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by Tagg6

                                   -`.``: ``                                    
                                 `sNNNNNNdm/``   ./oso.                         
                                 yyss-.--::/:-../yyys+:-...`    :+o++osoooysoo/`
                            .hssyy/--://::sy+.                    `.::.:.-oooyo-
                    ....`    +hdh+/:..--:osy.                                .//
                  :ohdmhdhs:mmy+ `/..--:sss                                    `
           `./ssyyyddddddNdh+` `+..--+sss                                       
          .sssssssssymmyyNy-   `s-:+ohdd:                                       
          +yysyyyo++syyssh`    `oosNNdm+:`                                      
           --`.--    sysy:   `/yoyhmmdddo:                                      
                    .hys-   /hddmdhdmmmms+                                      
                     ```  .ohdmmmmhhddmh..                                      
                        :dmmmmmh/ /dmmmmys`                                     
                       .hmmmmmdy` `hmmmdds-                                     
                        ./yhhh//   +soyss+                                      
                        `osss+       .ssso`                                     
                    `.-/ymmdm`        .hdh:                                     
                `.--dmhddmNNN        `-++oo`                                    
               ://+/sdhhyyyys-     `--:+:.:/`                                   
               .--::-:---:...`     .///++::/-                                  

[ CRASH of the TITANS ]

   Type: Walkthrough/FAQ
   Console: Wii (Also on PS2/X360/PSP)
   Version: 1.1 (11/28/2007)
   Started: 11/07/2007
   Author: Tagg, a.k.a. Stephen Bates
   Email: [email protected]

    1.1: Did some slight reformatting and changed things around. This will be
	 the final update.
    1.0: The enemy guide is complete and pretty in-depth if I do say so myself.
	 I may do a few cosmetic changes here and there, but this will be the
	 final update for the most part. Note that I have also added an FAQ for
	 those common questions.
    0.9: I finished the walkthrough!!! Level 20 and the final boss fight are
	 completely done. Look out for enemy descriptions and strategies in
	 (hopefully) the final update.
    0.8: Finished writing levels 18/19 and changed the layout slightly.
    0.7: Levels 16 and 17 are done, and I corrected some minor mistakes.
    0.6: Levels 14 and 15 are complete.
    0.5: Levels 12 and 13 are done. I also corrected some minor errors in the
    0.4: Level 11 is done. Also, the abilities guide is finally complete.
    0.3: Added placeholder info for the enemy guide, and have nearly completed
	 the ability list. Additionally, levels nine and ten now have
	 walkthroughs! I am hoping to complete the guide within the week.
    0.2: I expanded the controls section and added the item section. 
         Additionally, levels six through eight are complete. Lastly, I cleaned
	 up the interface a little.
    0.1: Just started a preliminary guide. Layout is complete. Walkthrough for
         levels one to five are done. The abilities guide is very incomplete
	 right now.

   1. Introduction        [INT01]
   2. Moves               [MOV02]
   3. Items               [ITE03]
   4. Walkthrough         [WAL04]
	Ep.  1: A New Hop                       [CHA01]
        Ep.  2: A Succumbing To Age Story       [CHA02]
	Ep.  3: A Zero's Journey                [CHA03]
	Ep.  4: The Temple Of Zoom              [CHA04]
		  Boss: Cortex (Yuktopus)      [COR04]
	Ep.  5: The Emerald Pity                [CHA05]
	Ep.  6: Don't Eat The Yellow Brick Load [CHA06]
	Ep.  7: The Blizzard Of Claws           [CHA07]
		  Boss: Tiny And Co.           [TIN07]
	Ep.  8: Life's A Beach                  [CHA08]
	Ep.  9: Operation Overboard             [CHA09]
	Ep. 10: A Sludge Too Far                [CHA10]
	Ep. 11: Shock And Awesome               [CHA11]
	Ep. 12: Weapons of Mass Construction    [CHA12]
	Ep. 13: Doomraker                       [CHA13]
	          Boss: N. Gin And Friends     [NGI13]
	Ep. 14: Family Tree                     [CHA14]
	Ep. 15: Calamity Ville Horror           [CHA15]
	Ep. 16: Timber Trials                   [CHA16]
	Ep. 17: Adolt Edumacation               [CHA17]
		  Boss: Uka Uka                [UKA17]
	Ep. 18: War Of The Whirls               [CHA18]
	Ep. 19: Minority Rapport                [CHA19]
	Ep. 20: Revengeance 2: The Revengicide  [CHA20]
		  Boss: Nina (Arachnina)       [NIN20]
   5. Upgrades            [UPG05]
   6. Skins               [SKI06]
   7. Enemy Guide         [/    ]
	Minions           [MIN07]
	Titans            [TIT07]
   8. FAQ                 [FAQ08]
   9. Copyright           [COP09]

 [ 1. INTRODUCTION                                                     ] [INT01]
        Believe it or not, this is actually the very first FAQ I have done. If
	you have any tips, questions, complaints or advice for me, please email
	me at the address above. Also, I really need some good questions for the
	FAQ section of the guide!

 [ 2. CRASH'S MOVES                                                    ] [MOV02]
	These controls refer to the Wii version of the game. Please look at your
	game manual if you own a different version.

	 -Jump: A

	 -Double Jump: A + A

	 -Backflip: Move in the opposite direction + A

	 -Spin Hover: A (Press repeatedly in the air)

  	 -Jack Enemy: Up on Control Pad

	 -Shield: C (Hold)
	    Blocks against smaller minions and light attacks from Titans.

	 -Aku Air Grind: A + C
	    Useful for going fast on flat ground and also used in all the
	    hife-pipe areas. This will damage an enemy if you are going
	    quick enough when you hit them.

	 -Tic Tac: A + A (repeatedly)
	    This is the wall jump. Use it to jump between walls and get to the
	    top of an area.

     **	ATTACKS
	 -Light Attack: B
	    Use this to beat up the smaller enemies, or press this repeatedly to
	    knock out the larger ones.

	 -Heavy Attack: Z
	    This is slower than your light attack but inflicts more damage. It's
	    a necessity against larger enemies.

	 -Block-Breaker: Hold Z
	    Use this to attack a titan when he is in guard mode.

	 -Norris Roundhouse: B + B + B
	    A light attack combo - useful against all enemies.

	 -Old Skool: Shake Remote + B (Press B repeatedly)
	        or Rotate Analog Stick + B (Press B repeatedly)
	    Basically a spin attack, which harkens back to the Crash games of
	    yore. A really useful attack that can instantly clear a group of
	    smaller enemies, and is really necessary for getting attack combos
	    in each level. You periodically gain longer spin times, but be
	    carefull not to spin too long or you'll be dazed (and motionless for
	    three seconds).

	 -Gyro Jackhammer: Rotate Analog Stick + Z
	    This is kind of hard to pull off, but instantly flings smaller 
	    enemies away if they are near you.

	 -Double Whammy: Hold Z, Land + Hold Z
	    An extended form of the block-breaker, and very powerful. Very
	    useful against all titans. If you hold Z correctly the second time,
	    it can break through a titan's guard; if you don't have proper
	    timing then you'll just perform a heavy attack (but it won't damage
	    a titan if they are guarding). You can tell if the attack will hit
	    a shielded titan if Crash is glowing when he makes the move.

	 -Triple Dragon: Hold Z, Land + Hold Z, Land + Hold Z. 
	    One hell of a way to bring down the big titans. Like the Double
	    Whammy, you have to hold Z at the proper time in order for the
	    attack to get titans protecting themselves.

	 -Chin Tickler: B + B + Z
	    A very strong physical attack; enough to get through a titan when
	    they are defending.

	 -Board Slam: B + B + Z + Z
	    Basically the same as the Chin Tickler, but ends with a devastating
	    final move that should seriously damage any enemy.

	 -Spin Dismount: Shake the Nunchuk + Up on Control Pad
	    Instantly kills the titan you are on when you dismount him.

	 -Free Kick: (1) button
	    This is unlocked when you beat the final level on Hard Mode. This
	    is the equivalent of an unlimited freejack mask. This will send
	    minions flying and KO any titan instantly. This is the 21st hint.

 [ 3. CRASH'S ITEMS                                                    ] [ITE03]

	  Little blue orbs that you need to collect. Collecting a certain
	  number upgrades your abilities/health or gains you a new move. Please
	  refer to the Upgrades section for a list of upgrades. Also, for every
	  25,000 pieces of mojo you collect, you get an additional life.

       -Mojo 2X:
	  This doubles the amount of mojo you collect. It is time-based, so you
	  have to be quick.

       -Wumpa Fruit:
	  Looks like apples, and increases Crash's health.

       -Golden Wumpa Fruit:
	  Same as wumpa fruit, but is gold. It gives you another life.

       -Freejack Mask:
	  A golden mask which gives you special power for a short amount of
	  time. You can run faster, kick small minions (immediately killing
	  them), and instantly knock out any titan.

       -Level Idol:
	  You get a different Idol depending on how well you completed the
	  level. This is determined by whether you completed the following
	  objectives in the level - Minion Master, Spybots, and Combo King. You
	  gain Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on which you fulfilled, or you
	  get none if you failed to beat anything.

       -Mojo Idol:
	  Gained for beating the Mojo Room. Increases your completion
	  percentage, and allows you to replay the bonus stage from the level
	  select screen.

       -Voodoo Idol:
	  Red, glowing idols found in each level. Getting it unlocks the Concept
	  Art for that level.

       -Minion/Titan Idol:
	  The first time you jack a titan or kill several minions you are given 
	  this, which provides details about the enemy.

	  Given to you for a certain achievement in the game, such as jacking
	  a number of enemies. When worn, a skin of a certain enemy will
	  allow Crash to instantly knock out that enemy with one hit. Refer to
	  the Skins section to see what you need to unlock each skin.

 [ 4. WALKTHROUGH                                                      ] [WAL04]

	Look out for the following things in each level walkthrough if you are
	stuck (Use a search like Ctrl+F to find them).
	  VOODOO IDOL   - The red idol that unlocks concept art for that level.
	  SPYBOT #      - Each spybot's location is described (1, 2, 3).
	  COMBO HOTSPOT - A location where you should be able to get a large
			  enough combo to get the "Combo King" medal.
	  MOJO ROOM     - A location and guide to the level's mojo room (bonus

	Minion Master: 65 / Combo King: 15

After the first cinematic in the game, you'll be able to test out Crash's 
moves. There's not a lot to do in the beginning of this level - just try to 
break a lot of stuff to get mojo (most of the plants are destructible). Also, 
if you have the Wii version of the game, use the IR to gather up the mojo 
quickly ala Super Mario Galaxy. You'll first see a stone tablet in between the 
bridge and the stone platforms - these give you hints in the game, so try to 
read them all. You can either go on the platforms or go across the bridge, it 
doesn't matter. Also, you'll be fine if you accidentally fall into the shallow 
water here. Continue on through the tunnel until you get to some enemies. These 
are the weakest enemies in the games, so it should only take a few hits to get 
them. Keep going, double-jump over the next ledge and you'll get to an enemy 
camp. At first there'll only be four enemies, which you can easily take out. 
Once you defeat them, several more will appear, which makes for a COMBO 
HOTSPOT. Let them all gather around you, and then start going all out by 
repeatedly pressing B. You should easily rack up enough hits to reach a combo 
of 15. Jump up the tree stumps (taking care of a minion on the way) and keep 
going until you reach a bunch of mushrooms. Get your timing right to jump high 
up. Kill the minions here, and jump high on one of the last mushrooms to find 
the VOODOO IDOL. Next you need to jump across the platforms (make sure you 
don't stay on them too long, because they slide down if you idle). Jump on the 
next ledge and then up, and then backtrack to the left to get a 2X counter. Now 
go directly to the Bonus Round (located to the right with the large plant just 
before the next series of platforms).

  Name: "Mojo Madness!"
  Mission: Collect 5,000 green mojo before time runs out.
  Time: 35 seconds
  Difficulty: ***/*****
  For the first bonus room, this is rather difficult. Ignore all the crates and 
  instead just run around trying to collect as much green stuff as possible. 
  Note that you cannot use the IR in the Wii version of the game to get the
  green mojo. If you're quick, you should be able to get it with several 
  seconds to go. If not, simply go out of the room and try again. Before you
  leave, though, be sure to grab the regular mojo out of the crates (and watch
  for the exploding ones). Also, make sure you get the mojo doll on your way
  out, or it will all be for nothing.

Go across the other platforms, jump up on the mushrooms, and beat up the 
minions in this area. Slide down the incline, and then spin hover across to the 
next area. Jump on the mushroom to go up, and then jump across to the next 
section. You'll need to jump to the bottom ledge (you can't make it to the 
top), and then run along to the right until you can jump up onto the main area. 
Make sure you destroy SPYBOT #1 in the right of this place, and then jump 
across the lever platforms to the next area. Destroy the two minions and keep 
going. Spin hover your way down from here, then destroy SPYBOT #2. Keep going 
and you'll soon get to Aku Aku. This is another great COMBO HOTSPOT as you'll 
be able to rack up nearly 30 hits in a row as the minions come after you. Get 
them all and then go see Aku Aku. You can now block, so practise on the minions 
and then continue on by jumping on the mushrooms to get to the top of the area, 
where the first "Titan" will be waiting for you. 

This guy is pretty easy - hit him several times with a normal hit or go for 
heavy attacks to knock him out in two goes. If he does try to attack, simply 
block, and if he tries to guard himself (which is unlikely), simply hold Z to 
break past his defenses. After you jack him, destroy the two boxes and use his 
special attack (by raising the remote and nunchuk) to get through the spike 
barrier. There will be three waves of minions in here, but with Spike they're 
easy to get through. Destroy them using whatever method you want (a regular 
attack is just fine, but you can also use your more powerful attack or even 
Spike's special attack to get all the minions around you). Cross the bridge 
(killing all the minions on it), destroy SPYBOT #3, and then you'll come to 
another Spike. He shouldn't pose a problem, and goes down with three regular 
hits. Jack the new Spike when you knock him out (try to jack as many titans as 
possible - you gain different outfits for Crash when you jack a certain 
number). Cross the next bridge and kill all the minions, and then you'll 
encounter three Spikes together. It gets slightly difficult here, as they will 
all try to gang up on you. Take them out one at a time if you can (simply walk 
forward, wait for one of the enemies to come closer, and then back away so that 
only he will follow you). These guys will use all of the same abilities as you, 
so watch out. Press Z if one starts to block and you'll instantly get him. 
After you get all three, some minions will appear, followed by three more 
Spikes. Use the tactics mentioned earlier, and make sure to jack a different 
Spike if you are running low on health. If your guy does die, try to find a 
Spike away from the pack and simply attack him again until you can jack him. 
Kill all the minions after that (you should have killed at least 65 by now), 
then knock down the tree by using a heavy attack (Z). Before you go into the 
tree trunk, destroy the big Mojo container (which will also kill Spike). Now go 
through the trunk and finish the level.

	Minion Master: 25 / Combo King: 45

Go down the pathway here until you come to a large enemy. This guy is hard to 
beat with Crash, but thankfully there is a Freejack mask here. Grab it and kick 
the Goar to knock him out. This guy is very slow but also quite powerful. Knock 
down the wall and tree trunk with a couple of regular hits and then take down 
the Goar and minions in this area (if the other Goar does get you, there is 
another Free Jack mask in the middle of this area). Before the next two Goars 
reach you, use your special attack to freeze them and then attack to instantly 
knock them out. Destroy SPYBOT #1 on the right side of the path and keep going. 
Use the Goar you've got to destroy the big mojo container and then climb up to 
the next area. Here you'll encounter a Snipe, which is rather useless except 
for his long range attacks and for target shooting. Either block when he throws 
his energy attacks at you, or press B at the right time to send the energy 
right back at him. This can be difficult to time, so I suggest simply getting 
close and beating him up. Once you've jacked him, keep going. Another Snipe 
will bother you, so start shooting at him (block when he does the same to you) 
and then go up the tree trunk. Before you shoot the target, take out the Snipe 
over on the left side. Now shoot the target, cross the bridge and take out 
another Snipe. Shoot another target on the left, cross the second bridge, and 
destroy the mojo container. Right after the stone tablet that teaches you about 
a back jump, you'll see a platform you have to jump to, with a ledge 
underneath. You want the ledge underneath, but before you do that, perform a 
back flip to go backwards from where you are right now to reach a high ledge 
(you should see a trail of mojo going up there). Here you'll find SPYBOT #2. 
Now jump down to the bottom ledge, where you'll find the VOODOO IDOL. Run along 
the bottom ledge until you find SPYBOT #3. Now wall jump to the top of this 
area and go to the Bonus Round.

