arts classroom and just outside of it 
	you should see a mop that needs to find its way down the stairs 
	[Wingardium Leviosa] until it reaches the floor down below with the
	giant Honeydukes statue.  You will need to lift it up and drop it down
	several times from where it lands before you reach the bottom (as in:
	you cannot throw the mop over the banister).  When you have finally
	reached the floor there are two small messes around the statue that
	you need to clean up – the mop will do everything itself once you have
	it standing over the proper spots. 
Next	Head back into the DADA classroom and into Umbridge’s Office – If you
	have already completed her office for 100% read the “Next” under the 
	“Umbridge’s Office” section.

[1.24] :: Umbridge’s Office
%	Task [Spell]
11	In the very back of Umbridge’s Office is the room where she keeps the
	items she has taken from students.  In there is a large chest for you
	to [Depulso] and Examine.
89	There is a piece of paper on Umbridge’s desk you can lift up with 
	[Wingardium Leviosa] and bring it towards the fire to let it burn.
100	There are three groups of plates you can cast [Accio] or [Depulso] on.
100*	I once had a bug with this, where after I got 100 it dropped down to 
	89, apparently an extra piece of paper appeared in Umbridge’s room 
	right next to the fireplace that I had to throw back in there.
Next	If you have not completed the DADA part for 100% do so... Once you 
	have done so, head outside towards the Suspended Bridge, across it 
	into the Third Floor, up the stairs, through the opening, and you 
	should see the portrait of Boris the Bewildered on your left hand 
	side.  Speak to Boris to give him the password and go through this
	portrait into the Second Floor.  Head to Harry’s left (forward on 
	your screen) and on the corner should be a door leading into Moaning
	Myrtle’s bathroom. 

[1.25] :: Myrtle’s Bathroom
%	Task [Spell]
3	Examine (A button) the sinks to open up the Chamber of Secrets 
	(unfortunately, you cannot go down and explore it.)
16	Use [Incendio] to relight eight torches that Myrtle blew out closer
	to the start of the game when you first learned the spell.
22	Around the ten cubicles are another four torches that need to be lit
	with [Incendio].
61	Cast [Depulso] on all five cubicles to one side and then, when they
	are all open, [Accio] the door closest to the Moaning Myrtle to close
	them in a domino-effect style.
100	Repeat with the other side as well - [Accio] the door nearest to 
	Myrtle when they’re all opened.
Next	Exit Myrtle’s bathroom to get back on the Second Floor and head 
	straight forwards, and go past the opening to your left and stop just
	before you reach the Viaduct Entrance.

[1.26] :: Second Floor (Part 1 of 2)
%	Task [Spell]
3	Just near the Viaduct Entrance there is a black tapestry across from
	two portraits, and in back of this tapestry is a Chess Statue, so use
	[Wingardium Leviosa] on it to get the chess piece.
6	Turn around so now your backside is facing the Viaduct Entrance.  
	Move forwards and a bit before the corner (on your right hand side) 
	you should see another tapestry to lift with [Wingardium Leviosa] to
	reveal another Chess Statue.
9	Right at the corner is a broken pot for you to mend with [Reparo] 
	that is slightly hidden in the shade 
12	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on the pot you just fixed in order to get a
	Chocolate Frog for you to step on.
16	Just after the corner there is yet a third Chess Statue behind another
	tapestry that you can lift up with [Wingardium Leviosa].
19	Walk through the opening into the next area (ignore these next two 
	tapestries – although they flash when you point your wand at them, 
	they do not do anything).  Keep going ahead to [Reparo] a pot at this
	three way junction.  
22	Cast [Wingardium Leviosa] on this pot you just fixed for a chocolate
	frog to come out, and step on it.
25	Head right, so you’re facing the door in that cross junction, and 
	cast [Depulso] on the rug.
29	Ignore those tapestries and stop just before the door, to your left
	there should be four light bricks on the wall for you to [Accio] and
30	Turn around so your back is facing that door and head back towards 
	that pot you mended across from you.  On the corner of the cross 
	junction, closer to the pot, there should be a torch for you to light 
32	Heading in the direction to the double doors (Myrtle’s Bathroom) there
	should be another torch to light up with [Incendio].
33	There is yet another torch to light with [Incendio] right before 
	Myrtle’s bathroom.
35	On the left of Myrtle’s Bathroom door’s should be a Hogwarts Plaque 
	for you to cast [Incendio] on and Examine.
38	There is another torch on your right hand side that you can light with
40	Just next to Boris the Bewildered’s portrait is another torch you can
	light with [Incendio].
43	Go down the steps into the circular room and light the two torches
	with [Incendio].
46	There is also a tapestry in this circular room that you can raise
	via [Wingardium Leviosa] to reveal one more chess piece.
Next	Please note that the Second Floor is split into two parts.  The other
	54% can only be done near the library, which is an inconvenience at 
	this point, so we will get back to it later.  So in the circular room
	you should go through the doors to get on the Stone Bridge.

