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Final Fantasy VII


Aeris-Only Challenge Guide

by HurrikaneX


By Ben Heins
a.k.a. HurrikaneX

Started: August 8, 2006
Finished: October 2, 2006

Version History:
  - 1.0 (08/04/06): Original, submitted version of "Aeris-Only Challenge

Aeris-Only Challenge Guide © 2006, Ben Heins.
Final Fantasy VII American Version © 1997, Squaresoft.

Any duplication of this guide without my permission is strictly forbidden,
unless it is printed out in its entirety and used only for personal means (no
profit whatsoever). If you would like permission to put this on a website other
than those listed below, please e-mail me at [email protected] I also
retain the right to deny any requests.

Sites that have my permission to post this guide:

I. Introduction
II. Rules
III. Tips
IV. Weapons
V. Limit Breaks
VI. Walkthrough (after getting Aeris)
	a. Chruch
	b. Sector 5 & Sector 6
	c. Sewers
		BOSS: Aps
	d. Train Graveyard
	e. Support Pillar
		BOSS: Reno (Cloud)
	f. Plan for Revenge
	g. Shinra H.Q.: Floors 1-68
		BOSS: HO512 & Samples (Cloud)
	h. Shinra H.Q.: Escape
		BOSS: Hundred Gunner & Heli Gunner
		BOSS: Rufus & Dark Nation (Cloud)
		BOSS: Motor Ball
	i. Kalm
	j. The Midgar Zolom
	k. Mythril Mine
	l. Junon Harbor
		BOSS: Bottomswell
	m. Junon
	n. Shinra Boat
		BOSS: Jenova-BIRTH
	o. Costa del Sol
	p. Mt. Corel
	q. Corel, The Gold Saucer & The Desert Prison
		BOSS: Dyne (Barret)
	r. The Sleeping Man
	s. Cosmo Canyon
	t. Cave of the Gi
		BOSS: Gi Nattak & Soul Fires
	u. Nibelheim & The Shinra Mansion
	v. Mt. Nibel
		BOSS: Materia Keeper
	w. Rocket Town
		BOSS: Palmer
	x. Wutai
	y. Search for the Keystone
	z. Temple of the Ancients
		BOSS: Red Dragon
		BOSS: Demon's Gate
VII. Great Gospel Limit Break
VIII. Credits



For this challenge, I will assume you have played through FFVII more than five
times and you want to try one of many exciting new challenges. Of course, we
all know why this guide does not go beyond Disk One. Aeris has a short but
sweet stay in Cloud's company, and is generally not used too much because of
it. The purpose of this challenge is to focus strictly on Aeris and her amazing
power. But your quest does not have to stop with her death. In fact, if you
read my other FFVII guide, the Cid-Only Challange, you can pick up right after
the Temple of the Ancients on a similar quest using only Cid Highwind. For this
challenge, however, I will NOT assume you are doing that.

Aeris is a force to be reckoned with. Her magic power is better than any other
character and her Limit Breaks are incredible. Simply put, if she were in the
entire game, she would be the ultimate team member.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail me. Any hate mail or
flames will be disregarded and I will find you where you live. :)

By the way, here's your *SPOILER WARNING* ... if you did not know that Aeris
dies at the end of Disk One, you obviously have never played this game before,
and should not be reading this anyway. :)



- Before you get Aeris, there are no rules.

- After you get Aeris, you must use her and only her until she leaves the team
  permanently. Kill off all other teammates in battle.

- When you cannot use Aeris, you must run from every random battle. There are
  four Boss fights where Aeris cannot be used (Walkthrough Sections e, g, h,
  and r). For the first three, you must use only Cloud, and for the fourth you
  must use only Barret. There are also two Mighty Grunts you must fight on
  Floor 59 in Shinra H.Q. Use only Cloud. 

- Do not get Yuffie or Vincent to join your team.



- Before getting Aeris, not too many events take place. You can try leveling
  up, but it would be a huge waste of time. Aeris comes in the party at a very
  convenient time because nobody is (or should be) above Level 10, and there
  are not many items to get beforehand. As a sidenote, I fought every random
  battle, so when I got Aeris she was at Level 5.

- The only item you need before getting Aeris is the All materia from the
  Sector 7 slums. Don't bother buying the Fire materia because Red XIII comes
  equipped with one that has a good chunk of AP.

- As far as Enemy Skills go, you will not have to worry about them until the
  after Midgar. I will notify you when, where, and how to get the ones you need
  when the time is right. :)

- I have purposely skipped Fort Condor, Gongaga, the Lost Number optional Boss,
  and the Umbrella weapon sidequests because they add nothing to your quest
  except wasted time and a little more aggravation. Most of the benefits from
  them are useless to Aeris because she will not be around after Disk One. The
  Great Gospel Limit Break is detailed in Section VII because some people may
  still want it for creating some kind of "super Aeris" later, but it is
  ultimately useless in this challenge.

- Give all Sources to Aeris.

- MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is a “loose” guide. I will not be covering every
  little detail of the game. Also, I am only strongly suggesting these methods,
  so if you have a better way of doing things, by all means use it. If I do not
  mention a change in equipment or materia, it is because the current set-up I
  have suggested is sufficient at that point in time.



Aeris' physical attacks are definitely not her strong point. All of her weapons
are listed below in the order you will find them throughout the game.

    ATK: 12 / ATK%: 99
    SLOTS: 1 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Initial equip

    ATK: 16 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 2 linked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought at Wall Market (370 gil)

    ATK: 32 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 2 linked / 2 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Steal from Eligor in Train Graveyard

    ATK: 22 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 2 linked / 1 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought at Kalm (800 gil) 

    ATK: 28 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 3 unlinked
    GROWTH: Double
    NOTE: Found when falling left through Mt. Corel train tracks

    ATK: 58 / ATK%: 118
    SLOTS: 0 linked / 0 unlinked
    GROWTH: None
    NOTE: Won from Gold Saucer Speed Square (5,000+ Points)

    ATK: 40 / ATK%: 105
    SLOTS: 4 linked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought in Cosmo Canyon (2,600 gil)

    ATK: 37 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 4 unlinked
    GROWTH: Double
    NOTE: Won from Turks in Gogaga (kill Reno first)

    ATK: 33 / ATK%: 100
    SLOTS: 4 unlinked
    GROWTH: Double
    NOTE: Won from Gi Nattak & Soul Fires

    ATK: 51 / ATK%: 110
    SLOTS: 4 linked / 1 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Bought at Wutai (5,800 gil)

    ATK: 52 / ATK%: 111
    SLOTS: 6 linked / 1 unlinked
    GROWTH: Normal
    NOTE: Ultimate weapon. Found in Room IV of the clock room in the Temple of
	  the Ancients. Damage inflicted will be MUCH higher because other team
	  members are dead.



