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FIFA 11 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for FIFA 11


We have 7 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for FIFA 11 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our FIFA 11 Questions & Answers page.

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Best goal keeper!!!

Upgrade scout to 10 send to rest of europe DEF GK deep search. Then wait you will get jerry potter who is 94 . Keep playing him and he will get up to 99!!

Best CAM players ever!!!

First pick a team with lots of money then upgrade your scout to 10. Send your scout to rest of europe deep search midfield CAM. Then wait. In your first season you will get Ristic who is about 94 skill and Krogh wh is 88. Keep playing them then Ristic will get up to 99 and Krogh 94. Bad thing is that their really bad at sprint speed and stamina so keep training the midfield in the strengh curcuit.

99 players the perfect team (from greece)

First upgrade your scout 10!then send him to england attack!TILNKER is the name of the player!now send scout deffender cb at rest of europe!BROOMERS and LEINKOV is the names!now at season 2018-9 send scout attacker at america CALDEWOOD is the name!alsoat america cb FOHLA!at america again season 2015-6 attack 97 DE LUNA the name!season 2020 and after RWM scout at spain GUTIEREZ!at the same season ITALY RM 97 ZAMPIERI!italy CM ARCHIBUDELLI AND AMERICA ZONTA!93 cm at frence NATTIER cdm saunier!94 america LM ALBBERTO SANTANA!CB EUROPE SUJIC 93!91 CM HOLLAND VERSTAG and frence HINIKENE!88 ATACKER ENGLAND!LB FRANCE BELCOUR!GK scout at germany!!!sorry about CAM!but you can buy from AJAX ERICKSEN 95 OR NINIS FROM PANATHINAIKOS!THENKS....

Easier Long Shot goals

This only really applies to players with the Long Shot or Distance Shooter speciality, or players with a high statistic in Long Shots. However, it can work for most players.
It is difficult to score long shots from outside the penalty box with a regular shot. You might find it easier to do so with a finesse/placed shot. From a long distance, these shots are surprisingly powerful (if timed correctly) and are more likely to end up in the back of the net.
The reason for this is that there is far less curl in the shot from a finesse shot, so that it does not result in the ball curling out wide or towards the goalkeeper.

Career Mode - Custom player stat growth rates

Although different types of players can grow in various ways, this system remains the same.
The Assistant Coach will always tell you of a raise in your statistics (that increase your overall ranking) via e-mail.
However, this actually decreases over time.
In your first season at a club, your overall rating can go up by around 20 points provided you are not injured during the season (this is regardless of whether or not you play...presumably these statistic increases occur during supposed training sessions).
However, in your second season of football, your rating will only increase about half as quickly. This progress will continue to decrease over about two or three more seasons, until you become similar to other players in that your overall rating rarely increases/decreases. Obviously, if you max out all of your stats, they won't increase anyway.
This Hint may be useful if you are determining what starting stats to give to your player, or what currently existing player you decide to play as.
Note - This Hint obviously does not apply to cheaters who give their custom player 99 in every stat. It also does not apply to Virtual Pros, as Virtual Pros can only increase their statistics via Accomplishments.

Career Mode - Save Money with Transfers

Note - this Hint applies to Manager and Player Manager careers only!
It is possible to save money when purchasing players. Sometimes clubs will demand an excessive amount of money for their players. There is a trick to get around this.
For example, let's say you want to buy Carlos Tevez. You offer Manchester City around £35/36 million for him. They are likely to respond asking for a higher transfer sum, probably something like £48 million or thereabouts.
At this point, the best thing to do is to withdraw from negotiations with the club, and then immediately go back and try to sign him again.
Obviously, the price they wanted for Tevez should just give you the impression that they wanted more money than you offered them. Instead of offering them £48 million this time around, offer them someting like £40/41/42 million and they'll probably accept without wishing to renegotiate prices. Therefore, you have saved a fair amount of money here.
Unfortunately, this only works with clubs. You can't do this with the players themselves when you are offering them a contract, as if you withdraw from contract negotiations, you won't be able to renegotiate until the next transfer window opens.

Become a Club Legend

The method of moving from Captain to Club Legend in Career Mode (Player career only) seems quite confusing to some people. However, this is because it can't be done by simply winning a bunch of games.
In order to make it as a Club Legend, you have to max out your Captain rating bar (16/16) and then win a trophy (any one) at that rating with your club.

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