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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Our cheats include how to rebound Locomotomortis, Nimbus 2000, making Slytherin lose House points and Wizard cards.

More Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Gameboy Advance : GameCube : Xbox : GameBoy

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Nimbus 2000

On the 2nd day of class go to the Quidditch practice and earn a rank of B or above and you will receive the Nimbus 2000 broom. You are able to use the broom anywhere and at any time.


Don't forget to check out our 'user submitted' sections (links above) for more cheats and hints.

Make Slytherin lose House points

This cheat is very simple. You can only do this on the level that you act as Goyle. So when you are acting as Goyle let a prefect see you. When your caught Slytherin will lose 5 House points. You can do this as many times as you want.

Wizard cards

When you are in the common room you will see a big statue, the statue is a secret passage, go through it.

Behind the statue are afew passage ways go down all of them. but down one of them there is four paintings.

Go up to the paintings and when you go through them you get to one of the houses duelling places.

If you defeat your opponents you get that houses founder famous witches and wizards card.

How to rebound locomotomortis

When a prefect shouts locomotomortis when he shoots at you quickly do expeliarmus and it will fade.

After you complete the blue flame challenge Flit..

After you complete the blue flame challenge Flitwick will give you forty points, after you talk to Ron, I saved the game and came back to it later and I got another forty point. I found out that after you talk to Ron, save it and then quit, come back to the game and Flitwick will keep giving you forty points.


Hi again! Homers Assistant talking!

Ok when you are going to fred and georges shop this is what you do!

When near the portrait go to the bookcase thats nearest to it and go to slide along it.

Go to the left side, peek round, and cast flipendo to make percy go to the table.

Next go to the opposite side of the bookcase you are on and fire and the wall.

Now instead of walking round the table he'll walk right through it.

If works please rate!

Homers Assistant in! D'OH! I mean out!

Dealing With The Ghosts

If a ghost is coming at you, DON'T PANIC! Wait until it rears up, screams and then flys at you. Then press R1 and your X button and Harry will duck. The ghosts will then fly straight over him. Also, if a ghost is flying at Harry when he is inching along a wall, make him fall. He will hang onto the wall and the ghost will fly over him. This way you won't lose any beans!

Extra House Points

On the last day of school, if you are behind in house points, go to the message board in the Gryffindor Common Room and retrive all lost items.

Each item will earn you ten house points and a Famous Witches and Wizards card.

Getting more cards

When you have been to the storeroom and collected the 200 berties beans bag and the 6 cards that are in there, go back to Fred and George (at night) and buy the Alohamora spell book for 80 beans. You can them use this spell to open all the locked chests that are scattered around the castle. Also, collect more beans and go back to Fred and George and buy all of their cards. They are nearly all 30 beans each (I think)

2 Ways of making past a prefect

1) When he shoots locomotomortis quickly use expeliarmus and the spell will fade.

2) Cast flipendo in the prefects direction quickly sneak past him.

Music Change When Flying

Have you noticed that when you get on your broomstick the music changes to a racing sort of music? You can get the ordinary music by walking out of the entrance hall to outside. When it's finished loading, don't move Harry. Press the button that enables you to equip the broomstick and start flying away from the door. The music will start to change to the racy version but then changes back to the normal version.

Secret passages

Just go in front of some libraries and press x.

Harry will open the library and go through.

Also if you cut some tapestries there will be a secret passage at the back of it.

Hope I helped.

The Notice Board

If you are looking for 'Holidays With Hags' come out of the main doors, run along the cobbled path, through the tunnel until you are facing Hagrids Hut, Herbology etc. Then, turn right and follow the castle wall all the way round to the right and eventually you will see the book on the grass.

When you come out of the Abbafor Spell Challenge..

When you come out of the Abbafor Spell Challenge, go to the grounds when Ron wants you to go to the Quiditch match. Help the people who request help. Some of them will require a Broomstick. So, go to the Quiditch match and once it is finished, collect your broom from Oliver Wood. Go back to the grounds and help the people. The last Boy will want you to get some Mandarake roots. You will locate them over near Hagrid's Hut. Give the roots to the boy and he will give you the *KEY* to the convisgated items room. Go to the room, open the door and there you will find a giant bean-bag and several Wizard Cards in a few chests.

Midnight mission

On the first mission at night, here is what to do:

1.exit the commen room and either go down the shortcut(you hear the basilisk for the first time in here)or go past the prefects and down the stairs.

2.if you go down the shortcut you come out on the 4 floor, go down the stairs to the 2 floor, head to the reading room, but watch out for the flapping books. run as fast as you can through the reading room.

4.don`t let the ghosts hit you or you lose some beans, go around the main desk and there is the book.

5.go back through the room and to the main hall. soon as you enter there is a PREFECT right in front of you but he is facing away from you,once he ispast the steps go down them and run like mad.

3 Quidditch cards--Gnome throwing

You can get 1 Quidditch card by throwing it right on target on the scarecrow the 2nd on the target on the big rock and the 3rd you have to beat freds (I think) record.

In night 2 after I have climbed the ladder, I go..

In night 2 after I have climbed the ladder, I got rid of the tapestry, but cannot jump across to the other side.

Please advise.

How do you put the fire out

How do you put the fire out

Get a 200 bean bag.

Find all the missing items for the students.

(Not the Notice Board)

The students can be found all around the outside of hogwarts (Not the roofs)

The Students will tell you who the next that needs your help is.

Then you need to find the person.

The last student you help will give you a key to confiscated items room. In there are six Wizards cards and the biggest Bertie Bots Bean Bag.

Infinite house points

Once you get done with a lesson and crawl through the hole in the wall, you will recive some house points. Don't leave the classroom yet, save the game, and restart.

It will then show you crawling through the hole in the wall again and you will recive more house points.

You can continue as long as you want.

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