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Final Fantasy VII


Cid-Only Challenge Guide

by HurrikaneX


By Ben Heins
a.k.a. HurrikaneX

Started: June 24, 2006
Finished: August 4, 2006

Version History:
  - 1.0 (08/04/06): Original, submitted version of "Cid-Only Challenge FAQ."
  - 1.1 (08/09/06): Minor touch-ups; added info on Venus Gospel weapon.

Cid-Only Challenge FAQ © 2006, Ben Heins.
Final Fantasy VII American Version © 1997, Squaresoft.

Any duplication of this FAQ without my permission is strictly forbidden, unless
it is printed out in its entirety and used only for personal means (no profit
whatsoever). If you would like permission to put this on a website other than
those listed below, please e-mail me at [email protected] I also retain
the right to deny any requests.

Sites that have my permission to post this FAQ:

I. Introduction
II. Rules
III. Tips
IV. Weapons
V. Limit Breaks
VI. Disk One (after getting Cid)
	a. Getting Started
	b. Wutai
	c. Searching for the Keystone
	d. Temple of the Ancients
		BOSS: Red Dragon
		BOSS: Demonís Gate
	e. Sleeping Forest
	f. Forgotten City 
		BOSS: Jenova-LIFE
VII. Disk Two
	a. Corral Valley
	b. Icicle Inn
	c. Great Glacier
	d. Gaea Cliffs
		BOSS: Schizo
	e. Crater 
		BOSS: Jenova-DEATH
	f. Junon
	g. Mideel
	h. Huge Materia: Corel Reactor
	i. Huge Materia: Fort Condor
	j. Mideel
	k. Gold Saucer: Speed Square
	l. Huge Materia: Underwater Reactor
		BOSS: Carry Armor
	m. Sunken Gelnika
		BOSS: Reno & Rude
	n. Huge Materia: Rocket Town
		BOSS: Rude & Attack Squad
	o. Another Key
		BOSS: Diamond WEAPON
	p. Raid on Midgar
		BOSS: Reno, Rude & Elena
		BOSS: Proud Clod
		BOSS: Hojo
VIII. Disk Three
	a. Northern Cave
		BOSS: Bizarro-Sephiroth
		BOSS: Safer-Sephiroth
IX. Optional Side-Quests
	a. Chocobo Breeding
	b. Gold Saucer: Battle Square
	c. Ultima WEAPON
	d. Ruby WEAPON
	e. Emerald WEAPON
X. Credits



For this challenge, I will assume you already know the ins and outs of FFVII
(the best RPG ever) and are just looking for something interesting to try on
your 10th+ time through the game. The purpose of this challenge is to give Cid
the glory he always deserved by using him and only him from the time you get
him until the end of the game. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.
Please, please, please no hate mail or flames. This is the first guide I have
ever written. Be nice. :)

By the way, here is your one and only *SPOILER WARNING*. That was for anyone
who is trying the game for the first time and (for some reason) chose this
guide. *Smack!* :)



- Before you get Cid, there are no rules.

- Once you get Cid, you must use him for the rest of the game and kill off the
  remaining two party members in battle.

- Escape from all battles when playing as Barret and Cait Sith in Junon on Disk

- Do not get Yuffie or Vincent to join your team.



- Before you get Cid you can make the solo character challenge as easy or as
  hard as you like. For this FAQ, I will be going on the premise that you only
  went out of your way to collect Enemy Skills, you fought every single random
  battle, and that you tried getting as much AP as possible for materia. As a
  sidenote, when I got Cid he was at Level 25.

- Do not bother buying weapons or armors before Cid joins the team. This will
  save money for a few HP Plus materia in Cosmo Canyon. Also, you will not need
  more than one of any materia except HP Plus.

- Learn the Big Guard Enemy Skill after acquiring the Buggy in the desert. This
  is a HUGE defense spell that is essential for almost every Boss fight. You
  can get it by manipulating a monster named Beach Plug on the beaches near the
  Gold Saucer.

- Learn the Trine Enemy Skill from the Materia Keeper in the Nibel Mountains
  before getting Cid. This spell helps a great deal when getting started.

- Chocobo breeding is optional. Personally, I hate this more than leveling up,
  but because you can get some very powerful materia that is essential for
  killing some major optional Bosses (Iím looking at you, Emerald), I have
  included a BRIEF breeding guide. :)

- Save all your Sources and give them all to Cid.

- MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is a ďlooseĒ guide. I will not be covering every
  little detail of the game. Also, I am only strongly suggesting these methods,
  so if you have a better way of doing things, by all means use it. If I do not
  mention a change in equipment or materia, it is because the current set-up I
  have suggested is sufficient at that point in time.



Cid has a wide variety of weapons to choose from, but the only ones you will
need are the Spear, Dragoon Lance, Partisan, Flayer, Venus Gospel, and
Scimitar. All weapons are listed below in the order you will find them
throughout the game.

    ATK: 44 / ATK%: 97
    SLOTS: 2 linked / 2 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Initial equip

    ATK: 56 / ATK%: 98
    SLOTS: 4 linked / 1 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought at Wutai (6500 gil)

    ATK: 66 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 0 linked / 8 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Found in Da-Chao Cave, Wutai Mountains

    ATK: 68 / ATK%: 118
    SLOTS: 0 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: None
    NOTE: Dug up at Bone Village as "Good Treasure"

    ATK: 60 / ATK%: 105
    SLOTS: 0 linked / 6 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Found in Temple of the Ancients

    ATK: 58 / ATK%: 102
    SLOTS: 0 linked / 4 unlinked
    GROWTH: Double
    NOTE: Found in Corral Valley

    ATK: 64 / ATK%: 99
    SLOTS: 4 linked / 2 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought at Icicle Inn (13,000 gil)

    ATK: 62 / ATK%: 104
    SLOTS: 4 linked / 1 unlinked
    GROWTH: Double
    NOTE: Found in Gaeaís Cliff

    ATK: 100 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 0 linked / 6 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Won at Speed Square in Gold Saucer on Disk 2 and onward (5000 Points)

    ATK: 78 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 6 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought at Mideel (19,000 gil)

    ATK: 86 / ATK%: 102
    SLOTS: 2 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: Triple
    NOTE: Found in Junon Underwater Reactor

    ATK: 92 / ATK%: 112
    SLOTS: 4 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Found in sunken Gelnika

    ATK: 97 / ATK%: 103
    SLOTS: 8 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: None
    NOTE: Ultimate weapon. Obtained by talking to the old man in Rocket Town
          after the rocket has been launched. The more MP Cid has, the higher
	  the Gospel's damage will be.