  Name: "Scandalous Snipe!"
  Mission: Jack Snipe and destroy all bombs before time runs out. 
  Time: 45 seconds
  Difficulty: */*****
  This one is easy. Grab the Free Jack mask and take Snipe. Immediately kill
  the other Snipe that appears, and then aim for the seven targets. You should
  get them all with plenty of time to spare. Get the mojo in the boxes and then
  leave the area.

Jump on the mushroom to get to the next part, then carefully maneuver your way 
across the root. Bounce on another mushroom upwards, and then hover down to the 
main area. Here there will be two big waves of enemies, and is pretty much the 
only COMBO HOTSPOT in this level. Attack them all using B, even spinning if you 
want (you should have gained the ability by now). Make sure not to grab a Free 
Jack mask if any of the minions drop one, and just try to keep the combo meter 
going. Note that you may not be able to get a high enough combo the first time 
you try (it is extremely difficult in this level - if you have any tips, please 
send them in). If you don't get a Combo King the first time, just jump off the 
cliff and they will all reappear when you respawn. Once they are all defeated, 
go into the tunnel to finish the level.

	Minion Master: 80 / Combo King: 30

Go forward, and then jump from block to block (you can also go on the ground if 
you want, but it is safer on top of the blocks). Next, grab the Free Jack mask 
to the left and take out the Snipe. Get all of the monkey minions to the right, 
and go forward, taking care to avoid the moving blocks. Destroy the large mojo 
container, and get on the ledge. Run to the right and then jump up. Now run 
along the ledge to the left and jump up onto the main area. Take out Spike and 
then the minions, and then cross the bridge. Now destroy the mojo container and 
hover down to the lower section. Take your time here when crossing the moving 
blocks as they all go into the wall at one point. Next, take the Free Jack mask 
that is in the air, and jack Spike. Kill all the minions and destroy SPYBOT #1. 
Continue into the jungle, killing all of the minions, until you can see the 
Bonus Round transporter across from the stone walkway where you are. Don't go 
there just yet - continue with Spike until you hit the Mojo container. Destroy 
it and then backtrack to the Bonus Round.

  Name: "Hard To Bear!"
  Mission: Jack Goar and defeat all enemies until time runs out. 
  Time: 60 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Immediately grab the Free Jack mask and take Goar. Next three Snipes and two 
  Spikes will appear. Start to attack immediately, or the Spikes will crowd 
  around you, making it impossible to attack. After the Spikes are gone, it is 
  easy to get the three Snipes. Grab your prize and exit.

Continue on to the left, and then hover from platform to platform down to the 
main area. Immediately jack the blue Snipe, and then start to take out the 
minions then come at you. Now walk up into the cave and attack the Spikes. BTW, 
this is a COMBO HOTSPOT! Jack a Spike if your health is low, and then jack the 
next Snipe, who you need to break down the targets in this room. Continue on, 
destroy the big mojo container, and then hover down to the arena. Destroy all 
the minions as Crash, and then two Spikes will appear. Try to get one by itself 
and then knock it out. If you are unable to do so, kick one of the boxes on the 
right side of the arena, and jump on the remaining box up to a ledge where 
you'll find a Free Jack mask. After you beat the second Spike, two Snipes will 
appear with a bunch of minions out of reach. Jack either one of them and 
destroy the other, and then take out the minions on both sides, as well as 
SPYBOT #2 on the left. After that, four Spikes will appear. Try to take one out 
quickly, or they'll gang up on you immediately. These guys are like a pack, and 
if you get knocked off of a titan, you're pretty defenseless as Crash. Run 
around and try to get one by itself, or just take your chances and run in 
punching. Your best bet is to use Z to bring them down in two to three hits - 
your normal attack takes too long. Once you've jacked one of them, run away and 
quickly perform your special attack. They should go running after you, but will 
be hit with your spikes when they get close. After all of them are defeated, a 
last Spike and some minions appear. Defeat them, and then break through all the 
boxes (the one on the very right houses a VOODOO IDOL). Take out the mojo 
container ahead, and then carefully navigate your way across the rotating 

Walk to the arena ahead, where a ton of minions are waiting. This is the best 
COMBO HOTSPOT in the level - just jump into the middle of them and then start 
pressing B as fast as you can. After they're gone, three Spikes will appear. Do 
your best to jack one, and then get the other two with it. More minions will 
then appear, followed by two Snipes. With Spike, they should be easy to get. 
More minions will appear, followed by a Spike and a Goar. If you have a Snipe, 
switch to a Spike, and then start to attack the Goar. By attack and power 
attacking at the right times, you should get it. As Goar, you'll have to take 
down four Spikes. You need to start attacking as soon as you can, because Goar 
is slow and the four Spikes will crowd around you, disabling any attack. If 
you're left alone with just Crash, chances are you're gonna die. After you 
defeat the four of them, you are gonna want to quickly sidle over to the gates 
and knock them down before more Spikes appear. When the Spikes do appear, 
quickly attack before they can sandwich you in. With that done, grab SPYBOT #3, 
located on the left side of the arena. Continue onwards to watch a cutscene, 
and then destroy the mojo container with the Goar you have.

The next moving platforms are rather tricky. Jump across the first two to get 
to the narrow middle ones. Take either the left or right one, but watch out as 
they move back and forth. Now get as far to the edge as you can and jump 
forward to the next one. You'll need to hover like crazy and hope Crash will 
find an edge to grab onto. Now just jump onto the last one and wait for it take 
you up. Run all the way up here and enter the cave to end the level.

	Minion Master: 30 / Combo King: 15

Swing across the vines to the other side and hover down to the main hub of the 
level (surprise, surprise, no enemies here!). Go up the staircase to the left. 
hover down to the main area, defeat the minions, and activate the control 
doohicky on the right (swing acrosss to it). A Spike will appear, so jack him. 
Defeat all of the minions and three more Spikes will appear. If you're quick, 
you can use his special attack to wipe them all out instantly. With that done, 
knock down the wall to the left and activate the second control thing. Note: 
You can bypass the Spikes if you like by just jumping behind the wall at the 
start and activating the control thing there. A Snipe will appear, so jack him. 
Once the minions appear, get off Snipe and attack them because this is a COMBO 
HOTSPOT, and it takes Crash to get in 15 hits. After that, jack one of the 
other two Snipes that appear and defeat the other one. Now shoot the two 
targets and ditch the Snipe you're on to continue upward. Here's a fun part! 
You now gain the ability to Aku Air Grind, which is basically skateboarding. 
Right now, just try to get as many boxes as you can to increase your mojo 
count. Also, feathers give you a speed boost. When you reach the end of the 
tunnel, you'll be back at the hub.

Take the staircase on the right to keep going. Jump into the hole with enemies 
here and you'll start skateboarding. Use B to take out all the enemies as you 
go back and forth. When you defeat them all, the door ahead will open and you 
can continue. First, though, go to the Bonus level that you probably saw before 
you jumped into the pit.

  Name: "Freejack Frollick!"
  Mission: Collect 3 Freejack masks before time runs out 
  Time: 60 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Bypass the Spikes and minions to grab the Freejack mask, then hit either
  Spike. Use him to defeat the other Spike and the minions. You're now free to
  get the other two masks. One is in the bottom box on the right - the other is
  way up top on the left. To get the one on the left, destroy one of the boxes,
  then unjack Spike so that Crash can jump on top of the box and then double
  jump up to the last mask.

Jump into the sewers for another "Air Grind" section. Again, get as many boxes 
as you can, and jump at the end to reach a series of vines. Swing across to 
continue skateboarding. Try to get the feather here and you'll get all of the 
boxes at the end. If you didn't get the feather, double-jump and hover like 
crazy to get to the other side. Before going back down to the main hub, make 
sure you time your jump to get the VOODOO IDOL floating right in front of you.

Go up the central staircase and you'll be outside at last. Before going any 
further, look behind you to see SPYBOT #1. The stone tablet here states the 
obvious, which is that you need to jack Spike first, then use him to jack Goar, 
and then use him to jack Yuktopus, which is a huge enemy that Cortex controls. 
You'll have to use this strategy soon, so continue onward for a cutscene and 
the very first boss fight.

  Boss: Cortex (Yuktopus)
  Difficulty: Medium

First of all, stay away from Yuktopus. Jack Spike, being careful not to get 
hurt in the process, and then defeat all of the minions that follow (also, try 
to get SPYBOT #2 on the left and SPYBOT #3 on the right during this time). 
Next, a Goar will appear. Do your best to knock him out with Spike (block his 
regular attacks and use Z when he goes into guard position). During this time, 
Yuktopus might use his powerful beam attack. If he does, make a run for it or 
Spike will be killed quickly. Once Goar is jacked, approach the big guy 
cautiously and use your special attack (which freezes the enemy) - watch out, 
though, because when you get close he uses an attack that gets everyone around 
him (the best strategy is to let him use it once, then immediately get close 
and use your special attack before he can do it again). If Goar gets killed, 
simply jack a Spike again, use it to jack a Goar, and repeat. You'll hear the 
bagpipes start to play before he unleashes his heavy attack, so get in there 
and quickly freeze him before he is able to do it. Hit him with Z a couple of 
times in a row and he'll be knocked out. Jack him, and proceed to kill 
everything in the vicinity. Use B for a quick attack, and use Z to freeze 
everything around you. Use Z twice to knock everything out. To get Cortex, 
either use B or his special attack (beam of light) to destroy the Pedestal he's 
on. Cortex will now jump to the left pedestal, so simply repeat the process
(note that you can destroy the pedestals in whatever order you want). After
that, he'll jump to the right one. If you die at any time, the pedestals will
still be destroyed, so just keep at it. Once you defeat him, enjoy the lengthy
cut scene that follows.

	Minion Master: 20 / Combo King: 15

Go forward and take out the two minions, then get ready for a skateboarding 
run. About halfway into the run, you'll see a steep slope on the right that has 
two speed feathers on it (there are also a few minions near it). Make sure you 
get on this slope so that you can get the VOODOO IDOL at the top (if you miss 
it, simply turn yourself around and try again, but watch out for the mines). A 
little ways after that there'll be two grass stumps in a row - the first one 
has SPYBOT #1. After that you'll come to a series of feathers - make sure you 
get at least one so that you'll make the jump. There is a similar jump that 
takes place further in, where you must also get at least one feather to cover 
the gap. Apart from that, make sure to double-jump over any mines in your way 
and don't worry about getting any minions - there are plenty in the latter part 
of the level.
When you come to a stop, climb up to the top of the area and cross the bridge. 
Take out the two enemies, and then skateboard down to the main area. Before you 
do anything, get SPYBOT #2 (near the fallen logs) and jump into the bonus 
round, which is to the right of the bathrooms. 

  Name: "Kick In The Pants!"
  Mission: Kick the minions to destroy all bombs before time runs out 
  Time: 80 seconds
  Difficulty: ***/*****
  The mission here isn't immediately obvious, but it requires that you get a 
  Freejack mask, and then use your normal attack to kick the small minions into 
  the bombs (you have to kick from the front). At first, you need to take out
  the two Spikes, so jack one and kill the other. Now you're free to get the
  bombs, so just get a Freejack mask and start kicking.

Defeat all of the minions here (COMBO HOTSPOT possibility), and then 
Rhinoroller will appear. The easiest way to take this guy out is to go close, 
then start hammering Z. Your heavy attack will always hit him, even if he is 
starting to go into Thunderbowl mode. When you've jacked him, make sure you get 
the big piles of boxes, and then kill the minions. Another wave of minions will 
then appear, so I'm calling this a COMBO HOTSPOT. Unjack the titan and smack as 
many minions as you can to get in 15 hits. If you're not bothered about the 
combo, or already got it, keep Rhinoroller, because he can just crush the mines 
in the skateboarding area without taking any damage. So, go to the left, and 
then jump into the skateboarding part. Once you go a little ways, buzz saws 
will appear from above, so watch out. If you see one coming down, just back up 
a little bit (you need to keep holdind back on the analog stick, or you'll just 
keep going forward) and then keep going once it recedes. Eventually you'll come 
to a mojo container, so destroy it if you still have Rhinoroller and move on. 
This next part can be tricky, as you need good timing and a double-jump in 
order to make it past the buzz saws. If you are having trouble try jumping to 
the side so that Crash runs along the edge - this is a lot safer than 
skateboarding, though obviously is a lot slower. When you get to the end, run 
back a little ways to find SPYBOT #3. Now just keep going and an elevator will 
take you up to the end of the level.

	Minion Master: 50 / Combo King: 25

You immediately get dropped into an arena here, so walk over to either Spike 
(go the long way or the Spikes will gang up on you) and take him down. Jack him 
and two more Spikes will appear. Get the 3 remaining Spikes as quickly as 
possible (before they all surround you), and 4 more Spikes will appear. If 
you're quick, you should be able to do his special attack to get them all at 
once. If not, just button mash and block to take them down. Now 2 more Spikes 
will appear. As it's only two, just use B a few times on them both to knock 'em 
dead. 5 more Spikes will gradually make an appearance - run around until you 
temporarily escape from them, then use his special attack (hopefully you'll get 
at least three). To take out the remaining ones, just get them individually. 
Finally two Snipes will drop down. Walk towards them, blocking when they fire 
things, and then just beat 'em up. Defeat both of them as Spike, and then jack 
the second one. Snipe the four minions, and then take out the targets so you 
can finally move on. Four more minions will eventually appear, so kill them and 
then jump up to the next area.

Hover downwards from platform to platform - the falling trees shouldn't cause 
much of a problem, just wait for them to fall in the section right in front of 
you and then jump down immediately afterwards. As soon as you get down to the 
bottom, five minions will appear. COMBO HOTSPOT alert! Start spinning and you 
may get a large enough combo at this spot. Destroy SPYBOT #1 (slightly to the 
left) and move on. Ignore the boxes right now (which contain a Freejack mask) 
and instead go directly to the bonus area.

  Name: "On A Roller!"
  Mission: Defeat all enemies before time runs out 
  Time: 80 seconds
  Difficulty: ***/*****
  Grab the Freejack mask and head for Rhinoroller. He'll immediately start to 
  spin, so press B just before you reach him (as he'll be heading your way). 
  Once you jack him, take out the few minions manually (with B), then use his
  special attack and start bulldozing all the enemies around you. None of the
  enemies can get you in this form, so just try to crush them all as quickly as
  you can. When you've won the challenge, take the Rhinoroller to the right and
  destroy the mojo container. Now just grab the idol and return to the main

Backtrack a bit to those crates, and grab the Freejack mask. Run like crazy to 
get to the Rhinoroller, and then jack him. A lot of minions will appear, 
followed by several Spikes. As long as you stay in ball form, you'll be 
invincible, so just take them all out. There will be a final wave of about 
seven or eight minions (right after three Spikes appear for the second time) - 
this makes for a good COMBO HOTSPOT. Ditch the Rhinoroller (but make sure you 
destroy the mud barrier furst) and spin the whole lot of them. When the enemies 
stop coming, wall jump to the top (past where the mud barrier used to be). 

