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Titan Guide

by bend6000

Crash of the Titans
DS Titan Guide

Table of Contents:

Introduction              - 1
     Version History      - 1.9
Titans: Actual content    - 2.0
        A few final notes - 2.9
Patchinko:                - 3.0
          Mojo jackpot    - 3.6
          Concept Art     - 3.7
          Hacks           - 3.8
Credits                   - 4
Contact me                - 5
   Questions I'll accept  - 5.3
   Questions I won't      - 5.4
Legal Mumbo-Jumbo         - 6
FAQ                       - 7

1 - Introduction: 

Hello. I'm bend6000, and this is my first guide. 
Please forgive me for any spelling or grammar errors,
or any time I don't make any sense. I also appologize
for the... bland-ness of the guide.

Crash of the Titans is a video game from
Sierra Entertainment and Vivendi Games. Radical 
Entertainment developed the console versions (Wii,
PS2, XBox 360), Amaze Entertainment developed the
handheld versions (GBA, DS), and the PSP version was
ported by  Supervillain Studios. 

The game stars Crash Bandicoot as he fights Dr. Neo 
Cortex, and his newly created mutants known as 
Titans. Returning characters in Crash of the Titans 
have new looks, most noticably Tiny Tiger.  

This guide covers the DS version of the game only.
Don't use this for the other versions, because all
the Titans for the DS do not appear in the other
versions. Speaking of what it covers, this guide
gives profiles, information, locations, and 
stratedgies for fighting the enemies in this game. 
Levels are not covered. The patchinko minigame... 
Well, I'll add tips for that since I have some good 
strategies for getting the mojo bonus, artwork, and 
hacks (cheats). And, finally, I have no transcript 
for the game's story, even though I really would have
liked to put it in.

I've only fairly recently become a Crash Bandicoot
fan. I've always liked platformers like Donkey Kong,
and Kirbym but it's only in the past 5-7 years that
I've been catching up on all these series. Sonic
quickly came into my sights, then Spyro some time
later. I bought Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
from my cousin, who was selling all the games he
didn't have time to play anymore. I'm not going to
lie: at first I thought it was only ho-hum. Then
after taking a break from it, I came back and started
to try to break all the crates in every level. I got
myself hooked. To this day, I never did beat that
game 100%, but it did lead me to play Crash Nitro
Kart and a lot of interest in this game. At the
moment, Crash Bandicoot is my second favourite series
(#1 is Donkey Kong) of video games, and Dr. Neo
Cortex is my #1 favourite Villain EVER! That is a big
reason I like Crash: I find all the villains well-
concieved and interesting. Plus, the series is funny.

1.9- Version History

January 30, 2008: This guide has been submitted to Wow, I didn't actually expect
anybody to request permission to use this guide, but
I guess I underestimated myself.

January 29, 2008: This guide has been submitted to

January 25, 2008: I'm going to submit my new guide to
the posted sites. I aslo added questions I've been
asked to the FAQ section. Thanks to everyone who's
reading this/asking me questions. It's made me
realize that guides aren't about the games; they're
about the people.

January 18, 2008: Nina's guide is done. There, that's
all the strategies!

January 16, 2008: N-Gin's strategy has been written,
as well as Tiny's. I also added another paragraph
in the Introduction section.

January 13, 2008: I've added the FAQ section to the
guide. This has succesfully been posted on Crash
Mania. When I went to start a new file, "Hard Mode"
sat right there, mocking me. Needless to say, I'm
now going through on hard mode to get to the bosses
to write strategies for them. Speaking of which, I
finished Dingodile's strategy.

January 2, 2008: I have the first version completed,
except for boss strategies. Because I'll need to
start a new file on my DS to write these, it will
take a little longer.

2.0 - If you're looking for a certain titan, try
using my number system.

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
| 7 | 8 | 9 | 10| 11| 12|
| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 
| 19| 20| 21| 22| 23| 24|

Name: Polartooth.
Number: #1.
Likes: Cold snaps.
Dislikes: Warming trends.
Height: 2.25 meters.
Weight: 275 kilograms.

Appearance: It looks like a Sabre toothed tiger that
survived the ice age. The front half of it is covered
in ice, and it has icicles pointing up in the air 
around the shoulder section. It stands on all four

Location: Cortex's Lair. 

