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Crash of the Titans PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash of the Titans please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : Wii : PSP : Nintendo DS

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All Crash of the Titans Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


Pause the game and press and hold R1 while entering the buttons:

BIG HEAD-square-square-triangle-x

SHADOW CRASH-triangle-square-triangle-x


By secret master.

Fast Mojo

Play all the levels and the mojo room. At the end of the Status. Go to the level you want to go to and play the level again, or the mojo room again. This will help, because you can get more upgrades.

Repeat what you did and then you will have every upgrade, but not the (spoilers alert) Jack kick (unless you beat the game on hard.)

Crash skins woohoo

Koo-aala skin

Defeat 150 koo-aalas

Ratnician skin

Defeat 200 ratnicians

Spike skin

Jack 50 spikes

Goar skin

Jack 30 goars

Snipe skin

Jack 50 snipes

Rhino roller skin

Jack 30 rhino rollers

Scorporilla skin

Jack 15 scorporillas

Good Cheats

Big Head Crash: Pause The Game Hold R1,And Press [],[],/,X,Re-Enter The Code To Disable

Shadow Crash: Pause The Game hold R1,And Press /,[],/,[],Re-Enter The Code To Disable

Jack titans without freejack

the thing to do is try to get skins of titans then put a skin on then attack the thing you want to jack then it will just be availible to jack i done it with a friend with eelectric skin on

Modify Crash

To modify the character 'Crash' pause gameplay and enter the code to enable the effect you want. To disable the effect and return the game to normal just pause the game and enter the code again.

Unlock Shadow Crash:

Hold R1 and press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.

Unlock Big Head Crash:

Hold R1 and press Square, Square, Triangle, X.

Unlock Crash's Skins

These skins are unlocked by completing the indicated task. Wearing the skin will enable you to defeat the creature whose skin you are wearing with one hit.

Unlock Goar Skin:

Jack 30 Goars

Unlock Rhinoroller Skin:

Jack 30 Rhinorollers

Unlock Snipe Skin:

Jack 50 Snipes

Unlock Spike Skin:

Jack 50 Spikes

Unlock Koo-ala Skin;

Defeat 150 Koo-Alas

Unlock Ratnician Skin:

Defeat 200 Ratnicians

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