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Black Ops Difficulty Objectives

by Raj21994

Black: Black Ops Guide by GTRagnarok
Version Final, Last Updated 2007-04-17 View/Download Original File
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Black Ops Guide
By:  GTRagnarok
Version:  Final

Version History
------- -------

Version 1.0  - 2/25/06
- Finished guide

Version 1.01 - 3/2/06
- Just fixed a few things here and there
- Added an entry into the Miscellaneous section

Version 1.02 - 3/11/06
- More things here and there
- Added a small strategy guide for the last room in Spetriniv Gulag

Version 1.03 - 3/24/06 
- Some more small fixes to make some parts less confusing

Version Final - 6/28/06
- Made a minor change in Naszran Town
- I won't be messing with this guide again

1. About This Guide
2. Levels
  2.1 Veblensk City Street
  2.2 Treneska Border Crossing
  2.3 Naszran Town
  2.4 Naszran Foundry
  2.5 Tivliz Asylum
  2.6 Vratska Dockyard
  2.7 Graznei Bridge
  2.8 Spetriniv Gulag
3. Miscellaneous
4. Copyright And Legal Stuff
5. Contact
6. Conclusion

1. About This Guide

     This guide is for those that are having trouble with the Black Ops
difficulty in this game.  I'm only going to focus on where each objective is
found in each level.  You'll have to deal with the enemies yourself as you 
go along.  The enemies shouldn't be a problem since they're pretty much the 
same as on Hard and especially since you have infinite ammo and an M16A2.  
Just launch a grenade at everything. :) 

     Also, make note of the fact that you won't be able to follow this guide 
step for step.  Something is bound to be destroyed out of order from my steps.
But it's not that big of a deal.  The most important thing is that you have 
the correct number of objectives before each checkpoint.  Anyways, on to the
first level.  

2. Levels

2.1 Veblensk City Street - 19 objectives
    -------- ---- ------

1  - Blast through the door and blow up the car for your first objective
2  - Turn right and blow up another car ahead of you
3  - In the area to the left of the two cars is a large pile of rubble.  In 
     the middle of it is an explosive
4  - Go back to the second blown up car and look down the street for an
     explosive on the wall to the right
5  - Follow the wall on the right into a building and pick up the Recon that
     is laying right in front of you
6  - Head up the stairs right next to the Recon and pick up the hidden Uzi
7  - Drop down and look above the museum entrance for an explosive
8  - Now look above the room to the left of the museum and you'll see a
     cannon.  Beside the cannon is another explosive
9  - Head into the room under the cannon and shoot the laptop
10 - Head opposite of the museum entrance into an alleyway and shoot the
     explosive next to the fence blocking your way
11 - Go back and into the museum and up the first set of stairs to collect 
     the Intel on the wall
12 - Head up the stairs to the left and pick up the Intel on the ground
13 - Head out the museum and drop down to the second area of the level.  Shoot
     the explosive leaning on the phone booth next to the RPG in front of you 
14 - Directly opposite that explosive is a room with another laptop
15 - Back on the street, look up towards the sky towards the tall tower with
     an RPG guy.  Beside him is an explosive
16 - Continue down the street and shoot the truck
17 - Next to the truck to the left is a little booth with the last laptop
18 - Shoot the car that's in plain sight
19 - Head towards the exit while taking the last objective on the wall


2.2 Treneska Border Crossing - 28 objectives
    -------- ------ --------

1  - Blow up the explosive right in front of you
2  - Continue foward while staying on and taking the left paths to reach a 
     fence with an explosive
3  - At the small bridge, there are low paths that you can take to the left
     and right of the bridge.  Take the left path and blow up the explosive
     at the base of the gun tower ahead of you
4  - Blow up the truck that's also beneath the tower
5  - Head inside the house that you blew open from the explosive.  Go 
     through it and out and then head inside the second house.  Head up the 
     stairs here to find a safe
6  - Head back down the stairs and turn left to find the exit of this 
     building. Standing at the doorway, there is an explosive in front of 
     you across the road 
7  - To the left of the explosive is a truck
8  - Now turn right of the explosive that you blew up on objective 6 to find 
     a house across the road.  Head over to it, blow open the door, and head
     inside for an Intel
9  - Head out this building and head inside the building next to the truck 
     for a second safe
10 - Head out,turn right, and continue forward a little to find a red explosive
     that's in plain sight
11 - Opposite the tower that's in front of you is an entrance to another 
     section of the last house you entered. Grab the Intel
12 - At one point, after killing enough enemies, an RPG guy should've blown 
     up the gate for another objective
13 - Head past the gate and blow up the truck and continue through the tunnel