    ATK: 78 / ATK%: 102
    SLOTS: 6 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Found on the 64th Floor of the Shinra Building during Raid on Midgar



Cidís Limit Breaks are his best asset. Use them often against Bosses because of
their high damage. Below is a short list of his Limits and how to acquire them.

NOTE: These figures are based off of my own personal calculations. They may
vary from game to game.

- BOOST JUMP (LEVEL 1.1): Initial Limit.
- DYNAMITE (LEVEL 1.2): Use Boost Jump 7 times.
- HYPER JUMP (LEVEL 2.1): Kill about 60-70 enemies.
- DRAGON (LEVEL 2.2): Use Hyper Jump 6 times.
- DRAGON DIVE (LEVEL 3.1): Kill about 80-90 enemies.
- BIG BRAWL (LEVEL 3.2): Use Dragon Dive 5 times.
- HIGHWIND (LEVEL 4.0): Give Cid his Limit Break Manual found in the cargo bay
  of the sunken Gelnika on Disks Two and Three.


VI. DISK ONE (after getting Cid)

    a. Getting Started

	Before you dive into the western continent, there are a few things you
	should take the time to do. First, return to land. Put Cid on the team
	and give him all the Sources you have accumulated so far. Send him to
	the back row, and kill off the other two team members in battle.

	Next, head to Rocket Town and sell all unnecessary items. Equip the
	weakest weapons and armors on all other characters, and sell the better
	equipment for loads of cash (at least 30,000 gil). 

	If you do not have at least 3 HP Plusses, return to Cosmo Canyon and
	buy them now. The All materia isnít necessary, but it may be wise to
	attach one to your weapon or armor so it will get mastered eventually
	(that way you will be rich). :)

	Go to the Item Shop and buy at least 5 Tents, 20 Hi-Potions, and 20
	Ethers. This will give you enough supplies to get to Wutai without
	trouble, and for fighting some battles on Da-Chao Mountain.

	Now Cid needs to get prepared. First, equip the Edincoat you got from
	defeating Palmer in Rocket Town. Put two HP Plusses on it, along with
	the Counter Attack, Long Range, Deathblow, Steal, and Enemy Skill
	materia. In two of the weapon slots you should put a Restore materia
	that has the Cure2 spell learned, a summon spell (preferably Odin
	because of his instant kill attack), and a third HP Plus. Equip the
	Power Wrist for some much-needed strength.

	Before taking the long walk to Wutai, go to Bone Village and get a
	Diamond Bangle for later use.

	Now take the Tiny Bronco over to the shores of the western continent.
	Getting to Wutai is a bit of a challenge. In every battle, make sure
	to cast Trine. This is your most powerful spell at this point in time.
	For an even easier win, use Odin. Your only problem will be MP
	consumption. After each battle, make sure to heal and give Cid an Ether
	if needed. With skill and speed, you should make it.

    b. Wutai

	Ah, paradise! Heal using items and save. Do not rest in the bedroom
	unless you really want to kill off your teammates again. Next, buy a
	few Swift Bolts and Fire Veils (save them both for later use). Do not
	bother picking up the Slash Lance from the Weapon Shop.

	Now head to Da-Chao Mountain. Inside the cave, there is a weapon for
	Cid called the Dragoon Lance. This will be your best friend until well
	into Disk Two. Equip it, and replace the Edincoat with the Diamond
	Bangle you bought from Bone Village (see where this is going?). Now the
	linked materia slots are on your armor.

	Fight around on Da-Chao Mountain for some X-Potions. Bizarre Bugs will
	drop them indefinitely, so having about 20-30 of them before you leave
	is a good idea. You will likely pick up a few Remedies, too. Just be
	careful of an enemy named Garuda. It can drain your MP and deal severe
	damage to Cid. Also, if Cid is under Fury status, by the time you reach
	Level 30, you should have learned your Level 2.1 Limit Break, Hyper
	Jump. This will cause around 1,500 damage with the Power Wrist
	equipped. With the spare change from fighting, buy as many Ethers as

	When you are ready, head back to the Tiny Bronco. You should not have
	to use any healing items or Ethers at all.

    c. Searching for the Keystone

	First, go to the Weapon Sellerís house (north-east of Gongaga). Talk
	with him, then head over to the Gold Saucer and enter the Battle
	Square. Talk with Dio in the trophy room and accept his challenge
	(Cloud will be dead, so you will not be fighting).

	Cloud goes on a date, Cait Sith is a backstabber, and Cid takes a nap.
	Any questions? :) Head back to the Tiny Bronco and kill Cloud and Aeris
	in battle along the way. Go south-east to get to the Temple of the

    d. Temple of the Ancients

	Here comes your first major challenge with Cid. Try and get through the
	labyrinth as fast as possible, picking up all items along the way. Make
	sure not to miss the Mind Source near the highest staircase in the main
	area, the Luck Plus and Morph materia near the middle of the maze, and
	the Ribbon in Room V of the clock room. The Trident weapon is pathetic
	compared to your Dragoon Lance (but you can make a good chunk of change
	from all these useless weapons later).

	When you come across an Ancient, make sure to NOT choose the ďRestĒ
	option and just heal using items. I would recommend you save to a
	second file because there is no way out of this place now.

	When you are ready, head to Room VI. To catch the Ancient, simply jump
	down one ledge and go in the third cave from the left. Be sure to put
	the Fire-Elemental combination on the Diamond Bangle for extra
	insurance. If you have equipped the Ribbon, replace it with your trusty
	Power Wrist for now. Save, and enter the main door. Get ready, Ďcause
	here comes Cidís first Boss fight!
	BOSS: Red Dragon
	HP: 6,800
	STRENGTH: Absorbs Fire; invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Dragon Armlet

	You could try poisoning the Red Dragon right from the start, but this
	is not necessary. Set up Big Guard immediately, and hammer away at him
	using Deathblow and Limit Breaks. Your counter-attacks will also help
	out. Heal when necessary. This battle should not be much of a problem,
	as long as you only use your magic for healing and defensive purposes.

