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by Slash


 ____  _        _     ____ _  __
| __ )| |      / \   / ___| |/ /
|  _ \| |     / _ \ | |   |   /
| |_) | |___ / ___ \| |___| . \
|____/|_____/_/   \_\\____|_|\_\

(need to work on this ASCII art)


by Sash

[email protected]



AUTHORS NOTE: The guide has reached version 1.0, meaning it has a walkthrough 
from start to finish on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty. The next target will 
be version 2.0 which will have Black Ops difficulty completed. However, it will 
be some time before I begin writing Black Ops mode. In the meantime, if you 
really can't wait to get the M16A2, then I recommend you read GTRagnarok's 
Black Ops guide here:



To jump to relative section, press Ctrl+F and use the code in the square
brackets. Starred (*) sections are not done yet.

A) Introduction [SAI]
B) Version History [SBV]
C) Walkthrough (+Controls) [SCW]
 a) Mission 1: Veblensk City Street [SCa1]
 b) Mission 2: Treneska Border Crossing [SCb2]
 c) Mission 3: Naszran Town [SCc3]
 d) Mission 4: Naszran Foundry [SCd4]
 e) Mission 5: Tivliz Asylum [SCe5]
 f) Mission 6: Vratska Dockyard [SCf6]
 g) Mission 7: Graznei Bridge [SCg7]
 h) Mission 8: Spetriniv Gulag [SCh8]
D) Secondary Objectives List [SDSO]
E) Cheats/Codes [SECC]
F) Legal Stuff [SFLS]
G) Special Thanks [SGST]


Section A) [SAI]


Welcome to my BLACK Walkthrough. This walkthrough covers the main eight 
missions of the game, how to get past them on all difficulty settings and also
includes the locations of all the objects specified in the Secondary Objectives
of each mission.

BLACK is Criterion's (creators of the Burnout series) first, fierce shooting
game. The game "sticks two fingers up" (as it's been said) at the covert style
of gameplay, and encourages players to go in, guns blazing. It combines
beautiful graphics, realistic sound and interesting gameplay, into one of the
most intense shoot-em-ups on the PS2. The game is unfortunately let down by
a dissapointing storyline, short length and a lack of multiplayer mode. Let's
hope that Criterion can make a sequel on next-gen consoles.


Section B) [SBV]

Version History

25/02/2006 - Game arrived and introduction, contents and version history

28/02/2006 - Missions 1 and 2 written.

01/03/2006 - Corrected some spelling and grammar. Re-arranged parts and fine-
             tuned Missions 1 and 2 and SO list.

02/03/2006 - Mission 3 written.

04/03/2006 - Mission 2 modified slightly. Mission 4 written.

08/03/2006 - FAQ appeared on GameFAQs. Added Legal Stuff and made a few changes
             to most sections. Mission 5 written. Updated Cheats/Codes.

11/03/2006 - Mission 6 written.

14/03/2006 - Mission 7 written.

19/03/2006 - Mission 8 written. Objectives Requirements for Hard added. 
             Reached version 1.0. First fully completed walkthrough from start 
             to finish.


Section C) [SCW]

Walkthrough (+Controls)

Welcome to the main walkthrough. Just as a note: I won't be summarising any of 
the story. It's impossible to keep up with anyway, and doesn't make any sense.

The walkthroughs can be used for all difficulty settings. The only difference
is that on easy difficulty, you have a lot more Health Packs which you'll
find almost everywhere, and you don't have to do any secondary objectives.
On hard difficulty, you have no health packs, which means you'll have to
be more stealthy and use cover all the time. I won't specify where health packs

All estimated completion times are based on the time taken to complete the 
level the first time, and with all secondary objectives.

Black Ops mode will have a separate walkthrough at a later date.

I refer to the secondary objectives by their type. For example, "get the intel
objective on the wall" means simply pick up the file pinned to the wall.

Blackmail objectives can include laptops, safes etc. which you must destroy.
Intel objectives include files and briefcases which you must pick up.
Recon objectives require you to pick up a blueprint.
Armament objectives require you to find a hidden weapon in the level.


The controls of the game can be customized for every button. This is the
default configuration:

X = Reload
[] = Pick up/switch weapon
O = Melee
/\ = Toggle suppressor (when available)

L1 = Aim/Zoom (when available)
L2 = Crouch
R1 = Primary fire
R2 = Throw grenade (when available)

^ = Change firing mode (when available)
V = Use Health Pack (when available)
< = Change weapon
> = Change weapon

Left Analog = Move
Right Analog = Look/Aim

Start = Pause
Select = Objectives Summary

Mission 1: Veblensk City Street [SCa1]

Eight secondary objectives. One needed for Normal. Four needed for Hard.

You'll start the mission in a small room. Your objective is to get to your
team. Head towards the door and pick up the Spaz located on the right 
of it, along with a box of ammo for it. Blast the door off its hinges 
(note that only some guns can "open" doors. In future levels you might 
have to have a certain gun to get at some goodies).

Once outside, swap the pistol for the AK 47. The AK will be your primary
weapon for this level, unless you decide to use the Uzi which you can find
later. Go down the steps, emptying AK ammo onto the car at the bottom.
It'll explode sending the guy next to it flying. Use the car for cover and
take out the guys up the road. You can use the telephone booth on the right
pavement for cover as well, but since there's only two of them you should
have no problem taking them out without any cover at all. There's also a guy
in the building at the end of the road who'll shoot at you from the window.
Zoom with the AK to take him out. There's a small fenced in area where you
can find some grenades and pistol ammo.

Continue up the road, taking out anyone who comes near you. Use the
barricades on the road for cover, and you can use the Spaz since they'll
probably come quite close to you (the Spaz can't zoom). There'll be a small
tunnel to your left half way down the road. If you follow it you'll find
a crate of ammo for your Spaz and it will just bring you back to the steps
at the beginning of the level.

Back on the main road, there'll be a guy on the roof of the building ahead.
You can easily headshot him from the back. Some more enemies will exit
the building to your right. Take them out, and then the guys on the roof
of the building on the left. You should be able to see your team now,
but before you join them, enter the building to the right and pick up the
recon objective from the floor (the blueprint). Then go up the
stairs. You'll find some ammo up top and an Uzi which you can swap the
Spaz for, if you want to. This is the armament objective so you should 
swap and then swap back. You probably are better off with the Uzi since
there's very little close combat for the rest of the level.

Jump off the top and join your team. Use the cars for cover and help them
take out any enemies who climb over the broken wall. There'll be some guys
up by the columns of the museum as well. You'll get a new objective to
assault the museum. The door will blast open and a few enemies will pour
into the street. Your team should deal with a few while you can take out
some yourself. Before entering the museum, go into the room on the left
where you can find a red laptop. Shoot it to get a blackmail objective.
Enter the museum, killing the guy behind the barricade and the one who 
comes down the stairs. There'll also be two guys up on the first floor. 
You can get them with your AK from down below.

The left wall of the museum will blow open and quite a few enemies will
enter the museum. They should be no problem for you. Once you've dealt
with them, go up the stairs of the museum, where there'll be an intel
objective on the wall before the stairs split. Go up the left stairs
and get another intel on the low wall behind which the two enemies were

Approach the hole in the wall, but don't step into the street.
There's a guy with an RPG in a tower to the right. Instead, take out the
shooters in the windows on the opposite side of the street, as well as the
guy behind the dustbins. Then run across the street and swap either gun you
have for the RPG. The guy will fire his rocket at you the moment he sees
you, so get the RPG, hold L1, aim, and fire as quick as you can whilst he's
reloading. And then enjoy watching him collapse along with the rest of the

There's a little indent in the right wall of one of the buildings. Enter it
to find some ammo and a blackmail objective. Head down the alleyway which 
previously held shooters. Don't forget to first get your AK, Uzi or Spaz 
(or even pistol) back before continuing. An enemy will pop out from the 
left, but you can get rid of him before he even stops moving. 

Continue down the alleyway and you'll get a new objective to
take out the re-enforcements. They're not difficult to deal with, as long
as you use the cover given to you. There's ammo littered around the area 
for you to use. Once they're all dead, you'll also see some men on the
roof of the garage.

You'll hear someone saying that the package has escaped the net, which is
your cue to enter the garage on your left. Many men will burst out into the
garage and your objective will be to take them out. You'll find that these
guys don't bother to wait at all and will begin emptying magazines on you
the moment they walk out the door. Use the walls of the garage as cover,
and your grenades if you have any. Shoot the cars to take out any standing
next to them. Your health packs will come in useful here.

Once you're done with them all, enter the little booth in at the entrance
of the garage to find another laptop to destroy. Go up the stairs, and pick
up the intel objective on the wall. Enter the door at the end of the 
platform. Down the corridor, and the mission ends.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 10 - 20 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 3                                          |
| Intel: 3                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 2: Treneska Border Crossing [SCb2]

Twelve secondary objectives. Three needed for Normal. Six needed for Hard.

This is your first large level. It's not 15-20 like the last one, its
up to and over an hour long, depending on difficulty and the number of
secondary objectives you hope to get.

You'll begin with a glock with a suppressor. You need to find the Treneska
Border. Continue forward and up the hill ahead of you. Use crouch to avoid
being heard/seen. You need to shoot the two enemies below you in the head
before they walk towards each other, with the pistol. Once done, get their

Continue forward to a small camp where an enemy will be on guard. Two more
will appear from the right and then another two down the path to the left.
There's a Spaz in the camp as well as some ammo. I reccomend swapping the
glock for the Spaz since this level will require it a lot.

You have a choice here. You can either take the path to the right, which
involves going through a cave, or the left which takes you the long way,
but with more enemies to kill for ammo.

In the cave, there will be two enemies guarding the entrance which might
be a little hard to kill due to lack of cover. This does lead me to bring
up an important point. You'll noticed that the enemies take an amazing
amount of bullets before they collapse and die. I reccomend that you reload
after every battle, no matter how much or little ammo you have in the 
current magazine.