Strategy: You're best bet is to use a larger titan to
get a couple of good hits in, then jack it, if

X: Polartooth leaps up and smashes the ground with 
its icy paws.
Y: It slaps infront of itself with one paw, then
the other.
B: Polartooth will breath ice, much like Spyro the
Dragon's ice breath. 

Special Move: Blow - Blow into the microphone and the
ice-breath will be much larger and the move's
durration will last longer.

Name: Jawslehoff.
Number: #2.
Likes: Rip tides.
Dislikes: Shark alerts.
Height: 2.35 meters.
Height: 90 kilograms.

Appearance: By the name, I'm going to go out on a
limb and say this is a mix between Divid Haslehoff
and Jaws. From the waist down is human with a pair
of red swim shorts. The top half is a shark, but
with human arms. Although it doesn't show it in the
bestiary, he has a surfboard.

Location: Wumpa Jungle.

Strategy: If you're just Crash, I find the Crash
Spin effective {(Y)(Y)(Y)} after you upgrade your
attack enough to earn the combo.
A titan's special move might be your best bet if you
are not alone.

X: An uppercut. 
Y: A straight punch.
B: He takes his surfboard and throws it, which comes
back to him like a yoyo (it looks like there's a
string attached).

Special Move: Flick - I haven't noticed a difference
flicking and pressing B. Since flicking the touch
screen is awkward, I just use the B button.

Name: Spot.
Number: #3.
Likes: Going for a spin.
Dislikes: Mashed Hippotatoes.
Height: 1.66 meters.
Weight: 180 kilograms.

Appearance: Basically a hippo with lepord legs, arms,
and tail. It stands on its hind legs.

Location: N-Sanity Jungle, N-Gin's Factory, N-Sanity

Strategy: If it blocks your punches, just keep on
going. Titans can't move when blocking.

X: An uppercut. 
Y: A straight punch.
B: Spot spins in place for about one second.

Special move: Spin - Spot will spin as long as you
spin the dial on the touchscreen. 

Name: B. Honda.
Number: #4.
Likes: Really big carrots.
Dislikes: Rabbit punches.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 225 kilograms.

Appearance: A white bunny / sumo westler. Complete 
with... normal sumo atire.

Location: N-Trapment Temple, Cortexbot.

Strategy: Watch out for the combo move: Punch-Punch-
Uppercut. Roll backwards {|R)+away} to avoid it.

X: An uppercut.
Y: A straight punch.
B: B. Honda lunges forward and bodyslams the ground.

Special Move: Touch - Exactly the same as the B move,
but with a much larger shockwave. 

Name: Whalephant.
Number: #5.
Likes: Spouting off.
Dislikes: Droughts.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 180 kilograms.

Appearance: An elephant on its hind legs, but with a
killer whale tail, head, and dorsal fin.

Location: Wumpa Village, Wumpa Jungle, Wumpa Jungle 
(Event), Cortex's Lair, Dingodile's Boss level.

Strategy: A couple of good hits from another titan
should be enough to stun it. As Crash, my favorite
tactic is the Crash Spin {(Y)(Y)(Y)}.

X: An uppercut.
Y: A straight punch.
B: Whalephant sprays water out its blowhole in a beam
like fashion.

Special Move: Blow - The spray beam lasts a lot
longer. If you face towards the cammera, it looks as
if the beam is coming from Aku Aku's nose. 
Crash can also walk through Water when riding a

Name: Plug.
Number: #6.
Likes: Static Cling.
Dislikes: Circuit breakers.
Height: 1 meter.
Weight: 35 kilograms.

Appearance: It's some sort of rodent, probably a rat,
that's green with orange shorts. They have an
electric aura not shown on the bestiary.

Location: N-Gin's factory, Cortex's Lair, Cortexbot.

Strategy: These guys aren't too tough, but like the
other small enemies, they're fast. A retreat when
outnumbered is difficulty without some fancy jumping.

X: A flip.
Y: A kick.
B: Plug throws two static balls that orbit eachother.

Special Move: Flick - Exactly the same as the B move,
but more awkward to pull-off.

Name: Tiki M.
Number: #7.
Likes: Rocking out.
Dislikes: His huge, red butt.
Height: 3.7 meters.
Weight: 450 kilograms.

Appearance: A giant baboon with a giant stone right
arm and head. His head is either painted or
naturally looks like a baboon face. Oh, and by the
profile, I'm sure you know he has a big red butt.

Location: N-Trapment Temple, N-Sanity Highlands.

Strategy: If you don't have a titan, jump in the air
and board slam him {(A)|R)}, then start a combo.
Back off and repeat. 

