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Follow the dark path or use the light
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game shark code for Grand Theft Auto III

Some of the codes in this section have been created by:

GT3UK2001,Dark_Agent,Fugitive,FNG,Hellion00,Real Unimportant,GTA3 Hacker

Walk & Drive Through Wallz: (not perfected)

1C8F75A2 1456E7A5

1C8F758C 15F6E7A5

Icey roads

1C8D7860 1456FFFF

Raining people

1C8F7C7B 1456E7A5

Ghost town

1C8F7C7A 1456E7A5

Hands Up

1C824A1F 1456E7A5

Freaky Feet

1C824A4F 1456E7A5

Boxed In

1C824A5C 1456E7A5

Head in the Clouds

1C824A5E 1456E7A5

Taxi Light Always On

3CD8DEFC 1456E7A6

Free Bombs

3CD8F0B4 1456E7A6

Free Resprays

3CD8F0B8 1456E7A6

No Traffic In Streets

3CD8E064 1466E788

No Traffic OR Parked Cars

3CD8E070 1456E788

Glass Does Not Break If Shot

1CA2A598 15F6E79D

1CA2A59C 1456E7A5

Cannot Drive Through Glass

1CA2A778 2256E79D

1CA2A77C 1456E7A5

Invisible People

1C8CFF58 15F6E79D

1C8CFF5C 1456E7A5

ALL cars are Immune to weapons

1C8E7928 15F6E79D

1C8E792C 1456E7A5

Disable Water For Cars (Boats Work)

1C8E9D98 15F6E79D

1C8E9D9C 1456E7A5

Nasty Limbs Cheat Always On

3CD8E1D8 1456E7A6

Invisible Ground

1CC07018 15F6E79D

1CC0701C 1456E7A5

No Pedestrians At All

3CD8E110 1456E700

Invisible Water (Pair With Disable Water)

1C8BA618 15F6E79D

1C8BA61C 1456E7A5

Cars Will NEVER Explode

1C8DE808 15F6E79D

1C8DE80C 1456E7A5

Boats will NEVER Explode

1C8E07F8 15F6E79D

1C8E07FC 1456E7A5

Retarded Cops Note

1C8B1E18 15F6E79D

1C8B1E1C 1456E7A5

No Gangs Hate You

1C8BFE98 15F6E79D

1C8BFE9C 1456E7A5

Invisible Sky

1CA8F7D8 15F6E79D

1CA8F7DC 1456E7A5


1CA8F7D8 15F6E79D

1CA8F7DC 1456E7A5

1CC07018 15F6E79D

1CC0701C 1456E7A5

1C8BA618 15F6E79D

1C8BA61C 1456E7A5

All Cars Fly Cheat Always On

3CD8E16C 1456E7A6

Great Handling Cheat Always On

3CD8E174 1456E7A6

Wheels Only Cheat Always On

3CD8E16C 1456E7A6

Peds NEVER Feel Threatened

1C89CE28 15F6E79D

1C89CE2C 1456E7A5

Gangs NEVER Feel Threatened

1CB9F828 15F6E79D

1CB9F82C 1456E7A5

Gangs Dont Have Weapons

1C8DB9C8 15F6E79D

1C8DB9CC 1456E7A5

Turn On The Helicopter

3CD8F348 1456E7A6

No Colors On Cars (All Cars Black)

1CBD80F8 15F6E79D

1CBD80FC 1456E7A5

Cars Dont Stop For Lights

3CB5A3E8 1456E7A5


3CB594F4 1456E7A5

Car Doors Are Locked to All Peds/Gangs

(freezes when a cop

enters use Retarded Cops)

1CB93F68 15F6E79D

1CB93F6C 1456E7A5

Screenshot Mode (no hud)

1CBB7618 15F6E79D

1CBB761C 1456E7A5

Default Level Geometry

1CB99298 15F6E79D

1CB9929C 1456E7A5

Space Shuttle Mode

1C8F7B7C 1456E7A5

Disable Between-City Load Screen

1CB255E8 15F6E79D

1CB255EC 1456E7A5

Air Cushion

1C8F7588 1456E7A5

Walls Eat You

1C8F7584 1456E7A5

Absorbing Ground

1C8F65C4 1456E7A5

Cars Wont Stop For Other Cars

1C8A65B8 15F6E79D

1C8A65BC 1456E7A5

Cars Wont Stop For Pedestrians

1C8A6B58 15F6E79D

1C8A6B58 1456E7A5

Helicopters Are Disabled

3CD8F33C 1456E7A8

Head Between My Legz

1C823460 1456E7A5

1 Armed Genie

1C823462 1456E7A5

lOOK uP iN tHE sKY

1C823472 1456E7A5

Gore Code Always On

3CD8E1D8 1456E7A6

Frog Mode

1C82314B 1456E7A5

Inf Health

4C21D436 145625DD

Inf Armor

4C21D43A 145625DD

Have Stick (Bat)

