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Follow the dark path or use the light

Newbie Guide to Manager Mode

by Viva La Vida

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FF                       IIIIIIIIIII   FF                    A                             A

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 0                    0              8                          8
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    000000000                 888888888888888

FIFA 2008
Playstation 2
Newbie Guide to Manager Mode
By Lewis Butterfield



0.1-	Overview
0.2-	Configuration
0.3-	Leagues
0.4-	Stadiums
0.5-	Third Kit Unlockables

Manager Mode

0.1-	Starting Up & Choosing Your Team
0.2-	Transfers
0.3-	Young Players
0.4-	Scouting
0.5-	Other Information

I will say now, this is not the most advanced guide you will ever see. You’re not 
going to be looking at 15 pages of players, what accessories you should buy for 
your PS2, or a huge list of skills. This walkthrough isn’t aimed at game play, or 
how you should play the game; that’s up to you. How you pass, shoot, take 
players on; it’s all up to you. Everyone has their own unique way of playing 
FIFA, and that’s what makes it so great. I will however give some information 
about the game, including the leagues, stadiums and balls, just so you know what 
you’re buying.

0.1-	Overview

The following is taken from the official FIFA 2008 website. I didn’t see the point 
of posting an overview, when I could just use the guys that made it – after all, 
their overview will be better than anyone’s. To avoid any form of plagiarism, here 
is a direct link to the overview. 

0.2-	Configuration

Default Configuration

X – Pass
Circle – Shoot
Square - Cross
Triangle – Through Ball
R1 – Sprint
L1 – Make a run

Circle – Soft tackle
Square – Slide/Aggressive tackle
Triangle – Bring out the goalkeeper (Hold)
R1 – Sprint
L1 – Change Player

The D-Pad can be used for tactics, e.g. Wing Play, Offside Trap, Counter Attack. 

Of course you can change the button config, but unless you’re a Pro Evo Player 
(Loooooseerrr), you shouldn’t really need to.

0.3-	Leagues

FIFA 08 has all the biggest leagues in the world, 30 to be exact. This means you 
can plays as pretty much any team from any major division in the world. Of 
course it doesn’t have the Division 3 League from Zimbabwe, but on a realistic 
note, every league that you want to play – will be in this game. If the league isn’t 
on the game, you will most likely find your desired team in the ‘Rest Of World’ 
category. Below is a list of them all.
Australian A-League 
Austrian Bundesliga 
Belgian Jupiler League 
Brazilian Campeonato Brasileiro 
Czech Gambrinus Liga 
Danish Superligaen 
Dutch Eredivisie 
English Premier League 
English Championship 
English League One 
English League Two 
French Ligue 1 
French Ligue 2 
German Bundesliga 1 
German Bundesliga 2 
Irish Premier Division 
Italian Serie A 
Italian Serie B 
Korean K-League 
Mexican Primera División 
North American MLS 
Norwegian Tippeligaen 
Polish Ekstraklasa 
Portuguese Liga 
Scottish Premier League 
Spanish Primera División 
Spanish Segunda División 
Swedish Allsvenskan 
Swiss Super League 
Turkish Super League

Rest of World Teams

AC Lugano 
AEK Athens
Arka Gdynia
Boca Juniors
FC Lausanne
Górnik ??czna
Kaizer Chiefs
Mamelodi FC
Olympiacos CFP
Orlando Pirates
Pogo? Szczecin
Polonia Warszawa
Ponte Preta
River Plate
Santa Cruz
Sao Caetano
Wis?a P?ock
Classic XI
World XI

Of course you can create your own team, and if you choose to do so, that team 
will go in the ‘Rest of World’ category.

0.4-   Stadiums

Allianz Arena
Camp Nou
Delle Alpe
Stadio Azteca
Stadio De Las Artes
Vicente Calderón
HSH Nordbank Arena
Millennium Stadium
Old Trafford
Parc des Princes
San Siro
Signal Iduna Park
St James' Park
Stade de Gerland
Stade Velodrome
Stadio Olimpico
Stamford Bridge
Wembley Stadium

There are also 4 other stadiums, used for lower league games.

0.5-   Third Kit Unlockables

        Bayern Munich
        Hamburger SV
Real Madrid
        River Plate
        Borussia Dortmund
        Manchester City
        Manchester United
        Real Betis
        SK Brann
        Werder Bremen
        You can also unlock Balls from the Shop.

That’s it for the basic stuff, now onto the Manager Mode…

Manager Mode

0.1-	Starting Up

First thing’s first, create your manager. You don’t need guiding through this, just 
chose what he looks like and his name. You can then pick a team from any 
country. You are limited to a 4 star team to begin with, so it’s up to you – either 
chose a 4 star team, which is easily capable of winning the league on Professional. 
Alternatively, you can start small and work your way up through the leagues. So 
here’s a few teams I would recommend, which should be good for whatever you 
want to do.