Enter the cave and switch to your Spaz. There's some ammo around the fire.
Continue through the cave and take out the two or three enemies waiting
in the clearing. Keep going through the cave and take out the guy who's
guarding the exit. Had you taken the long way around, you would have ended
up here in the end, just had to take out some more enemies on the way.

This is the Treneska Border. It's at this point you'll realise that the
primary objectives are easier said than done. Your new objective will be
"Cross the Border". Sounds easy...

Two choices here. If you want to choose the easy route, read this
paragraph. If you want to use the challenging route, read the next
paragraph. For the easy route, rather than dropping down over the ledge
in front of you into the border, continue up the path to your left.
There'll be a guy here, so watch out. Once at the top of the hill, continue
down a path which brings you to a bloke standing next to a red tank.
Blow up the tank to take care of him and open up the fence. Now work your
way up the border on the left side of the bridge. Some enemies may use the 
bridge to shoot at you from above, so keep an eye out for the direction of 
where you're being shot from. There's no easy way of doing this part, so 
you're just going to have to keep trying.

For the more challenging route, follow this paragraph. But it's not easy.
Drop down over the little step at the end of the cave. You can't go back
now, so you're stuck. Go to the left and round the back of the bridge. The
easiest way to get past this part is work from one end to the other, using
the barricades as cover. The enemies here are merciless. The alarm will
sound the moment you fire, and then they'll all be on you. Take out the guy
at the end, by the red tank, and then the rest who are at this end of the
field. Once you've done that, you can proceed up the field. I reccomend
using the left side. Some enemies may use the bridge to shoot at you from
above, so keep an eye out for the direction of where you're being shot 
from. There's no easy way of doing this part, so you're just going to have
to keep trying.

Once you reach the end, take out the guy in the tower, as well at the two 
behind the sign on the right. There's also two at the base of the tower.
Go into the building on the left of the gate, and shoot anyone who is in 
there. Run across the gap separating your current building to the one 
ahead of it. There's two people in here which you need to deal with. 
Once they're done, go to the top and take out as many as you can from the
window. There's a BM objective in here, in the form of a safe.

Head back downstairs and shoot as many as you can from the doorway. Use
the boxes as cover and take out the enemies shooting at you from the
windows (if you didn't get them before). There's no set method of doing
this part, either. Just use the cover given to you and mow down anyone
you see. There's a guy in the tower at the end who manages to see you
from wherever you stand in the area. There's also a guy at the base of this
tower. In the second building on the right of the field you can find
another BM objective. There's an intel in the first building on the right.

As you're searching for secondary objectives and ammo a few more 
enemies will pop out from buildings and from behind them as well. They 
can sometimes catch you when you're not expecting it, so be on the lookout.
Once all are dealt with, make your way to the exit of the area. There's a guy
with an RPG at the end of the road here. He reloads quite fast, so you'll
need to keep moving. As long as you walk diagonally forwards when you hear
the RPG go off, he'll miss you completely. Once you're in decent range, aim
and fire. Here's where you'll learn your lesson if you haven't remembered
to reload. If you have to reload halfway through shooting him, he will get
you with his RPG and it will deal a lot of damage.

Once you've killed him (he uses his close range weapon if you get within
a few metres of him), crossing the border is complete. However, before
continuing, head back and enter the building on your right (last building
of the border) to find an intel inside.

The next part is to pass through the tunnel. There's two blokes here, so get
rid of them using the demolished truck as cover. Your first checkpoint will
come when you pass through the next truck along the tunnel. You can't go
back now, but if you die, you'll return to this point. There's another enemy
at the end here.

Exit the tunnel, and head down the path to the left to find a small outpost
with two guys guarding it. There's some ammo inside and a BM objective.
Go back to the main road and continue along it. There's groups of two enemies 
along the way who you deal with fairly easily. If you roam around the middle
hill in the centre of this area you will find an RPG, the hidden armament
objective. Continuing down the road, rather than turning left go up straight 
up a hill to find two guys guarding some RPG ammo.

Go back down to the main road. This is the next big battle. You have to cross
the bridge. Some guys will be guarding the entrance, which is actually the
only hard part of this area. Once you've dealt with the guards at the 
entrance (use trees and logs as cover), you can use the barricades along 
the bridge as well as the vehicles as cover to take out the enemies along the
way. Watch out for explosive barrels. Your enemies will take the opportunity
to destroy them if you're hiding behind them.

There's a bloke in the tower at the top left who can see you even behind some
of the barricades, so deal with him first. The enemies keep coming here, but
soon you'll find yourself at the end with two enemies who use the building
at the end as cover. Have some fun and just charge, blasting them at close
range. There's an intel objective in that building.

Your next primary objective is to find the Merkanji Farm. It's relatively
simple. There's no enemies around here. You'll find yourself in an open plain
with many barricades, but it'll be quiet. Continue up and soon you'll come to
a small camp. There's health packs (if available) inside, as well as ammo and
first aid kits. And even grenades. But it's also heavily guarded and the fact
that you only have one or two trees as cover doesn't help. Around six or seven
enemies will attack you at the same time here. The entrance to the camp is
at the left. Once you're in, you can't get back out, so make sure you deal 
with as many as you can before entering. Once you're in, more will appear. The
Spaz is good here, since its all close range, but you might find it annoying
if you miss and take bullets while reloading. I reccomend using the AK if
you're low on health, but the Spaz is more fun.

Pick up all ammo and grenades. Now you have to use your Spaz. You have to
pass through a tunnel between two mountains. There's a checkpoint here.
A powerful enemy who I'm going to refer to as Shotgun Man will appear
here. There's two Shotgun Men here. They take stupid amounts of AK ammo to
kill, and two shots of a Spaz, depending on the range you're firing from.
Both drop first aid kits.

Once you've exited the tunnel, you'll come aross a group of enemies on your
right. It is very hard since there's a lot of them and no cover at all.
There's also two on your left who shoot you from behind. Use the wall as some
cover and the thin trees if you can. Aim for headshots here; its the only way
you can get rid of enemies quickly without reloading half way through and
taking bullets.

Once they're dead, you have a choice of "lanes". All three lead to the farm,
though the middle one has the most enemies, but also has the recon objective.
There are two enemies guarding it, and when you kill them, some more will be
attracted. They're not too hard to kill from a distance, due to the shape of
the terrain. Once you have the blueprint, continue to the farm. Your team
isn't there, so you have to search the farm house, which is the large building
at the end (NOT the tall one). Before you get there, there's a BM next to the
TALL building on the right. Simply destroying the large tanks will probably
destroy the BM as well. On the bottom floor of the farm house there's a BM 
objective in the form of a laptop in one of the rooms. 

When you get to the top, get the intel first and then the next fight begins.
You should take some enemies out from up here, and then go to the middle 
floor and take out the rest from the window there. Some will attempt to 
get you from behind by coming into the building. Make sure you can't be seen 
from the window while you turn around and deal with them. Once you've done 
as much as you can, head back outside and kill any enemies left over. The 
enemies will keep coming so you're going to spend a lot of time here.

Your next objective is to clear all five outhouses. I would take the one to the
right of the farmhouse first, and then the one on the left. You can actually
shoot both enemies of the second outhouse from the window of the bottom room of
the farmhouse, thanks to the perfect collision detection system.

Once you've done the two nearest the farmhouse, proceed to the one right at the
opposite end of the field. There's only two enemies in each outhouse. Once
you've done this one, three out of five will be taken. The last two are a lot
harder. Number four which is NOT the tall one, has two Shotgun Men. They're
not nice, but since you're out in the open, you have some cover. Use the AK,
not the Spaz since they'll probably be at a distance, and they can't aim as 
well as you can from far away.

The final outhouse is the tall one. As you're climbing the stairs, a Shotgun 
Man will come down as well as a normal enemy. There's also a third guy at the 
top. There's an Intel objective on the wall here, which you can collect after 
Dealing with Shotgun Man. I recommend using the Spaz here. And it's better to 
lead him down into the open. He can deal a lot of damage to you in a cramped 
area like the stairs, and his backup will be shooting you at the same time. You 
really don't want to have to go back to the last checkpoint, since it was a 
really long way back. So play it safe, and don't try and be clever.

Once all the outhouses are clear, make your way out of the field to end the 

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 50 - 90 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 5                                          |
| Intel: 5                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 3: Naszran Town [SCc3]

Twelve secondary objectives. Three needed for Normal. Six needed for Hard.

Welcome to a big step up from Mission 2. Naszran Town is a long and fairly 
tough level, but as long as you know what you're doing it shouldn't take you 
more than about an hour or so.

You'll start with McCarver on a road leading to a graveyard. You'll have the 
Uzi as your weapon which is decent for taking out enemies at a medium range. It 
has a great zoom and deals a lot of damage. As you approach the graveyard, 
she'll tell you that Intel reports snipers in the area. Enter the graveyard and 
immediately run to crouch behind the nearest gravestone on the RIGHT of the 
main road/path. Wait until you hear the sound of the sniper shooting you and 
then get up, and run to a gravestone further up. Continue doing this, every 
time he fires, while he's reloading, run to a gravestone further up. Soon 
you'll come to a fence which you need to go around, and then continue using the 
gravestones for cover. When you're close, you'll see that he's in the top 
window of the building ahead of you. The moment you fire at him from a decent 
range, he'll stop with the sniper and fire normally. Many enemies will appear 
from the building, which might be a little difficult to take out since they can 
destroy the gravestones with ease. In this entire mission, since its mainly 
outdoors, you should aim for as many headshots as you can. You'll find 
throughout the level many enemies will attack you at once, and there will be 
little or no cover.