Now jump from tree to tree (wait until they lean a little, and then jump) until 
you reach the VOODOO IDOL. Jump off quickly and hover down. Go to the right a 
bit and destroy SPYBOT #2, then jump up and continue. After walking a little 
ways, you'll get to a nice little Western town complete with a huge new titan.

  Boss: Shellephant
  Difficulty: Low
Get all of the minions (COMBO HOTSPOT), including the ones on the truck, and 
Shellephant will break out of his cage. Grab the Freejack mask on the truck, 
and jack the monster. Destroy everything around for a generous helping of mojo, 
and then break down the door to the north using a heavy attack to continue 
onwards. Defeat the two Spikes with regular hits (B is your quickest attack), 
and then collect a 2X counter and SPYBOT #3 to the right (near the sheds). Go 
quickly past the saw (timing is everything), and then knock down the next door, 
making sure to watch out for the Spikes as they appear. Continue onward, and 
then destroy the mojo container. Skate through the last part, double-jumping 
when necessary, and you'll reach the end.

	Minion Master: 50 / Combo King: 30

Start to skateboard down this slope and you'll encounter your first group of 
Magmadons. The trick here is to stay out of the lava and to not give the 
Magmadon a chance to attack you. He is kind of slow, but when his hits connect 
it causes a lot of damage. Try to spin him or repeatedly use B, as your heavy 
attack is too slow to bring this guy down. If you are having trouble there is a 
freejack mask behind the lava to the right. After jacking the guy, use a 
combination of B and Z to attack the others. You can try to use his special 
attack, but I found it was too slow to be very effective against this group. 
Also, you can now go in the lava without getting hurt. At first, there will be 
three to defeat - make sure they don't get you with their feet stomp (it'll KO 
you immediately) and take them out individually. Now break through the rock 
barrier with a heavy attack, and immediately use your special attack to knock 
all three of the enemies out. Three more enemies will appear after that, so do 
the same thing before they can reach you and they'll be goners. Continue into 
the cave now.

In this area, you'll have to disable the giant robot spider by destroying the 
machines that are scattered throughout. Just as you get on the island, use your 
special attack and you'll hopefully get at least two of the three Magmadons. 
Take out the remaining ones (and the minions), then destroy the machine. Still 
riding the Magmadon, go through the lava on your way to the next island, 
destroying SPYBOT #1 on the way. This little arena can be very difficult. Don't 
walk onto solid land yet, instead, go to the right in the lava. As soon as you 
touch the solid ground, use his special attack and you should knock a few out. 
Defeat any remaining, and then a couple of spikes and a ton of Magmadons will 
appear. Again, try to use your special attack before they get too close to you. 
Defeat the remaining ones, making sure to jack ones you've just defeated so you 
never get too low on health. This is one of those spots where if you die and 
lose your titan, you're in big trouble. Once you do, look for a Spike and keep 
running around the arena until only he follows. Now proceed to jack him 
(carefully, the lava will instantly kill bandicoots) and then use him to take 
out a Magmadon, as Spike dies quickly if he gets in the lava. Once they are all 
gone, destroy the machine in the middle. With whatever titan you have, destroy 
the mojo container, and jump on the machine parts across the lava. The skinny 
platforms sink, so don't idle.

At the top, you'll see two Magmadons. Run around until only one is following 
you, then take him out (the Double Whammy may prove useful if you've unlocked 
it). A lot of minions will drop in, so just go in the lava and let them kill 
themselves. When they stop coming, destroy the machine and continue by walking 
up the path. I count five Magmadons and one Spike here, so use your special 
attack before they have a chance to reach you. If you're lucky, you'll get 
three or four. Now just brawl your way through these guys - after they are all 
gone, three more will appear. Repeat, then destroy the machine and get SPYBOT 
#2 on the right side. Get the mojo from the container, and then hover down to 
the large cog.

Continue onwards - defeat the two enemies and destroy any crates you encounter 
(watch out for the mine crate). Now hover downwards to the Snipe and knock him 
out (spinning should do it, though they guard themselves sometimes). As soon as 
you jack him, stay where you are and kill all the Snipes you can see in the 
distance. Now get off the Snipe and you should have a clear path to the top. 
Climb up the rocky platforms. At the top, defeat the minions, then keep going 
up until you reach a Snipe. Jack him, kill all the minions, destroy SPYBOT #3, 
get the target, and then destroy the mojo container. Before you take the 
platform up, go to the very right of this platform and jump down (you should 
see the Mojo Room cloud). You'll go right through it and be transported to the 
bonus round (you don't need to press anything).

  Name: "Hazardous Habits!"
  Mission: Collect 5,000 green mojo before time runs out 
  Time: 55 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  This isn't too difficult - just follow the trail of green mojo, and run
  around collecting as much as possible (try skating to collect it quicker, but
  watch out for the flames). You'll need to get on the boxes to find a huge
  clump of mojo at the top (jump on the platform at the top of the boxes to get
  to the highest point). When you're done, just grab the idol and leave (there
  is no way to destroy the large boxes as Crash).

Now jump from platform to platform to get to the top. At the top, a group of 
five minions will rush towards you. COMBO HOTSPOT, baby! Start spinning and 
hopefully you'll get enough hits. Go past the saw, then go over to the right 
and grab the freejack mask. Rush downwards to the main arena and a boss fight. 

  Boss: Tiny and Friends
  Difficulty: Low

After the cinematic, quickly use your freejack mask on a Magmadon, then defeat 
the other one. A couple of minions will appear, so this is another prime COMBO 
HOTSPOT. Magmadon's special attack will rack up enough combo points even if you 
only hit two or three minions (this is the easiest way to get a high combo). 
Best of all, there will be several waves of minions, so keep going until you 
get the combo award (if you haven't already of course). With that done, grab 
the VOODOO IDOL from the top left magma section (you'll need to destroy the 
logs), then hit the switch on the right, and a Sniper will drop down. Jack him, 
then proceed to kill the minions and Magmadons that come (BTW, if for any 
reason you lose the Snipe, you need to reactivate the machine for another one 
to drop in). The Magmadons appear infinitely, so right after you've knocked one 
out, destroy the four targets before any more can appear. Tiny will leave the 
arena and a Shellephant will enter. The easiest way to defeat him is just to 
repeatedly fire at him using Sniper. Kill any Magmadons that are around and 
then just go all trigger crazy at the Shellephant until you knock him out. Jack 
him, then use him to kill all the Magmadons (his special attack is especially 
effective). If you lose the Shellephant for some reason, you'll need to jack a 
Magmadon and reactivate the machine on the right for another one to appear. 
When all of the enemies there are gone, go through the gates to the next 
section. As Shellephant, you need to keep moving across the bridge, and use 
light hits (B) to quickly knock down the barriers. Keep going until you reach 
Tiny, then another cutscene will play out. Ta-da, the level is over!

	Minion Master: 15 / Combo King: 40

Run along the beach and you'll witness a short cinematic. Now go right to find 
the VOODOO IDOL next to a palm tree. Continue forward and you'll get to a 
minion camp. This makes for a good COMBOT HOTSPOT, so spin them all to death to 
rack up a high score. Climb up the rock and you'll see Stench for the first 
time. He is identical to Sniper, so just block when he throws his stink bombs 
(or attack to send them right back at him). Go close up and attack, then jack 
him and destroy SPYBOT #1 on the right. At a certain point, a lot of other 
Stench's will appear, so stay back and take them out at a distance. Go forward 
(destroying all the boxes while you do so), then take out the Spike ahead. 
Switch to him, then destroy all the boxes and barrels (SPYBOT #2 is hidden 
behind one of the main barrels on the path). Get the 2X counter now and destroy 
the mojo container. Do a little platform jumping from plant to plant, then kill 
the three minions here. Finally, transport to the bonus round (it's on the left 
just past the minions).

  Name: "Rowdy Ruckus!"
  Mission: Defeat all enemies before time runs out 
  Time: 60 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Get the freejack mask and take Goar. Immediately attack the Rhinoroller who 
  goes after you and jack him instead. Change into his ball form (shake remote) 
  and plow through everyone. You should be able to get every enemy quite with a 
  lot of time to spare. If for some reason you lose him, there is a freejack
  mask in the northeast side of the room. Destroy the mojo container on the
  right with the Rhinoroller, and then go back to the main level. 

Grind down the slope to a little arena. Kill a Spike, then finish off the other 
one and destroy all the minions (if you have trouble getting one, there is 
always a freejack mask on top of the two crates - destroy one and jump on top 
of the other). After this, several Spikes and Magmadons will appear, so you'll 
want to quickly switch to a Magmadon. As him, run away from all the others and 
perform his ground stomp attack just as the others are catching up with you. 
Finish off any stragglers and now two Goars will appear. Use the Magmadon's 
special attack to quickly get them and any other titans. Switch to a Goar (even 
though they're incredibly slow) and try to defeat any enemies left standing - 
Goar's "Terrifying Roar" is essential here to freeze the Magmadons before they 
get too close. Once you've defeated them all (and believe me, there are a lot), 
go to the waterfall and get SPYBOT #3. As Goar, go to the wall of rocks and 
destroy it. Jump off Goar and enter to finish the level.

	Minion Master: 40 / Combo King: 50

Go forward on the beach, climb up the rocks, and then jump into the halfpipe. 
Jump over the gaps when you need to and you'll soon come to the end of the 
skateboarding part. Now double-jump over to the bunch of minions, beat them all 
up, and continue going until you reach another griding section. Skateboard down 
and watch the short cutscene. 

  Boss: Scorporilla and Friends
  Difficulty: Medium

You won't have to battle the Scorporilla (the giant gorilla from the cutscene) 
until you've defeated all the other enemies first, so don't worry about facing 
her just yet. To kick things off, defeat all of the minions and then two 
Stenchs and two Magmadons will appear. Chase after a Magmadon, and get into 
position so that the Magmadon is blocking the Stench's shots. Now take out the 
Magmadon (Snipe will help). Alternatively, you can easily get a Stench (whack 
the shot right back at thim) and then use the Stench to take out the others 
from a distance. Jack whichever one you knocked out first and then take out all 
the other titans. Also, make sure you are on a Magmadon at the end. Now a ton 
of minions will appear - let them get close and then use Magmadon's special 
ground attack to take them all out, racking up a very high combo (COMBO 
HOTSPOT!). Next, four Magmadons and two Snipes will appear. Try to get the 
Magmadons first (use your special attack if the meter is full again), then take 
out the Stenchs. Your titan will probably go down at one point as this is a 
hard section, so just try to knock out a Stench as Crash (B repeatedly will get 
them quickly) and continue to attack the others. When that is done, several 
more minions will appear. If you failed to get the combo last time, this is 
another great COMBO HOTSPOT if you have a Magmadon. Take them all out however 
you like and then four Magmadons and three Stenchs will appear. You need to 
brawl your way out of this one - Magmadons are a lot more handy then Snipes in 
confined spaces. Continue to attack the enemies, constantly switching titans to 
replenish your health. When they are all gone, Scorporilla will finally appear. 
If you have Magmadon, use his special attack to instantly KO Scorporilla; if 
you have Stench, keep your distance and continually use your light attack on 
him. Also, you can grab the freejack mask if you want from the northwest area 
of this section (double-jump off a titan to get up there). When you have him, 
use his special attack to destroy everything in sight, included the barrier 
blocking your way and SPYBOT #1 on the left side. A ton of Magmadons will 
follow, so try using B repeatedly before they all surround you. Once they're 
gone, take the Scorporilla onwards to the mojo container. Destroy it and 

You'll now hit a halfpipe, so start grinding and then attack the enemies as you 
pass them (remember to use B to attack while you're grinding). Jump at the end 
to reach the vine, then swing a bit and jump off on the other side to continue 
skateboarding. Watch out for the mines in the area ahead, then take either the 
left path (SPYBOT #2 is there) or the right path (the VOODOO IDOL is there). I 
recommend taking the left path and getting the Spybot (as you need this to get 
Gold - you can always come back and get the other Idol anytime), then when you 
reach the exit double-jumping on your skateboard and taking a hard right. If 
you timed it well you'll go back into the other tunnel and be able to get the 
Hidden Idol (if not, you'll have to come back to this level another time). As 
soon as you're out of the tunnel, go all the way over to the left (right below 
the tunnel exit) to find the Mojo Room cloud.

  Name: "Smells Like Green Spirits"
  Mission: Jack Stench and destroy all bombs before time runs out 
  Time: 60 seconds
  Difficulty: ***/*****
  Grab the freejack mask and take the Stench in front of you. Two Spikes will
  appear, so back away from them and get them both with your long-range basic 
  shots. With them gone, start shooting at the levitating bombs - you should
  have plenty of time to spare. Use Stench to destroy the boxes, then go to the
  right and destroy the mojo container. Grab the idol and exit the bonus round.

Continue forward and you'll meet a Magmadon. Use basic tactics of guarding and 
attacking (if you have it, the Triple Dragon move is useful) to defeat him. 
Also, there is a freejack mask on a palm frond in the Northeast corner if you 
need it. Jack him, then take out the four minions. Destroy the mojo container 
and then climb up the rock structure here. Skateboard through the rocky 
halfpipe section and then carefully traverse the narrow rock ledge to get 
inside a cave. Grind down the ramp here and you'll meet several Sludges. These 
guys have a very large range with their expandable arms, so make sure you 
isolate one and then beat him up repeatedly with B (or Z, but your heavy attack 
is a little slow in these circumstances). Also, when he gets in his guard 
position (low to the ground), get out the way because he can attack like this. 
Keep in mind that you can find a freejack mask to the northeast behind a few 
barrels of toxic waste if you are having trouble. When you jack one, feel free 
to go in the slime (it poisons Crash) and then start attacking the others. His 
guard position is very useful, as you can protect yourself and then also give a 
jumping attack if you want. Attack the others (and avoid his special attack as 
it is way too slow) and keep in mind that you can damage multiple nearby 
enemies with your light attack. Once you've killed them all (and there are a 
lot - at least over twenty), destroy all the barrels for mojo and pick up 
SPYBOT #3 next to the couple of stone platforms. Jump off the sludge and 
continue forwards past the stone platforms to finish the level.

	Minion Master: 20 / Combo King: 15

Jump down to the beach and then carefully make your way across while avoiding 
the bombs. Climb over the metal structure at the end and grab the freejack mask 
in the air. Now jack a Sludge and start attacking the rest of them (also, if 
you lose the Sludge, I suggest you use the Chin Tickler move to quickly knock 
one out, or wait for the bombs to knock one out for you). These Sludges gang up 
on you in a big way, so try to use Sludge's surprise attack to get them while 
protecting yourself (and continually switch Sludges to keep up your health). A 
couple of minions will appear when the Sludges are gone, so take them all out, 
then take out the two Stenchs (approach them while holding C). Using either a 
Sludge or a Stench, try to make it through the minefield beyond. If you do make 
it, destroy the mojo container with your titan. If you're unable to make it 
without the titan dying, don't worry about it. Wall jump up the next part until 
Crash grabs onto the edge of a vine. Run forward but make sure you avoid the 
floating mines (it looks as if they are too far away to damage you, but they 
aren't). After you pass three mines, jump to the right side and continue (where 
the mines float left to right), then jump to the left side again (where the 
mines go up and down). Keep going and you'll reach the end. When you jump off 
you will see a large flower in front of you. Grab the VOODOO IDOL behind it. 
Avoid the mines and start jumping from rock platform to rock platform. These 
move if you stand on one side of them, so jump quickly to and fro. At the end, 
hover down to a bunch of enemies. Although there's only three minions, this is 
a COMBO HOTSPOT. Spin them to quickly rack up a combo, then move on. Jump up 
the couple of rocks on the far right here and then run left on the fallen tree. 
At the end, grind down to the arena.

