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Follow the dark path or use the light
Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest Pack Shot

Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest

Game Reviews for Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest


Quick Reviews

Champion of Norrath Review Added 30 Jul 2013, ID #34288
I find this game, though has some boring and sometimes repetivive missions, is overall a good game. The graphics are great, but the feature on the caseing, 'Random Dungeon Generator' really means play it through a few times and you've seen all there is to see. Now the parts may change slightly, and the same type of dungeon is not f=going to be in every game, in the same order for example (Dungeon 1.0 and then Dungeon 2.0 aren't going to be in that order again for a few games later, it's going ot be Dungeon 1.0 and Dungeon 2.2 or Dungeon 2.3 or something like that)

The import feature is probably the best part of it. You can find a good weapon you want a lower level character to use (or your friend) and give it to them. Or, my favorite use: using it to duplicate the best armour sets and Socketable items. Warning, the game doesn't seep to like you if you do this. You will get many, many glitches for doing this alot.

Most characters are good, but some are just almost useless for singleplayer. The Cleric, for example. The Cleric has some great party healing spells and good group spells, but in single-player, are next to useless. Also, did I mention, the Cleric can only use a mace or club? No swords, axes, bows, or staves, which are the better weapons in the game!

There is no auto-save, which makes power-outages and accidents a pain, though saving often helps ease the pain.

Spells and weapons are awesome, if you know what you're doing, and itams to be put in sockets are mostly good, but some are useless, like the Carpace. It makes you use a socket to increase your armour, but here's the catch. It only works in weapons!

This is an overall great game, and I recommend people to buy it, but not to use the import feature too much.

Added 20 Jun 2006, ID #21670
Ok, I bought this game used thinking how can I go wrong, an RPG for $9.00. Well, I was half right, here is a great 2 player hack & slash.

Albeit, the storyline is alright, if not a tad cliche, but this game more than makes up for it in action. Plain and simple, "Don't buy this game if you're looking for a true RPG!" If you want action, set in a fantasy type enviornment, this is your game.

As for an actual RPG, I found the world far too linear, much like storyboards and not like exploring. Also there is only one shop in each act.

I know Diablo paved the way for these types of "neo-rpg's", but what happened to huge game worlds and 50 different towns with 10 shops in each, and a tavern and inn... what about sub-quests and side missions, and hundreds of interactable NPC's that sometimes has valuable information but mostly says crap like "nice day today" or "aren't you hot in all that armor" ?

Well, I'm getting nostalgic so... the graphics in this game are good for the most part, a bit choppy during big battles, but the characters are well done, with limited customization. The music is epicly boring, but the options menu lets you put an end to that.

It has fair replay value because it has multiple difficulties, (I'm on the last one now), and it is cool seeing just how pwerful you can make your character. Overall, good game, just don't pay more than $20 bucks for it.
Champions of Norrath Added 25 Sep 2004, ID #10907
This is a really great game, I've just got it and I can't stop playing. It's possibly the best PS2 rpg yet.
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