Once the enemies outside are done (don't forget to pick up the AK), go into the 
building and go down the stairs to find a BM objective in the form of a safe. 
Then go up the stairs, shooting the bloke who comes down, and pick up the intel 
pinned on the wall. There's two or three enemies upstairs so take them out with 
the Uzi or the AK. Since it's close range, you should have no problems.

Grab the ammo littered around and the grenades. There's sniper ammo around the
place, as well as the sniper itself located at the window by the stairs.
There's also an Uzi suppressor in the boxes in the centre of the room. You now
have to use the sniper rifle to take out the enemies who appear from the
building at the end of the graveyard. They tend to hide behind gravestones, as
you did on your way over here. Take them out when they step out from behind the
gravestones. There's quite a few of them, so you'll need to move fast. The 
sniper rifle has two zooms 2x and 5x. Use the 2x when you want to see where the 
enemies are hiding, and then the 5x to take them out. They only take one shot, 
but the head is the most dramatic, since every enemy seems to have an 
uncontrollable reflex which makes them jump six feet into the air as they die.

Use both windows to take out the enemies, but NOT the hole in the wall. A 
couple may also come from the other side of the graveyard. Once the first batch 
is done keep an eye out with the sniper rifle on the road. Two Shotgun Men will 
be running towards the building, not bothering to use any cover. If they get 
into the building they will come right up behind you. And two Shotgun Men is, 
pretty much, hell. So take them out with the sniper rifle as they're moving. 
Since the bullet takes a split second to reach the target, you need to aim 
slightly in front of them as they're running. Moving targets are hard to take 
out, but if you do it will save you a load of health packs (on hard difficulty, 
it's a must).

Another small batch will arrive, and you just need to do what you did before. 
Once all are done, move out into the graveyard towards the building at the end, 
on the left. There's a guy at the top, so take him out first with the sniper. 
Then proceed to take out the few guards who are guarding the entrance to a 
small building at the end of the graveyard. (Note: If you want to swap your 
sniper rifle for the Uzi you dropped back in the building, or the shotgun the 
Shotgun Men dropped, you can, but you'll be getting the sniper back later in 
the game, anyway).

Once you're in this building, you can't get back out, so ensure you have all 
ammo and all SOs you need. Continue through the little building and you'll see 
three guards outside. Take them out, should be no problem. There's a checkpoint 
now and it's in a perfectly placed spot. Keep moving forwards, through the next 
little building. 

There's a patrol man here, so take him out and then the rest of the
enemies will begin firing at you as if they're terrified you have rabies (or
bird flu). They won't stop, and if any do, there's some more to shoot at you. 
There is no way at all that you can take out all of them simply by going in, 
guns blazing. Instead, go right to the end of the graveyard, and then all the 
way to the right as you can, towards a fence. Blow up the barrels to knock it 
down, and then continue through towards the building on the right (sniper 
position 1 of 2). Come from around of the building, taking out as many enemies 
as you can. Then just run into the building and pick up the sniper rifle. Now 
it's just what you did before, but many enemies will come right into your 
little hideout. You can snipe everyone, even the guards of the building on the 
other side. There's no set way of doing this, so just snipe as many as you can 
and then leave.

AK anyone who comes near you as you cross the bridge to the next building 
(sniper position 2 of 2). There should be some guards of this building, so take 
them out and there might be a guy on the roof, unless you sniped him from the 
other building. Once into this building, you need to take out any re-
enforcements who come your way. Just the AK and just stand in the doorway. 
Since it's a bottleneck, and enemies who come into the building will get mowed 
as soon as then enter. It shouldn't be at all difficult for you. They'll come 
from the left and the right of the graveyard, so be on the lookout.

Once done, McCarver will tell you the ground is clear, which is your cue to 
move out. There's a bloke on the roof of the building at the end of this 
graveyard, and a few more will come up to you as you approach the building.

Before going into the building, go back to sniper position 2 of 2. Behind it, 
right near the left wall of the graveyard, is a small hut. You'll need to blast 
open the door with a shotgun. Inside will be the armament objective, the M203 
grenade launcher and a BM objective. The M203 can help a LOT in the following 
parts of the mission, so swap it for your sniper rifle. It has a bloody huge 
range, and can take out the biggest of buildings. Ammo for it can be found 
amongst the barricades next to the hut.

Continue into the house at the end and take out the two guys who shoot from the
windows. Inside the house is an intel near the sofa. Pick it up and continue 
through the house. Blow away any doors you come across. Drop into the basement 
and there's a BM on the floor in the form of a safe. Follow the tunnels and 
take out the two enemies you encounter along the way. There's a health pack 
here if you're playing on easy or normal difficulty. Blow away any brick walls 
in your way with grenades or the M203, if you don't want to waste AK ammo.

You'll now be presented with one of the coolest sounding objectives so far. 
"Cross Sniper Alley". Sniper Alley. What a name.

You have a choice now. Feeling confident? Read this paragraph. Feeling that 
you're better off playing it safe, or you're not too good at the game yet? Read 
the next paragraph. If you're confident, then use the M203 instead of the 
sniper they give to you. Just run into the open and any muzzle flashes you 
seen, aim at them and fire a grenade. It's blast radius is so large that it can 
take out multiple enemies and buildings at the same time. Continue round the 
corner and an RPG guy will be at the end. Again, fire the M203 at him, but 
remember to give it more air this time. You'll be amazed at its distance. 
There's an AK bloke on the right, who will with a well aimed grenade. Continue 
down the alley, and switch to the AK. There's an RPG at the end which you can 
switch for the M203 if you want to. They both pretty much work in the same way, 
and do the same thing, though one is heavier, whilst the other has limited 

Feeling that you're not up to it? Then pick up the sniper rifle. Take out the 
two enemies ahead of you with it (crouch to see them better) and then peek 
around the corner with it, to see the head of the RPG guy. Take him out, and 
then AK the guy at the top right. Continue down the alley, and switch to the 
AK. There's an RPG at the end which you can switch for the M203 if you want to. 
They both pretty much work in the same way, and do the same thing, though one 
is heavier,whilst the other has limited ammo.

AK the guys who are around here, and then take out the RPG guy ahead of you, 
and the one on the building in the distance on the left. There's also some 
enemies around that building, who you should take out now, from a close 
distance, of course. There's an intel in the building here as well.

Continue back to where you got the RPG and along the alleyway. It's pretty 
obvious where you need to go.The building you're faced with now is your ticket 
out of this area of Sniper Alley. There's stupid amounts of enemies who come 
out of the building. Though I'm not a big fan of grenades, this part calls for 
them, so use them wherever you can. Note that you can shoot them (or in the 
general area of them) to make them explode faster. There's some boxes inside, 
and amongst them you can find an AK 47 suppressor. It's no use, since the rest 
of the level is a big firefight, but it sounds really cool when you fire with 
it on.

Go upstairs, and a Shotgun Man will drop down. AK him in the head. No room for 
error here. If he kills you, you have to go back to the start of Sniper Alley, 
which you don't want to do at ALL. Continue upstairs. There's a BM here. 
Continue into the adjacent room to find an intel on the wall. There's grenades 
and ammo littered around here, so use them. Go downstairs and continue through 
the basement. A guy will be faced away from you and guarding the recon 
objective for this level. Headshot him from behind and grab the recon. Continue 
out and you'll emerge into Sniper Alley part two, also known as, Loads Of 
Blokes With RPGs. Continue straight and AK the guy in the distance. There's a 
small indent to your right where you'll see three guys who you can take out 
easily. You need to go around here, you can't hop over the low wall.

Go forward into a long alleyway. Head left to a dead end to find a health pack.
Head back the other way along the alleyway, AKing anyone who comes your way. 
There's RPG Man 1 in the building at the end of the alley. Use the M203 or your 
own RPG to get him. Two or three blokes will emerge from this building, so take 
them out. Once done, enter the building to find RPG ammo, an RPG if you don't 
have one, an intel and a BM. As well as some ammo and a health pack.

Go back into the alleyway and turn left. RPG Man 2 is in the building at the 
end here. There's a guy at the end here, and you'll see some at the top right 
as well. Continue straight and turn right, as the alley goes. A bloke will be 
right next to you on your left, so make sure you're ready for him. Continue 
through the alleyway and three enemies will appear on the small hill ahead of 
you. You'll notice the low wall you came across earlier. One or two enemies 
will shoot from the hill on your left as well.

You'll emerge into an enormous battlefield. The enemies will start pouring out. 
There's an RPG guy on the right, and two on the left. There's a great lack of 
cover in this area, so you're going to find it hard to take them out. Pick off 
as many as you can from a distance, and then rush forward and use the walls and 
cars as cover.

Once all are done, a machine gun will appear at the end of the alleyway. Take 
him out with the RPG. Make sure the reticule goes black before firing. You'll 
know if you hit it or not, since it will erupt into flames. There's some more 
enemies to take out on the balconys of the building at the end, and some more 
who emerge from the doorway. Once they're all done, enter the building and the 
mission ends.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 50 - 90 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 5                                          |
| Intel: 5                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 4: Naszran Foundry [SCd4]

Eleven secondary objectives. Three needed for Normal. Five needed for Hard.

You'll start on a bridge overlooking a small street, if you can call it that. 
You start with the G36C, an impressive weapon which I reccomend you keep for 
the entire level. It has a great range and impressive accuracy. From the 
bridge, pick off as many enemies as you can on the street below. Then head down 
the stairs on your right, taking out anyone who approaches you. In the street 
below, use the cover given to you, and also make sure that you keep an eye out 
for destructable objects. As you continue down the road, a Shotgun Man will be 
wandering around among the enemies you're killing. You probably won't notice 
him unless he actually shoots you. Aim for the head, since he has no trouble 
coming right up to you and shoving a bullet in your stomach. You should replace 
your second weapon with the shotgun.