Take out the minions here (COMBO HOTSPOT), then jack the nearest Sludge (for 
best results, use the Chin Tickler or Triple Dragon to take him out). Destroy 
all the boxes and barrels around you for mojo, then move on and take out the 
remaining minions and Sludges. Get the last Stench at the end and then destroy 
the mojo container. Way over on the right here (on one of the rock platforms, 
slightly hidden behind a machine) is the Mojo Room cloud. Jump over to it and 
you'll be transported there.

  Name: "Where Beagles Dare!"
  Mission: Defeat all enemies before time runs out 
  Time: 145 seconds
  Difficulty: ****/*****
  Grab the freejack mask and jack the Sludge, then use him to quickly take out
  a Magmadon. Before I go any further, it's worth mentioning that there are two 
  additional freejack masks on the left and right sides of the arenas behind
  the blockades if you need them at any point. Anyway, switch from the Sludge
  to the Magmadon, run away a little bit and then aim your special ground
  attack at the enemies chasing you. Defeat any you missed, including a Sludge
  which may be hiding behind the barrier here. Jack one of the Sludges you
  defeated, then go forward to get the Snipes (approach in shield mode and they
  won't be able to get you). Attack them all close up; when you are able to
  jack one, run away quickly before the other Snipe or Rhinorollers can attack.
  Snipe them all at a distance and grab a Rhinoroller as soon as you can. You
  now need to quickly go into ball mode (shake Wii remote) before a ton of
  other enemies appear. If you do manage it, roll around and crush everyone and
  you'll be done in no time. Thankfully, there's a lot of extra time in this
  challenge if you accidentally lose the Rhinoroller. Grab the idol and move on.

Jump across the remaining platforms (knock the minions over the edge before 
they can get you) and go into the far entrance to get to a boss fight (of 

  Boss: Scorporilla and Friends
  Difficulty: Medium

Your ultimate goal here is obviously to jack the Scorporilla, but you have to 
start off smaller. A couple of Sludges will immediately start to run at you, so 
do your best to take them out. Personally, I guard myself as soon as the two 
are near me - one of them now usually does his special attack, so jump out of 
the way towards the other Sludge and he will probably be the one that takes the 
attack instead of you. If you're lucky, he will be totally KO'd - if not, just 
give a strong attack to finish him off. Defeat the other Sludge with the one 
you jacked and then make your way to the Northwest side of the arena (where 
there is a freejack mask up high). Take out any minions or Sludges that get in 
your way (a good combo for defeating individual Sludges is C+B for a sneak 
attack and then B twice while they're down). Double-jump off the Sludge to get 
up to the freejack mask, then run at the Scorporilla to knock her out. A lot of 
people have been asking me what to do if they accidentally waste the freejack 
mask - you need to grab a Sludge, go behind Scorp. and then use your special 
attack. Alternatively, you can use your sneak attack repeatedly which minimizes 
the damage you take. When you do have her jacked, you need to use her to take 
out all the machines scattered around (some are on the ground and some are on a 
higher ledge). Get them all (ground ones are easy to get - get the higher ones 
by going close and doing your special ground pound attack); note, however, that 
there are an unlimited supply of enemies that come your way, so press B twice 
whenever they get too close (this is probably one of the most effective attacks 
in the game). Also note that SPYBOT #1, #2, and #3 are here (two to the north, 
one on the bottom left). You can jump off your titan and destroy them as Crash, 
but it is easier to use Scorporilla's special attack when you are close to get 
them (just like the machines). When the machines are all destroyed, a platform 
will drop down and another Scorporilla will appear. Use your ground pound 
attack to instantly KO her, or mash B and you'll eventually defeat her. Switch 
titans if you want and continue up the path (assuming you got all the Spybots) 
to end the level.

	Minion Master: 130 / Combo King: 25

You are now in N. Gin's lair. Pay attention to his random "announcements", as 
they are simply hilarious. Anyway, go forward and follow the path, taking out 
any minions you come to. You'll come to a cutscene soon, which really has no 
significance at all (Crash cannot get sucked up the vent). After passing the 
glass display, you'll come to three minions. Take them out, then grab SPYBOT #1 
further ahead to the right. You'll see a ladder in the middle of the wall here, 
so jump and climb up it. At the top, jump to the right and go through the door.

Follow the path forward and you'll encounter a Ratcicle. To take this guy out, 
skate around and perform either the Triple Dragon (most effective) or Chin 
Tickler (somewhat effective). Make sure you watch out for his ice attack, which 
can leave you frozen while he repeatedly attacks you. Once you've jacked him, 
more Ratcicles and minions will slowly arrive. To get the other Ratcicles, use 
his "Cool Combo", which is just the light attack three times. If the enemy 
guards, quickly use Z to break through. You can also use your special freezing 
attack, but to do this you have to be quite far away from the enemy (so that 
they don't attack you while you are performing the move). Defeat everyone in 
this area, then break down the walls of ice until you meet another Ratcicle and 
some minions. Continue forward down these ice sewers using the same tactics 
(mainly you need to watch out for the special ice attack from the other 
Ratcicles) and keep going until you reach the end. Note that wherever you see 
groups of minions that number three or more is a good COMBO HOTSPOT, so get off 
the Ratcicle and take them out with Crash by repeatedly using his light attack. 
When you come to the end of the tunnel, you'll see a mojo container. Before you 
destroy it, you can break down the ice wall to the left here and enter a secret 
room (if you want to). Surprisingly, there isn't really anything here, so just 
kill all the enemies and move on. Destroy the mojo container and wall jump up 
to the top. At the top, jump up the pipes and then go right and jump into the 
small entrance in the glass here. Jump up the machine parts to get to the top 
of this place. Go forward and jump over the gap to reach the office part of N. 
Gin's lair.

Go ahead and defeat the initial batch of minions here (this entire place is a 
COMBO HOTSPOT as it really only takes a group of three minions to reach the 
target goal, though it's easier with four or five). Before you tackle the next 
group, hit the alert machine here (the one with red horns) that's in the middle 
of the room. A Rhinoroller will appear, which makes this area much more 
manageable. The Triple Dragon move works well on him, but you can also just 
mash Z to continually get him (this attack stops him from going into ball 
mode). Jack him, then the fun begins. Shake the Wii remote to enable his 
special ability, then roll around all over the place to destroy office 
equipment (which leaves a ton of mojo) as well as all the minions. Continue 
through the entire level like this (the walls to the next area come down when 
all of the minions in the prior area have been beaten). Eventually, you'll get 
to a room with one chart and one noticeboard on the wall. In this room, go to 
the far right side and break down the ice wall. Now destroy the filing cabinet 
and you'll find the VOODOO IDOL. At the end you'll see SPYBOT #2 to the left of 
the exit. Touch the wall to warp forward.

If you went through with the Rhinoroller, you should still have it. Continue 
and you'll meet yet more minions. Kill them all, then use Rhinoroller to 
destroy the mojo container. Go to the left of the container and jump up on the 
platform (it has handrails). Run to the right and jump up on the ledge to avoid 
the flame. Now either wall jump or climb the bars to get to the top. Once 
there, hover down to the platform on the right, and then hover to the platform 
on the left. Make your way to the top of this section by moving on the bars, 
but be vary careful around the flamethrowers. At the top, go left, but watch 
out for the missiles that are fired at you (the holes in the wall are where 
they're launched). Go past the flames, then go forward and dodge the missiles 
as they are fired directly at you (watch the pattern and you'll easily be able 
to steer clear). Now go in the elevator ahead.

Here you'll come to a locker room of sorts. You'll see the Mojo Room cloud 
immediately to your right, so go in.

  Name: "Barbarians At The Gate!"
  Mission: Jack the captain and break the gate before time runs out 
  Time: 90 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Grab the freejack mask and take Shellephant. You'll first want to defeat the 
  three enemies, so use your special flame attack to get them all, or press Z
  if they get too close and you need a quicker attack. When they're gone,
  destroy the north rock (and watch out for the Ratcicle that is hiding behind
  it, as he uses his ice attack on you). Now just hit the gate with a light
  attack and you're done! Destroy the boxes, grab the Idol and get back (make
  sure you don't accidentally go in the cloud in front of the gates, which is
  only there in case of failure).

Kill all of the minions here, then grab SPYBOT #3 on top of the right-side 
lockers. Now go straight to the Ratcicle here (who was apparently going to the 
bathroom) and knock him out (again, Triple Dragon works really well). Now go 
into the showers and take out all the Ratcicles in the area (again, a triple 
light attack works best). Finally, go into the elevator at the end to complete 
the level.

	Minion Master: 35 / Combo King: 20

Before you move, do a double-jump to get the easiest VOODOO IDOL yet. Follow 
the ramp down and you'll come to a small arena. The obvious objective here is 
to destroy the three machines. Kill the two minions that run at you and then 
take out the Ratcicle - the Triple Dragon move works well on this guy, or you 
can just use a combination of light and heavy attacks to break through his 
defenses. Once you have him, more Ratcicles and minions will appear. The 
minions won't give you any problems, but the Ratcicles will more than likely 
start to guard themselves as soon as you attack them, as well as gang up on 
you. As you'll be surrounded by several, just mash B and you'll probably knock 
out at least one. Jack him, then repeat this process until there are only a few 
left and you are able to focus your attention on them individually. Now just 
use light attacks when you can and press Z when the enemy starts to defend. 
After a couple of waves of them, they should all be gone. Note that in this 
little arena whenever there are more than four minions it becomes a COMBO 
HOTSPOT - get off the Ratcicle and spin the enemies as Crash to rack up a combo 
(only attempt this when there are no other Ratcicles around, though). Destroy 
any machines left standing (you may have destroyed them all be accident anyway 
when you were battling the enemies) and you'll be able to move on. Move onto 
the lift and take it up.

If you still have the Ratcicle, destroy the machines and the mojo container. 
Now jump across to the moving platform directly in front and jump to the left 
to get SPYBOT #1. From here, take the metal seesaw right, then go forward a 
little and take the moving rectangular platform left directly over to where the 
Snipe is. Walk off the platform (don't jump or the Snipe may attack you) and 
then go close to the Snipe and start attacking (pressing B repeatedly works 
best). From here, get the two other Snipes and the Stench, then unjack the 
Snipe and double-jump over to the platform in front of you. Now jump right to 
the rotating platform (be careful - it's easy to miss it), and jump right again 
to get on solid ground. Jump forward now and destroy SPYBOT #2 and a few boxes. 
Now just glide down to the main platform, and then jump onto the rotating gear 
section. At first, there will be a Stench and a few minions. Hit the stink 
attacks right back at it to knock it out. From the Stench you may be able to 
get the Ratcicle from a distance, but I wouldn't bother, so just go on the next 
platform and take him out with Triple Dragon or something else. Now kill all 
the minions here (COMBO HOTSPOT if you attack them as Crash) and then take out 
the Stench when it drops in. With the Stench, I'd recommend backing up a little 
bit and taking out at least one of the upcoming Ratcicles. When you do, quickly 
jump forward and jack him while he's dazed. Defeat the other Ratcicle and 
minions and another Stench will drop down. Again, jack it and take out the 
Ratcicle that's on the next platform (remember, you need to back up as Stench 
or your shots will miss). When the Ratcicle is knocked out, go forward and jack 
him. A couple of more enemies will drop in as soon as you jack him, so start 
brawling (light attack repeatedly) to get them. When they are all knocked out, 
make sure you get yourself on a Stench. There's a pattern here, so obviously 
use the Stench to knock out one of the Ratcicles ahead. Jack him, then beat all 
the other enemies here. When the next platform drops down you will see five 
(yes, five) Ratcicles waiting for you. You can try to take them all out if you 
want, but it is easier to just bypass them altogether. If you do decide you 
want to tackle them, I recommend running around until they freeze each other, 
which gives you some time to attack them without putting yourself at risk. When 
they're all gone (or if you decided to pass them), jump from the first lift to 
the second, which will take you up to the top.

Go forward and take out the Ratcicle, then defeat the minions with it. Follow 
the path (ignore the Stench on the left, he won't pose you a problem), then 
defeat the other Ratcicle and minions. Two more Ratcicles will appear, so use 
prior strategies (use a light attack when you can and press Z when they start 
to guard). Once they are all defeated, destroy the machine at the top left 
corner and then take out the mojo container. Go to where the machine was 
(you'll see the cloud) to enter the Mojo Room.

  Name: "Mo' Mojo, Mo' Mojo"
  Mission: Collect 10,000 green mojo before time runs out 
  Time: 60 seconds
  Difficulty: ****/*****
  Go forward, then immediately bring out your skateboard (jump + C) right
  before you go through the feather. The feather will give you a huge speed
  boost, so aim directly for the Rhinoroller and you'll knock him out. Jack him
  and use him to go around the edge of the arena (in ball mode of course) to
  get the mojo as well as in the middle whenever the mojo starts to fall there.
  Even with the Rhinoroller this can be a very difficult challenge, so keep
  trying if you fail the first time. You may find that it's easier to do with
  just Crash, because Rhinoroller is very slow when he isn't in ball mode.
  Whichever way you choose to do it, you should have it down after a few tries.
  Grab the idol and return to the main level.

Go right along the conveyer belt now. Jump and hover to get over the 
flamethrower sections (don't go on the edge as it's hard to avoid the bombs). 
All you need is good timing. Along the way you'll see SPYBOT #3 on the left 
side of the conveyer. Jump off at the end and knock out the Ratcicle. Jack him, 
then defeat the two other Ratcicles that come. Four more Ratcicles will appear 
after this, so try running away before any use their special freeze attack. 
After they have, take out the frozen ones (a heavy attack instantly KO's a 
frozen enemy) and then any others left. When they are all gone, hit the two 
rotating target icons to gain entry into the next passage. Go through it to 
complete the level.

	Minion Master: 35 / Combo King: 15

Go backwards to start with and then grab the freejack mask. Get your skateboard 
out and race forward now. Attack the first Ratcicle you see and jack him. Now 
knock out the other Ratcicles (during this time, try to avoid hitting the 
minions), but watch out for the Stenchs on platforms to the left and right. You 
can get them with the Ratcicles by performing an attack when you are really 
close to them. Also, SPYBOT #1 is with the Stench on the right (press Z to 
reach it as Ratcicle). Once all the titans are gone, there should hopefully be 
several minions left, making this a COMBO HOTSPOT (if there are three or more 
of them left, get off the Ratcicle and spin them as Crash to get the combo). 
When all the enemies are gone, go to the far right to get a 2X mojo counter 
(destroy the machine for lots of mojo), then get the VOODOO IDOL from behind 
where the machine was. Now enter the far right passage.

Go forward as either Crash or the Ratcicle if you still have one. Wait for the 
buzz saws to recede into the wall before you pass them, and also avoid the 
flames that spout from the ground. You'll have to ditch the Ratcicle at the end 
if you still have it. From here, go to the Mojo Room cloud on the right.

  Name: "Like Fish In A Basket"
  Mission: Collect 6 jack masks before time runs out 
  Time: 60 seconds
  Difficulty: ****/*****
  Go forward and watch out for the Ratcicles' ice attacks. Grab the freejack
  mask from the middle of the arena and jack one of the Ratcicles. Quickly
  defeat the two other titans, then grab the remaining masks which are located
 (going anti-clockwise): In the top box on the right, behind the machine on the
  right, just before the Mojo Room cloud, behind the machine on the left, and
  on top of the boxes on the left (destroy one then jump on top of it as Crash
  or double-jump off the titan). It is slightly difficult, so you may have to
  try twice.

