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Follow the dark path or use the light
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game shark code for Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto 3

There are 190 codes for this game.

Use only one Garage Mod code


ECB276E0 1445B464

Inf Health

1C21EB38 D60EE7A5

Inf Armour

1C21EB3C D60EE7A5

Max Cash

1CC89A50 17E9C70C

Never 'Wanted'

1CBDB8D8 1456E7A5

1CBDBD50 1456E7A5

1CD8DA30 1456E7A5

Cops on Foot have no AI

1C8B31E8 1456E7A5

1C8B31FC 1456E7A5

1C8B3110 1456E7A5

1C8B3124 1456E7A5

Turn off car damage

1C8D6680 1456E7A5

Learner Driver Day(crazy cars)

1C8D7858 1456E7A5

Turn off Motion Blur

1CB259DC 1456E7A5

Freeze Game Time

1CB23240 1456E7A5

Disco Road Mode

1CB25928 1456E7A5

See-through Cars

1CB2596C 1456E7A5

All Weapons at Hideout

1CC89A58 1456E781

Pistol Ammo

1C21EB14 1456E799

1C21EB18 1456E7D1

Uzi Ammo

1C21EA28 1456E7AE

1C21EA2C 1456E7AE

Inf Grenades

1C21F07C 1456E79F

Inf Shotgun Ammo

1C21EA3C 1456E79F

1C21EA40 1456E79F

Inf AK47 Ammo

1C21EA50 1456E7AB

1C21EA54 1456E781

Inf M16 Ammo

1C21EA64 1456E781

1C21EA68 1456E788

Inf Sniper Rifle Ammo

1C21EA7C 1456E7D7

Inf Rocket Launcher Ammo

1C21EA90 1456E7D7

Inf Petrol Bombs

1C21EAB8 1456E79F

L2 Freeze Mission Timers

0CC72566 1456B10C

1CBE65E0 1456E7A5

R2 Restart Mission Timers

0CC72566 1456B20C

1CBE65E0 104CCA5D

FBI & Army Avail on 1st Island

1CD8DA34 145607A5

Turn Blood off

1CD8D6F4 1456E7A5

All Guns free in shops

1CAA7918 1456E7A5

1CAA791C 1456E7A5

1CAA7920 1456E7A5

1CAA7924 1456E7A5

1CAA7828 1456E7A5

1CAA782C 1456E7A5

1CAA7830 1456E7A5

1CAA7834 1456E7A5

1CAA7838 1456E7A5

1CAA783C 1456E7A5

Safety Glass

1CA2EA60 1456E7A5

Hard Glass

1CA2B3C8 15F6E79D

1CA2B3CC 1456E7A5

Ped's & Gangs don't fist fight

1CB978B8 15F6E79D

1CB978BC 1456E7A5

No Vehicles on road

1CB232EC 1456E7A5

1CB235DC 1456E7A5

No Pedestrians

1CB232D0 1456E7A5

No Police Helicopters

1CB2328C 1456E7A5

Not a cloud in the sky

1CB25618 1456E7A5

Drive through lamp posts

1CB23274 1456E7A5

Stop Weather Changing

1CB23248 1456E7A5

Freeze world time

1CB23240 1456E7A5

Use only one Lighting code

Constant Eclipse


Crazy Light Mode


Can't Jack or be Jacked(Peds)

1CB94BA8 15F6E79D

1CB94BAC 1456E7A5

Turn off Skidmarks

1CB25348 1456E7A5

Turn off Rubbish

1CB25358 1456E7A5

Game Speed x2

1CD801E8 D456E7A5

Game Speed x4

1CD801E8 D4D6E7A5

Game Speed x6

1CD801E8 D416E7A5

Game Speed x8

1CD801E8 D356E7A5

Sky Cam (Ped. Mode)