X: Tiki M. stands on his hands and kicks with both
Y: He swings his arm infront of him.
B: He spins around in a circle.

Special Move: Spin - As long as you spin the touch
screen dial, Tiki M. spins in a circle and activates
an eye-beam. 

Name: Porcurilla.
Number: #8.
Likes: Sharp pencisl.
Dislikes: Dull crayons.
Height: 3.7 meters.
Weight: 340 kilograms.

Appearance: A giant, blue gorilla with black feet /
hands / face. He has a bone for a nose ring, and
black porcupine quills on top of his head.

Location: Tiny's Excavation, Cortexbot.

Strategy: Use titans (the bigger the better) to stun
him before he can get a hit in on you.

X: Porqurilla stands on its hands and kicks with
both feet.
Y: It swings its arm infront of it.
B: It pounds the ground with its fists.

Special Moves: Touch - Press the touch screen button
and it pounds the ground, making quills spring up
from the ground.

Name: Phoenix.
Number: #9.
Likes: Heat waves.
Dislikes: Air conditioners.
Height: 3 meters.
Weight: 250 kilograms.

Appearance: Actually, fairly un-phoenix-like, in my
oppinion. It looks more like a lion with an eagle
head and feathers on its forelegs. It stands on all
four legs.

Location: N-Sanity Jungle, N. Sanity Highlands.

Strategy: Try to get a combo move in if you can, but
your best bet is the board smack{(A)(X)}. Use a titan
for support if at all possible.

X: Phoenix leaps up and smashes the ground with its
Y: It slaps infront of itself with one paw/wing, then
the other.
B: Phoenix stands on its hind legs and spreads its
wings, spreading cynders on other Titans.

Special Moves: Touch - Touch the button and Phoenix
flaps its wings, spreading a lot of burning cynders
on your foes. With fully upgraded attack power, this
is usually enough to make some of the bigger Titans
Crash Can also walk through Magma when riding a

Name: Brat.
Number: #10.
Likes: Cool caves.
Dislikes: The Sun.
Height: 1 meter.
Weight: 35 kilograms.

Appearance: A rat standing on its hind legs with bat
wings. It also wears glasses.

Location: N-Sanity Jungle, N-Gin's Factory,
N-Trapment Temple, Tiny's Excavation.

Strategy: They're pretty easy. An upgraded punch or
two will stun or defeat them.

X: A flip.
Y: A kick.
B: Brat will shoot a sonic beam.

Special Moves: Touch - Touch the button and Brat will
emit a sonic beam. The sonic beam lasts longer than
the one when you hit B. It's slightly bigger as well.

Name: Bouncer.
Number: #11.
Likes: A spring in his step.
Dislikes: Bug spray.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 75 kilograms.

Appearance: At my first quick glance, I thought this
guy was a frog, but upon closer look, he's more of a
grasshopper. He stands on two legs that look a little
small in my oppinion. His head looks like Mr. T with

Locations: N-Gin's factory, N-Trapment Temple,

Strategy: You might want to look out for this guy's
special move, but titans prefer punches to special
moves anyway.

X: An uppercut.
Y: A straight punch.
B: Bouncer hops in a completely random direction and
lands with a thud.

Special Move: He hops in a random direction and
pounds the ground three times. The direction of the
hop changes each time, and randomly, so don't try
this around bottomless pits.
Bouncer also has an above-average jump height. Still
not as good as Crash's double jump.

Name: Pandebra.
Number: #12.
Likes: Racing stripes.
Dislikes: Sharp turns.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 100 kilograms.

Appearance: This'll be... fun. Pandebra is a mix
between a Panda and a Zebra. She has four legs and
two arms. Imagine a panda with a zebra's back half
extruding from the Panda's back. No good? Sorry.
How about a zebra with panda front-legs, a panda neck
and head, and panda arms coming out of what would be
the zebra's neck (but what is really the panda's
shoulders). Really sorry.

Locations: Wumpa Village (Event), N-Santity Jungle
(Event), Tiny's Excavation (Event).

Strategy: You never actually fight Pandebra: You
always start out on her in the slider events.

Moves- To control Pandebra, all you need to do is
slide Crash's symbol around the bar on the touch
screen to turn, and press any button (including L
or the control pad) to jump. Tapping the touch
screen also allows you to jump. Pandebra will run
forward automatically.