14 - Once out of the tunnel, move a little forward and look to your left for
     a dirt path.  Follow it all the way to the end and you'll see a cabin 
     to your left.  Inside is a laptop
15 - Now follow the small path along the river.  At the end, turn right and 
     head up.  You'll reach a small bunker thing.  From here, look across the
     road and you should see a big round hill.  Atop it is the hidden RPG
16 - Move on to the bridge.  Blow up the first truck
17 - Blow up the second truck
18 - At the end is an explosive to the left
19 - Head inside the house you just tore open and pick up the Intel.  Keep 
     going forward to the next checkpoint


20 - Continue through the narrow path.  Once in the open field, don't go left
     but go straight ahead to reach a busted up building.  Turn left and 
     follow the visible path you see on the ground.  After a while, there'll 
     be a fork.  Take the right path.  Soon there's another fork.  Take the 
     right one again.  If you look ahead, there will be a couple of guys 
     standing around a fire. In that area is the Recon Objective
21 - Head back to the second fork and continue on the left path.  You'll 
     reach another road.  Turn right on that road to reach the farm.  As 
     you're entering the farm, shoot the first big silo that you see on the
22 - Shoot the other silo further ahead
23 - Shooting the second silo should've destroyed the tractor thing next
     to it
24 - It should've also destroyed a blackmail
25 - Shoot the white truck laying around
26 - Head inside the tall building next to the second silo.  Climb the stairs 
     for an Intel
27 - Exit this building and enter the huge mansion-like building.  On the 
     first floor is a laptop
28 - At the top floor of this building is the final objective


2.3 Naszran Town - 34 0bjectives
    ------- ----
1  - Move forward to the open field and shoot the car
2  - Look to the right and shoot the explosive
3  - Look to the left and shoot the explosive
4  - Continue forward and shoot the explosive in front of the house
5  - Look to left side of the house for another explosive 
6  - Enter the house and go into the basement for a safe
7  - Go back up and climb the stairs for an Intel.  Exit the building and 
     continue foward past the first checkpoint and into the next big open 


8  - At the entrance to the open field, move forward a little on the little
     path on the ground to see an explosive ahead of you
9  - Turn left and follow the central path towards the bridge that you see
     ahead.  As you're nearing the bridge, look to your left for an explosive
     leaning on a fence
10 - Now look to the right for another one
11 - Get onto the bridge and look ahead for explosives at the base of a 
     monument thing
12 - On either side of the bridge are two buildings.  Go behind the
     cylindrical one on the left of the bridge to find a small shed with 
     the hidden M203
13 - Also in the shed is a safe
14 - Head back to the monument mentioned in objective 11.  Behind it is a car
15 - Enter the building here and blow up the first door with a grenade.  
     In the process, a blackmail should also be destroyed.  If you knocked 
     down the door with regular gun fire instead of a grenade, the blackmail
     safe is under the house after objective 16
16 - Move to the back of the house and grab the Intel on the cabinet before 
     dropping down


17 - Follow the underground path until you come outside.  Outside, keep
     following the path.  At the first right turn, kill the RPG guy in the 
     far building
18 - Continue on the path and under a small tunnel.  Outside, kill the RPG
     guy that's far ahead and a little to the left
19 - Once the enemies start appearing again, look to the left and far ahead
     at the building with the pink roof.  It has another RPG guy
20 - Okay, this area is pretty big so bare with me.  From the small tunnel
     that you emerged from, the path branches in three directions.  Take the
     left one and head towards the build with the pink roof mentioned
     earlier.  Inside, you will find an Intel
21 - Coming out that building, head left and up the slope to encounter an 
     RGP guy straight ahead
22 - Enter the hole in the building to your left and climb the first set of
     stairs.  Next to the second set of stairs is a blackmail briefcase
23 - Climb the second set and go to the right to find a set of stairs going
     down.  Take the Intel on the wall behind the stairs before going down