Aeris' Limit Breaks revolve around healing, which is great news. The only bad
aspect of her Limits is that a few should not be used at all. Breath of the
Earth cures Aeris of all status ailments, including good ones like Big Guard.
Bad idea. Fury Brand fills up your other teammates' Limit Gauges. Another bad
idea. Pulse of Life will revive and fully heal all party members (even worse of
an idea), and Great Gospel will give all team members full HP and grant them
temporary invincibility (unbelievably bad idea). :) Great in the normal game,
but they are all setbacks when using only Aeris.

You will need Healing Wind and Seal Evil for the better part of the quest, and
when you finally get Planet Protector (sometime around or before arriving at
Wutai), THEN you should switch Limit Break Levels.

NOTE: These figures are based off of my own personal calculations. They may
vary from game to game.

- HEALING WIND (LEVEL 1.1): Initial Limit.
- SEAL EVIL (LEVEL 1.2): Use Healing Wind 7 times.
- BREATH OF THE EARTH (LEVEL 2.1): Kill about 70-80 enemies.
- FURY BRAND (LEVEL 2.2): Use Breath of the Earth 6 times.
- PLANET PROTECTOR (LEVEL 3.1): Kill about 80-90 enemies.
- PULSE OF LIFE (LEVEL 3.2): Use Planet Protector 5 times.
- GREAT GOSPEL (LEVEL 4.0): Give Aeris her Limit Break Manual found in the
  Weapon Seller's house, south-east of Gongaga. Further explanation in Section


VI. WALKTHROUGH (after getting Aeris)

    a. Church

	This area is ninety percent plot. When you get a chance, equip the
	Titan Bangle you just won from Air Buster and attach the Restore, Ice,
	and Lightning materia. Follow the story and make Aeris fight all three
	battles. If you want to be nice, you can have Cloud drop barrels on the
	guards, but Aeris will be needing all the experience she can get. A
	quick Bolt or Ice spell will take care of a guard or a Guard Hound.

	Once you have escaped, head west and north toward Sector 5. Make sure
	to kill Cloud if you get into a fight.

    b. Sector 5 & Sector 6

	Take time to visit the house on the lower east side. Go to the second
	floor and talk to the kid laying on his bed. Check the "hidden" drawer
	and leave the 5 gil alone.

	Before entering Aeris' house in the next area, grab the Ether in the
	garden. Go in, follow the plot, and grab the items in Cloud's bedroom.
	Have Cloud tip-toe out and run over to Sector 6.

	Once Aeris rejoins the group, kill Cloud. Watch out for Hell House.
	Healing Wind and Bolt will definitely come in handy here.

	For Wall Market, you want Cloud to be chosen by Don Corneo. In order
	for this to happen, you need to have all the right things for Cloud's
	girl costume (oh, the things he'll do for friends). :) First, go to the
	right and talk to the man in red outside the Honey Bee Inn. Ask him
	about Tifa. Now head all the way north to Don Corneo's mansion. Talk
	with the guy at the entrance, then head back to the upper left part of
	the first area (clothing store) and talk with the guy behind the
	counter. Go back north to the second area, and go in the first door on
	your left. Talk to the old man at the bar, and tell him you want a
	dress that is "soft" and that "shimmers." Now return to	the clothing
	store and get your Silk Dress.

	Cloud will try on the dress, but will be needing more things. Go back
	to the second area inside the tent and challenge Big Bro to a squat
	contest. Tap Square, X, and O rhythmically and whoop his butt to get
	the Blonde Wig.

	Okay, now go back to the first area (*yawn*). :) Go in the door at the
	top right and tell the man you will happily stay overnight at the Inn
	to see what it is they are selling.

	Next, stop at the restaurant in the upper middle of the first area.
	Order some food (70 gil) and get the Pharmacy Coupon for saying it was
	all right. Go south and enter the pharmacy (house with capsule in front
	of entrance). Exchange your Coupon for the "digestive."

	Go south a bit more and enter the Inn. Stay one night (10 gil) and buy
	the most expensive item in the vending machine (200 gil).

	Head to the opposite side and talk with the red-looking guy to get his
	Member's Card. Enter the Honey Bee Inn and choose a room. Do your
	business and walk away with some sort of underwear. ;)

	Now return to the man's house on the upper right side of the first
	area. Give him the item you bought at the Inn, and he will give you a
	Diamond Tiara.

	Back to the second area. Go in the bar again and hand the person in the
	bathroom the "digestive" you got at the pharmacy. She will give you the
	Sexy Cologne.

	Whew. Anyway, now you are ready to go drag. :) Go back to the clothing
	store and change, then save. Head north to Don Corneo's mansion. Along
	the way, go in the Weapon Shop (right side of second area) and pick up
	the Mythril Armlet (350 gil). Equip it on Aeris, but keep her materia
	set up the same for now. Don't bother picking up the Mythril Rod.

	Follow the plot inside. Make sure to nab the Ether in the basement and
	the Hyper behind Corneo's bed (Cloud will undoubtedly be chosen). It
	does not matter what choice you make for Corneo's question - either
	way, you're goin' down. :)

    c. Sewers

	Talk to the women quickly so that you will not fight random monsters.
	Time for Aeris' first Boss fight!

	BOSS: Aps
	HP: 1,800
	WIN: Nothing

	First, kill your teammates. It may take quite a few turns, but just
	have Aeris defend. Since you do not have the Fire materia, use Bolt
	spells on Aps. Use Healing Wind and Potions to make sure Aeris' HP
	stays above 100. Aps will wind up hurting himself a lot, so this is not
	really a tough fight at all.