Name: Piganna.
Number: Lucky number 13.
Likes: Road hogs.
Dislikes: Pig roasts.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 150 kilograms.

Appearance: Piganna looks a lot like a pig. A real
pig, other than the snout, the shade of purple, the 
lack of ears, and the position of the eyes. The jaw
is very large, and there's a lot of teeth in there.
It has a  spiky back.

Location: Cortexbot.

Strategy: The one and only time you fight this guy,
you only have a couple of Joe Blows and Plugs at
your disposal, and this guy is tougher than others
his size. You'll need to be quick to get this guy.
After using up all the smaller titans, try a couple
of board smacks {(A)(Y)} and a combo if possible.

X: Piganna leaps up quickly and smashes the ground 
with its feet/jaw.
Y: It slaps infront of itself with one hoof, then
the other.
B: It jumps ahead and chomps anything infront of it.
Its teeth come out the side of its mouth.

Special Moves: Touch - Press the button to lunge
ahead and chomp what's infront of you. Piganna's
teeth pop out of its mouth.

Name: Joe Blow.
Number: #14.
Likes: Blowhards.
Dislikes: Windbreakers.
Height: 1 meter.
Weight: 35 kilograms.

Appearance: I'm going to say that it's a puffer-fish.
It stands on its hind legs and wears a suit and tie.

Location: Wumpa Jungle, N-Sanity Highlands,

Strategy: I like to target this guy first in groups.
Only one small enemy can be stunned at once, and I
prefer Joe Blow to other smaller titans. As with the
smaller titans, an upgraded punch or two will stun

X: A flip.
Y: A kick.
B: Joe Blow's head inflates quickly, stabbing any
near-by enemies.

Special Moves: Blow - Blow into the microphone and
Joe Blow's head will inflate. The spikes on its head
will hurt near-by titans. It lasts a couple of times
longer than pressing B.

Name: K. Modo.
Number: #15.
Likes: Heated arguements.
Dislikes: Breath mints.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 105 kilograms.

Appearance: In my oppinion, K. Modo looks like a
giant rat, but apparently its supposed to be a
komodo dragon. He wears brown pants, a tan shirt, and
black gloves and shoes. His skin is a grey-ish
brown-ish colour.

Location: Wumpa Village, N-Sanity Jungle, Tiny's

Strategy: One-on-one, a couple of fully upgraded
punches should do the trick. 

X: An uppercut.
Y: A straight punch.
B: Either it sticks out its tongue, it fires a lazer
beam, or it breaths a thin line of fire. I can't
really tell. The duration is short.

Special Moves: Blow - Blow into the microphone to
activate the tongue / beam / fire breath move, but
with a much longer duration.

Name: Spider Monkey.
Number: #16.
Likes: Soft toilet paper.
Dislikes: Diapers.
Height: 1.25 meters.
Weight: 35 kilograms.

Appearance: Quite clever, in my oppinion. A mix
between a spider and a monkey. It's mostly monkey,
but has two extra arms, spider leg-ends for hands and
feet, 8 eyes, and fangs. 
Also, I'm going to take this opportunity to say that
Spider Monkey talks the most, and has the most 
entertaining comments in all the game.

Location: Wumpa Jungle, Wumpa Village, N-Trapment
Temple, Tiny's Excavation, Cortex's Lair.

Strategy: An upgraded punch or two should stun or
take out Spider Monkey. These guys are often times
part of larger groups, and have given me trouble 
when I'm on a smaller titan and surrounded. Make sure
you're not cornered by these guys. Crash can double
jump out of a group, but a titan may have to fight
its way out.

X: A flip.
Y: A kick.
B: Spider Monkey throws a bannana.

Special Moves: Flick - Flick the bannana on the
touch screen to throw a bannana. I find this awkward,
and prefer to hit B. There is no difference between
hitting B and flicking the touch screen.

Name: Rhinostrich.
Number: #17.
Likes: Horning in.
Dislikes: Sand in his ears.
Height: 1.75 meters.
Weight: 160 kilograms.

Appearance: From the waist-down in a rhino (on two
legs), and from the waist to the shoulders is an
ostrich. The head, to me, looks like a vulture with
a horn on its nose. It also has an ostrich tail.

Location: Tiny's Excavation, N-Sanity Highlands,

Strategy: Just like any other titan of his size.
Jack a smaller enemy and then go for him.

X: An uppercut.
Y: A straight punch.
B: Rhinostrich fires 3 horns in different directions.
One goes infront of you, the other two equal angles
from the middle. Angles may vary.