1CD8FC68 D3D6E7A5

Never lose Weapons

1C8C0938 15F6E79D

1C8C093C 1456E7A5

Portland Garage Car Mod: Landstalker

3CF20AC8 1456E76F

Portland Garage Car Mod: Idaho

3CF20AC8 1456E770

Portland Garage Car Mod: Stinger

3CF20AC8 1456E769

Portland Garage Car Mod: Linerunner

3CF20AC8 1456E76A

Portland Garage Car Mod: Perennial

3CF20AC8 1456E76B

Portland Garage Car Mod: Sentinel

3CF20AC8 1456E76C

Portland Garage Car Mod: Patriot

3CF20AC8 1456E785

Portland Garage Car Mod: Stretch

3CF20AC8 1456E788

Portland Garage Car Mod: Manana

3CF20AC8 1456E781

Portland Garage Car Mod: Infernus

3CF20AC8 1456E782

Portland Garage Car Mod: Blista

3CF20AC8 1456E783

Portland Garage Car Mod: Pony

3CF20AC8 1456E784

Portland Garage Car Mod: Cheetah

3CF20AC8 1456E77E

Portland Garage Car Mod: Ambulance

3CF20AC8 1456E77F

Portland Garage Car Mod: FBI Car

3CF20AC8 1456E780

Portland Garage Car Mod: Moonbeam

3CF20AC8 1456E779

Portland Garage Car Mod: Esperanto

3CF20AC8 1456E77A

Portland Garage Car Mod: Taxi

3CF20AC8 1456E77B

Portland Garage Car Mod: Kuruma

3CF20AC8 1456E77C

Portland Garage Car Mod: Bobcat

3CF20AC8 1456E795

Portland Garage Car Mod: Mr Whoopee

3CF20AC8 1456E796

Portland Garage Car Mod: BF Injection

3CF20AC8 1456E797

Portland Garage Car Mod: Manana

3CF20AC8 1456E798

Portland Garage Car Mod: Police

3CF20AC8 1456E791

Portland Garage Car Mod: Enforcer

3CF20AC8 1456E792

Portland Garage Car Mod: Securicar

3CF20AC8 1456E793

Portland Garage Car Mod: Banshee

3CF20AC8 1456E794

Portland Garage Car Mod: Cabbie

3CF20AC8 1456E725

Portland Garage Car Mod: Stallion

3CF20AC8 1456E726

Portland Garage Car Mod: Rumpo

3CF20AC8 1456E727

Portland Garage Car Mod: Mafia Sentinel

3CF20AC8 1456E723

Portland Garage Car Mod: Yardie Lobo

3CF20AC8 1456E724

Portland Garage Car Mod: Yakuza Stinger

3CF20AC8 1456E71D

Portland Garage Car Mod: Cartel Cruiser

3CF20AC8 1456E71F

Portland Garage Car Mod: Diablo Stallion

3CF20AC8 1456E71E

Portland Garage Car Mod: Hoods Rumpo XL

3CF20AC8 1456E720

Portland Garage Car Mod: Panlantic

3CF20AC8 1456E735

Portland Garage Car Mod: Borgnine

3CF20AC8 1456E731

Portland Garage Car Mod: TOYZ

3CF20AC8 1456E732

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Landstalker

3CF20DB8 1456E76F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Idaho

3CF20DB8 1456E770

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Stinger

3CF20DB8 1456E769

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Linerunner

3CF20DB8 1456E76A

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Perennial

3CF20DB8 1456E76B

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Sentinel

3CF20DB8 1456E76C

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Patriot

3CF20DB8 1456E785

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Fire Truck

3CF20DB8 1456E786

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Trashmaster

3CF20DB8 1456E787

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Stretch

3CF20DB8 1456E788

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Manana

3CF20DB8 1456E781

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Infernus

3CF20DB8 1456E782

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Blista

3CF20DB8 1456E783

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Pony

3CF20DB8 1456E784

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mule

3CF20DB8 1456E77D

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Cheetah

3CF20DB8 1456E77E

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Ambulance

3CF20DB8 1456E77F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: FBI Car

3CF20DB8 1456E780

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Moonbeam

3CF20DB8 1456E779

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Esperanto

3CF20DB8 1456E77A

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Taxi

3CF20DB8 1456E77B

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Kuruma

3CF20DB8 1456E77C

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Bobcat

3CF20DB8 1456E795

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mr Whoopee

3CF20DB8 1456E796

Staunton Island Garage Mod: BF Injection

3CF20DB8 1456E797

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Manana

3CF20DB8 1456E798

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Police

3CF20DB8 1456E791

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Enforcer

3CF20DB8 1456E792

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Securicar

3CF20DB8 1456E793

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Banshee

3CF20DB8 1456E794

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Bus

3CF20DB8 1456E78E

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Rhino

3CF20DB8 1456E78F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Barracks OL