	Heal Aeris and continue through the sewers. There is a Potion up the
	stairs from where the party fell and a Steal materia near the exit
	ladder. Run from all random battles down here because you probably do
	not have too much MP, and Ethers are precious. Replace the Ice matera
	with Steal.

    d. Train Graveyard

	Use your only Tent and save. Run through the first train and check the
	barrel for a Hi-Potion. Continue on top of the train and pick up
	another Hi-Potion. Check the next barrel for an Echo Screen. Navigate
	through the rest of this area, and do not miss the two Potions. The
	enemies here, particularly the Deenglows, have high HP and really are
	not worth fighting.

	In the next area, you MUST find a monster named Elignor. It looks like
	a half-man, half-wheelchair-of-death thingy. :) Steal the Striking
	Staff from it. To the left of the entrance is a Potion and an Ether (in
	a barrel). Hop in both trains, and do not forget the Hi-Potion on the
	middle one.

	Exit once you have the Striking Staff. You can probably take on
	Deenglows now using only physical attacks. However, do not start
	switching up materia, because Aeris is going to take a short leave of

    e. Support Pillar

	You can sell your Phoenix Downs and Guard Stick to the man in red
	before you scale the pillar. Buy 4 Tents here before entering the gate.
	Then equip the Titan Bangle on Cloud and attach the Ice-All combination
	to the Buster Sword, and Restore and Steal to the Bangle. Save.

	As you climb the pillar, make sure to kill Tifa in battle. Before you
	go on to fight Reno, you MUST get Cross-Slash (if you do not have it
	already). Basically, use Braver in random battles until you get it. 
	Once you do, heal using a Tent and save at the bottom of the pillar
	again. Now go all the way back up to meet Reno. Cloud should be around
	Level 10 for this fight, with a Cross-Slash Limit Break ready.

	When you are prompted to access the menu before the Boss, make sure to
	put Barret in the back row, and leave Cloud in the front. This way,
	Barret will receive much less damage in the upcoming fight.

	Be warned, this fight may be easy in the normal game, but in the Aeris-
	Only Challenge, this is one of the toughest Bosses around.

	BOSS: Reno (Cloud-only fight)
	HP: 1,000 (runs when near death)
	STRENGTH: Halves Lightning
	WIN: Ether

	This fight is not about killing off Barret. Reno will put him out of
	commission with one of his Pyramids eventually. Have Barret do NOTHING
	unless Cloud gets put in a Pyramid. Have him shoot it down pronto when
	that happens. When Barret is under a Pyramid, have Cloud use Cross-
	Slash and follow up with an Ice attack,	THEN destroy Barret's Pyramid.
	Do this attack pattern again and again until Reno runs away. You may
	only attack when Barret is under a Pyramid. If Barret dies, use Ice
	like there is no tomorrow. My reason for this strategy is simple: it is
	impossible to kill Reno using only Cloud within 3 or 4 turns after
	Barret is KO'd. After those 3 or 4 turns, Reno will indefinitely cast
	another Pyramid around Cloud, resulting in an automatic game over. So,
	Cloud either needs an insanely high-level Limit Break (which he does
	not have) or he needs to use his enemy's attacks to his advantage. This
	strategy may seem a little too thought-out, but there really is no
	other way to win under the circumstances. Anyway, you only need to pull
	off 8 or 9 attacks on this loser until he escapes. A good time to heal
	would be right after you break one of Barret's Pyramids. If you mess up
	with the strategy, or if Reno kills you (happened to me once), try, try
	again, and never give up. :)

	Whew. Latch onto Barret and get the heck outta there.

    f. Plan for Revenge

	You can pick up the Sense materia in the playground, but it is not
	necessary. Head back to Aeris' house, killing Barret and Tifa along the
	way. Put Cloud in the back row. Also, make sure to talk with the
	sleeping kid again to get the Turbo Ether he bought with his 5 gil.

	After talking to Aeris' mother, backtrack to Sector 6. Stop in the Item
	Shop and fork over 2,000 gil for 4 Tents. Buy Batteries	from the Weapon
	Shop where you picked up the Mythril Armlet, and follow the kids near
	Corneo's mansion east to the giant wall.

	When climbing through the wire maze, make sure to get the Ether in the
	third area by using a Battery.

	At the entrance to Shinra H.Q., choose the stairs. Replace the Ice
	materia with Lightning and save.

    g. Shinra H.Q.: Floors 1-68

	For the first 58 floors, all you need to do is run up. On the fifth set
	of stairs there is an Elixir. Below is a list of strategies to get each
	key on Floors 60-68.

	Floor 59: Use Bolt spells on the Mighty Guards using only Cloud. They
	should not pose much of a threat.

	Floor 60: Dodge the guards whenever they start walking or running. This
	may be tedious, but you should be able to get past them in one shot.

	Floor 61: Talk to the man walking around by the elevators and choose
	the ellipsis ("...") as your response.

	Floor 62: Read each sign on the four rooms, and find the book inside
	that has nothing to do with that subject. Count letters left to right
	in accordance with the number shown to the left of the misplaced book's
	title. Generally, if you find one or two letters, you can narrow down
	your decision with Mayor Domino by selecting the only word that has the
	letter(s) in it. The only catch	is, you MUST get this correct. :) The
	Elemental materia is essential for Aeris' future survival. If you mess
	up for some reason, I would suggest reloading your save file at the
	entrance to Shinra H.Q.

	Floor 63: Here, turn on the computer and move to the north section of
	the room. Open the door on the top, then the second door to the south,
	moving left. Enter the nearby room and get Coupon A. Climb up into the
	duct and move to the middle. Drop down, grab Coupon B, and go through
	the door. Open the security door to your left (Cloud's right). Get the
	last Coupon and go back through the middle duct to exit out the right
	side duct. Exchange your Coupons at the computer for a Star Pendant
	accessory, Four Slots armor, and All materia. Equip the Star Pendant on

	Floor 64: Use a Tent to heal Cloud and save.

	Floor 65: Just put the Midgar parts in the model. The Sword Dance
	monster will probably put Cloud under Fury, which is excellent news for
	the upcoming Boss.

	Floor 66: Enter the bathroom duct to spy on the Shinra corporate
	meeting, then leave.

	Floor 67: Here, you MUST steal two Carbon Bangles from Moth Slashers
	and the Hardedge sword from a SOLDIER. Equip a Carbon Bangle and
	Hardedge on Cloud. Continue through the area and follow the plot.
	Attach the Ice materia in place of Lightning and save near the
	elevator after using a Tent to heal Cloud. There is a Poison materia
	here you can pick up, too. When you are ready, go up the elevator.

