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PlayStation 2

All contents for Black on PlayStation 2


Find out how to unlock Black Ops difficulty, BFG machine gun for Veblensk city and the x5 Zoom with the sniper rifle. We also have the code that unlocks the M16A2 assault rifle.

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Hints & Tips

A collection of hints and tips to for you to check out and includes how to get the M16 without completing the game, finding a hidden health pack and how to enter Tivliz asylum.

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Questions & Answers
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We have 4 Walkthroughs for Black.

We have several FAQ/Walkthroughs for you to look through and includes a weapons guide and a black ops difficulty objectives guide.

By SlashFAQ/Walkthrough (PS2)

By davee_pWeapon Guide (PS2)

By Raj21994Black Ops Difficulty Objectives (PS2)

By GTRagnarokBlack Ops Guide (Xbox)

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