Special Moves: Flick - I haven't noticed any
difference between flicking and hitting B, except the

Name: Witch Doctor.
Number: #18.
Likes: Voodoo rites, crackers.
Dislikes: Fire extinguishers.
Height: 1.5 meters.
Weight: 35 kilograms.

Appearance: You know those colourful parrots? Well,
Witch Doctor is one of those with a funny hat, a
skirt, and a bone through its beak. It holds a wand
that does not appear in the bestiary.

Location: Wumpa Village, N-Sanity Jungle, Tiny's
Excavation, N-Sanity Highlands.

Strategy: A few simple hits should stun it. Jump and
land on it with Aku Aku's board slide {(A)|R)} will
do considerable damage.

X: A flip.
Y: A kick.
B: Witch hits the ground and causes a small fire that
lasts half a second (approximately).

Special Moves: Blow - Blow into the microphone and
Witch Doctor hits the ground, causing a fire that
lasts a couple of seconds.

Name: Armydillo (No, not the guy from Donkey Kong 64)
Number: #18.
Likes: Out of line skating.
Dislikes: Speed bumps.
Height: 3 meters.
Weight: 200 kilograms.

Appearance: Nothing like the boss from DK64.
Armydillo stands on two legs, but has a slouch, and
will roll into a ball when jacked. It wears knee
pads, a helmet, and some sort of protection on his
shell. It has antena, which is weird because
armildillos are mamals. Its shell is dark green and
his skin is light green.

Location: N-Gin's Factory (Event), N-Sanity Highlands
(Event), N-Trapment Temple, Tiny's Excavation.

Strategy: When you get near him (in a fight),
it'll roll into a ball and try to hit you. Avoid it
and counter-attack. Remember: It can't make sharp
turns. Get in the right position and it'll just
circle you. Armydillo will sometimes come out of its
shell. It will use the shell as a sheild to block
attacks, but all you need to do is keep on hitting

Moves- To control Armydillo, you roll a little ball
on the touch screen. I know other games have done
this, but I haven't played them. Running into titans
will defeat them, but you will probably have to make
a couple of tackles.

Name: [Dr.] Neo [Periwinkle] Cortex. (I laughed at
that line at the start of the game :P)
Number: #19.
Likes: Himself.
Dislikes: Crash Bandicoot.
Height: 1.60 meters.
Weight: 59 kilograms.

Appearance: Dr. Cortex is the Main villain of not
only this game, but most of the series. He has a
large, yellow head with a large, silver "N" on his
forehead. He has a tuff of hair on the top of his
hair, and some more that brings his ears together.
He wears a white labcoat with black pants, boots, and

Location: Boss of the Cortexbot.

Strategy: As the Dr. said: This is done the old
fashion way: With an overly elaborate plan, an
ill-concieved robot, and more mutants (Cortex has
to be my favorite villain ever :D).

Remember before reading: This is the last boss fight!

First, go to one of the sides and jack a B. Honda.
This might be a tad more difficult than normal due to
Cortex's occasional swing at you. If B. Honda is
defeated, a Bouncer will appear. When that's gone, 
you get Porcurilla.
Remember that to attack Cortex, you'll have to stand
on a treadmil for 2/3 of this fight.
Now go and attack his robot's underbelly until it is
carried into the distance. Memorize the signs of an
eyebeam. Sure,it's not anything to worry about, but
you may as well hit |R) to deffend yourself, eh? Your
titan's special moves have a low chance of hitting,
so don't bother. When the robot's heart appears,
attack it for extra damage. This is the only time a
special attack would be acceptable, but not from
When he runs into the distance, follow him and 
repeat. He will be carried off another time. Follow
and repeat. After that, his Cortexbot will "boogie no

Compaired to previous looks: I prefer this style to
past looks. His head is less square, the shade of
yellow is lighter, and his hair has a blue tinge.

Name: Nina [Cortex].
Number: #20.
Likes: Scheming.
Dislikes: Command structure.
Height: 1.5 meters.
Weight: 50 kilograms.

Appearance: Unlike her uncle, Nina has a blue skin-
tone. She wears a black dress that goes nowhere near
her ankles. It looks like she's wearing a red tie.
She wears black boots, and she has robotic hands.
Her hair has 3 large spikes on the top, and she has 
two buck teeth.

Location: You play as Nina after every time you beat
a boss. She's also the boss of N-Sanity Island East,
and is playable for half of Cortexbot.