	Floor 68: Time for another Cloud Boss fight. Follow the plot and send
	Barret away with Aeris.

	BOSS: HO512 & Samples (Cloud-only fight)
	HP: 1,000 (HO512); 300 (each Sample)
	STRENGTH: Halves Lightning (HO512)
	WIN: Talisman

	First, make sure to kill off Red XIII (Tifa should already be dead).
	Now just use Ice spells on HO512. Avoid attacking the Samples. Cross-
	Slash will come up frequently due to Cloud's Fury status, making this a
	rather short fight. Poison attacks will not be hurting Cloud because
	of the Star Pendant. Just make sure to heal when Cloud's HP drops near
	100, and the thing should be dead in no time. :)

	After the fight, form a team of Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa. Remove the Star
	Pendant from Cloud and equip the other Carbon Bangle and Star Pendant
	on Aeris. Remove all of Cloud's materia and attach it to Aeris, but
	replace Ice with Lightning, and use the All materia from Red XIII. Grab
	the nearby Enemy Skill materia and explore the area a bit. The man on
	the catwalk will give you the next key. There are four Potions here,
	too. Before continuing, it would be wise to return to Floor 64 using
	the stairs to heal using a Tent and save. Aeris should be at Level 10
	or higher before continuing, so if she is not, return to Floor 65 and
	fight around a bit. Enter the elevator when you are ready.

    h. Shinra H.Q.: Escape

	Tseng and Rude will capture the crew. After a heated talk with the
	President, Cloud and company will be in the Floor 67 prison cells.
	Follow the plot, and head up to Floor 69. Kill Cloud and Tifa along the
	way so that Aeris is back in control. SAVE BEFORE GOING UP THE FINAL
	STAIRS. Trust me. :)

	After some events unfold and Rufus takes over Shinra, it is time for
	Aeris, Red XIII, and Barret to get on the elevator. This is going to be
	a doozy of a fight, so make sure Aeris is fully healed.

	BOSS: Hundred Gunner & Heli Gunner
	HP: 1,600 (Hundred Gunner); 1,000 (Heli Gunner)
	WEAKNESS: Lightning
	WIN: Mythril Armlet

	First thing's first, kill Barret and Red XIII. After that, lace into
	the Gunners using Bolt spells. Use Healing Wind and Cure spells to keep
	Aeris in the fight, and use an Ether after Hundred Gunner kicks the
	bucket. Watch out when fighting Heli Gunner because its speed is very
	high in the beginning. This fight will take a long time, so hang in
	there. If you lose, never give up. :)

	From here, the game will cut back to Cloud. Use Square to take off all
	of Aeris' materia, then go to the menu by pressing Triangle. Use the
	Lightning-All combination on the Hardedge along with Restore, and put
	the Steal materia on the Carbon Bangle. Make sure he is in the back
	row. This next fight is really easy, but if you lose, you will have to
	fight the Gunners all over again. So don't. :)

	BOSS: Rufus & Dark Nation (Cloud-only fight)
	HP: 500 (Rufus); 140 (Dark Nation)
	WIN: Protect Vest & Guard Source

	Attack Dark Nation with 2 Bolt spells to kill it. Then go after Rufus
	using more Bolts. Easy, right? If you get a Cross-Slash in, I feel bad
	for Mr. Shinra. :)

	Okay, now for the tricky part. Head downstairs and SAVE BEFORE TALKING
	TO TIFA! Sorry, but you do not want to have to go through all that junk

	Anyway, follow the plot. When the screen comes up to explain how to do
	the upcoming highway game, make a new team consisting of Cloud, Aeris,
	and Tifa. Then, put all of Cloud's materia on Aeris. Give her the Guard
	Source you picked up from the recent Boss fight, and equip the Protect
	Vest. Put the Fire-Elemental materia combination on her armor for some
	much-needed insurance. Move her to the front row, and put Cloud and
	Tifa in the back. Trust me. :) Start the mini-game.

	Make sure Aeris does not take too much damage before the Boss. If she
	has around 200 HP after the mini-game, she should be in the clear for
	the most part. Time for the final Midgar showdown...

	BOSS: Motor Ball
	HP: 2,600
	STRENGTH: Halves Fire
	WEAKNESS: Lightning
	WIN: Star Pendant

	Oh, boy. Tap the two shoulder buttons (L1 and R1) to make the team turn
	around and take minimal damage from its initial attack. Heal Aeris and
	have her defend while killing off Cloud and Tifa. Once they are dead,
	hammer away at Motor Ball with Bolt spells. Aeris will receive at least
	50-150 damage per turn, so make sure you use Cure and Healing Wind when
	she is near 150	HP. Motor Ball only uses Rolling Fire in its second
	form (when it is in an upright position), so be sure to defend before
	it does to only receive around 100 damage instead of around 200. Bolt
	will be dealing about 250 damage, so hang in there. As long as you
	completely avoid Rolling Fire and heal when necessary, you should be
	fine. By the way, Aeris will be	getting hurt... A LOT. :)

	Take a moment to breathe. Follow the plot, and form a party of Cloud,
	Aeris, and Tifa. Get the heck outta Midgar and don't look back. :)

	Put Aeris in the back row, and the other two in front. Before going on
	to Kalm, save and hunt down a Custom Sweeper monster in	the area. Kill
	off your teammates in battle and steal the Atomic Scissors from it.
	Make sure to learn the Matra Magic Enemy Skill. From now on, keep the
	Enemy Skill materia on Aeris at all times. Also, you should drop the
	Fire-Elemental combination (move Lightning-All to the Carbon Bangle).

    i. Kalm

	Not much to do here except play through a (lengthy) flashback and pick
	up some items. Gather the three Ethers and Guard Source, along with the
	Peacemaker weapon that can score you some gil for selling it. Buy 4
	more Tents from the Item Shop (2,000 gil) and the Earth materia from
	the Materia Shop (1,500 gil). Yet another town Aeris will never see
	again... :)

    j. The Midgar Zolom

	To cross the swamp, you can do the long way or the easy way. Either
	way, make sure to get the Choco/Mog summon from talking to the chocobos
	at the ranch and attach it.