	Keep pressing on! Equip the Dragon Armlet and Ribbon on Cid. Replace
	the Fire-Elemental combination with an Earth-Elemental combination just
	to be safe. Make sure to revive Cid using your items and save. Here we

	BOSS: Demonís Gate
	HP: 10,000
	STRENGTH: Halves Earth damage; invulnerable to Gravity and Poison
	WIN: Gigas Armlet

	This guy is a real pain. Immediately cast Big Guard. Use Deathblow for
	good damage and Limit Breaks whenever possible. Bahamut will deal
	around 2,000 damage, but will drain almost half your MP, so do not
	bother. Let your MP go toward keeping up Big Guard. You will also be
	making good use of those X-Potions from Wutai. When the Gate drops
	below 5,000 HP, it will start doubling up on attacks. Just keep an eye
	on your HP and do not let it drop below 800. Thankfully, you will not
	encounter another really difficult Boss like this until you are well
	into Disk Two.

	Now you are in the clear. After the events unfold and Aeris leaves the
	party, you are back in... Gongaga? Anyway, leave there, and head north
	to Bone Village to dig up the Lunar Harp to the left of the big tent on
	the upper platform. Before continuing, buy about 20-30 more Ethers. Now
	enter the Sleeping Forest.

    e. Sleeping Forest

	Technically, you really do not need the Kjata materia. Summons will be
	unnecessary until Disk Two. However, there is an essential item
	underneath the log in the next area called the Water Ring. This will
	make the next Boss insanely easy. In your first random encounter, make
	sure to kill off your teammates. :)

    f. Forgotten City

	Grab all items in this area, including the two Sources, the Elixir, the
	Aurora Armlet, and the Comet materia. Equip the Aurora Armlet and	
	attach Comet.

	Now equip the Water Ring. As long as you have it on, Cid will be
	invincible in this next Boss fight. Just make sure to kill the other
	team members in battle.

	BOSS: Jenova-LIFE
	HP: 10,000
	STENGTH: Absorbs Water; invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Wizard Bracelet

	First, kill your friends. Jenova will help you with that. Then, just
	hack away. If you still have the Enemy Skill materia on (which you
	should never take off), you will learn Aqualung. *Yawn*

	Congratulations! Disk One is done! By now you should be pretty
	comfortable fighting solo with Cid.



    a. Corral Valley Cave

	Now for a friendly check-up. You should have the Dragoon Lance, Aurora
	Armlet, and Ribbon equipped. On the Lance, you should have the Enemy
	Skill, Deathblow, Steal, Counter Attack, and Long Range materia, along
	with three HP Plusses. On the Armlet, you should have the Restore and
	Comet materia, with empty slots next to each. The only Enemy Skill you
	will need indefinitely will be Big Guard. Comet is much more powerful
	than Trine or Aqualung. Cid should be around Level 32.

	Kill your teammates. Now navigate through here, picking up some useful
	items, such as a Megalixir, Power Source, Bolt Armlet, and the Magic
	Plus materia. The Bolt Armlet, however, is not much different from the
	Aurora Armlet, and will not be helping you at all. The Viper Halberd is
	not as good as the Dragoon Lance, so just sell it later. Pair the Magic
	Plus with your Comet materia on the Aurora Armlet. Now head across the
	snow fields to the next town.

    b. Icicle Inn

	Scan the area for an X-Potion, Turbo Ether, Hero Drink, and Vaccine. Do
	not buy the Mast Ax. There are plenty of things you can sell here, such
	as all the useless weapons, armors, and accessories that you have
	accumulated since Bone Village. There is no Item Shop here, so heal
	with whatever items you	stocked up on in Bone Village.

	Grab the Glacier Map from the first house to the right, then talk to
	the man near the trees. Dodge Elena, and take the Snowboard from the
	kid in the house located in the center of town. Head down the mountain.

    c. Great Glacier

	Go right, then right again when snowboarding. From the landing point,
	head this way to get the Alexander materia (the directions are only for
	the main areas, not the walkways in between): Forward and to the right,
	straight (pick up the Added Cut materia along the second walkway),
	straight (touch the hot spring before leaving), straight to cave with
	All materia, then right. Go inside the cave in the next area and fight
	Snow for the Alexander materia. With the Aurora Armlet, you are
	invulnerable to her attacks. Easy fight :) Equip Alexander next to the
	Restore materia, and head back to the All materia cave. Go north to get
	to Mr. Holzoffís house and rest. Save, then go up the mountain.

    d. Gaea Cliffs

	Try to navigate through here as fast as possible. Stay warm, too. Hack
	off your teammates at first chance. Pick up the Speed Source in the
	second cave and all other items (the weapons will make for a good
	profit). If you hang around too long, you will see your Ethers go away
	slowly but surely. The Icicle battles in the second cave can be taxing,
	but the Fire Veils you bought at Wutai should take care of things
	quickly. Also, when you fight a Stilva, make sure to get the Magic
	Breath Enemy Skill. By the way, Cidís Javelin weapon is nothing
	compared to the good olí Dragoon Lance.

	As a sidenote, if you have been fighting every battle, you should get
	Cid's Level 3.1 Limit Break, Dragon Dive before you reach the Boss.

	When you get to the HP/MP revival pool in the third cave, use it only
	if you are running low on Ethers. Make sure to equip the Aurora Armlet
	and Fire Ring, then save. This way the upcoming Boss will be much less

	BOSS: Schizo
	HP: 18,000 (each side; total = 32,000)
	STRENGTH: Left side absorbs Ice, right side absorbs Fire; both sides
  		  invulnerable Gravity
	WIN: Dragon Fang

	With the Aurora Armlet and Fire Ring equipped, you will be resistant to
	the right sideís attacks and will absorb the left sideís attacks. This
	means you should kill off the right (fire) side first, and then attack
	the left (ice). As long as you have over 2,500 HP, you have no
	worries. Both sides can use Quake3 and a final attack, but the left
	side will be healing any damage you take. Use Deathblow and Limit
	Breaks, and hang in there. Big Guard is unnecessary, unless you want to
	put Cid in Haste.

