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Ultima Weapon Guide

by Chameleon

                       い     Final Fantasy VIII      い
                       い       (U.S. Version)        い
                       い                             い
                       い     Ultima Weapon Guide     い

                          Version 1.0 March 14 2003

                                2003,2006 Chameleon
                               [email protected]

     DISCLAIMER: This guide is for personal use only.  You may distribute
     this guide as much as you wish, provided you do not alter it, sell
     it, or use it for illegal purposes.

-                              Table of Contents                              -

              I. Introduction
             II. Why fight Ultima Weapon?
            III. Finding the Deep Sea Research Center / Getting Bahamut
             IV. Now where do I go?
              V. Ultima Weapon

-                               I. Introduction                               -

  First off, allow me to introduce myself.  I am T.J. Burns, also known as
The Chameleon.  I have been a longtime gamer, and own my own gaming store,
Chameleon's Den (  Over time, I became a tremendous
RPG fan and began to play more and more RPGs..  The Final Fantasy series has
made itself a place in my heart, and thus I enjoy the challenge of each new
game as it comes..  (Although I didn't care too much for FFT)

  As any true gamer, I insist on finding everything in my RPGs..  Trying
everything, beating everything, getting everything..  In my quest in Final 
Fantasy VIII, I came across Ultima Weapon and quite enjoyed the challenge he
posed to me..  

  And thus we begin...

-                        II. Why Fight Ultima Weapon?                         -

  Someone recently asked me why they should fight Ultima Weapon..  Why?  WHY?

  Being a gamer by nature, I didn't understand their question..  For me, just
knowing that Ultima Weapon is out there is enough of a reason..  The joy of
testing my skills against him is enough of a reason..  In fact, I enjoyed the
fight with Ultima Weapon so much that I saved a different slot where I can go
back and fight him whenever I want..  (I'm thinking of going with no GFs)

  But back to the question..  If the thrill of the hunt isn't enough for you,
then there are other reasons to go after Ultima Weapon..  For one, you can
draw ULTIMA from him..  The easiest way I know of to fill up on Ultima spells
is to draw them from him..  Ultima Weapon also has EDEN, the BEST Guardian
Force in the game..  And, if you collect the cards like I do, you need the
Eden card too, don't you?  (Getting it on disc 4 just isn't the same)

-         III. Finding the Deep Sea Research Center / Getting Bahamut         -

  Before you can go after Ultima Weapon, you need to go to the Deep Sea
Research Center and get Bahamut (Hey, you wanted to do that anyway).  A lot of
people seem to have problems finding the Deep Sea Research Center, but it's not
really all that hard to find, once you know where to look.

  Pull up your large (But not fullscreen) map and fly the Ragnarok around..
You want to go to the lower lefthand corner of this map and fly around..  You
will find a building coming up out of the water; move the Ragnarok over the
landing pad and land..

  In the room with the blue light, you will find Bahamut..  To cross the room,
you have to be careful to not walk while the blue light is shining..  Once you
reach the blue pillar, Bahamut will talk to you and ask you several questions.
I'm not going to tell you what to answer, but it's pretty straightforward..
One word of advice though - if you don't want to pick any of the answers
available to you, then look for another option... ;)

  Finally, you will fight Bahamut..  He's not that hard, really..  Draw from
him if you like and then beat him down and he will join your group.  Leave the
Deep Sea Research Center and GO INTO THE COCKPIT OF THE RAGNAROK..  A lot of
people get stuck by not going into the cockpit and talking to Zell and everyone
else..  You will need to do this to continue!  This done, go back to the Deep
Sea Research Center...

-                           IV. Now where do I go?                            -

  Provided you have gone back to the cockpit of the Ragnarok and talked with
everyone, the room where the blue pillar once stood should have a save point in
the middle of it.  Save if you like and climb down the thing to the right.

  Before I say any more, I want to comment that I thought this was a quite
enjoyable puzzle..  I would suggest that you stop reading and try it yourself,
turning on Encounter-None if you like.  If you choose not to, well, that's
your choice and here we go. =)

  When you climb down, you will see a draw point with Dispel, fish swimming
around, a machine on the left, and a hatch in the floor.  Talk to your party
members and proceed to examine the machine to the left.  The puzzle will then
be explained to you..