3CF20DB8 1456E790

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Dodo

3CF20DB8 1456E78B

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Coach

3CF20DB8 1456E78C

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Cabbie

3CF20DB8 1456E725

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Stallion

3CF20DB8 1456E726

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Rumpo

3CF20DB8 1456E727

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Triad Fish Van

3CF20DB8 1456E721

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mr Wongs(Van)

3CF20DB8 1456E722

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mafia Sentinel

3CF20DB8 1456E723

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Yardie Lobo

3CF20DB8 1456E724

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Yakuza Stinger

3CF20DB8 1456E71D

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Cartel Cruiser

3CF20DB8 1456E71F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Diablo Stallion

3CF20DB8 1456E71E

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Hoods Rumpo XL

3CF20DB8 1456E720

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Panlantic

3CF20DB8 1456E735

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Yankee

3CF20DB8 1456E737

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Flatbed

3CF20DB8 1456E736

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Borgnine

3CF20DB8 1456E731

Staunton Island Garage Mod: TOYZ

3CF20DB8 1456E732

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Landstalker

3CF20CA8 1456E76F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Idaho

3CF20CA8 1456E770

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Stinger

3CF20CA8 1456E769

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Linerunner

3CF20CA8 1456E76A

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Perennial

3CF20CA8 1456E76B

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Sentinel

3CF20CA8 1456E76C

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Patriot

3CF20CA8 1456E785

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Fire Truck

3CF20CA8 1456E786

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Trashmaster

3CF20CA8 1456E787

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Stretch

3CF20CA8 1456E788

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Manana

3CF20CA8 1456E781

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Infernus

3CF20CA8 1456E782

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Blista

3CF20CA8 1456E783

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Pony

3CF20CA8 1456E784

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mule

3CF20CA8 1456E77D

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Cheetah

3CF20CA8 1456E77E

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Ambulance

3CF20CA8 1456E77F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: FBI Car

3CF20CA8 1456E780

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Moonbeam

3CF20CA8 1456E779

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Esperanto

3CF20CA8 1456E77A

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Taxi

3CF20CA8 1456E77B

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Kuruma

3CF20CA8 1456E77C

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Bobcat

3CF20CA8 1456E795

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mr Whoopee

3CF20CA8 1456E796

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: BF Injection

3CF20CA8 1456E797

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Police

3CF20CA8 1456E791

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Manana

3CF20CA8 1456E798

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Enforcer

3CF20CA8 1456E792

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Securicar

3CF20CA8 1456E793

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Banshee

3CF20CA8 1456E794

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Bus

3CF20CA8 1456E78E

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Rhino

3CF20CA8 1456E78F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Barracks OL

3CF20CA8 1456E790

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Dodo

3CF20CA8 1456E78B

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Coach

3CF20CA8 1456E78C

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Cabbie

3CF20CA8 1456E725

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Stallion

3CF20CA8 1456E726

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Rumpo

3CF20CA8 1456E727

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Triad Fish Van

3CF20CA8 1456E721

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mr Wongs(Van)

3CF20CA8 1456E722

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mafia Sentinel

3CF20CA8 1456E723

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Yardie Lobo

3CF20CA8 1456E724

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Yakuza Stinger

3CF20CA8 1456E71D

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Diablo Stallion

3CF20CA8 1456E71E

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Cartel Cruiser

3CF20CA8 1456E71F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Hoods Rumpo XL

3CF20CA8 1456E720

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Panlantic

3CF20CA8 1456E735

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Flatbed

3CF20CA8 1456E736

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Yankee

3CF20CA8 1456E737

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Borgnine

3CF20CA8 1456E731

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: TOYZ

3CF20CA8 1456E732

Added by: Mr._GTa_ViceCity
, ID#1020


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