[1.27] :: Stone Bridge
%	Task [Spell]
67	There are two torches to light up on each side of this bridge with 
	[Incendio] which shows a small clip of the side of the castle to where
	you are.
100	Go to the corner you saw in that clip (if you just exited the Second 
	Floor onto the Stone Bridge it would be on your right side by the door
	further away from you.  Climb up this corner and to your right side
	should be a drain pipe for you to go down.  Once you reach the bottom
	sidle right and head down the next drain pipe.  Then sidle to your
	left and you should discover some bats.  
Next	Climb up the drain pipes and get back onto the bridge if you have not
	yet and go through the doors nearest you to reach the First Floor.

[1.28] :: First Floor
%	Task [Spell]
56	There are four portrait pieces on the ground that you need to raise 
	[Wingardium Leviosa] onto the wall where the colour is a lighter shade
	of gray and let go (A button) when the proper piece is close enough to
	the proper spot.
58	Across from the portrait of the Fat Friar is a torch you can light 
61	Along the wall, a little bit before reaching the black tapestry, you
	can cast [Incendio] on a torch standing along the same side of the
64	Use [Wingardium Leviosa] on that black tapestry to reveal a Chess 
67	Just after the tapestry, on the same side, is another torch to 
71	Straight ahead when you reach a dead end, point your wand at the wall
	to reveal four lighter squares which you can [Accio] and Examine.
78	Go through the opening next to you and you will see a portrait of 
	Google Stump, and across from him is a broken pot for you to [Reparo].
81	Along the same side as that pot you just fixed, cast [Incendio] on the
	torch near it.
86	After this torch there is another broken pot for you to mend with 
89	Just past that second pot you repaired, is another lamp for you to 
95	There is one last pot to fix before the door.
100	To the left of the door however is a plaque for you to [Incendio] and
 Next	Go through the door there which leads into the Grand Staircase.  Head
	towards the bottom of the Grand Staircase and once you get into the 
	Entrance Hall turn left into the Entrance Courtyard.

[1.29] :: Entrance Courtyard
%	Task [Spell]
4	Once you enter the Entrance Courtyard you should see a wheelbarrow 
	with logs inside it, to your right hand side, which you can cast 
	[Wingardium Leviosa] on twice.
12	To the left hand side of the entrance to the Entrance Courtyard (left
	if you had just exited Hogwarts) you should see a bunch of leaves with
	a broom occasionally sweeping around it.  [Wingardium Leviosa] that
	broom over the leaves until you reveal a Hogwarts crest, and then send
	the broom around the courtyard [Wingardium Leviosa] to repeat it in 
	the other three corners until you find Hogwarts Crests there as well.
95	After you have swept up the leaves in all the corners to reveal four
	Hogwarts Crests on the ground, the benches (along the end furthest
	from the Hogwarts doors) will clearly glow with the four Hogwarts 
	colours.  You need to use [Wingardium Leviosa] to lift each table up
	and drop them on top of their respective coloured crests for a quick
	cut scene.  
96	Go and talk to one of the Gobstones players in order to play the 
	Hufflepuff Gobstones Champion.  You must beat him three times! You 
	cannot get percentage until a third win.
98	Head out the opening towards the side leading to the boathouses 
	(right side if you just came out from Hogwarts doors), turn around to
	face the opening and you should see two torches that need lighting 
100	Head around to the other opening (the one that leads to the Paved 
	Courtyard) where there are two more torches just waiting for an 
Next	Walk out of the Entrance Courtyard towards the Paved Courtyard (if 
	you see a talking gargoyle, you need to go into the entrance at the
	back of your screen).