When you come to a fork in the path, explore the nearby building to find a 
Blackmail objective. Then continue up the right path and take out the enemies 
waiting for you. Once you reach two bridges, use them to take out the enemies 
waiting below. Since the collision detection is so good, you'll have to make 
sure you aim correctly. Even an inch too far off and you'll hit the railings. 
Once all enemies are done with, continue forwards, into the house at the end of 
the bridge. In the far right corner is the Recon objective. Drop through the 
hole in the floor and back onto the street.

Continue down the road until you see a bridge with a guy on it and some guys
patrolling the area below. When you're close enough take them out, but don't go 
into the are until you've taken them all out. You now have to navigate through 
a minefield. The mines can do a lot of damage if you hit them, so watch out. 
The good news is that you can detonate them with your weapons and also force 
enemies to step on them. Note that some will cause chain reactions so don't 
stand in the path of them. Blow open the door of the first hut on your right to 
find a suppressor for the G36C. Shoot your way through the minefield. Some 
enemies will be near some of the large gas tanks, which you can make explode 
with a few bullets. It should be common sense how to get past this. Detonate 
any mines you see on the ground, and just proceed forwards. Once you get to the 
last hut there's an Intel objective inside.

Go through the gate into minefield part 2. There's a guy on the bridge above 
you, and a few more to the left in a small area off the main minefield. 
Continue forward after picking up all ammo. You'll emerge into a small clearing 
with a little trench running through the middle. There's some people on the 
bridge ahead of you, some more on the floor with you, and to top it off, 
there's an RPG bloke in the tower on the bridge. To kill two birds with one 
stone, take out the truck on the bridge. It will kill anyone on the bridge and 
take out the tower. Then deal with the guys on the floor with you. Once it's 
all done, enter the tunnel system.

Keep going straight until you come across a bloke walking away from you. 
Headshot him from behind. You should keep the suppressor on. You'll get a 
checkpoint here and then a Shotgun Man will come along. Should be no trouble 
for you since you're alone and there's no other enemies to deal with.

You'll soon emerge into a small alleyway with two dudes waiting for you. Take 
out one and the other SHOULD simply drop like a stone since McCarver's helping 
you with her sniper rifle from one of the chimneys. As you continue through the 
alleyway, three more enemies will appear, followed by two more and one on the 
roof/bridge. There's a small firefight now, right outside the warehouse. It's 
dead easy to complete. Plenty of cover and plenty of first aid kits. And lots 
to blow up.

Enter the warehouse. Now ensues a stupidly long and frustrating firefight. You 
will really get annoyed at the ammount of ammo it takes to kill one enemy. It's 
too much and sometimes takes the fun out of the game, especially when you're 
low on health. I have a few tips for you, but apart from that, you're on your 
own. There's no exact way to do a fight like this.

Firstly, make sure you destroy anything which will explode, automatically 
taking out anyone standing near it.
Secondly, pay attention to the direction of where you're being attacked from.
Thirdly, ensure you take out any Shotgun Men first, and the machine gun bloke 
at the end of the fight, before anyone else.
Fourthly, and most importantly, don't aim anywhere apart from the head.

Once every single enemy is down, including all Shotgun Men and the machine gun 
bloke, explore the shed at the very right of the warehouse to find the hidden 
Magnum and some ammo. Swap it for your shotgun. It's a one-hit-kill weapon, has 
a great range, and one of the coolest reload animations. There's also a BM in 
the shed.

Back in the warehouse, climb the stairs in the far left corner. Grab the intel 
on the left wall at the top of the stairs, and then continue out of the door on 
the left. Walk up the platform circling the gas tank. Some enemies will shoot 
you up here, but they're easy to take out. At the very top of this tank is some 
more Magnum ammo. Use the stairs to get to the next gas tank, and take out the 
two guards. Circle down this one and you'll emerge into an alleyway. A small 
firefight will ensue here. Use the boxes as cover and use your Magnum since 
it's medium range fighting. McCarver will help you further down the alleyway in 
a little clearing. There's a Shotgun Man again amongst the enemies. McCarver 
will deal with him.

Follow the path. You'll notice a ramp down to your right. Go down it and round 
the right to find some more Magnum ammo. Back to the main path, head over the 
short bridge and round the corner. Two guys will attack you. Again, put the 
Magnum to good use here. Continue forward and pick up the RPG. There's an RPG 
man on the enormous gas tank you were on previously. Use the RPG on it to see 
one of the most over the top and spectacular explosions ever. Then for the fun 
of it, take out the other one. Pick up your weapon again and continue straight. 
There's an intel under the stairs here, so make sure you get it.

Enter the weapons factory. You have to destroy all weapon making machines. They
take some time to destroy. One is on the ground floor, the other three are at 
the top. Since it's a cramped area taking out the enemies may be a problem, but 
there's plenty of cover for you. As you go up the stairs to the rest of the 
machines, pick up the Intel on the wall. There's three or four dudes here, and 
also there's two across the gap in an opposite room. Take them out and then 
shoot the laptop near them. You can't actually go into the room, so don't try.

Destroy all the weapons manufacturing machines, and then head back downstairs.
A few more enemies will have appeared, this time carrying P90s. The P90 isn't 
as good as the G36C for this part of the mission. It does a lot more damage and 
can hold a lot more ammo, but is a lot less accurate. I would keep the G36C. Go 
back into the room from which you entered the weapons manufacturing area. On 
the other side of the room a door will have opened up into the smelter aread. 
Step into the area to get the new objective. You have to destroy all the 
smelters. Take out every enemy you can see from the doorway with the G36C, 
suppressor attached. Then comes the final big firefight of the level.

Enter the room blasting away anyone who comes near you. Shotgun Men may be 
floating around the area, so remember to concentrate on them rather than other 
enemies. Use the stairs and railings as cover, and keep an eye out for enemies 
which appear behind you. The firefight will leave you running low on health 
constantly, so now's the time to use the health packs if you have them. Once 
all enemies are dealt with, go right to the back of the area to the room which 
is guarded by two blokes. Inside is the final BM. Back into the smelter area, 
go up the ramp to your right and pick up the final Intel on the wall. Now all 
you have to do is shoot the red tank on the side of every smelting machine. 
Don't forget to stand back, especially since one of them is difficult to hit 
from far off. Once they're all done you'll have to deal with another small wave 
of enemies before heading back out of the area to end the mission.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 50 - 90 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 4                                          |
| Intel: 5                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 5: Tivliz Asylum [SCe5]

Twelve secondary objectives. Three needed for Normal. Six needed for Hard.

Another step up from Mission 4. The Tivliz Asylum is basically your classic 
shoot everything that moves, level. No stealthy stuff, except for one small 
part of the level. Apart from that, it's gunz (yes, with a "z") blazing through
the entire level.

Note: I won't mention cover all the time. In this level cover is vital when 
fighting, as are first aid kits. If you have health packs use them the moment 
your health drops below half; there's plenty in the level, providing you are on 
normal or easy.

You'll start in a small tunnel with two companions. Your primary weapon of this 
level is the MP5. A powerful gun, at long and medium range. Ideal for this 
level. Continue forward and drop down the hole in the floor. You'll emerge into 
a courtyard. Follow your companions out into a natural battlefield. Tanks, 
boxes, trucks and to top it off, a crashed airplane.

Crouch behind the boxes and pick off the guy on the bridge in front of you. 
Continue round to the left and take out the few more who approach you. When you 
continue forward and move under the catwalk, you'll notice an RPG guy on the 
catwalk ahead, along with another normal enemy further along. Take out the RPG 
guy first (obviously) with a clean head shot, then the guy further along. 
There's a few more shooting you at the same time from straight ahead, and 
there's a machine gun there as well. Grenade the machine gun, or keep shooting 
when the reticule goes black (watch out that you're not shooting the truck).

Once the machine gun is dealt with, continue round the left and straight on. A 
few more will jump down from the wall on the left, so take them out before they 
can start firing. Round the corner into a sort of sheltered area. There's 
grenades in here. Quite a few enemies will approach you here, as well as a 
Shotgun Man (or men). The moment you go round the corner (as the path goes) 
another RPG guy will see you and fire. Take him out quickly before he can fire 
again, and then the guys straight ahead of you. A few will also be shooting you 
through a small hoop on your left, so headshot them. Before continuing, head 
back to the sheltered area. Right ahead of it is a small opening, in which you 
can find the first BM objective.

Follow the path, taking out anyone who comes near you. Another RPG guy will be 
in the third or fourth window in the main, big building ahead of you, on the 
top floor. Might take you a while to find him. To take him out, go back to a 
small area surrounded by white tanks. In this area there's an RPG and some 
ammo. Switch it for your Glock or the Uzi, if you picked it up. There's also a 
small room with an Intel in it.

RPG the RPG guy, and then switch back to the MP5 and take out the normal 
enemies. Keep following the path to the left, and once they're all done, your 
new objective will be to destroy the fortified entrance. This is very easily 
done. RPG the guy in the window, second floor, middle window. Keep shooting 
anyone who comes anywhere near you. There's an endless flow of enemies until 
you get rid of the machine gun and gain access to the interior. Use the truck 
as cover, and then just throw grenades at it. The entrance will blast open 
allowing you to go inside, though you've been told to hold your position.

Inside, drop down to reach your first checkpoint. Continue through this area, 
which I have no idea what it's meant to be. Follow the tunnel, and up the 
stairs to get the MP5 suppressor. Attach it, and then shoot the guy silently in 
the head who's facing away from you. Enter the enormous hall. It has many 
balconies. In the middle of the hall will be a shotgun guy. Don't try and get 
him in the head, cause if you miss, he will do damage. Instead, silently pick 
off the guy on the balcony ahead across the hall from the entrance.

