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Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes duplicating items, infinite attack points and getting extra items and more money.

More Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest Cheats and Tips

We have 26 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest Questions & Answers page.

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Boost Level & Skill points

In game-play press L1, R2, Triangle and R3 with a Level 1 character and you will have control of the boosted character.

Faster Gate Scroll

When you want to warp to towns and back through using Gate Scrolls to sell excess inventory hold Square and press 'Select'. This will be faster than pressing 'Start' and going to 'Gate Scroll'.

Quick attacks

Press the block and attack button at the same time to do a quick strike with a one-handed weapon.
This is particularly effective in close quarter combat where you can do plenty of damage.

Level 20 Character- during a game, press and hol..

Level 20 Character- during a game, press and hold L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + R3. This makes your character level 20 with 75,000 coins and 999 skill points. This does NOT increase your character's main attributes.
Happy gaming

A better way

The level up cheat for a quick jump to level 20 is a great cheat... But, you lose all your attribute points that you'd gain by leveling the "hard way", but you have to if you're going to beat the harder levels (couragous & champion). Although the cheat is a godsend if you level up to 20 and use the cheat (L1,R2,L3,triangle), then you will have all your attribute points and get the skill points.

Duplicate stuff

To duplicate stuff save your game
Then drop the stuff you want to duplicate
After that press start, add/remove players
And import from where you just saved
Then pick up all your stuff on the floor
Hey presto you have duplicated your stuff


Duplicating items a different way

to do this, you have to have someone you want to take their stuff from then import them onto your game. After this, you should go to your inventory to drop their stuff and pick it up with the person you eant it with, Presto!

gather 7 trinkets for gol

Found 6 trinkets in the dungeons, Having trouble finding the 7th tricket. Have looked everywhere, still no luck. please help.

How to dupe

Duplicating items is pretty easy. Just follow these short steps...
1. Save the game!
2. Drop the item(s) you want to dupe.
3. Pause the game and select 'add/remove players'
4. Inport that same character from where you just saved
5. Don't worry when it says 'you will lose any unsaved data', just click 'ok' and then x to accept.
It will load and if you did it right you will have the item(s) in your invintory and on the ground where you dropped them.
It's also a great way to make money. Just dupe any 'True' or other expensive items.
(Dosen't work in online games)

How to get infinite experience points

Isolate a mage with a few minions and allow him to keep regenerating them while you take them out. Stay out of the direct path of the mage and dodge rains of magic.
ALSO, DON'T KILL OFF YOUR MAGE TOO SOON! then you have to go look for another one. Preferable weapons are standard, not poison burst fire, etc.

Level 20 and infinite attack points

Hold L1 and R1 and triangle during gameplay, then press R3.

Max lvl

To get the max lvl transfer your game as many times as you can then you will get to a high lvl.

Help with starting

When you start the game don't start a one player game instead start a two player, this means that you can choose your class (for the first character).
Choose the same for the second character then choose what your character will look like on your first character (the one your going to use).
Then don't set the attribute points for the second player instead go back to the first character and go back to the attribute points menu and when you look you will have the points that you set earlier and also 20 extra.
But there is one thing wrong with this cheat you can only get your levels to 100 and if you have everything to a hundred like for example:
Strength 100, intelligence 100,dexerty 100, stamina 100 this means that you will have like 15 points ..

Duplication cheat .need 2 controllers to do it {duplicates files

Ok, you ever get bored not geting the same weopen for dual wield?
Well heres ure anwser.start a new file,do the lvl 20 cheat and then press start,after that you willl see the import option import ure old character and then press x,then you play as the old dude take away all the stuff you want.
Then go to the import options again.
Delete him then import him to your game again and play as him take all the stuff you wanted to duplicate and viola it's done. remember if you don't want him on that file delete him.

Hit guy with arrows

If a guy with a shield keeps blocking your arrows, shoot him with a fire arrow. He'll block the arrow but still catch on fire. You must be a wood elf ranger to do this or have a bow with the fire ability

7 curiousities

When you come out of some of the dungeons, walk around the houses. Sometimes a curiosity will be there.

Ever wanted to keep something you can't hold???