[1.30] :: Paved Courtyard
%	Task [Spell]
2	You should have done this earlier, when recruiting Colin Creevey for
	the DA, when getting his camera back there was a package left (by Fred
	and George Weasley) along the wall where you had to sidle, just next
	to the entrance.  If, for some reason, you did not get it already 
	[Wingardium Leviosa] one of the benches in front of the bottom ledge,
	and climb up.  Sidle to the right up the drain pipe, and then go to
	the wall on your left to sidle across it & get the package – now head
	back down.
3	On the opposite side of the entrance there are two players playing 
	Gobstones.  Talk to one of them to challenge the Slytherin Gobstones 
	Champion.  Beat her three times (you do not get percentage for the 
	third win).
20	Watching the Slytherin Gobstones Champion (in the nearest corner) is
	the Gryffindor and Hogwarts Gobstones Champion.  You need to beat her
	at one of each Gobstones game.
21	Walk up the stairs to the corner diagonal to where you entered the
	Paved Courtyard.  You should see a broken eagle statue to [Reparo].
22	Next to that eagle statue is a torch for you to [Incendio].
24	After that torch comes another broken eagle statue to [Reparo].
25	Now there is another torch that you will need to [Incendio].
26	Rather than fixing the next eagle, you can climb up the drain pipe in
	the corner and get off along the wall to sidle left.  Climb up the 
	next drain pipe all the way to the top and Examine the broken tiles
	in the corner.
28	Head back down along the drain pipes to [Reparo] the next broken eagle
	statue to the right of the drain pipe.
29	Next to that eagle statue is another unlit torch that needs an 
30	[Reparo] the last broken eagle statue to reveal the last Hogwarts 
31	Cast [Incendio] on the last unlit torch next to the last of the eagle
	statues you just fixed.
33	Walk to the talking gargoyle at the dead end of the wall and cast
	[Incendio] on it.
98	Head all the way back down the stairs to the middle of the Paved 
	Courtyard and lift the four benches [Wingardium Leviosa] over their
	respective Hogwarts coloured crest along the ground that will show
	themselves after you repaired the eagle statues just before.  The
	Hufflepuff crest is nearest the entrance, the Gryffindor crest is 
	nearest the gobstones players, and the Slytherin crest is nearest
	the stairs.  Gryffindor and Hufflepuff benches are near the Boathouse
	entrance opening, Ravenclaw and Slytherin benches are near the area
	you originally entered through.  Once you’ve accomplished this, you
	will see a small clip.
100	There are two torches in front of the other exit (to the Boathouse) 
	which you need to light with [Incendio].
Next	Go through the Boathouse opening 