24 - Continue on and you'll soon drop down to the ground floor.  Keep going
     forward and you shouldn't miss the Recon under the table
25 - Continue on outside and follow the one-way path.  Once this path ends
     as it meets another one, turn right and shoot the RPG guy ahead and
26 - Keep going further and there'll be another RGP guy to your right high
     atop a building
27 - Head inside the hole into the building in front of you.  Here, take the
28 - Also shoot the Blackmail briefcase under the table
29 - Head back out and turn left to continue on until you reach a huge open
     field.  To your left should be an RPG guy in a building with a pink roof
30 - After killing enough enemies, an RPG guy should appear in the buildings
     a little to left
31 - Directly opposite those buildings is the last RPG guy
32 - In the middle of the battlefield, is structure that stands out.  Shoot it
33 - Push on straight ahead towards the exit of the level.  Just before the 
     bunker at the exit are some explosives in plain sight
34 - Blow up the explosives behind the bunker for your last objective


2.4 Naszran Foundry - 33 objectives
    ------- -------

1  - Immediately look down and blow up the truck
2  - Go down the stairs and continue forward.  You'll see that the path goes
     left and right.  Head right.  There should be a bulldozer in front of
3  - Continue up the path on the right.  After a while, you'll have to go
     down a conveyor belt thing into a building.  Inside the building, pick
     up the Recon
4  - Drop down and head backward.  As you're going backward towards the start
     of the level, look to your right for a small building that contains a
5  - Now continue forward towards the minefield.  Along the way, you can't
     miss the crane to your right
6  - Continue on and drop down into the minefield. In this area, there 5
     explosive containers that you can't miss unless you're blind.  Blow up
     the first one
7  - The second one
8  - The third one
9  - The fourth one
10 - The fifth one
11 - Next to the fifth and furthest away container is a small building.
     Inside is an Intel
12 - Opposite this building is a large building with a bunch of glass
     windows.  In front of the building are a couple of gas stations.  Blow
     them up
13 - After getting past the minefield, look straight ahead to see a truck
     under a tower with an RPG dude.  Blow up the truck and continue into the


14 - Once out of the tunnels, keep going until you're forced to go up some
     inclines to your left.  Up here, continue forward to reach the huge
     warehouse.  Shoot the forklift in front of the warehouse before entering
15 - As soon as you enter the warehouse, look to the left to find 4 containers
     hanging from the ceiling.  Blow up the first one
16 - Second one
17 - Third one
18 - Fourth one
19 - Head over to where the four containers fell and look to the right for a
     greenish container.  Boom
20 - From here, look right again to find a shed straight ahead of you.  Blow
     down the door and go inside for the hidden Magnum
21 - Also get the Blackmail objective in this shed
22 - Make your way around the warehouse and go up the stairs to the second
     floor.  On the second floor, as you're walking towards the exit of the
     warehouse, there is an Intel on the wall to the left
23 - Head outside, turn right, and start walking along the catwalk. If you
     look down below, you should see a blue car
24 - Move a few steps along the catwalk and you'll see a forklift down below
25 - Continue on the catwalk and go up the stairs to your right.  Once up the 
     stairs, turn left and launch a grenade at the guys shooting at you.  You 
     should get a destruction objective
26 - Continue on and shoot some more guys on the left for another destruction
27 - After you get off the catwalk and onto the ground, continue on until you
     reach the small bridge that has the RPG in the middle of it.  Turn left 
     and blow up one of the two orange structures you were walking on
28 - Blow up the second one
29 - Continue forward a little more and look under the stairs ahead of you
     for an Intel briefcase.  Now climb those stairs and continue on to the
     next checkpoint


30 - Follow the path until you get to the next room.  Turn left and enter
     another room.  In here, make your way to the other side where the
     stairs leading up to the second floor is.  Grab the Intel off the wall
     at the base of the stairs before climbing it
31 - Climb the stairs and go forward all the way to the wall.  Turn right
     and shoot the laptop in the room across the gap
32 - Complete your primary objectives and exit this room.  Move on to the
     new room that just opened up.  Make your way all the way to the back of
     this room and get the last Blackmail objective in the small sectioned
     off room
33 - Climb the ramps nearest to this small room and grab the last objective
     off the wall


