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FIFA 08 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for FIFA 08

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There are no button code cheats for this game but we can tell you how to get more money, unlock the 5th difficulty level and get good teams in Manager mode.

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We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for FIFA 08 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PSP : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 3

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Get Good teams in Manager Mode

Stay with the first season team you pick for at least 3 years to be able to progress later to a good team.

Unlock 5th Difficulty Level

When you complete ALL the challenges in Challenge mode from any two zones the 5th difficulty level will become unlocked.

Best Players In The World

If you select a rubbish team in Manager Mode, like for example Birmingham, do not go straight into Manager Mode. Instead go into Team Management and click on Club Transfers. Then, get your team, and sell your rubbish players to a team (example Barcelona). Come out of that team and go to the team you put the players in (Barcelona). If you see your players there, then transfer Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi, Henry and Deco to your team. Then, go to Manager Mode. I sold Henry and Deco to make 25,000,000 and keep the rest. Also, go tom Team Mangement and select edit player. Go to yoyr team and edit your players, like Ronaldinho, Messi, Eto'o and your GK. There you go, your best team in the world. (I thrashed Derby 13-0 on my first match).

All wins

If you always want to win in Manager Mode go to select sides and pick the other team an score on their net.

Good Cheat For More Money

When most of your players are 90+, upgrade your scout to 10 and scout in Rest of Europe. 70+ overall players should come up, they will probably cost about 1-3 million. When you have signed them, sell them in the transfer market, they should sell for double or more of what you bought them for.

Good Manager Team

Here's a way to get an extremely good team on Fifa 08 for PS2. Just go to club transfers from the main menu and transfer people to a club and start a manager mode. Than save the manger career and if you want to tranfer them back, the manager mode will stay the same.

More Money (Manager Mode)

Before you start a season check how much the 'Starting Budget'is on the team you want to coach...if it's too little, go to 'Create Player' and make as many OVRALL 99, Born 1/1/1990, CAMs. Then when in Manager Mode, sell them all, you get from 35,000,000 to 59,999,999 for each of them. Then you can buy loads of stars!

Good Players To Buy

After about 3 seasons
I recommend buying
S Carson gk aston villa
L Barnes mid derby
Sergio Ramos def real madrid
Quaresma mid Valencia
I belive these players are the best on the game and none of them are over 24 year old
Ochoa - 81 - 22
Kameni - 80 - 23
Ustari - 79 - 21
Reina - 84 - 24
Gordon - 79 - 24
Foster - 77 - 24
Neuer - 79 - 21
Lloris - 78 - 20
Adler - 78 - 22
Fabianski - 76 - 22

Gareth Bale - 76 - 18
Micah Richards - 83 - 19
Sergio Ramos - 85 - 21
Mertesacker - 85 - 22
Kompany - 78 - 21
Daniel Alves - 86 - 24
Pepe - 81 - 24
Naldo - 82 - 24
Lahm - 84 - 23
Raul Albiol - 81 - 21
Agger - 81 - 22


I would definetly recommend signing the following players in their first season as they grow really quick

How to easily skill players

A really easy way to skill players on amateur is to run at high speed next to them then when you are next to the box suddenly turn the defender won't stop for while so you can have a crack at goal

Internaional friendlies

IN manager mode, to get the most cash possible yu will need a team of not many players, so wages are lower. But there lies problem - international way to get around is to bring forward youth squad members - to have enough players, then when you are in the match, you can sub on the players that are on the International friendlies. This works with Red carded players too. This is a great way, because youth players have low salaries. With a good deal on the sponsor you should gain money on away games and home games. ALWAYS have tickets on high price.
Another tip:- on sponsors, always check the terma and conditions, some hav an extra bonus of money if you win which is better than others. If you ave this, don't pay atention to the financial summary. Ad if you sell or..

Best Future Team

This team may not look brilliant to begin with, but it will be brilliant in a few years time. Of course there can be additions to it, for example is a new player is created on the game with unbelievable stats, but as far as the default players goes... This is quality.
Gareth Bale
Micah Richards
Daniel Alves
Giovani dos Santos
Aaron Lennon
Adel Taaraabt
Alexandre Pato
Karim Benzema
Theo Walcott

Planning for the future

If you have a big budget and want to sign quality players, don't just look for the players with the best stats. Look at their age, growth rate, etc. Another tip is instead of blowing all your money straight away, increase the level of your scouting staff to 10. This way, you will scout top quality young players for cheap prices. This is excellent for the future, as will constantly bringing in brilliant young talent.

Easy manager mode

If you're a poor team with a small budget, instead of saving up to buy players in manager mode, just swap players from 'My Squads' in 'My FIFA 08'. Be careful though, don't put too many in as you won't be able to handle the big wage budget.

Extra Money In Manager Mode

Ok in every transfer market there are players with the tag "free agent". To make some extra money all you need to do is look for free agents aged between around 18-25 with an overall of atleast 70. Once you sign them you can sell them for extra money. Some of these players (depending on there age and overall) can bring in over 5,000,000 per player if they are good enough. If the free agents refuse to sign the best thing to do is to offer them maximum wages, bonuses and only making the contract worth one year. Yes you may lose more money than usual after the first game you have them but once someone bids for them (make sure you transfer list them) you are garanteed to bring in evenmore money, so it's worth it!

1 less player

This isn't a "cheat" but it's a glitch. Make your sub like Tevez off but then go down to your striker sub then really quickly when you're at the bottom press down then x and you'll take off tevez and put on your keeper in attack

Win Challenge fast

If you don't want to play all of the challenges then you can go to the challenge and play cup or league and pick a the best ream like Barcelona, Real madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, etc so you can just simulate it and it goes so fast I'm almost done with all of my challenge mode

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