3C21D4F8 1456E7A6

Have Handgun

3C21D40C 1456E7A7

Inf Handgun Ammo

4C21D414 1456E788

4C21D418 1456E404

Have Uzi

3C21D420 1456E7A8

Inf Uzi Ammo

4C21D728 1456E788

4C21D72C 1456E404

Have Shotgun

3C21D734 1456E7A1

Inf Shotgun Ammo

4C21D740 1456E788

4C21D744 1456E404

Have AK47

3C21D748 1456E7A2

Inf Ammo AK47

4C21D750 1456E788

4C21D754 1456E404

Have Big Gun (Machine Gun)

3C21D75C 1456E7A3

Inf Ammo Heavy Machine Gun

4C21D764 1456E788

4C21D768 1456E404

Have Sniper Rifle

3C21D770 1456E7A4

Inf Sniper Ammo

4C21D77C 1456E404

Have Rcket Launcher

3C21D784 1456E79D

Inf Rockets

4C21D790 1456E788

Have Flamethrower

3C21D798 1456E79E

Inf Flame Thrower Ammo

4C21D7A0 1456E788

4C21D7A4 1456E788

Have Molotovs

3C21D7AC 1456E79F

Inf Molotovs 4

C21D7B8 1456E788

Have Grenades

3C21D7C0 1456E7A0

Inf Grenades

4C21D7CC 1456E788

All Weapons Available At Safehouse

3CC88758 1456E781

Firemen Don't Get Out

1C8B3B98 15F6E79D

1C8B3B9C 1456E7A5

Infinite Mission Time

1CBE0B18 15F6E79D

1CBE0B1C 1456E7A5

Medics Don't Get Out

1C8B4A48 15F6E79D

1C8B4A4C 1456E7A5

Never Wanted



No Damage From Collisions While Driving (DP)

1C8EB5C8 15F6E79D

1C8EB5CC 1456E7A5

Tons Of Cash

1CC88750 17E9C70C

1CC88754 17E9C70C

On Your Side:

1C822FA0 1456E7A5

Funny Runners:

1C822F40 1456E7A5

Slip Speed: (Warp9)

1C822FF1 1456FFFF -easily die

Freaky Feet People:

1C824ACA 1456E7A5

Silly People:

1C824ACF 1456E7A5

Da Amazing Contortionists:

1C824AC0 1456E7A5

Retarded People:

1C824AC6 1456E7A5

Up Side Down with Backward Limbs People:

1C821FFA 1456E7A5

Floating Mangled People:

1C821FF6 1456E7A5

Out of Control Arms:

1C823FCF 1456E7A5

Infinite Car Burn:

1C8E9785 1456E7A5

Warp Speed:

1C8E592C 1456E7A5

1C8E562C 1456E7A5

1C8D782C 1456E7A5

Note: Use the Better Handling button cheat for better steering and faster takeoff! (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle)

Extreme Turning:

1C8E56A5 1456E7A5

Rocket Ridez:

1C8E7858 1456E7A5

1C8E763A 1456E7A5

Eternal Explosionz:

1C8E7858 1456E7A5

Rock'n Ridez:

1C8E59DC 1456E7A5

Vehicle Height/Shock Modifier:

1C8E583x 1456E7A5

Use 2-6 A-D to replace the x.

2 is the Highest/Hardest setting

D is the Lowest/Softest setting

Lowrider Suspension:

1C8E583D 1456E7A5

Custom Suspension (Lowrider Style):

1C8E5850 1456E7A5

1C8EF14B 1456E7A5

1C8E59DC 1456E7A5

Lower Front End Suspension(Front End Scrapes The Ground):

1C8E5850 1456E7A5

Rotating Doors/Hoods/Trunks:

1C8E4ADC 1456E7A5

Automatic Rotating Doors/Hoods/Trunks:

1C8E4ADC 1456E7A5

1C8E4A8C 1456E7A5

Rapid Opening and Shutting Doors/Hoods/Trunks:

1C8E4A7C 1456E7A5

Stiff Doors/Hoods/Trunks:

1C8E4A1C 1456E7A5

Power Bombs

1C8E763A 1456E7A5

Weak Rocketz:

1C8E7634 1456E7A5

Hot Ridez:

1C8E590C 1456E7A5

Weird Wheelz:

1C8EF07A 1456E7A5

Weird Wheelz 2:

1C8EF1C3 1456E7A5

Futuristic Vehiclez:

