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.hack//INFECTION (Part 1) Cheats

Cheats and Tips for .hack//INFECTION (Part 1)

We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for .hack//INFECTION (Part 1) please send them in here.

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.hack//INFECTION (Part 1) Action Replay Codes

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.Hack - INFECTION (Part 1) cheats

Liminality Keywords
Enter these keywords to get the following characters and rare items
Gott statue in Delta - 'Raging Passionate Melody' after reading her message on the board

Find his sword in Delta - 'Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder' after reading his message on the board

Bring a letter to her in Theta - 'Soft Solitary TriPansy' after reading Gardenia's fan club message on the board

Soul Blades and Ceramic Helm:
At Theta - 'Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy'

Ice Bar:
At Delta - 'Hideous Organ Market Scaffold'

Rusty Nail and Kagayuzen:
At Delta - 'Voluptious Her Remnant'

Unlock Parody Mode - Japanese version only:
Beat the game onc..

Hack Part 1: Infection Cheats

Golden Axe And Silver Axe -
To get a free Silver and Golden axe go to a Monsieur level 1 and give him a reasonably high level weapon or armour. When you are asked what you lost reply 'Neither one'. You will then be given a Silver and Golden Axe and your weapon back.
Grunty Keywords -
To obtain whatever you want and 30 level places enter 'chosen hopeless' in the Grunty place.
Grunty Items -
Piney Apple at 'hidden solitary white demon' and Twilight Onion at 'hidden gluttonous melody' are the two most annoying items to find for Grunties.

Blackrose, Best weapon:The strongest weapon you ..

Blackrose, Best weapon:

The strongest weapon you can get for Blackrose or any Heavy Blade is a Blaze Sword.

Once you get Mistreal{not sure of spelling}call ..

Once you get Mistreal{not sure of spelling}call her to your party. And if you want some more powerful blades for a twinblade trade with her you will see some LV9 blades.You should get them there helpful in tough sitzuations:}

Secret keywords

Use the keywords with the specific people at the locations given to get rare items that you can't get anywhere else:
Ice bar
Go to delta: hideous organ market scaffold
Rusty nail and kagayuzen
Go to delta: voluptious her remnant
Soul blades and ceramic helm
Go to delta: dog dancing passionate tri pansy


Ok, first of all there are more than three types of grunty (there are 9 types), theres the noble grunty, iron grunty, and poison grunty (all i know so far), so keep experimenting. In ryu book VIII it tells you how many grunties you've raised, how many of each type of grunty you raised, and what types youve raised. It also tells you how much grunty food youve collected (thats how i figured out this). you can get kites (supposedly) best equipment: Bom-ba-ye but there's also Lv.14 Dante's Blades (obtained by throwing his weapon continuosly in springs of mists), and the Lv. 14 'Rare' Hyakkidouran and, if I remember correctly, you can obtain this by data draining the parasite dragon in the beginning of the Data Flag part of the game.

Color Blind Neja

Before you go to delta hidden forrbiden holy ground find and talk to Neja select talk until he says " I mistakened you for the sorcerress because of your red color" while you are still green.

Lets Level Up Every Bodies

A good way to train up your level is to go to a level a couple of levels above you and your party. Go through the dungeon and kill everybody. This way now you can get up a level in about 15 kills!!!!!!!

Your Parties an Important Thing

I'll give you the hot tip, allways update your parties equiptement this way now your party is stronger and you can get the bonus from the ryu book.

Defeating the unbeatable skith

First of all It isn't easy, the 2nd time I faced him I won but had blackrose data drained about 3-4 times but it didn't change anything. Ok In your party you should have blackrose, elk,and yourself of course. All of you should be at least at about 32-34. Kite (or you) should stay far away from skith but only far enough just so you can hit him with your spells.
Oh yeah you should have 40 magic juice things (it restores your sp). 99 health potions, 4 helthpotions (400 for these 4). and at least about 40 to 50 reserrects. You want to run away from the Skith If it comes to close to you and keep riviving blackrose when she dies. When the skith choses his judgment attack you want to go to party commands and tell elk to heal you or you and blackrose. When you give blackrose a healthp..

Upgrade weapon and armor

Upgrading weapons or armor quickly
You need to be at the 0 server and have the Grunty Flute. Go up to the portal, make sure you have the items on you and are not using them, hit "Random" a few times until you get a high field level (25 to 30) and warp.
As soon as you are on the field, look for a pool symbol. If there is not one, leave. If there is, stay and pull up your menu. Go to "Key Items", then "Grunty Flute". Run to the pool symbol. With the flute, you will not run into any of the portals. Be careful, as there are some people just walking around.
Check before getting off the pig thing. Go to the pool and throw in your items. He will appear and ask you what you dropped. Say "Neither". He will spin and give you better or worse items. If you save just bef..

99 all standard items

Enter Sieg as your character name at the beginning of the game to get 99 of all standard items.

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