For her: Kicking animals might not be the best idea
in real life, but here it knocks them far enough to
blast with the raygun.

Against her: After watching a family fight between
the Cortexes, you'll drop onto a platform with Nina.
If you try to attack her, she will roll away. Let an
ice missle hit the ground and freeze her into place.
Notice the stars above her head? Yup, that's right:
It's jacking time! Use the Mutato-Raygun-3000 to
mutate the titans back into friendly barnyard animals
and let them hit Nina to damage her. Do this a couple
of times and let Nina run away.

X: Nina fires the Mutate-o-raygun 3000.
Y: A kick.
B: Nothing.

Special Moves: Spin - Spinning the dial on the touch
screen recharges the raygun.
Unlike the titans, Nina can roll, double jump, and
hang on to ledges.

Note: The only enemies Nina fights aren't titans, but cute
animals; like ducks, sheep, chickens, monkeys, and
pigs. Kicking them only pushes them backward, and
shooting them turns them into titans, who beam back
to wherever. They attack her by running up to her and
hearts fly everywhere.

Compaired to previous looks: Neo I liked slightly
better. Nina I prefer whole-heartedly. Her skin
has a darker tone, instead of a pale blue. Her eyes
have colour instead of just small black pupils. To
me, she looks over-all more intelligent.

Name: Tiny Tiger.
Number: #21,
Likes: Weightlifting.
Dislikes: Weaklings.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 90 kilograms.

Appearance: When I first saw Tiny's new look, I 
thought he looked like Tony the Tiger (Frosted 
Flakes) in a military uniform. 'Nuff said.

Location: Boss of N-Trapment Island.

Strategy: Walk forward a bit and you should see
Armydillo, which Crash will Jack automatically. Tiny
will do likewise. As he said, it's time to play Smash
the Bandicoot (The pun would've been better without
"the" in my oppinion). If you haven't noticed by
yourself, your health doesn't go down. Or if it does,
not by very much. Also take note that Tiny has no
health bar: The point of this battle is knock your
opponent out of the arena. So pull out your stylus
and let's get rolling (now that's a pun!). This can
be pretty tricky, but once you get him the battle's
over. Try counter-attacking him when he goes for
you, or pulling back and rushing him when he's on
the other side of the arena.

Compaired to previous looks: >.< This is a hard one.
On one hand, strictly talking about looks, I prefer
this new Tiny. But I really, really miss Tiny's
brainless incompetence. He's now a Mike Tyson parody.

Name: Dingodile.
Number: #22.
Likes: Shakespeare.
Dislikes: Winter.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 95 kilograms.

Appearance: A cross between a crocodile and a dingo.
Dingodile has a crocodile tail, more of a dingo-y
body, and a head that's equally both. He wears a pair
of blue jeans and he weilds a watergun, with a water
tank on his back. His body is a brown colour.

Location: Boss of Wumpa Island.

Strategy: As soon as you waltz in, Dingodile will
start shooting at you with his "shiny new gun." At
first his shots aren't too difficult to dodge, but
be carefull anyways. A double jump is good if you
can't run away in time. A couple of Whalephants
appear: take one over and hit Dingodile with your
blow hole. Hold |R) and block his shots as you run up
to him, as the Titans aren't as agile. After you
hit Dingodile a couple of times, he'll chuckle and
run away. Follow him. He'll be in the center of a
simailar arena. He'll also use similar attacks, so
defend yourself similar-ish. Once you hit him some
more, he'll run again. Although last time didn't
matter, you'll have to jump off Whalephant to pursue
this time. Once you catch up, take over another
Titan; I think you know what to do next. After one
last "Crikey" from our favorite Shakespeare-loving
mutant, you have a short time to collect mojo and
on-demand items that have been dropped.

Compaired to previous looks: There aren't too many
changes here. He's got a water gun instead of a flame
thrower now, and he has a slouch now (which could be
because of the new tank). His jaw is slightly bigger,
and his ears are farther apart now. He has pretty
much the same colouration as he did in Crash Nitro
Kart, except his tail is brown.

Name: [Dr.] N-Gin.
Number: #24.
Likes: Technology.
Dislikes: Short circuits.
Height: 1.25 meters.
Weight: 63 kilograms.

Appearance: A short, chubby little man with pale blue
skin. Oh yeah, he has a missle sticking out the side
of his head, and that half of his face is almost
completely metallic. It looks like his clothes are
also metallic. He wears dark-coloured gloves, and his
hair is dark blue.

