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Final Fantasy Hub
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Code Breaker Codes Only game shark code for Final Fantasy X

Code Breaker Codes Only

Max Gil
2A93137D 05F5E0FF

Auron Max Stats
2AC31346 0001869F
2ACF1346 0000270F
0A203ACB 000000FF
0A273ACB 000000FF
0A263ACB 000000FF
0A253ACB 000000FF
0A243ACB 000000FF
0A3B3ACB 000000FF
0A3A3ACB 000000FF
0A393ACB 000000FF

Kimahri Max Stats
2A3F1347 0001869F
2A3B1347 0000270F
0AB43ACB 000000FF
0ACB3ACB 000000FF
0ACA3ACB 000000FF
0AC93ACB 000000FF
0AC83ACB 000000FF
0ACF3ACB 000000FF
0ACE3ACB 000000FF
0ACD3ACB 000000FF

Lulu Max Stats
2A071340 0001869F
2A031340 0000270F
0AEC3ACA 000000FF
0AE33ACA 000000FF
0AE23ACA 000000FF
0AE13ACA 000000FF
0AE03ACA 000000FF
0AE73ACA 000000FF
0AE63ACA 000000FF
0AE53ACA 000000FF

Rikku Max Stats
2A731341 0001869F
2A7F1341 0000270F
0A703AC9 000000FF
0A773AC9 000000FF
0A763AC9 000000FF
0A753AC9 000000FF
0A743AC9 000000FF
0A8B3AC9 000000FF
0A8A3AC9 000000FF
0A893AC9 000000FF

Tidus Max Stats
2AFB1345 0001869F
2AE71345 0000270F
0A083AD5 000000FF
0A0F3AD5 000000FF
0A0E3AD5 000000FF
0A0D3AD5 000000FF
0A0C3AD5 000000FF
0A033AD5 000000FF
0A023AD5 000000FF
0A013AD5 000000FF

Wakka Max Stats
2AAB1340 0001869F
2A971340 0000270F
0A583ACA 000000FF
0A5F3ACA 000000FF
0A5E3ACA 000000FF
0A5D3ACA 000000FF
0A5C3ACA 000000FF
0A533ACA 000000FF
0A523ACA 000000FF
0A513ACA 000000FF

Yuna Max Stats
2A571346 0001869F
2A531346 0000270F
0A9C3AD4 000000FF
0A933AD4 000000FF
0A923AD4 000000FF
0A913AD4 000000FF
0A903AD4 000000FF
0A973AD4 000000FF
0A963AD4 000000FF
0A953AD4 000000FF

Seymour Max Stats (only
use this code when he is
in your party only)
2AEF1341 0001869F
2AEB1341 0000270F
0A043AC9 000000FF
0A1B3AC9 000000FF
0A1A3AC9 000000FF
0A193AC9 000000FF
0A183AC9 000000FF
0A1F3AC9 000000FF
0A1E3AC9 000000FF
0A1D3AC9 000000FF

Lots Of AP (eveyone)
2A4B1357 0001869F
2A371357 0001869F
2A331357 0001869F
2A3F1357 0001869F
2A3B1357 0001869F
2A271357 0001869F
2A231357 0001869F
2A2F1357 0001869F

No Random Battles
0A443B43 00000000

Break Damage Limit (everyone)
2A6738E8 3C0B3B9A

Thunder Plains Lightning Dodged 200
1A193D76 000000C8

Have All Key Items
1AA93D37 0000FFFB
0A913AA6 0000000F

Have All Overdrives
1A913D30 0000FFFF

Blitzball Codes
0A4D3A94 00000063
0AA23A94 00000063
0A8C3A95 00000005
0A8D3A95 00000005
0AC83A95 00000063
0AC93A95 00000063
1A6F3D5A 0000270F
1A6D3D5A 0000270F
0A833A95 00000005
0ACF3A95 00000063
1A713D5A 0000270F
0A823A95 00000005
0ACE3A95 00000063
1A733D5A 0000270F
0A813A95 00000005
1A753D5A 0000270F
0A803A95 00000005
0ACC3A95 00000063
1A773D5A 0000270F
0A873A95 00000005
0AC33A95 00000063
1A793D5A 0000270F