Make your way across the lava by jumping on the ledges to the left. When you're 
across, jump over the rotating platforms to get to another arena. Watch out for 
ice attacks, then knock out either Ratcicle (Triple Dragon is recommended) and 
jack him. Several minions will be dropped in (COMBO HOTSPOT), so you might want 
to use your Ratcicle's ice attack to chain a large combo together. There will 
be a couple of waves of Ratcicles, so just do your best to defeat them. If you 
are left with only Crash, simply run around until they freeze each other (then 
knock them out while their frozen). As you are attacking the enemy, make sure 
you also get SPYBOT #2 on the left. Eventually, a Stench will drop in, so jack 
him after you've knocked him out. Take out all the minions (you may want to use 
his strong attack if you are close to them), then shoot at the two targets in 
front of you. The door will open, so go through it.

Now go to the left and go through the door there. This conveyer belt is 
identical to the prior one, except this has more flamethrowers (located to the 
left). Use extreme caution to bypass them without getting torched and try to 
avoid the saws completely by going to the far side of where they come out of 
the wall. Again, cross the lava by jumping on the ledges to the right, then 
jump over the rotating platforms. The main problem here is initially jacking 
one, as there are four Ratnicians that love to gang up on you. Run around as 
much as you can and wait for them to use their ice attack. Jump and glide when 
one does, then beat up and jack any titan unlucky enough to be frozen. With 
him, defeat the others using strategies I previously mentioned (Cool Combo!). 
Also, if you use your ice attack on three or more Ratnicians, you are likely to 
get a high combo (COMBO HOTSPOT). Once they and all the minions are defeated, 
two Sludges will drop in. Defeat and jack one, then kill the other. A ton of 
other enemies will come down here, so use your Sludge's regular attack and his 
surprise jump attack to defeat them all. Note that if your titan is defeated at 
any time here, it is nearly impossible to get back on one. The titans always 
surround Crash, so you can only try to wait until one gets frozen before 
jacking again. There are a ton of enemies here, so if you are getting 
frustrated and don't feel like defeating them all, you can always go to the 
slime thing covering the door and use Sludge's strong attack (Z) to break 
through. Before going through the door, get SPYBOT #3 on the far left side if 
you haven't already. Now go through (whether you've defeated everyone or not, 
your choice).

  Boss: N. Gin and Friends
  Difficulty: Low

Now finally enter the middle passage to get to a boss fight! As Sludge (or if 
you don't have a Sludge, jack one by using the Chin Tickler or Board Slam), 
defeat all the enemies, constantly switching titans to keep up your health. You 
really need to watch out for the Ratcicles, as they will freeze your Sludge if 
you are at all close to them (run away fast when it starts to raise its hand). 
Also, make sure you keep a Sludge, as they are more effective with their quick 
and large range attacks. If you lose the titan you are on, your best bet is to 
wait until another titan does his freeze attack so that you can attack the 
frozen enemy (it is nearly impossible to get a titan on its own in this area). 
When the amount of enemies abates, hit the two low targets (each triggers a 
short cutscene). A little while after this a Stench will appear. Knock out all 
the other enemies in the area and then jack the Stench. Use it to destroy the 
target high up on the left. A long cutscene will play, marking the end of this 
level and making it the easiest "boss fight" in the entire game.

	Minion Master: 55 / Combo King: 35

Go forward and grind down the slope here. At the end, make your way across the 
leaning rocks, then jump up the couple of smaller rocks (on the third one 
you'll find the VOODOO IDOL). At the top, go forward and wall-jump to the next 
ledge. From here, keep jumping up the ledges to get to the top. Again, jump 
across all of the rock platforms here until you reach the skateboarding 
halfpipe. Go down it, but watch out for bombs and large holes in the side of 
the track (you'll also need to double-jump over the large gaps). At the end, 
walk over the tilting rock and hover down to your north to get to the next 
grinding section. Jump at the end of the circuit and then go into the Mojo Room 
Cloud on the second step.

  Name: "Trouble Under Foot"
  Mission: Jack Scoporilla and smash 25 minions before time runs out 
  Time: 45 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Go forward and grab the freejack mask, then take Scorporilla. A ton of
  minions will materialize now, so just use his basic attack (press B twice for
  a tail sweep). Another wave of minions will appear once you've defeated all
  of the ones currently in the arena, so you need to get them as quickly as
  possible. It shouldn't, however, pose much of a problem, as this challenge is
  pretty easy. Destroy all the machines to get some mojo and then leave.

Climb the steps here and defeat all of the minions (this is the first COMBO 
HOTSPOT in the level, so try to get them as much as you can - spin for awhile, 
then use regular punches, but watch out for their spears and voodoo lightning). 
Climb up and start skateboarding up the slope. Attack the enemies as you pass 
them on your board, then continue grinding into the tree entrance.

Grind down the first slope, then climb up all of the ledges here (defeat any 
enemies you meet with a swift kick - hold Z to knock the mover the edge). At 
the top, you'll run into a pack of Battlers. These guys have very strong 
attacks (especially their Cyclone Storm attack), so watch out and keep away 
from them as much as you can. Try to get one cornered, then use either the 
Triple Dragon or Chin Tickler to quickly get him. Once you have him, use the 
Bat Slash Combo (B+Z+B) on the other Battlers and use your special wind attack 
on the minions to quickly KO them. Many other Battlers will soon appear along 
with a large group of minions. Don't worry about the minions (one hit from you 
and they're goners), and just use the Bat Slash Combo on all of the other 
Battlers. When they are all gone, destroy SPYBOT #1 to the right of the tunnel 
entrance and then go in.

Ditch the Battler here if you still have one and run on the ledge to the left 
of the sludge pool to get across (alternatively, you can just double-jump 
across). Kill the minions, then continue down the path (go on the left ledges 
to cross the sludge pools). Kill the two minions, then jack the Battler (use 
Triple Dragon to get him). Use the Battler to destroy all the boxes and SPYBOT 
#2. Now kill all the minions that come running and then destroy the mojo 
container when you get to the top. Jump on the mushrooms to make your way up, 
then make your way over the larger mushrooms to the minion's camp. Kill all of 
them, then jump up the remaining mushrooms (Note: grab the freejack mask when 
you jump off of the last one). Now jump to where the four Battlers are waiting 
and quickly kick one. Several of them may be whipping up cyclones by now, so 
press the jack button just as they let them go so that you don't get hurt. 
Taking out all of these guys out can be a major pain - if you lose your titan 
you are pretty much doomed as Crash. To make sure this doesn't happen, perform 
the Bat Slash Combo on all of the other Battlers and make sure you immediately 
attack any that look as if they are about to unleash a cyclone. The important 
thing here is that you need to keep switching titans, so that as soon as you 
knock one out you switch over to that one. When the Battlers are all gone (and 
the passage has opened up), several waves of minions will appear. If you 
haven't yet gotten Combo King, I suggest you unjack the Battler you're on and 
attack the minions as Crash (COMBO HOTSPOT). You only need four minions, and 
there are three waves of six minions each, so you shouldn't have too hard of a 
time. The main thing to watch out for is their spears, so spin for as long as 
you possibly can (but not so much that you get dizzy), then attack using your 
fists for a short while and then start spinning again. Because you have three 
tries (three waves), you should get it in the end. I was able to rack up a 
combo of 60 hits at one point. Even if you have already gotten Combo King, make 
sure you defeat enough minions here so that you get the Minion Master award, 
because the tunnel ahead is the end of the level. Lastly, make sure you've 
gotten SPYBOT #3, which is located to the left of the exit. And you're done!

	Minion Master: 40 / Combo King: 25

Jump across the lilypads here, but watch out for the slime geysers which lower 
Crash's health (you can tell they'll erupt when they start bubbling). Attack 
the two minions at the end, then swing across the vines and attack the two 
minions there. Swing across four more vines (make sure you go back and forth to 
get momentum going), then jump on the green plants to get to the top. Now start 
grinding down the slope, being particularly careful to avoid the moving mines. 
At the end, jump up the green plant and enter the Mojo Room to the right.

  Name: "Wishful Blinking"
  Mission: Use Scoporilla to defeat all enemies before time runs out 
  Time: 160 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Jack Scorporilla and immediately start pressing B to do his tail whip. The 
  important thing here is to not fall off Scorporilla (unjacking, even for a 
  second, will end the challenge), so make sure you press B as often as you can 
  and do his special ground pound attack between waves of enemies (start
  pounding your chest when all of the current enemies are knocked out, then
  bring the remote down when new enemies appear). Also, make sure you guard
  when any enemy is about to attack (and if you press B as soon as you let go
  of C, you'll perform a strong forward attack). If you do really well, you
  should finish with nearly a minute still left on the clock.

Climb up to the top and grind over to the next section. Do a double-jump at the 
end of the slope to land on a large plant. Hover down here and then jump on top 
of the plants to get over to the group of minions. This is a fantastic COMBO 
HOTSPOT, so spin for all you're worth but try not to knock the minions over the 
edge (which severely reduces the amount of hits you could potentially have). 
Continue forward and hover down to the plant, then jump from there to the bunch 
of rocks. Defeat all the minions here and bounce on the plant (to the right of 
the highest rock) to grab the VOODOO IDOL. Now go forward into the next tunnel.

Start grinding down, and cautiously make your way through this narrow slope. 
Chances are you'll hit several bombs, so just try your best and jump over some 
if you want to. At the end, grab the freejack mask on the plant to the right, 
then hurry over to the arena on the other side of the sludge (you have to 
quickly jump on the platforms to the left). Jack the Snipe, then use him to 
take out all the minions. Quickly get a Sludge when one appears, and switch 
over to him. Defeat all the other Sludges (your basic attack works best; guard 
when you need to), then kill all the minions. A bunch of Battlers will appear 
now, so defeat one as Sludge, then jack the Battler instead. There are tons of 
Battlers here, so just use the Bat Slash Combo and switch titans constantly. 
When they are all defeated, a Shellephant will drop down. Note that you may 
want to move on at this point, because things can turn ugly fast and this 
battle is optional. If you decide to stay, back away from the Shellephant and 
then perform your cyclone attack at him. Jack him, then quickly attack the 
Battlers that drop down before they can use their cyclone attack on you (press 
Z to sweep them all away). When all the enemies are gone, move on (destroy the 
mojo container if you're on a titan). 

Grind down the next slope and make sure you jump and kick at the start to get 
SPYBOT #1. Run forward and go down the next slope - make sure you jump at the 
end to latch onto a metal bar, then run left on the top bar. Defeat the enemies 
here, then go forward and kill the other minions you meet (and get SPYBOT #2 on 
the right). Go to your left and jump up the plants, then defeat the other 
minions on this ledge. Go to the right and continue jumping on the plants to 
get to the main arena (make sure you get the freejack mask on your last jump). 
Quickly jack the Battler here and use to defeat the other Battler that drops 
in. Grab SPYBOT #3 to the left, then kill the last two minions and enter the 
tunnel to end the level.

	Minion Master: 65 / Combo King: 25

Start grinding down the tree trunk, and make sure you grab the VOODOO IDOL on 
the first jump. At the end of the slope you'll come to an area with two 
Rhinorollers and three minions. Defeat one of the Rhinorollers with your Triple 
Dragon move (there's also a freejack mask on the bottom right if you want to do 
it the easy way :P). Jack the Rhinoroller, than change into his ball form and 
destroy everything around you, including all the other enemies and the 
cauldrons for some mojo. When all of the enemies have been defeated, go into 
Rhinoroller's Thunderbowl form (for Wii, that means shaking the controller up 
and down), and break down the Skull gate (you'll have to stay brushed up 
against it for several seconds to completely destroy it). 

Continue forward on the Rhinoroller, destroying the wierd plant things strewn 
across the level for mojo, as well as SPYBOT #1 (immediately on your right past 
the gate). Eventually you'll come to a bunch of minions (COMBO HOTSPOT). If 
you'd like to get a combo here, unjack the Rhinoroller and take out all the 
minions with a long spin attack. Follow the path and you'll find several 
Battlers waiting for you. If you still have Rhinoroller, destroy them all with 
his Thunderbowl move; if you don't still have him, go forward a little as 
Crash, then take a hard right and hopefully just one will follow you. Use basic 
tactics (or special moves like Triple Dragon) to knock this guy out, then jack 
him. Use your special cyclone attack to take out all the other Battlers from a 
distance. Kill all the minions that drop in, then another group of Battlers 
will appear. Defeat all of them using the Bat Slash Combo (B+Z+B), then defeat 
all of the minions that drop in after that. Yet another group of Battlers will 
appear, so defeat all of them (note that if you lose your titan at any point, 
your best bet is to use Triple Dragon on a Battler isolated from the rest of 
the pack). No more Battlers will appear after this, so go slightly closer to 
the Scorporilla (but not so much that he follows you), then perform your 
cyclone attack on him. Jack him and another group of Battlers will likely 
appear behind you, so quickly go back and get them with your regular attack 
before they have a chance to use the cyclone attack on you. Now go to the Skull 
gate and take it down with any of Scorporilla's attacks. Destroy all the 
machines here for mojo (including the mojo container), and also get SPYBOT #2.

Swing across the vine, then grind down the slope. Jump on the vines when you 
get to them and watch out for the slime geysers when you're swinging. Go 
through the feathers at the end to get a speed boost over to another arena. 
First off, jack either the left or right Stench (the Chin Tickler move is most 
effective). Now get the other Stenchs (just keep firing your shots at them - 
even if they fire some back, your shots will hit theirs and stop it from 
hurting you). A couple of minions will appear after this, followed by three 
Battlers. Take out one of the Battlers from a distance and then go and jack it. 
Use it to defeat the other Battlers, then use your cyclone attack on 
Scorporilla (if you still have Stench, just use your regular long-range attack 
repeatedly on her). As Scorporilla, go back and defeat every enemy that comes 
along (the Tail Whip combo is highly recommended). The only thing you really 
need to look out for is the cyclone attack that the Battlers can dish out - 
when you see one start to wind up, get over there and hit him to prevent it 
from happening (it is nearly impossible to avoid the attack as the big guy). 
When all of the enemies are gone, knock down the Skull gate with your basic 
attack and go through. Destroy the mojo container with the giant you're on, 
then get rid of SPYBOT #3 on your left and go through the Mojo Room cloud.

  Name: "Have Monster, Will Trample"
  Mission: Use Scoporilla to defeat all captains before time runs out 
  Time: 70 seconds
  Difficulty: **/*****
  Jack Scorporilla, then start attacking the other Scorporilla to your left
  (the Shellephant isn't as dangerous as him). Only use your regular attack (B
  twice for tail whip), as your heavy and special attacks are too slow. Now
  beat up the other titans and feel free to switch between them, though I'd
  recommend not jacking the Shellephant (he's pretty useless). If you lose your
  titan at any point you can find another freejack mask at the very north right
  next to the warp cloud. The four initial titans are the only ones you have to
  defeat, so I doubt you'll find it that taxing.

Swing on the vines across the sludge, then grind down the slope to the bottom. 
When you're there, jump up the green plants and continue sliding down the slope 
(double-jump over all the slime sections and make sure you attack all the 
minions you encounter for the Minion Master award). At the end of the slope, 
swing across and then grind the rest of the way (on a giant clothesline?!) to 
the end of the level.

	Minion Master: 19 / Combo King: 30

Go down the long corridor (start grinding if you want to go quickly), then jump 
across the cages. Grab SPYBOT #1 on the left immediately after the cages and 
take the moving platform across to the waiting Ee-letric, a new enemy (though 
basically the same as Snipe and Stench). Unlike the other two long-range 
enemies, though, I do not recommend trying to counter-attack his electric 
attacks as they are too fast to do so with any kind of control. Instead, go 
right up to him and just press B repeatedly to beat him up. Jack him once 
you've knocked him out, then destroy the blue machine on the platform to the 
northwest. Before taking the ride across, destroy the floating mines in the 
middle of the path as well as the waiting Ee-lectric (it's easiest if you press 
A and target all of these things at the same time). Now ride the platform over, 
and then destroy the next machine (as well as the bombs) in the next area. Ride 
over now and do the same thing again (note that you'll have an easier time 
getting the vertically moving bombs if you use your Heavenly Blast attack). 
Ride the last platform over and you'll come to a large area with several 
minions. This is pretty much the only COMBOT HOTSPOT in the entire level, so 
make it count and start spinning them all as Crash (I was able to rack up 50+). 
Next, grab SPYBOT #2 (located under the electricuted cage). Before getting the 
Ee-lectric, go to the Mojo Room cloud to the northwest.