Location: Boss of N-Sanity Island West.

Strategy: Once you appear you'll need to walk down a
short twisted hallway. I'm not going to fast, am I?
Good. Walk through the door to see a small cutscene
between N-Gin, Nina, and Crash. He attacks by
launching missles at you and summoning Titans.
Missles can be avoided by not standing where the big
red bullseyes are. Weaken the Titans enough to jack
them, then go for N-Gin. There are usually a couple
of Titans on the platform at all times, so you will
usually have two targets to deal with. Use your
Titan's special attack to help even those odds. Also:
Note that N-Gin's missles can hurt N-Gin himself. It
won't be long until the battle is over. Once he goes
bye-bye, you'll have a couple of seconds to grab mojo
and on-demand items. If you used the patchinko hints
I supplied, you could easilly fully upgrade by this
point, and using the Aku-Aku slide to grab all the
items works well.

Compaired to previous looks: Other than Crash Tag
Team Racing, N-Gin's skin used to be a normal pink,
he used to wear a normal lab coat, and his hair was
orange. Maybe that missle in his head is nuclear?

2.9 - A few final notes.

1) Most titans are polygon swaps of other titans with
different special moves. Only the appearance and
special moves separate Brat from Plug from Joe Blow
from Spider Monkey. I've tried to not repeat myself
for strategies, but a strategy for one titan will
work for a similar one. X and Y moves are a good
indication of whether a titan is a polygon swap of
another titan.

2) When you're on a titan, an Aku Aku icon will
appear in the top left hand corner. When you stun a
titan bigger/better than the one you're using, flick
the icon toward the titan to hop straight from one
titan to the other. It's a bit awkward, but safer for
Crash's health. Plus, you get a mojo bonus when you
do this. When you go from one titan to the next, the
value of the mojo you collect when on that titan
doubles. Direct-jack again, and mojo value is 3 times
normal. This goes up to 5 times the normal amount of
mojo. This makes reaching the mojo goal incredibly
simple. I've sometimes doubled, almost trippled, the
mojo goal. If a stunned titan is infront of you, or
to your left, it might be a good idea to pull Aku
Aku toward the middle of the screen, then flick him
toward the titan.

3) The stylus makes this game awkward, unless you're
on Armydillo or Pandebra. Use your fingernail when
you need to use the touch screen, and only pull your
stylus out for event matches, patchinko, or if you
find Armydillo in a level.

4) Don't be afraid to jack or un-jack titans. There
are many places where you need to hop off you're new
friend to move on. That being said, there are certain
jumping sections that reward you for surviving them
with a larger titan.
Even if there are only one or two titans in an area,
you might as well jack them anyway. Sure, if you
don't want to nobody's making you, but I ask you: Why

5) My strategies aren't the only way. I like the
Crash Spin, but there are other combos to explore and
expiriment with as well. Throughout this guide I used
the term "Punch" because I prefer to punch, but Crash
can kick as well.

6) There are items in this game, but that's something
I forget about until I actually get one of these
items. I've never "needed" the on-demand items. Use
them if you wish: I don't.

7) Because of all the mojo I got from playing 
patchinko, all my moves were fully upgraded long
before I beat the game. If you're no good at 
patchinko, even after the tips that come later, the
events are a nice way of gathering mojo.

3 - Patchinko.

For those of you who are confused about what 
patchinko is, don't worry, I didn't know what
"patchinko" meant either before this game. You may
have played it before and just didn't know what it
was called (like me). Basically, you have little
balls you have to flick by pulling a lever. They are
flicked into an upright circular board, and they fall
to the bottom. The point is to get the balls into
little baskets that are in the board. Different
baskets have different point values.

Crash of the Titans DS implemented a patchinko
board for each island. It costs 100 mojo for 5 balls.
You can win on-demand items, concept art, hacks on
the later boards, and a mojo jackpot. I don't know
exactly how much mojo you get from the jackpot, but
I know it's a couple hundred.

The prizes mentioned above are only available for
your first ball. After that, you can get more mojo,
but only 5, 10, or 15. You can fire all 5 balls
at once, which is actually a good strategy if the
big prize you want is near the top.

There are two simple things that make this so easy to
get what you want after a little tinkering on the

a) The balls go in more-or-less the same spot for the
same amount of pull on the lever.

b) Instead of having a plain patchinko machine, 
there's a nice pattern all around.

