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Gran Turismo 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Gran Turismo 2

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking bonus cars and getting easy money.

More Gran Turismo 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 77 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Gran Turismo 2 please send them in here.

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Unlockable Bonus Cars

Obtain ALL Golds on the Licence Tests below to Win the corresponding Bonus Car.
Unlock Dodge Concept Car:
A License
Unlock Spoon S2000:
B License
Unlock Mitsubishi FTO LM Edition:
IA License
Unlock Honda Del Sol LM Edition:
IB License
Unlock Mitsubishi 3000 GT LM Edtion:
IC License
Unlock Toyota GT-ONE (TS020) Race Car:
Get Gold on every S-license test

Scratch & 'Sniff'

If you scratch the design on an original disc copy of GT2 you will notice that the wierd smell it creates is burnt rubber and fuel.

Easy money

Go to Nissan and buy the most expenseve skiline then get a good car go to grand touringcar trophy and win a single one you will get the unisia Jecs skiline (skiliner) then race in the gran trismo all stars at red rock valley for every race you win you will get$50,000 and a speed 12 and it can be sold for $500,000 like I said easy money.

How to win the GT90

I've been hearing that some people find it hard to win the GT90. It can be won at the Seattle Circuit 40 lap endurance race, and everytime I do it, I always get it. Here is how I won it. First, I got inside of my Dodge Concept LM Edition, which can be won at Trial Mountain from the Convertible Car Cup, and I put the longest lasting tires on it. I only had to pit in only one time, which was on lap 21!!!!!

Fast Car

If you don't have enough money to by a "pikes peak" but you have about 1.5 million credits then this is for you.
First buy the "R390GT1 road car" (Nissan) 1,000,000 credits.
Then tune it up to the max.
The 345hp car will be a 833hp car.

I think that the Escudo Pikes Peak version IS th..

I think that the Escudo Pikes Peak version IS the bestcar, it's max speed is 301, i know, i got it there. it just takes a lil time and knowing how to tune it. But i NEED to know how to get the GT90! HELP!!!!!!!!

There are two drag cars......the first one is s..

There are two drag cars......the first one is somewhere in the special area......and the second one is in the pacific leauge in GT races. The one in the gt races is an fr car not a 4-wd and is lighter.

Easy money: First you must find the Dodge Concept Car LM Edition (it's grey and has a big fin).

Use this car on the last MR race to win a Ford GT40 race car, which you can sell for 250,000's why I like doing this to earn money better. the race is shorter and easier.

I finished most part of the game and I think is ..

I finished most part of the game and I think is pretty cool!

The easiest way to obtain an Eskudo Pikes Peak version car that is worth $2,000,000 is by getting one of your fastest cars that can go about 600hp to win a car that is worth $500,000 called (TVR Speed 12).

Follow this procedure gfour times in which you race 4 times at Red Rock Valley.

Sell once you got four of the Speed 12's cars go sell them and you will receive $2,000,000. once this is done go and buy your Eskudo Pikes Peak. With this car you will have no problem beating your opponents.

This car has 981hp which would go over 220ml per hour.


Buy the most expensive used skyline then go to special events go to the 3rd page then go to station wagon cup.
Go to the 1st race place 1st and win a impredza wagon that has 283hp!!
If u want to sell it it goes for 6300 credits.
Save up then go back to the nissan then go to new and buy a nissan skyline gtr v spec(r34) save up then tune it to 700somtin hp( I forget sorry) it's really quick.
Anyway I have about 8 skylines in cluding nismo's skyline and mines skyline and last but not least Unisa Jecs skyline its got 703hp!!

Get a good fast car and go to special event go t..

Get a good fast car and go to special event go to the last option and go to gran turismo all stars event and go to red rock valley and race it..

Make sure you get a car the same hp as it says. if you win you get 50,000 and a new car (speed 12) go to your home and sell and sell it and get 500,000 .... so you get 550,000 for one race..

All you saying that the escudo is the fastest car on the game....ur wrong its the gt drag car it has 1011hp after its been kitted up to the max....!

Here's a great way to advance in GT2. A great..

Here's a great way to advance in GT2.

A great way to start is by trying to earn all gold in all B-class license test and recieve a"Spoon S200"which is great for winning almost all B&A-class races in the special event.