  Name: "Shocking Encounter"
  Mission: Jack Ee-lectric and destroy 8 bombs before time runs out 
  Time: 75 seconds
  Difficulty: ****/*****
  Jack the Ee-lectric and then defeat all the minions (use your strong attack). 
  Three Rhinorollers will appear after this, so make sure you get them all
  before you start taking out the targets. When they're gone, destroy the five
  targets in the main arena as well as the target in the right-side box and the
  ones on the left and right platforms. Destroy the mojo container on the right
  side and then leave.

Now knock out and jack the Ee-lectric and you'll have to destroy a few other 
machines/Ee-lectrics and ride some platforms over. I won't describe each step, 
as it is identical to what you had to do earlier. When you get to the end, kill 
all the minions and get both SPYBOT #3 (which is sort of hiding behind a pillar 
on the right) and the VOODOO IDOL (which is on the left side behind where the 
machine remains). Now go down the stairs - hopefully you're still riding the Ee-
lectric. Watch the cutscene and weep!

  Boss: Uka Uka
  Difficulty: High

To beat Uka Uka, you are going to need to jack him three times, destroying each 
of the three machines around the environment every time you have control over 
him. The hard part is initially jacking him, which requires a hell of a lot of 
skill and perseverence. Unless you are extremely good or are on the Easy 
setting, you will die many times facing this baddie. Anyway, let me get to the 
tactics you'll need to use. What you are going to want to do is use an Ee-
lectric to repeatedly attack Uka Uka from a distance. The only problem is that 
other titans will attack you while you are trying to do this, and Uka Uka's 
jack rating will decrease whenever you stop shooting at him. Let's start out at 
the beginning, however. Get yourself an Ee-lectric if you don't already have 
one, then proceed to attack every enemy around you (except Uka Uka). Set your 
priorities on nearby Ee-lectrics that are shooting at you, and also get any 
minions or Battlers that are very close to you. If at any time Uka Uka starts 
to do his Optic Blast attack (where he shoots energy bolts at you), then run 
around so that it misses you (try to run around enemies so that they will get 
hurt instead of you). When most of the enemies are gone (at least the ones 
close to you - don't bother getting them all because they'll respawn 
infinitely), start shooting at Uka Uka. Stay at the back of the room while you 
do this because Uka Uka will use a spike attack if you go too close. Just shoot 
at him repeatedly, jamming B, even when he starts to shoot his Optic Blast 
attack at you (your shots deflect his). If other enemies start to attack you 
while you're shooting Uka Uka, you'll have to get them - do so quickly and then 
resume firing at the big guy. When you've finally gotten him (it takes upwards 
of 20 hits), go over and jack him. You should first destroy the generator right 
behind him, as you want to keep him as far away from you as possible. Destroy 
the machine with a regular attack (B), and use a similar attack to get any 
titans that spring up behind you. 

Once the machine is out of commision, run quickly before Uka Uka has a chance 
to get you with his spike attack. Now you'll want to repeat what you did 
before, so find an Ee-lectric and jack him (knock him out with regular hits or 
a special move like the Chin Tickler). With him, go as far back as possible and 
start to attack the other enemies from your position, particularly the 
Battlers. The Battlers will all run at you, but the other Ee-lectrics will 
leave you alone if you're far enough away from them. While the Battlers are 
knocked out, start firing at Uka Uka again from the back of the room. Continue 
doing so and only take a break when you need to fire at more Battlers. There 
are more enemies this second time around, so it'll probably take you a bit 
longer than the first time. Jack Uka Uka when he's knocked out and head towards 
either the left or right generator. Destroy any enemies that cross your path 
and take out the generator. 

Again, run like the clappers when you're kicked off of Uka Uka before he can 
get you. This time around, there are even more enemies than before, all of them 
trying to gang up on you. Here is the tricky part - even when you do manage to 
jack an Ee-lectric, chances are you won't be able to see Uka Uka from the 
opposite side of the screen to aim at, and if you get within his sights he'll 
probably start to attack you. I actually suggest that you get yourself killed 
now - when you do so, Uka Uka will return to his starting position at the far 
end of the arena, and the same machines will remain destroyed. Now just jack an 
Ee-lectric (you may want to get a Battler first and use it to knock an Ee-
lectric out), back up, and start firing again at Uka Uka. There are tons of 
Battlers in this last stretch of the battle, so you'll likely need to take 
several breaks to shoot the ones that come after you. When you eventually knock 
out Uka Uka for a third time, run over and jack him. Because of the large 
amount of enemies, it may be hard to get over to the machine before they 
overrun you. The special attacks from the Battlers and Ee-lectrics (cyclones 
and thunderbolts) are particularly harmful, so just attack any titans that get 
in your way and get over to the last machine as quickly as you can. Destroy it, 
and you'll have made it through what I think is the most difficult boss in the 
entire game.

PS: There is an alternate strategy that involves using a Battler's cyclone 
attack twice on Uka Uka. The only problem is that it can be extremely difficult 
to get close enough to Uka Uka to do it, and you must have very good timing. 
Feel free to experiment with this, but I highly suggest that you use my 
recommended strategy with the Ee-lectrics above.

	Minion Master: 25 / Combo King: 35

You're on the last leg of the game now. Go backwards and to the left if you 
want a 2X mojo counter, then go forward and attack all the Bratgirl minions 
(COMBO HOTSPOT). Watch yourself, though, as these chicks pack quite a punch and 
it takes a looong time to get them with Crash's regular attacks (the upside is 
that this is good for getting Combo King, of course). Their megaphone attack is 
what you'll want to watch out for most, as it will stun you for awhile and 
leave Crash open to attacks. Old Skool, or your spin attack, is most effective 
against them (especially if you've upgraded it a lot). If you don't want to 
spin or don't care about getting a large combo, just use your blockbreaker 
attack (hold Z) to KO them instantly. Once you've gotten most of the minions, 
attack and jack the Ee-lectric on the left (spin to send his light electric 
charges back at him). Go into the room the Ee-lectric was guarding and get 
SPYBOT #1 on the left - you can also destroy most of the other stuff in here 
for some good ol' mojo. When you're done, jump in the Mojo Room cloud sitting 
on Cortex's throne.

  Name: "Eight Is Enough"
  Mission: Collect 8 jack masks before time runs out 
  Time: 80 seconds
  Difficulty: ****/*****
  Go forward and get the first freejack mask in front of the Battler. Jack the 
  Battler, then kill the minions and the other two Battlers (more Battlers will 
  appear later on, but you're going to want to ignore them because you'll be 
  strapped for time). Start to collect the masks now - there's one each behind 
  the left and right machines (don't bother destroying the machines, just get
  the masks) and also one in the open (northeast from the middle). Now go to
  the left and destroy the two boxes there. Unjack momentarily so that Crash
  will jump up and get the mask that was in the box. Keep going left, unjack,
  jump onto the platform and quickly get the mask on the far left as Crash. Go
  back and jack the same Battler again, then go to the main arena. Unjack the
  Battler when you get to the bouncy gray tile, then use it to jump up on the
  high platform. Grab the mask there, then hover forward to the last mask near
  the Mojo Room cloud. With the mission finished, go back to the main level
  (and don't forget the Idol!).

When you return from the Mojo Room, watch out for the Ee-lectric, as he'll be 
there again. Spin as you start to approach him and hopefully his charge will be 
sent right back at him. Jack him, then kill all the minions, which have also 
regenerated (if you failed to get a combo the first time, unjack the titan and 
try again). With the Ee-lectric, head down the hallway. Attack any minions you 
meet and try to use your charges to knock down the stuffed titan heads that are 
littered around. When you get to the gate, destroy it with Ee-lectric's shots. 
Go forward, but stop right at the end before you fall down. A couple of 
Ratcicles appear, so take advantage of your position and shoot 'em down. Also, 
get SPYBOT #2 on the right. There will be a couple of waves of Ratcicles, but 
chances are that some of them will be out of your view, so you'll have to go 
down. Shoot at a Ratcicle 'til he's knocked out, then jack him. Destroy the 
other Ratcicles, then get the two Ee-lectric's on the balconies. Jack the 
second Ee-lectric you knock out, then use it to get the Ratcicles (that just 
dropped in) at long range. When you've gotten them, get down and back up, then 
send charges at the other two Ee-lectrics that appear. Get the both of them and 
again jack one. Stay on the balcony and attack all the Ratcicles that come near 
you. Most of them won't go close to you, so get off the balcony and quickly 
knock a Ratcicle out (watch out for their ice attacks). Jack the Ratcicle and 
use it to beat up the other Ratcicles (your regular attack works best). If the 
Ratcicle you are attacking starts to guard, switch your focus to a different 
one and attack it with your Cool Combo. Continue using this strategy (and 
constantly switch to ones you knock out) until another two Ee-lectrics show up. 
Knock one out and jack it, then use it to get the Ratcicles that are close. 
When no more are in sight, unjack the Ee-lectric and instead get on one of the 
Ratcicles that you just knocked out. Now continue to get the other Ratcicles 
(and use the same strategy as before) until every enemy is gone. 

When they are all dead, go forward and knock down the gate (as a Ratcicle) and 
then defeat the waiting enemies. It shouldn't prove too hard - if you get 
knocked off your Ratcicle, just use Triple Dragon on another Ratcicle to knock 
him out cold. Knock down the other set of gates when you get to them and enter 
the door. This is a COMBO HOTSPOT if you'd like to get off your titan and 
attack them as Crash. If not, just kill all the enemies (and destroy SPYBOT #3 
on the right side) until a secret door opens. Before going out, make sure you 
get the VOODOO IDOL, which is sitting on the large chair in the middle of the 
room. When you go out this passage, the level will end.

	Minion Master: 65 / Combo King: 80

Follow the path to the right and through the doorway. Just before the Ee-
lectric, jump backwards and you'll land on a lower level. Back up and go up the 
pathway that goes right from here, and grab the freejack mask on the way. 
Continue back up, then jack the Ee-lectric. From your vantage point, take out 
all the bratgirl minions with Ee-lectric's shots, then go down the left path to 
the lower level. Continue forward and take a right when the path branches to 
get to the Mojo Room.

  Name: "Time Bomb Ticking"
  Mission: Find and destroy all bombs before time runs out 
  Time: 75 seconds
  Difficulty: ***/*****
  Jack the Ee-lectric in front of you, then use it to shoot down the other
  titans (back away as much as you can so that you aren't within their range).
  Once the enemies are gone, shoot the four bombs in plain view, as well as the
  ones in the left and right boxes. Now get the one to the far left (but watch
  out for the Stench) and lastly the one to the far right (watch out for the
  Snipe). With the challenge complete, destroy the mojo container on the right
  platform and leave.

Go all the way to the left and jump up on the block. Watch out for the Ee-
lectric - counter-attack the electric shot to knock him out (easiest when you 
spin) so that you can jump over to where he is. Jack him, then take out the 
other Ee-lectric. Unjack and jump over to where the other Ee-lectric is (don't 
bother jacking him though), then go to the right and jump up the retracting 
ledges. Jump up from here and you'll run into a Sludge. Take him out with the 
Chin Tickler or a similar move. Go left and destroy the slime wall with 
Sludge's heavy attack (Z). In the next area, destroy all the minions with 
Sludge. Now go down and defeat a Magmadon as Sludge. Switch to the Magmadon and 
kill all the other minions and titans around the lava pool (if you want to 
easily get most of the enemies, just go into the lava and they'll stupidly 
follow you). Once you've got them all, destroy the mojo container with your 
titan and continue forward.

Swing forward on the vines (watch out for the mines) and you'll land on another 
molten arena. Go left and jack the Ee-lectric (beat him up when you get close), 
then use him to kill the minions and all the Magmadons from a distance. Once 
you get the last Magmadon (the second one that materializes after thee initial 
bunch) swing on the vines over to it and jack him. Now just go to where the 
large mojo container is and destroy it with the Magmadon. Jump forward now and 
and start grinding down a large pipe - stay to the left or right walls to avoid 
all the mines. At the end, swing across the vines to another molten arena.

Go to the right and knock out and jack the Sludge. Use it to take out all the 
minions, but watch out for their megaphones (back up when they do this). Unjack 
Sludge now and jump to the rotating cog, and then to the middle platform. Take 
out the Sludge (try the Board Slam if you have it) and use the Sludge to get 
the other minions. Once you've defeated them all (including the Sludge that 
pops up after you've beaten the minions) a cog will rise up from the lava. Jump 
on it and then to the main platform to the north. From here, make your way up 
all the moving parts and leaning beams to get to the next arena.

Go to the right and spin to send the Ee-lectric's charges right back at him. 
Jump over the patch of lava and jack the Ee-lectric. Take out the other two 
ones here, then send sparks at the other three in the distance. You should be 
able to see SPYBOT #1 near one of these three Ee-lectrics (a little to the left 
of the machine), so destroy it from long range with your titan. Unjack now and 
jump on the rotating cogs to get to the far side of the arena. Here, jump into 
the pipe for another grinding section. Skateboard down the pipe, where there 
are thankfully no bombs. Jump at the last lava pit to get the HIDDEN IDOL. 
Swing across the rope at the end and you'll see yet another arena ahead.

Carefully jump across the three rotating platforms, then get SPYBOT #2 
(immediately to your left). Now proceed to get all the minions here. This, and 
the two platforms after this are superb COMBO HOTSPOTs. You should easily be 
able to rack up 100+ hits by spinning (you may have to come back to this level 
when you've unlocked unlimited spinning time though). Anyway, every time that 
you defeat the group of minions on one platform, the next one will lower down. 
The sheer number of minions can sometimes overwhelm Crash, so you can always 
stand at the very end of your platform and the minions on the next platform 
will start running towards you (killing themselves as they fall into space).

When you get to the arena, jump across the lava to the right, where the 
Magmadons are waiting. Stay back as much as you can so that only one will come 
after you. Use Triple Dragon on it, and then jack it. Destroy the other 
Magmadon here, then go through the lava to the next group of Magmadons and 
defeat all of them (use your special ground attack if possible). When they are 
all gone, destroy the mojo container. Jump onto the metal beam, then across to 
where the machine is. Go right from here and get SPYBOT #3. Now enter the door 
to end the level.

	Minion Master: 35 / Combo King: 35

This is it! The final level! The level itself is obscenely short, but the final 
boss may make it more difficult for you. To start with, go forward and turn 
right, but watch out for the flamethrower. There are several minions here - 
just enough, in fact, to get Combo King. Spin for all your worth in this COMBO 
HOTSPOT and try to take them all out in one go. Now continue climbing up the 
scaffolding until you get to the almost invisible Mojo Room cloud (it's on the 
far left side on the second metal beam).