The Shotgun Man will have gone round the back of the small forklift/caddy 
thing, so blow it up to get rid of him. Quite a few enemies will now pour out. 
Might be hard to take out due to lack of cover, and they can get you from all 
angles. Take them out one by one, and always aim for nothing by headshots. They 
take about a clip of MP5 ammo each to kill if you try just shooting them 
anywhere else on their body.

There's some guy in the balcony ahead of you, and one up the stairs on the 
right. Once all are dealt with, go up those stairs and follow the platform. 
Watch out for the Shotgun Man who comes along here, and maybe one more normal 
enemy. You'll now enter a series of cells with an isle in the middle of them. 
The cell walls are very easily breakable, and oddly satisfying, so make sure 
you break each one you come across.

Now will come a new enemy; the shielded enemy. They cannot be killed face to 
face with normal ammo; only grenades. You need to get around them before 
killing them. A shielded guy will come a long in the isle, along with a shotgun 
man. Go into the cell on your right and shoot down the wall to the next one. 
Take out the shotgun guy with a grenade, and it might get the shielded enemy as 
well. Note that he is VERY powerful so don't get into his line of site too 
much. Continue straight, taking out any normal enemies who come at you. Go 
around the shielded enemy and pop him in the head with a well place bullet, 
through one of the doorways behind you. Now explore all of these cells, on both 
sides of the isle. Some can only be entered by breaking down the wall from 
another cell. One of the cells contains a BM, another contains the M16, which 
is the hidden weapon for this level. A powerful gun, but save the ammo for a 
later fight.

Continue down the isle, round the corner and you'll emerge back into the 
hallway. Take out the three guys on the catwalk above you. Note that one has a 
machine gun. And watch out for the Shotgun Man directly on your left. There's 
no way for me to explain this (at least, no NEW way) so just do what you've 
been doing so far. Headshots and cover.

Continue down the long room where the shotgun man was. If you're on normal or 
easy, many health packs will be here. On any difficulty there will be loads of 
ammo as well. At the end of the room is another Intel objective. You can tell 
something big is about to happen.

Sure enough you'll find yourself faced with a bathroom which is clearly taken 
from the film "The Rock". There's two balconies on either side, both which will 
have enemies shooting you. Two options here. Either stay on one side of the 
bathroom and take out the enemies on the other balcony, then repeat on the 
other side, or stand in the doorway and take out anyone you see. Either way, 
this fight is not difficult (not yet, anyway). Once all enemies are dealt with, 
and you've demolished the bathroom, go through the right doorway at the end of 
the bathroom and up the stairs to the balcony. There's an Intel up here, at the 
end, so get it. A few enemies and Shotgun Men will enter the bathroom below 
you. Take them out, and any who try and come upstairs to get you. Once the 
bathroom is clear, go back down and up the opposite stairs to the other 
balcony, where there's a Blackmail right near the doorway.

Back down to the bathroom, and out through the doorway at the end of it (not 
where you came in).

Now here's a challenging fight. Two shielded enemies, loads of normal enemies, 
some machine gun blokes, and a few Shotgun Guys thrown in for good measure. All 
to be done in another block of cells with an isle through the middle. To make 
this a lot easier, use any grenades you have on the shielded enemies. Some 
enemies will also shoot you through the glass from the huge hall, but cause of 
the glare, you can't get them yet.

Dart into the cell right ahead of you when you exit the bathroom. This is the 
first one on the right. Shoot down the wall, and the next and the next, so you 
have a clear line of sight down the entire row of cells. Firstly, shoot any 
enemies who come into the cells, These will probably be normal enemies, but a 
few Shotgun Men may also try something clever. Take them out with headshots, as 

Next, continue forward and throw grenades BEHIND the shielded enemies. That 
way, you're sure to get them. Once the first shielded enemy is done, move onto 
the next one, and again, grenade him from behind. Finally, you need to deal 
with some more normal enemies and a few machine gun blokes who come around the 
corner into the isle. One Intel and one BM in the cells here, so make sure you 
get em. Might be some ammo in some cells as well, so take a look. ensure you 
pick up every first aid kit and every health pack (if available). 

Once you're back out into the huge hall, Take out the guy ahead of you and on 
the level above you, then the guy on the level below you. Some random bloke may 
have somehow managed to get behind you and will shoot you through the glass 
from inside the cells. Due to the glare, you can't shoot him from outside, so 
go back into the cells and take care of him.

Follow the walkway around the level you're on, or take the bridge if you really 
don't need a little rest, until you come a ramp. Two guys will come up this, so 
watch out. When you're done, continue down and enter the stairs. A checkpoint 
will come up here, so you know something's going to happen.

The rest of the level is made up of two firefights, the first being a warm up 
for the second.

Down the stairs, and before entering the main room in front of you, grab the 
Recon objective in the small room nearby.

Enter the main room. A flood of enemies will come up to you. A few shotgun men, 
but mostly normal enemies. Use the columns for cover, and headshot everyone, 
WITH THE MP5. And I mean everyone. Nothing else to say really. Just common 
sense. Once all are done, collect the final BM from one of the rooms on the 
ground floor. Then explore the rooms on the first floor to get the last Intel. 
That's the last of the secondary objectives for this level.

Once all done, continue out of the room, and once again down some stairs. 
Another checkpoint, and there's a random guy on the stairs here, so don't be 
too shocked by him.

At the bottom of the stairs is once again, another room identical to the one 
you just came from. Now's the time for the M16. There's some ammo, and health 
packs in the small room before the main one.

OK, now firstly, prepare yourself. Now comes one crazy fight. Ensure both of 
your guns, which should be the MP5 and the M16, are reloaded, and have enough 
ammo. Ensure health is full. Get comfortable, but relax and don't get too 
Just try to have fun, and feel free to scream as you play out this fight.

There's no way for me to help you in this fight, except give you a few pointers 
and the order of the fight. The rest is common sense.

When you get into the room, go up the stairs on the left of the hall, right to 
the top floor. At the back end of this level will be some grenades. Use these 
to take out the shielded enemies on the floor. Next, use the M16 to gun down 
the guys on the central bridge, and the once on both balconies. Stay on this 
end of the hall, and stay on the first floor. Through the glass, take out any 
enemies on the ground floor. Barely any cover here, so it's a full on fight.

Once all ground enemies are done with, continue down either side of the first 
floor, gunning down any enemies who approach you, and any who come up the 
stairs from ground level. Watch out for Shotgun Men. Once all are done, your 
primary objective will be complete. Now you have to eliminate the machine gun 
nest. Before you do this, go down the other end of the first floor and enter 
one of the small rooms on either side. From here, wait in the corner (RELOAD 
NOW!!!). Many enemies will keep spawning from the glass platform at the end, 
near your room. They all drop grenades, and most drop first aid kits. Pick them 
off with head shots from the corner of the room. It will seem like they never 
end, but they do, after a long time.

Once all enemies are taken care of, stock up on grenades, reload the gun you 
have. If you've run out of M16 ammo, use the MP5. Re-fill the health bar in any 
way possible. Health packs are littered on either side of the first floor, but 
I assume you will have spotted and used them by now.

Back onto the ground floor, hide behind the columns and keep chucking grenades 
at the machine gun nest. Sooner or later it will blast apart. Before any 
enemies can come into the room, run into it to end the mission.

I hope the fight was fun for you; I sure enjoyed it, and this is by far one of 
my favourite levels so far, though it is a bit tedious and repetitive.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 50 - 75 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 5                                          |
| Intel: 5                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 6: Vratska Dockyard [SCf6]

Ten secondary objectives. Three needed for Normal. Six needed for Hard.

You'll start this level with the Mac 10 Elite and the Remington shotgun. 
Neither are any good at long range, but with some practise you'll become an 
expert with the Mac. I'm not a big fan of this level, but luckily the one after 
this is brilliant.

You start on a platform. Two of your team are with you. Throughout this level 
try and get them to do most of the work. On your left down below, and a bit in 
the distance will be two guards. Change your firing mode to single shot, and 
then hit them in the head. Single shot makes the gun a lot more accurate at 
long range. Head down the stairs and onto the road below. Throughout this level 
pick up every single shell of ammo and every health pack/first aid kit.

If you go down to the platform near the water on the right of the road there's 
some grenades lying in the open. There's a nice soundtrack around this part, 
and as you've probably noticed Black's soundtrack overall is wonderful. There's 
a guy standing on top of the building ahead of you. Around the corner and 
you'll come to a pathway with some tubes down the middle. On the left of these 
tubes is another bloke waiting for you. There's two more on the bridge at the 
end of this pathway as well. In an indent on the left of this pathway is some 
shotgun ammo.

Now comes your first big fight. Since the Mac is horrible at long range, you're 
going to have to work hard. Move forward and take out any enemies close to you. 
Use boxes as cover from the enemies in the windows above. Most of them will 
jump down onto the stairs once you begin shooting at them. Take out any close 
to you, then when the coast is clear head up the stairs and blow open the door 
with the Remington. There might be one or two enemies still up here, so blast 
them down and then pick up and ammo around here. From here use the Mac to take 
out any enemies down below. Once every enemy is dealt with, head back down and 
continue down the path.

You'll notice the Sniper Rifle propped against the wall of a container on your 
left. Pick it up. It's the armament objective for this level. There's some 
shotgun ammo in this container as well. Back onto the pathway, aim with your 
Sniper towards the large tower in the distance. You should see a sniper waiting 
there. Take him out and then swap your Sniper back to the gun you had before.