	For the long way, buy the Chocobo Lure materia from Choco Billy (2,000
	gil) and a green or two, then hunt down a chocobo on the tracks with
	the materia attached. Feed it in battle, and kill all the enemies
	around it to capture it. Ride the chocobo across the swamp.

	For those people who hate wasting time and gil (like me), go to the
	very edge of the swamp near the piece of land that sticks out the
	farthest. Alter the camera angle so you can see the south-west area of
	the swamp. Wait patiently until the Midgar Zolom goes deep into this
	area, and run, run, run to the other side of the swamp. If you were
	careful to wait until the right moment, the Midgar Zolom will not catch
	you. Ever. :)

    k. Mythril Mine

	Head right and pick up the Ether and Tent. The Long Range materia is up
	on the ledge, so get it and attach it right away. Make sure to get the
	Flame Thrower Enemy Skill from the Ark Dragon monster. Use Choco/Mog if
	you get in a jam.

	Continue back to the main area and grab the Mind Source. The Turks will
	stop you, but who cares. :) Go into the nearby area and get the Elixer
	and Hi-Potion. Now crawl up the vine and get out of here.

	On the road to Junon, you can stop at Fort Condor if you enjoy killing
	your teammates. :) Make sure to save before entering Junon. Aeris
	should be around Level 12 and fully healed.

    l. Junon Harbor

	Head to the beach.

	BOSS: Bottomswell
	HP: 2,500
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Earth
	WIN: Power Wrist

	Good news: Bottomswell will not use Waterpolo on Aeris. That said, you
	probably just took a sigh of relief. :) Lace into this beast with Flame
	Thrower and Choco/Mog. When Aeris falls down around 150 HP, make sure
	to heal her. You will probably use an Ether, but that's okay. :)

	Give Priscilla CPR by filling the lung gauge up until it is just near
	the top, and releasing it. Five big breaths, and the girl will wake up.
	I hope she's thankful. :)

	After the night at the old lady's house, go to Priscilla's house and
	she will give you the Shiva materia. Return to the beach, call Mr.
	Dolphin, and get up to the upper tier by pressing Square twice without

    m. Junon

	Follow the plot and make sure to save. During the march, try to get 6
	Ethers (40%-49% approval rating) by tapping O in the march.

	In Junon, you do not need to buy anything. Just remember to collect the
	4 Sources in Upper Junon and the Speed Source in Lower Junon.

	When you are ready, head to the docks. Perform the commands until the
	President's approval rating is between 60 and 90, that way you will
	receive an HP Plus materia.

    n. Shinra Boat

	Run around the first area and get the Ether. Talk with Aeris here, and
	head upstairs to talk to the other teammates. Return downstairs and
	talk with Aeris again, then go back up and talk with Barret. Form your
	team (Cloud, Aeris, Tifa) and give Aeris the HP Plus materia in place
	of Steal, the Star Pendant accessory, and the 5 Sources you collected
	earlier. Detach the Lightning-All combination and Choco/Mog to give her
	a little more health. Save, then head downstairs into the cargo hold.
	Approach the guard, and it's time to meet the second toughest Boss in
	the challenge...

	HP: 4,000
	WIN: White Cape

	First, be sure to kill off Cloud and Tifa. Have Aeris defend and heal
	herself in the meantime. Once they are dead, wait for Jenova to use
	Stop 3 times. Try to only attack if you are at full health. Use Flame
	Thrower. Once she has used up the Stop spell, you are a little more
	safe, but not by much. Attack her with Flame Thrower when Aeris is
	above 350 HP. Be sure to have the battle sequence on "Wait" so that you
	can wait out Jenova's attacks, then make a better decision on whether
	to heal or attack. This fight will take a very long time, and you may
	go through as many as 6 Ethers. Have patience, and if you fail, try,
	try again. :)

	Pinch yourself to make sure you actually killed her. Grab the Ifrit
	materia and attach it. Replace the Star Pendant with the Protect Vest,
	and pick up the Wind Slash on the upper platform for later profit in
	Costa del Sol. Welcome to the new continent!

    o. Costa del Sol

	Finally a break! After the helicopter scene, it is time for your
	first friendly equipment check. :) Aeris should have on the Striking
	Staff and a Carbon Bangle, and should have a Protect Vest accessory
	equipped in place of the Star Pendant. For materia, she should have
	Long Range, HP Plus, Enemy Skill, Restore, and Ifrit.

	Run across the bridge and enter the house. Head to the basement and
	pick up the Motor Drive, Fire Ring, and Power Source (the first one you
	can sell, but keep the other two). Go back outside and walk into the
	bar area in the middle of town. Talk to the guy on the far left of the
	room to sell some useless junk you have picked up thus far. Leave
	paradise, pitch a Tent, and save. Move out!

    p. Mt. Corel

	This is a pretty long and tough area for Aeris to get through. Run fast
	through everything and attack enemies using Matra Magic. You will come
	to a Save Point on the railroad	tracks. Use a Tent here - you will need
	it. In this area, you only need the Turbo Ether on the second "hump."
	Continue to the next area, flip the switch, and	backtrack across the
	bridge. When the tracks start snaking, take the low road behind the
	wall and into the cave. Here, nab the Power Source, Mind Source, and
	Tent, then leave and continue back down the tracks. Use Ifrit if you
	are facing four or more enemies	(which will be quite frequently). Run
	from all Bomb battles on the big, big track stretch so you stay safe.

    q. Corel, The Gold Saucer & The Desert Prison

	Okay, you're safe. :) Go outside of town and save. You do not need
	anything here, so head over to the Gold Saucer.

	When you get to the loading dock inside the Gold Saucer, run over to
	the lady and buy a day pass (3,000 gil). Have Aeris go with Cloud, and
	dive into the Wonder Square to meet Cait Sith. Remove his Silver Armlet
	and put it on Cloud. After that, go to the Battle Square and follow the
	plot. Eventually, you will wind up in the Desert Prison.