  Name: "Pipe Down!"
  Mission: Jack a captain and defeat all enemies before time runs out 
  Time: 150 seconds
  Difficulty: ***/*****
  Jack the Scorporilla and start using her regular attack (B+B) on the two huge 
  titans that come your way. Honestly this challenge is very easy if you stick 
  with the Scorporilla and take out the others with the tail whip combo.
  Another good tip is to start beating your chest when all of the current
  enemies are knocked out, then bring the controllers down when the next wave
  of enemies appears to easily pull off your special ground pound attack. My
  last piece of advice is to stay away from Shellephants, as they are
  completely useless - instead, feel free to jack any other Scorporillas you
  knock down. And if you do lose your titan, there are tons of freejack masks
  around the arena. When you've completed the challenge, grab the idol and

Continue climbing up, then when you get to the top, stay at the bottom left 
corner of the arena so that only one Battler will come after you. Take him out 
with Triple Dragon or Chin Tickler, then use him to get the other Battler (stay 
away from the Scorporilla though). A lot of minions will drop in now, so defeat 
all of them. When they're gone, perform your special cyclone attack on the 
Scorporilla (don't get too close) and then jack her. Before you continue 
forward, stop at the doorway here (it leads out to the metal bridge). Unjack 
the Scorporilla and double jump up to grab the VOODOO IDOL. If you're not sure 
what I'm talking about, back up as far as you can on the current platform 
(where you beat the Battlers) and you should see it.

Continue forward now onto the metal bridge, and destroy all the 
structures/barrels/minions for a ton of mojo. Do not worry about the flames, as 
they appear to have no effect on Scorporilla. When you reach the end, kill the 
Battler (do so quickly before he can use the cyclone attack on you). Destroy 
the three machines here and you'll find SPYBOT #1, 2, and 3 hiding behind them. 
Destroy all the spybots and go to the lift on the left.

Go forward now and take out all the Battlers (a simple tail whip combo should 
get them all). Now take out the other Scorporilla using the same move (if you 
are having trouble, there's a freejack mask on the left). Jack her if you're 
running low on health, then take out all the minions here (important if you 
want to get Minion Master). If you haven't yet gotten Combo King, this COMBO 
HOTSPOT may be your last chance. If you want to, unjack the Scorporilla and 
take them all out with Crash's spin and punch attacks. Note that I highly 
recommend getting the combo at the beginning of the level, as Scorporillas will 
constantly respawn here, making getting a large combo even harder. Anyway, when 
all the enemies are gone, take your Scorporilla through the fire wall (it will 
not damage her at all) and continue up the ramp to the final boss!

  Boss: Nina (Arachnina)
  Difficulty: High

Believe it or not, there is a very simple strategy to this boss fight. If you 
don't already have a Scorporilla, jack a Battler, then use its cyclone attack 
on another Scorporilla. Once you have one, go up to Nina carefully. If she 
changes into her Spider form, go real close to her back and follow her as she 
turns. Also, keep in mind that you can't damage her when she's in this mode. 
When she comes out of this form (or if she didn't change to it initially), get 
as close as you can to her and start to use your tail whip repeatedly. She will 
try to hit you back, either with her normal attacks or with her buzz saw, but 
if you are quick enough and are close enough to her, your tail whip will always 
stop her from pulling off any attacks. Continue doing this (attack, move 
closer, attack, move closer, etc.) until she's knocked out. Even if she does 
get your Scorporilla, just jack another and repeat (her jack rating goes down 
very slowly). When you have her jacked, defeat all the other enemies with her 
regular attack, or switch into her "robotized" mode for total laser 
destruction. When the enemies stop bothering you, take out one of the three 
gears around this room (your strong attack and laser attack both work, but the 
laser does it quickest).

Nina will boot you off now and a few Rhinorollers will show. Defeat one with 
Triple Dragon and jack it. You can now try to get Nina with Rhinoroller or 
knock out a Scorporilla with Rhinoroller and use it to get Nina instead. I 
recommend using the Scorporilla, as Rhinoroller's Thunderbowl move doesn't last 
forever, and she will take you out as soon as it runs out. So jack a 
Scorporilla (after knocking it out with Rhinoroller's Thunderbowl move) and do 
exactly the same thing as last time to get Nina (this time you might want to 
take out all the Rhinorollers first so they don't bother you). When you've 
jacked her, go into Spiderbot form to take out all the enemies and a second 
machine part.

In this last stage, more Battlers and Scorporillas will appear. Jack a Battler, 
then use the cyclone attack on a Scorporilla. Just use the same strategy that I 
explained in the first paragraph, and you should easily be able to knock her 
out for a third time. Jack her and take out the last machine (quickly go into 
Spiderbot mode so that the many enemies won't be able to damage you and so that 
you can get them with the laser). Once you've destroyed the last machine, enjoy 
the feeling of completion and watch the humorous final cutscene. Hmm... makes 
me hungry. If you were playing the game on Hard Mode, you'll have unlocked the 
Free Kick move!

 [ 5. UPGRADES                                                         ] [UPG05]

	# Mojo    / Attack/Upgrade     
	   10,000 / Norris Roundhouse
           30,000 / Old Skool
	   60,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade 
	   80,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade
          105,000 / Gyro Jackhammer
	  130,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade  
	  160,000 / Health Upgrade         
	  180,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade 
	  215,000 / Double Whammy          
	  240,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade
	  305,000 / Triple Dragon
	  365,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade
	  405,000 / Chin Tickler
	  455,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade
	  505,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade
	  555,000 / Health Upgrade
	  605,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade
	  705,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade
	  805,000 / Board Slam
	  905,000 / Spin Dismount
	1,035,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade
	1,085,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade
	1,115,000 / Spin Attack Upgrade (Infinite)
	1,205,000 / Slide Duration Upgrade (15 Seconds)

	Note: You unlock the "Free Kick" move upon completing the game in Hard

 [ 6. SKINS                                                            ] [SKI06]

	Skin         / Unlocked
	Ratnician    / Defeat 200
	Koo-Ala      / Defeat 150
	Doom Monkey  / Defeat 300
	Voodoo Bunny / Defeat 200
	Bratgirl     / Defeat 150

	Spike        / Jack 50
	Goar         / Jack 30
	Snipe        / Jack 50
	Rhinoroller  / Jack 30
	Shellephant  / Jack 15
	Magmadon     / Jack 50
	Stench       / Jack 50
	Scorporilla  / Jack 15
	Sludge       / Jack 50
	Ratcicle     / Jack 50
	Battler      / Jack 35
	EE-lectric   / Jack 50

	Halloween    / Complete 50% of game
	Valentine    / Collect 20 gold idols

 [ 7. ENEMY GUIDE                                                      ] [/    ]

	7.1. MINIONS  [MIN07]
	  Location: Chapters 1-4

	  Game Description: 
	  These guys were created by Uka Uka's mojo and Cortex's science.
	  Luckily for us they are as fragile as they look!

	  Plain and simple, Ratnicians suck. You can take them out with a few
	  swipes and their attacks are feeble at best. Use any of your attacks
	  on them and they'll be dead meat.

	  Location: Chapters 5-7

	  Game Description: 
	  These crazy little bears hate all things natural and love things
	  heavily carbonated.

	  These guys take about four or five hits to kill, but are basically
	  the same as Ratnicians. Additionally, they have a burp attack that
	  causes significant damage if you're close. The blockbreaker attack
	  instantly kills them.

	  Location: Chapters 8-13

	  Game Description: 
	  These danger loving servants of N-Gin like exploding heads and long
	  walks on the beach.

	  Doom Monkeys are much tougher than the prior minions, sometimes
	  taking up to seven hits before they're killed. Their punches cause a
	  little more damage than Koo-Alas, but the main thing you want to look
	  out for is their exploding heads. If you start to see their head
	  inflate, get pretty far back as this attack has a deceptively long
	  range. Note that when they are headless they are also defenseless and
	  extremely easy to kill. Use blockbreaker if you want to defeat them

	  Location: Chapters 14-17

	  Game Description: 
	  Whatever you do Crash, don't feed them carrots after midnight or get
	  them wet!

	  These minions like to gang up on you, and their special
	  attack can really be frustrating when you're trying to get a combo.
	  While they take roughly eight or nine hits to kill, they can send out
	  a lightning cloud that zaps you if you're caught under it. Make sure
	  you stay away from the clouds and just go all out in attacking them.
	  Again, use blockbreaker to KO them in one hit.

	  Location: Chapters 18-20

	  Game Description: 
	  Every little queen bee needs some drones, so Nina just grew her own!

	  These are undoubtedly the hardest minions in the game. They take an
	  average of about 10 regular hits to kill. Aside from their vicious
	  regular attacks, they also pull out a megaphone sometimes and use it
	  to literally freeze Crash, leaving him open to all attacks for a few
	  seconds. When you see these megaphones, get out of the way instantly
	  (the Bratgirls can't redirect once the megaphones are turned on). If
	  you use your blockbreaker attack (hold Z), you'll KO them instantly,
	  just like the other minions.

	7.2. TITANS  [TIT07]
	Note: For boss strategies (one-off titans), go to the walkthrough for
	hints on how to take them down.

     **	SPIKE
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Medium / Damage: Medium

	  Game Description: 
	  This sneaky character likes ambushing bandicoots from below, petty
	  larceny and romance novels.

	    -Light: Claws
	    -Heavy: Overhead Swipe
	    -Special 1: "Claw Combo" (B+B+B)
	       Regular three-hit combo.
	    -Special 2: "Spike's Surprise" (Raise the Nunchuk and Wii Remote)
	       A circular area of spikes comes up from the ground that damages
	       any enemy close to Spike.

	  Strategy (Jacking): 
	  This is one of the easiest titans to beat in the game (not counting
	  long-range titans). Spike rarely guards himself, so just use your
	  regular punch attack on him repeatedly or hit him a few times with
	  your heavy attack. The only thing you need to watch out for is his
	  spike attack, so run away or jump high when he starts to raise his
	  arms. Lastly, jump backwards if he does hit you so that he won't be
	  able to do his full three-hit combo on you.

	  Strategy (Using):
	  While Spike is undoubtedly one of the weaker regular titans, he is
	  relatively speedy, which is certainly to your advantage. I recommend
	  using the Claw Combo on everyone except the slowest titans, where it
	  may be beneficial to use the "Spike's Surprise" special attack. If
	  you want to use his spike attack on a large group of enemies, run
	  away to a corner first and execute the move as quickly as possible so
	  that it's activated before they can catch up with you. Lastly, only
	  use his heavy attack when you need to break another titan's guard.

     **	GOAR
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Slow   / Damage: High

	  Game Description: Huge powerful jaws, terrible breath and unstoppable
	  power. This guy is like a bad hair day brought to life.

	    -Light: Tusk Swipe
	    -Heavy: Tusks Thrust Forward
	    -Special 1: "Tisk Tusk Combo" (B+B)
	       Regular two-hit combo.
	    -Special 2: "Terrifying Roar" (Raise the Nunchuk and Wii Remote and
	     snap them down)
	       Goar screams and every enemy ahead of him becomes paralyzed for
	       several seconds.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  Do not underestimate Goar, as his powerful tusks can kill Crash with
	  only a few hits. The trick is to attack him in the behind where he
	  cannot damage you. Use your strong attack several times or use a
	  combo (Triple Dragon preferably) to knock him out. Stay far away when
	  you see him prep for his "Terrifying Roar" or Crash will be paralyzed
	  until Goar decides to attack you (or when time runs out).

	  Strategy (Using):
	  I personally found Goar to be one of the most useless titans in the
	  entire game. His special attack only paralyzes enemies instead of
	  causing any damage, and this guy is a chore to move around.
	  Regardless, if you must use Goar, make sure you never turn your back
	  on your enemy (to make up for his lack of speed). Guard if another
	  titan begins to attack you, then use the two-hit combo when they stop
	  attacking you. Lastly, unless enemies are really far away from you,
	  refrain from using his special roaring attack.

     **	SNIPE
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Fast   / Damage: Low

	  Game Description: 
	  This colorful creature prefers to keep its distance and throw razor
	  sharp feathers.

	    -Light: Feathers (Long-Range)
	    -Heavy: Swipe
	    -Special 1: N/A
	    -Special 2: "Gambler's Hand" (Press A to lock on to multiple
	       Use it to lock onto four different moving or stationary objects.

	  Strategy (Jacking): 
	  Snipe is by far one of the easiest titans to jack. You simply have to
	  press the attack button just before his projectile reaches you, which
	  will send the attack right back at him and instantly knock the Snipe
	  out. Because it can be hard to time it, I highly suggest you spin
	  instead, which is basically the same thing but is made a lot easier
	  because of your extended spin time. Note, however, that you won't be
	  able to counterattack when he sends several this proves too hard, you
	  can always just go up close and beat him up with Crash's punch attack
	  (he will rarely guard himself and is useless in hand-to-hand combat).

	  Strategy (Using):
	  Snipe is one of three titans which are only good for long-range
	  attacks. Do not, and I say do not, try to go close to another titan
	  and get him with Snipe's heavy swiping attack. The trick is to stay
	  as far away as possible from the other titans so that they won't
	  attack you but so that you can still see (and attack) them at a long
	  distance. Snipe's special attack should be avoided most of the time
	  unless you are using it to shoot multiple targets at the same time -
	  while you may initially think it's useful to get several enemies at
	  once, you soon realize that you have to focus on one at a time,
	  otherwise the jack rating of each will quickly diminish. If you are
	  trying to defeat another long-range titan, I suggest you fire
	  continuously at it, even if they start to fire at you (the
	  projectiles cancel each other out and neither titan will get hit).
	  The trick is that you can shoot quicker than they can, so you are
	  bound to always get them eventually. Again, to take down all the
	  other titans, just find a safe corner and fire repeatedly at them.

	  Size: Regular / Speed: Slow   / Damage: Medium

	  Game Description: 
	  This armor plated beast rolls himself into a ball to knock down
	  anyone that looks at him funny.

	    -Light: Horn Attack
	    -Heavy: Short Thunderbowl Move
	    -Special 1: N/A
	    -Special 2: "Thunderbowl" (Crank the Wii Remote and steer with the
	     control stick)
	       This move turns you into a fast-moving ball for exactly 10
	       seconds. You are invincible in this form.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  Surprisingly Rhinoroller is fairly easy to jack (though I don't think 
	  he developers meant for it to be). The trick is that you need to
	  repeatedly use Crash's heavy attack on him. Chances are that after
	  you've hit him once with Crash's kicking attack, the Rhinoroller will
	  start to roll up into a ball. Don't be discouraged, however, because
	  if you quickly hit him again with a heavy attack, the Rhinoroller
	  will stop what he's doing and change back into his regular form. Just
	  mash Z, or use Triple Dragon, and you will easily knock him out for
	  your own uses. The only thing you want to be careful of is when
	  Rhinoroller goes into a ball and you aren't close enough to attack
	  him. In this case, run to one side quickly to get out of the way.
	  Other than that, just watch out for his regular horn attack (getting
	  behind him solves this).

	  Strategy (Using):
	  Rhinoroller is by far the most useful regular-sized titan. While he
	  is slow as all hell on foot and his horn attack is simply useless,
	  his Thunderbowl special move more than makes up for these downfalls.
	  He is practically invincible while in this form and maintains it for
	  a good ten seconds. Feel free to crush every titan and minion in your
	  path when in Thunderbowl form because they will provide no
	  resistance. When you come out of this form, keep a low profile until
	  you can change into it again (when the green meter is full). During
	  this time, only attack enemies if you have a clear path (use your
	  heavy attack); otherwise, just guard yourself.

	  Size: Large   / Speed: Slow   / Damage: High

	  Game Description: 
	  Just your friendly neighborhood crab-shelled, fire-breathing, mojo
	  fueled elephant.