[1.31] :: Boathouse
%	Task [Spell]
4	Cast [Incendio] on the two lamps right outside the opening you go 
	through to get from
	the Paved Courtyard into the Boathouse area.
8	Go down the hill, follow the curve, and you should find one of those
	hidden parcels along the path.
23	Continue along the path and when you get down to the actual boathouse
	you should see three birds sitting next to the boathouse as well as a
	bucket.  Cast [Windardium Leviosa] on the bucket and feed a fish to 
	each of the three birds
25	There is a torch to light on the boathouse with the three birds there
	with [Incendio].
29	Inside the Boathouse there is a portrait of Percival Pratt and in the
	corner to the right of the portrait is a chain you can examine using
	the A button for a short scene.
41	On the other side of the Boathouse are two more birds standing on top
	of pillars who will fly past you, you may have already got this the
	first time you went down to this area.
43	There is another torch to light with [Incendio] on this side of the 
47	In the corner just at the bottom of the stairs, near the water, is 
	another Parcel left by Fred and George.
55	There are two more birds a little above the bottom of the boathouse 
	stairs who will fly away once you get close enough to them, you may 
	have already got this too the first time here.  
100	Head up the stairs and light all the torch with [Incendio]: If you’re
	missing percentage it’s very likely you missed a torch.  There are 22
	torches in all, I believe.
Next	Walk into Hogwarts go up the Grand Staircase to Floor 1 and go through
	the Hufflepuff portrait of Giffard Abbott (Dragon’s Egg) and it should
	lead you into the Transfiguration Courtyard.

[1.32] :: Transfiguration Courtyard
%	Task [Spell]
1	Cast [Incendio] on the Gargoyle in here which you used to assist Dean
	Thomas way back near the beginning of the game when recruiting him for
	the DA
2	Use [Wingardium Leviosa] on the globe like stand in the middle of the
	courtyard and you should see small images of each house around it.  
100	Raise the benches with [Wingardium Leviosa] and drop them on the area
	with the same images near the globe stand and you should see four big
	grassy symbols representing each of the houses when you’re done.
Next	Get out of the Transfiguration Courtyard and into the Herbology area
	by going out the opening along Slytherin’s grassy-symbol and turn to
	your left and through the door and turn to your right leading all the
	way into the Herbology classroom.    

[1.33] :: Herbology
%	Task [Spell]
50	In the Herbology room where you helped Neville clean up the Devil’s 
	Snare, while you were recruiting him for the DA, you should see a 
	watering can and a box filled with dirt at the end of the table... Use
	[Wingardium Leviosa] to lift the dirt above all four containers (once
	they are above it properly, they should pour themselves and fill up 
	with sand).  Do this with the tin of water afterwards and you should
	see plants grow.  Don’t be surprised if this takes a little while -
	you need to keep it steady at the right spot for several seconds.
56	In the same room there is a white container, press A on it for Harry
	to talk about his experience with gillyweed.  
61	Go into the next room with the earmuffs and put one on and head into
	the last room there where there is a door that won’t open and cast
	[Accio or Depulso] on it. 
67	Face the exit of the Herbology greenhouse (so you will see a Slytherin
	banner) and then turn around, so your back is to that banner.  There 
	should be a cord in the right hand side of the screen (a little hard
	to see) that you use [Accio] on.    
72	Head over to Professor Sprout and examine the root that is sticking 
	out next to her.
83*	You may have already done this in the portrait section - Just exit the
	Greenhouse area & you should see two broken pieces of armour, [Reparo]
	them and a banner will come down covering the frame of that eye.  The 
	portrait behind you will also be willing to say his password. 
89	Next to the one of the armoured knights you just repaired, there is a
	Hogwarts plaque.  Cast [Incendio] on it and Examine.
94	Turn around and you should see four bricks in the wall lighter than
	the rest.  Cast [Accio] on it and Examine.  
100	Turn the corner and you should see five black tapestries.  The middle
	one on the right hand side has a chess piece beneath, use [Wingardium
	Leviosa] to display it.  
Next	Keep following until you get to the staircase, where you will be in
	the Second Half of the Second Floor.