I know it seems hard to get all gold in the B-class licence tests but it's possible,and it allows you to improve on your GT2 driving skills.

After winning all that Prize money with the Spoon S200 you can save and buy a "Mitsubishi Evolution VI RS"wich will cost a measly $28,985.00.

This is a great car to use and rack up a..

There are no so called cheats on how to 100% the..

There are no so called cheats on how to 100% the game...just finish all the races....the events in the car dealers who has the event,all the "normal"races and finish the Event Synthezeiser when you have completed Gran Turismo World League....and there you go....100% finished.....It may take you some time though.....

Don't listen to ne1 else, the EASYEST WAY TO GET..

Don't listen to ne1 else, the EASYEST WAY TO GET CREDITS is to save up and bye a Susuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version and go to special race, go to the fourth line-up and go to Grand Tourisimo All-Stars, and race on Red Rock Vally.

If you win after the 5 laps, u will get aload of credits and a new car, this is the fastest car in the game, the SPEED 12, TRUST ME! If you want u can sell it or soupe it up with racing mods, A.S.C /Traction Controlle System and weight reduction. If u sell it, u get 500,000.

That's half a million! Keep doin the race and soon u'll be in the millions. I did this and now I owne 100 cars all with racing mods on, and all above 500bhp!

p.s. ..

Easy money get all the licences then buy a subar..

Easy money get all the licences then buy a subaru with the 10 000 and race your car in the sunday league.

Get about 20 000 tune up your sube and race till you get enough cash and race different races and you win cars tihati roads the best.

You win a 700 and some thing horse power car then go to gt all stars. win the race no.3 rr valley and you win a speed 12 sell it and you have 500 000 in your back pocket......

Easy money : buy the ford rally car which it is ..

Easy money : buy the ford rally car which it is worth 100.000 buy it then buy all the parts for it to make it go faster.

Then go to rally race then go to down hill raceing then race about 200 times then buy the esciudo pikes verson.

Then go to endurence. then win some credits.. and buy what ever car you want..... i dont cheat. i do it the hard way. for fun

Easy Money Big Time:If you are finding it hard t..

Easy Money Big Time:

If you are finding it hard to get money, buy a NSX from honda. The best to get are '96, '97, '98 or '99.

After you do this, go to special events and enter The Mid-ship challenges. Go to the last race and enter it.

It took me 5 go's to win but it's worth it! If you come first you win 15,000 dollars plus a GT40 which you can sell for 250,000!

Keep the first one you win because you can use that one to win more.

If you want to get 75k easy, here's what you do1..

If you want to get 75k easy, here's what you do

1) buy a tommykaira, the one worth 43 or 63k, something like that

2) soup it up to about 585 or so

3) win the seattle circuit muscle car race

4) you will get a cobra, worth 75k. sell it.

5) continue winning and selling.

When I was a beginner(about 1 day after the game..

When I was a beginner(about 1 day after the game came out) I first bought a supra ..

I won money and souped it up then won a [R]Skyline Silohette Formula from the '80s Sports Car Cup, then I went to the Grand Touring Trophy and won 5 Unisia Jecs Skylines from the midfield raceway race and bought a [R]Penzoil Nismo Skyline, and it is the best 1,000,000 car there is.

83,000 to 250,000

First get a good car and go to the Muscle Car Cup in Special Event. Choose the Seattle City Course.
Finish first and get a car worth 75,000.
Once you have enough money buy the Jaguars special car the XJ then go to Midship challenge in Special Event.
Also. Do Red Rock Valley. Once you've won sell the car you have just won for 250,000 and tada.

How to get the Ford GT40 Race car Not Ford gt 40

First get $500,000 from racing Buy the ford GT 40 and tune it up with N/A upgrade level 2 Race in mid engen rear wheel drive Bottom race and get first! STATS: Even with a low horse power amount of 400some It can beat some with over 600 horse power

Best Car

The best car is the calsonic skyline even though it has the same amount of HP as the unisia jecs skyline it has bettwer acceleration and top speed.