	    -Light: Ground Punch
	    -Heavy: Trunk Swipe
	    -Special 1: "Infinity Combo" (Press B as you hit the ground)
	       Basic combo.
	    -Special 2: "Blaze Of Glory" (Shake the Wii Remote and steer with
	     control stick)
	       He uses flame breath for several seconds. The flames damage
	       enemies quite heavily and leave you invicible for a short time.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  The first time you encounter this montrosity you'll be given a
	  freejack mask. Unfortunately you won't always have a freebie and may
	  have to take one down yourself some time in the game. The preferred
	  method is to use a smaller titan to do it, which isn't so hard in
	  itself because of Shellephant's extremely slow speed. If you are left
	  with only Crash, go behind it and start using your heavy attack on
	  its backside; the Triple Dragon move is the best way to go. If he
	  does hit you, just get out of the way before he can land another
	  attack. Lastly, stay far away if he starts to use his flame breath on

	  Strategy (Using):
	  This will be the first really big titan you'll encounter in the game.
	  Unfortunately, his attack power doesn't quite make up for his
	  sluggishness, and you'll be left begging for a Scorporilla before
	  long. He can be slightly more useful than smaller titans, however,
	  but you'll have to be quick. Use "Blaze of Glory" whenever you can
	  (especially on the quicker titans), and otherwise use his heavy
	  sweeping attack. The heavy attack takes about as long as
	  Shellephant's light attack, but has a much broader range. If you have
	  the timing down, though, his light attack can be somewhat effective
	  when you go for combo after combo.

     **	MAGMADON
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Medium / Damage: Medium

	  Game Description: 
	  This hard shelled enemy's skin is strong enough to ignore lava!

	    -Light: Overhand Attack
	    -Heavy: Lunge Forward
	    -Special 1: "Slam Thrust" (B, Wait, B)
	       A basic combo, except the second hit causes a lot of damage.
	    -Special 2: "Hellfire Stomp" (Raise the Wii Remote then snap it
	       Creates a mini-earthquake and damages all of the enemies directly
	       in front of you.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  These titans are pretty damn hard to beat. They seem to cause more
	  damage than other titans, and despite a little sluggishness, they are
	  highly effective. They tend to block a lot, especially when you start
	  to attack them, so the blockbreaker move is the only good way to
	  knock them out (chaining it together for Double Whammy/Triple Dragon
	  is even more effective). The thing that makes these guys most lethal
	  is their earthquake attack - far too many times did I get killed
	  instantly for failing to escape this move. To successfully evade it,
	  you need to jump - NOT run away - just before the earthquake reaches
	  you (hover for a while if several Magmadons do this move at the same
	  time). Try to quickly attack the Magmadon after this to catch him
	  unaware. You've also got to watch out for when they jump (heavy
	  attack). Get out of the way quickly when you see him leave the ground
	  as this will lower Crash's health substantially and also leave him
	  flattened and unprotected for a few seconds.

	  Strategy (Using):
	  Magmadon is ever so slightly slow, but his attacks are fantastic. His
	  two-hit combo knocks out most titans, and Hellfire Stomp can take out
	  several at once (including the largest ones instantly). For most
	  titans, just use Magmadon's light attack, though feel free to use his
	  earthquake move if there's enough space between you and the enemy. As
	  a side note, the Hellfire Stomp is a great way to get a large combo
	  when using it against minions. Lastly, make sure you use the lava to
	  your advantage, as only other Magmadons will survive in it and every
	  other titan will stupidly try to follow you in (making for an easy

     **	STENCH
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Fast   / Damage: Low

	  Game Description: 
	  This black and white bird thing has a powerful area of effect attack
	  as well as the ability to shoot concentrated stink!

	    -Light: Stink Bomb (Long-Range)
	    -Heavy: Swipe
	    -Special 1: N/A
	    -Special 2: "Stench Cloud" (Press A to lock on to multiple
	       Use it to lock onto four different moving or stationary objects.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  Similar to Snipe, counter-attacking Stench's "concentrated" pockets
	  of stink will send the projectile right back at the titan and
	  instantly KO him. Try spinning the stink back at him if you are
	  having trouble getting the timing right when punching. Again, note
	  that you won't be able to counter-attack when he uses his "Stench
	  Cloud" attack and it will instead just damage Crash. You can also
	  just go in close and attack him several times with your light or
	  heavy attack and he probably won't fight back.

	  Strategy (Using):
  	  Stench is one of three titans which are only good for long-range
	  attacks. Do not, and I say do not, try to go close to another titan
	  and get him with Stench's heavy swiping attack. The trick is to stay
	  as far away as possible from the other titans so that they won't
	  attack you but so that you can still see (and attack) them at a long
	  distance. Stench's special attack should be avoided most of the time
	  unless you are using it to shoot multiple targets at the same time -
	  while you may initially think it's useful to get several enemies at
	  once, you soon realize that you have to focus on one at a time,
	  otherwise the jack rating of each will quickly diminish. If you are
	  trying to defeat another long-range titan, I suggest you fire
	  continuously at it, even if they start to fire at you (the
	  projectiles cancel each other out and neither titan will get hit).
	  The trick is that you can shoot quicker than they can, so you are
	  bound to always get them eventually. Again, to take down all the
	  other titans, just find a safe corner and fire repeatedly at them.

     **	SLUDGE
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Fast   / Damage: Medium

	  Game Description: 
	  This guy is like a common cold come to life! We can take his powers
	  but I'm not sure I want to touch him.

	    -Light: Slap
	    -Heavy: Forward Clap
	    -Special 1: "Gooey Louie" (Hold C, then press B)
	       A nasty uppercut performed when in guard mode.
	    -Special 2: "Toxic Vom" (Shake the Wii Remote)
	       Spews noxious bile at your oponents. It lasts for a few seconds
	       and you can direction it with the control stick.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  This titan's incredible speed makes him hard to take out. His huge
	  arms (with a very big hit radius) make him even harder. Stay just out
	  of his grasp when he attacks with his arms, then go in and either
	  spin him or perform the Chin Tickler (the upgraded Board Slam is even
	  better). If this proves too hard, my only other suggestion is to use
	  another titan. You need to watch out for when Sludge turns into a
	  pool of sludge because it means he is about to perform an uppercut
	  attack. As soon as he does this, very quickly start to guard as Crash
	  (C) to block out the attack. Sludge rarely performs his special
	  attack or the heavy forward clap, so don't worry about avoiding these.

	  Strategy (Using):
	  Sludge is undoubtedly one of the more fragile titans, yet he is
	  surprisingly fun to use and can take out entire crowds in a
	  heartbeat. The trick to getting the most out of him is successfully
	  using your basic attack at the right time, as well as the "Gooey
	  Louie". If enemies aren't attacking you, just use Sludge's light
	  attack repeatedly on them (the range on this is incredible when he
	  stretches his arms out). If there are other enemies attacking you,
	  quickly shield (hold C), then press B while still in this mode to do
	  a powerful uppercut that comes out of nowhere. After you do this, the
	  enemy will be down momentarily, so do his light attack twice more to
	  knock the enemy (or enemies) out. Unlike every other titan, Sludge
	  can move and attack while guarding himself, so you must use this to
	  your advantage if you want to make the most out of Sludge.

	  Size: Large   / Speed: Slow   / Damage: High

	  Game Description: 
	  Stay sharp Crash and watch out for her gargantuan arms, crushing feet
	  and her scorpion tail.

	    -Light: Swipe
	    -Heavy: Tail Barb Attack
	    -Special 1: "Tail Whip" (B+B)
	       Uses Scorporilla's tail barb to twist around in a circle and
	       gets every enemy around you.
	    -Special 2: "Ground And Pound" (Beat your chest with the Nunchuk and
	     Wii Remote and snap them down)
	       Destroys every titan or object that is close to you (including
	       objects not on the ground).

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  This monster is nigh impossible to jack as only Crash, but it can be
	  done with a lot of effort. Please note, however, that there should
	  never be an instance in the game where you cannot use a smaller titan
	  or freejack mask to get the Scorporilla - the game does not expect
	  you to be able to knock her out as Crash. If you must, however, here
	  are a few tips. Only attack her with Double Whammy or Triple Dragon;
	  any other attack is useless. You should try to attack the front of
	  her - if you go around the back she'll just use her tail whip. She
	  isn't that quick, so just use your combo move, then get away when you
	  see her readying her tail barb attack. If she is about to swipe at
	  you, just block and you'll be alright. Above all, beating her takes
	  time and persistence.

	  Strategy (Using):
	  Scorporilla is, without a doubt, the most powerful titan in the
	  entire game (perhaps with exception to the final boss). Scorporilla's
 	  tail whip combo can instantly knock out groups of ten or twenty
	  enemies with ease. The only time things get a little sticky is when
	  Scorporilla gets blocked in by several titans, and you cannot perform
	  the combo without being hit first. To get out of this, simply block,
	  then let go of C and quickly press B. This will perform a kind of
	  surprise lunge forward and take out any enemies in front. You will
	  then be free to perform the tail whip, which will take out every
	  titan that's anywhere near you. Her special attack (ground pound) can
	  also be an extremely useful weapon for you as long as no enemies are
	  near her. As an aside, this attack is good for racking up large
	  combos and can destroy crates/spybots that are out of Crash's reach.
	  In conclusion, if you have a Scorporilla, stick with her until the
	  very end.

     **	RATCICLE
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Medium / Damage: Medium

	  Game Description: 
	  This mutant will freeze you solid and then shatter you into a million
	  pieces with its special ice attack.

	    -Light: Swipe
	    -Heavy: Downward Punch
	    -Special 1: "Cool Combo" (B+B+B)
	       Regular three-hit combo.
	    -Special 2: "Freeze Punks" (Raise Wii Remote then snap it down)
	       Sends a path of damaging ice in front of you. Freezes enemies for
	       about five seconds.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  Ratcicles are sort of equivalent to a Spike, except their ice attacks
	  and frequent blocking make them slightly more difficult. Try using
	  any of Crash's combos (Triple Dragon, Chin Tickler, etc.) and you
	  should be able to get them. Quickly apply your shield when one starts
	  to attack, as the Cool Combo can quickly drop Crash's life bar if you
	  aren't careful. Of course, the main reason to be scared of a Ratcicle
	  is its devastating "Freeze Punks" attack. Just like Magmadon, to
	  escape this you have to jump at the right time; running around will
	  only get you frozen. Thankfully this attack also freezes any other
	  minions around you - in large groups of Ratcicles, wait until one of
	  them freezes his buddies, then take advantage and attack a frozen one
	  before he thaws.

	  Strategy (Using): 
	  The Ratcicle is very handy in a tight jam, albeit not that powerful.
	  Thankfully, the Cool Combo makes up for this - this combo can be
	  executed in literally two seconds, and two doses of it will knock out
	  any smaller titan. Other than this, just use his heavy attack when
	  you need to break through an enemy's defense. The "Freeze Punks"
	  special attack can be used very effectively to freeze a large group -
	  it doesn't take that long, but you do still need to be out of the
	  enemy's range before you wind up for it. While the group is frozen,
	  don't bother pounding them using the light attack; instead, use his
	  heavy attack on one of the ice blocks and the enemy inside will be
	  killed instantly.

     **	BATTLER
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Medium / Damage: Medium

	  Game Description: 
	  Kung-fu razor claw combos and the power of explosive wind!

	    -Light: Slash
	    -Heavy: Glide Forward
	    -Special 1: "Bat Slash Combo" (B+Z+B)
	       A special three-hit combo that causes a lot of damage. The final
	       hit even damages enemies that are defending themselves.
	    -Special 2: "Cyclone Storm" (Shake the Nunchuk and Wii Remote)
	       Sends mini cyclones at all of the enemies in front of you.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  Battlers can be extremely difficult to defeat due to their dangerous
	  speed and attack power, as well as their common practice of blocking.
	  They are best taken down with a charged Double Whammy or Triple
	  Dragon, as they are bound to defend themselves after the first hit.
	  You need to be especially careful when they start to use the Bat
	  Slash Combo (Crash's Aku Aku shield protects him from this) and the
	  dreaded Cyclone Storm. Do not attempt to get out of the way of this;
	  instead, just time your jump well to escape the whirlwinds.

	  Strategy (Using):
	  When you've got a Battler, you need to make good use of the Bat Slash
	  Combo, which has a strange button layout, but is simply devastating
	  when you learn to use it. Not only will it knock out most titans
	  instantly after the three hits land, but the final hit will also
	  damage titans that are defending themselves. Apart from that, I would
	  only suggest to use the Battler's speed to escape from large crowds
	  and instead take out enemies one-on-one, unless you are able to get
	  far enough away to pull off the Cyclone Storm. This attack is best
	  suited to large groups and the monster titans; otherwise, avoid using
	  it as it takes too long to charge up.

     **	EE-LECTRIC
	  Size: Regular / Speed: Fast   / Damage: Low

	  Game Description: 
	  This one bristles with electric energy that can blast from its hands
	  or call it down from the sky (Note: improper sentence, but that's what
	  is in the game).

	    -Light: Lightning Bolt
	    -Heavy: Forward Shock
	    -Special 1: N/A
	    -Special 2: "Heavenly Blast" (Press A to lock onto multiple targets)
	       Simultaneously sends lightning bolts to five different locations.

	  Strategy (Jacking):
	  Surprisingly Ee-lectric is much more difficult than the other three
	  long-range specialist titans. Ee-lectric's shots are a lot quicker
	  than the others, so punching to counter-attack is no longer really an
	  option. You can try to spin to send the shots back at the Ee-lectric,
	  but to me it seemed to be a hit-and-miss procedure; sometimes the
	  shots damage Crash and sometimes he is able to send it back and
	  instantly KO Ee-lectric. I would suggest going as close as you can
	  (guard whenever he shoots a shot) and just using any combo (Chin
	  Tickler, Triple Dragon, etc.) to get him. Its special attack can be a
	  real pain, as several lightning bolts will try to fry poor Crash -
	  you'll have to run around hilly-nilly until all of the bolts are gone
	  (don't bother attacking him when he does the attack).

	  Strategy (Using):
  	  Ee-lectric is one of three titans which are only good for long-range
	  attacks. Do not, and I say do not, try to go close to another titan
	  and get him with Ee-lectric's shock attack. The trick is to stay as
	  far away as possible from the other titans so that they won't attack
	  you but so that you can still see (and attack) them at a long 
	  distance. Ee-lectric's energy balls seem slightly quicker and more
	  powerful than the other projectiles that the other titans use
	  (feathers and stink), so use this to your advantage. Unlike the other
	  long-range titans, Ee-lectric's special attack (in which he can
	  target multiple things) is actually useful. It causes a fair amount
	  of damage to enemies and always gets them because it comes down from
	  above and is not a simple projectile. Feel free to use this on weaker
	  titans but not on the larger ones. If you are trying to defeat
	  another long-range titan, I suggest you fire continuously at it, even
	  if they start to fire at you (the projectiles cancel each other out
	  and neither titan will get hit). The trick is that you can shoot
	  quicker than they can, so you are bound to always get them
	  eventually. Again, to take down all the other titans, just find a
	  safe corner and fire repeatedly at them.

 [ 8. FAQ: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                  ] [FAQ08]

	Q: How do you unlock the 21st hint and what is it?
	A: Complete the game on hard mode - it will be unlocked when you beat
	   the final level. You unlock the Free Kick (go to the moves section
	   for more info).

	Q: Do the Halloween or Valentine skins do anything extra?
	A: I believe that they are purely there for the visuals and do not give
	   Crash any special moves.

	Q: How do I get past the locked gates in Chapter 16?
	A: Use a Rhinoroller's Thunderbowl move on the gate or use a
	   Scorporilla if one is available.

	Q: How do you put on a skin? -Mara
	A: Select the skin in the level select screen, then press A to change
	   into it (and press yes on the confirmation screen). Note that you'll
	   still have to attack the titan once to knock it out once you are
	   wearing its skin.

	Q: Where is the Idol that gives you concept art on the final level?
	A: It's located right above where the Scorporilla is first standing when
	   you get to her (jack her and double-jump off to get it).

 [ 9. COPYRIGHT                                                        ] [COP09]

        The above guide/walkthrough belongs to me, Stephen Bates. It is to 
	only be hosted on GameFAQs, SuperCheats, Neoseeker, Cheat Code Central,
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	work - I haven't stolen or reproduced anything. Do not bother emailing
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