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Omega Weapon Guide

by aslanboy

      OOOOO                M         M              EEEEEEEEE            GGGGGGG               AAAAAAA  
    O          O            M  M    M  M             E                       G            G            A            A
    O          O           M     MM     M            E                      G              G          A              A
    O          O          M        M       M          EEEEEEEEE         G                         AAAAAAAAAAA 
    O          O         M                  M          E                      G      GGGGG         A                  A
    O          O        M                    M         E                       G           G         A                    A
       OOOO          M                      M        EEEEEEEEE            GGGGGGG        A                      A

W                        W   EEEEEEEEEE            AAAAAAA           PPPPPPPPP           OOOOOOO      NN         N
 W                      W    E                         A           A          P             P       O             O     N N       N
  W                    W     E                        A             A         P              P      O              O    N  N      N
   W       W        W      EEEEEEEEEE         AAAAAAAAAA         P             P       O              O    N   N    N
    W     WW     W       E                       A                A        PPPPPPPPP         O              O    N    N   N
     W   W  W   W        E                      A                  A       P                      O              O    N     N  N
      W W    W W         E                     A                    A      P                      O              O    N      N N
       W        W           EEEEEEEEEE      A                      A     P                       OOOOOOOO     N       NN

Hi, if anyone is having a very hard time with omega weapon and that flipping Medigo flame/ Terra Break, I'm here to 
help. :D

Now before you fight omega weapon You should have all characters up to Level 100 and all GFs
I had:

Squall: because of his awesome limit break

Zell: Same as Squall

Quistis: Because of her limit break: Mighty guard: this is so awesome! It casts protect and shell on everyone as well as float/haste sometimes

Now, you're gonna have to find out about where to find him yourself 'cause i'm just here on how to beat him, i had in my party:

Squall level 100    Zell level 100    Quistis level 100

because your so good and strong (equip str+60%) hes gonna be too, in fact i think he has around 450,000 Health


 before the battle, use card mod to get 100 megalixers from bahamuts card which you CANT WIN WITHOUT!!!

right lets kick some omega ass!!   Oh, and be sure to equip 100 deaths to ST-DEF  before you fight or you will die if you are all level 100, also make sure you are fully healed na that the

the following characters should have a large amount of the following spells:

Squall: Meltdown, Aura

Zell: Triple Haste

Quistis: Just high damage spells, e.g. Ultima, Meteor and Flare

Do not use elemental magic or attacks as he absorbs them all, so its good to stear clear.

The semi GF Phoenix is very helpful here, as it revives you when you are all dead, if you dont have it, have some tripled and 100 curagas

Abilities: Some abilities that will help are; for the characters listed:

Squall: Expend 3-1, Initiative str+60% and HP+(Up to 9999 health)

Zell: Auto Haste, Initiative and HP+(Up to 9999 health)

Quistis: auto protect, Initiative and, of course HP+(Up to 9999 health)

GFs to be equiped

Squall/ 1st character: Cactuar, Leviathan, Carbuncle, Alexander and Eden

Zell/ 2nd character: Ifrit, Brothers, Pandemona, Cerberus, Bahamut

Quistis/ 3rd character: Shiva, Siren, Diablos, Doomtrain, Tonberry King

With these GF equiped, you shoud be able to use all of the abilities mentioned before.

GFs: You shouldnt have to use these in battle because Squall and Zells limit breaks do waaaaay more.

Now, when you start the battle, Omega will cast LV5 Death, which means if you have a health level thats a multiple of 5, it kills you, but you already 
status def juctioned death, right?

NOTE: He has Auto haste, just like Ultima weapon so speed in this battle is crucial

Have Squall cast meltdown on him then get Zell to triple Squall and Quistis cast Ultima

He may cast medigo flame, (use megalixer) terra break, (pray to god/allah/misc(please dont be offended, if you are not one of these religions, 
these are the only gods i know) and use megalixer, if anyone dies, heal them quickly, or he may just attack you physicially in which case just use an elixer if you have one

ok, you should be all rattled up by now here are the stats:

Omega Weapon: VIT 0 (meltdown)|    Squall    Triple                      |
                                              |                                             |
                                              |    Zell        Haste                     |
                                              |                                             |
                                              |    Quistis                                |

Next round:

Have Zell cast Haste on Squall, Squall use triple aura on everyone, then quistis use mighty guard (limit break) If her limit break does not apeear on the menu,
press O over and over till it appears, Zell and Squall will have filled their ATB guage now, so for Squall, ....two words.....Lion Heart......Nuff Said.
as for Zell, use a combination of Mach kick       (<-,<-,O)    Heel drop  (/\, \/)   Punch Rush (O,X) these three do about 3000-4000 damage and ocasionally do 7000, which
will do massive damage if you've got good fingers like me, as i can do about 3 attacks per second, and with a max of 12 seconds, you could do 
up to 144,000 damage!!! but thats nothing compared to what Squall can do, if you get his strength high enough, he does 9999 with every lion heart
hit, which does about 200,000 total!!!! Quistis is pretty useless in this battle, so she can be item girl for now, repeat this strategy of healing, Renzokuken and Dueling
and you should win, if you should die, the phoenix gf will reborn you, it may heal omega a bit, but you'll be alive, have quistis use megalixer and Squall and Zell limit break, you know the drill....
when you win, look at the information part of your tutorial and you will see a "proof of omega" it will look like this:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!                                                                                                              CONGRATULATIONS!!!

                                                               YOU HAVE DEFEATED THE WORLDS
                                                                  STRONGEST MONSTER, OMEGA

                                                                 WEAPON, IN ULTIMECIA CASTLE!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!                                                                                                                CONGRATULATIONS!!!