	Time to head to the summit. Make sure to replace the Aurora Armlet with
	your new-found Fire Armlet, and to replace the Fire Ring with a Ribbon.
	Save and scale the final cliff.

    e. Crater

	Make sure to grab the Neo Bahamut materia near the Save Point. At this
	point in time, it is unnecessary to attach it. There is an Ether and a
	Hi-Potion after the Save Point,	in case you need them. The other items
	are only good for money. With the Fire Armlet equipped, here comes
	another extremely easy Boss.

	HP: 25,000
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Reflect Ring

	Just hack away. *Yawn*

	Be careful around the wind sections. Timing is everything. Grab the MP
	Turbo and attach it with Comet. Before you know it, Cloud is nowhere to
	be found, and Tifa wakes up in Junon...	wha!?

    f. Junon

	Run, run, run. Barret and Cait Sith have no purpose in Cidís quest for
	recognition. :) To maneuver Tifa out of the gas chamber, press X, X,
	Triangle, X and Triangle together, O and Triangle together, then O.
	Enjoy the fireworks and head to the Chocobo Ranch. Buy a Mimett Green
	for 1,500 gil and sell all the useless junk you have accumulated since
	Icicle Inn (you should have well over 100,000 gil). Now go to Mideel.

    g. Mideel

	First, head to the doctorís office and check on Cloud. Tifa will stay
	and Cid will FINALLY BE THE LEADER! Okay, so you knew it was coming. :)

	Anyway, return to Mideel. Head to the house nextdoor to the doctor's
	and pick up the Elixir. Next, go to the room that is closest to the
	entrance of town (the Item Shop). Feed the little white chocobo the
	Mimett Green, tickle it behind its ears, and you will get the Contain
	materia. Pick up about 50 Ethers and the Partisan. Re-equip the Aurora
	Armlet (if you have not already done so). The only magic materia you
	will need are Restore and Comet. The Corel Reactor is your next stop.

    h. Huge Materia: Corel Reactor

	Here comes a tricky fight. Kill off your comrades in the first random
	battle. Your current set-up is sufficient for the train ride, but speed
	is the key. Here are some strategies for each train car:

	CAR 1: Hack away.
	CAR 2: Use Comet on one, hack the other apart.
	CAR 3: Hit hard with Aqualung.
	CAR 4: Use Swift Bolts and Comet.
	CAR 5: Kill him fast.

	If needed, heal in between battles with X-Potions QUICKLY. If you fail,
	never give up. When you successfully stop the train, you will receive
	the Huge Materia and Ultima materia.

	Hop back on the Highwind and head to Fort Condor.

    i. Huge Materia: Fort Condor

	There are dozens of strategies, but I believe this is the simplest. Set
	up one Defender and begin the game. Have him run dead-center down the
	mountain. When he nears the first enemy, set up about eight more
	Defenders (3 left, 2 center, 3 right) along the line of battle. This
	way you will not have to wait for all of your men to get to the front
	line. Gang up on all enemies, and add a Defender if one dies. Easy,
	right? :)

	Grab the Phoenix materia and the Huge Materia and get back to Mideel.

    j. Mideel

	Your current set-up is fine for this next part. Go to the doctor's
	office and check on Cloud. Oh, boy...

	HP: ??
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Nothing

	Defend for 3 turns. If you did not kill your teammates before you came
	to Mideel, have no fear, Ultima will annihilate them. Having Cid defend
	is ideal, however, Ultima is insanely powerful and will usually	leave
	Cid hurting. If defending seems like the wrong move, give Cid an
	X-Potion to get through that turn. Godspeed.

	Ugh. That guy is ridiculous. Poor Cid. Have fun in the Lifestream. :)

    k. Gold Saucer: Speed Square

	That's right, folks. Before you go to Junon, take time to come here.
	Trust me, this is worth it. :)

	Drop 30,000 gil on a lifetime pass. Run in and out of the entrance
	until you see a man in blue suspenders and a yellow shirt near the top
	of the screen at the house. Buy 100 GP from him (10,000 gil), save 
	somewhere, and enter the Speed Square. Try to win the Flayer weapon for
	Cid by getting 5,000 Points. It is better than the Venus Gospel (Cid's
	ultimate weapon) because you can have a high attack and still gain AP
	for materia.

	This will quite possibly be the most difficult thing you have done so
	far. Getting 5,000 Points can be very tedious. First, get a turbo
	controller. Unless you have an itchy trigger finger, this is essential,
	and will help tremendously.

	Remember always to shoot in short, controlled bursts using O. If you
	have a turbo controller, just hold down O. The yellow boulder in the
	desert area (with the planes) is worth 200 Points and is hidden on one
	of the walls. Aim up and to the right to find it. There is also a
	spotlight at the end of the course on the bottom left that can be shot
	at for 200 Points. Also, the huge UFO is worth 1,000 Points. If you hit
	all three of these targets, plus MOST of everything else, you should
	get 5,000 Points. The only thing you must remember is that THIS TAKES
	PATIENCE. I cannot stress that enough. Around your eigth or ninth run
	through the course, you should know exactly what to hit and where to
	put the cursor to hit it. For Cid's sake, keep up the hard work, and
	never give up! This can be done! :)

	The Flayer is unbelievably powerful. Cidís physical attacks will be
	much stronger than most spells at this point in time. Equip it.

	Now save. You have a big decision ahead of you. :)

    l. Huge Materia: Underwater Reactor

	Okay. Cid should be around Level 40. Before you enter Junon, you should
	consider these options:

	1. Breed chocobos now and get the Knights of the Round materia, then
	proceed to Junon.
	- OR -
	2. Proceed to Junon.

	Chances are excellent you do not have enough gil to start breeding
	chocobos, unless you have kept an All materia on you at all times
	(which I have not advised). If you (somehow) can afford breeding, you
	can cut down to Section IX-a and go ahead. Just so you know, KOTR will
	make the rest of the challenge easy as pie.

	For the sake of those who are broke at this point in the game, I will
	follow the premise that you opted not to breed now, and are continuing
	to Junon. If you decide to get KOTR now, note that all upcoming Bosses
	will have a difficulty of 0/10 because they will die with one cast of
	this summon.