Max Item (1of4)
0ADF3AA2 00000063
0ADE3AA2 00000063
0ADD3AA2 00000063
0ADC3AA2 00000063
0AD33AA2 00000063
0AD23AA2 00000063
0AD13AA2 00000063
0AD03AA2 00000063
0AD73AA2 00000063
0AD63AA2 00000063
0AD53AA2 00000063
0AD43AA2 00000063
0AEB3AA2 00000063
0AEA3AA2 00000063
0AE93AA2 00000063
0AE83AA2 00000063
0AEF3AA2 00000063
0AEE3AA2 00000063
0AED3AA2 00000063
0AEC3AA2 00000063
0AE33AA2 00000063
0AE23AA2 00000063
0AE13AA2 00000063
0AE03AA2 00000063
0AE73AA2 00000063
0AE63AA2 00000063
0AE53AA2 00000063
0AE43AA2 00000063
0AFB3AA2 00000063
0AFA3AA2 00000063

Max Item (2of4)
0AF93AA2 00000063
0AF83AA2 00000063
0AFF3AA2 00000063
0AFE3AA2 00000063
0AFD3AA2 00000063
0AFC3AA2 00000063
0AF33AA2 00000063
0AF23AA2 00000063
0AF13AA2 00000063
0AF03AA2 00000063
0AF73AA2 00000063
0AF63AA2 00000063
0AF53AA2 00000063
0AF43AA2 00000063
0A0B3AA2 00000063
0A0A3AA2 00000063
0A093AA2 00000063
0A083AA2 00000063
0A0F3AA2 00000063
0A0E3AA2 00000063
0A0D3AA2 00000063
0A0C3AA2 00000063
0A033AA2 00000063
0A023AA2 00000063
0A013AA2 00000063
0A003AA2 00000063
0A073AA2 00000063
0A063AA2 00000063
0A053AA2 00000063

Max Items (3of4)
0A043AA2 00000063
0A1B3AA2 00000063
0A1A3AA2 00000063
0A193AA2 00000063
0A183AA2 00000063
0A1F3AA2 00000063
0A1E3AA2 00000063
0A1D3AA2 00000063
0A1C3AA2 00000063
0A133AA2 00000063
0A123AA2 00000063
0A113AA2 00000063
0A103AA2 00000063
0A173AA2 00000063
0A163AA2 00000063
0A153AA2 00000063
0A143AA2 00000063
0A2B3AA2 00000063
0A2A3AA2 00000063
0A293AA2 00000063
0A283AA2 00000063
0A2F3AA2 00000063
0A2E3AA2 00000063
0A2D3AA2 00000063
0A2C3AA2 00000063
0A233AA1 00000063
0A223AA1 00000063
0A213AA1 00000063
0A203AA1 00000063
0A273AA1 00000063

Max Items (4of4)
0A263AA1 00000063
0A253AA1 00000063
0A243AA1 00000063
0A3B3AA1 00000063
0A3A3AA1 00000063
0A393AA1 00000063
0A383AA1 00000063
0A3F3AA1 00000063
0A3E3AA1 00000063
0A3D3AA1 00000063
0A3C3AA1 00000063
0A333AA1 00000063
0A323AA1 00000063
0A313AA1 00000063
0A303AA1 00000063
0A373AA1 00000063
0A363AA1 00000063
0A353AA1 00000063
0A343AA1 00000063
0A4B3AA1 00000063
0A4A3AA1 00000063
0A493AA1 00000063
0A483AA1 00000063

Added by: xnwo_cool
Dec 26th 2003, ID#5598


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4 comments, latest first.
Feb 11th 2016 Guest
Which of the item codes are for the Sphere Grid items? Power Sphere, ect..? Or do you not know and I have to input all those codes! But thank you for the codes!
ID #634609
Feb 14th 2015 Guest
DO the code actually work?!?!?!?!?!?!?
ID #515758
Jan 27th 2015 toddles
where do you enter the codes????
ID #507890
Nov 11th 2014 Guest
awesome. exactly what I was looking for XD
ID #470266
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