How to own fast

Ok people all of you have aboslutely no clue what you are talking about...if you wanna get good money really fast this is what you gotta do in this exact order...first get B and A then go to toyota and buy a used toyota supra...there is a 4.4k and a 4.8k theres no differ jus colour....then if you are a good racer, you can win the sunday cup, and the frist 2 races of the clubmans should be close to 35000...if not then get 35000...then go to honda, buy the new honda s2000....its the best car for all purposes...first tune it up to 295 or 285 for the races thta rquire that speed...with this car you should win them no problem...after you then tune it to 345hp and then own the other races...after I finished all this, I had 1.2mill dollars wit all the cars I won sold...y..

Winning the STP Taisan Viper

You can win the STP Taisan Viper from the GT500 at random, as well as the Takata Dome NSX, the Zexel Skyline, and the Serumo Supra GT.

Simple Money For a Class I-B license Owner

To get very easy money, do these simple steps:
1.Aquire I-B licence
2.Get a fast 394 hp car, preferably a 4wd
3.Go to special evnts and choose '80's Sports Car Cup'
4.Turn the page
5.Select the tahiti road track
6.Win first place and get 10,000 credits plus a Skyline Sillouette Formula with 555 hp and it's worth 125,000 credits. That's a very easy race to finish.
Good Luck!
P.S.-The reason I recomened a 4wd car is because it starts faster.
P.S.S.-It is okay to hit the wall. I hit the wall and win all the time.
P.S.S.S.-Don't use a rear wheel drive car as they will spin out easily and they start slowly.

Vector M12 LM Editiion oversteer fix

Goto settings during a race and change the following to stop it from losing control around corners.
Tyres: Medium: Front and Rear
Suspension = Front: 7.8
Rear: 7.8
Ride Hight = Front: 55mm
Rear: 55mm
Damper Bound = Front: 6
= Rear: 6
Damper Rebound = Front: 6
= Rear: 6
Camber: Front and Rear: 1.0
Toe/Stabiliser: Default
Gear Ratio: Auto setup: 20
Downforce: Front: 0.60
Rear: 0.95
Others: LSD: Initial: 11.0
LSD: Accel: 56
LSD: Decel 26

GT90 bouncyness and handling fix

Goto settings and adjust the following:
Tyres: Medium front and rear
Spring rate: front: 3.8
rear: 3.8
Ride hight: front and rear 65mm
Camber: 1.0 front and rear
Stabiliser: 5 front and rear
Aerodynamics: 35 front
95 rear
LSD: initial: 12
LSD: Accel: 52

The fastest car and getting 100%

Ok for all of you drivers out there who keeping fighting over the fastest car well I just have one thing to say and that is that the fast car on the Grand Turismo circut is the Toyota GT one road car cause I have gotten it to go over 321.27mph and thats on the test track. In one of my garages I have 99 cars and the slowest car does over 200mph and in my other garage the slowest car I have goes over 230mph. This is coming from someone who has beaten the game over 20 times all at 100% to. All you have to do is just keep racing and racing. It doesn't matter what you drive as long as you can drive fast and clean and set record laps. I just have one more thing to say so listen up everyone; THERE IS NO REAL CHEATS TO THIS GAME!

For Grand Tourismo 2 Everyone is saying the ..

For Grand Tourismo 2 Everyone is saying the Escudo Pikes peak is the best car. It is not. The best car is the Audi S4.

I have 601 Horsepower and it is still not totaly tuned to Max HP. I have come in first in every race I have Entered with it.

Even Against the Escudo! The next best car is the Audi TT It has about 400 horsepower and if you DO NOT get the racing modifacation handles great.

Get all of your licenses and go to the endurence..

Get all of your licenses and go to the endurence race and get a car that has 591 horsepower or less and race. it takes about an hour but is worth it.

You win a dodger viper with 690 horsepower and is worth 250 thousand dollars so keep one and sell the rest, you win till you get 2 million dollars that you can use for any car that you want.

Hello there fellow driversI see you are trying t..

Hello there fellow drivers

I see you are trying to get the Escudo pikes peak vesion well here's how to do it!

First you get 7 skyline jetcline(its the car with white and orange)then you sell all of them and you should have 2,000,000 cr then you go and buy the Escudo and presto!

You have the Escudo pikes peak vesion.

Get a fast car (does not need to handle well) - ..

Get a fast car (does not need to handle well) - I use Toyota Celica fully tuned but don't want to start a fight!