	Now back to the strategy. Pay the guard 10 gil to get in, and head
	toward the middle of Junon to go down the hall with the guards. Kill
	off your teammates in the battle on the elevator, and proceed through
	the area. SAVE AT THE SAVE POINT. Just in case... :)

	When you reach the underwater tunnel, attach a Morph materia to your
	weapon. Get into a battle with a Ghost Ship, and Morph it into the
	Guide Book. It can kill you instantly, so make this as quick as

	Anyway, keep going. Save again, and take a deep breath. This next Boss
	is the hardest you will have to face (next to Emerald WEAPON, of
	course). In fact, this and the fight with Emerald are the only two
	parts of the challenge that depend mostly on luck. Make sure Cid is
	fully healed and has a Limit Break ready (I know this isn't the normal
	approach, but this isn't any normal Boss). :)

	BOSS: Carry Armor
	HP: 24,000 (center); 10,000 (each arm)
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WEAKNESS: Lightning
	WIN: God's Hand (Tifa)

	The hard part is the first part. Use Dragon Dive immediately, then
	follow up with Big Guard. Use the Magic Breath Enemy Skill (from Stilva
	in the Gaea Cliffs) about 3 times and the arms will be gone. From here,
	it's clear sailing, but getting to this point may take a few tries
	until you get lucky enough to not get killed by the Arm Grab. Now
	hammer away at its body. Keep the Guard up at all costs and use
	X-Potions and Ethers when necessary. If it kills you, rinse and repeat.
	If you did not get Cid's Level 3.2 Limit Break, Big Brawl, before now,
	you will likely get it here. This fight may take a few tries until you
	can win without it grabbing you. Good luck and don't give up!

	Whew. Slap yourself to make sure you actually beat it, and keep going.
	Heal Cid and grab the Scimitar en route to the sub; you will not need
	the other weapon. You can also pick up the Leviathan Scales, but it is
	not necessary. Kill anyone who stands in your way. If you decide to
	wipe out the sub's crew, you can steal a Shinra Alpha armor off the
	captain. Again, not essential.

	For the sub game, just focus all your fire on the red sub. This should
	not take more than 30 seconds.

	When you return to the surface, re-enter Junon. Go to the airport,
	watch the FMV, and hop back in the sub. Get the Huge Materia from the
	red sub you just sank (southern area). Now head to the cove near Costa
	Del Sol and the	Gold Saucer. Time to turn Cid into God.

    m. Sunken Gelnika

	Okay, DODGE EMERALD WEAPON. :) Go to the sunken Gelnika (white plane)
	and save in the hall. Run through the room north of the Save Point and
	collect all the items. By "run," I also mean RUN from all battles.
	These creatures can and will destroy Cid. The only necessary items here
	are the Megalixir and the Double Cut materia, which should be put on
	your weapon in place of	Manipulate or Morph (whichever you have
	attached). Keep your current equipment on. Now enter the other room.

	BOSS: Reno & Rude
	HP: 15,000 (Reno); 20,000 (Rude)
	STRENGTH: Both invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Elixir

	Go after Reno first. His Neo Turk Light attack will not affect you
	because of the Ribbon. They each have elemental attacks, but will not
	deal enough damage to be considered threats. Just make sure Big Guard
	stays up at all times. Of course, after Carry Armor, any battle like
	this would be a walk in the park. :)

	Heal, save, and continue to the cargo bay. Pick up all items here,
	including the Hades materia, Megalixir, and Cid's Level 4.0 Limit
	Break Manual, Highwind. Now Cid is unstoppable. Muhahaha...

	Leave, and zip north a bit to search around. The Key of the Ancients is
	hidden in a tunnel to the right. When you get it, surface and fly to
	Rocket Town.

    n. Huge Materia: Rocket Town

	Head to the rocket (duh). Plow through the guards with Double Cut.
	Compared to the Rude you just fought, this one is cake.

	BOSS: Rude & Attack Squad
	HP: 9,000 (Rude); ?? (Attackers)
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Hi-Potion

	First, kill the lackeys. Rude can catch you off guard, so heal if
	necessary. Use Double Cut and he should be gone in no time. You do not
	have to steal the Ziedrich armor.

	Cut through the last guard. Follow the plotline, and watch as Cid
	fulfills his dreams of entering	outer space. He's the man. :) The code
	for the Huge Materia is: O, Square, X, X.

	Return to Rocket Town and talk to the old man in the center of town.
	Be nice and talk to him three times, and he will give you Cid's
	ultimate weapon, the Venus Gospel. While this weapon can give Cid a
	wicked physical attack, you will not get any AP for your materia on it.
	The Flayer should be your first choice unless you are going in the
	Battle Square (optional) or heading into the final fight. Now head to
	Cosmo Canyon. Bugenhagen is waiting. :)

    o. Another Key

	Before meeting Bugenhagen, climb the ladder on the far right of town
	and go inside. The roped off room is now open. Nab the Full Cure
	materia, Elixir, and Magic Source, then leave.

	Now go all the way up. You already have the Key of the Ancients, so
	talk with Bugenhagen, get Bahamut ZERO from the blue materia in his
	planetarium, and go to Bone Village.

	Go through to the Ancient City. Follow the plot, and exit back to the
	Highwind. Replace the Aurora Armlet with the Fire Armlet. Hurry back to
	Wutai and buy about 15 Swift Bolts. Only magic and Limit Breaks can
	hurt this thing.

	HP: 30,000
	STRENGTH: Halves Fire damage; invulnerable to regular physical attacks
	and Gravity
	WEAKNESS: Lightning
	WIN: Nothing

	Diamond may look all big and tough, but it packs a weak punch. You will
	not be needing Big Guard. Its Fire attacks will heal you. Before/if it
	connects with Diamond Flash (when the countdown reaches zero), try to
	defend to soften the blow. Heal if necessary. Use Swift Bolts all the
	time, and use Comet if you can. You will probably get a Limit Break in,
	which is bad news for Diamond. Go Cid!

	Awesome FMV. One of my personal favorites. :) Fly to the Northern Cave,
	then head back to land. Heal and save.

	Anyway, now you are faced with a few more big decisions:

	1. Start chocobo breeding now, or wait.
	2. Kill Ultima WEAPON now, or wait.

	You now have the money to breed, so the option is wide open. You can
	get even more money from hunting down Ultima WEAPON, but it will be
	more difficult at your levels, so if you choose	to do so, refer to
	Section IX-c.