[1.34] :: Second Floor (Part 2 of 2)
%	Task [Spell]
49	Head upwards on the small staircase until you are near portrait the 
	portrait of Basil Von Fronsac.  You should see a black tapestry just 
	after you get off of the staircase on your right, and on your left 
	should be an opening to a staircase.  Head up the staircase & through
	the door.  You should see another black tapestry here, which you can
	cast the [Wingardium Leviosa] spell on to get a chess statue.
52	Head backwards, down the spiral staircase you came from, towards the
	other black tapestry, which you can [Wingardium Leviosa] for another
	chess statue.    
55	Next to the chess statue is a plaque which you can [Incendio] and then
59	Right next to the portrait of Basil Von Fronsac is a broken pot you
	should [Reparo].
62	Turn the corner and cast [Depulso] on the first rug.
65	Cast [Depulso] on the second rug as well.
97	Use [Wingardium Leviosa] on the four pictures along the floor to lift
	up to the lighter squares along the wall to see a portrait of the Grey
100	On the part of the wall where the Grey Lady comes out of the wall, you
	should see four light bricks along the wall which you should [Accio] &
Next	Head into the library for the final destination before you will finish
	this guide for 100% if you have been following this guide.

[1.35] :: Library
%	Task [Spell]
22	At the end of the first section of the library (inside the area where
	the chess players are) there is a brown cabinet along the back of the
	wall which you need to cast [Depulso] upon and grab the parcel left in
	there by Fred and George.
44	Head to the middle of the table with the chess players and then cast
	[Wingardium Leviosa] on the feathers.
100	Talk to the Ravenclaw Chess Champion to challenge her to a chess game 
	for completion.
Next	If you have not got 100% when you click save game there still may be 
	some things left for you to do such as the Mini Quests for teachers or
	collecting Luna’s Belongings.  However, if you have got all 100% go to
	the Room of Rewards for a final scene and to check out all the videos.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}
--How come I can’t win any fights?
Your spell level probably isn’t high enough.  You will need to work more on 
cleaning up at Hogwarts to bring your magic level up to win more duels.  

--Why can’t I play the Ravenclaw chess champion?
You need to beat the Slytherin chess champion first.

--Why can’t I play the Slytherin chess champion?
You need to beat the Gryffindor chess champion first.

--Why can’t I play the Hogwarts Gobstones champion?
You need to beat every other champion three times first.

--Why didn’t you include the sixth floor in your 100% completion guide?
There is no sixth floor in this game.

--How do I win the duel with Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad in the Room
of Requirement?
You don’t need to win the duel to move on in the game, nor get 100% so don’t 
worry about it.  If you want a strategy, I’d go with: 1. Protego 2. Stupefy 
3. Expelliarmus (once knocked down).  If you do manage to beat them, on any
difficulty setting, you deserve an Order of Merlin. 

- -Fred and George said I could practice duelling some Slytherins, where can 
I find them?
The Slytherins I have found that can be duelled are in:
Paved Courtyard 		(the girl who is near the Gobstones players) 
Transfiguration Courtyard 	(boy talking to a Slytherin girl nearer the 
				door where McGonagall was standing when you
				did her Mini Quest aka Transfiguration Room).

- -I’m having trouble getting a certain percentage!
Once when I was playing I couldn’t get the percentage for when I won Exploding
Snap (version: Patience) several times.  The simple answer to this was that I
had to turn the game off and do it over.

- -How can I confirm how much percentage I have found for a certain area?
You can either check the specific area using the Marauders Map to view the
percentage sign next to the name of the area (if there is no percentage, you
cannot get any in that area) or you can walk into the area and hold down the
C button.  

- -I’ve only got 99% and I have done everything you suggested, why don’t I get
an 100%? 
If you have followed the guide perfectly, and did all the Teachers Mini Quests
and such (finding Luna’s Belongings as well) then you just need to walk inside
the Room of Rewards for a final clip of Hogwarts.   

Copyright & Credits {LEGAL}
This guide is written for - by: - Greeney60 - Greeney60 - Greeney

This guide is copyright to A. Jason Green on February 18, 2008.  
You may copy or print my guide only so long as this Copyright header stays 
If you would like to contact me you can do so through MSN Messenger or EMAIL:
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