Continue along the pathway and round to the opening on the left. There's a 
bloke here so hit him in the head from behind. One guy will now be on the roof 
of container and a few more on the ground. Follow the path and you'll soon find 
yourself looking down a container with a bloke at the end. Deal with him, then 
the guy on the top of the ship to your left. He's standing next to a flammable 
tank, so you know what to do. Instead of going to the left at the end of the 
container, as the path goes, head to the right and follow it this way to find 
an Intel objective. Watch out for some more enemies on the roofs of the 

Head back along past the container and straight. The path branches here. Go to 
the left and take out the few enemies here. Search the containers for an AK 47 
and some ammo. You can swap it for your Mac if you like, but keep the Remington 
whatever you do. I prefer using the Mac since I like a change of weapon. Plus, 
AK ammo is scarce throughout this level. Here you can either follow this path 
or head back to where the path branched, and enter the second area similar to 
where you had your first fight. Using your primary weapon (AK or Mac) take out 
the enemies around here. Once they're all dealt with, you'll hear the sound of 
an RPG. Head forward towards a large tower like object and use this as cover. 
Once he fires again, quickly either grenade him or keep emptying ammo on him 
until he explodes. Head up the stairs and again, open the door with the 
Remington. Inside is some ammo for the AK and the Recon objective. Back 
downstairs, take out any more enemies who come as you, and then follow the path 
as it goes, again.

There's a bloke with a machine gun at the end of this path. Use the giant 
cotton reels or whatever they are for cover. Near the end of this path some 
normal enemies will come at you. Take them out, and then blow up the tanks 
underneath the tower that the machine gun guy is on. He'll get roasted.

Head up the stairs on the left and there's an enemy waiting for you here, and 
two more in the small room ahead. Once they're dead, head into this room and 
pick up the Intel on the wall. Then head into the building.

Your first checkpoint will come at the bottom of the stairs. Follow the 
corridor until you see two men standing in a small room. Headshot them both, 
then using the Remington open the door of the room. Swap your Remington for the 
M249 in here. Yes, this is the BFG. Yes, this is the machine gun all the 
machine gun guys use. Yes, this is the most powerful bullet driven gun in the 
game. Yes, it's stupidly inaccurate. Yes, it has enormous recoil. Yes, it's 
highly tempting to fire it. But don't. Save the ammo for a later fight. Before 
exiting this small room grab the Intel on the shelf.

Back into the corridor, you might find your path blocked by some boxes. Grenade 
them to clear your path. Out in the open again, there's a guy in the distance 
next to a forklift facing away from you. Single shot him in the head and watch 
him drop like a stone. It's actually hard not to laugh at the speed at which he 
drops. Another firefight will start here. Use the container near the bloke you 
killed to take cover from the machine gun. First deal with the normal enemies 
on the ground, or let your team do it for you. Once they're done with, shoot 
the tanks under the guy with the machine gun to take care of him.

Head to where the machine gun guy was to find some ammo for the M249. Grab the 
Intel here as well. Follow the path again and there should be some tanks on the 
floor ahead of you. Blow them up to take out a BM in the room next on your 
right. Follow the path till you come across a bloke in a small booth guarding a 
gate. Pop him in the head. There's loads of M249 ammo in an indent in the wall 
here, so pick it up.

Now comes the time to use the M249. A fun fight if you know what you're doing. 
Like the end of Tivliz Asylum, I can only simply tell you the order of the 
enemies. The rest is up to you.

First take out the normal enemies on the ground. Whenever you need to reload, 
ensure you crouch and find some small cover. The M249 reload is slow. Once the 
normal enemies are done, some will try to flank you from the top right. Blow 
the enormous tanks up there to deal with them.

Next, an RPG man will appear in the top left windows of the main building ahead 
of you. Blow the fuel tank attached to the huge pipe along the building to take 
him out. Then a machine gun guy will appear on the top right windows of the 
same building. Again, blow the tank under him to kill him.

Some more normal enemies will come along, and some Shotgun Men. Finally, the 
door will blast open and a few shielded enemies will emerge. Use your grenades 
to deal with them.

Once the fight is over, destroy the BM objective in the small booth near the 
gate of this car park. Then, head down to the right where the ships are. At the 
end of each jetty is a little goody for you.

Once you've got every bullet and every first aid kit/health pack, head into the 
building from where the shielded enemies came from. Inside follow the corridors 
and rooms until you come across a checkpoint. Keep going straight and grab the 
Intel at the base of the stairs before going up. At the top here there's a 
guard in the room waiting for you. Headshot him and he'll fall out the window. 
Swap either gun you have for the Sniper Rifle here. Use the sniper from the 
window to shoot the tanks under the tower which has a machine gun guy at the 
top. Then take out the sniper in the bridge ahead of you, and finally the 
second machine gun guy on the ground (you'll have to head a little to the right 
to see him). There's also some normal enemies on the ground as well, but your 
team can deal with them.

Head down the stairs and shoot the guy at the bottom. Then head towards the 
stairs which lead to the bridge where the sniper bloke was. From here you can 
use your sniper to take out the RPG guy, and the two snipers standing on the 
tall metal towers. Relax here. Once they're dealt with you can pick off the 
enemies below easily.

Back down the stairs YOU CAME UP, there's a small room with a BM in it, and 
some sniper ammo. Head down into the road below and fight your way through. 
It's common sense here. Use cover given to you, destroy every flammable object 
and don't try to be clever. Once you find yourself at the entrance to an area 
which has some stairs at the left and a tall fence at the left, stop and take 
out the sniper in the top metal tower here. Chances are you'd have seen him by 
now anyway. Use the columns of the nearby tower for cover. Once he's done 
there's another endless supply of enemies topped off with an RPG man in the 
building at the end. He can't actually get you cause of the wire fence, but you 
can snipe him, and his friends. For this long (but easy) fight, use as much 
cover as you can and just keep firing. It'll be over soon. Once it is, head 
into the building and follow the corridors until you reach a cutscene.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 50 - 75 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 3                                          |
| Intel: 5                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 7: Graznei Bridge [SCg7]

Eight secondary objectives. Two needed for Normal. Four needed for Hard.

This is, by far, my favourite mission of the entire game. It has a simply 
concept, and if you just want to see what kind of game Black really is, you 
have to play this level. It's also the best level of them all to practise your 
skills in.

There are no puzzles in this level. You can't get lost. Your mission is to get 
from one side of the bridge to the other. Simple as that.

For that reason, there's not much of a walkthrough for this level. What I will 
do, as I have on previous occasions where common sense must be used, is I will 
cite the locations of major enemies and, of course, the secondary objectives.

General tips for the level: Search all buses for goodies, and blow up every car 
with an enemy next to it. Pick up as many grenades as you can, and there's 
loads around the place, and don't bother trying to conserve them. And, 
obviously, aim for headshots. 

OK. Right. You start with the M16 and the M203. You'll swap the latter for the 
M249 later in the level. Once you begin the level, walk forwards and pop the 
guy you see through the hole in the floor, in the head. The walk up either 
staircase on the left or right, and take out the other guy waiting there. The 
entire level is a firefight, and it begins here. Fight your way through the 
normal enemies. There will also be two machine gun blokes around here.

Once all are dealt with, walk through the opening in the wall at the end of 
this area. A few more enemies here and an RPG man. Once the major enemies are 
taken care of, walk up either slope on the left or right to the platforms above 
this part of the bridge. There's a hidden RPG here, which is the armament 
objective, so swap it for your M203. Note that there's always goodies up on the 
platforms above the below the different bridge areas. All are accessed by ramps 
at the beginning and end of the bridge section.

Back down below there's two more machine guns blokes. Remember to get their 
ammo and pick up the M249 once they're dealt with (HINT: GRENADES!). There's 
two buses here; the right one has an Intel in it.

You're half way through now. Now the only stealthy part of the level. There's a 
wall blocking your path, so you need to go down to the platforms below this 
part of the bridge. Enter the large, under"ground" building and pick up the M16 
suppressor as you go in. Follow the stairs on your right. Shotgun Man 1 is 
waiting here. Headshot him and then keep going. Headshot Shotgun Man 2 through 
the doorway where he is patrolling. Grab the Intel on the wall before 
continuing. Again, follow the path till you get to Shotgun Man 3 who might 
already be facing you, so watch out. As you continue forward, keep an eye on 
the right wall to find a rather well hidden and easy to miss BM objectives.

Once you're back out in the open, you have to get through this area by using 
the platforms under the bridge. Keep your suppressor on, and take the left 
path. Watch out at the bottom of this ramp, there's a guy there. Headshot him, 
and then from his location take out any enemies visible, silently. Use single 
shot mode for better accuracy. Sooner or later you'll be seen and the normal 
routine starts all over again. Shoot enemies through the holes in the floor 
above you.

Follow the ramps and once you're back out into the open, rather than continuing 
onto the bridge, head down to the next series of platforms under the bridge. At 
the end of these platforms, there's the Recon objective, but its guarded by a 
machine gun bloke and a Shotgun Man.

Head back to the main bridge, and continue fighting your way through. On the 
platforms above this section of the bridge is the second and final BM 
objective, as well as a Sniper Rifle which you might find handy to clear the 
area. Back down to the ground, and keep shooting. Machine gun guys are at the 
end here, so have fun. It's not made any easier by the Shotgun Men either. Use 
the buses as cover; they can't see you if you crouch when inside them. An RPG 
man will appear half way through this fight on the top left. Take him out by 
emptying a clip of M249 ammo onto his general area.

Climb up the ramp the RPG guy was on to get to the platforms above this section 
of the bridge. This is a great place to fight through this section of the 
bridge. The second RPG guy who is in one of the buses below cannot reach you 
very well from here, but you can get him with your own RPG, which is laid out 
nicely on the platforms up here for you. You can also throw grenades off here 
to detonate the minefield below and take out enemies in the process. Watch out 
for Shotgun Men and shielded enemies who will come up the ramps to get you up 

All you have to do is keep shooting everything which moves, detonating mines 
and picking up ammo and first aid kits, until McCarver tells you to cease fire 
and that the area is clear.

Stock up on ammo around here and reload all guns. Re-fill your health in any 
way possible, and then approach the ramp which will lead you to the final area 
of this level. There's more mines here, so watch out. Two men will be in the 
bus to the right, so get rid of them first (HINT: GRENADES!). Before dropping 
over the ramp, go down to the platforms below and grab the Intel objective at 
the end here.