	I will still be going on the premise that you do not have KOTR, and
	have avoided fighting Ultima WEAPON for now. A good thing to do before
	entering Midgar would be to stock up on X-Potions at Wutai. About 20-30
	would be nice (unless you want to use the W-Item trick once you get the
	materia in Midgar... selecet one item, cast it, then select another
	item... go to cast it, but instead, push X to cancel the cast... repeat
	and you can have 99 of almost any item). Buy 5 Tents and save on a
	separate file for extra insurance. When you are ready, parachute in.
	Cid should be around Level 46 or higher.

     p. Raid on Midgar

	Save and enter the hatch Cait Sith opens up. Kill your buddies in
	your first random encounter. From the maze entrance, head across the
	straight platform and all the way across. Grab the Megalixir and
	Elixir, then return down the path, and take the stairs down. Climb down
	the ladder, then up the ladder in the background. You can get the Aegis
	Armlet here, but it is only necessary if you are really struggling. Go
	back down, and when you try to cross the pathway, it will break and
	send you down. Go up the pipe ladders and jump down the nearby vent
	(with the red opening). There is another Elixir near where you came out
	(the Starlight Phone is	useless). Barret's Max Ray is at the end of the
	lower vent path, and it also useless, so don't bother. Simply run up
	the nearby stairs, save, and enter the next area.

	From the entrance, head south. Way south. Even when Red XIII tells you
	to turn back, go south. :) There are four Sources and a W-Item materia
	down here. Replace Deathblow with W-Item. You can now use the W-Item
	trick mentioned earlier. It is not really a glitch, but it is not quite
	cheating either. Use it if you wish. Save at the save point, then head
	way, way back up north. Replace the Aurora Armlet with the Fire Armlet
	for now. Your three HP Plusses should have two or three stars each,
	giving Cid around 6,000 HP. Oh, he's the man.

	Keep going north past your entrance point and you will run into your
	friends, the Turks.

	BOSS: Reno, Rude & Elena
	HP: 25,000 (Reno); 28,000 (Rude); 30,000 (Elena)
	STENGTH: Reno absorbs Lightning, Rude absorbs Fire, Elena absorbs Ice;
		 all invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Elixir

	The one thing you should keep in mind is that once you have taken out a
	Turk, the other two will leave. That said, focus all your attacks on
	Reno. Use only physical attacks with the Flayer. Use Regen (you should
	have it by now) and/or Big Guard on Cid. Heal when necessary. Once Reno
	is taken care of, they will all escape. You do not have to steal any
	items from them.

	Easy stuff. Put the Aurora Armlet back on. Heal and save back in the
	maze area, then continue north in the tunnel. You do not have to enter
	the Shinra H.Q. because all the weapons	there are useless. :) At the
	first Y-intersection, go left to reach the Sister Ray and...

	BOSS: Proud Clod
	HP: 60,000 (armor has 20,000)
	STRENGTH: High magical defense; invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Ragnarok (Cloud)

	This thing reminds me of Diamond WEAPON. Looks bad, fights like a
	pansy. Lace into it with physical attacks and set up Big Guard. Forget
	about attacking the armor. Heal using items, and AVOID casting Cure
	spells on Cid (Proud Clod can cast Reflect on Cid). This fight will
	take a while, but will not be too difficult.

	Heal and contine. There is an Elixir and Mystile armor next to the Save
	Point. Equip the Mystile (the only armor you will need from now on) and
	save. You can attach Deathblow again and a materia of your choice
	(hint: All is worth a lot of gil when it gets mastered). :) Head up the
	stairs to find...

	BOSS: Hojo
	HP: 13,000 (first form); 26,000 (second form); 30,000 (third form)
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Power Source

	For the first form, just hack away. Disregard his pals. For the second
	form, focus your attacks on the main part. Heal when necessary.
	Deathblow works very well here. The third part is probably the most
	difficult because of Hojo's Combo attack. Just keep Big Guard and/or
	Regen up and keep ripping him up with your Flayer. Cid will counter-
	attack a lot in this fight. A Highwind Limit Break will REALLY mess
	Hojo up. :) His status effect attacks will not hurt you because of the
	Ribbon. Not too tricky.

	Congratulations! You made it through Disk Two! From here, you are free
	to either complete the optional side-quests or go face Sephiroth in the
	Northern Cave. I would HIGHLY recommend you at least gather all the
	items in the Cave before moving onto things like the Battle Square or
	fighting the WEAPONs.



    a. Northern Cave

	Cid should be around Level 50 before entering. Kill off your teammates
	in the first battle. In the first area you can get a Save Crystal (use
	it at the very bottom of the Cave, before the final descent) and a
	Guard Source. The only enemy to be wary of is the Dark Dragon.

	In the second area, look out for Scissors. Either kill them A.S.A.P. or
	run. On the way down the right, get the Guard Source and Mind Source.
	Scale the left side and get a Magic Source, Power Source, Elixir, and
	HP Absorb materia.

	When you come to the third area, head left inside the cave. Grab the
	Power Source and Guard Source, then go out the other end. Get the Hero
	Drink to your right, then head back through the cave to the beginning.
	Go right, drop down the ledge, and grab the Mind Source to your left.
	Jump up, go left, and get the Megalixir inside the nearby cave.
	Backtrack to where you got the Mind Source, and enter the cave below
	you. Come out the other side, and get out of the area by dropping down.

	Choose the right path for Cid, Cloud, and one other person, and make
	everyone else go left. When coming down the spiral column, take the
	Elixir (you do not need another Mystile). In the lower area, grab the
	Speed Source, Tetra Elemental accessory, and both Megalixirs. If you
	run into a Dragon Zombie, you can learn the Shadow Flare and Pandora's
	Box Enemy Skills.

	Grab the Luck Source and create a Save Point here, at the bottom. Two
	choices again... :)

	1. Head all the way back up using the left path.
	2. Keep going down to fight the final battle.

	I would strongly suggest going back up the left path before fighting
	Sephiroth. The Mega-All materia will be key in the upcoming battle.