Don't get what I'm saying? Test out different angles
of pull, and pay attention to where the lever is in
comparison with the pattern of the machine. You'll
be able to make the same angle of pull every time,
and you'll get the same item 60-80% of the time. If
you fire all 5 balls at once, I'd approximate you'll
get your item 95% of the time.

I used the N-Sanity Island West patchinko board for 
mojo jackpots and concept art, and the N-Sanity
Island East board for hacks.

After you get all the concept art or hacks, their
icons will be replaced with 5 mojo.

3.6- If you want the mojo bonus for N-Sanity Island West,
look for a dark brown triangle by the lever. Aim the
lever exactly halfway between the triangle and the
dark brown line above it.

3.7- Concept art is a little trickier. Remember the dark
brown line we used before? Well, take the lever, and
bring it down so the top of the lever is a pixel or
two bellow the top of the brown line. Now, fire all
5 balls at that angle in rapid sucession. Don't
bother to re-aim, just tap the screen in the same
spot until you run out of balls. Probably only one
ball will make it to the right spot, but because the
basket is so close to the top, even your last ball
could get in it before any other balls get you un-
wanted prizes. But only if you did it fast enough.

3.8- For hacks on the N-Sanity Island East board, look at
the brown area that the handle touches. The area
that looks like an upside-down fiddlehead, or the
letter "d." Put the lever between the first two
blue thorns on the left side. Be careful in your
understanding!!! One of the thorns I'm refering to is
covered up by the lever normally. You shouldn't have
to move the lever much.

Clear as mud, eh? I'm sorry for all the headaches
this section created, including mine, trying to
explain it.

4- Credits 

The DS version of Crash of the Titans was developed
by Amaze Entertainment and Published by Sierra
Entertainment and Vivendi Games. Thanks for creating
such a cool and funny game.
I should also thank
Amaze for developing Bionicle Heroes (DS version),
and The Legend of Spyro: A New Begining (DS version).
Thank you Sierra for publishing Metal Arms: Glitch
in the System (Gamecube, XBox, PS2), which I
recomend to everyone.

Thank you Crash Mania. I used the character library
images to make my bosses' appearance comparisons,
although I didn't take any content. Scout's honour! 
^ Crash Mania's URL.

All typing was done by me. Titan locations, 
strategies, discription of appearances, discription 
of special moves, and (poor) discription of
patchinko was all done by your's truly.

And thanks to all of you who are actually reading
this. Doing "field research" for this game greatly
expanded the playtime of a normally short game.

5- Contact Me

E-mail me if you have a question or a comment. My 
e-mail is [email protected]. Do not add me to
your MSN: I won't accept. I'm sorry if I appear un-

And remember: I'm responsive to manners. If you're
being nice and say please, I'll probably listen
better than if you insult or mock me.

5.3- Examples of questions I will accept:

Isn't there supposed to be a Titan in X level? It
didn't say anything about it in your guide.

May I use this guide on my site / magazine / school
project on people who have no life, please?

Is there a way you could explain this clearer? I
don't get it.

Could you add X to your guide? 

5.4- Examples of questions I won't accept:

Is your refrigerator running?

Are you single?

What were you on when you wrote this?

Do I know you from somewhere?

6- Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

According to Gamefaqs, as soon as I submit this
guide, it's under copywrite protection. That means
I'd really appreciate it if you ask me before you put
it on your own site. Then again, who's desprate
enough to copy something I wrote? Maybe Zaphod
Beeblebrox is flying by with his infinite 
improbability drive? Maybe a sign of the appocolypse?

Here's a current list of sites that I've submited my
guide to:

-Gamefaqs (
-Crash Mania (
-Super Cheats ( (
-My own, personal site.

7- Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, by frequently, I may mean questions asked only
once, but no matter.

-How do you replay boss battles?

=You don't. Or at least I don't know how to, other
than starting a new file.

-I'm missing a crate in Wumpa Village.

=There are a couple hard crates to find, but the one
you're probably missing is When you use the
Whalephant to cross the water with Nitro Crates,
there should be a platform with a ledge you can climb
on. Climb up it and you should see a bronze mask.
Directly above this bronze mask is a ?-box. You'll
have to jump on another ledge to reach it.

-I'm having trouble reaching the mojo bonus on Tiny's

=See "A Few Final Notes" part 2. If you're having
trouble reaching any mojo goal, then you probably
don't know about this little trick.