	Move fast and don't get mugged. Run south through the gate, past the
	Save Point, and	into the house to the right. Barret busts someone up
	and rejoins the	party. Move him to the back row, and have him, Cloud,
	and Aeris run back north, escaping from every random battle (do NOT
	kill any of your teammates). At the Save Point, switch Cloud's Silver
	Armlet onto Barret, and all of Aeris' materia onto him also. Give him
	the Atomic Scissors you stole way back when along with the Power Wrist,
	and save. Head north, through the gates, and hang a right once you come
	to the vast desert. You should be in an area with wrecked cars; go
	north. After this fight, you will use only Aeris for the rest of the

	BOSS: Dyne (Barret-only fight)
	HP: 1,200
	WIN: Silver Armlet

	Kill Dyne fast. Rip into him with physical attacks or Flame Thrower,
	and nail him with Limit Breaks when Barret gets them. If Barret falls
	down to around 300 HP, heal him to be safe. You probably will not lose
	this fight, and it will go by quickly. Barret, your job is done. :)

	Follow the plot. When Cloud is up in the jockey lounge, be sure to grab
	the Ramuh materia. Win the chocobo race by switching to manual mode
	(press Select) and holding down all four shoulder buttons (R1, R2, L1,
	L2) to regain stamina. Easy, huh? :)

	You will now have the Buggy. This thing's a beast! Take off Barret's
	materia and Silver Armlet, then detach Cait Sith's Manipulate materia,
	and put them all on Aeris. Remove Barret's Power Wrist and switch him
	for Tifa. Immediately drive to the beach south of the Gold Saucer to
	encounter a monster named Beach Plug. Kill off your teammates first,
	then manipulate the Beach Plug and have it use Big Guard on Aeris. This
	is the best defense Enemy Skill Aeris can get. Run from the monsters
	and detach Manipulate. Use a Tent, then Save! :)

	If you wish, you can pick up a very strong weapon for Aeris called the
	Umbrella right now. It will require 40,000 gil, though. Since you do
	not have that much at the moment, I will continue this guide as if you
	chose to skip this part. If you still want it, fight around a lot, then
	refer to Section VII-k of my Cid-Only Challenge FAQ for more
	information (instead of winning Cid's Flayer weapon, you will win the
	Umbrella). However, it is not necessary to waste time on this.

	Anyway, drive into Costa del Sol (you heard me). :)

    r. The Sleeping Man

	If you do exactly what the above sentence says and head back to the
	Eastern Continent via the Shinra Boat (100 gil), you should come out of
	Junon in the Buggy! Drive south, then east around the mountain, and
	north over a river to arrive at the Sleeping Man's cave.

	In order to receive the accessory you need (the Bolt Ring), you must
	fight until the last two digits of the number of times you fought are
	the same and are even numbers (example: 344, 266, etc.; NOT: 300, 211,
	etc.). Since you do not know this number, fight a battle and walk back
	inside the cave	until he tells you. Then keep track of how many battles
	Aeris fights. Once you reach the special number, the Sleeping Man will
	wake up and hand you either the Bolt Ring or a Mythril. This varies, so
	if you receive a Mythril, just go back outside and fight 22 more
	battles, then re-enter the cave and talk with him again to get the
	Ring. Aeris will probably gain 1 or 2 Levels in the process. Use a Tent
	if you need HP/MP. Trust me, this was worth it. :)

	You will probably get Aeris' Level 2 Limit Break, Breath of the	Earth.
	Both of her Level 2 Limit Breaks are pointless in this challenge, so
	leave her at Level 1.

	Hop back in the Buggy and haul butt all the way over to Cosmo Canyon
	(past the Gold Saucer and Gongaga).

    s. Cosmo Canyon

	You're safe. Follow the plotline, and Red XIII... er, Nanaki, will
	force himself onto the team. Assemble a team of him, Cloud, and Aeris,
	then save. Before you dive into the Cave of the Gi, there are a few
	items you should pick up.

	First, buy the Prism Staff from the Weapon Shop near the Save Point
	(2,600 gil) and equip it. Head upstairs to the Materia Shop inside the
	first area to Cloud's right. Buy a second HP Plus from the shopkeeper
	(6,000 gil) and attach it. Use some of your remaining gil to buy 5
	Ethers from the Item Shop north-east of the Cosmo Candle up the ladder
	(7,500 gil). Use a Tent and save again, then go through the giant metal
	door with Bugenhagen. Aeris should be around Level 17.

    t. Cave of the Gi

	Spooky place. Run east, south, east, north, and into the cave on
	Cloud's immediate left. Crack the rock open, and pass through the door.
	It is worth noting that when you get in a random battle, you should
	kill off Nanaki, and RUN. The enemies here are tough, and it would
	waste time and supplies to have Aeris kill them all. Keep running from
	battles and healing.

	In the next area, WALK left around the top of the gooey brown liquid to
	avoid flying into the spikes. Slip south and go back to the first area
	to pick up the Added Effect materia. Now backtrack across the goo. If
	you run down the stairs to the north and wrap around under the bridge,
	you can grab an Ether. Leave through the exit.

	The third area is a bit tough. Take the fourth tunnel from the left
	first to meet up with the first of three Stinger monsters. These things
	are not as bad as they usually are. Use Seal Evil when Aeris gets a
	Limit Break so that you disable its Sting Bomb attack. Each Stinger has
	2,200 HP. Be sure to keep Aeris' HP above 300 and attack regularly with
	Flame Thrower and/or Ifrit. After fighting one, heal Aeris fully, then
	bump up her MP with an Ether. You should not have to retreat to Cosmo
	Canyon. After killing the first Stinger, grab the X-Potion north of its
	web. Go back out the fourth tunnel and enter the second tunnel from the
	left to meet another Stinger. After killing it and healing, go fight
	the third one. You really do not need the Fairy Ring, but you should
	definitely take the Turbo Ether to the left of the third web. When you
	are ready, head north for the easiest Boss fight ever.

	BOSS: Gi Nattak & Soul Fires
	HP: 5,500 (Gi Nattak); 1,300 (Soul Fire)
	STRENGTH: Aborbs Fire (Soul Fires); halves Earth (Gi Nattak & Soul
	WEAKNESS: Holy (Gi Nattak)
	WIN: Phoenix Down & Wizer Staff

	Haha. Throw the X-Potion at Gi Nattak and watch the fireworks. *Yawn*

	Haha... hm, ha... Anyway, ahem, grab the Gravity materia and follow the
	plot. Go back to the Materia Shop and buy a third HP Plus (6,000 gil).
	Leave Cosmo Canyon with a party of Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa. Kill Cloud
	and Tifa as you continue across the continent.

    u. Nibelheim & The Shinra Mansion

	This is by far the creepiest town in the game. Talk about desolation.
	Anyway, there are two Luck Sources, one in the first house, and another
	in the house at the end of the wooden walkway. Pick those up from
	Sephiroth's followers, along with the Elixir in the second house from
	the town's entrance and the Turbo Ether in Tifa's house (next to the
	wooden walkway). Finally, buy about 15 more Hi-Potions from the Item
	Shop (4,500 gil).