2.5 Tivliz Asylum - 26 objectives
    ------ ------

1  - Move forward and drop down the hole.  Move through the courtyard and into
     the large battlefield.  Right in front of you are 4 trucks.  Shoot the 
     first one
2  - The second one
3  - The third one
4  - The fourth one
5  - On the path to the left after the first four trucks is another truck
6  - Follow the left path until it splits left and right again.  In the
     middle of the split is another truck
7  - Take the left path again.  Notice the tank to your right.  Beside it is
     a hard to see truck
8  - Continue on past the fork to the right.  Turn the corner and shoot the 
     container ahead of you
9  - Go past the container into the small room on the left to find a safe
10 - Go out the room and continue on the path.  Take the right path again
     when it splits.  You'll be in an enclosed area with a room on the left
     that has an Intel
11 - Go back to the split and take the other path now.  There's once again a
     split.  Go right towards the crane on the ground.  In front of the crane
     is a tall pile of rubble with two hard to see trucks stuffed inside.  
     Blow up one
12 - The other one
13 - In front of the entrance to the asylum is a truck
14 - Beside that truck is a tank.  Laying right beside the tank is another 
     hard to see truck
15 - And beside THAT truck is another one.  Go inside the asylum
     (blow up the bunker blocking your way with explosives. Make sure that
     you're actually damaging the bunker walls with your grenades.  Some
     people just throw the grenades through the opening and don't realize that
     they're not damaging it) for a checkpoint


16 - Follow the path until you reach a large room filled with all kinds of 
     stuff.  Next to the stairs leading up to the second floor is a forklift
17 - Head upstairs.  Enter the room with the breakable wall.  Blow it apart.
     Go forward and blow the next two walls to reach the last room which has 
     a safe
18 - On the opposite side of this room is another room with breakable walls.
     Break it down and collect the hidden M16
19 - Continue forward onto the second floor of the large room we were in.  
     The only way to go is left into a long room with a bunch of windows on 
     the right wall.  At the end of this long room is an Intel on a desk
20 - Go out the doorway and enter another doorway nearby.  Continue up the 
     stairs here to reach a shower room.  Head towards the other end of this
     room and there'll be stairs to your left and to your right.  The ones 
     on the right takes you to an Intel
21 - The ones on the left takes you to a briefcase
22 - Continue on through the doorway between the two stairs.  In this long
     hallway, the second room on the right has a laptop
23 - The last room on the left has an Intel.  Continue on to the next


24 - Go down the twisting stairs and enter the small side room for the Recon
25 - Now enter the large room.  Near the two stairs at the other end of the 
     room are two small rooms to your left and right.  The one on the right
     has a laptop
26 - Now climb the stairs on the left and enter the small room on top for 
     last objective


2.6 - Vratska Dockyard - 38 objectives
      ------- --------

1  - Walk down the path and before the turn to the left, look ahead and above 
     to see a crane.  Launch a grenade at it
2  - Follow the path as it turns to the right twice.  As you're moving forward
     towards the burning crane, look to your left inside the red shipping 
     container for the hidden Walther 2000
3  - Make your way through the twisting path full of shipping containers.  
     When a large ship is in your sight, take a right and make your way to
     the base of the crane for a hidden Intel
4  - Head back, continue forward, and climb the stairs into the second 
     control room.  Inside, grab the Recon on the shelf
5  - Head back down and continue forward towards the gun tower.  Shoot the 
     explosive at the base
6  - Climb the nearby stairs and move on to the small room which has an Intel.
     Continue on past the checkpoint