	Before going up the left path, make sure to check with your teammates
	to get the items they picked up along the way. Anyway, in the first
	rocky area you need the Speed Source and Mega-All materia (attach in
	place of Double Cut). There is also a Turbo Ether and X-Potion. In the
	third rocky area, you should get the X-Potion, Elixir, and Remedies.
	For the brown areas, make sure to pick up the Magic Source and Remedy
	(first brown area), and the Hero Drink (second brown area). The	last
	area with the shining light has a Counter and W-Magic materia. Pair
	W-Magic with Comet on the Mystile.

	Anyway, now for the final fight. Hop down the stones as fast as
	possible. Either kill the baddies or run away to save your strength.
	Eventually, you will come to the shiny bottom.

	Replace the Flayer with the Venus Gospel. Remember to keep your MP high
	so the Gospel will deal its maximum damage. Your equipment should look
	a little something like this:

	Venus Gospel: W-Item, Enemy Skill, Mega-All, Long Range, Counter
	Attack, HP Plus
	Mystile: Comet=W-Magic, Restore=Deathblow, HP Plus=HP Plus

	HP: ?? (not a lot)
	WIN: Nothing

	Use Deathblow and focus on the center. Heal when necessary. She may
	cast Stop, which could leave Cid hurting, but have your HP high just in
	case. Not a particularly tough fight, but try to kill her before the
	timer reaches zero. If/when you get a Limit Break, save it for the next

	After the fight, just heal. Time for Cid's final stand...

	BOSS: Bizarro-Sephiroth
	HP: ?? (each part of B.S. ... haha... has between 2,000 and 10,000)
	WIN: Nothing

	Use Slash-All until the Core is vulnerable. If you have a Limit Break,
	use it. Attack with Deathblow. This fight takes forever, but just keep
	healing and hacking away at Part C. After that, lace into the other
	parts with Comet2, Pandora's Box, or Shadow Flare. Once the Core and
	left and right arms are dead, they will not be revived. The length of
	the fight will be attacking the middle portion (Part A). If he happens
	to use Heartless Angel, heal A.S.A.P. If he uses Aurora Fence, kill
	your teammates immediately. He will fall eventually...

	Now for the grand finale. Use an Elixir on your first turn!

	BOSS: Safer-Sephiroth
	HP: ?? (less than 80,000)
	WIN: The game. Muhahaha...

	After the Elixir, set up Big Guard. This guy plays rough. Keep hacking
	away at him using Deathblow. Limit Breaks will be your saving grace in
	the end. The only real threats are Shadow Flare and Super Nova. Make
	sure to only attack AFTER you know what Sephiroth's next move is. This
	way if he casts Super Nova you are not about to use Deathblow. Use an
	Elixir after you get hit really hard. Basically, this will become one
	big slugfest. Don't be shocked if you see Super Nova at least three
	times. Good luck, my friend. :)

	Pat yourself on the back. Cid is victorious!! Not only that, but his
	Highwind saves the day. In the course of this game, Cid reached outer
	space, found new respect for his girlfriend, and swore... a lot. :)



    a. Chocobo Breeding

	This is the most time-consuming part of the challenge. There are dozens
	of methods, but this (I believe) is the cheapest and least painful.
	First, make sure you have at least 75,000 gil. Now...

	1. Rent 4 stables from Choco Bill (40,000 gil)
	2. Buy 2 Sylkis Greens from the Chocobo Sage (10,000 gil)
	3. Steal 3 Carob Nuts from Vladorakos (located around Bone Village)
	4. Steal 1 Zeio Nut from a Goblin (located on north-eastern islands)

	Okay. Now get into a random battle. Use the W-Item trick (explained in
	Section VII-p) to get 99 Sylkis Greens. If you chose to	start breeding
	before that section, just buy as many as you can.

	Now attach the Chocobo Lure materia. Run around on the tracks located
	near Mideel until you have captured a great chocobo. Save. Whatever sex
	it is, get the opposite sex in a good chocobo from the tracks near the
	Gold Saucer. Save.

	There is no need to race these two. Simply mate them with a Carob Nut
	to get a green or blue chocobo. If you do not get one of these, reset
	and try again. Feed the newborn 50 Sylkis Greens and save. Race it at
	the Gold Saucer Chocobo Square using the short course until it is at
	Rank A. When racing, hold all 4 shoulder buttons down to gain back
	stamina quickly. Make sure to take GP instead of an item. Save. :)

	As a sidenote, if Choco Billy says it is too early for the chocobos to
	breed again, go outside and fight around a bit. After a few battles you
	can have them mate.

	Save before you breed. Use a Carob Nut to mate the original parents
	again. This time you should get the opposite sex and opposite color
	(either green or blue).	If not, reset and try again. When you are
	successful, release the	original parents. Feed the newbie 50 Sylkis
	Greens and race it until it is at Rank A. Save. Sense a	pattern? :)

	Mate the green and blue chocobo using a Carob Nut and you should get a
	black chocobo. Save. Head to the Icicle Inn area tracks (west part of
	northern continent) and capture a wonderful chocobo with the opposite
	sex of the black chocobo. Release the green and blue chocobos. Save.
	Feed the black and wonderful chocobos 50 Sylkis Greens each and race
	them until they are each at Rank S. Save.

	Mate the black and wonderful chocobos using the Zeio Nut and you should
	get a gold chocobo! If not, try again. SAVE.

	Ah, how	boring... sorry that was so time consuming, but it is a
	necessary evil to defeat the WEAPONs quickly at a low level using only
	our hero. :)

	Hop on your goldie and ride to the far north-east to find the hidden
	materia cave. Grab Knights of the Round. Now run all the way to the
	western continent and locate the materia cave (around the middle of the
	continent, due east). Here you can pick up the Mime materia. That's all
	you need, folks!

    b. Gold Saucer: Battle Square

	Before entering here, make sure you have explored the Northern Cave.
	This way, you are certain to have all the necessary materia needed to
	make this as easy as possible. Also, you should have LOADS of GP from
	chocobo racing. Cid should be around Level 60 if you decided to kill
	Ultima WEAPON and Ruby WEAPON before coming here (which a good plan).

	Your goal is the W-Summon materia (64,000 BP). You will earn more/less
	BP depending on your luck with the reels (i.e. - the "All Materia
	Disabled" reel will give you much more BP than the "Cure" reel). Keep
	fighting, and do NOT leave the area until you have the materia, or else
	all your BP will disappear.