Go to Special Event and enter Wagon Cup. There is a race there on the super speedway - its easy to come first (6,000) and you get an Accord wagon you can sell for 6,000 as well.

A better one for the better driver is to enter the luxury 4 door cup (I use the Mazda RX7). Go for the Hight Speed Link, it's quite easy to come first (10,000) and you get a car worth 12,500 every time.

Let me know if you find any more.

I have got the game to 98.56% complete but i do ..

I have got the game to 98.56% complete but i do not know how to get 100%

Also the best car i think or know of is the Toyota GT1 road ver.

I got it to 421.62kmph. The Suzuki Escudo I got to 402.51kmph.


If you want a good garage heres what to get:






HKS DRAG (1011hp)

ZZ-2 TOMYCARIA (500 and somethin' (I forget))

Hey yo, it's me Johnny:I wanna apologis 4 my las..

Hey yo, it's me Johnny:

I wanna apologis 4 my last hint the car is a SUPRA TWINTURBO R and you dont get that much money.

I was playing and if you get a car that is 594bhp not higher and just a little lower if you go to granturismo league go to the second page.

Click on the race with the english american japanese ang german flags and then go to the bottom race -rome full circuit if you win you get 10000 and a car worth 250000.

I was only getting 20000 of my races because i was a beginner but know i got a GT1 road special but your car has got to be fast and watch out for the austin martin vantige 4.2.

It's fast and to gett your car to s..

I'm reading here that the 100% is impossible. We..

I'm reading here that the 100% is impossible. Well I can tell you it's not.

I have achieved this a long time ago. Simply win every race there is.

To Doug, who claims he's the "Fastest Man in Tex..

To Doug, who claims he's the "Fastest Man in Texas," you're Pikes Peak Hill Climb time is a joke!! I made it up in 129 seconds in the Opel Tigra Ice Race Car.

A lot of people want to know where to win the Ford GT90. You win it in one of the Endurance Races. I'm not sure which one but it's not at Apricot Hill.

P.S. Does anyone know where to win the STP Taisan Viper GT!?

A really nice car to get is the Nissan Skyline G..

A really nice car to get is the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec (R34.J) '99 for $55,980. It starts off with 276hp but if you work with it you could get it up to 774hp or more if you know how to mess with the gears. It has good exceleration and speed, though it will not beat all cars it is still a very good choice if you want to win some money. Another good car is the Unisia GT-R GT(J) '99. It has 702hp I believe. You have to win this one in one of the special races. It has good speed especially through corners. I beat two of yalls GT One race cars with it on either the two hour endurance race or the 200km endurance race. It was the one you race the Rome full course. The only reason for me even keeping up was the turns. So this would be a very good choice to keep.

For the all of u people who play the game 2 get ..

For the all of u people who play the game 2 get the 98 version or model of the toyota GTOne u get ur best car what ever it may be.

Then go 2 race then gran turismo leage. go 2 the next line up. keep going till u se gran turismo world leage.

Race the race as many times as u have 2 too win the "98" Toyota GTOne. and can any one tell me how u get the GT90 (ford special).

A really easy way to get money for a good car is..

A really easy way to get money for a good car is to get your licenses and get a alright horsepower car and go to muscle car cup. It gives you $8,000 but it gives you a $75,000 car and the race is only 2 laps.

I have some of the fastest cars on that game. Yes I have an Escudo and a Cultus. I also have 12 other cars I've won. I only have two cars that ive bought.

I have 2 Rmugen nsx's, 1 Rtakata nsx, 1 Runisia skyline, 1 Rgt40, Rmomo, 2 Rdodge vipers, 2 Rdodge neons. I won all of these except the 2 dodge neons.

The vipers are in the gt 500 and the momo is in the gt 350. Almost everytime you race them they give you different cars.

If you want a really fast car you need the Toyot..

If you want a really fast car you need the Toyota GT1, I got it to go 265Mph on the course.

All you have to do is set all the gear ratio's as low as they can go.

Also you have to set the very bottom one all the way to the right.

To get really much credits, really fast.Make eno..

To get really much credits, really fast.

Make enough money to buy an escudo pikes peak version. Get the super license.

Go to special event and the last line up. Choose G-T all stars.Race Red-rock-valley and come first, you will win a T.V.R speed 12 which is worth 500,000 credits.

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