	In the Shinra Mansion, the only item you really need is the Magic
	Source on the right wing of the second floor. I would recommend picking
	up the other items for a good profit, though. I must emphasize that it
	is not necessary to fight the Lost Number or visit Sephiroth in the
	basement. Odin is a very powerful summon, but it is not essential to
	continue, and is certainly not worth fighting that nasty Number for.
	Just leave, and	don't look back. Oh yeah, save please. :)

    v. Mt. Nibel

	This is the hardest part of the entire challenge. Equip the Bolt Ring
	on Aeris, along with Ramuh in place of Ifrit, then RUN, RUN, RUN.
	Around the bend, across the bridge, and down Chute No. 1. Escape from
	every random encounter and stay at full	health. Don't bother picking up
	any items. Use a Tent at the Save Point	near the Materia Keeper, then
	run into the beast for a very rude awakening.

	BOSS: Materia Keeper
	HP: 8,400
	STRENGTH: Aborbs Fire; invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Jem Ring

	Don't expect to win this on your first try. When I finally beat this
	bastard, I had used about 15-18 Ethers, 30 Hi-Potions, 2 Elixirs, and a
	Turbo Ether. Make sure you are prepared. With the 3 HP Plus materia,
	Aeris should have around 800 HP. The worst part about this fight is
	that the Keeper can land a critical on Hell Combo when Big Guard is not
	up and drain around 775 HP. So, you don't want that happening. :) First
	thing's first, you NEED to keep Big Guard up when the Keeper is not
	paralyzed (use Seal Evil whenever Aeris gets a Limit Break, which will
	be almost every 2 turns). Since Big Guard drains MP like crazy, you are
	limited to physical attacks for half the fight. With the Prism Staff
	equipped, Aeris will be doing around 100-125 damage. This is obviously
	the most intense part of the fight due to your serious lack of decent
	attacks. Ramuh will come in handy, but can only be used once. Now, when
	Big Guard is up, Cure will not work well, so you are limited to Hi-
	Potions. When the Keeper is paralyzed, you have 2 or 3 turns to give
	Aeris an Ether, Hi-Potion (if needed), and a Big Guard. Keep her HP
	above 400 at all times, and above 600-700 when the Guard is down. You
	will be fighting like this for quite sometime until the Keeper uses
	Cure2. This signals the halfway point. Right after Cure2, it will
	usually attack with Trine, which is great news. Not only will the Bolt
	Armlet nullify the attack, but Aeris will learn it, and can use it
	against the Keeper from then on. Now for the bad news. It uses Cure2 a
	lot. So, now you have to keep up Big Guard and still have enough MP to
	cast Trine as your regular attack. Expect to run out of something, like
	Ethers or Hi-Potions. Trust me, Elixirs and Turbo Ethers WILL come in
	handy. Then, eventually, it will die... but trust me, it will be close.
	When you lose, re-evaluate your strategy and try again. This thing can
	be beaten with time and effort. Don't give up. Ever. :)

	SAVE! For the love of God, SAVE. Nab the Counter Attack materia, attach
	it, and get the heck off that mountain! Rocket Town is located around
	the mountain range to the right. Now pat yourself on the back. Good
	job. :)

    w. Rocket Town

	Immediately duck into the Item Shop located in the northern part of
	town near the launch pad entrance and buy some Ethers. About 5 should
	do for now (7,500 gil). Sell off your useless junk while you're at it.
	If you get rid of all status prevention accessories and other party
	member's weapons, you should make a big profit (if you have not done so
	previously, you will make a HUGE profit...). All you will need are
	Potions, Ethers, Elixirs, the Fire Ring, Bolt Ring, and Power Wrist.
	Keep the Bolt Ring on Aeris for the upcoming fight, though. The only
	other item you need to get here is the Power Source in the house next
	door to Cid's house (far right of the town).

	Talk to	Shera inside Cid's house, then run up inside the rocket to meet
	Cid. Go back to his house, and follow the plot. Soon you will face the
	laziest Boss ever.

	BOSS: Palmer
	HP: 6,000
	STRENGTH: Invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Edincoat

	What a loser. Use Aeris' Seal Evil to paralyze him, then lay him down
	with Trine. If he nails you with the Mako Gun and it is not a Fire-
	based attack, heal right away. You will use an Ether, but that's okay.
	*Yawn* :)

	Follow the plot and you will wind up out at sea in the Tiny Bronco. If
	you wish to get the Great Gospel Limit Break, cut to Section VII and do
	so now.

	Before going to Wutai, ride the Tiny Bronco north to Bone Village and
	buy a Diamond Bangle (3,200 gil). Equip it, along with the Bolt Ring.
	You can sell the Edincoat and Cid's Gold Armlet now, if you wish. When
	you are ready, backtrack to the shores of the Western Continent.

	When crossing the mountain range, be sure to use Trine to knock off the
	monsters, along with physical attacks. For the Thunderbirds, use Matra
	Magic. Heal often, and use a Tent if you get in a jam (you should only
	have 2 or 3 of these left).

    x. Wutai

	If there were ever a time to take a break, this is it. The calm before
	the storm...

	Buy the Aurora Rod from the Weapon Shop near the town's entrance (5,800
	gil), and sell back the Prism Staff, then go item shopping near the
	Save Point. Buy about 10 Ethers and 5 Tents for now (17,500 gil total).
	I would recommend getting Nanaki's Hairpin and Yuffie's Magic Shuriken
	from the secret	chambers in the house near the giant pagoda, along with
	Cid's Dragoon Lance on Da-Chao Mountain, and selling them for more
	profit. There are no other items that you need here, but there are some
	great ones you can win from monsters on Da-Chao Mountain.