The moment you drop over this ramp, everything will burst into life. They will 
protect that doorway using any means necessary. By the bus on the right is an 
RPG which is the only weapon you'll need for the rest of this level. Common 
sense here. Normal enemies first. Use the RPG. Next , three machine gun guys. 
Use the RPG. Then an RPG guy on the balcony of the building. Use the RPG. Then 
some more normal guys. Use the RPG. Then collect some more RPG ammo near the 
cars ahead of you, by the right steps, and send about three or four rockets at 
the doorway itself. It will blow open and shielded enemies will emerge. Use the 
RPG. Grab the final Intel on the wall and enter the building to end the 

Sorry if I sped through the last part. It's not rocket science to work out what 
you have to do.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 25 - 55 minutes  |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 2                                          |
| Intel: 4                                        |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |

Mission 8: Spetriniv Gulag [SCh8]

Sixteen secondary objectives. Three needed for Normal. Eight needed for Hard.

Right, you've made it. The final mission. Firstly, congratulations on getting 
this far. It's not easy to get here, especially on Hard. You need to take down 
Lennox. This level is a test of all your skills you have learnt in the past 
seven missions. The path is mostly linear, though you will have to divert from 
the main path to find some secondary objectives. Like the past few missions, 
there is no easy way of getting you through this mission. It's just shooting 
and following the path. I will take you through and point out major enemies, 
fights, weapons and SOs. However, the majority of the level is up to you. I 
cannot tell you how to fire and where to aim, and I can't play it for you. It's 
up to you to use what you've learnt previously to get past the tougher parts of 
the level.
To make things easier for you, just think that once you've done this you'll 
have silver weapons, infinite ammo and Black Ops difficulty if you're playing 
on Hard.

Let's go.

You'll start with the MP5 and the Remington. Almost every weapon you've come 
across so far is in this level for you. And there's no shortage of ammo for any 
of them. By the end of this level you'll have the M249. Head to your right, and
you'll find a silencer for the MP5 in a room at the back of this building. It
does help in the game, since less enemies are aware of your whereabouts. Thanks
to Tom for this location/tip.
Head forwards and down the stairs. A bloke will run past in front of you. Take 
out the car to get rid of him. Enter the building he was heading into and drop 
down through the hole in the floor. Follow the path until you come to a locked 
door which you can blast with the Remington. Inside there'll be a guy facing 
away from you and another in the room through the archway. Take them both out, 
and then a Shotgun Man will drop from above. He's easy to deal with. Before 
heading up the stairs get the Intel on the wall near the base of them. 
Upstairs, take out the guy facing away from you and then head down the corridor 
to find an Intel in the room at the end.

Head back to the stairs and enter the room where another bloke will be waiting, 
and also one who'll shoot you through the hole in the ceiling. There's numerous 
routes here but your main target is to get to the roof of this building so take 
any stairs or ramps you find which head up, taking out enemies along the way. 
One of the staircases will have an Intel at the top of them, pinned to the way 
in plain sight. No excuse to miss this once. Note that the enemies drop Mac 10 
Elites which use the same ammo as your MP5, but has a faster fire rate. It's 
your choice.

Once on the roof there'll be a machine gun bloke in the room below who you can 
take out by lobbing a grenade down the hole. There's a Shotgun Man up here and 
a few normal enemies. You'll soon emerge onto the roof of a building 
overlooking a courtyard which has a star statue in the middle of it. Grab the 
G36C here and use it to take out the enemies in the courtyard below and the 
ones in the windows of the enormous complex. There's quite a few, so aim 
straight and concentrate. Once you hear the sound of a machine gun, get your 
normal weapon back and head downstairs. There's a Sniper Rifle by the window 
here which you can use to take out the machine gun using the window.

Head out to the stairs on your left which lead to the courtyard. An RPG man 
will see you immediately, so use the Sniper to QUICKLY take him out. Deal with 
the guy on the stairs and then drop down. Inside the room here is a Shotgun 
Man, a normal enemy and a BM objective. Head out of here and round to the 
courtyard, taking out any enemies who approach you as you go. Pick up every 
clip of ammo and every first aid kit you see. The moment you approach the 
bridge loads of enemies will be on you as will an RPG guy in the second from 
top window on the LAST column of windows of the enormous complex. Sniper him, 
it's the only way.

Here's your first firefight. As I said at the beginning, it's all up to you. 
First, some normal enemies will come, and then some Shotgun Men. After that, 
shielded enemies will approach you, and these are not normal shielded enemies. 
These guys carry Magnums which do an enormous amount of damage. Use grenades 
which are littered around here. You can use the column in the centre as cover. 
All during this time a machine gun will be firing at you, so either sniper him 
or grenade him. Again, pick up every last clip of ammo and every first aid kit. 
You can swap the Remington for the Magnum if you wish, since it is useful. 
Before entering the booth which had the machine gun bloke, take out the guy 
shooting you from the window of the building on the left.

Enter the booth and take out the two enemies who approach you. Pick up the M249 
if you want to, but there's numerous chances to get it late in the level. 
Ensure you get every last bullet of ammo for it, though. DO NOT USE IT AT ALL 
UNTIL THE FINAL FIGHT. That is important. You will need every last bullet for 
the final fight. Continue straight and down the stairs on your right, where 
there's a checkpoint.

You'll emerge into a huge hall. Take out the bloke on the pathway ahead of you, 
then drop down into the hall. This fight isn't easy, due to the overturned 
tables confining you to the centre. But keep calm and aim for the head of every 
enemy. There's two Shotgun Men in this fight, a few shielded Magnum enemies and 
loads of normal enemies. There's also a machine gun at the end of the room, but 
you can deal with him in a moment. There's a door which you can open with the 
Remington on the right wall which contains a BM inside.

Once all main enemies are dealt with, grab the Intel on the wall at the end of 
the hall way, to the right of the archway. Use the Magnum, now, to take out the 
normal enemies and the two machine gun dudes in the booth in the next room. Use 
the wall as cover, of course. Once done, head towards the booth, but watch out 
for the normal enemy on your right. If you head around through either doorway 
and into this booth you can pick up the M249 ammo. Before heading down the 
right pathway, on the left is the Recon objective for this mission, which you 
might find odd since this is the last level, but it states that its of an 
"unknown US city". 

Follow the pathway to the right and you'll soon come to some stairs through a 
little opening on your right. They're hard to miss, so keep an eye out. 
Following the tunnels here will bring you to a bloke who is easy to deal with. 
There's an Intel on the wall right after him, and then a Shotgun Man and 
another normal enemy. Continue down the tunnels until you read a room with an 
RPG inside it. You'll need this RPG for this part. Grenade or RPG the weak wall 
in front of you to clear a path through it. There's a set of blue doors here 
and two machine gun blokes on the other side of it. Simply RPG them both; it's 
not difficult. One of the booths should have the wall blown open enough for you 
to walk through it. Pick up the ammo from both machine gun blokes and head down 
the tunnel. There's numerous paths here, and they all lead to another main room 
which has a huge firefight. However, you're aiming to get the Intel which is 
located in a bunker down a corridor after making a left at the train.

Next comes the firefight. You're fighting in a room with steel pillars. Do 
exactly what you've done in the previous fights. There's shielded enemies with 
Magnums, normal enemies and Shotgun Men. To top it off there's a few men along 
the platform running through the middle of the room, and a machine gun dude at 
the end of the fight.

Once all are dealt with (yeah, that's all the help I can give you), pick up 
every clip of ammo and every first aid kit. Take the opening to a corridor on 
the right of the room here and loop round so that you get onto the platform 
running across the area. At the end of this platform is another room which has 
a few enemies in it guarding an Intel on the rock and an RPG.

Back into the room below and head down the tunnel at the end. There's a machine 
gun guy at the end of the tunnel which joins this one, so use the RPG you got 
just now to take him out. If you don't have one, there's one in the room down 
the tunnel on your left, but it's guarded by a shielded enemy. Once the machine 
gun guy is dealt with, take out the laptop inside his little booth.

Following the path you'll end up on a wooden platform. Either route takes you 
to the same area, but one has grenades whilst the other has shotgun ammo. At 
the end here is a Shotgun Man who you can deal with pretty easily. Follow the 
tunnel and you'll have to fight your way through a load of normal enemies, a 
few shields and two machine gun enemies. Not easy, but not too difficult 
either. Just remember not to stand next to anything explosive, including the 

There's one more machine gun dude who you must kill face to face. No cover at 
all, but one headshot and he's down. Go through the small tunnel here to grab 
an RPG and another Intel. Use this RPG to take out the two machine gun blokes 
who are at the end of the corridor after going down the ramp. Note that they'll 
see your feet before you can get a clear shot at them, so watch out. Once 
they're dealt with, you can get into their room by using a door on the left of 
the tunnel on the right of their bunker. There's an Intel in here and now comes 
the time to actually pick up the M249, if you haven't already.

Continue down the tunnel and you'll hit a checkpoint. Health pack, M249 and 
ammo half way down this tunnel for you.

OK. Stop. Calm. Relax. Panic and you're dead. This is the final fight of the 
entire game. You have an M249 and you should have an MP5 as well. If not, 
backtrack to get both. Make sure ammo for both is full. Make sure your health 
is full, using any first aid kits you left behind or Health Packs you have. 
This fight is not like the others. It's you against shielded enemies, dozens of 
M249s, two RPGs, Shotgun Men, and an endless supply of normal enemies. 
Thankfully, they don't all come at the same time.

As you probably guessed it, I'm just giving you the order of the enemies, and 
some helpful tips.

Ready? OK.