  Basically, this old place runs off of steam power, and only has so much
reserve power left..  You use units of this power to operate elevators and
open hatches..  Too little power and it won't work; too much and you may not
have enough later on..  You start with 20 units of power and will automatically
use 4 of them to go down to the next level.  (16 units remaining)

  On the 2nd level, you will need to use the console at the top of the screen
to open the hatch..  It requires 2 units to open.  (14 units remaining)

  On the 3rd level, there is a door to the left that can be opened with the
console under the stairs.  (4 units to open, down to 10 units left)  In this
room, examine the oven-like thing in the upper right hand corner.  You may then
'replenish your supply'..  (While you're at it, take note of the typo ;)  This
brings you back up to 17 units.  Return to the other room and use the console 
on the far right wall, using 1 unit to open the hatch.  Go down... (16 units

  On the 4th level and 5th levels, use 1 unit of power each, then go down the
elevator.  Examine the machine you come to and you will automatically use 4
units to open the door, leaving you with 10 units remaining.  Go through the

  This next section is pretty straightforward, but I do want to comment on 
the room where you start spiraling down, with a rope hanging down in the 
middle..  For those of you who are following the series in order, REMEMBER
THIS ROOM..  You will see it again, in Memoria, in FF9. =P

  Pass a Triple draw point, go down the stairs, go through the next screen..
After this, I recommend putting on Siren's Move-Find ability, as there's a
hidden draw point with Ultima here, as well as a hidden save point right
beside the excavation machine....  MAKE USE OF THIS SAVE POINT!!!!

  Need I say it?  Go examine the excavation machine..  if you feel you are
ready...  (It'll take your remaining 10 units to activate)

-                              V. Ultima Weapon                               -

  This guy puts up one fun fight..  As the first actually challenging boss in
the game, his speed took me by suprise..  Working out a strategy to beat him
isn't that hard, but..  You don't really want to just beat him, do you?
Considering the fact that you can draw the Guardian Force EDEN from him..  You
can also mug a Three Stars from him..  And lastly, you can also use him to 
stock up on 300 Ultimas..

  Ultima Weapon is extremely fast and has a wide assortment of attacks,
including Meteor, Quake, Gravija, and Light Pillar..  Meteor isn't really all
that bad, if your Spirit is high enough..  Quake's nothing, as it can be
absorbed with the right junctioning (Or floated over)..  Gravija is annoying
though, but can be dealt with..  I personally use Quistis's White Wind. =)
Light Pillar, on the other hand, will hit one of your party members for 9999
whenever he uses it, instantly killing them.

  Speaking of Quistis, she is flat invaluable in this fight, if you plan on
drawing Ultima..  Don't bother keeping your life up too high; Light Pillar
will kill whoever it hits, no questions asked...  Instead, keep reviving
people and having Quistis use Mighty Guard and White Wind, making sure that
everyone stays high enough to survive Meteor, but not worrying with more.

  I personally had Quistis set up with Revive and Recover (Although I ended
up never using Recover)..  Squall was pure offensive, with the Item command
so he could revive people with phoenix downs and keep them nice and low so 
they could use their limit breaks..  And Zell had magic and item, for the 
same reasons..

  Ultima Weapon's speed may seem overwhelming at first, but he's really not
all that bad..  All in all, he's weak when compared to the weapons of FF7..
(Well, Ruby and Emerald, at least)..  Just relax and have fun - the fight's
challenging and staying alive to draw from him has very nice rewards..  
100 Ultimas each character..  Plus Eden, the best GF in the game...

  Now onwards...  To Omega....

-                                In Closing...                                -

   I hope this guide helps those of you who are hoping to go challenge Ultima.
Feel free to do whatever you like with this guide, but remember, don't alter
it, sell it, etc..

   Have fun, and keep gaming...

                       い      Chameleon's Den       い
                       い  い

-                              Questions & Answers                            -

  Have any questions about this guide?  Comments?  Challenges or interesting
things that you can do with Ultima Weapon?  Feel free to email me then!

                           [email protected]