	Save before scaling the Mountain. Run around the first Mountain area to
	get in fights with Bizarre Bugs, which drop X-Potions indefinitely. You
	will also probably pick up a few Remedies, too. Run from the monsters
	named Garuda, as these can drain all your MP and inflict some serious
	damage. Your goal here is to gather about 10 X-Potions and learn Aeris'
	Level 3 Limit Break, Planet Protector. You will also probably learn
	Cure2, which is a plus. When you run low on MP, return to the Save
	Point, use a Tent, save, then go buy another Tent and head back to the
	Mountain until you have all the X-Potions and the Limit Break learned. 

	Here is a final equipment/inventory check before departure. This will
	change as Aeris goes through the Temple of the Ancients:

	Aeris at around Level 23 in back row
	Limit Break Level 3 set

	Weapon: Aurora Rod
	Armor: Diamond Bangle
	Accessory: Bolt Ring

	Materia: HP Plus (x3), Long Range, Counter Attack, Restore, Enemy Skill
		 (remove Ramuh; keep Elemental and Earth in stock)

	Items: Elixir(s), X-Potions (at least 10), Hi-Potion(s), Turbo Ethers
	       (1-4), Ethers (at least 20), Tents (3 maximum, for outside use
	       only), Power Wrist, Fire Ring (regular Potions are unnecessary
	       at this point)

	Aeris will now be ready to go through the final push. Leave the
	continent and board the Tiny Bronco. Ever get the feeling that
	something bad is about to happen?

    y. Search for the Keystone
	First, go to the Weapon Seller’s house (north-east of Gongaga). Talk
	with him, then head over to the Gold Saucer and enter the Battle
	Square. Talk with Dio in the trophy room and accept his challenge
	(Cloud will be dead, so you will not be fighting).

	Time for a date! If you were nice to Aeris, this could be the happiest
	night of her life. If not... well, you're just evil. :) Oh yeah, don't
	forget the Elixir in Cloud's bedroom.

	Follow the plot. Form a team of Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa, then head back
	to the Tiny Bronco, killing off Cloud and Tifa in battle along the way.
	Go south-east to get to the Temple of the Ancients.

    z. Temple of the Ancients

	Give this one all you've got. Try to run through the labyrinth as fast
	as possible, making sure not to miss the Turbo Ether before the third
	set of vines and the Mind Source on the ledge where those vines lead.
	In the clock room, you need the items at the end of Rooms IV, V, and
	VIII (Princess Guard, Ribbon, and Megalixir, respectively). Equip the
	Princess Guard and Fire Ring; save the Ribbon for later.

	When you come across an Ancient, make sure to NOT choose the “Rest”
	option and just heal using magic and Ethers. I would recommend you save
	to a second file because there is no way out of this place now.

	When you are ready, head to Room VI. To catch the Ancient, simply jump
	down one ledge and go in the third cave from the left. Save, and enter
	the main door. This is the final stretch...
	BOSS: Red Dragon
	HP: 6,800
	STRENGTH: Absorbs Fire; invulnerable to Gravity
	WIN: Dragon Armlet

	Okay, good news. Aeris' regular physical attacks will do around 700
	damage (!). That means this will be a short fight. :) The Dragon's
	fire-based attacks will not harm you, so just heal if it gouges too
	deep. If you get a Planet Protector, try to save it for the next fight
	and let Counter-Attack do the rest of the work.

	Grab the Bahamut materia! Get out of that area, and equip the Dragon
	Armlet you just won along with the Ribbon. Attach Bahamut and the
	Earth-Added Effect combination, and use an Ether to regain MP. Ask the
	Ancient to save. Last Boss, folks... :)

	BOSS: Demon’s Gate
	HP: 10,000
	STRENGTH: Halves Earth damage; invulnerable to Gravity and Poison
	WIN: Gigas Armlet (and the challenge!)

	If you have Planet Protector, set it up pronto. Use Bahamut for a cool
	2,400 damage, then get the physical attacks rollin'. The Earth-Added
	Effect combo will nullify one rock attack, which is nice, but the rest
	will land 600-700 damage if you are defenseless. Moral to the story:
	Keep Big Guard and Planet Protector up at all costs. You should never
	attack the Gate unless you have Planet Protector up, because Aeris will
	be in desperate need of healing. BUT, while you are keeping her in the
	fight, she will be counter-attacking almost half of the Gate's attacks.
	So basically, it's a waiting game. Even if you lose, do not get
	discouraged - this is tough, but it is certainly not the toughest Boss
	in the challenge.

	Congrats!! And, no congrats... the challenge is over, sadly. Pat
	yourself on the back for giving Aeris the recognition she deserves and
	for basically playing through a tragedy. If it helps, though, Aeris
	does live on in a spiritual way. She saves the Planet! I just wish
	there were a way to keep her in the team the rest of the game.



This is a brief step-by-step guide to getting Aeris' Level 4 Limit Break
Manual, Great Gospel. Ultimately, this is pointless to this challenge. But I
feel it is necessary to include because some people may want to max out Aeris'
abilities. Too bad, though, 'cause she DIES! haha, sorry. Actually, it is lots
of fun to save a different file and build up her stats. Also, it is a good
chance to go to Shinra Mansion and Gongaga to pick up the Odin and Deathblow
materia. Give it a shot! :)

	1. Wait until after getting the Tiny Bronco to do this.
	2. Get the Mythril from the Sleeping Man, if you have not already done
	   so (see Section VI-s).
	3. Go to the Weapon Seller's house, north-east of Gongaga.
	4. Talk with the Weapon Seller, and start changing the subject on him.
	5. Give him the Mythril, and open the little box on the wall upstairs
	   (the big box on the first floor has a Gold Armlet in it).

Make sure you have learned Aeris' 6 other Limit Breaks, then teach her this one
using the Limit Break Manual. Presto! You now have the greatest Limit Break in
FF7, and simultaneously the most useless one in this challenge! :)



- Aeris Gainsborough for breaking my heart every time I play this game and
  showing me that dying for something you believe in - something for the better
  good of humankind - is the ultimate sacrifice. Rest In Peace. :)

- for hosting this guide.

- CJayC for making this all possible.

- Dennis of for hosting, also.

- The Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide (Brady Games, 1997) for basic,
  but much-needed info.

- Squaresoft for making the game that has taken several beautiful days out of
  my life... the game that gets better and better every time I play it. :)

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