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Grand Theft Auto III

Game Reviews for Grand Theft Auto III


Full Reviews

supra_chav5th Sep 2006, ID #409
GTA 3 is the first gta game on the playstation 2 and it is one of the best that will ever be made. It's a gritty tale about an crook who builds a reputation among every gang in Liberty City. It has ..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

Talon98899th Jun 2009, ID #1121
Grand Theft Auto 3 is a pretty good game. It's just that it has it's down sides too. Well, you could say it's a good game but... On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 7. I could tell you more if ..

Rating: 72%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

ID #1169

GTA3 is probably the best game on the goddamn planet...EVER!!!Driving (or walking) in a massive 3D environment known as Liberty city doing whatever you want with possesion of the best weapons is a load of fun and there's so much to do.Having the cops on your tail can bug you a little at times, but it's

worth it.You can look out the window of your car with a machine gun and blow the brains out of passers by!Take 2 and

Rockstar Games have done a really good job.I give this a 9 out of 10 and urge everyone to get this game!I only gave it a 9 because all the pedestrians are wimps.I wouldn't mind if some of them were wimps but there has to be one who's not afraid of you in it.One last thing is, I'd like to apologise to the Australians reading this because of it being banned over there and stuff...

ID #1168

This game is one of the most horrible things I have ever seen in my life. My brother bought this for my 14-year-old son on Christmas saying it was fun and educational. A few days afterwards my son (Gordon) showed it to me. Gordon complained about it giving him nightmares about his grandfather who passed away last year. I advise all parents to keep this filth out of their homes and away from their children. Nor am I pleased at all with the fact that the character in this game goes around killing officers,the people who keep my fellow Americans and Christians safe from criminals. I have already organized a protest against this in my town so that the mayor can acknowledge and truthfully classify this as injustice and a danger to our society. I hope I have made my point clear to anyone that reads this and any of you satanic punks out there that actually think this game is "cool".

ID #1167

Grand Theft Auto 3 is be the best game of 2001. From the realistic gang rivalries to the massive cities, this game has it all. I would like to address all those out there that think GTA3 is a bad influence or just plain awful, that it is just a game! There are no subliminal messages that say "Go rob a bank." It is just for fun. The audio is totally awesome. There are nine preset radio stations that vary from reggae to classical. GTA3 is truly a masterpiece from Rockstar. I would like to apologize for the banning of GTA3 in Australia. Like I stated above, it is just a game. There is one thing I advise though. This game is not for young kids. I am saying the kids from 5-10. The rating I would give it would be a 9.7. The .3 is taken out because there are some control issues.

ID #1166

GTA3 is the best game of 2002/2003 and that Christion, Anonymous, doesn't know what she's talkan about.

GTA3 is my favorite game. I mean you get to steal cars, kill people, work for the Mafia, and even fly with cheat's. Also when you beat the game you could still get a tank and go on a rampage until ya get busted, or start all over again and do the have fun doing the missions again.

So what I'm tryin to say is go and buy the dam game.


-DON'T listening to people like Anonymous.

ID #1165

This is an excellent must buy.

Say you had a bad day, why not play this game bash someones head in just for fun.

I give this game 10/10.

P.S. If youre in a tank,how more fun it is when the cops just ram into you and blow themselves up!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID #1164

This game rules!!!

It has got to be one of the best games on Ps2.You can go on a rampage,gunning down Hapless civilians,beat up cops with baseball bats or just cruise Liberty city listening to one of the radio stations.Rockstar have even made websites for the advetisements on the radio EG: or thats pure Genius! Overall i would give this 10/10 because of the lush graphics, selection of guns and cars and generally because its Grand Theft Auto. BUY!!!!!

ID #1163

GTA-3 Is the best game ever for any console.I have every new game for PS2 and i just cant put this game down.every day you find somthing new and fun from burning people to fist fight's whith the cop's. lots of nice rides and plenty of weaponry i give this game 9.9 i subtracted 0.1 for the fact that it has some minor technical glitches.but all in all ROCKSTAR and TAKE-2 should be working on #4 if they know what the people really for that lady ANNONOMOUS i hope that she can realize that just because we play videogames dosn't mean were satanic punks. it's all fun if you are mentally stable enough to realize IT'S JUST A GAME..

ID #1162

I give this game a 9.8

don't get me wrong this game is number one but just little things i wish were on there...

