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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats that includes how to take less damage, how to teleport and how to unlock Debug mode and Cheat mode.

More Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC Cheats and Tips

We have 18 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Gameboy Advance : GameCube : Xbox : GameBoy

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Enter Hagrid's Hut

If you enable the 'Toggle Ghost Mode' code and go to Hagrid's hut you will be able to go below it and inside it.

Cheat Mode

Activate the 'Debug mode' code and then during the game press '~' (tilde) to display the console window. Then type one of the following codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Quit Game Immediately:

Type 'quit' or 'exit'

Set Flobberworm Mucus Amount:

Type 'set statusitemflobbermucus ncount <1-9999999>'

Set Wiggentree Bark Amount:

Type 'set statusitemwiggenbark ncount <1-9999999>'

Set Berie Bott's Every Flavor Bean Amount:

Type 'set statusitemjellybeans ncount <1-9999999>'

Set Wiggenwell Potion Amount:

Type 'set statusitemwiggenwell ncount <1-9999999>'

Set Gryffindor House Points:

Type 'set statusitemgryffindorpts ncount <1-9999999>'

Set Health Points:

Type 'set st..

Unlock Debug Mode

The following procedure involves editing a game file so it is advised that you create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 'game.ini' file which is located in the 'system' folder and change the following lines.




So they read as follows.




Then during gameplay press one of the following keys to enable the corresponding effect.

Unlock Level Select:

Press 'F4'

Toggle Ghost Mode:

Press 'Delete'

Change Game Speed:

Press 'Page Up' or 'Page Down'

Toggle Console Window:

Press '~' (tilde)

Full Hea..

Secret Challenge

Inside the Gryffindor Common Room walk up the flight of stairs and enable the 'Toggle Ghost Mode' code so you can pass through into the room behind the door on the right. If you run towards the door you will be teleported to a secret challenge. To exit the challenge search on top of the bookcase for the final star.


Use the cursor keys and mouse to move around when you are in Ghost mode. When your view is above a place that you want to be at press 'Delete' and if done correctly you will appear above that spot. This ability makes challenges easier as you can go through walls (you must be in the same area, you cannot teleport from the inside to the outside).

Less Damage

The following procedure involves editing a game file so it is advised that you create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 'defuser.ini' file in the '\ea games\harry potter and the chamber of secrets\system' folder. Find the following texts by scrolling down to the end of the file.









Change the values of 'fDamageMultiplier_Easy', 'fDamageMultiplier_Medium' or 'fDamageMultiplier_Hard' (depending on the level you have selected) to 0.1 to get less damage.

Play as Harry, Ron, Snape, etc.

set harry Mesh SkeletalMesh'HPModels.skHarryMesh'

set harry Mesh SkeletalMesh'HPModels.skRonMesh'

set harry Mesh SkeletalMesh'HPModels.skProfSnapeMesh'

set harry Mesh SkeletalMesh'HPModels.skProfFlitwickMesh'

set = settting the character

harry = your playing as harry

Mesh = the person

Skeletal = structure of the character

HP = harry potter

Prof = professor


Don't stand on the thin part of the mover

In the part where you get the bicorn horn, the part where you go to the four differently lighted rooms with moving platforms that make a funny noise, jump on the platform before it starts moving. Inch to the skinny part of it, and turn on the mover. Now, just wait to suddenly die, it is very cool.

Go to secret challenge

After you have enabled Debug Mode,go to the griffindor common room and go will find the door which was not accesible,right?Since you have enabled Debug mode,press the 'Delete' button on oyour keyboard to enter Ghost mode.Fly through the door.If you press 'delete' button while in the room ahead of the door,you will be in that room and guess what,you will be teleported to qa secret challenge.To complete this challenge,Go to the final star which is on top of a bookcase. Hope you Understood.:-D.

Making Something Smaller or Bigger on Harry Potter II

[set harry drawscale] - to make Harry bigger or smaller

[set chestbronze drawscale] - to make a chest full of jelly beans/cards bigger or smaller

[set gnome drawscale] - to make a gnome bigger or smaller

[set ron drawscale] - to make Ron bigger or smaller

You can make some things from Harry Potter II smaller or bigger. In order to make them small or big, you should do this... [set harry drawscale 1.1] in order to make him bigger but using [set harry drawscale 0.1] makes him smaller.

If you do not understand this a lot, go to the YouTube video:


] & it'll have a better way of expaining things.

Get bertie botts beans easily

After you have completed Your first duel with Draco Malfoy,You will see a contestant standing in the room with a painting.Challenge the contestant and win the contest.Do this repeatedly till you reach the last one.After that,duel the last one repeatedly(he will charge you 200 beans)and win that competition.You will get more than 200 beans repeatedly.Hope you will appreciate my idea.


When you are in free time in the Hogwarts Castle(Not in a lesson or a mission)Go to Guildroy Lockharts room (The defence against the dark arts classroom)and at the far end of the room there should be Guildroys Chair. Try to jam yourself on top of that and then jump onto the balcony and on there should be about 25-30 beans.

Hope I Helped

Happy Gaming ;-)

Without Debug mode, explore the Grounds thouroughly

When you go outside to the grounds, go to Hagrid's hut. When you are in the pathway, right when you start to see the dirt path, immediately turn right. Run up the slanted dirt area, and jump right before you can't go any farther into the dirt. If you jumped good enough, you will just stand on a thin line of dirt. Walk to your right, and jump. There will be an invisible box that you can jump on right next to the fire torch on the left. Then jump on the cement platform above. This allows you to go on most of the unused land on the grounds area.

Spongifying on the window and buying mucus while dead

When you go to the grand staircase, cast spongify on the center tile. When you go up, skip the cutscene if you haven't already got the card up there, and jump on the window with the floor below it. Next, jump down next to the slytherin selling mucus. You will die, but then you will suddenly spring back up and buy some mucus, but when she runs out of stock, then you will be dead.

Rictusempra Shortcut

At the part with many ledges you have to jump on, just jump on the rail in front of you. Jump as far as you can, and if you make it, you will land on the last ledge. That saved some time!

Forbidden Forest Shortcut

Right after you get tricked and broke the bridge and fell into the mushroom pit, go to the first spider web blocking the path. Go to the very right edge of it, and you can walk right through. The spider will not act until the web is cut. Also, right when you go to the first spongify tile right after this, just try to manipulate your landing so you can land on the very bottom branch. This saves time, but loses stamina.

Skurge Shortcut

When you are in the Skurge challenge, go to the part where you have to cast skurge on the two snail platforms, then you have to push the snail onto them in order to open the door. Well, just cast skurge on them, then jump on the platform yourself, and climb back up, but make sure that you don't get stuck down there and lose time.

Hello. Here is my hint Before going into the ..


Here is my hint

Before going into the chamber of secrets do a lot of wizard duling.

Then,spend all of it on all the bronze wizard cards(or until they run out of stock).

If you run out of beans,do more wizard duling.

That`s it for now bye!

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