Firstly, stand in the doorway, but do NOT go into the room just yet. The door 
will shut behind you if you do, so take out as many enemies as possible from 
here. The Shotgun Man first, then both M249s on either side of you. There's two 
M249s standing on the left and right platforms; you should be able to see their 
feet. After they're done with, more M249s will come; around ten or twelve of 
them. Remain in the doorway and pick them off one by one. Note than the stacks 
in the middle of the room can be blown.

Ensure every enemy is dealt with. It should be completely silent. No enemies in 
sight. Run into the room and head up the stairs on the left. Pick up as much 
ammo and first aid kits as you can along the way, and some grenades if you can 
manage it. Remain in the left room of the platform here. From here, you can 
pick off any enemies who approach you, which will be Shotgun Men and shielded 
enemies with Magnums. Normal enemies will also appear every now and then. 
Alternate between the rooms at either end of this platform. In the right one is 
the final Intel. Lob some grenades down into the room below to take out any 
shielded enemies down there.

Sooner or later, enemies will stop approaching you. You now have to deal with 
the normal enemies on the platforms opposite yours. They appear on both the 
left and right platforms. On the left platform is the final BM objective (and 
pay attention to its name; it might bring a smile to your face during this 

Once the normal enemies are dealt with, M249s will appear in both bunkers at 
the end of this room. Once you kill either of them, another takes his place. 
There's also TWO RPG blokes who patrol along the platform opposite yours. Use 
the Magnum here. Deal with the RPG blokes first. Wait till he fires, and then 
run out and use the M249 or the Magnum on him (if you miss with the Magnum, 
though, he'll get you). Then deal with the other bloke. 

After this, you have to get rid of the M249 enemies. From within either room on 
this platform you can see the machine gun blokes and get them with one shot. 
They'll stop spawning soon and you can enjoy the enormous and brilliant ending 
explosion which detonates everything in its path, including any enemies in its 
area and any remaining RPG blokes. 

Head back down to the room, but watch out for any Shotgun Men or shielded 
enemies who have been hiding throughout this fight. It would more than annoy 
you to be killed by one of these. Head down to the end of this room and through 
either exploded bunker. Head towards the doorway which opens for you, and then 
the mission (and the game) ends.

Congratulations. You've just beaten BLACK. Enjoy the final cutscene and the 
ending credits. If you've been playing on Easy difficulty, you can now go back 
and try the game on Normal. If you've been playing on Normal, you've unlocked 
Silver Weapons. Enjoy all your favourite guns in shiny silver, and with 
infinite ammo. Now try the game on Hard. If you're been playing on Hard you've 
got Silver Weapons for all difficulty settings, and unlocked Black Ops mode. If 
you've been playing on Black Ops mode, you can enjoy going crazy with the M16 

Thanks for using this guide. I hope it's helped you enjoy and complete this 
great game.

|                                                 |
| Average mission complete time: 55 - 100 minutes |
|                                                 |
| BMs: 4                                          |
| Intel: 10                                       |
| Recon: 1                                        |
| Armament: 1                                     |


Section D) [SDSO]

Secondary Objectives List

Mission 1: Veblensk City Street

BMs: 1) Small room to the left of the museum entrance
     2) Indent in the right wall of the city street
     3) Garage entrance booth

Intel: 1) Top of museum stairs
       2) First floor of museum
       3) Platform after Seventh Wave suspects

Recon: 1) Base of stairs near second telephone booth

Armament: 1) Uzi at the top of stairs near second telephone booth

Mission 2: Treneska Border Crossing

BMs: 1) Second building on the left during the border crossing
     2) Second building on the right during the border crossing
     3) In a small hut, down a left path after exiting the canal
     4) Near TALL building in farm field
     5) Bottom floor of farm house

Intel: 1) First building on the right during the border crossing
       2) Last building on left during the border crossing
       3) Last building on the left during the bridge crossing
       4) Farmhouse, right at the top
       5) TALL outbuilding, on the stairs

Recon: 1) Two people guarding it just before getting to the farm

Armament: 1) Two people guarding the RPG and ammo located up a hill after the
             canal, but before the bridge

Mission 3: Naszran Town

BMs: 1) Basement of first sniper building
     2) Left hut in the huge graveyard
     3) Basement of tunnel building
     4) In the main building of Sniper Alley part 1
     5) In the building at the end of the alley with RPG Man 1 in Sniper Alley
        part 2

Intel: 1) Wall in the main sniper building
       2) Inside the tunnel building
       3) Inside the building on the left of sniper alley
       4) In the main building of Sniper Alley part 1 (the roof)
       5) In the building at the end of the alley with RPG Man 1 in Sniper 
          Alley part 2

Recon: 1) In the basement of the building linking parts 1 and 2 of Sniper Alley

Armament: 1) M203 in the small left hut in the huge graveyard

Mission 4: Naszran Foundry

BMs: 1) Small house near the fork in the path
     2) The shed in the warehouse where the massive firefight takes place
     3) Across a gap in the weapons manufacturing area
     3) Room right at the back of the smelter area

Intel: 1) In the last hut in the minefield, before the RPG
       2) On the left wall after the stairs in the huge warehouse
       3) On the wall by the stairs in the weapons manufacturing area
       4) Located under the stairs after blowing up the huge gas tanks with the
       5) On a ramp just before the room at the back of the smelter area

Recon: 1) Far right corner of room after bridge at start of level

Armament: 1) Magnum and ammo located in shed against the right wall of the

Mission 5: Tivliz Asylum

BMs: 1) Small room just ahead of the sheltered area when getting to the Asylum.
     2) One of the cells in the first cell block.
     3) Left balcony of the "The Rock" bathroom.
     4) One of the cells in the second cell block.
     5) Ground floor of the first pillar room fight.

Intel: 1) Small room near the RPG and ammo outside the Asylum.
       2) On a table in a long tunnel filled with ammo.
       3) Right balcony of the "The Rock" bathroom.
       4) One of the cells in the second cell block.
       5) First floor of the first pillar room fight.

Recon: 1) Small room before the first pillar room fight.

Armament: 1) M16 in one of the rooms of the first cell block.

Mission 6: Vratska Dockyard

BMs: 1) Fuel tanks before the ambush fight will destroy the BM in the room.
     2) In the booth during the ambush fight.
     3) In the small room under the sniper bridge.

Intel: 1) After the very first sniper, take the right path before going to the
          next big firefight.
       2) Room right before the first checkpoint.
       3) Room with the M249 in it.
       4) Near the machine gun bloke during the firefight after getting your  
          own machine gun.
       5) Before the stairs heading up to the room with a guy and the sniper 

Recon: 1) Second room which needs to be opened with the Remington.

Armament: 1) Sniper Rifle propped up in a container after the first big fight.

Mission 7: Graznei Bridge

[NOTE: The words "bridge section" means every section of the bridge which 
has platforms above and below it.]

BMs: 1) Inside the half way point building. On the right after Shotgun Man 3.
     2) On the top platforms of bridge section 3.

Intel: 1) Inside the right hand side bus, just before the half way point.
       2) On the wall right before Shotgun Man 3 inside the half way point 
       3) Platforms under the bridge just before dropping over the ramp to 
          begin the end fight.
       4) Right before entering Spetriniv Gulag 6, on the right of the 

Recon: 1) Located after exiting the half way point; continue on the left side 
          of the under"ground" ramps until you get to a wall blocking your  

Armament: 1) Hidden RPG on the top platforms of bridge section 2. 

Mission 8: Spetriniv Gulag

BMs: 1) Room before courtyard fight.
     2) Inside first huge hall, room on the right wall.
     3) Right before the wooden platforms, the machine gun bloke's bunker.
     4) In the final fight, on the left platform opposite yours.

Intel: 1) Right at the start of the level, after the first Shotgun Man, at the 
          base of the stairs.
       2) At the end of the corridor after these stairs.
       3) At the top of some stairs as you make your way through the first 
          building to the roof.
       4) Inside first huge hall, right at the end, on the right of the 
       5) Inside the series of tunnels, right after the first guy you meet.
       6) After taking out the two machine gun blokes, from the train, head 
          down the left path into a room before the steel pillar room fight.
       7) On a rock in a room at the end of the platform running across the 
          steel pillar room.
       8) With the RPG before the two machine gun blokes who see your feet 
          before you see them.
       9) Inside the room with the two machine gun blokes who see your feet 
          before you see them.
      10) Inside right hand room of your platform during the final fight.

Recon: 1) Before the series of tunnels, after the few machine gun blokes, the 
          left room.

Armament: 1) Sniper Rifle located in the first building, before going down into 
             the courtyard. It's by a window and is used to take out the 
             machine gun and the RPG.


Section E) [SECC]


To unlock the BFG (M249) in the first mission enter this code as your profile 
name, and then enter your real profile name:


(From GameFAQs and


Action Replay Max Codes (from Codejunkies. (for UK 
version of the game).





Infinite Ammo 

Infinite Grenades 
Infinite Health 
Infinite Health Kits 

Skip FMVs 

Black Difficulty 

Rapid Fire 
Rapid Fire (Alternate) 
Tap L3 for Rapid Fire 

Speed Modifier 

Slow motion (Press Select+Up) 
Quicker Game (Press Select+Right) 
Normal game Speed (Press Select+Down) 
Hyper Mode (Press Select+Left) 


Level Modifier 
Veblensk City Street 

Treneska Border Crossing 
Nazran Foundry 
Tivliz Asylum 
Naszran Town 
Vratska Dockyard 
Graznei Bridge 
Spetriniv Gulag 


Section F) Legal Stuff [SFLS]

There's always some legal stuff which needs to be taken care of. To keep me and
everyone else happy, read this section and make sure you understand it.

Only the following websites may have a copy of this guide on their site:

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Section G) Special Thanks [SGST]

Thanks to Criterion and EA for making such a great game.
Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting my first ever guide.
Thanks to and GameFAQs for the BFG code.
Thanks to Codejunkies for the Action Replay cheats.