Easier flying

enter more stores(building battles)

more people and more face expressions...little things just cross your fingers for

Anyway I recomend this game for anyone that can handle blood gore and sexual content...Anyone that wants to drift away from the real game idea. play around, shoot people, it's endless.I still find so many things to do even though i had this for 6 months...

ID #1161

WHAT CAN I say? This is a AWESOME game and whoever does not have this game,go down to target or wal mart and buy this game....NOW.

P.S Wait until may 21st for gta3 on PC.U can create ur own cars and cities and more.GO TO and they have a bunch load of PC shots

ID #1160

I don't understand the fuss about this damn game. When I first heard of GTA I was amazed. I loved them. But look at GTA 3. Mindless killing, destruction and you are a criminal. I hate crim sim games. They are a bad influence and disturbing. Please take a note of this all you stupid crime lovers who think this game is cool. I give it 0/10 because it's horrible.

ID #1159

First of all, this is overall the best game I've ever played. With all the things you can do in this game, you could stay playin' 4-ever! I got this game about 5 months ago and I don't even get sick of it! I recomend this 2 n-e-1 who don't got this game.

ID #1158

I think Joe Jhonston is wrong because this game is great. Whoever came up with the idea for this game is cool. JOE JHONSTON IS LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID #1157

When I first got the game I thought it was the best game in the world and especialy for the cheats (suplied by supercheats).I still think this is one of the best game but the new toca race drciver game made by code masters will be pushing it hard in my likeings and I recomend both games to everyone and espeialy this site

ID #1156

I would have to say this is a must buy game.And for people like joe jonston,forget him.Like what could be better than cruisin' around Liberty Citie's sweet 3D world? Or go pop some heads with your sniper rifle. I'd say this is the best game. I hope that Rockstar games comesout with GTA4,5,6 & keep goin' on with there awesome games!when i 1st got the game I couldent stop playin' it I only got about 4 hours of sleep the 1st week Iwish there could be aplace where you could make you owen cars or add sweet things to your ride or even upgrade cars! THIS GAME IS THE BEST!

ID #1155

I love this game sooo much to where I go through withdraws when I'm not playing it. It's so cool how you can take the freebom of stealing cars to even being the worst ganster in the city and get away with it! Trust me if you have a PS2 buy this game its worth every sent.

Final rating: 10 out of 10

ID #1154

I think this game rocks! BEST! I am not into the killing and rampaging so much but i love the cars and realalisticness of the game! 9.5! Awsome game otherwise nice job Rockstar!

ID #1153

Grand Theft Auto rocks. You can shoot people and blow up cars. You get missions. First I thought this game was a racing game. But when I saw my cousin play it, I couldn't stop being so excited. The game was violence and cool. This game is a collector product for gamers of 15+. No wonder it rocks because tthe companys called Rockstar.

ID #1152

To all those people who are thinking of buy GTA3 her's what you are missing out on if you dont:

Cool Weapons

Fast Cars

Fun and challanging weapons

The chance to cause mahem in three different islands

Driving a boat


Listening to the funnef and rude radio shows.

Finding insane stunts and completing rampages

Still not convinced well i'lll tell you a little more about it.

You start of as a robber with a girlfriend who betrays you and leaves you for dead. You get arrested only to be saved and shown to a new town. Here you are just a normal a, not even good enougth to be a pickpocket.

You have to work your way up to the top and hope that no one turns on you along the way.

Complete al the jobs and find out if you take revenge on your X or if you find a new girl. Whilst doing that gain a reputaion for being a bad boy and cause casual mahem on the streets, work your way up to the top and who knows maybe you'll take over the city.

If your still not convinced there is no hope for you.

ID #1151
There are no words to dscribe this game cuz it's too awesome! Fast cars, guns, women, the lot. Personally I'm not into crime games but this and GTA Vice city kick ass! But there's 1 bad point about it, flyng the dodo is rock hard to do unless you have the patience to practice. Overall I give it 10/10 and would recommend it to ANYONE!! Just hope GTA San Andreas can top it off.

Love or Hate is questionAdded 25 Apr 2004, ID #1686

Unlock everything: 7145558092

Play as Tony Hawk: 3235559787

Play as Travis Pastrana: 8005556292

Play as weird god guy: 8885554506

All boards: 6195554141

All suits: 7025552981

Perfect Balance: 2135550217

First person view 8775555721 (this view kinda sucks)

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