1CBE9EE0 1456E7A5

Patriot Playground in secs

3CD8F100 1456E7B1

A Ride In the Park in secs

3CD8F104 1456E7B1

GRIPPED! in secs

3CD8F108 1456E7B1

MultiStorey Mayhem in secs

3CD8F10C 1456E7B1

Low Time Best time for Bomb Defusal

3CD8F124 1456E7B1

Hell Of ALOT people saves in an Ambulance

3CD8F10E 1456E7B1

Hell of alot of Crimals killed in Vigilante mode

3CD8F112 1456E7B1

Huge Highest Paramedic Mission Level

3CD8F116 1456E7B1

HUGE Amount Passengers Dropped Off

3CD8F1EA 1456E7B1

ALOT OF Cash Made in Taxi

3CD8F1EE 1456E7B1

Max INSANE Jump Flips

3CD8F1CE 1456E7B1

Max INSANE Jump Rotations

3CD8F1D2 1456E7B1

Freakin lot of Cars Crushed

3CD8F1AE 1456E7B1

0 Times Busted

3CD8F1B8 1456E7A5

Alotta Kgs of explosives used

3CD8F1A2 1456E7B1

Alotta Helicopters Destroyed

3CD8F196 1456E7B1

Fidgetting People

1C824AB2 1456E7A5

Double Vision

1C824AB6 1456E7A5

Backward Arms

1C824ABA 1456E7A5

I Can Bend All the Way Back

1C824ABE 1456E7A5

Spider Mode

1C824AD2 1456E7A5

Solid Arm Between Legz Mode

1C824AD6 1456E7A5

Gremlin Mode

1C824ADA 1456E7A5

BackWards People

1C824ADE 1456E7A5

All Cars Stopped

1C8D786A 1456E7A5

Faster Cars

1C8D782A 1456E7A5

Car Does nothing

1C8D786C 1456E7A5

Freaky Wheels

1C8EF1C3 1456E7A5

Makes Cars Semi-Bullet Proof

1C8E784F 1456E7A5

Levitating Car

1C8EA4C3 1456E7A5

Cars in the Ground

1C8EF11B 1456E7A5

Cars Tip Over

1C8EF15A 1456E7A5

Wheels Fall Off

1C8EF16A 1456E7A5

Some Cars Dissapear Underground

1C8EF17A 1456E7A5

Space Shuttle Mode

1C8F7B7C 1456E7A5

Nasty Limbs Cheat



0CC711E6 1456900C

3CD8E1D8 1456E7A6

0CC711E6 1456900B

3CD8E1D8 1456E7A5

All Cars Fly Cheat



0CC711E6 1456300C

3CD8E170 1456E7A6

0CC711E6 1456300B

3CD8E170 1456E7A6

Wheels Only Cheat



0CC711E6 1456700C

3CD8E16C 1456E7A6

0CC711E6 1456700B

3CD8E16C 1456E7A5

Great Handling Cheat



0CC711E6 1456B00A

3CD8E174 1456E7A6

0CC711E6 1456B009

3CD8E174 1456E7A5

Walk on water

1c8e9d98 15f6e79d

1c8e9d9c 1456e7a5

Everyone's Gang Member:

2A7B3813 03E00008

2A673813 24020001

No One Is a Gang Member:

2A7B3813 03E00008

2A673813 24020000

Back to the Future:

1C8EF14F 1456E7A5

Teleporting UFO Cars:

1c8d7869 1456ffff

Psycho Day:

1c8d7858 1456e7a5

Freeze Time of the Day:

1CB10B88 15F6E79D

1CB10B8C 1456E7A5

100% Complete

4CD8F19C 1456E50C

73 Mission Attempts

3CD8F1E4 1456E75E

All 73 Missions Passed

3CD8F1E8 1456E75E

All Rampages Passed

3CD8F028 1456E7B1

All Packages

3CC88758 1456E781

20 Unique Jumps

3CD8F1DC 1456E7B1

1 Day Passed

3CD8F1C0 1456E7A6

You've Wasted Hella Punks

1CD8F188 183732DE

Others Wasted Hella Punks

1CD8F18C 183732DE

Hella Cars Exploded

1CD8F190 183732DE

0 Visits To Hospital

3CD8F1BC 1456E7A5

Low Total Turismo Time

4CD8F1F4 1456E7A6

Tons Of Rain Fallen

1CD8F1C4 17E9C70C

Double Vision

1C824AB6 1456E7A5

Crappy Handling

1C8D780F 1456E7A5

Cars Tip Easily

1C8FB496 1456E7A5

Cars Really Sensative

1C8EC467 1456E7AF

All Cars Chrome or White

1C8D0F0F 1456E7A5

Stiff As a Rock (ped)

1C823462 1456E7A5

Cars Go Really Fast

1C8D782A 1456E7A5

Better Head Between Legs (ped)

1C824366 1456E7A5

Heavy Car

1C823497 1456E7A5

Polygon Mode (no textures)

1C82A7C4 1456E7A5

Abstract World

1C82B4C4 1456e7a5

Green Light Special

1C82BBC4 1456E7A5

Insane World

1C82C2C4 1456E7A5

Instant Speed

1C8D785E 1455E7A5

Autodrive When Shot


Use Left & Right on Controller 2 to scroll Car Value

0CC711E6 1456B08C

2CB78329 14773A35

0CC711E6 1456B0EC

2C878329 14773A35

Go ahead

1C822F23 1456E7A5

Wierd running

1C824BA7 1456E7A5

Black Smokies

1C8EC4C0 1456E7A5

Disable Water For Cars/Player/No Boats

1C8E521A 1456E7A5

Riot Mode

4C89FEF8 1456E79D

4C89FEFC 1456E7A5

Floating Cars L2+square

0CC70EE6 1456310C

1C8EA4C3 1456E7A5

Added by: DAMON
, ID#1022


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