7  - Continue on and you'll find a small room.  Blow down the door and grab 
     the Intel inside
8  - Keep going until you come outside again.  Turn left and blow up the blue
9  - Cross the small bridge to your left onto the other side.  Here, you'll
     find explosives under a small building
10 - Next to the explosive is another forklift
11 - Climb the stairs into the small building above the explosives for an 
12 - Continue on past the yellow truck to find a forklift in front of you
13 - Look in the corner of the buildings to your left.  There should be an
14 - The explosion should've also destroyed a laptop inside the building.  
15 - Continue on to the next area that's filled with a bunch of stuff.  
     In the small gate booth to your left is a safe
16 - On the right, near the water, there's an explosive
17 - On the left, there are two silos and a small building.  Blow up a silo
18 - The second silo
19 - The small building
20 - Below the small building are some explosives
21 - Beside those explosives on the other side of the chain fence is a
22 - In the middle of the area are 4 cars.  Destroy the first one
23 - The second one
24 - The third one
25 - The fourth one
26 - Above the exit of this area are two explosives.  Blow the first one
27 - And the second one.  Head through the doorway under the two explosives
     to the next checkpoint


28 - Make your way around the stuff in the middle of the room to the stairs 
     leading up to the second floor.  At the base of the stairs is the last 
29 - Head up the stairs to the next room.  There'll be a guy standing by a 
     window.  Go to where he was standing and look down at the base of the 
     tower to find some explosives
30 - Move on through this room and head back down.  At the bottom, turn left
     and go to the base of the tower you just destroyed.  Here, climb one set 
     of stairs and go inside the small room for a safe
31 - Head out the other exit of this room and down the stairs.  Above you, you
     should see a crane
32 - Continue on a bit for another crane
33 - Take a few more steps for a third crane
34 - Next to the third crane on the ground is a large yellow container
35 - Move on a little further for a fourth crane
36 - On the ground next to the fourth one are 3 of the yellow containers.  
     Blow the first one
37 - The second
38 - And the third


2.7  Graznei Bridge - 16 objectives
     ------- ------

1  - Move forward a little bit under the bridge and look up through one of
     the holes on the ground to find a car
2  - Go up either stairs on the sides and continue on to find a car beside
     the first bus
3  - There's also a car beside the second bus
4  - Continue past the fourth bus.  In the area before the first wall
     barrier, there are three cars.  Blow the first one
5  - The second
6  - The third
7  - Go through the gap in the wall and continue all the way to the end of
     this section of the bridge to where the two buses are.  Near the bus
     on the left is a car
8  - Inside the bus on the right is an Intel
9  - Before heading down, go up the ramp near the bus on the right.  At the 
     top, look around for a hidden RPG.  Head back down below the bridge and
     into the doorway.  Move a litle further for a checkpoint


10 - Continue forward and grab the Intel on the right
11 - Make the U-turn and at the end of this path, next to the small stairs on
     the left, is a briefcase leaning on the wall
12 - Climb the small stairs and head out under the bridge again.  Continue on 
     until you reach an area with two buses on either side of the bridge.  
     Head down the side stairs beside the bus on the left.  Make sure you're 
     going down the one that is going in the forward direction.  Down here, 
     make your way across the catwalk to the stairs on the left.  Go up and 
     grab the Recon
13 - Continue on until you see two more buses on the bridge.  Head up the 
     side ramp but in the backward direction.  On top, destroy the briefcase
     in the middle of the catwalks
14 - Head back down and destroy the car in between the two buses
15 - Make your way to the end of the bridge, but don't drop down to the last
     part of the level.  Instead, take the side stairs down and grab the
16 - Head back up and drop down to the last part of the level.  The last 
     objective is just to the right of the exit


2.8  Spetriniv Gulag - 44 objectives
     --------- -----

1  - Move forward down the steps and blow up the car
2  - Continue past the car and look to your left to see some big steps.  Go 
     down them and keep going forward until you can't anymore.  Turn right
     go through the doorway.  Turn left and go through another doorway.  In 
     this room, find the Intel at the base of some stairs
3  - Now climb those stairs.  At the top, continue forward, ignoring the 
     doorway on the right.  Once you enter the next room, immediately look 
     to the right to see an Intel on the wall
4  - Go through the other doorway in this room and then turn right to find 
     some stairs.  Head up the first set of stairs and then the second set. 
     At the top is an Intel
5  - Make your way around this room to find a ramp leading up to the top 
     floor.  Find your way around  up here until you find another ramp
     leading down. Go down the ramp and grab the hidden Walther 2000 by the
     only window here
6  - Now head through the hole in the wall onto the catwalk.  Make your way
     around and drop down to the ground floor.  Here, you'll find a small
     building.  Inside the building is a safe
7  - Exit the building.  Go to the side of the building opposite the side
     with the doorway.  You'll find two cars.  Blow one up
8  - And the second car
9  - Continue on towards the monument with the red star.  You'll find another 
10 - Next to the monument is a truck
11 - Behind that truck is another truck
12 - Now, in this area, there are 8 stacks of explosive material.  Blow up
     first one
13 - Second one
14 - Third one
15 - Fourth one
16 - Fifth one
17 - Sixth one
18 - Seventh one
19 - Eighth one.  Climb the steps and enter the large building.  Continue
     to the checkpoint


