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Final Fantasy 8 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy 8

We have 11 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy 8 please send them in here.

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GF's do more damage

When using a GF hold down select and tap square and your GF will do more damage. Don't tap square when the red X is over the hand.

Test ansers

Y=yes n=no

test answers 1 to 5

1.y n y y y n n y n n
2.y n y y y n y y n n
3.n n y n y y y n y n
4.n y y y n n y y n n
5.n n n y y n n y y y

Test answers 1-10

1 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N
2 Y N Y Y Y N Y Y N N
3 N N Y N Y Y Y N Y N
4 N Y Y Y N N Y Y Y ?
5 N N N Y Y N N Y Y Y
6 Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y
7 Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y N
8 N Y N N Y Y N N Y N
9 N Y N N N N N N Y Y
10 Y N N N N N N N Y N

Play as Seifer.

If you want to play as Seifer, all you gotta do is do VERRRRRY bad on the SeeD test and Seifer will become a SeeD instead of Squall, Happy?

Get Diablos early

Okay I'll warn you now this isn't exatly getting him "early" as apposed to getting him earlyer then normal (When you first get the lamp I mean). Now when Cid gives you the lamp use it when you get out of garden. (I know this works I've done it by the way) assuming you didn't use gamshark or somthing to mess with your party you have Squall, Selphie, and Zell in your party; this is all you need. Have someone (anyone) with the "draw" command (you might want to think about giving it to Selphie because she's the best magic user you have right now) Diablos has two spells you can use, the one you care about is called "Demi" now the reason you want to care about this is because no matter how much HP Diablos has if you can cast it you can take out one-fourth of his remaining HP (if he has 1000 HP..

Not a hint

I need help geting through the great salt lake.

I tried every thing but It just does not go any where else.

so if any one knows please post it on this site.

Gaurdian Force Checklist

These are all the GF's there are. There are no others.
Queltezol-get when you go to your first mission
Shiva- get when you leave for your first mission
Ifrit- get when you defeat him
Siren- draw from your first major boss on your first seeD mission
Brothers- get from the Tomb of the Unknown King
Diablos- get from the lamp that Cid gives to you
Pandemonia- draw from a boss
DoomTrain- get solomons ring then use it(you have to have remedy+ marboro tentacles and steel pipes)
Eden- draw from Ultima Weapon
Cactuar- defeat Jumbo Cactuar at Cactuar Island
Tonberry- defeat Tonberry King at Odins ruins
Bahumut- defeat him at the secret islan at the southwest corner of the world
Alexander- draw from a boss
Cerebrus- defea..

Test ansers

Y=yes n=no

Cards that will blow your mind!

Here are some Gf and level 10 Cards:
Rhinoa- her father callaway has it
Squall- Laguana has it on the air ship
Quistis- It's in Balamb Garden in the cafeteria.(try the guy in the back)
Selphie- Her friend has it in trabia Garden
Eada- Eada has it go to Eada's house
Seifer- Headmaster Cid has it Also at Eadas house
Irvine- Do the Card Qeen quest twice and Flow will have it in FH.
Zell-Balamb his mom has it.(or so I've heard)
Kiros- Do the Card Qeen quest once and a guy in Deling will have it.(Shopping arcade)
MiniMog- The kid running around in Balamb Garden has it.( it's a GF Card!)
Pandamona- In Balamb the owner of the hotel.(He might not play you till later.

SeeD tes answers

Test 1:
Y n y y y n n y n n
Test 2:
Y n y y y n y y n n
Test 3:
N n y n y y y n y n
Test 4:
N y y y n n y y n n
Test 5:
N n n y y n n y y y
Test 6:
Y n y y n n y y n y
Test 7:
Y y y y y y n y y n
Test 8:
N y n n y y n n y n
Test 9:
N y n n n n n n y y
Test 10:
Y n n n n n n n y n
Test 11:
Y y n y y n y n n y
Test 12:
N y n n y n y n y n
Test 13:
Y n n n y n n n n n
Test 14:
Y y y y n y y n y n
Test 15:
Y y n n n n n y n y
Test 16:
Y n n y n y n n y n
Test 17:
Y n n n y n n y n n
Test 18:
Y n n n y n n n n n

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