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Black PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Find out how to unlock Black Ops difficulty, BFG machine gun for Veblensk city and the x5 Zoom with the sniper rifle. We also have the code that unlocks the M16A2 assault rifle.

More Black PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Black please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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BFG Unlockables

Unlock BFG

To access the BFG enter the following code: FG6S-WFZG-7MDP-PZGT.

City Streets level-Unlock BFG (M249 Machine Gun):

Enter any of the following codes as your 'Profile' name making sure you also enter the dashes. When the code is done click 'Done' and you'll be able to enter your real profile name. If you have entered the code correctly When you begin the first level you'll have an M249 machine gun instead of your normal gun.




Unlock x5 Zoom with the Sniper Rifle

Need to zoom in more with your Sniper Rifle? All you have to do is press R3 to zoom in x2 and press 'Up' on the D-pad as if you're changing the firing method and if you've done it correctly you'll now be able to scope in X5.

Secret weapon

On the first level just before you go into the mueseum at the 4 way intersection if you go in the last building on the right and up the stairs I think you get a secret uzi.


Unlock Black Ops Difficulty:

On Hard difficulty setting clear ALL stages.

Unlock M16A2:

Clear the game on BlackOps for an M16 w/ URGL attachment.

Unlock Silver Weapons:

Weapons will be silver with unlimited ammo when you clear the game on Normal or Hard difficulty setting.

How to enter tivliz asylum

I stuck trying to enter the tivliz asylum

M203 Grenade Launcher in Naszaran Town

There is a hidden M203 grenade launcher in the third mission of Black. Once you reach the checkpoint (after killing all of the snipers) head to the upper left hand corner of the area and you will see a shed. Open the door and inside will be an M203 Grenade launcher!


How to "Quickscope" in Black

We all know that the term "Quickscope" originated from the Call of Duty series. Well, I've found a way on how to do it in Black. First off, you need a Sniper, such as the WATHER 2000. Next, press the L1(Sight in) and R1 at the same time then immediately press L1 again. This will cause the gun to glitch so that the scope is visible. Now, in order to kill an enemy using this technique, get the enemy in the middle of the scope and shoot. That's all there is to it!


How to get m16 without completing game (temporary)

In the mission Tiviz Asylum when you get to the bit after the beggining of the level get through that and play till you get to the part when you see a guy with a shield for the first time kill him and all the others then go to the last door to your left once inside shoot at the wall then go and pick it up keep it in your inventory though because there is ammo for it later on in the level

Silencing weapons

It took me a while to figure this out, so...

To silence one of your weapons, collect the appropriate suppresor and press the triangle button to attach it to your weapon. Doing this allows you to shoot your bullets more accurately and quietly.

Small Hint : Healthpack

In the second level, at the very start, go inside the small house and you will find a health pack and I think there is some ammo there too.


After reaching your two team-mates in the street, do not go near them. Instead, go inside the little room without a wall on the with the blue poster thing on the ground. Go up the stairs, and once you have the uzi, use it to pick off the two guys standing on the platform across from you. Once they are "taken care of", use your AK47 (single shot conserves ammo) to pick off the guys near the cars, near the museum and over the other side of the intersection at the rubble.


In the fifth level, the Asylum, when you get to the part where you have to blow apart the walls to get through, and move in and out of the hallway, once you get to the end, go inside the last room on the left at the end of the hallway. Blow apart the wall, and go into the second part of the room. There resting against the wall is your pride and joy, the M-16! Swap one of your two weapons for the M-16, because it is quite powerful. The bad part is that there is no more ammo that you can pick up for it, so when you run out, just go back and ditch it, getting back your old weapon.

A few good tips

Ok 1st off the basics

Fix the controls to what suits you best

Say if you play time splitters future perfect

You might like to format it like that

Now for the actual tips

1. Reload when not in combat, this is just common sense

2. Use a weapon that you get alot of ammo for

3. Use health packs sparingly, just walk over the small ones to heal yourself

4. Try the stealth aproach, hitting sum1 from behind or using a headshot is a garanteed way to save ammo and health

5. Look at your surroundings, when you are shot at quickly walk to a corner and duck down, peer around the corners taking quick pop shots

6. Save ammo by tossing a grenade, and firing a few rounds to keep the enemy over it

7. This is pretty much pointless, but if y..

More Stuff

Sorry about the delay

Im not sure if any1 even likes black anymore

But I still do and I'm going to give more tips

Ok here we go

1. This 1 takes practice but makes the shotgun as fast as a pistol, go to a level wer lots of shotgun ammo is available (or have silver weapons)

It works great with ether shotgun but the remmington has more rounds and the spas12 has more fire power so it's up to u

But when you fire, the exact second you fire, switch to your other weapo and switch back

If you did it fast enuf you'll instantly be able to fire again

2. Faster shotgun reloads

Once you've loaded the klast round quickly switch weapons and switch back

Its only a lil bit faster

But it adds up

Using tip 1 and 2 together can get..

Use for melee attack

Get in close to the guy your shooting and when he recoils from the shots hit circle a few times. Use it when you have to reload too or you're in a big group. Also take some time when you are sniping and get a clean head shot.

Hidden healthpack

In the nazran town where your about at the end there is a hidden health pack. The pack is in the blown up building near the road with the barb wire the pack in a pile of debris near a doorway. The health pack is there even if your in normal, hard, or black ops missions.


Here's a quick guide to the enemies you'll see and how to deal with them without dying: the stars below are how annoying theyt are out of 5.

Normal enemy: these are the most common. Their weapon changes depending on the level, but it's usually either an SMG or an Assault Rifle. Not too hard to deal with on their own, but they often gang up. It's a good idea to use the same type of gun as them because that'll mean you'll have plenty of ammo.


Shotgun enemy: these are armed with shotguns and have lots of body armour on. Their shotguns do a lot of damage, so it's a good idea to take care of these guys from a distance with a ranged weapon so they can't shoot you. If they appear at close range, use a shot gun or magnum and aim for the head.



Silver Weapons

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by normal, try beating the game on easy. After that you'll receive Silver Weapons. Also if you need to get motivated, try listening to some heavy metal or anything that gets you in the mood... To kill.



Black SLUS-21376

30 FPS








Invincibility 1


Invincibility 2


Invincibility 3


Invincibility 4






Ammo 1


Ammo 2


Some Codes...

First of all, I want to verify that there are absolutely NO cheats for this game. Although, I have below a collection of codes to put as your profile name, which will get you the M249 Machine Gun ( a very big gun with lots of firepower) at the start of the game.

Make this your Profile name:


If that didnt work, try these:

HQ6G - 7P3B - C5L5 - PZGT


EG4P - ZGUJ - 6SQJ - 3X68

I hope these codes help you, and, if you wish to have them confirmed, check the cheats that were submitted by Team SuperCheats.

Chewin Metal

Have you noticed how your heart races when you have to battle whilst inside enclosed buildings? Your red indicator flashes from all directions and you can define the different kinds of weapons opening up on you by either tempo or intensity, do you back away, sidestep hoping for the best as your lifebar disintegrates? No! Get stuck into them!! A few short bursts will make them get their heads down then move in close and use the circle button, listen to the thud of metal on flesh. If you don't feel vindicated use a bigger weapon; more weight less work, my personal best is four with two health pickups, or you could always stay outside pickin daisies!!! Caz.

Hidden healthpack

In naszran town there is a hidden healthpack near the 2nd rpg guy. It's in the building that has barb wire on the left side of it and it's next to a road. The pack is under a pile of debris near a doorway

Unlock BFG for Veblensk City

Enter 4SUD-A2DX-8EBU-KFFX as your profile name.

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