20 - Continue on until you reach a huge room with three floors.  On the 
     wall on the right, there is small room that has a briefcase on top of
     some lockers
21 - Just to the right of the exit of this large room is an Intel on the wall
22 - Once you go through the doorway, the path splits left and right.  Take 
     left one and then turn left into a tiny room with the Recon.  Continue
     to the next checkpoint


23 - Go through the winding narrow passage and you should see an Intel on one
     of the walls.  It's in plain sight so you can't miss it
24 - Continue on until you reach a breakable wall.  Blow it open and also blow
     open the double doors ahead of you.  The path splits left and right in 
     the next room.  Take either path and continue through the tunnels.  Find 
     the small side tunnel on the left and take it until you get to a room
     that has an Intel on the wall
25 - Go through the other opening in this room to reach a large room full of 
     machinery.  Follow the wall on the right to find an opening.  Soon after 
     going through that opening, look to your left to find another path.  
     Follow that path up and all the way to the end to reach a room with an
26 - Head back down to the large room and continue on down the small circular
     tunnel.  At the bottom, the path splits left and right.  Take the right
     path.  Blow open the machine gun nest along the way to find a small room
     with a laptop
27 - Continue on past the small water area.  Keep going forward, ignoring the
     large opening to your left.  You'll come to another large room with a 
     lot of machinery.  Nothing here, so keep going forward through the 
     tunnels.  After a while, you'll see that the path splits again.  Take
     the left path into a little area with an Intel
28 - Now take the other path.  You'll reach another small circular tunnel.
     But before taking it, turn left into the bunker for an Intel on the
     ground.  Continue down the circular tunnel for a checkpoint


[Before I go on, it seems that a lot of people are having trouble with the last 
 room.  My strategy is to grab the M249 in the tunnel and move to the entrance
 of the room.  Stay in the tunnel so that the doors don't close behind you.  
 From here, do headshots on everyone you see.  You should be able to kill a
 lot of enemies, even the shield guys, before you even set foot in the room. 
 Make use of the regenerating health (if you have only one bar of health left,
 it goes back to two after a few seconds).  So when you have only one bar 
 left, run back up the tunnel and let it regenerate.  After the shield guys 
 are done with, enter the room and head up either stairs to your left and
 right.  On the second floor, head into one of the small rooms. From here, 
 take out the RPG guy.  Continue to make use of the health regeneration and 
 you'll do fine.]

29 - In this last area, there is a crapload of destruction objectives.  There
     are 14 of those stacks of explosives.  Blow the first one
30 - Second
31 - Third
32 - Fourth
33 - Fifth
34 - Sixth
35 - Seventh
36 - Eighth
37 - Ninth
38 - Tenth
39 - Eleventh
40 - Twelfth
41 - Thirteenth
42 - Fourteenth
43 - From the entrance, climb the stairs to the right.  At the top, enter
     the small room on the right for an Intel
44 - Go back down and stand in the middle of the room facing the exit of the
     level.  Look up to your left to find a safe

3. Miscellaneous Stuff

- To reload without getting the blurry vision, quickly press reload, melee,
  reload.  A better way to do this is to press the "pick up weapons" button
  right after pressing the reload button

- When you're under fire from surrounding enemies, you reload faster.
  This works for most but not all weapons.  Some weapons have a more 
  noticable effect than others

4. Copyright And Legal Stuff

     This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited and is a
violation of copyright.

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6. Conclusion

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