	Equip the Venus Gospel, Mystile, and Ribbon. On the Gospel, have the
	Counter Attack, Mega-All, and Long Range materia, along with 3 HP
	Plusses. On the Mystile, you should attach the Deathblow=HP Absorb
	combination, the Restore materia, and the Enemy Skill and W-Item
	materia. Put whatever you wish in the other slot. :) Now head into

	The best thing to do is to use the Deathblow-All attack and Slash-All.
	Do not expect an easy fight, though. This arena is geared toward Cloud,
	and someone like Cid normally should not be used here. Even if you get
	frustrated, do not give up until you have all 64,000 BP. Use Big Guard
	if you feel threatened. Your main problem will be the reels' effects. A
	few things to keep in mind are: The Ghost Ship can be killed by using
	an Elixir, the Magic Breath Enemy Skill is key to survival if your
	attacks become weak, and if you happen to come across a Tonberry, I can
	only hope you have a Limit Break ready. Good luck!!

	After you have W-Summon, exit back down the stairs. If you talk to the
	person on Cloud's right, he/she (?) will give you an accessory called
	Sprint Shoes, which automatically puts Cid in Haste. If you are
	thinking about killing Emerald WEAPON, this is absolutely necessary. :)

    c. Ultima WEAPON

	You can find it near Junon hovering over the giant crater after
	Diamond WEAPON is dead. If you have KOTR, this will be easy. If not,
	you will have to chase Ultima all over the world. A good strategy is to
	follow Ultima until it stops over an area, land the Highwind nearby,
	heal, save, and THEN ram into it. This way you will not lose sight of
	where Utlima is going next. Once it falls below 20,000 HP, it will
	hover above the Cosmo Canyon area to wait for the final fight.

	Use the	Ultima-Elemental combination in your armor for some much-needed
	insurance. If you have completed the Raid on Midgar, equip the Mystile.
	You should also put on a Tetra Elemental accessory in place of the
	Ribbon (found in the Northern Cave or obtained by morphing a Cactaur).
	Use the Flayer so you get AP from the fight.

	HP: 100,000 (approx.)
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Ultima Weapon (Cloud)

	Attack it with Deathblow. A Limit Break will leave Ultima in pain.
	Tetra Elemental will absorb most of its attacks, so there is no need
	for Big Guard. Before the final	fight, equip the Reflect Ring so the	
	Shadow Flare attack goes right back to Ultima. Stick to your guns and
	hunt it down wherever it goes.

	Good job! You just raked in 25,000 gil. Sell Cloud's Ultima Weapon for
	1 gil just to spite him. :) The Ancient Forest holds a Slash-All
	materia, but you really do not need it at all, unless you feel like
	getting tons of AP for the Flash attack. That could be useful in the
	Battle Arena, but there are other ways to win. If Cid has the Mega-All
	materia on (found in the Northern Cave), his physical attacks will hit
	all opponents.

    d. Ruby WEAPON

	Appears in the desert after Ultima WEAPON is dead. Ram its head to make
	it pop up.

	There is a very easy strategy to take care of Ruby at a low level.
	First, raise a gold chocobo and get KOTR. You really do not need
	W-Summon from the Battle Arena for Ruby. Equip the Scimitar, Mystile,
	and Ribbon. Simply attach KOTR to the HP Absorb you can find in the
	Northern Cave on the Scimitar (so KOTR gets a ton of AP from Ruby), and
	have the Mime materia from the materia cave near Wutai on the Mystile.
	Load up on HP Plusses (until Cid has around 9,500 HP) and make sure to
	remove Counter Attack. Wait... I think I feel a yawn coming...

	HP: 800,000 (approx.)
	STRENGTH: High physical defense; invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Desert Rose

	Since your other two teammates are dead, Ruby will immediately bury his
	tentacles. Use KOTR on the tentacles, then Mime away. If the tentacles
	happen to pop back up, KOTR will attack them. *Yawn* (ah, there it is)

	Take the Desert Rose to the Kalm Traveler to get a (really) crappy gold
	chocobo. And guess what? It's useless. :)

    e. Emerald WEAPON

	Ah, yes. The big green thing with bell bottoms on. Before you fight it,
	make sure to trade in the Guide Book (from the Underwater Reactor) for
	the Underwater materia with the Kalm Traveler. Also, get 64,000 BP in
	the Battle Sqare for the W-Summon materia (now you need it) and the
	Sprint Shoes accessory from the Battle Square person (automatically
	puts Cid in Haste - speed is essential for winning this fight). It is
	located in the ocean, so move around in the sub until you find it. If
	it is nowhere to be found, climb to the surface and submerge again.
	Emerald is gigantic and very hard to miss. :)

	To set up, equip the Flayer, Mystile, and Sprint Shoes. Attach the
	Underwater materia to a dead teammate. The timer will be gone, and Cid
	will not take damage for having Underwater on him. Good thinkin',
	right? :) Link KOTR and HP Absorb and put Mime on. This time, you will
	need W-Summon also. Make sure your level is high enough (Cid should be
	around Level 60 if you have not leveled up at all, but have fought
	every Boss except Emerald and almost every random encounter) so that
	you only need one or two mastered HP Plusses to make Cid have about
	9,500 HP. This way, if/when Emerald uses Aire Tam Storm, you will only
	take 5,555 or 6,666 damage. Here we go...

	HP: 1,000,000 (approx.)
	WIN: Earth Harp

	Cast 2 KOTRs, then Mime forever. Be quick. Since you have only two
	stars for KOTR (from the Ruby fight), it will take about 16-18 casts to
	kill Emerald. This strategy may seem easy, but it may take a few tries
	to win because luck plays a HUGE factor in this fight. Aire Tam	Storm
	is your biggest threat.	This is the toughest Boss in the challenge,
	hands down, so keep up the fight and never give up!

	Trade in the Earth Harp for 3 Master Materia (Magic, Command, and
	Summon) with the Kalm Traveler.	Now Cid has all the materia he ever
	needed, without the tedious task of collecting AP. Congrats!



- Cid Highwind for making FFVII complete (and for all the good laughs)... your
  vocabulary is never-ending. :)

- for hosting this FAQ.

- CJayC for making this all possible.

- The Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide (Brady Games, 1997) for basic,
  but much-needed info.

- Squaresoft for making the game that has taken several beautiful days out of
  my life... the game that gets better and better every time I play it. :)