Recommended four star teams

Tottenham Hotspur – Good bank balance, excellent youngsters. (See 0.4 for a list 
of good youngsters). Within a season, you could be a four and a half star team. 
Very good team for staying with for a long period of time.
Atletico Madrid – The Spanish version of Spurs. Some brilliant players with a 
good foundation. A few good youngsters, and a decent bank balance.

Celtic – If you want to win trophies straight away, it should be easy to dominate 
the Scottish League and Cups. Just like in real life, they’re streets ahead of 
everyone else, with a small threat from Rangers. It’s the equivalent to having a 5 
star team in the Premier League

Bordeaux – Some good plays like Micoud and Chamack, and a good bank 
balance in order to bring others in. You should be aiming for the top two in your 
first season, as Lyon are very strong. 

Recommended small teams

It doesn’t matter to be honest. I’d recommend picking a league 2 favourite, such 
as MK Dons or Grimsby. Alternatively, pick a league one favourite like Leeds or 


If you chose a big club, make sure you pick a sponsor with big bonuses. Big clubs 
don’t need funding per game; it’s the tournaments that matter. This works vice-
versa. If you’re a small club, make sure you chose a sponsor with a high funding 
per game. Its unlikely you’re going to win the FC Cup if you’re a league 2 team, 
so don’t bother with the bonuses.

Pre-Season Friendlies

Pick strong teams and test your abilities. There’s no point picking a rubbish team 
that you’re going to destroy, they don’t get to keep their goals or anything, so its 
worthless. Rotate your squad, try and use all your players and give them a good 
workout. This way you’ll be able to see which players perform against strong 
opposition, and also what you should be expecting when you play big teams.

(Taken from the official FIFA site)
Here’s a list of everything in the Office and what it means:
Calendar – main source about all matches dates. Also, it’s training programmer 
Scouting – you can send your club scout to watch for young players.
Youth Academy – If one of youngsters shows a great deal of potential, the coach 
will inform you as quick as possible. Contracting is completely free, just offer him 
a nice contract.
Staff Upgrades – increasing club quality. 
Sponsor Details – sponsorship contract insight. 
Manager History – your activity archive.
Financial Prediction – Thanks to the prediction, you can change tickets price. 
Fans will pay more if team force meets expectations.
Board Expectations – Your season targets.
0.2-	Transfers

When making transfers, don’t just look at the overall skill. Of course, the higher it 
is the better, but it doesn’t tell the full story. Make sure you look at Age and Price. 
There’s no point signing someone fairly old (In footballing terms) for a high price. 
If you see a 19 year old that’s 75-80 skill, you automatically think ‘WOW’. But if 
he’s priced fairly low (2-5 million), it’s likely that he will have a poor growth rate. 
This means he won’t improve much over the years, which is the whole reason 
you buy youngsters in the first place. The best thing to do regarding transfers is 
look for a young player who has quite a high value, as he will have a good growth 
rate. Another thing – Play skill is sometimes inaccurate. For example, it will say a 
play is 85 overall, but when you sign him; he’ll rocket up to 95 or something. 
Giovanni dos Santos was 87 when I bought him, and he shot up to 97. This is 
where scouting comes in, see 0.5 of this guide.

Alternatively, of course, look at the Free Agents list. I’d try to avoid the transfer 
list as much as possible. Those plays are on that list because they’re not 
performing, and because they’re decreasing in skill/value. The free agents is a 
great place to get brilliant players for free.

0.3-	Young Players

I’ll avoid giving a big explanation, because this ties in with scouting, so for a 
more advanced explanation, see 0.5.

Below is a list of players you should be looking to sign, depending on your budget 

Bojan Krkic
Giovani dos Santos
Alexandre Pato
Aaron Lennon
Adel Taaraabt
Micah Richards
Gareth Bale
Scott Carson
Sergio Ramos
Samir Nasri
Joao Moutinho
Jesus Navas
Marcelo Moreno
Theo Walcott
Karim Benzema
Ben Arfa

Scouting is the best feature on FIFA 2008. You can find some unbelievable 
talents on here, which you wouldn’t be able to find on the transfer pages. First 
thing to do, don’t blow your budget on players, increase your scout to level 
10.This way he will spot talent better, faster. Some players that I’ve found by 
using scouts have peaked at 99. Have a look at their growth rate to decide 
whether they’re a keeper. Only take the player, if they are under 20, unless they 
already have brilliant stats. Make sure you use scouts properly, as you will have a 
big advantage.

And that’s it I think… enjoy Manager Mode!

Created by Lewis Butterfield (Viva La Vida –