Ever wanted to keep an item you have found, but you don't have the strength, or room to do so??? Well I have a neat solution for this problem. It's called a MULE... Typically, mules are pack animals who's sole purpose in life is to carry stuff. This can free up the space you may need for your character while keeping the item "handy" for use at a later time. How do you make a mule? Well, the best race I've found is the Barbarian. His strength bonuses are real easy to get, and his is accessible at a low level.
For my mules, I did some creative cheating... I played the game to the Cloud Giant King, on Champion, got him ALMOST dead, then saved the game. I then imported a level 1 barbarian with all stat points on strength, and equiped with 5 exploding potions from town. With these..

Maximun Stats

First, you need the Lv20 booster. You know that if you use it you won't get certain stats. Well, just play with that character or other characters until you get right before the Champion-difficulty Cloud King. Save there, defeat him, and save after that in a different slot. Then what you need to do is go back to the first save and swap out your old person for the newer one. Use the Lv20 cheat to bring it down to Lv20. Remember, DO NOT TAKE OFF THE WEAPONS, ARMOUR, ETC. OFF YOUR PERSON!!! Fight the King again, and you'll be Lv50, again! Continue until max or desired. Thank you.


Now, this game genre is sometimes referred to as a 'Diablo Clone'. Diablo has a stash system, where you can put armour and weapons you do not want to carry around into battle. As you may have noticed, there is no stash in CoN. Not one that looks like a chest, that is.
If you have need of somewhere to store your items you cannot use yet, the closest thing to a stash is to create a mule character, right? But the downside is that you must also maneuver that mule around, thus slowing you down. Now, if you are in a game, save (game #1) and exit to the main menu. Start a new game (#2) and create a character on any mode, preferably a Barbarian. Now use the 100 pt. Exploit. (Using two controllers, make one character completely and go to the second. Thengo to the skill distribution tab..

become lvl 80 on Champions Of Norrath

I have no idea how I got this but I think it was my gameshark. I used unlimited exp. Cheat. Save (after all the lvl. Ups to 50)restart the PS2 and reloaded the save. I was than able to become lvl. 60 (without gameshark cheat). When I fell down the pit in the vampire place I was able to become lvl.80


If you kill one of the strange zombies that you find in the caverns of the fallen, It can somtimes come back to life, If you kill one and wiggles around drops stuff it's dead but if it just falls over and stays like that with it's knees up, it will get back up. So be careful!

Gate scrolls

If you use a gate scroll, because you can't carry any more, don't do it by the thing you can't pick up. Because when you come back, it won't be there.

Get lev 20

During gameplay hold down these buttons L1,R2,triangle,R3 then let them go u also will have 75,000 gold and 999 exp points......!

Enchanted skeleton

If you wan't an enchanted skeleton you need a dark elf and a barbarian do the level 20 cheat to both then summon a skeleton if not enchanted have your barbarian cyclone and if sucsesful the skeleton should die then keep doing so untill you get enchanted skeleton

Care to take a new character to level 19, 39, or 50 in a hurry??

This cheat is more of a loop-hole left in the game. Play the game till you get to the Tower of Clouds. Here you want to find, and fight the Cloud Giant King. DO NOT KILL HIM!!!! Just take him down to REAL low health.
When you have accomplished this, then run from the fight. MAKE SURE HE DOES NOT FOLLOW YOU DOWN THE PATH!!! Go to the save point, and then Save your game. Now create your new character, purchase exploding potions, and then get imported to the saved game you just made. Kill the Cloud Giant King. If you are on Adventerous, you will come out at level 19. If you are on Courageous, you will be level 39. If you are on Champion, then you will be level 50.
You will also get skill points, and stat points as if you leveled up the long, and hard way.

Extra items, and money.

I found this out by accident, but it was so funny I had to do it more. In the Beginning of the game load up on explodeing potions, then throw them at the guards. Some take 3 hits, others take 7, they explode when killed with the potions. You can kill almost all of the guards. Depending on the area you get different quality items, in Kelithen, you get normal low items, once in a while a really good one, but hardly. In greater faydark they drop some pretty good stuff. They drop a fairly good ammount of money too. Have fun.

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